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US No. 12943
  i wasn't sure where to put this, or even if i should make this post to begin with, but i figured it's better safe than sorry.

this is the anon who wrote It Could Be Worse a few years ago, sorry it's been so long since i was last here. i wanted to say thanks to all the people who supported my writing, and who still sometimes talk about it fondly.

on that note, i wanted to say that i've rewritten ICBW as an original, non-fic story. published it as an e-book to help pay the bills. i'm only posting here about it out of worry that someone might come across it online and think it was stolen or something, and spread that around. i'm laying that worry to rest, and if people elsewhere start spreading that rumor around, i hope the people here will help me put it to rest.

i know it's hard to prove this sort of thing when remaining firmly anon. if you need proof, i've edited my fanfic.net archive of the fic with an author's note stating this as well. if it's not showing up now, it will later this evening.

thank you all for your support over the years, i hope you have a lovely holiday season. danke schoen.

note: sorry about the random seuss video. the site was giving me an embed error and wouldn't let me post without.
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