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File 135699997912.jpg - (18.04KB , 300x271 , marijuana%20bud%20wikim[1].jpg )
12995 US No. 12995
well guys i'm really high. and i just wanted to tell you all that.

weed thread?
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>> US No. 13019
File 135827267729.jpg - (30.07KB , 310x310 , 1356240507975.jpg )
TF2 Chan ain't about that life. Bunch of nerds
>> US No. 13047
weed thread
the other day i had a freak accident where i fell over in my chair and i had my bong in my hand and my lighter and my lighter flew into the bong and the force of it hitting the bong was enough to turn it on and then i took a hit off it
>> AU No. 13067
Needs more posts, this thread does.

My attempt at contribution:
Tried writing fanfic while high last week. In the first two hours, I'd only managed to write a couple of paragraphs.

Reread what I'd written the next morning (I'd somehow squeezed out a page's worth of writing over the night) - and for someone who sat there tugging on her hair crying WHAT'S THE WORD every 5 minutes, I was actually pleasantly surprised by what little I was able to get out.
>> US No. 13073
File 136046620537.jpg - (57.59KB , 578x387 , Purple%20Haze-578x387[1].jpg )
What kind of weed do you smoke? Or the best you've had?

For me, I go for mids usually. The best I've had was purple haze. Really gave me a mind opening experience. felt like I had unlimited wisdom. I knew EVERYTHING.
>> AU No. 13076

Well, I vape as opposed to smoking. It extracts the THC without all the added gunk (or heat) of straight smoking. Gives you a different kind of high (just in the head, as opposed to full-body), but then you are left with vaped bud that's perfect for cooking. The more you know!

Anyway, Mango Kush and Auto Assassin are the only kinds I've tried. The Assassin we grew ourselves, smelt beautiful (like mint!), and gave a very creative and clear high. We're going to try Afghan Kush x White Widow next, let you know how it goes in a few months when we grow the next plant, hahaha

If it wasn't for the state we live in having passed a decriminalisation law, I don't think we'd have ever tried it. Going to miss the freedom here when we inevitably move, though...
>> US No. 13088
>tfw no stim thread
:( i feel left out
>> AU No. 13092

You could always make one? Granted, I don't do stims so I would have nothing to post.
>> US No. 13356
Just walking down the street yesterday. I spot something on the ground when I happen to look down. I almost keep walking but then I'm like... Wait. Is that what I think it is?

Pick it up, give it a huge whif... Yup. I found some weed on the sidewalk today. At least half an ounce of weed just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk...
>> AU No. 13357

Share, damn you. We've been out for the last couple of months, and I have a severe urge to bake with some.
>> CA No. 13358
I had a question about baking with pot, actually.

Is it where the expression 'Getting baked' comes from?
>> AU No. 13359
File 13744102622.jpg - (88.11KB , 920x500 , what-your-drug-choice-says-about-you1.jpg )
Possibly? I've also head the term comes from the effect smoking weed has on one's brain - like baking something in the oven until it's all soft, gooey, and melded into its holding pan. Sort of like a mellowed out stoner and their inability to get up off the lounge.

In any case, being 'baked' is a different sensation than being 'high.'
>> AU No. 13391
So my brain keeps thinking "Hey, you know what's a great idea? Opening the mouth when it's full of liquid!"

I am finding it very difficult to drink right now.
>> AU No. 13431
File 138071517885.gif - (1.93MB , 235x240 , yeah ok then.gif )
Guess I'm the only stoner posting in here. WELP gonna party hard on my own then

Friend: guess what I picked up today
mawaru: wat
Friend: I picked up a girl
Friend: Called mary
mawaru: ... is she legal
mawaru: you should call her parents
mawaru: they might be worried
Friend: her last name is jane
mawaru: um
mawaru: does she have green hair
mawaru: that's kind of
mawaru: fragrant
mawaru: and whispy on the ends
mawaru: maybe a little sticky if she's good
Friend: She likes it hot
mawaru: burnt-hair hot?
Friend: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mawaru: wrapped up tight in a white blanket?
Friend: smoken hot
>> AU No. 13486
File 138854381396.jpg - (17.86KB , 236x294 , our patron saint.jpg )
>sitting around at NYE party with good friends
>come back to conversation from loo break
>someone is talking about the effects of something
>sitting there trying to suss out if they're talking about weed
>no way they're talking about weed
>my friends are too uptight
>they will chastise me if I say anything
>everyone exchanges sidelong glances
>everyone is thinking the same thing
>"Wait, you're all stoners too?"

>welcome in the new year playing card games with my best friends all high as fuck

>> US No. 13487
I'm used to getting in trouble over stupid shit while trying to be a goody two-shoes, so I wanted to avoid alcohol until I was 21, sex until I was 18, and weed until possibly it was legalized. But I still was accused of doing drugs (and things more intense than weed, which I'd never touch), being pregnant, being a slut, etc. Fuck trying to get people to trust you when they refuse to.

Turns out someone at college was smoking it nearby my dorm, and it gave me a raging migraine. And I'm not a fan of the smell. So that rules that possibility out.
>> AU No. 13488
Story of my life. I got all that and worse from my parents, but it wasn't just drugs that got me labelled badly - being found out about having some more private piercings got me screamed at for being a whore. What I want to know is why were they even looking in the first place. Point is: people will be dicks and ruin your thoughts on everything if you let it affect you. Also, if weed really is as evil and nasty as everyone claims it is, they why is it almost every adult I know, from all walks of life, has tried it at least once and speaks favourably of their experiences?

Personally, I don't smoke weed because of the headaches it gives me, but I attribute that to the smoke itself (same reason I don't smoke tobacco). As explained in >>13076, I vape instead - it's nowhere near harsh on your lungs, barely noticeable you're breathing anything in, doesn't really smell like anything, and gives you a clear high. Sort of like being buzzed from alcohol, sans the fuzzy-headed feeling. You could also try baking it. Totally different effects.

As an aside: my favourite thing is people who rag on weed and brand it as evil and jailworthy, when they have never tried it themselves. Bonus points for being raging alcohol-guzzlers, too. Top lel.
>> US No. 13489
I think if it is gonna be illegal, there should be a separate jail for non-violent crimes, like tax evasion and shoplifting and shit, don't lump these people in with rapists and murderers and child abductors and pedophiles.

I'm fine never doing it, I Googled "can you be allergic to weed" and found a lot of people get headaches when they smoke it. I can't even be on the other side of a closed door if someone else is smoking it, I get one of those raging, throbbing, "just kill me now" headaches. My school's full of people who toke like six times a day. I don't think it's for me.

I can't drink much, either. One shot and I fall asleep. I'm a total lightweight.
>> CA No. 13490
I agree. If not separate prisons, then separate areas for each type of prisoner. Violent offenders with violent offenders, low risk with low risks, etc.

And I've never been one for pot. If people want to smoke it, that's their business. But I have no respect for people that smoke it outside, right by the main entrance to the mall. It's illegal for them to be smoking cigarettes there, let alone pot, and for a reason - people like me who are sensitive to smells can't handle it.
All I ask of people that smoke pot is that they not do it with me. Because, personally, that shit STIIINKS.
>> US No. 13491
Same here. I think most people...even those vehemently opposed to pot, would agree that pot is a non-violent activity, and pot smokers shouldn't have the risk to be caught up in a scuffle between murderers and rapists and stuff.

I don't like the smell either. I don't even think pot smokers like the smell, usually.
>> No. 13493
well technically speaking we do like the smell of weed, because you smell weed to tell whats good and what aint. and thats all personal taste, like food and drinks and stuff. and i dont smell it so much as i taste it, and weed basically only has an aftertaste, so i know what smell means what taste ill like i guess. like it kinda grows on you, like coffee or strong liquor. but ive had more like liking weed than either of those.

that said, im high every time im drawing, so all my art on here was made while i was inebriated.
>> US No. 13494
Ahhh. I'm sorry I had the wrong impression. I figured since a lot of the people I know buy candles and incense and shit to cover up the smell...because it's technically banned at our dorm, as is alcohol, but I've seen kids walk by the RA's with an armful of whiskey and smelling like weed, and they don't care. At all. So I figured it was a personal choice.

I'm still...I don't have any interest in ever starting to smoke/ingest it ever, save for this possibility of being cool finally, instead of being the person everyone sort of avoids, so I'm still debating it.
>> AU No. 13495
Doing it to be cool would be doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Protip: first time, if ever, hang out with friends or by your own cool self and in a comfortable, safe environment. Don't overdo it. Don't assume it's going to be anything. Just try it, see what happens, and form an opinion from there.
I'd also recommend giving it a couple of hours/days and going again, simply because a lot of people don't do it properly the first time and pass it off as "having no effect."

Also vape that sucka, come on I can't be the only one who's into that.

I think you should be allowed to do what you want to, as long it doesn't harm or adversely affect anyone. I have issues with having to endure passive smoking (of any material) because that does affect people around you, and same goes for drunken violence and harassment.

At some point it does get ridiculous that people are allowed to get utterly smashed in pubs, cause a ruckus in public, and that's just "another night on the town"... but people recoil in horror at a pot smoker out on the streets? Seriously?

If one thing is going to get banned, ban all of them. If you're going to ban some things, but claim others - that have been proven to be more harmful than the banned stuff - are A-OK to circulate officially, it's discrimination, plain and simple.

Arting while high is fun. Arting with others while high, doubly so.

Saying that, I don't get high all that often (maybe once a month, if that?) and fuck trying to write while high. I am so slow with it while sober, trying to mix the two is a sure-fire way for me to kill my rare writing moods. Same with gaming. ALL THE PARANOIA
>> US No. 13497
What I'm against legalizing is cocaine, bath salts, crystal meth, ecstasy, that kind of thing. The kind of things that people take and cause themselves to exacerbate pre-existing medical problems, run around naked in public, kick a car, fight with a cop, and generally cause problems for my dad and sister's co-workers in the hospital where they work. Whereas many (but less than there should be, sadly) people can hold their liquor, and the worst I've seen from a pot smoker is an ex-friend of mine becoming an asshole (but that was more because she regarded anyone criticizing or not participating in smoking marijuana as a personal attack, and that smoking it made her cooler than/morally superior to people who didn't).

I'm still leaning towards no, because I'm already too paranoid when I'm sober. And I know it's not going to automatically "make me cool". I do want to figure out how to be better with people, though.
>> GB No. 13533
File 139205505767.gif - (476.12KB , 500x281 , 6563473342.gif )
Ready to go pick up some amnesia haze. Can't wait to get that shit home and light it up, it's gonna be a fun night in.

Anyone have a favourite strain?
>> US No. 13537
I think maybe just emailing mawaru about this would be a better plan at this point, I think everyone else is just not interested in/against pot entirely.
>> AU No. 13550
What's the verdict on Amnesia Haze then?

Auto Assassin is still my favourite to this date. I miss it so.
>> US No. 13583
just because there aren't a lot of posts doesn't mean the thread can't exist 9_9

where i'm at is so rural we don't get to pick by strains - i think there's only one group bringing in weed so every dealer in town ends up with the same shit. they call everything "popcorn" and in the rare event somebody finds some "kush" it goes for a ridiculous price and can't be identified beyond "i promise you this is kush". i'm kind of jealous of people who live in decriminalized and medical-use states just for their freedom of choice

tangentially i find it really annoying that literally every person i've spoken to personally (not in this thread, i haven't spoken to any of you people personally in this thread, i am not talking about anyone in this thread) who is anti-weed uses the bad behavior of some stupid people to argue that everyone who smokes weed is stupid. in this thread it was mentioned about people smoking weed in front of a door, and i'm not calling out the person who said it in this thread just using it as an example of things i have also heard from people irl and shit: the people smoking in front of a door are just as rude when it's tobacco, but the people not-in-this-thread-in-real-life who complain about the shit to me tend to act like it's like weed makes you rude? nnnno, second hand smoke is rude to expose someone to NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. i smoke tobacco too but you bet your ass if somebody says they would rather i didn't smoke around them, i will fucking move and only smoke in a well-ventilated outdoor area well upwind of them if i must smoke while in their company at all. similarly my roommates don't like the smell of my weed so i smoke in my room with the door shut and make sure the smoke does not leave my room to bother them. it has nothing to do with the weed and everything to do with being a friendly and responsible human being in general.

ANYWAY: does anyone else, like, not really like edibles? i don't like the time it takes to kick in, having to go through your digestive system and shit, with no idea beforehand how long it will take before you're stoned. i like the idea of the convenience of edibles but in practice i prefer smoking or vaping just because the onset is so much quicker nd more predictable that it feels safer to me.
>> US No. 13727
It's not that, it's that I figured there were only about three people in the thread, one of which was explaining why they DON'T do drugs, and email is just quicker.

This board just doesn't get a lot of attention anymore, save from CP spambots. There's been a little bit of fresh meat, though, as well as a few people who wandered back in from the glory days, though, so it's a start.
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