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File 136203927829.jpg - (83.59KB , 960x720 , pikur.jpg )
13110 No. 13110
What the heck ever happened to the old pet thread?

Here's one of the two ratties, Pickle. Couldn't get a picture of Pres because he likes to hide in the corner behind one of the tubes in their new cage.
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>> No. 13111
File 13620394667.jpg - (47.80KB , 960x720 , 734895_150387831788174_1043487674_n.jpg )
... and here's my cat in a wig. His name is Harvey. He gave no shits.

I also have another cat and another rat and a lizard but I'm not going to spam my own thread for now.
>> US No. 13131
File 136253161029.png - (797.67KB , 704x528 , Tank.png )
This is my tank with my fishes~
>> US No. 13132
File 136253166856.png - (350.90KB , 478x411 , Auri-el.png )
here is Auri-el, my bumblebee platy(the red stuff is actually a plant decoration that got in the shot)
>> US No. 13133
File 136253171260.png - (311.56KB , 554x314 , Genki.png )
and this is Genki,my Balloon Molly.
>> No. 13187
File 136550959096.jpg - (31.75KB , 500x500 , Neca Big Daddy from Bioshock.jpg )
get one of these and put it in your tank to keep you babbies safe
>> US No. 13189
man I'm not Australian I can't afford a $124 action figure for my tank.
probably not even safe to put in there for them.
>> AU No. 13192
...they're worth $140 now? damn i think i payed maybe $30 for mine
>> US No. 13194
File 136555428362.jpg - (83.67KB , 835x640 , Capture.jpg )
This is Charlotte, our little shell baby.

She's looking so much better than she was, and she's spoiled rotten.
>> US No. 13195

Aaaand she pissed on me seconds after I posted this.

>> No. 13196
coo! Nice Shell!
is this the one that had their shell flaking off at the store?
>> No. 13197


Weeks of scrubs, antibiotics, calcium supplements and dry-docking have really paid off.

The white bits are bone where the infection ate down to her spine, and they won't go away for years.
>> US No. 13301
File 137088233660.jpg - (102.91KB , 581x479 , Photo on 2013-06-09 at 23_40 #2.jpg )
6 week old brown tabby I was able to bring home from work. She's so sweet.
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