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File 136476611452.jpg - (256.13KB , 853x937 , 9072_745e_853.jpg )
13162 US No. 13162
I was surprised the last thread held so many feelings.
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>> AU No. 13163
I feel sad because it feels like this lovely gay-filled place is dying and I didn't do anything to contribute for years. And now it's too late.

>> BR No. 13165
I just wanted to make her happy.

I'm so useless and i'm tired of it.
>> US No. 13166
I don't want to be perfect, and I don't think it's possible to be, but I want to be good enough to be able to accomplish things. Get a job. Have a relationship that actually goes somewhere. Maybe have kids. Make my family and teachers happy enough just to not to always ask me why I'm not better. I just don't know how, or if there's a set way to know how.
>> US No. 13172
to my freinds sister: shut. up.

You know whats really fucking rude? Interrupting someone over and over again

this is not tumblr. quit repeating shit you read on there and form your own opinions


and quit getting worked up over nothing calm the fuck down

I hate you so fucking much i swear
>> US No. 13173
File 136523702414.jpg - (13.05KB , 300x200 , 126548120055.jpg )
It's really rare for me to dislike someone this much upon initially meeting them.

Don't get me wrong. I don't like people. But to take an instant dislike to someone I've never spoken to is always a bad sign. I generally...fuck, I don't know, sense? people fairly well upon meeting them--I am able to predict what they are like, if they are going to be a good friend, if they are a kind person. (The irony of this being if I think they're going to be a dick I give them a chance anyway, and when they shit on me and stab me in the back I get to look back and go 'well I guess I was right huh' BUT THAT'S FOR ANOTHER DAY)

This guy is an arrogant prick who's got his head so far up his own ass he can see his lunch. There's also something off about him that I can't place on top of that. So of course my friend likes him. Of course. And will she ever listen to me about anything? No. As usual. I've said my piece about him to her, and she doesn't want to listen. I won't push the matter any more, but I can't help but worry and be upset that even after all this time, she still tosses my opinions aside like they're shit. I understand it's her own life, but I'm the one who has to clean up the goddamn mess and watch her slog her way through shit. I understand that I can't change her, and if it's such a problem I should leave. I understand that ultimately, it's not my problem. I also understand that it pisses me off to no end and I'm really just looking to vent because fuck everyone.

God damn people and everything about them. God damn people like that guy, god damn people like my friend, and god damn people all over the world, because it's asshole o'clock somewhere, no matter where you are on the globe.

It's been a long week.
>> CA No. 13175
Theatre/film feels.

Okay, first off, I get to be in a production of 1984, and I get to play a hooker, so it's already shaping up to be a great month.

NOW I went to a casting call for a commercial, and I actually got cast as one of the background characters! AND I GET PAID.

I'm so ridiculously happy you can't even believe.

Also Sweeney Todd went great. I'll share some photos from it once I get the CD from our photo guy.
>> GB No. 13176
File 136527952765.gif - (937.52KB , 500x280 , 1359284032677.gif )
So pretty much my ex went super paranoid and started saying a lot of stuff about me that isn't true. Paranoia is such a bitch.
Have a puppy.
>> US No. 13177
You been screwing the milk man?
>> US No. 13179
File 13654487974.jpg - (38.57KB , 300x225 , 07.jpg )
Working 11 hour shifts at work starting at 4am really drains the fuck out of ya. Hopefully I am over the hill now. Follow up the shit from work with multiple let-downs from people you assumed were your friends in one night in your hour of need. Then follow that up with your projects not coming to fruitation.

No wonder why I am such a shitty person..

Learn from me. Don’t be like me and have unrealistic expectations of people. You know, things like honesty, trust, sincerity, humility. Those same basic things that all of humanity should have.. yet don’t.

Losing all the fucks left I could give, I broke my smoking virginity with a sweet cherry cigar. Hit rock bottom, baby. Rock-fucking-bottom.

I no longer have a heart left to give. What was left of it was destroyed a while ago. The best thing for me to do is just basic survival and turn into a monster. Maybe that'll make things more interesting.

If anyone would look inside me, they'll only find darkness.

I do still long for a man's touch, however, I've been doing well in keeping those feelings smothered. A little whiskey helps with that. Reminiscencing on my encounters which have all turned into shit also helps solidify my reasoning for staying single. There was one man whom I gave my heart out to the most, and despite the relationship being rocky, we still persevered and were happy. But at the tail end shit happened, with no one specific to blame, and we parted. But it still frightens me how fast the next day he let his feelings of love instantly die. Perhaps there is one person more of a monster than I am.

Feelings of love don't just die with time. People fall in and out of love all the time, but the people you truly care for, you'll always love them.

Enough talk. I resigned myself to drinking abhorrent amounts of caffienated beverages to help me deal with reality.
>> CA No. 13180
Finally settled in to the new place. I honestly cannot tell you how much better I feel. There are actually, you know, windows in this house. Light that isn't fluorescent. Space to move around. What the heck man.

I honestly want to study the psychology of what it does to a person to be stuck in a small space with no natural light. We had two windows in our apartment - one in the bedroom that had to constantly have the blinds closed because people would walk by and peek in, and one in the kitchen that faced our patio that had a seven food tall stone wall around it and a solid balcony above it.

The location of our new place is awesome, too. Right by the Orange Circle. Boyfriend and I walked to our favorite restaurant with our new dog the other day. Got a gluten free cookie for like $2 that had everything you could ever want in a cookie in it. I can also walk to a 100% gluten and dairy free market down the street. Could not be happier.

Parents moved about an hour a way over the weekend, too. I'm honestly glad to be much farther away from my mom. I don't hate her, but I need to be away from her toxic attitude. I found out during the move that she told ALL of her new church buddies about me being trans. She wants me to come up to LA and make friends with all of them sooo bad, but the fact that everyone knows makes me so uncomfortable that I don't even want to hear about them.

We are friends with one girl from that church, and she always tries to change the subject whenever my mom goes on one of her "I'm so supportive of my trans kid bla bla bla" rants. I also took her aside and asked if she would educate my mom a bit after I had to tell her that "tranny" is not an okay word to use and she tried to justify it by saying "Well, we're talking about tranny hookers!"

I keep trying to tell myself that I don't HATE her but whenever I think about all of this shit it starts to get hard to convince myself.
>> AU No. 13181
Life update:

i have accidently kids

2 of them
>> US No. 13182
You're not a shitty person, good people still exist if you know where to find them, and you will absolutely find love if you never stop looking.
>> US No. 13183
Don't give me that nonsensational hippy bullshit. Searching for love is a lot more work than what it's worth, and it's not worth my time and effort.
>> AU No. 13184
File 136547185662.gif - (676.46KB , 175x200 , big hat man looks on in a forlorn fashion.gif )
Where on earth did all these feels come from.

Grats on your new place

... twins?
>> US No. 13185
>unhealthy as hell habits even though it's the exact opposite of what you should be doing right now
swear to god Kumori if I could drive...
>> No. 13186
no, im just dating a single parent.

apparently i'm pretty good at this whole parenting dealio
>> No. 13190
Man, I hate people who thinks that "I like necrophilia" equals "I am a big supporter of the gay community".

It's as stupid as thinking that watching porn makes you a feminist.
>> US No. 13191
I am in no way a hippy. I'm merely trying to give you support. I know people who have been hurt and who have tried over and over and eventually find someone to be in love with who makes them happy.

I feel especially as someone who has done so much for this site I have liked for years that you deserve to be happy.
>> US No. 13193

I don't even know you, but now I want to march my frilly ass over there and pick you up from whatever's got a hold of you.

Feels related: bought a new dress, and my first lolita meetup is in two weeks. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.
>> US No. 13199
I just realized my romate has been stealing from me, and I have no idea what to do
>> US No. 13200
How major was the stealing? If it's just a little kleptomania over trival things, talking it out with them should be enough. If we're talking something like stealing money or expensive things from you every time they're left alone though, then it's time to find a new roommate and fast.
>> US No. 13202
I am so fucking sick of people using the Boston Bombing as part of the argument about white privilege.

People fucking DIED. This isn't the motherfucking time to sit there and bitch about the use of the word 'terrorism.'

"Oh, but if it was white people who bombed the place, it wouldn't have been called terrorism!"


Fuck Tumblr, and fuck those social justice assholes who have no fucking tact.

I am platinum mad right now, you just have no idea.
>> AU No. 13204
Welcome to tumblr. And people wonder why I don't really want to be a part of it.

To be honest, bombings everywhere are making me mad, especially since it seems the world isn't concerned with more than a few of them, and I can't do fuck-all to change anything. Everything sucks.
>> US No. 13205

Oh my God, really?

...So, the Oklahoma City Bombing was just a cute little muck-up then, was it?
>> US No. 13206
In a world where we already had Waco and Oklahoma City/Timothy McVeigh before 9/11 even happened, it honestly boggles my mind when people think all terrorists are Middle-Eastern. My dad was even trying to convince me McVeigh was an Al Quaida sympathizer, and that Oklahoma City was technically their fault.
>> US No. 13207

I know. People of all types are racist, and that's not right.

However, it doesn't give anyone a fucking excuse to use other people's suffering as a damn springboard.
>> CA No. 13208
So irritated with friends who don't make an effort right now.

Don't tell me you can't afford to bring food to the party and then show up with a bag of Carl's Jr for yourself. If you can spend at least six bucks on a large combo, you could have picked up a couple of sodas instead and just eaten the food here that was for everyone. But you'll probably eat that too anyway. Which I shouldn't let you.
>> CA No. 13209
... Not really feelings related, but for some reason the chan thinks I'm in Canada. wat.
>> DK No. 13210
Man, I'm so sick of the cosplay community.

Say something about fat girls cosplaying and people will be at you in an instant, telling you cosplaying is all about having fun and you shouldn't judge others.

But if you don't say something about people putting on makeup, to make an accurate cosplay of a character with another skincolor, and call them racist, then you are an asshole.


Also, how come it's always white ass girls scream about how something is racist, it's like they think they can just talk on behalf on everybody else.
>> US No. 13211

Okay, to be fair, I think theres a difference from making yourself a gray troll and putting on blackface to be demoman

blackface isn't cool guys. Lets use a little common sense here
>> CA No. 13212

Well, I'm kind of on the fence. Like... I've got the gut feeling that blackface is bad. But for cosplay, what shade does it become blackface? People wear darker foundation or tan themselves to be Hispanic/Asian/whatever characters, so where does it stop being okay???

I'm legitimately asking because I'm confused about my own opinion on it. Help.

And people better fucking call you out if you say something about a cosplayer's weight jfc don't be an asshole now
>> No. 13213
Why not? Who exactly are you offending? And why?

And if you're a white girl, without any black friends, now going "well, you are offending black people", how the fuck do you know?

I didn't mean to imply I make fun of overweight cosplayers, I would never.

It's just wired to me that in one case, cosplay is all about having fun, and in the other case it's not.

If you don't like what you see, turn your head.
>> US No. 13214

blackface feels like its making fun of someones race. Thats what it is, actually. It was invented specifically to make racist caricatures for vaudeville shows.


dude, you shouldn't make yourself look Asian or latino ether.

Guys, a white person making themselves look like a different race is really condescending and comes off like your making there race a costume.

You can make yourself a troll or whatever all you want cause they don't really exist and then it really is for accuracy but if your gonna be Demoman or Korra or something just leave your skin alone.
>> AU No. 13215
Sigh... and so the hipstr drama makes its way here.

Can we please not continue the race debate? I'm really sick of it.
>> US No. 13216
Tumblr, please GTFO. I love TF2chan, I don't want it to be ruined.
>> US No. 13217

Oh my god tf2chan

oh my god
>> US No. 13218
I'm considering wordfiltering "tumblr" back to "hipstr" again. Tumblr is full of nothing but poetic social justice fucktards. You can't say anything on tumblr without offending someone somewhere. It gets to the point where you have to cross-check what you're about to say to make sure it's politically correct, so you don't end up pissing off the wrong person.
>> US No. 13219

I just hate how condescending the social justice scene is to all involved. White people are evil and apparently minorities are babies that need their hands held.

You know, I actually talked to all of my coworkers about it (I'm the only white person in my workplace), and they all called it racist. Ironic, huh?
>> US No. 13220
File 136684524971.jpg - (50.77KB , 500x281 , 1562058778523.jpg )

I'm not gonna lie, I always snicker whenever I run across a social justice blog. The level hypocrisy is just too funny to anger me.

In actual feelings news, I am sad because I was rather horribly used by someone I trusted and thought was a good friend.
>> US No. 13221

I almost forgot this is a feels thread. Related:

Why, why, why is Sweetheart's dress taking so long to get here? Please don't be a scam. Please tell me I wasn't scammed.
>> US No. 13222
It's a shame that politics = Tumblr SJ stuff to a lot of people now, or that some think Tumblr is exclusively SJ blogs, which it's not. Many never mention politics at all. There is a point in which bringing up politics is valid, and which asking someone not to do something isn't being an uptight PC asshole.
>> US No. 13223

This is my two cents, and then I'm dropping the subject.

I don't think doing your makeup to match the skintone of a character is racist, whether you're making yourself darker or lighter, and here's why.

When people do that, they aren't saying: "THIS IS WHAT (race here) PEOPLE LOOK LIKE!"

They're saying: "This is what (specific character) looks like."

Obviously this doesn't apply to shit like blackface or greasepaint that looks nothing like human skin being slapped on, so don't even go there.

I've seen it done beautifully, and I hate seeing people who spend hours of time on professional-grade makeup jobs being screamed at for racism when racism isn't even there.

Even Disney face characters have to lighten or darken their makeup to match the character they're assigned to for the day.

Call me a racist, call me an asshole, I don't care. That's my view on it, and I'm sticking to it.
>> US No. 13224

See, this is kind of what I'm getting at. I honestly don't think its a tumblr thing, its just a basic social etiquette thing.

I see less tumblr social justice stuff here and more being angry cause I kind of reminded you of tumblr


but then people will figure out what your word filter means and then it wont matter
>> US No. 13226
My parents act like they're divorced, even though they're not. They don't speak to each other about anything, they constantly give me conflicting orders and advice, and they constantly call or text me behind each others' back to tell me things they don't want the other to know. In my dad's case, he constantly calls me while he's working.

Sometimes this works out in my benefit. My dad was always under the impression that I should never play comic books or video games, but my mom would take me out and buy me one every once in awhile if it was inexpensive. My mom's the one who trusts me enough to let me go to a comic book convention with friends in a big city, and who knows I've done well living on my own at college, while my dad treats me like I can't take care of myself or make any sort of decision, so he's forced to control me. Getting wildly different feedback on the same subject results in me being too stuck to make any decision at all.

I know someone I have added on Steam put it on himself to fix this, but he keeps asking a ton of questions I don't feel comfortable about, he keeps asking over and over, and nothing I've tried works so far.
>> US No. 13227
File 136728691070.jpg - (51.75KB , 613x736 , Mr_Cage_tho.jpg )
Sweetheart's dress is almost here.
>> CA No. 13229
Feelings: So close, yet so far. HHHUUUURGH.

Asking this here, because it's the only place anyone seems to go now.
I've managed to find the boatman, church guy, etc. files from Left4Dead2, but they're all in VCD format. Anyone know a way I can convert them to wav or MP3 or something? I've googled tons of shit, but so far none of it works.
>> US No. 13235
This 'chan is not a home~
This is not the board I know~
>> US No. 13236
What's wrong?
>> US No. 13237

Maybe my computer's fucking up, but I think the format changed.
>> US No. 13238
Format changed for me too.
>> US No. 13239
Kumori changed the wallpaper,so to speak.you can change it back to old-school tf2chan through the styles menu, upper right.
>> US No. 13241

Sweet, thanks.
>> CA No. 13242
Well, our run of 1984 is over.

I've never understood something.

Sunday: Load-in day. Ehh.


Wednesday: Dress/Student show. AHHHHHH. NERVES NERVES NERVES.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Run the show.


Jesus, no wonder non-theatre people think we're crazy. We fucking are!
>> US No. 13243
Lucky duck. Always wanted to do theatre, didn't get much of a chance.

Been wondering recently if there was a way to somehow contribute to stuff in the theatre scene, painting stuff or learning how to sew and fix costumes, it'd come in handy if I get to cosplay somehow.
>> CA No. 13245
Oh, we always have people come into our theatre company with no experience. Some act, some go into tech, and everybody seems to have fun.

If you're interested in costumes, I'd suggest going to help out with quickchanges, or just organizing them, at first, unless you actually know how to sew some. Then alterations, creating costumes- even small pieces like hats are a big help. A lot of costumes work is just finding the stuff, too, in thrift stores, or online, or by word of mouth from people's closets.

Props is ridiculously easy to get into, because nobody wants to do it. I will tell you this because I made the mistake:
If you have no experience in props, and someone asks you to head props, say FUCK NOOOOO. Seriously. So much stress.
Usually there's a props crew, though, and they always need lots of help, with finding things, building things- and depending on the show, it could be anything. I can personally say that I've had to decorate Christmas trees, build giant foam sandwiches, find an inflatable Loch Ness Monster, and learn how to make a rat vibrate, all for props.

Sets are fun to get into, too, but wouldn't do you much good for cosplay. Things always need to be painted and built, though, and as long as you can hold a brush or a hammer, they'll usually take you on.

Then there's the tech run side of things, like lighting, sound, and stage management, but I don't recommend jumping into those until you have more experience.

Best place to start, in my opinion, though, is running crew. One of the actors not on deck? Running crew goes to get them. Champagne bottle needs to be filled for the second act? Running crew fills it. Actress's flashlight needs to be on the other side of the stage? Running crew takes it there.
Simplest jobs, but absolutely essential, and a great place to start. You get to watch everything going on around you, and still be a part of it.
>> US No. 13246

Dude, I was a volunteer for the local high school for two years, and being in the running crew was the best. Dat feel when everything goes smoothly.
>> US No. 13250

Augh no I'm jealous too. I used to be in shows, but I just don't have the free time to dedicate myself to it anymore. And it makes me really sad because I absolutely LOVED doing it, but y'know, I can't just jump back into it with no free time and no social life within the theater. I have dreams almost constantly about getting into musicals again though.
>> CA No. 13251
I do like the feel when everything goes smoothly, but can I just say? Dat feel when something goes OH SHIT THIS IS TERRIBLE THE PLAY IS RUINED wrong, and you somehow pull a solution out of your ass in half a second and completely save the show... better than sex. Adrenaliiiine.

We're doing Annie next, and part of me is excited for auditions, but the other part of me is like 'Fuck this', because I hate the song they gave us. Easy Street. Fun ass song, don't get me wrong, but not much fun for an alto, the way it's written.
>> US No. 13253
File 136925676697.jpg - (35.34KB , 404x299 , workaholic.jpg )
I don't usually post feels, but screw it this time. Going to be vague on purpose because I think posting like this is very cheesy.

The end of my recent month-long bout of workaholicism has brought me to the revelation that I may have wasted a portion of my life trying to please others. I beleve all the time I have spent, my efforts and migraines involved may have all gone in vain. Although, it's a bit early to tell, we'll see what happens.
>> US No. 13254

Nothing like holding a mic backstage for someone who's singing back-up because the singer onstage fucked up their voice, while the backstage singer is changing. Good times.
>> US No. 13255
I'm just worried if I go, "Uh, sorry to bother you, I'd like to apply for a job backstage? I have zero experience sewing, building things, or really any job experience whatsoever-- would you please let me work on a play or two," they'll just laugh.

The cosplay comment was re: this video of a cosplayer who takes commissions using some kind of belt sander or something to smooth down a prop staff she'd made. I'd like to do that. I'm going to NYCC, and I'd like to cosplay, and I'm not sure how to start.
>> US No. 13260
File 136944942267.jpg - (87.55KB , 984x594 , manly_snow.jpg )
Odd weather today.

Feels related: for how long it's taking, these dresses better be the frilliest, fluffiest, most damn elegant clothes Sweetheart and I have ever worn, or so help me, I'll choke a bitch.
>> US No. 13262
File 136946741044.jpg - (14.22KB , 264x211 , 134827041161.jpg )
>>check l4d board
>>nothing but red text saying YOU ARE DEAD on black background

Jesus. I did NOT need that at 3 am. Does this mean the board will be deleted? I was always hoping it'd be updated more.

(Captcha: Gravesend Hadempu. No, hopefully nothing's being gravesent right now.)
>> SE No. 13263
>>13262 It's an overlay. Just click it.
>> No. 13265
(For the record, I actually live in the US.)
>> No. 13267
Why are you using Tor?
>> No. 13268
File 136953330554.png - (52.35KB , 500x411 , sus.png )
Toon, I noticed you have a different IP each time you post. Can you explain that and why you are doing so? For our peace of mind.
>> No. 13269
>>13268 >>13267
Absolutely, and I understand. I actually would really like to talk about this, because I would love to be able to use my normal browser on my normal network again.

I am indeed using Tor browser because that is the only thing that allows me to post on TF2chan with my own computer right now. It changes exit nodes pretty regularly, hence the IP address changes. I don't know if it's possible to choose and stay with a particular IP with it. I assure you I wouldn't be using it in the first place if I could load this site without it.

The last time I was able to connect and post normally was in this thread: http://tf2chan.net/cosplay/res/2646.html
Sometime after that (maybe a couple months later?), I tried revisiting TF2chan but couldn't connect. I assumed the site was down, so I waited a while before checking back every now and again when I remembered. By around December I wondered what was going on, so I checked the asktf2chanmods blog. The mods said the site was up, yet I still couldn't connect.

No matter what browser I use, if I try connecting directly to tf2chan.net, it will always time out. Nothing hosted on tf2chan.net will ever load, period - I just get an error message saying it timed out. Pinging tf2chan.net in the Windows command prompt gives timeouts every time as well. 100% packet loss. I think I tried doing a traceroute and a Wireshark capture and those pretty much told me the same thing: I can't reach the server at all. My computer knows TF2chan's IP address ( but that's about it. This is the only site I have this problem with - everything else works fine. And TF2chan worked fine for me before, as I've said. For some reason, I just cannot connect to TF2chan's server anymore from this specific computer...yet it works on other hosts on my network! (Let me say that using TF2chan via one of the other devices on my network isn't feasible for me, as I can't do crap with my phone, and I'm not going to commandeer someone else's computer to have DICKS EVERYWHERE.) I tried searching for answers and troubleshooting, but it got really frustrating, and nothing I tried worked. Until I found someone suggestion to use a proxy to reach the website, and lo and behold, it worked! So I ended up using that as a workaround so I can participate here at all.

(I told Cat about this stuff in Steam chat back in February. She said it was strange.)

Recently, I've started taking another crack at figuring out this underlying problem so that I might be able to use my normal config again. The most promising answer I found, so far, to the "specific website not working on specific computer" problem suggests the computer's IP was put on an IP band list which is blocking that address from connecting to the server. This appears to be server-side from what I can gather. They say this can be caused by connecting to the site via multiple computers on the same network or via different applications at the same time for an extended period of time, which activates a feature in the server to put the IP on the list and block it. I...guess this is some kind of DoS-type defense? As for me, I wasn't doing anything unusual in my TF2chan browsing habits or anything different than I do elsewhere, so I really don't understand what would cause me to be band listed by TF2chan's server. Also I'm not sure if this is the right answer because, if that's the case, I would think the other computers on my network would be blocked too, since everything going through my router has the same public IP. Additionally, I think I would have had dynamic IP reassignment(s) in the many months I've been cut off from TF2chan. (Yet I still can't get through.) I don't know. Someone on a forum somewhere said to try contacting the site owner to remove the computer's address from the list, but the OP gave up and left, so I have no idea how that goes.

Kumori, if you (or anyone else around here) have any idea about this, it would be wonderful. The only responses I've gotten from talking to real people so far were pretty much "that's weird," "I dunno," or "your computer has AIDS" (actual answer. How helpful, my dear friend). I'll keep trying to hack away at this as best as I can. It's just...really confusing and tiring.

I hope that you can believe I don't intend to cause trouble. I just want to be able to visit this site.
>> AU No. 13270
Do you have Hamachi installed? It can cause problems with routing the network
>> AU No. 13271
that was originally the intention

as far as im concerned theres no reason to keep it, buit on the other hand theres no real reason to get rid of it
>> US No. 13272
Can we meet in IRC or add me on Steam so I can help you out?
>> CA No. 13273
If we do get rid of the board, can we at least make sure the threads in there get moved to Video Games or something? I'd hate to see them all get deleted, especially when I got some decent art from there.
>> US No. 13275
I feel a bit frustrated because I can't give myself a break. I've set such an unrealistically high expectation for myself that i can't stop and pat myself on the back for the achievements I've already accomplished because I'm worried that I'll fall behind some imaginary timeline. I keep working myself until complete burnout and then berate myself when I can't work up my motivation.
>> US No. 13276
Yes, actually. I installed it once, couldn't get it to do what I wanted, uninstalled it, and then right after I uninstalled it, a different friend wanted me to reinstall it. We couldn't get it to do what we wanted that time either, but I just left it installed despite not wanting/needing it anymore because I had the stupid feeling that as soon as I uninstalled it, I would have to reinstall it again. I'll gladly uninstall it right now.

Sure thing. I've never used IRC before, but I definitely know how to use Steam!
>> US No. 13277
File 13697470955.png - (5.14KB , 457x189 , SUCCESS.png )

I looked up the info on Hamachi's 5.x.x.x issues and everything makes sense now. Hamachi routed 5.x.x.x stuff to itself back in the day when 5.x.x.x wasn't being used, but it is now. TF2chan moves to a 5.x.x.x server, Hamachi eats the connection henceforth.

I first tried simply changing the one setting to "IPv6 only" like Hamachi's forums suggested, but that didn't affect anything. I tried updating Hamachi, but my installation was all borked up (the updater msi package was missing) so it would neither uninstall nor update. I used a cleanup utility which removed...part of it. Then I installed a new version of Hamachi in the hopes I could use that to uninstall it the lazy way. ...It still didn't actually uninstall (and the new installation doesn't work right either), but TF2chan works now! This is great! Thanks so much!

I wonder how many other users this affects. I've seen some other people in the ask blog and elsewhere say they couldn't get TF2chan to work lately like me, and I wonder if they have the same problem. Could we get word out that this might be a common problem?
>> US No. 13278
File 136976840350.jpg - (37.81KB , 400x295 , tumblr_comment_low-400x0.jpg )
We've removed the Ask blog because it's stupid to have people inquire there, so the hipstr tumor was cut off.

If users have a problem or want to talk about something, they ought to talk about it on TF2chan where it belongs instead of a third party application (we can't help people outside TF2chan). What's on the Chan stays on the Chan. I do not support third party applications attached to the site as they also direct traffic AWAY from the site and make people even LESS connected to each other, so removing the Ask blog was the right thing to do in order to keep traffic and inquiries where they belong - on TF2chan.
>> CA No. 13280
What do we do if the chan goes down and we want to ask a question about why the chan is down?

Also feelings: I just discovered Lucky Star. Holy crap. It's like my life, if I were a Japanese schoolgirl with blue hair.
>> US No. 13281
Oh. Well...that was the only way I was able to get any sort of news from the chan when I couldn't connect to the site, and how I learned it was some problem on my end I had to figure out. I meant that if other people have this problem, they wouldn't be able to see anything written here because they can't load the site in the first place.

Does this mean you're going to delete the ask blog / stop using it? Or are you just not linking to it from here? Because I do think it has its uses, especially in cases the site is down.
>> No. 13283
any news when the site's down,one of us mods will post something in the tf2chan tag on hipstr. I know I've done so before the ask blog...
>> US No. 13284
For news about the site being down, use IRC or visit the Steam group (what do you think we have them for?). I would like to refrain totally from using the Ask blog. If I could delete it, I would.
>> No. 13287
Someone should explain IRC to me, because I have no idea what it is.

Also, don't you need to be invited to join the Steam group? I think I tried to join a while ago (long while, though) and I couldn't.
>> No. 13288
The Steam group is open to the public. :)
>> US No. 13289
I seriously have no problem with people who smoke weed. However, if you do, please don't pile your fucking dogs into your bed and light op a bowl.

We had to take Sweetheart's ma's dog to the vet. She has a tumor in her throat that has to be biopsied, and it might be cancer.
>> US No. 13290
After about a year, I've started kicking my art block to the curb. It feels pretty good.
It's also nice to have my drawings lumped into the actual fanart boards instead of workshop, even if it's just because of the latter's deletion, haha.
In other news, I have a co-worker who's a stand-up person. However, they're either slow to learn, never do learn or forget what they have learned and it generally feels like I'm working for two just fixing their mistakes; that's assuming that they don't call out do to personal illness or their children being ill.
In other-other news, I seem to be making friends as well as being able to hang out with my old buddies more often. Feels good.
>> CA No. 13291
That moment when you think 'Hey, I like Supernatural, and I would like to do 1 on 1 roleplays with it! That could be fun!' and it turns out that everyone in the visible fandom is a fangirling moron.

Plus RPing would involve me having to interact with people, and talk to them.

Why haven't we invented roleplay robots yet?
>> DK No. 13292
About 4 years ago I started playing TF2.
I was a big noob back then, with no online gaming experience at all.
On a random server I met this really nice English guy, who added me as a friend and thought me how to play the game.

In the following 2 years, we would play together almost everyday. We had lots of fun, And I got pretty good at the game.
Then one day, he didn't log on.
For a whole month he was gone, and when he finally logged back on, I asked him why he had been gone for so long.
He told me that he was terminally ill, and had been in the hospital, he then confessed to me about a lot of personal problems he had been having in the past few years.

From then on, we never really played, we just talked. He would always say that it made him feel so much batter, having a friend like me to talk to.
I never really wanted to leave him, but whenever I had to, he would say "ok, bye, you be good now".

Sometimes he wouldn't be on for days, and I would hold my breath, thinking he was gone. But he always came back on, and we would talk about everything and nothing.
It was like that for more than a year, and everyday I wished I could just pack my bags and go to England to help my friend, but he would always tell me to stay where I am, and don't go.

Then one day, he didn't log on.
Today his account says "last online: 364 days ago".

I feel sad. :(
>> US No. 13293
File 13704974409.png - (84.43KB , 288x321 , Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 4_09_00 PM.png )
"yo it's 1 am I must be lonely lol"
>>wait, who is this
"YO MAMA no this is jay"
>>wrong number
"are you high"
>>no, I don't know you, you have the wrong number
"if you're trippin', seriously, I'll tell so-and-so you don't remember him"
>>no, I don't know you, who do you think this is
>>I've had this number for three years
"aw shit sorry, have a good night"
>>have a good night

at least he (?) was polite at the end

other things other people have said after accidentally calling me: repeatedly calling back and asking if I was the same person I already said I wasn't/had never met (this was mostly bill collectors, which worried me the first time), asking me to put person I said I wasn't/don't know on the line, calling our house and asking my mother if she was the cleaning lady for person she said she/I/nobody we knew wasn't

it's nearly 2 am and I am way too tired for this shit
>> AU No. 13296
File 13705891202.gif - (391.13KB , 245x278 , feels.gif )
I know these feels.
Had a really great friend, who lived further south in the country. She disappeared from the internet after I'd known her for about 8 months. A year or two later, remembering the good times we shared, I did a Google search to see if I could find anything about her. Her dA page was updated with a journal entry about "something terrible" that had happened, signed off by a family member of hers. Not sure if a troll hacked her account or what, I did some more Googling and found an article dated around the time she disappeared. Apparently she was in a boating accident and went missing. No idea if she's been found or if she's even alive... and if she is, does she still remember me and our little group.

...Aaaand that's why I like to get to know people beyond just Steam or whatever - if something happens to either of us, how would we know?
>> CA No. 13298
I am happy.

I auditioned for a voiceover project for the first time in 4 years (I think. Might be 3, might be 5), and I actually landed the part, and it's one I'm excited about.

I'm not getting paid, but still, it's gonna be fun!

And now angry feels:

Okay, first, quick pre-bit for those without medical backgrounds. Human beings have blood. Sometimes, that blood comes out of our body, in a process called bleeding. To stop the bleeding, tiny little cells (named thrombocytes) in our blood clump together, to form clots. This is called coagulation, and the cells that do it are called coagulants. Any substance that stops this process is called an Anti-coagulant.

My teachers are dumbasses. On our final exam review, they have an answer written out for us. "Know the anticoagulants in the blood: Heparin, Thrombocytes, and platelets."
Now, Heparin IS one, but Thrombocytes and Platelets (which are the same thing, with different names) are COAGULANTS.

When I tried to tell my teacher this, she told me I was wrong. When I told her that this information is in our textbooks, then she told me it was wrong. When I told her I asked my mother, who has worked as a medical labtechnologist in the blood bank for more than 20 years, and SHE said it was wrong, she called my mother wrong.

UM, if my mother didn't know the clotting agents of the blood, I'm pretty sure someone would have corrected her by now, otherwise we'd have a lot more dead people in that hospital.


She keeps calling it 'SITE-oh-lo-ghee'. 4/10 words are mispronounced in this class because of her. Things get called Atrial 'fiber-lation', Myocardial 'infraction', etc.

Seriously, my teacher wouldn't know a vulva from a Volvo. How she got this job is beyond me.
>> IT No. 13299
File 137065124670.gif - (494.83KB , 500x271 , robin-llorando.gif )
To the feels train.
I knew this girl form a site, we talk a lot for like 5 months. Then an night i said: "don't drink at the disco ;)". Where she lived appeared an incident which caused the death of 10 people. close to the disco.
After 5 years i still get the message "i'll be fine ;)" on last conversations on MSN.

I should really need some IRL friends.
>> AU No. 13303
After a two hour long traffic jam on the highway coming home today, we finally passed the cause of the jam - a 4-way fatal car accident. One of the vehicles was squashed in half, sideways. The driver most certainly died from such an impact.

That was the third car accident/aftermath I witnessed up close this trip.

All I can think about are the self-obsessed fuckwits trying to squeeze past the incident, breaking away from the jam well above the speed limit to make up for "lost time". Or how one of the earlier accidents I witnessed happened because someone threw a bottle of glass at a passing car. Or the completely disinterested woman standing by her virtually unscathed 4WD as her husband talked to the poor owner of the half-squashed car the 4WD's bullbar completely wrecked.

I don't even know why I'm reporting this here. Completely insignificant drivel in the grand scheme of things.

I.. just... fuck, I need to do some yoga or something.
>> US No. 13305
File 137134958447.jpg - (15.68KB , 380x300 , smug.jpg )
When you have no more fucks left to give. You are left with nothing but absolute calm, jimmies can never be rustled.
>> US No. 13306
Well, Sweetheart's ma's dog has cancer.

And she refuses to get her treatment, and she's also refusing to have her put down.

It's fucking CANCER. In her Goddamn motherfucking THROAT.

Obviously, I can't do anything, because I'm almost broke what with trying to save up to get out of this smelly, cluttered hellhole, so my hands are tied.

Fuck, I just hate this bitch so much.
>> US No. 13307
Time to put matters into your own hands and give the dog a bullet to the forehead. It's better than letting it suffer for the rest of its life.
>> US No. 13308

I'm seriously considering taking her to the vet to have her put down. Unfortunately, laws where I live wouldn't let me do that, since she isn't my dog.

This woman freaks out when I clean around the house, so you can bet your ass she'd have me arrested if I were to shoot her dog.
>> US No. 13309
Having the dog put down should then be her job, not yours since it's her animal. You could have the woman arrested for letting the animal deteriorate and suffer. Depending on laws where you live.
>> US No. 13310
I hate every single time I get asked why I don't have a car (Bikes, walking, and public transportation work much better for me, thank you very much), I hate every time I have a conversation with my parents how it turns to "What's your major gonna be?" Maybe I don't want to go straight to college? But of course I don't have enough spine to tell them that, or to get my ass out of the closet, because then I'll get my ass kicked out.
>> US No. 13311
Lately I have been bothered by another bout of something that has been a recurring issue for as long as I can remember. At the risk of seeming like one of "those people", the best way I can think to describe it is that I just keep feeling like I am not human. I know I am human, I do not believe I am really some kind of animal or anything, I just feel wrong, like nothing fits. I always have felt this way, and I could never understand why. That's a big part of what bothers me, not understanding myself. Maybe I am just a bit crazy, that would be an acceptable reason if I could prove it. I do not like feeling like I am not what I am.
>> US No. 13313
I feel that way too, Anon. I live in America, but I've never felt ties to it in particular, nor do I feel ties to the lands my great-grandparents grew up in, because I've never been there. I feel too gay to be straight, too straight to be gay. My interests are too scattered to be 100% devoted to anything. I don't want to be human, but I don't want to be any other species, either. Most people feel like this at some point.
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