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US No. 13240
  ITT: Motherfucking Axe Cop

Also other things that are happy and cool cause there is way too much sad on the chan right now
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>> IT No. 13247
Holy shit, Fox paid to make an Axe Cop Series?
My god, i want to see it now.
>> US No. 13249
Yep! There's more videos on the Animation Domination channel, as well as Rugburn's early animatic voiceover versions.

I'm cautiously optimistic. It looks amazing, but y'know...FOX. They don't have a good track record with me after cancelling Firefly, Lie To Me, and Human Target.
>> IT No. 13259
well, i'm italy and i'm not "interested" on TV and other shits (especially FOX) but i just hope it finish at least some story instead of leaving the series to half
>> US No. 13261
Ah, sorry about that.

Well, we'll have to see. I know the artist is busy right now because he just got married. I don't know what's going on past that.
>> IT No. 13264
the art is fine but sometimes it seems all cast animations seems very raw
>> US No. 13392
  Tell me you can't see Balloonicorn and Lieutenant Bites totally doing this.

The raptor will be played by Rappy, of course.
>> AU No. 13393
But who, pray tell, will play Doctor Woodsman?!
>> US No. 13394
Heavy because he's the manliest and most handsome and has the most lumberjack stuff no I do not have a massive crush on Hoovy shut up. Or Soldier, because having Lieutenant Bites say "I can't believe I ever liked you" to Soldier would be hilarious.

I was about to say initially "Lt. Bites, but female", but for all we know, she is. Ladies can be Lieutenants too.
>> US No. 13419
File 137975709166.gif - (1.66MB , 235x240 , HeavyApproval.gif )
>> US No. 13434
I wanted to be an animator. One of the reasons I'm thinking of deciding against art entirely is because there are so many people who are so stuck in the era of cartoons that they grew up in that they flat-out refuse to watch anything that's coming out now.

And that's why a lot of cartoons coming out now aren't doing well. And it SUCKS. Because a lot of cartoons nowadays are brilliant, and gutsy, and get away with stuff you couldn't even think of when I was a kid. I mean, a lot of it holds up...Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, Batman: TAS, Animaniacs, etc., although I admit Animaniacs has aged horribly in certain jokes. A lot of stuff was very topical, and aimed at adults. I didn't get them then, and they're no longer funny now.

TL;DR: I know change is hard, but we have to accept that it happens. I mean, a lot of live-action and anime ended last week. Dangan Ronpa, Attack on Titan, Breaking Bad. The people who loved those will find new shows to love. They'll move on. So why can't 90's kids?

(Also if you whine about not accepting new cartoons, but your avatar is Fluttershy...you know FiM is the fourth incarnation of MLP, right? And the others were really different in many ways from FiM? But a lot of old-school MLP fans love FiM. So you can do the same.)
>> US No. 13444
The way I initially worded this is kind of unclear.

Long story short: I grew up in the 90's, when there was a lot of great animation on, either stuff that was just coming out, or there was still a lot of older stuff still being regularly re-aired. But now, while there is a lot of crap on TV, there's also a lot of stuff people my age (who I hope to target as much as kids, if I do become an animator) refuse to even give a chance, because they see Johnny Test or Annoying Orange, think it's all Cartoon Network plays anymore, and then completely miss out on DC Universe, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Regular Show, all the GOOD stuff still played on TV. And I get a little disheartened when people just want to see what they grew up on, and won't give anything else a chance.

And the person who I had seen ranting about "oh, TV is crap, nothing good is on anymore, only the stuff I grew up with is good" had a Fluttershy avatar. A character from the fourth incarnation of a cartoon that had been going on since the 1980's. It seems hypocritical.
>> US No. 13793
Holy poo
>> No. 13794
Gosh, language.

Personally, the main barrier for me watching new cartoons is the lack of cable. I'm super open to them, but they're sort of hard to get to. Jem and the Holograms Lyfe
>> US No. 13795
The Jem and The Holograms comic book is really good. Kimber and Stormer are canonically gay, and there's a new trans character who's p. rad.

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