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US No. 13329
Gamer logs into Mass Effect 3 multiplayer game with his wife's account, discovers why we need feminism


pic unrelated
>> US No. 13337
Pic so unrelated that it's actually against the topic, so I'm going to go ahead and remove it. (For reference to anyone else posting, it was the megaman "DERP" image)

That aside, the experience the blogger and his third player had was a terrible thing that I really wish didn't happen nearly as often as it does. This level of sexism should never be seen in games, much less COOPERATIVE games like ME3's multiplayer. I'd chalk it up to EA's fans being shit if I were a bit less cynical, but it happens all the time in all manner of online games, and it's sickening.
>> US No. 13339
From what I've seen, I think one of the problems with dealing with stuff like this is that people tend to try and shift the blame away from "nerd culture" and onto the mythical dudebro fratboy, yet I doubt that fratboys are the ones complaining about how women are ruining fighting games or League of Legends. There appears to be, in my opinion, a resistance towards policing this type of behavior in gaming sites and communities.
>> DK No. 13345
Wait, if your gamer-tag shows you're a woman, then how come the main guy didn't know 4th player was a girl until the end?
>> AU No. 13349
I think he meant that his wife's gamer tag was specifically female-sounding - you know, something like "Lady Suchandsuch" or "Miss Namegoeshere," or it could have been an outright female name. Dude obviously didn't state it publicly for privacy reasons (egh, imagine the trolling)

But since he assumed the other player was male until they spoke at the end, one would assume the stranger didn't have a particularly female-sounding gamer tag.

I'm just curious to know if the other player's silence and/or lack of female-sounding name was out of fear, or out of choice.
>> US No. 13367
NERD DUDES try to shift the blame onto "frat bros" in order to avoid anything that looks like it might be criticizing their own little pet "all-inclusive" nerd culture

there are plenty of FEMALE nerds talking about the problems in nerd culture, just a lot fewer men (not NO men, just... many fewer men)

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