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File 139427782624.jpg - (203.44KB , 858x467 , thisisanaveragedayforegon.jpg )
13565 US No. 13565
Toys, books, music, TV, film, etc., as long as it's not TF2-related.

I'm thinking of picking up some Ghostbusters merch, but I don't know anyone who's read the comics, so I don't have a solid consensus on whether they're good or not. I did like these panels, though.

I'm mulling over the idea of getting the licensed LEGO set: http://lego.gizmodo.com/hands-on-with-legos-wonderfully-detailed-ghostbusters-1524135884

Or one of the Funko POP! figures: http://comicsalliance.com/ghostbusters-funko-pop-vinyl-figures/

I think I have a few months to mull over it, though. I can decide on one or the other by then.
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>> AU No. 13576
File 139496749188.jpg - (82.56KB , 1024x683 , mutha fukken proplica.jpg )
POP! figures are super dorbs but I can't bring myself to buy them because of their godawful paint jobs (most of the time). I'm a stickler for quality and detail... but the Adventure Time and The Walking Dead ones are really, really tempting.

I ordered this baby yesterday, kind of ashamed of how much I'm paying for a hunk of plastic that lights up but... nostalgists gonna nostalgia.
>> AU No. 13577
Oh, and I forgot to add: the Ghostbusters merch you've linked is awesome. I would say "Go for it all, man" but if you're trying to pace yourself, the Lego set looks like the most fun for your first purchase. (It looks infinitely better than the BttF set, too.. sigh..)
>> US No. 13584
Confession time: Sailor Moon came out during the time in my childhood where I felt I had to be one of those femininity-hating über-tomboys, so I skipped it when it was originally on. I'm going to try to indulge in SM and other shoujo manga as a way of making amends. MLP:FiM was sort of hitting that sweet spot for me for awhile, where it was feminine and cute and yet had a good sense of humor and wasn't nauseatingly sweet, but these really...nutty fans sort of put a bad taste in my mouth, and I haven't wanted to continue with it. You know the kind, the otherkin who believe in/worship tulpas and believe they can speak dragon. Ech.

I may get the LEGO set if I can afford it, once it's out, but I do finally have the first trade of the comic on order.
>> AU No. 13587
I had to look up 'tulpas' and huh. Every day is a school day.

Don't worry man, I hid my passion for SM and other "girly" things because I was a tomboy growing up, too. As fair warning if you do check it out; SM isn't some profound, perfect story (I still can't get over how readily accepting Usagi is of the role thrust upon her) and a lot of reviews from people these days will be painted with nostalgia. But it is sweet, the manga has a lovely art, and it's neat seeing the first story to birth the magical girl genre. Just take it at face value I guess?

On topic: I am wigging out waiting on Rick and Morty merch, goddamn. The best I have is a print of a fan poster, but it's just not the same... I need a tiny grandpa to put in compromising poses.
>> US No. 13589
Also when reading Sailor Moon, try to overlook the part where Chibi Moon and Pegasus have mad raunchy sex off-screen, getting Chibi pregnant with Pegasus' child. Unless you're into that sort of thing. If you're watching it instead, that part and the consequences are totally dropped and don't really affect the animated series IIRC.
>> US No. 13591
I only know of Chibi Moon as being like, five years old, so the idea of her in a relationship with anyone, period, sorta skeeves me out. Unless she's older than she looks, and her design just makes her look younger?

I had a feeling. I've been re-watching 'The Real Ghostbusters', and it actually passed the nostalgia test, but it's still not perfect. Some episodes are just super 80's. 'Animaniacs' has aged horribly, by comparison. So many dated references. Yeesh.

I still need to watch Rick and Morty. I still can't get over the possibility of Telltale doing a Rick and Morty/Back To The Future crossover at some point. They have both licenses. It's possible.
>> US No. 13595
File 139633682671.png - (324.19KB , 500x500 , tumblr_ls5lbkr3Hb1qafrh6.png )
>>Muppets Most Wanted
>>Tex Richman wasn't a prisoner in the Gulag
>>Uncle Deadly was despite betraying Tex in the last film and being a total badass hero
>> US No. 13620

Do you like surreal horror shit?
I like surreal horror shit.
Let's fund some surreal horror shit.
>> AU No. 13630
File 140153548611.png - (202.09KB , 576x559 , hrng.png )
yes pls
>> US No. 13632
I'm sort of worried that they won't make it at this rate, the puppets (that I've weirdly become fond of) will get killed off terrorist-style, and we'll ever find out why the fuck June 19th was so significant.

They still have $50k to go. C'mon, rabid fumblr fandom. Put your money where your mouth is. And to the people hoping it'll fail, because they're convinced any subsequent videos will lessen the horror factor: I hope you're wrong.
>> US No. 13634
Don't worry, it's the nature of kickstartr. A typical fundraising on it will get a ton of donations in the beginning, a very low but generally steady amount across the middle 20 days, and then a big final push of activity at the end. Still plenty of time.
>> US No. 13635
LEGO Ghostbusters set is out now (I think somewhere in May/June was the first film's 30th anniversary). That $50 price tag hurts. I plan to get it eventually, though. Or at least a little keychain Egon, if they sell that one. Dunno if any of the money goes to researching what Ramis died of. At least the creators of the Back To The Future set donated their entire cut of the profits to Parkinson's research.


The new set LEGO announced from CUSOO/Ideas is the Female Scientist set from last year. Fuck yes. It beat out several other sets, but I can see why most of those were rejected:

>>Zelda set rejected because Nintendo has exclusive rights with a rival company
>>BBC Sherlock doesn't really appeal to kids (although I'd argue the original books are appropriate for a preteen or teenager)
>>Adventure Time (guess they don't/couldn't get the license, either)
>Macross (even some older anime fans don't know this one)
>>Another, more accurate DeLorean (too soon for another BTTF set, perhaps, though the train from the third film is still under review for another set)
>>Japanese Feudal architecture (okay, THIS ONE I don't get, my brother loves architecture and Japan, I'd totally get this for him...and me, I won't lie)

I hope you're right, I really want that (and the Studio Killers tour Kickstarter, which I just found out about) to succeed. I don't really worry about the big guys, like LaVar Burton and the Reading Rainbow revival. But I've seen awesome-looking things fail because they weren't as popular as I thought they were.

Reminds me: I've been looking for the Studio Killers debut album for maybe a year or two, because I still buy physical copies of media. Still haven't located it.
>> US No. 13640

What'd I tell ya? They've gone and met the goal with two days to spare. 4 new episodes of a radical series, coming our way sometime in the future!
>> US No. 13646
I know whoever the hell is posting CP is a bot and can't be banned, and will just come back, but it's always been a source of rage for me, and I found it very therapeutic when reading "Saga" and seeing a child sex slaver get his brains blown in.

"Saga" is rad as heck. Just in general. Robot sex? Yep. Two leads, both monster-alien-people and not white? Yep. Gorgeous art? Yep. Talking cat? Yep. Spider lady? Yep. Ghost teen with floating entrails? Yep.

Thank goodness both it and Studio Killers made it. I ended up not having money for either. I probably won't even get to see SK if they do tour the U.S., but at least I'll get to watch DHMIS.
>> US No. 13654

>> No. 13689
TL;DR: I posted writing advice on another site, in response to someone who was looking for it, and someone got all snarky on me like, "sorry, champ, if you were a multi-million dollar earning, award winning author like some of the people being quoted in this thread, maybe your advice would be valid."

1. "Darling" and "Sweetheart" are subjectively patronizing to me, depending on context, but "champ" ALWAYS sounds patronizing.
2. Good advice is good advice. Why the fuck would I need to be a professional artist or writer in order to give it?
>> No. 13714
How not to write descriptions:

"This is shit. You all are aware this is unobjectively shit. You must agree with me, or you are what is killing the [insert medium here] industry."

I wish people were more adept at explaining things. I wish proofreaders were used for more than just fanfiction. Even if it's just a blog post, or a fan review, you should at least skim something once or twice to see if it makes sense.
>> No. 13715
I think it's the feels thread you're after, not general media: >>/offtopic/13162

Hilarious when feedback is nothing but a snarky remark based on someone's objective tastes. Apparently it's too much to ask they rub a couple of brain cells together and explain just what makes it shit, but whatever
>> No. 13719
Sorry about that. I figured since it was media-related, it fit better here. I get really heated up about writing, and I get frustrated that reviews and blog posts don't get beta'd like fanfic does.
>> US No. 13758
File 143970403512.png - (1.18MB , 1580x600 , shelf.png )
Felt like sharing my toy shelf. Which is temporarily sharing space with my main manga shelf, because I'm low on room space atm. Apologies for the shitty lighting.

I don't have as many MLP toys as a lot of people do, because I only got into the franchise with FiM, and I don't currently consider myself part of the fandom anymore. The plushies were a gift from my grandmother's friends, while the toys were from a McDonald's promotion.

The little horse sitting next to the MLP's is a TokiDoki Unicorno named Bellina. Unicornos are little winged unicorns with tattoos instead of Cutie Marks. They're neat.

Finn was a free, exclusive promotional figure from New York Comic Con 2011, the first year I went. He has 'NYCC '11' on his t-shirt.

Jack Skellington, Epic Mickey, Stitch, Kevin, and Vinylmation Mabel Pines make up the Disney section. There's another Vinylmation behind the Plants vs. Zombies figurine-- he's based on a gargoyle outside the Beauty and The Beast-themed Disney Parks restaurant.

I have other Simpsons merch besides Apu, but sadly, Reboot!Sulu's the only Star Trek merch I own.

You can't see Heavy very well due to the lighting, but I placed his weapons and extra set of hands in front of Egon, for lack of a better place to put them. He's the only figure I own with extra attachments, so I wasn't sure how to swap them out, or store them.

Egon's the only Funko POP! I own, and I don't know if I'll get any more. They're all really nice and cute, but they all look kinda samey. (To be fair, a lot of Egon figures all look the same, regardless of who makes them-- he's never doing anything except frowning and pointing the PKE meter at stuff.)

Most of the Pokémon figures are from McDonald's, with the exception of Ho-Oh (HeartGold pre-order bonus), and both Dragonite and Pikachu (gifts my brother brought me from Japan).

Yami Yugi is from my preteen weeb days, but Yu-Gi-Oh! recently came back for a milestone anniversary, so I got all nostalgic and dragged him out of storage. He had a Millenium Puzzle around his neck, but it was attached with string, and idk if I even still have it.

I don't know the story behind the geisha figure. I know it was a birthday present, but I don't remember who gave it to me, or know where they got it.

Kid Goku was a birthday present. I have an Adult Goku figure around somewhere, too. The Kid one came with a chunk of the tournament stage to display him on, but I don't know where that went.

Emmett was a blind bag figure, too. Our local theatre had a deal where, if you saw The LEGO Movie, you got a free Minifig and a poster. They'd run out of the Minifigs by the time I got there, so I bought one to make up for it.
>> US No. 13759
File 143970435548.jpg - (170.90KB , 640x480 , IMG_0277.jpg )
Two more, recently obtained. Because I went to the Japanese Summer Festival nearby, and couldn't resist obtaining merch of MUH ANIMES.

The Puella Magi Madoka Magica one isn't a toy, but I'll probably display it on my shelf anyways. I may put it on my keyring, but I'm worried about losing it. Hurray for lesbians, though!

The Attack on Titan one is cute, I think it's actually a variant figure. I like Eren as a character, even though I know a lot of people don't. The swirly eyes are a bit odd to me, though, since the show has fairly realistic pupils.
>> US No. 13760

Sweet loot, meda! It's inspirational. :D Good job keeping it all organized aha

Next time I'm home I'll see if I can't remember to snap some pictures of mine!
>> US No. 13762
Is it just me or is the thumbnail upside-down while the direct link is upside-up? Trippy.
>> US No. 13763
Thanks, friend! I had the idea after a comic book website started asking for pictures of peoples' collections. They usually dwarf mine in terms of number of collectables and comics, but I'm proud of what I have.

For some reason, my phone's been doing that a lot lately. I'll go do a Google search and see if anyone else is having the same problem. I suspect it has something to do with the file size.
>> US No. 13787
File 145028924231.png - (516.73KB , 589x685 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I accidentally all the anime again.

I've been burned before, but I think this time, it was totally worth it.
>> US No. 13788
Burned? By anime? That's not what should be happening!
>> US No. 13797
File 145301052349.jpg - (1.87MB , 3000x2182 , Art_of_PSG_vol1_006.jpg )
Here's what happened.

I'd taken a break from anime post-high school because I was sick of a lot of typical weeaboo mentalities and behavior, and I came back in 2010 to watch this series called Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. I usually don't like ecchi series, but it had cool art (basically Japan's take on The Powerpuff Girls), badass women, and a soundtrack full of catchy electronica (by Teddyloid of "Me!Me!Me!" fame, among others). The show ended on a jarring cliffhanger, and despite there being an OVA, the OVA didn't really resolve anything (because it was a bunch of shorts set interstitially in canon). The fact that the OST teased a Season 2 just made the whole thing worse, I felt like I was being trolled.

Thankfully, JoJo's most recent season ended in a way where I would have been fine, had there not been any more to the series, but Season 4 is coming in April(-ish), so I'm pretty pumped.

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