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File 143491641392.jpg - (73.90KB , 680x680 , 5bf.jpg )
13768 No. 13768
hey anons, poor tf2 fag here. When I was off at peace core my bro was apparently on my computer since his laptop got a virus. Not only did I have to hard reset just cause I didn't want to sift through all the shit he loaded onto my comp, but apparently I left my steam on auto sign-in and he either got me fished or gave away my items. This was back before the email registration thing. I had a GBH L'Inspecteur, a Max's, aussie sticky launcher, aussie amby, and aussie knife.

If anyone out there got given this shit randomly, please post! or if you'd like to help me out, that's fine too.
>> No. 13769
get fucked kid :^)
>> No. 13770
how bad did you fuck your bros ass?

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