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File 145425830856.gif - (0.97MB , 300x225 , tumblr_nhzpx8HLkm1sswgzoo1_400.gif )
13798 US No. 13798
Hey, guys. I'm sure that not very many people care about me anymore. I'm not even sure how active this place is. But I feel like I owe an explaination to the five-ish people that actually care about my whereabouts and the fate of my magnum opus. If you don't know me or don't care, skip this. I won't be offended.

Okay, first off, where have I disappeared off to? Well the first few years (2012-2014) was spent palling around on Tumblr and getting balls-deep into the Homestuck fandom. 2014 was a pretty tumultuous year. In first few months was spent in a deep depression, not doing much more than caring for my foster brothers and dicking around on Tumblr. During March, I got into a dumb dispute with my mom, which lead to a rather poorly planned suicide attempt, and my hospitalization for a week-ish.

After that, I stayed with my Grandma until I decided I wanted to go to Job Corps in May. I tried staying with my mom and her new husband (the source of our fight in March), but that didn't work out, so I stayed with a friend until I got accepted into Job Corps in August. I've been in Job Corps ever since then, with two breaks in the summer and in the winter for about 2 weeks each. I learned welding at the Job Corps in my state of Georgia, then went to Missouri for advanced training to learn to be a carman. I'm doing pretty well here and will probably be out before next summer! With a job that pays $25 / hour for an APPRENTICESHIP, might I add! *wonk*

Now, what does that mean for my only claim to fame, my fanfic "Breaking Point"? I'll go ahead and say it right now - I haven't forgotten about it, and I DO plan on finishing it. But a few things have to happen first:

1) I need to graduate Job Corps and get my own place. While I'm here, there's no wifi, and while there are computers students can use, they're like... school computers. All the good stuff is blocked. I'm actually posting this fron my phone. Which brings me to my next point...

2) I have to get a new computer. The laptop I have now is the same one I had back when I STARTED the fic, and it was already a few years old back then. It's such a piece of shit, the screen no longer works, and I have to hook it up to an external monitor to see anything. So yeah, once I get disposable income (I have a LOT of bills from my time in the hospital / mental ward), a sleek, new computer will be at the top of my wanted list. Once that happens...

3) I have to go back and edit, edit, edit. I read through the whole fic again, and while it's not BAD, it needs some work. I started writing it 4 and a half years ago - it only makes sense that my style has changed a bit since then. More than that, I've read all the criticisms, and plan on actually adding in new stuff to make the plot flow smoother. One scene in particular I feel is crucial, and I hate myself for not having it there in the first place.

When all that's said and done, I will finally, FINALLY start updating Breaking Point again. Tbh, I probably won't ever use the site as much as I used to, but since this is where the story began, and you guys have waited the longest for me to get off my ass, I feel like I owe it to you guys to update it here first.

So yeah, that's where I've been and where I'm planning to go from here. Shoot me an email if you have any auestions. Y'all have a nice Sunday, and, hopefully, I'll see you again soon.
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>> US No. 13799
Well hey! I don't believe I was around when you were, but welcome back ish! Glad to see that things are really starting to kick together for you. :D Slap me on that list of people waiting for things.

And for real, HELLA congrats on that job, that's insane!
>> US No. 13802
Thanks, friend! Here's the fic in question, if you haven't seen it: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/7217.html

Remember to sage if you comment! Really can't stress how much I'm looking forward to starting that old dinosaur up again. It's been far too long.
>> US No. 13804
I'm not sure if I was there, either-- or if anyone remembers me, if I was. I was a lurker for a very long time before posting. I'm glad you're okay now, and I look forward to reading your work when it's done!
>> US No. 13817
File 14702754606.jpg - (43.47KB , 620x624 , tumblr_n90ob2H8ZQ1tgncqpo1_1280.jpg )
I had an interview that I think went hella rad this past Monday! I super hope I get the job! It's in Boston and it pays 28 FUCKING DOLLARS AN HOUR

If anyone knows some shady deities I can make a blood sacrifice to in order to make this a sure thing, pls share.
>> US No. 13818
You have my hope that you get them muns!
>> US No. 13819
File 147059600850.png - (183.74KB , 348x352 , SpongeBob_The_Rich.png )
Me in 10 yrs
>> US No. 13820
Official start date: September 19th.

Thank you, voodoo Jesus.
>> No. 13822
I'm excited to hear things on your end are looking up! I remember way back when that I used to check for your updates almost daily, and your writing was (and still is) on the top of my list for favorite TF2 fics. I'll be sending good vibes your way for you your new career!

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