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File 129074802139.png - (149.76KB , 576x576 , 1289181194418.png )
1430 No. 1430
So TF2chan, here's a hypothetical scenario for you:

> You die suddenly.
> No will, no note, nothing.
> Friends/family look through your computer as a form of closure.

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>> No. 1431
Nothing good can come of this. EVER.

I'm pretty sure this is true of anyone. Hell, they could look through my fucking sketches and Not Good Would Come Of This. Buuuuuut I'll be dead so I guess it doesn't matter? If I become a zombie I'll die again from embarrassment.
>> No. 1433
Actual my computer has been pretty clean just because of this. Don't know why but one day I just came to the conclusion it was for the best.
As long as they don't go through my history then I'm pretty good.
They also been throw my stuff so there's nothing much I have left to be embarassed about.
>> No. 1436
If they don't get into certain folders, it actually wouldn't be that bad. Obviously the "nsfw" and "tits" and other like folders would raise some eyebrows, though.

Also yeah my browser history loooooool
>> No. 1442
My family and close friends already know about my deviancy and would probably not be surprised by my browser history and hard drive contents. Actually, I wouldn't mind if they got a hold of all my passwords/accounts so they could tell the myriad of friends/acquaintances I have made online of my untimely demise.
>> No. 1444
Tons of music, poetry, photos. A couple of auto log-in accounts.

Mostly my pictures folders are an utter cacophony. It'd be so cluttered they might just give up and delete it all before they find any of the copious quantities of questionable and pornographic material.

Some of my saved conversations would probably.. be best if they were left alone. RP can get.. interesting.
>> No. 1445
File 129077223385.png - (165.67KB , 448x346 , The fuck is this crap.png )
Man, I have a plethora of porn and crazy conspiracy shit jumbled on my computer. I mean, between a few private RP's, some 'interesting' porn (that I drew, even) and a browser history that almost certainly has put me on a few Government watchlists... they'd be learning a lot about who I really am.
My parents would be the most surprised.
>> No. 1448
As long as they steer clear of the NSFW folders ... Nothing interesting, really. My family would only get reassured that I have a weird sense of humour, far too many hobbies and a fuckton of videogames. Even if they did take a look at my porn, all they would find out would be that I'm into fictional characters.

My Firefox bookmarks would raise eyebrows though. I got drawn porn sites, an adult toy shop and similiar things in there. And Paheal. OH GOD PAHEAL. Remind me to sort them out sometime ...
>> No. 1454
Same as everyone else, I'd say.

Except more lesbian porn than they probably thought they'd find. I haven't come out to too many people. It hasn't really been relevant ever.

Other than that, a bunch of erotic fanfiction written by me but I'll be dead anyways. Also chat logs. Oh God chat logs.

This is a bit worse than I’d initially thought, actually. Fuck. I’ll have to make a point never to die.
>> No. 1455
File 129077882293.png - (9.87KB , 512x640 , 123580264097.png )
> I die suddenly.
> No will, no note, nothing.
> Friends/family look through my computer as a form of closure.
> They can't access anything due to a combination of my ridiculous filing system and PASSWORDS ERRYWHERE

Good luck with that, family. You're going to need to pay someone before you can be horrified at my actually really being the sociopath you always suspected me to be.
>> No. 1461
You know, the fact that I'd be dead is actually more of a reassurance to me in this event. It's being found out when I'm still ALIVE that would be a problem, and I have had quite a few uncomfortable dreams to this extent. But since I moved out, I don't give a fuck anymore.

Not to say there isn't some questionable stuff in here. Oh my.
>> No. 1482
Aside from having TF2chan bookmarked in one of my browsers (lol), I have very little shocking or outrageous content on my computer, I'd say. And what little I do is all marked as Hidden. I think I'm pretty safe.

Also, most of my family is pretty bad at using computers, hahaha. Also also, I'll be dead, so I don't think I'd care much.
>> No. 4511
I have my BFF promised me, that he will be my Shovelbuddy. By this i explained him this scenario.
So by my suddendly and tragic death emergencyprotocoll #1 comes out.
Which includes the following:
1. Stop weeping for me. (He probably will sheet one tear. I can count me lucky if it´s even one tear.)
2. Drive to me home.
3. Take my pc and trow it out the window.
4. Tell my family his expression of sympathy and drive home again to play wow again.
>> No. 4515
No one will be surprised. Seriously I have to warn people before they open my sketchbook, I doubt they'd jump into my pc without assuming they're gonna run unto a fetish or two.
>> No. 4517
Everybody knows I'm a huge atrocity tourist so 99% of the terrible things on this computer are a direct result of that bizarre-ass fascination of mine.
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