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No. 166
  New music thread, peeps!

Kicking things off with some awesome Swedish Power Metal. Damn, that singer has an AWESOME voice, check it out. Other songs to try: Attero Dominatus, White Death, Into the Fire and Panzer Battalion.
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>> No. 214
  In a similar vein, A song by the other band the lead singer of Hail of Bullets is in. HoB is another war-metal band and I'd post something from On Divine Winds, but it none of the tracks are on YouTube yet.

Note the guy on the right at 1:34.
>> No. 220
I'm laughing at the sheer amount of Sabaton we seem to be injecting into the chan.
Personally I didn't enjoy White Death, the lyrics were too bland. Screaming Eagles is nice, though.

I'll check out this other band some time.
>> No. 225
I liked White Death because the melody is damn nice and it's about a great Finnish sniper. Listening to this song while playing Sniper on Viaduct ... Hells yeah.
>> No. 233
  I blame Owl. <3
>> No. 239
  Personally I thought most of Coat of Arms was a bit flat, Screaming Eagles was probably the strongest track on it IMO.
>> No. 243
  Because the best part about music isn't listening to it; it's showing everyone on the internet I did it.


Also, Midas Touch.
>> No. 245
Sure. I can make a TF2chan group if you guys want.
>> No. 246
  I feel out of place in this thread, what with my Fleet Foxes,
>> No. 247
>> No. 248
  and... video game-based rap.
>> No. 273
Coat of Arms WAS flat. Screaming Eagles is great though.

Simo Hayha is my hero so I'm glad there's a song about him now even though the lyrics are silly :3
>> No. 315
Oh, I didn't think Coat of Arms was flat. The Final Solution is a damn awesome song, great lyrics and strong melody.

To provide more for the thread than just awesome Metal, have some Layton soundtrack.
>> No. 345
That it is.
>> No. 359
  I'll agree that The Finial Solution was one of the better songs on the album, but again, I think Rise of Evil was better.

And I couldn't help but laugh at Midway, since the chorus made me picture a bunch of sailors from a musical dancing around with mops and bell-bottoms on the deck of a battleship.
>> No. 380
Oh God can't unsee
>> No. 459
If my video editing skills where better (or existent), I'd dub it over this.
>> No. 471
  Mmm, dubstep.
>> No. 501
  I just know I'm gonna get the shit beaten out of me

But I can't fucking stop listening to this
>> No. 563
  This is so addicting aaaa
>> No. 568
File 128968382417.png - (420.01KB , 749x687 , remiq_net_13360_jpg.png )
>> No. 637

Mayhem, you say?
>> No. 665
  Fuck yes, Megaman 4 rock renditions.
>> No. 669
Continuing the boat theme, A Scottish pirate with a keytar.
>> No. 1058
  I listened to this pretty much the entire evening yesterday, and it was the first thing I entered today. Though only a casual Cash fan, I really enjoy the mournful vocals in this song.

Here's hoping I don't screw up the embedding entirely.
>> No. 1166
  It is 9:44PM currently.

I have been looping this song since 7AM-ish. (Granted, I was out for most of the day, but the fact is this is a fucking awesome song.)

Apparently I get hooked on everything Justice touches.
>> No. 1174
You are speaking my language.
>> No. 1179
  Dunno why I even like this song.
>> No. 1187
  I came several times.
>> No. 1199
  Keepin' it classy.
>> No. 1200
  No Voltaire yet? I am disappoint.
>> No. 1224
All I see are boxes with Xs in them
Anyone mind putting a link instead of embedding? My computer can't seem to understand it for some reason.
>> No. 1304
embed isn't working fo me, so have a link.
>> No. 1318
Pendulum, bitches.


Link because embedding is being confus.
>> No. 1498
You copy paste the text string after "?v=", If there's a ampersand you remove it and everything after it. For example, this video is "lPpUFBVSyWs".
>> No. 1828
  This makes me a happy.
>> No. 1862
>Amon Amarth
>> No. 1867
  I have been listening NON-STOP to this OST since it leaked. I don't have much money, but fuck, when this comes out properly, I will be buying it.

Hnnngggggg. Those beats, mang.
>> No. 1870
I love both Amon Amarth and Turisas.
Here, have some Ensiferum for good measure.
>> No. 1934
That was the best two minutes and thirty-eight seconds of my YouTubing life

Also Foxy Shazam makes me moist.
>> No. 1942
  The Elements of Kink. You know how Tom Lehrer sang the periodic table to the tune of Modern Major General? This lady does it with the names of fetishes. I'm considering this song a to-do list.
>> No. 1972
I'll grant that Twilight of the Thundergod is a good album, but I've never really been impressed by their other stuff.
>> No. 2098
  Rap isn't for everyone, but even I, who usually hate the genre with a passion, love this song. I could be biased by the fact that I actually live in Queensland, but if I am, it's only by a small amount.

Sage because this is the third time posting this without having to delete it for an embarrassing tag error.
>> No. 2128
  speaking of rap, these guys are... kind of raplike. Indie hip-hop from some white guys from Berkeley. If I'd had them described to me before I heard 'em I wouldn't've thought of giving 'em a try, but now I have their entire discography and am quite fond.
>> No. 2147
  In regards to rap, I like this guy.
>> No. 2306
  Just listen. It's nicer.

Shh, just come
>> No. 2308
  Oh, it's been a while since I've heard that one.
Personally I prefer Future Proof and Butterfly Caught, just overall - alot of people seem to like Inertia Creeps but it never struck quite the same chord with me.
>> No. 2399
  FFS, why didn't I find out about this shit, like, six years ago?
>> No. 2449
  I think I like it.
>> No. 2477
  hmmm... that riff sounds awfully familiar
>> No. 2481
they played in my city last friday. im not really familiar with them but if i'd known i would have gone to check 'em out.

while im posting smalltime Aussie bands, have some Art VS Science.
>> No. 2687
  Handlebars by The Flobots. When I first heard it in its entirety, I shivered.
>> No. 2782
  A story of six adventurers in the south seas.
>> No. 2785
  This song is way too catchy for its own good.
I've never wanted to learn a Japanese song so badly in all my life.
I feel like such a nerd.
>> No. 3121
  Slovenian Freddie Mercury.
>> No. 3145
  ROTT has some goddamn awesome music, Too bad the game couldn't really compete with the Doom series.
>> No. 3691
>> No. 3693
Shing02 is my favorite artist at the moment, but he and Nujabes make ear orgasms.


This song, right here? I don't think I've heard another song outside of a video game that strikes at my very being when I hear it.

>> No. 3695
  Heard this on the metal version of Robot Unicorn Attack and instantly fell in love.
>> No. 3707
  BSL version of "Put a donk on it"
>> No. 3716
  Behold! Angry KISS cosplay!
>> No. 3765
  It's been ages since I heard this on Youtube and I still love it. It's like an orgy in your brain. And everyone's invited.
>> No. 3878
  No matter how many times I hear this song...

The end always has me closing my eyes.
>> No. 4126
That was beautiful in a strange science fueled way.
>> No. 4150
  This is the most normal video I've seen from her. In another one she crawls through a massive aluminum foil vagina but I like the song on this one better.
>> No. 4269
  Great song to chill out to.
>> No. 4291
>> No. 4313
  Thank you, Youtube, for recommending me something awesome alongside such titles as "Folic Acid: Vaginal Childbirth (Birth) Animation" and "I Eat your Balls". You're good for something afterall.
>> No. 4702
>> No. 4748
  Stay a while, and listen.
>> No. 4751
  I love the voice of this women
Check the other song: The Art of Suicide, Misery Loves Company, Dead is new Alice and I Know where you sleep.

God The singer will also make sad songs but her voice make me damn happy
>> No. 4796
File 129683520257.jpg - (178.66KB , 1200x1600 , DSC00158.jpg )
today was the most metal day of my life.

it started with the first guitar smash i've ever seen courtesy of the Vines. then i rocked the fuck out to Airbourne, who's lead singers antics included smashing beer cans over his head until they cracked and spraying the audirce, downing a bottle of red wine and dousing the audience in the rest and SCALING THE FUCKING STAGE and riffing the fuck out (pic related, its him up there). i also ended up with some random chick on my shoulders for an entire song, as per his demand to get everyone up on shoulders.

then Andrew W.K wanted a circle mosh the width of the stage so we obliged.

then there was some kind of iron guts competion.

then more A.W.K, except this time no fence, no band, just Andrew pretty much IN the audience with his keyboard.

then Till Lindeman's ride-on jizz(foam) squirting cannon

i caught a bit of Barbariön. more bands need to weild axes and wear armour while playing.

then i regained feeling in my feat and it wasn't a pleasn't one so Tool could go get fucked and i went home
>> No. 4797
  and since i feel weird not having a videon here's the gem of the night: red bacteria vaccum.

when the bio said "all girl japanese punk band" my first thought was of every bad anime song i've seen. so wrong

the host said "Iggy and the Stooges. pretty crazy guys right? well a few of them were here the other night and declared them the wildest act on the lineup"

they were right

...that and the girls were all really nice and signed the album i bought. :3
>> GB No. 5075
  Holy dick, I just subscribed to this guy's channel.
>> US No. 5101
  This song has been stuck in my head for days, and I love it.
>> US No. 5102
  I have no idea how to describe this, other than I watched it last night, slightly sleep deprived and a bit under the influence. Watched it again sober and it's still pretty amazing to me.
>> CA No. 5121
  I'm a sucker for 60s/70s folk. Doubt it's anyone elses cup of tea...but I just had to share some early Leonard Cohen with you fine people because he makes me all sorts of happy.
>> CA No. 5122
  Captain - Keep an Open Mind. My go-to "feel good" song.
>> US No. 5728
>> GB No. 5730
  So apparently Jamster has momentarily stopped making animations with annoying cartoon animals spouting meme songs to do some decent animation for some good ol' German emo metal.

Warning, may be Twilight inspired.

[Damien Dawn "Your Heart"]
>> GB No. 5731
  And the other one with the emo girl. The lip syncing is off because this one was synced to the German version.

Both songs are apparently already available on US & German iTunes, but not UK, which makes me sad.

[Anna Blue "So Alone"]
>> US No. 5734
  Okay, you guys have some pretty excellent taste. I'll freely admit this. Hope this is something a little better than my previous offerings.

No idea what's up with the video, but the audio's better than the other hits.
>> AU No. 5893
  these guys are touring the US. if you live in Austin (lucky you, i hear SXSW is pretty fucking rad), San Fransisco, LA or New York i highly recomend you go check 'em out. tour dates here: http://artvsscience.net/

do it because i fucking well wont have a chance for the forseeable future
>> US No. 5897
Holy crap Hydra! I was just going to post some Art vs. Science, but I see you already posted the one video I wanted to show. Boo! I'm planning to take my boyfriend and one of my Tumbros to see them when they play Rickshaw Stop in SF.

Unrelated, but I've been on a huge Glitch Mob kick for a while. (also excuse my music snobbery but I knew about them months before they were supposedly featured on Attack of the Show.)
>> US No. 5970
  This song always makes me happy every time I hear it. Miriam Makeba was hot in this video, too.
>> US No. 5972
  Also, have some Oingo Boingo :3c
>> US No. 5988
  Go home and be a family man.

Per the comments:
>"Once you listen to this song, you, and your children's children's children's children will become family men. even the girls. NO EXCEPTIONS."
>> US No. 6003
  This gives me chills every time I hear it. Beautiful song.
>> DE No. 6005
  You all know this.
>> US No. 6008
Ohh, that brings back good memories.
>> US No. 6040
I always loved playing those games. I had to stop, though, because I would end up staying up so late playing them. My computer would crash countless times, too, because it was a hand-me-down dinosaur and wouldn't even play animated emoticons.

This is my favorite song from the Sims 1.
>> No. 6043

THIS, man. Fucking this. Oh god I loved the Vacation music.
>> US No. 6044
  Never played any of the Sims games myself.
>> CA No. 6239
  This music is so up my alley, I came. Not to mention it's a collaboration of two artists I sometimes adore.
Watch the video, too, if abstract artsiness is your thing.
>> US No. 6326
  Bumping for a song from my childhood. My grandpa used to watch these guys play for peanuts and beer, and he's sung this song my whole life. It's kind of a nostalgia thing for me, but the song is pretty great by itself.
>> AU No. 6366
  Augh I love this band so much.

From their TV Tropes page:
"An alternative rock/'geek rock' group from St. Louis. Practitioners of Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly and good old-fashioned Rock Opera"
>> US No. 6540
  Man, It's like all the bands I like are releasing stuff this year.
>> SE No. 6578
  a swedish indrustial metal band
>> US No. 6644
  An American NDH ("New German Hardness") band.
>> US No. 6650
  New They Might Be Giants single?

This has got to be the best week ever.
>> AU No. 6683
>> US No. 6751
  Fuck yeah cracktro music.
>> CA No. 7128
  Can't stop listening to this.
>> CA No. 7129
  The Irrepressibles.
>> DE No. 7238
  A Power Metal band I recently discovered. I must say, I'm intrigued.
>> US No. 7613
  This brings back fond memories.
>> US No. 7805
You should check out Epica if you don't already listen to them.
>> CA No. 7921
  found this abit ago
the song is still stuck in my head
>> US No. 8006
  Shameless self-promotion of an edit of someone else's work.
>> US No. 8023
File 130874923713.png - (34.96KB , 437x392 , 129791191367.png )
I...really wanted to hate this...but I don't.

>> US No. 8062

Jesus this is addictive o.O
The art direction reminds me of Bill Plympton's cartoons for some reason.
>> US No. 8699
  Taffers everywhere.
>> AU No. 8744
  I love Gotye, and this is such a beautiful filmclip.
>> US No. 8746
  Wow, a "Du Hast" a capella... never thought I would hear that. Awesome.
>> No. 8767
  Man, what did you put in those fucking bananas
>> US No. 9201
>>8744 Mother of shitpearls this is a gorgeous gem of a song. Spreading the gospel of Gotye STAT. Errbody Gotye.
>> US No. 9212
  Such a nice calming song.
>> DE No. 9219
  I never had the chance to play Ratchet and Clank, but I really dig this music. Robot superstar, whoo!
>> US No. 9297
  I am in love with Tom Waits. If whiskey could talk and smoke I imagine this is what it would sound like

he can do a normal voice too!
>> CA No. 9301
>> CA No. 9303
  Well, now that I've got that figured out - the above was a vocal electronic blend, the kind I'm a sucker for. This beauty is a 1940's jazz inspired tune with minimal modern influence. It's quite bouncy.
>> US No. 9305
Caro Emerald is fucking amazing. Her music makes me the happiest of people. And I swear all she does is sing about Spy. I think she might be Scout's mom.
>> US No. 9474
  Heard this in the Assassin's Creed: Revelations trailer and it's been stuck in my head since. This video's not bad either.
>> US No. 9520

Couldn't get embed to work, but have some Hang Cool Teddy Bear sweetness for your earholes.
>> US No. 9611
  I know it has huge religious undertones, but this really is a song that has helped me though a few tough times. Maybe it'll bring inspiration for some of you guys, too. It really touches my heart every time I hear it.
>> US No. 9706
The way to do it is to put the video ID in the embed box.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4txVqr1eNwc This is not what goes in the embed box, which I assume is what you've tried to use.
4txVqr1eNwc is the ID, the part that comes after watch?v= and before the & symbol which denotes things such as where to start the video at and where you got to the video from. A different diagram is as follows, you want the bold section:
>> US No. 9720
  Guys. Guys.

New Justice album next month.

I am so fucking pumped.
>> FI No. 9775
  Have some delicious industrial. Bought this album some time ago and totally got my money's worth.
>> US No. 9778
  I've always thought that E1M9 was under appreciated compared to E1M1.
>> US No. 9787
  I recently discovered Fats Waller.

Oh my god.
>> US No. 9789
  Listening while writing INTENSE MOMENTS in fanfiction is possibly the most ballin' thing I've done in my entire life.
>> US No. 9823
File 131623826193.jpg - (59.09KB , 400x500 , laughing-horse.jpg )
>> CA No. 9830
  >>9812 Oh god, that reminds me.

The landscapes this song inspires my brain to are intense. They involve jellyfish.
>> CA No. 9831
  And since I'm on an electronic kick, have a song that, for me, is basically the epitome of everything I want in an electronic tune. (Just wait until after the first minute. Nnfffff.)
>> US No. 9862
Sure why not
>> US No. 9863
  Heard this in a frag video.
>> CA No. 9867
Whoa, funky. This would be good for "I just had a crap day, let's leave it behind by playing something that just feels care-free".

Have a song! It reminds me of an OC pairing I have, pretty much to a T. IT'S SO FUN.
>> No. 9884
>> US No. 9929
>> US No. 10115
  In honor of our recent hurricane (and Engineer I guess)

check out the Tom Waits and Pogues versions too!
>> US No. 10268
  So I found something new to micspam in Killing Floor/L4D.
>> CA No. 10440
  Something relaxing.
>> US No. 10458
  I dunno how I feel about this game, but I can't stop listening to this song.

captcha: assHel HCl
>> US No. 10518
File 131992085242.jpg - (89.75KB , 600x600 , ghosts-cover.jpg )
I made a mix for Halloween. It's kind of a mellow, moody thing about ghosts, because we're having a dark, dreary, wet Halloween this year and I wanted it to match the weather. Download is here: sendspace.com/file/efyesh
>> US No. 10523
Andrew Bird? Yes please. This mix looks awesome.
>> US No. 10568
Youtube's not embedding for some reason.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OEyl0wqmxI - "Lights" by Ellie Goulding (Bassnectar remix)
>> US No. 10594
  So this was in one of the co-op missions in Battlefield 3, pretty good track IMO.
>> US No. 10687
Something from 300,000VK's Cassini–Huygens soundtrack would probably go well with that.
>> US No. 10701
  If what you are is just what you own, what do you become when they take from you almost everything?
>> US No. 10734
>> US No. 10735
"10/17/97 The earth is hungry. Its heart throbs and demands cleansing. The earth is also thirsty..."
>> US No. 11033
  So anyone else read "Ready Player One"?
>> IT No. 11902
  remember the single song made by Studio Killers, Ode to the bouncer?

I just leave this.
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