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File 128918239311.jpg - (50.42KB , 577x550 , tannerdragon.jpg )
27 No. 27
I dun coloured this for Tanner. Post your arts people.
Expand all images
>> No. 33
File 128918301778.jpg - (266.28KB , 500x700 , commissiontjamalsmall.jpg )
I've been doing commissions lately and EK Weaver from TJ and Amal wanted me to draw TJ and Amal and HOW COULD I SAY NO.
>> No. 37
this is rad as fuck. when the hell is tjandamal gonna be done, anyway

TJ makes me think of sideshow bob :V
>> No. 232
File 128932329945.jpg - (410.99KB , 900x760 , pokemon_group_lineart_by_cellardwellar-d2xtgp6.jpg )
pokemon fuck yeah
>> No. 235
File 12893294428.jpg - (878.83KB , 900x1240 , witcher.jpg )
This was done for a friend, she requested The Witcher, and it was based on the game version. Excuse me for the ugly remains of white paint, I had to correct the pen at one point, and it looks ugly after scanning it, and I couldn't do much when trying to fix it in PS. :/
>> No. 344
File 128944932040.jpg - (110.46KB , 594x1112 , chanicle.jpg )
here have something terri-bad

it's me, based on a dream I had
>> No. 654
File 128977005367.jpg - (196.20KB , 400x1286 , seamonsterswip.jpg )
Thanks! I don't want TJ and Amal to ever end, I've been having a great time reading it, hah.

Here's a work in progress drawing of an octopus dude and a nurse-shark chick.
>> No. 707
File 128984754190.png - (70.56KB , 361x600 , pinup.png )
Pinups everywhere! I am unsure how to colour this.
>> No. 743
reminds me of earthbound
>> No. 744
File 128987308243.png - (46.25KB , 461x463 , gengar_the_candy_thief.png )
A Gengar I drew on Tegaki E for Halloween

haha, it kind of does! It doesn't help that I've been playing the game again for Starmen.net's EarthBound Funfest 2010
>> No. 767
File 128988887790.jpg - (528.59KB , 1175x1746 , bootser-pencils.jpg )
Forgive the fail scan, the whole of it won't fit in my scanner so until I can clean it up more it's just gonna be uglyish.

Any kind of crit would be nice.
>> No. 869
File 129002943222.jpg - (406.48KB , 1500x627 , sashamedic.jpg )
If there was a Psychonautschan

I would post there.
>> No. 871
This crossover is the best crossover.
>> No. 1009
File 129025547356.jpg - (397.50KB , 700x933 , stocking.jpg )
drawing naked girls in-front of grandma,
i'm the best grandchild ever.
>> No. 1011

>> No. 1110
File 129040510142.jpg - (173.71KB , 787x1188 , lemon head.jpg )
Poor Mr. Lemon-Head with his giant head, he can't go no where in a decent amount of time.

Watercolor crayons are fun!
>> No. 1119
File 129042475824.jpg - (0.97MB , 713x1200 , moon-position-2.jpg )
I'm still alive despite this being my final semester, but just barely. Here's a screenshot of my final animation. I'm trying to decide where I want the moon to go in this shot, but I can't decide. There's going to be a character sitting in the middle of the tree as well.
>> No. 1120
>no face

I like. I think you should use the third one, so that the moon isn't in the middle right above the character, making the whole thing seem too symmetrical/busy.
>> No. 1121
The Blue Spirit made my night. You are awesome.
>> No. 1124
I like the third one best. Also, lookie! No-Face!
>> No. 1125
File 129043179612.jpg - (819.98KB , 1000x873 , Carnivalesque masks all.jpg )
Thanks! That's a great point about the asymmetry, I agree. I figured if I needed to have a ton of masks like that in there I may as well reference some of my favorite things. There are ten masks related to fandom stuff (eleven technically, but some of them are really obscure). Free sketch for anyone who can name them all.
>> No. 1126
In addition to what has already been said, I can only spot Bleach (Ichigo's Hollow Mask) and Okami. Hurm!
>> No. 1128
File 129043376651.jpg - (855.15KB , 1500x1073 , Red Wolf Color Contrast small.jpg )
Oh, do you mean the blue one looks like Okami? It's definitely inspired by that style, but that's actually one of the characters for my animation.
>> No. 1129
I've got six:
Noh Face from Spirited Away, first row, furthest right
Majora's Mask from LoZ, first row, second from the right
Hallow mask from Bleach, third row, furthest right
what I'm assuming is a Spy, bottom row, furthest left
Haku's mask from Naruto, bottom row, furthest right
annnnd Garrus Vakarian/a Turian from Mass Effect, top row, second from the left

I keep thinking I might also see a an ANBU mask from Naruto, but I'm not sure. Three other ones look very familiar to me as well.
>> No. 1130
Derp, it was in response to >>1125
>> No. 1131
All right except there's no Naruto. Bottom row furthest right is from an anime though.
>> No. 1143
i see you, blue spirit :B
>> No. 1145
File 129046150484.jpg - (697.25KB , 1414x868 , thelanding copy.jpg )
I wish I could spend more time drawing tf2 stuff (damn, my thread needs a rebump for new content) but my first love will be overly rendered environment pictures.

This is even worse because it is a revisit of an old picture.
>> No. 1149
The tree dragon looks really sad,to me. Don't know why.
He needs cakez, G.
>> No. 1178
Oh, wow he's gorgeous!
>> No. 1286
File 129065708812.png - (259.33KB , 816x640 , Untitled.png )
Hey TF2Chan I drew you an Olympian.

Also does anyone know any good art programs that can be run on a Mac? Using nothing but Oekaki and TegakiE gets old after awhile.
>> No. 1328
File 129067515699.png - (470.15KB , 944x893 , I_don__t_know_what_this_is__by_Evil_spark_dragon.png )
I would have you believe that I have never taken recreational drugs in my life...
>> No. 1465
Both of these pieces are goddamn awesome. Wow, you guys rock hard.
>> No. 1529
hahaha yessss ivgeni plushenski

also these are some pokamens vector-y things done for my friend's birthday awhile ago. this made me realize how great it would be to have Illustrator on-hand ahaha
>> No. 1530
File 129087094026.jpg - (407.74KB , 1245x975 , birthdayjustpokemon.jpg )
>mfw I forget the actual picture
>> No. 1531
File 129087559155.jpg - (208.24KB , 813x1076 , SMILEBITCH.jpg )
Pokemon Gijinkas for a freebies thread Mag and I ran on /vp/.
1/2 that I'm gonna post.
>> No. 1532
File 129087562860.jpg - (172.85KB , 648x1200 , alloveryourdick.jpg )
>> No. 1534
File 129087886511.png - (55.91KB , 280x300 , wormadam.png )
oh, i guess i draw gijinka too
>> No. 1672
File 129093875171.png - (71.61KB , 234x272 , erufuun.png )
and then i did another one

somehow this hasn't been done yet, what is this
>> No. 1716
Just came back from a morning stroll around /vp/, and I saw the gijinka draw-thread. Good work!
>> No. 1725
File 129097773584.png - (114.97KB , 426x859 , Dasutodasu uguuuuu.png )
well I guess I can post mine too :y
>> No. 1726
File 129097778479.png - (136.11KB , 426x859 , heracross.png )
and second one
>> No. 1872
File 129112907356.jpg - (152.81KB , 507x685 , posttt.jpg )
i can't draw pretty lace but i like to die trying.
>> No. 1928
File 12911908861.png - (73.62KB , 486x646 , forthemoulinrouge.png )
Is a WIP fine too?

I'm currently working on this on tegakie.
>> No. 1999
File 129126632196.jpg - (24.02KB , 620x565 , Drawing.jpg )
Holy shit, what I'm drawing looks awesome so far!
>> No. 2001
File 129126767911.jpg - (231.79KB , 694x1024 , insta.jpg )
Last project I had to finish for the quarter outside of thesis shit. Everything is all over the place but I am just happy to have it DONE. I really hate being rushed when working with markers.
>> No. 2013
File 129127528271.png - (106.37KB , 607x860 , Sasuga wip copy.png )
Well, since we're showing works in progress, here's a little something I've been doing.
I plan to get back to it over the weekend, I've got some school work to worry about at the current moment.

I like it a lot so far, especially since I haven't sat down and drawn something remotely nice in a while.
>> No. 2021
File 129128990423.jpg - (258.05KB , 661x900 , doctorwaifu.jpg )
420 freebies threads errday
>> No. 2025
>> No. 2028
File 129131591892.jpg - (635.53KB , 2000x1400 , Dim.jpg )
Just finished this for a friend and damn if i fail at perspective. But ehy, it's all practice.
>> No. 2064
File 129134607415.jpg - (85.40KB , 843x592 , Tentaspy1.jpg )
Herp derp I'm meant to be working
>> No. 2065
File 129134757066.jpg - (123.13KB , 773x580 , 100_7392.jpg )
Recently finished painting some ornaments for the small tree in my room
>> No. 2313
File 129162629346.jpg - (249.68KB , 960x1280 , 1206100047.jpg )
Well, here's a paper mache phoenix that I'm working on for my sculpture class.
>> No. 2517
File 129191622082.jpg - (240.09KB , 468x800 , lkref1-sketchA.jpg )
lol my scanner hates pencil

i apparently couldn't start my day today without doodling some soft porn
>> No. 2818
File 129238265190.jpg - (158.72KB , 262x570 , constructionpaper zombo.jpg )
I've been making inappropriate Christmas ornaments for my Sister-in-Law's inappropriate tree.
>> No. 2824
File 129238700129.png - (182.09KB , 636x476 , flatcolours.png )
this is a wip - flat colours laid down no shading yet obvs

ocs lol

original universe lol

crapsack punkpunk world i really need to watch the warriors again before i keep writing though
>> No. 2850
File 129244770142.png - (328.02KB , 772x884 , PikoNaughtyWIP.png )
WIP of a picture i'm working on.
>> No. 2889
File 129255068037.png - (644.63KB , 447x682 , theodore3.png )

Shitsucks but eh
>> No. 2901
Your shading and musculature has really improved! I'd work a bit on the eyes, make them more lifelike, or at least make them more expressive.
>> No. 2941
File 129266254022.jpg - (190.93KB , 725x1326 , NurseFinalSMALL.jpg )
A character design I did for uni. One of my main goals was to design someone who didn't look like a skinny teen supermodel for once...
>> No. 2954
File 129271065858.png - (666.03KB , 1000x951 , geekkupoi.png )
Saw Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt episode 12 today morning and... yeah I came galaxies.
>> No. 3282
File 129340085781.jpg - (410.10KB , 1280x1803 , 129338003294.jpg )
ABC warriors sketchdump
>> No. 3292

Oh shit yes, I used to love ABC Warriors.
>> No. 3294
I heard there was an animated shorts series coming to 2000AD. but it's a rumor, still I hope it's true
>> No. 3295
File 129341396150.png - (566.34KB , 827x1169 , PikoNaughtySMALL.png )
Finally got around to finishing it.
>> No. 3469
File 129370640122.jpg - (212.44KB , 734x1000 , JohnnyBravooooo.jpg )
I drew this for a /co/ drawthread.
>> No. 3485
Long legs are looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Also I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a girl or guy at first, I don't know if that's on purpose though.
>> No. 3486
File 129377395950.jpg - (363.42KB , 384x1152 , donald derp.jpg )
I sew so shoddily that it came out well!
Donald Derp Xmas doll.
>> No. 3497

Piko is very androgynous. He comes with both male and female voicebanks. :P

Also, my captcha is "chosex".
>> No. 3517
Holy fuck.

This is beautiful and you should feel beautiful.

Uhhh...I would post my recent DOFFPONK art but it's kind of awkward. Lololo

Also I already posted it on my Tumblr so it feels kind of redundant, I guess.
>> No. 3541


>> No. 3601
File 129400103867.jpg - (150.78KB , 649x920 , COUPONS.jpg )
DELETED THE OLD ONE, POSTING NEW ONE. Oh, PhotoShop. It doesn't matter how lazy or messy I am as long as I have you.

So I drew this. Please advise. The upper half/lower half proportion thing might be a bit better now but tell me if it still sucks. Redlines are appreciated. If anyone wants to colour this they are more than welcome as I am terrible at colouring.
>> No. 3609
File 129401082317.jpg - (74.82KB , 809x1054 , WIP - Taokaka.jpg )
Tao plush I'm working on.
Only thing I need to finish is the mouth.
>> No. 3855
File 129464507097.jpg - (407.75KB , 600x800 , IMG_1283.jpg )
I can't cut worth a damn but at least I finally used up some of that scrapbooking kit.
>> No. 3886
File 129471239727.jpg - (56.24KB , 745x1148 , wat.jpg )
>> No. 3899
File 129473354374.jpg - (82.07KB , 845x676 , Shorts-Are-So-Cash.jpg )
Bitches don't know 'bout my Arbok.

This is a WIP, if anyone's got concrit, that would be awesome.
>> No. 3910
File 12947695298.jpg - (137.07KB , 845x676 , shit was so pokedollars.jpg )
I tried. Mainly, they all feel rather stiff and the boobs are kind of off-center.
>> No. 4109
File 129523303970.png - (76.39KB , 480x640 , sleepyhead rosie.png )
I just finished this, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Pretty sure there are some anatomy flaws, but happy regardless.
>> No. 4350
File 129575799119.png - (278.70KB , 500x2000 , hey look it\'s not gay or porn.png )
This is why Astro doesn't draw women, comics, or backgrounds.
>> No. 4379
File 129585424536.jpg - (598.86KB , 948x1100 , bondagegegegee.jpg )
Thinking about doing a series of these and making prints of them to sell.
Today was a wonderful day, one of my favorite artists started following me on tumblr (one of the few artists I really love that wasn't already, actually!), I was able to draw this without losing my shit and having a panic attack (which happened yesterday), I've successfully balanced my art school and social/family lives today.
I just feel fantastic. I finally feel like I'm an artist, a scholar, a sister, and a friend all at once.
>> No. 4528
File 129637904742.jpg - (396.11KB , 1176x800 , comesinaset.jpg )
wasting time at the speed of light!
>> No. 4643
File 12965466085.jpg - (272.45KB , 1887x851 , vera-coms.jpg )
Some commissions I did up today for Vera on FA.

I'm on a crazy commission selling spree to save up for Comicon.
>> No. 4682
File 129660564712.jpg - (122.13KB , 750x1125 , booster.jpg )
Not happy with the face. Oh well.
>> No. 4698
Legs look alright but the top of his torso looks like it's being viewed at a different angle from the rest of his body. Also his wrist looks a little broken.
>> No. 4701
Mind giving me a redline to show what you mean about the torso?
>> No. 4744
File 129670234447.jpg - (150.47KB , 750x1125 , redline.jpg )
Basically it feels like I'm looking at the top half of his chest from above, while it looks like I'm viewing the lower portion at eye level or it's receding back.

While we're at it, his face is kind of off too. His nose is at too much of a profile view with respect to the rest of his face, plus either his eyes are too high on his head or his cranium isn't big enough. His cheekbones should also be moved down.
>> No. 4792
  So I played around in Mudbox for the first time today. I've always said I'm not an artist, really, but I am definitely more inclined to 3D rather than 2D. So here is my first, crappy product from digital sculpting. Anyone else work in digital sculpting? If so, any tips/tricks/hints you'd like to share?
>> No. 4815
File 129687311644.jpg - (183.70KB , 900x1200 , 128418858327.jpg )
This is the bad artwork thread, right?

>> No. 4986
File 129731971187.png - (42.80KB , 480x640 , 129730487954-120339.png )
I draw on Tegakie too much.

Also, when it comes to my art, I'm finally happy with my style and how cartoony it is, but I'm still slowly building back up my anatomy and trying to get better at posing. The attached image shows plenty of how awkward things can get when I try to go beyond your average standing pose.

Any tips or tricks people are willing to offer? And even if I don't plan on fiddling with this further since it's just a doodle, if someone would like to show/tell me what's wrong and how I could fix it, I'd appreciate the extra knowledge.

Boy, that was long winded. I wish I could have a thread in Workshop to get help, but I never draw actual TF2 content besides this OC.
>> US No. 5005
File 129735526885.jpg - (120.73KB , 509x700 , bujinessman.jpg )
aw ye more businessman bondage.
>> US No. 5042
File 129744560170.png - (1.60MB , 1314x877 , zombie dog.png )
Been working on this off and on for the past week. Nearly done I think.
>> US No. 5062
File 129748357665.gif - (202.65KB , 197x218 , tepig evolves.gif )
commissioned to animate this after I animated deino evolving. It was fun and took me about... I think 6 or 7 hours.
>> US No. 5100
File 129764889594.png - (41.35KB , 349x310 , hugsplz.png )
Drew this a while ago;
I don't like drawing on iScribble very much.
>> US No. 5103
File 129765079141.png - (179.64KB , 700x700 , derp copy.png )
doop doop doop
>> US No. 5111
fuck this gif is awesome
Would you mind if I posted it elsewhere, giving you credit?
>> US No. 5130

As long as I am credited, sure! Might I ask where you would be posting it though?
>> CA No. 5280
File 129826811244.jpg - (409.85KB , 1192x1386 , img025.jpg )
Guess who's learning how to pencil properly for comics.
>> US No. 5510
I hope no one minds I post some music here. Just a Mother 3 orchestra-version of "Love Theme".

>> US No. 5511
Well replace "Hipstr" with "T.u.m.b.l.r" (no periods)
>> US No. 5554
File 129887886330.png - (116.89KB , 390x400 , sableyescropHELP.png )
does anyone here know how the fuck to draw a cave

also maybe crystalline formations i don't think these are possible
>> BR No. 5559
File 129891748063.jpg - (10.49KB , 640x480 , body.jpg )
Polygonal boobs.
>> CA No. 5564
I have to commend you for making this. You have the makings of something good, but there is still so much wrong.

The ribcage of your model is much too short. the sharp protrusion of it is rather terrifying and is making my shoulder blades uncomfortable.

the torso is also too long for the model, its making her lower body look too large and kinda peanut like.

Did you raise the torso up before you rendered this?
the breasts are also sagging. Is this an older character? And is she going to be running around naked? If then, the breasts are fine.

I am rather digging those collarbones though
>> BR No. 5570
This is my first model, made in the 3d school, my classes still going on.
I asked my teacher to teach me how to put jigglebones in the boobs. And i'm planning to make her clothes that can be removed and changed (like in those mmorpg, when you change armors).
Tanks for the tips, model boobs, and ribs are dificult when you try to make hot models.. I should have choose made a flat animu girl lol.
Just wanted to show up a little heh..
>> No. 5571
File 129895375423.jpg - (297.88KB , 600x814 , LaFeeVertetiny.jpg )
WIP! The Green Fairy (hurhurhur look at my clever references to art nouveau, aren’t you so impressed?) is the kindly soul who bestows upon you that last little nug just when you really need it.

Gonna be coloring her and doing prints for Megacon. :thumbs up: Between the porn and the pot, I’m SURE to get kicked out of a convention one of these days. Which is hilarious since I don’t actually smoke or have sex.
>> US No. 5608
I bet that's gonna be pretty when it's done!
>> AU No. 5640
File 129912971743.jpg - (86.82KB , 800x600 , c69fd38d-ea69-46c5-85ef-fbed96eff670.jpg )
Dodgy dodgy phone photo
But this is the best ballpoint-pen-on-paper-scrap-at-lunchtime-before-seeing-my-cousin-on-stage picture I've ever drawn

And that's saying something
>> No. 5735
File 129940291279.jpg - (146.27KB , 500x670 , skorpion2.jpg )
Shoddily coloured fantasy crap wooo!
>> US No. 5865
File 129984461014.png - (476.85KB , 1484x680 , dudefortress2_noBG.png )
Proof that I still do in fact draw. Some original characters of mine dressed up as TF2 classes; it's pretty scary how accurate they all wound up being.

Captcha was 'radasl'. I prefer to think that stands for 'rad as hell'.
>> US No. 5875
I miss your draws, apricot.
>> US No. 5882
File 129989764811.png - (52.81KB , 222x329 , Karrablast.png )
Hi. I drew Karrablast.
>> CA No. 5927
File 130004356897.jpg - (200.77KB , 656x1129 , img027.jpg )
I tried for the 12 hour this year. Pretty much we all meet up at the comic store and do 12 pages each in 12 hours after drawing 3 theme cards. My cards were Comic Convention, Musical and Donald Trump. I had to cut out after only 2 pages however, due to packing the wrong meds and not wanting a seizure.

So both these pages were done in an hour a piece.

All told $300 were raised for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton.

capcha: sefich... it's not selfish to not want a seizure.
>> CA No. 5928
File 130004360946.jpg - (171.24KB , 583x1003 , img028.jpg )
2 of 2.
>> AU No. 6257
File 130092945935.png - (1.39MB , 1463x1380 , Kinga.png )
Hurr durr one of my psychotic OC's, Kinga. She's literally a kangaroo with a human brain, she stole most of her clothes and tailored them herself to fit her (including that wig). She's also really fucking happy all the time so maybe she's on drugs idk.
>> US No. 6321
Just a gentle reminder to everyone that while this is a generic art thread, furry art is still heavily frowned upon here. Thanks.
>> AU No. 6483
File 13018350334.png - (580.50KB , 713x833 , hoohaa.png )
Oops I did a self-portrait

look how boring I am
>> US No. 6494
Love the shading here. You're way better at handling a pencil than I can. How do you color the hair that way? I'm struggling with it, and all the tutorials I can find are about painting it in Photoshop rather than lineart and filling it in with graphite.
>> US No. 6517
File 130196209113.png - (153.26KB , 932x693 , living nightmare.png )
>> CA No. 6652
File 130236490973.jpg - (178.64KB , 825x1275 , comic1low.jpg )
Yellow Flowers page 1
>> CA No. 6653
File 130236493819.jpg - (165.68KB , 825x1275 , comic2low.jpg )
And 2
>> US No. 6659
File 130237639336.png - (220.27KB , 401x600 , whiny.png )
Hmm, do I feel like feeling inadequate today

sure why not
>> US No. 6731
File 130273489468.png - (1.57MB , 1212x1455 , ancelynsteamiconFINAL.png )
ITT: Stereo actually does something productive.

This is an attempt to draw my boyfriend something. It's a portrait of him, and this is the first completed piece I've done in over a year. I realized after I finished the piece that the shoulders are too narrow, the neck is just a smidge too thin, I have no idea how to color or shade clothing, and that the composition isn't that great, but I guess I'm proud that I finally finished something.
>> US No. 6733
Also the face is too long. Why not study proportions?
>> US No. 6734
I like the hair, especially the highlights. The eyes scare me hehe.
>> US No. 6735
It's nice and simple, which makes it cute, but it is kind of bareboned.
>> US No. 6736
File 130274403765.png - (1.64MB , 1730x1743 , Sasuga sketch.png )
My current project.
>> US No. 6737
Oh dear, I see what you mean. And here I was thinking my face proportions were getting better! (Totally doesn't help that in my mind, my boyfriend also has a long face too.)

Can you explain how it's bareboned? Do you mean that I should work on a background or finish it like it's a more complete work? Actually attempt to draw realistic eyes? Any thing will do since luckily I didn't ink the picture and I can go back and fix any problems whenever I want.
>> US No. 6740
Basically it's blocky, but doesn't feel stylized enough to handwave it. Maybe it needs more skull within it, like jaw structure or neck and stuff.
>> No. 6839
File 130318833171.png - (445.41KB , 614x1047 , chrissss copy.png )
i just wanted to post this here... to see what you guys think...
>> US No. 6841
did you draw that? It's awesome!
>> US No. 6844
File 130320850375.png - (492.92KB , 480x640 , ヴァイス.png )
Drew a doodle on my tegakiblog as a temporary escape from thesis hell. I kinda like how it came out.
>> AU No. 6850
File 13032588109.png - (569.19KB , 1043x661 , grammatik.png )
German is hard.
>> US No. 6987
File 130367937481.png - (87.20KB , 620x721 , gamzee colored.png )
Yeah, there's a reason i don't artfag often. Not as horribly ugly as my old stuff, but yeah.
>> US No. 7022
File 130384717763.jpg - (267.83KB , 1000x1000 , P1040577.jpg )
I got cosy with my inner Medic and made some collages on the covers of a few notebooks.

Yep yep, totally selling them:
>> HK No. 7034
File 130388683829.jpg - (267.72KB , 500x666 , lil sis.jpg )
>> AU No. 7091
File 130403600616.jpg - (191.33KB , 936x1320 , Potato.jpg )
Aaaaand this is why I shouldn't be left unsupervised at work.
>> US No. 7120
File 130412790871.jpg - (773.09KB , 1200x908 , horse trophy.jpg )
Guess I'll upload some old stuff.
>> US No. 7121
File 130412801234.png - (702.29KB , 700x507 , Charcoal Skull.png )
>> US No. 7164
So guys...I'm making a 3D Nyan Cat model as part of an assignment for one of my current classes. I won't post it here, in case it violates the no furry rule, though. It shouldn't, because it's just 3D Nyan Cat, and Nyan Cat's not a furry, but I'm not posting it yet, until I know for a fact it doesn't violate the rules.

Sage for no picture of the thing.
>> HK No. 7225
File 13046222545.jpg - (128.21KB , 400x608 , kirin5.jpg )
>> BR No. 7254
File 130476992943.jpg - (100.76KB , 1280x1280 , miku.jpg )
no one likes my Mikus
>> AU No. 7255
File 130477102693.png - (816.67KB , 959x1194 , ooh mister satan.png )
I like your mikus Furei

There are some rare occasions when I draw things that are not TF2 related... almost.

>> BR No. 7257
This is a sexy Lulu!
>> US No. 7274
File 130490059860.png - (378.55KB , 1068x698 , 130489154762.png )
>> AU No. 7277
File 130491418314.png - (728.28KB , 891x1169 , Wheatley.png )
whoops what am I drawing
>> US No. 7294
File 130499131360.png - (113.27KB , 655x637 , nergaljr.png )
This character's allotted screentime is not proportionate too the amount of love I have for him.
>> CA No. 7460
File 130568266322.jpg - (714.69KB , 783x1505 , thosedays.jpg )
>> DE No. 7481
File 130575511449.png - (1.79MB , 853x1173 , Beef is for Dinner done.png )
Done to gain votes in favor of Murducken in the Zoofights thread on SA.

Nothing special, but it was very fun to do and the Zoofights creator actually liked it! Whee!
>> US No. 7584
File 130626694393.png - (524.74KB , 855x870 , sunny and dash.png )
>mfw people got buttmad because I drew an OC with a canon pony
so much mad, I don't even
>> US No. 7635
Well I think it's cute! What's mfw mean again?
>> US No. 7636
File 130645780523.gif - (5.03KB , 50x50 , docscratchishappyplz.gif )
My face when
>> US No. 7645
File 130647479630.jpg - (467.03KB , 616x800 , Snipes.jpg )
Everything is pony and nothing hurts.
>> GB No. 7665
File 13065225592.jpg - (93.54KB , 1158x431 , ENTIRE TEAM IS PONIES.jpg )
I will see your Sniper and raise you... the rest of BLU team! (plus RED Spy)
>> CA No. 7673
File 130660262452.jpg - (829.98KB , 2048x1536 , GothicSkyPsychonautsWallpaper.jpg )
Psychonauts is a fine game, double fine even (dohoho. I drew this cause Clem and Crystal deserve more screen time.
>> US No. 7674
File 130662014741.png - (228.70KB , 1037x930 , wip5.png )


oh who am I kidding I fucking love Sniper Pony
>> US No. 7691
File 130673401626.png - (424.36KB , 1280x766 , wip fighting ponies1.png )
Any tips on rendering? I'm a fucktard with it. :|
>> US No. 7709
File 130679908380.png - (191.32KB , 990x688 , dave_patchtogether_bigpreview.png )
A Patch Together toy proposal I put together for my long-time character Dave. If anybody feels inclined to go vote for him on the PT site that would be awesome, but I won't be spammin' or badgerin' people over it.

Wooooo Dave. My l'il buddy. I've had him for yeeaaaarrrrs.
>> US No. 7737
File 130723610028.png - (617.96KB , 1287x929 , male rarity knight spike.png )
I love this pairing.
>> CA No. 7748
File 130724882863.jpg - (274.18KB , 750x861 , dorable.jpg )
I loled then d'awwed.

Also have a sloth in hijab. I danno man.
>> CA No. 7779
File 130733621717.jpg - (194.99KB , 639x1017 , calm water.jpg )
idk I've been on a pony kick lately.
>> No. 7809
File 130755981225.gif - (909.10KB , 271x372 , 130349570901.gif )
Oh my god you are the best person ever. Though, Elusive's face seems a bit wonky, the angle of his face seems kinda off. He almost looks like Buzz Lightyear.
>> US No. 7820
File 130766540240.jpg - (77.26KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2011-06-07 at 17_54.jpg )
The furriest project I've ever worked on. This fabric seriously sheds fucking everywhere. It's supposed to be tooth shaped. Molar, specifically. It's a long, boring story why. It's a gift for a friend. In this picture it's on my head.

I patterned it myself. The fabric is ~1.5" pile faux fur with some sparkle threads in it (think plastic Easter grass, cellophane-like). The face details are mirrored leopard print fabric, it's pretty fabulous.

I'm making three more, one more of this fabric set (for me), and two of 1/2" inch pile white cuddle faux fur and brown felt face details (which are commissioned). They all will have custom-sewn tags (backstitch), the gift says For/By and the commishes are up to the buyer.

This was way more than you ever needed to know.
>> GB No. 7845
File 130778550573.png - (96.78KB , 610x788 , vamp.png )
I know the left arm and hand are messed up, but outside of that is there anywhere else I buggered it?
>> DE No. 7848
Your lineless style reminds me of the sprites in Ghost Trick, which is a good thing.

Pretty cute and nice drawing there! The perspective is off here and there and you mentioned the left arm already, but aside from that, not bad. You should post something bigger next time so I have more to say!
>> US No. 7853
File 130782959019.jpg - (78.80KB , 910x589 , Teemo.jpg )
I'm hoping to sell this at AX.
>> US No. 7854
File 130783284868.jpg - (520.67KB , 630x936 , Fluttermedic.jpg )
I'm not a big League of Legends fan, but I gotta admit that's awesome. You'll sell him for sure.

In other words, I made a Fluttermedic.
I just need to re-do Rainbow Dash and finish Rarity and then I'll have the main cast completed.
>> US No. 7856
File 130785044459.jpg - (148.09KB , 837x609 , IMG_0158.jpg )

is dat some sculpey?

Just out of curiosity, you think I could make some small wings with it and attack it to a pony without any problems?

pic related
>> US No. 7857
Oh my gosh. That little poncho is beyond adorable.

It can be done, but if might be a bit difficult depending on the weight of the wings and if the base will be able to hold their weight.
You'll either have to attach them with the clay by uhh melding? it with the pony or glue them on. Sorry if I'm extremely bad at describing this sort of stuff, most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing and just go with whatever seems best/easiest.
>> US No. 7859

Heh, thanks. It's from Party City; apparently they have ponchos for beers in the fiesta section :V I just modified it a bit.

Hmm. I'm going to make small wings and then attach them with epoxy and see how that works. Thanks though :3
>> DE No. 7949
File 130844073141.jpg - (537.74KB , 800x400 , vintage chinese phrase.jpg )
for my hipstr account...

Anyway... someone knowing which is the biggest size possible as TF2 spray? Because i still have the original eps from it and i just like my medibug on the mushroom of wonders sniffing away all his socialproblems.
>> US No. 7950
256x256 if it has transparency, 512x512 otherwise
>> US No. 8056
File 130895419252.jpg - (43.39KB , 600x448 , butters.jpg )
I finished the whole set. On Monday, they ship. Whee.
>> US No. 8061
File 13089744969.png - (295.75KB , 526x386 , realisticrayjplush copy.png )
Aw these are adorable.
I definitely know what you mean by fur shedding everywhere. Cutting fabric over a trash can helps.
/random stranger input
>> US No. 8104
File 130914612075.jpg - (192.33KB , 1548x1012 , WIP - Bang.jpg )
A WIP of my Bang plush. This was mostly an exercise on how to do hair.
Crit is very appreciated.
>> CA No. 8115
File 130916485832.jpg - (297.24KB , 897x902 , georgia.jpg )
My cat commissioned me to render his adventure.
>> US No. 8136
I would buy that adorable thing. I totally would.
>> US No. 8188
File 130936935090.jpg - (148.86KB , 1459x867 , Bang.jpg )
Good news, he's done now.
>> US No. 8196
And now that he's done, I want him all the more.
>> US No. 8200
I'll actually sell him to you if you'll cover the shipping.
>> US No. 8213
How much are you asking for?
>> US No. 8215
$65 for the doll + $11 for shipping = $76 in total
>> US No. 8217
I'm afraid that I don't have the money to spare. AX has left me dry due to last minute cosplay.
>> US No. 8221
Awww, sad I can't give you the doll. Have fun at AX!
>> No. 8293
File 13097238374.jpg - (287.89KB , 523x750 , IMG_1536.jpg )
I'm too lazy to draw something normal.
>> NL No. 8304
File 130977562458.png - (369.80KB , 800x1100 , engie.png )
No wonder your guitar is out of tune, Engie. It looks like shit.
>> US No. 8313
File 130980063854.jpg - (387.50KB , 1024x702 , 5782688146_a92ca86ba3_b.jpg )
Just one piece in my entire portfolio.

E. Coli Diptych
Needle felted wool with thread on linen.

April 2011
>> US No. 8400
Being the kind of person who would buy test tube vases and plushie microbes, is it weird that I thought your triptych would make great earrings?

If they were made of glass and/or beads instead, I mean.
>> US No. 8408
Main thing to me is that it seems a bit small and the neck is tilted. Is not shit.
>> US No. 8442
File 131026572880.png - (418.03KB , 824x844 , hurrr how to faces work.png )

why can't i make this look right
fucking hell
>> CA No. 8447
File 131027621292.jpg - (96.41KB , 600x759 , Dave_2_by_usagicassidy.jpg )
I would suggest lengthening the bottom portion of the face and strengthening the chin and jaw. If he were to face forward as he is, they would be irregularly slight. His ear also seems low, and attached to his neck rather than his head.
I wasn't able to find the best picture (or rotate this one) but if you fetch up a few more references, it might help you with the angles.
>> CA No. 8462
File 131034470036.jpg - (68.61KB , 800x800 , tenta1.jpg )
I'm to scared lazy to post this in /fanart/ so I'll just dump it here.

What are you doing under Medic's bed Spy, you do not belong under beds.
>> US No. 8468

Try /workshop/ if you're intimidated by /fanart/,
>> CA No. 8469
Nah, I hardly ever draw anything anyways.
>> US No. 8502
Awww chubby tentaspy
>> US No. 8504
It feels very Kate Beaton, and it's pretty cute. Though, I imagine it'd be more like "Non." with French nasally accent, and that image is extra cute.
>> US No. 8505
... And I just checked the most recent Hark! A Vagrant. Well done good sir on conveying the Beaton!

Sage for dumb.
>> US No. 8532
File 131059826115.png - (164.70KB , 500x500 , father and son.png )
Did this a while ago of my two demon-boar characters Warlock and his son Bug. Wanted to experiment with no lineart.
>> US No. 8567
File 131075994073.png - (805.22KB , 644x768 , cartoonobi.png )
Here's my aardvark character I doodled. I made a comic about him but it's pretty dumb.

And this is cute, you have a nice style!
>> US No. 8569
Aardvarks make absolutely everything better.
>> AU No. 8573
File 131077497067.png - (164.61KB , 551x757 , Maxderp.png )
What have I done
>> AU No. 8574
File 131077696654.png - (343.94KB , 883x757 , Maxderp2.png )
you asked for it
>> US No. 8582
Thank you!

Your aardvark character is darling.
>> CA No. 8629
File 13110399224.jpg - (28.04KB , 419x480 , dffgvdhgv.jpg )
Bad webcam pic of something wut I dun.
>> No. 8677
File 131117444481.jpg - (497.14KB , 1016x581 , iner pulse.jpg )
DC speedsters
>> AU No. 8761
File 131146996393.png - (500.42KB , 1211x899 , ImCaptainKirk.png )
I was watching Star Trek
>> SE No. 8775

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