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File 129393486957.jpg - (27.25KB , 256x331 , Magitsbox.jpg )
3566 No. 3566
Time for things that make you nostalgic!

Pic related, it's one of my favorite games I just remembered.
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>> No. 3592
File 129397856161.jpg - (16.55KB , 300x240 , tn_rocko.jpg )
OP, get out of my head. I was just thinking about making a Nostalgia thread.

That aside. Rocko's Modern Life and a bunch of old Nick Toons are now on Netflix instant. My life is complete.
>> No. 3595
File 12939823019.jpg - (35.05KB , 300x300 , 613X7ZJ85FL__SL500_AA300.jpg )
This is pretty much what made me interested in a lot of things that interest me today, like SCIENCE and EVOLUTION and GENETICS.

It's probably also the reason why I'm so fucking obsessed with breeding perfect Pokémon. Thanks, Creatures. Best games ever.
>> No. 3604
  Also, this.
>> No. 3607
  I loved this show so much growing up, I think if I ever had children, I would want to show it to them.
>> No. 3608
File 129400982519.jpg - (91.55KB , 500x575 , courage-group-3.jpg )
Courage the Cowardly Dog. I LOVED this show.
>> No. 3610
  One of the many many many shows I watched on a regular basis as a kid.
Man they don't make 'em like they used to.
>> No. 3611
>> No. 3612
  In hindsight, yeah, the English dub was pretty awful, but I still have a big soft spot for this franchise, especially considering it was my first anime.
>> No. 3613
  Oh, and then there's this little gem of a series. Kind of sad that not many people I know seem to be aware of this show, much less share my nostalgia.
>> No. 3614
I've heard nothing but great things about this show and yet, I've never seen it.
I'd be willing to pick it up since I've watched clips before that just make me laugh my ass off, seriously.
>> No. 3617
File 129402605878.jpg - (7.74KB , 166x140 , Mario.jpg )
Same here as well as Pokemon and anything Mario.
>> No. 3618
Sailor Moon was my second anime. My first was Speed Racer.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auszi9bUr3o (Embedding won't work for me.)
>> No. 3628
  My mother was an animation nut, so I got to see all these weird cartoons growing up. I was still in training pants when I watched my first Anime which was Warriors of the Wind, the mid-80's English release of Nausicaa.
My parents still have the epic box art and tape somewhere at their house...
>> No. 3632
  One more thing - JAZZ FUCKING JACKRABBIT. My first video game ever, which came with my family's first PC in the mid-90's. I would have posted the boxart or some gameplay footage, but honestly, I think it's the soundtrack that's stuck with me the most (particularly this tune, the bonus level theme, and the Medivo theme).
>> No. 3634
File 129406974085.jpg - (36.65KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )


>> No. 3655
  OP, you should have called this thread "Terrible Cheesy Shit That Made You The Perverted Monster You Are Today".

Because that's what I'm posting. CLANG CLANG CLANG.
>> No. 3656
Sweet jesus, this.

Also from the old Toonami block, Ronin Warriors. I went back and watched the dub for a few episodes this past summer, and honestly, it's worse than Sailor Moon was. But it's just as nostalgic. Embedding also refuses to work for me.
>> No. 3658
>> No. 3668
Reminds me of this.
>> No. 3669
Toonami in general makes me sigh in nostalgia (and the occasional tear).
From Peter Cullen's promos, to the anime (it was what introduced me to Rorouni Kenshin and Dragonball), to the sweet music, to the hosts themselves.
Goodness how I miss TOM and SARAH and all their adventures on the Absolution. They weren't just distractions to tide you over till the next episode, they were actual characters, a show in itself.
The best thing about Toonami was how personal it was to the audience. TOM would review videogames, his motivational speeches were uplifting yet never condescending, there were the story arcs where the audience could actively participate in (with help from the internet).
The way it ended, even with the silly looking TOM and CLYDES, makes me very very sad to this day.
And now looking at what Cartoon Network is playing nowadays...
>> No. 3671
Boy do I miss Toonami. Everything about it.
Toonami is what made me into an anime fan, definately.
Oh guys, please tell me you watched Lamb Chop as a kid?
Lamb Chop was like my freaking hero when I was four or five.
>> No. 3672
OMG LAMBCHOP! I still have one of her toys!
Loved her, such a pretentious little lady!
Loved her interactions with Shari, very mother daughter between them; her big brother Charlie Horse, and Hush Puppy was adorable.
It took me ages to find out that Shari was a ventriloquist, i totally thought they were voiced by the puppeteer/different people.
So sad when Shari died. :(
This is the song that never ends....

How about Big Comfy Couch? I don't know where my Molly doll went, but I know I still have my Snicklefritz doll.
I absolutely loved the Dust Bunnies.
>> No. 3674
  Does music count? Cause if so, I'm just gonna go ahead and put this here.
>> No. 3689
Dude, I used to have the Lambchop hand puppet. That thing was boss, it used to sing me to bed every night.

Also nostalgia-ing hard the other day, found my old VHS stash and here's a list of what I've got:
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Two episodes of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (the two-parter where Kimberly got high off the pollen and went nuts, and When There's Smoke, There's Fire)
An episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The first two episodes of the older X-Men cartoon
The animated Transformers movie from 1985
Robotech tapes (thanks mom!)
Labyrinth (my second one, I overwatched the first... now I've got that and two dvd's of it, can you say favorite movie?)
>> No. 3692
File 129418770263.gif - (14.41KB , 320x200 , jazz.gif )
First videogame I owned. It was what got me into gaming and cemented the Jump n Run as my favorite genre (even to this day). Oh man, nostalgia.
Sure, Jazz Jackrabbit wasn't the best platformer of all time, but it was just so much fun.
>> No. 3694
File 129419595073.jpg - (33.90KB , 417x350 , yoko after defeating anti-spiral.jpg )
I used to have such a crush on Wanda when I was little.
>> No. 3696
Oh gosh that takes me back.
Speaking of nostalgic music, anyone remember this gem?
>> No. 3698
  Sage because my attempt to embed in the last post was in vein.
Welp, here it is for real.
>> No. 3700
I feel a bit bad because I mostly remember this song thanks to the cheesy parody that played on WB.
>> No. 3704
  Anything SMTV makes me nostalgia hard.

But this especially.

Yes, that's Jamie Oliver
>> No. 3711
File 129427468346.jpg - (79.29KB , 400x334 , 1284768388776.jpg )

I just cried a little bit. That is one of the most powerful nostalgiabombs I've ever experienced.
>> No. 3715
  This song is a multi-level nostalgia bomb for me. It reminds me of watching X-Files with my parents (especially my mom and I crying like babies at this scene), which brings back lots of other memories. This song always induces a happy-cry when it's needed.
>> No. 3728
  I'll just leave this here.
>> No. 3736
File 129438769045.jpg - (393.15KB , 1704x2272 , FUCKINFLATSTANLEY.jpg )
Anyone ever have to do Flat Stanley in school when they were younger?
>> No. 3749

I see that and raise you this.
>> No. 3754
Anyone who didn't have to had no childhood.
>> No. 3755
File 129445187894.jpg - (17.92KB , 400x268 , tumblr_ldvphhVFTV1qa5z1ro1_400.jpg )
My boyfriend didn't then. I asked him last night "So, who did you send YOUR Flat Stanley to?". He just looked at me for a moment and said "We didn't send ours...".
>> No. 3758
I...I didn't know what Flat Stanley was until college when my professor received on in the mail and she took a picture of him with the class.

Man my school didn't have Flat Stanley or Oregon Trail my childhood has been gypped :c
>> No. 3762
  This is my youth. I actually quite miss watching this show.

I'd never heard of this project until this thread. Slightly-too-old-to-have-done-it West Coast bros.
>> No. 3774

I am ENGLISH so I am assuming that's why we didn't do it. English kids clearly have no childhood.

We did have this, however. Yes, I know I post this in every childhood thread, but everyone needs to fucking see it. Best kids' show ever.
>> No. 3781
  Go ahead, kids of the 90's. Deny that you have every note, every word of this theme song permanently memorized in your brains. You know you want to sing along to it.
>> No. 3784

Don't listen to the English, Scottish kids do this sometimes.

My brother still has his Flat Stanley stuck to the fridge.
>> No. 3806
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Magic School Bus has made many a dreary science class actually seem FUN

As for reading, Wishbone was the one that introduced me to classic literature.
>> No. 3820
File 129458858739.jpg - (27.91KB , 378x290 , thundercats_57980077.jpg )
What is wrong with you people? No ThunderCats? Then I shall have to do something about it.

I'm excited about the revisiting of ThunderCats.
Heard there'll be new figures and a new cartoon THIS YEAR.
And a movie next year? Heck yeah.
I so hope it's not fake, otherwise I'll be disappointed again like last time when the movie was pushed forward.
>> No. 3822

>I so hope it's not fake, otherwise I'll be disappointed again

I'd be more disappointed if it was real and turned out to be a crock of shit like the Transformers movies.
>> No. 3823
File 12945958924.jpg - (62.38KB , 150x200 , quattre rajeena.jpg )
Gundam Wing was the first anime I was seriously into. Sure it might not be as good as some of the other gendums, but I still enjoyed it for what it was and I think some of the shit it's gotten is more due UC circlejerking than actual problems with the show.
>> No. 3844
Child, you know how awesome G Gundam was?


Now, admittedly, it isn't the same as other Gundam anything, due to actually involving entertaining fights and not endless babbling in space, BUT HE JUST KICKED AN ENTIRE BUILDING OUT OF THE GROUND

Thanks for reminding me it existed, though.
>> No. 3846

>> No. 3847
File 129462335723.jpg - (341.16KB , 1952x1048 , darkwing duck humans.jpg )
The rampant Japan jingoism kept me from enjoying it as much as I could, but shit was so cash.
>> No. 3849
File 129462520897.jpg - (121.81KB , 1206x829 , 06966.jpg )

Oh God, I watched the VHS tape I had of this until it broke.

NOW, this board game consumed my young life.
>> No. 3851
Oh my God. I had that game.
And my friend had the Pokemon edition of Monopoly.

God Pokemon is so fabulous.
>> No. 3858

LOL played both of these games with my friend who really likes Pokemon. Like REALLY likes it. Like, "she literally cried when I took Quilava on the first game, and did the same thing when I wouldn't give her Rapidash last night on Pokemon Monopoly" likes it.

Anywho, something else for nostalgia! GUMBY!

I went back and tried to watch it. Scared the shit out of me. Didn't used to, though. :"(
>> No. 3860
  This whole series is the reason I grew up being such a massive nerd. I used to watch the shit out of all the VHS tapes I had of it.
>> No. 3861
Schoolhouse Rock, with almost every single song being an earworm that would last for the entire day.
>> No. 3867
File 12946651174.jpg - (14.59KB , 277x320 , arthur.jpg )
I had ALL of the books. Man that takes me back...

On another note: Arthur. That intro song makes me so happy every time I hear it.
>> No. 3868
I know someone said Toonami earlier, but I found this and remembered why I loved it.

>> No. 3888
File 129471604334.gif - (6.75KB , 800x460 , 3.gif )
21, 24, 27..... 30!
>> No. 3889
File 129471932389.jpg - (71.35KB , 500x500 , LittleMissShy.jpg )
These books. They were some of the first I learned to read.
>> No. 3904
  I am shocked that no one mentioned Bill Nye yet! For shame, people.
>> No. 3911

Doom was my first FPS, but Hexen was the one that I played over and over and over again. The soundtrack and the visual style is really what stuck with me. I'm totally going to cosplay the Heresiarch at some point, holy fuck he is so badass.

Also One Must Fall 2097, Battle Beast, and Hocus Pocus. I was strictly a PC gamer until I got Pokemon in 4th grade.
>> No. 3916
File 12947841465.jpg - (94.83KB , 640x763 , 1010113784-00.jpg )
One of the first games I remember playing properly.

Armadon was my favourite. ._.
>> No. 3917
File 129478437591.jpg - (158.35KB , 860x1121 , RiseOfTheRobots.jpg )
There was also this. My favourite in this game was the Sentry.

I was shit with him because he was one of those characters that the computer could rape you with but would magically become complete shit the second the player picked him up. Unfortunately for me, I would not be deterred by this as I was retarded back then.
>> No. 3918
File 129478456347.jpg - (30.62KB , 250x219 , MaceN64Box.jpg )
I later learned to fucking love this crappy game.

The devs had fun making this game. You can tell because it's full of hilarious bullshit. Much of it you have to unlock - one of the secret characters is a chicken.

That's right. An actual chicken. Not a person in a chicken suit or a giant chicken. Just a normal chicken. And it has its own ending after you beat the final boss with it.
>> No. 3919
>> No. 3934
  man...all these old FPS games really bring me back. This was the first game I ever beat on my own and without cheating.
>> No. 3936
  I loved this as a kid
>> No. 4052
  This movie. THIS MOVIE. Also this song from this movie.
I like to imagine Sniper singing this.
>> No. 4056
Fuck that was scary. Catchy song though.

Now for some sadness! Used to watch this movie every time I went to my grandma's house. I think this is why I was so clingy to my stuffed animals as a kid (who am I kidding, still am).
>> No. 4064
  Why has nobody mentioned Swat Kats yet
>> No. 4065
File 129509427320.gif - (488.75KB , 500x375 , eaxhfiwGX1qba6r7.gif )
I forgot that this whole movie turns me into a quivering ball of feelings and mush. Thanks, Anon.
>> No. 4068
File 129512248839.jpg - (56.82KB , 372x232 , JetLeenaLitter2.jpg )
I just installed this again.

I am so faggot. ._.
>> No. 4069
File 129512419077.jpg - (138.88KB , 403x393 , splash.jpg )

And this is the first thing I did with the game files.
>> No. 4072
>> No. 4074
I loved these games so much! Wish I knew where the hell my discs were!
Actually, are the newer ones any good? And whatever happened to Oddballz?
>> No. 4076
Started playing this again as well. So many adorable doggies!

The newer ones were pretty much shit.
>> No. 4093
File 129517893614.jpg - (56.11KB , 422x384 , goddamn look at this horrible shit.jpg )

Unfortunately Ubisoft is doing that thing wherein they make a new game with the same name (Petz series, Dogz, Catz) and pretend the previous game never existed (website gone, all online support gone) while at the same time adding new, horrible games to the new series (Horsez, Hamsterz, Dolphinz, etc.), which are nowhere near as good as the old ones.

The new games are shovelware, essentially. I like how companies that used to make games with character and some degree of effort have jumped on the FUCK THE CONSUMER cashcow bandwagon.
>> No. 4113
  I'm sorry, Nickelodeon, but your new show will never beat the original.
>> No. 4140
Man, I love classic Power Rangers, but I think that Samurai Sentai is pretty rad.
The original Japanese theme song is one of the catchiest things I've ever heard. Seriously.
I put it up in the music thread some time ago, and I even shamelessly have it on my iPod. NO REGRETS.

Oh god though, speaking of Power Rangers, you know what other older one was good too?
Power Rangers Time Force. Hell yeah.
>> No. 4169
  Dem Beatleborgs.
>> No. 4498
File 129632682644.jpg - (19.73KB , 450x338 , PC Pup.jpg )
For anyone who enjoyed this: >>4068

Go here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TGOR03IF

And go there quickly, because I probably shouldn't have uploaded it.
>> No. 4533
Sorry to post a YTP, but I watched this and the part where he GETS DOWN stirred some kind of vague memory for me. I saw this when I was a kid, even though I have no recollection of it other than this one really short clip and have no idea what it's called.

I can logically deduce that it's a cartoon about WWF (back when it was called that) but fuck knows about anything else. Hulk Hogan used to be my favourite. Back before he wasn't really, really too old to still be doing it. ._.

EDIT: Link's here since the new server apparently hates YouTube embedding today.

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