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File 129447562049.jpg - (31.31KB , 323x249 , Boston looks like Abe.jpg )
3763 No. 3763
Hullo tf2chan, what do you want to be when you grow up? I.e, what to you want to end up doing in the distant future that you would find difficult at the present time?

I've always wanted to be a dog breeder, but I haven't fulfilled that dream yet due to low funds and not enough time. I own a dog- a bullmastiff- but my favourite breed is the boston terrier because they are adorable goofy clowns and they kind of look like Abe.
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>> No. 3764
File 129447638836.jpg - (88.77KB , 381x432 , jimhenson.jpg )
When I was a kid, I had my mind set on either being a puppeteer or an astronaut. Or combining my two passions to be a performer in space!!

And they did make a Muppets in Space movie!
>> No. 3770
When I was little, I was deadset on becoming an opera singeer. Despite, you know, having a terrible singing voice.
... At least my goal was better than Chi's. When he was a kid, he wanted to become pope.

Today, I dream of becoming a voice actor. Having a role in a Pixar movie ... Yeah, that would pretty much make my life complete.
>> No. 3771
>> No. 3772
I wanted to be a writer at first.

Then a webcomic writer/drawer, but I suck at drawing.

So now it's independent game designer. Got at least 3 ideas in my head already.
>> No. 3773
I used to want to be an archaeologist when I was little. I was very lucky to be able to do that for a few months on a work placement with Worcester Archaeology. I wasn't allowed to dig in the trenches because I didn't have a degree, but I did spend a lot of time with my hands in freezing cold water, washing the dirt off the things the people with degrees dug up, in a room with no heating in the middle of winter.

It was great, and I wish I'd decided to keep on doing that and get paid for it on a government scheme than work as a graphic designer for a shitty home-run company for pay under the same scheme.

Now I'll probably never get to be an archaeologist again.

>> No. 3775
I've wanted to be a bazillion things over the course of my life (Broadway performer, interrogation specialist, game designer, fashion designer, orchestral violinist, rock violinist) but when I started cosplaying, I decided that I wanted to combine my passions of sewing/makeup and theatre to become a theatrical costumer. I had it all planned out, going to community college to learn pattern drafting, getting a tech scholarship at the state thespian conference for the cosplay/high school portfolio I put together, going to a fashion school (like Moore in Philly, even though I'd have to sell my soul to pay for it) and talking to the people I know who've gotten hired on Broadway to fill in my connections and get a job.

And then, somewhere around the end of sophomore year in high school, I realized that it wouldn't be a steady job, I'd have terrible hours, money wouldn't be guaranteed... plus I'd hate to live in the city.

So I involved myself in more music stuff, I got more classes and more voice lessons, and now I'm a music ed major with a focus in voice. I'm going to be a high school choir teacher, and I'm going to be the best damn choir teacher I can be. I'm going to try to get hired at my old stomping grounds, because it's a good school with lots of talent in the district (plus they just got a Steinway piano for performances, a Clavinova, and they'll be redoing the auditorium within the next few years so it's no longer acoustically backward). And who knows, maybe I'll replace the drama club director - at least then the director would be an in-house teacher instead of a middle school social studies teacher.
>> No. 3780
I wanted to sing so badly, in any kind of setting. I had a chance with a play but they wouldn't let me audition. I still want to sing for an audience someday, but right now I want to be a Therapist/Psychologist. I'm working hard for it too.
>> No. 3782
File 129452133025.gif - (841.56KB , 350x260 , 1291432321416.gif )
I've always wanted to be a voice actor. People always tell me I have a sweet voice for it. I've always been kind of self-conscious about my weirdly deep voice, but if I could apply it in a really cool way I'd feel better about it. I really like speaking in front of people, reading stories in funny voices to kids and entertaining and god I dream of this career. I just have no idea how some kid from bluh bluh Wisconsin could get into it.

Either that or be Robin from the Adam West Batman. But that's kind of not possible.

Guess I'll just major in Interactive Media Design!
>> No. 3785

I used to want to be a voice actor, but got told I'd be impossible because of my accent. wat

When I was a kid I wanted to do something scientific, and now, hey, I'm doing a degree in microbiology. Go me
>> No. 3792
Novi, it greatly depends. Usually, you need to be accent free, that's true. But there's a market for people who sound entertaining with an accent, it's just harder to get into.
>> No. 3798
A witch.

I'm talking when I'm really, actually old, after I've had a bunch of adventures on my own, I want to have a little house on a hill or in the mountains with a garden. It'll be close to civilization, enough so that children will dare each other to trespass on my property and when they do they'll find that I've carefully grown my garden to be creepy as hell from the outside, but beautiful and full of herbs and vegetables on the inside.
>> No. 3800
File 129454939852.jpg - (203.87KB , 1035x1300 , conanintro.jpg )
The first thing I ever wanted to be when I was a little was a barbarian, because they don't take shit from anyone.

When I learned it wasn't a lucrative trade, I really wanted to be an illustrator and writer of books...
Which evolved to being a comic artist as I got older.
Really wish I could go back to school and keep training for it.
>> No. 3803
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet. I really loved animals. I eventually branched out and took a huge interest in snakes, specifically. So then, I wanted to be a herpatologist.

Theeen... that dreaded anime phase kicked in, I wanted to be a manga-ka. But let's face it, American manga-ka have it crappy, no one takes them seriously. Shit, I don't even take them seriously. That and deadlines are shitty. I couldn't possibly do that.

Now I'm kinda like, I want to be an animator. Or rather, do something in the animation field. I don't care what, I just want to be involved. I want to draw, you know? It's all I'm good at.

Voice acting is something I considered. All I do is make voices and act them out with my friends. I've been doing that since I was a kid. But boy is the voice acting business intense, in terms of like, landing a role. At least that's what I've been told.

But really, right now, I have no idea what I want to do. It's sort of scary, not having any plans for the future. I don't want to end up with some dead end job, working day in and day out. I want my future job to be you know... fun, you know? Or as fun as a career can be.
>> No. 3804
I wanted to be a doctor as a kid. But being a good doctor means being able to handle heavy stress and constant interaction with other people, and I'm kind of an antisocial hikki so that's out of the question. I still love science, so I'm fine with doing lab research instead.
>> No. 3809
When I was little, after being talked out of art school when I was 4, I wanted to be an aerospace engineer, cause I wanted to build the spaceships for the astronauts. Then I wanted to be a marine biologist, then a veterinarian, then a biomedical researcher. When I was 15, I played Skies of Arcadia and realized that I wanted to make games. Since then, I studied computer science in undergrad, I'm working on my MS thesis research in computer graphics, and I got to intern at Activision over the summer, verifying that I actually do want to make games.

Eventually, I want to start my own studio and make all the games I've been thinking up over the years, and make a major contribution to the art form. I always tell people that basically I want to be the next Shigeru Miyamoto.
>> No. 3811
You could cure cancer some day!

Apart from the whole dog breeding thing, I've also wanted to open my own kid's movie studio, similar to Pixar. It started out with me watching disney movies as a youngin', then I saw Toy Story in cinemas and I was pretty much floored. I've always had a penchant for kid's movies ever since, even if my dream to open a movie studio is all but crushed these days.
Who knows.. maybe someday, I'll have my chance.
>> No. 3818
Well, as a kid, I wanted to be lots of things like police, fireman, astronaut, doctor etc. Lots of jobs that would need a strong mind, sadly, I don't have such a mind, neither am I too healthy.

Years later, when I first started playing video games, I really wanted to be working on video games, coming up with ideas and so. (Though back then, they were all just copies of other games, lol.)
Around this time I also wanted to be a writer, and a friend of mine and I was trying to write a long story about two girls whom have to save the world from an alien who sent out Math Monters that you killed by answering their math problems correct. Fun times alright.

Then I got into manga, so I really wanted to become a manga-ka. I still kind of do actually, but not as extreme. I don't really see my stuff as potetional buying material, so yeah.

Now a days, I'm back at wanting to work on video games, but not as the main artist, but more of a concept artist.
Plan to apply for some schools this year so that I can hopefully achieve my dreams someday.
>> No. 3819
File 129458545830.png - (729.23KB , 1686x1200 , 1288616246299.png )
I watched Burlesque (the film) two weeks ago and now I am going to be a dancer.
>> No. 3848
File 129462481018.png - (225.62KB , 366x442 , 129010312424.png )
I wanted to be a vet. That died as soon as I saw my first ballet, then I wanted to be a ballerina. Way to go Pops insinuating that I was fat. That died then I wanted to be a soprano opera star, low and behold I became an alto when my tits grew in. Just great.Violinist was quickly crushed as we had no money for lessons. Or rather I didn't have any money as the UnFavorite child. At that point I just kind of gave up on everything and decided that I was going to learn every language in the world, about half a decade later. Still working on that as you might imagine, but translator seems to be in my future, so yeah. Great. Full Speed ahead to translator! Pic kind of related, but not really

Still kind of want to be a ballerina.
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