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File 129463425050.png - (596.61KB , 412x549 , Cody.png )
3852 No. 3852
Inspired by the rad cosplay at ALA, I wanted to bring it back!
Let's kick it off with a cute Cody I found there.
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>> US No. 5653
File 129917304724.png - (661.23KB , 565x424 , Medic and Bison.png )
Sorry to necrobump, but I saw somewhere that someone was interested in getting the thread up and running again. That, and to be honest, I still have lots of cool cosplays I'd love to put up and show to the world. Also... I love discussing cosplay in general. I'd love to have more places to talk about it!

Here's another ALA photo, yeah I'm the Medic, but it's the Bison I want to address. He was definitely the coolest Bison I had ever seen, and I love looking up Street Fighter cosplay. When he tapped his wrists together, the pieces around his wrists would LIGHT UP. It was radical.

>> No. 5718
File 129935607424.jpg - (75.47KB , 480x640 , 166202_489169428736_504693736_5929310_7189696_n.jpg )
I have nothing to contribute except my own cosplay photos.

Yes it's Hetalia, no I'm not retarded.
I'm Turkey in the front and my friend is Greece there in the back.

I like this photo, I actually look decently manly.
>> US No. 5722
File 129937079910.jpg - (372.68KB , 600x750 , HOW CAN THIS BE.jpg )
Pretty bad ALA photo since my camera was acting up the entire weekend but GOOD LORD this Matthew Patel was AWESOME.

I snagged more pics of him and the whole Scott Pilgrim meetup, but the quality was just horrendous.
>> AU No. 5727
File 129937696968.jpg - (268.40KB , 640x480 , ITS RAININ MUNEE.jpg )
i guess this is better off here than the camwhore thread
>> AU No. 5732
wore it to a convention today. 3 people recognised me. 4 people asked me if i was there mummy. several people were terrified of the mask and were thusly menaced
>> US No. 5733
There's nothing wrong with Hetalia and Hetalia cosplayers.
I know plenty of sane cosplayers, and they remind me that there is good in the fandom.
Sweet outfits by the way, both of you.
I've been considering here and there whether or not I want to cosplay Hetalia myself.
If only I weren't so short, I'd be Germany... I love Germany.

Oh damn son, that's so rad!

I've never heard of or seen the character you're cosplayin', but bro, I really like the look.
I am intrigued.
>> AU No. 5736
File 129940619530.jpg - (706.71KB , 1300x873 , DOSH.jpg )
its none other than Stockbroker, Karaoke champion and zombie slayer Mr Foster from Killing Floor.

you may know him from the promotional Pyro mask and tie from TF2
>> US No. 5772
The idea of an Ubercharged M. Bison excites and terrifies me.

The Union Jack pin is a nice touch. I would've liked to see the black/turquoise tie, but seeing as I've never actually seen one irl (with the exception of that pixel tie at ThinkGeek), it's alright.
>> AU No. 5774
placeholder tie.
>> US No. 5776
File 129956394986.png - (292.43KB , 219x514 , MOTHER FUCKING SHINGEN.png )
>The idea of an Ubercharged M. Bison excites and terrifies me.
You could only imagine the sheer badassery and carnage to come of it.

Another ALA picture, Shingen Takeda of Sengoku Basara.
My friend swears I have some kind of nerdy crush on that big ol' bear.
I think I'd be willing to believe her, given how excited I was to see this amazing cosplay while I was there.
Or more like, how shy I was when I saw him.
My friend took the picture for me. Derp.
I was in awe by the amazing, and that never happens to me. Pfft.

God I am such a dork. Hah hah.
>> US No. 5801
I think the people who cosplay 'villain' characters put a lot of devotion and polish into it. That M. Bison guy is pretty awesome (and so is his pose!) =]

I've never really cosplayed myself, but Jesus, this Jesse from Pokemon cosplay is amazing.

>> US No. 5825
File 129971461995.png - (420.25KB , 400x534 , NobunagaMitsunari.png )
That's very true, I've noticed.
Baddies often get the best outfits, so lots more effort is put into them.
I've seen that Jessie and James before on cosplay.com and DevArt as well.
Never fails to impress me, I love the wig work.

Speaking of great villian cosplay, I love this Nobunaga.
The Mitsunari was nice too, but I can always appreciate great armor work.
>> US No. 5826
File 129971473520.png - (631.89KB , 572x429 , just chillin.png )
Also, Merlin lounging by the pool.
>> AU No. 6687
ok tie guy, how's this.

the fabric is PERFECT. but its a godamn skinny tie. what do you think?
>> AU No. 6688
File 130250246573.jpg - (120.44KB , 438x438 , tiers gonna tie.jpg )
>> US No. 6696
File 13025687454.jpg - (104.61KB , 700x467 , Amano_Vivi_by_deviouselite.jpg )
Cosplay of Final Fantasy IX concept art.
>> US No. 6699
As a fan of Vivi, this pleases me.
>> US No. 6708
File 130263500858.jpg - (174.19KB , 900x675 , otarockman2010.jpg )
One of the things I love about Otakon is the OtaRockman group. What's even better is that these people all work together on their stuff through their forum, so they're helping me figure out Iris and Colonel from X4 for myself and my brother.

That said, fucking Harpuia.
>> US No. 6709
I seriously admire people who can make armor and outfits like that.
They're some talented looking cosplayers, ho damn.
>> AU No. 7044
File 130391026315.jpg - (104.60KB , 700x350 , in dosh we trust.jpg )

I'll be prining out some of these to throw at distribute to people at cons
>> US No. 8252
I went to toracon at RIT in new york as mr.foster.
>> AU No. 10516
File 131990068256.png - (284.31KB , 389x791 , Commando_Chicken.png )
i'm already browsing chicken suits on ebay

god help me, i have a problem
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