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File 129548314818.gif - (218.26KB , 350x191 , flynnyay.gif )
4195 No. 4195
Saw Tangled, loved it.

Think Ellen McLain would be a good choice to play an evil witch/queen-type character someday. She's got the cackle for it.
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>> No. 4205
I have no idea how the commercial managed to make it look so shitty and unlike itself.
>> No. 4209
That seems to happen with every Dreamworks movie, too.
>> No. 4210
My only problem with this movie was how much the witch reminded me of Bernadette Peter's witch from Into The Woods. Seriously, their mannerisms were exactly the same, and they even looked very, very similar.
>> No. 4212
I haven't read/seen the play, but I think something on TVTropes said it was deliberate.
>> No. 4216
The other day I saw Karate Kid (2010) with a few friends and I fell asleep halfway through.

That might have been because I was sick, but I blame the movie.
>> No. 4218
I know, right?
I saw it a bit ago just like OP and loved it.
They need someone new to do their commercials or something.
I just got back from seeing Gullivers Travels and I personally loved it
>> No. 4225
Fun anecdote: Some cute Asian girl at work was chatting with me about movies and mentioned the Karate Kid.
"I couldn't get into it because it was unrealistic," she said.
"How so?"
"There's no way three Asian kids could beat up a black kid. They needed more Asian kids."

It took me a minute or two to recover from that.
>> No. 4261
I sawr Black Swan and Teh Fightor. I see why stars from both films won awards

I really beleaved Natily Portsmouth was a swan and Xtian Bail was an crackhead

>> No. 4283
File 129562139372.jpg - (43.68KB , 570x367 , 9-6-10-kc.jpg )
Cause if so I wanna chime in with the rest of the crowd and say that it's a great movie. I thought it was going to flat out suck and be nothing but a bunch of "clever" pop culture references. I'm sure glad I was wrong.

Also, I re-watched the original Let the Right One In a while back and I remembered how much I loved it. A REAL vampire movie? Likable characters? A STORYLINE? All in the same movie? You betcha.
>> No. 4289
File 129563954565.jpg - (44.53KB , 360x242 , mysterious-skin-20050526034533097.jpg )
I'm obnoxious and I always bring up this movie in movie threads but. Has anyone seen Mysterious Skin?

Dear god I can't watch this movie without sobbing uncontrollably. It really got to me in multiple levels. Best goddamn movie I've ever seen. Seriously worth a watch.
>> No. 4290
I downloaded it without knowing much about it. The scene with the diseased man who only wanted a back rub made me feel like shit for days.
>> No. 4315
Oh god, the rendering in Tangled, OH GOD

Also I fucking love Flynn.

The other movie I saw in recent memory was Tron Legacy and all I can think about is how to make their costumes, especially the EL parts.
>> No. 4329
File 129571643131.jpg - (39.76KB , 720x336 , problem eugene.jpg )
already seen a cam of tangled. loved it.

>mum is talking about movies
>conversation turns to 3D
>"i keep hearing stories of how Tangled is suposedly the best use of 3D so far, i'm thinking about going to see it"
>"Tangled? isnt that kinda girly?"
>> No. 4359
Did anyone see that Legends of the Guardians?
The animation in that was amazing, the only reason I saw it.
>> No. 4360
Signed. The story was pretty cliched and apparently a hackjob of the original book one (at least that's what I heard from people who read the book) but DAYUM DID IT LOOK WONDERFUL. Only movie I've watched so far that really benefit from the 3D. Such gorgeous feather animations, flight scenes, oh man.
>> No. 4369
I'm incredibly sad that I didn't get the chance to see it in 3D, it was the last day it was going to be at the theater.
>> No. 4424

I love this movie so much, I listen to the soundtrack every day. They are both so adorkable, it hurts.

Also saw Primal Fear today, and renewed my love for Edward Norton.
>> No. 4461
Weeeell I've been movie-seeing more than usual lately, so I'll make a contribution.
Tron Legacy: saw it twice. Music was great, would have liked more Lightcycle time but whatever. My God Cora is so hot and Jeff Bridges x 2 yes yes yes. Also Daft Punk was in it. If that doesn't make it awesome, I don't know what would.
True Grit: more Jeff Bridges. It was great, that fourteen year old actress who played the girl was really really good and the best part of movie was the duster-speak. 'You ain't no bigger than a corn nut!' Yes.
Green Hornet: I kind of hated Seth Rogen a little before seeing this but I respect him a bit more now. Badass and delightful and full of silliness and rad bromance.
Harry Potter 7, Part 1: the second half of the book was the better half anyways, right? RIGHT?

More movie-seeing in the future hopefully. I love to hate on stuff, but movies are one thing that I truly enjoy.
>> No. 4496
Agreed on RED and Green Hornet, although I tend to like Seth Rogen because we're both geeks. And because he voice-acts so much.

I wanna see True Grit and TRON really badly, especially TRON, but everyone I know's already seen it twice or has already passed it off as stupid and won't go with me. I have this irrational fear of seeing a movie by myself.
>> No. 4503
Anon are you me? I'm a cinema student and I can't watch movies by myself. Ever.

That being said, I ended up seeing "The Fighter" last night a couple of good friends of mine, and while I liked the acting of Wahlberg and Bale, there were some directorial things that kind of made me go "Hmm..."

Also they shot on Fujifilm which gave the film this weird but kind of cool grainy look and I had trouble remembering where I saw it before and then remembered I shot my 310 final on Fujifilm and had the exact same problem of graininess.
>> No. 4510
If we were in the same area, I'd totally go with you, Anonybro. We'd have a gay old time. I'd see Tron a third time and True Grit a second time without a second thought.
>> No. 4750
File 129673955576.png - (959.28KB , 1324x1080 , 1295369513579.png )
>go see a kids movie
>bout a hlaf dozen people in there
>mfw im the youngest person in the cinema
>> US No. 5471
  I wonder how you hide the launch of a Saturn V?
>> US No. 5476


The shocking horror film of the year hits theaters this spring.
>> US No. 5477
Well yeah, It's basically Paranormal Activity IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! but it's a rare horror movie that actually interests me.

Have a Russian historical film that is totally about real things.
>> US No. 5478
File 129866392816.png - (83.12KB , 448x360 , 1297118830909.png )
Been trying to see Tangled with my friend, but we've had scheduling problems.
>> CA No. 5781
Watched Rango.
Can't remember the last time I heard my brother laugh so hard at a movie.
Go see it, folks.
>> US No. 5803

I was pleasantly surprised. It reminded me of The Three Amigos.
>> US No. 5805
File 129964363261.jpg - (64.20KB , 630x470 , girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo3-15qio11.jpg )
Just watched the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy....I had a chance to go see the movie in an American theater about a year ago, but didn't want to fork over 10 bucks to do so. WHAT I FOOL I AM!

Serious, if you haven't seen them go do so. The 3rd movie is pure fucking gold.
>> US No. 5807
I think I would have liked it better if I were into Western movies (why would I watch a movie about adventures in the desert if I live in one that's so boring?)

Really though, I enjoyed the characters.
>> US No. 5862
File 129982679220.png - (39.04KB , 199x128 , medicman.png )
>>watch Megamind
>>cannot unsee

(captcha: datacc)
>> CA No. 5918
File 129999475089.jpg - (8.67KB , 384x131 , dawntreader.jpg )
I saw "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" today.
I liked it, but is is bad that I prefer the 1989 version more then the 2010?
I mean, show of hands; how was not yelling at the screen the entire time?
>> AU No. 5921
>> CA No. 5925
File 130003300474.jpg - (41.82KB , 290x435 , beastly.jpg )
Saw Beastly and Rango yesterday with Jeffian.

Rango was amazing, very interesting especially in art style. I only saw Beastly because I have a thing for shaved heads, tattoos and scars... the movie was absolute crap though, avoid it like the plauge unless you have someone fun to go with who'll make fun of it with you.
>> CA No. 5926

I am disappoint, it looked like a good movie too.
>> CA No. 5931
File 130004755690.gif - (354.91KB , 500x219 , lg3xuqexGe1qdtfdbo1_500.gif )
>>5926 the only good things were Alex Pettyfer's makeup, his apparent allergy to wearing shirts and Neil Patrick Harris being, well, Neil Patrick Harris. The plot was mostly montages and everything very dreamlike and unstructured...and not in a good way.
>> US No. 5932
  What did I just watch?
>> US No. 5934
File 13000575515.jpg - (283.43KB , 1021x267 , devil.jpg )
Teeth's a good movie if you don't plan on taking any part of it seriously.

Also, I saw Rango and Devil a few days back.
Rango was awesome, the level of detail and the music score instantly won me over. I could go on and on, but everything that needs to be said about that movie has already been said over 100 times. Just go watch it.

And Devil was ehh. I was expecting typical AWFUL M. Night Shyamalan and was looking forward to something similar to The Happening, but sadly it wasn't THAT awful. Not a good movie, but not a horrible movie. I am still disappoint.
>> US No. 5937
File 130007649696.jpg - (56.64KB , 325x397 , tickles_bday.jpg )
I could not get through it. I tried but it was just so bad.
At least The Happening was so bad it was hilarious.
>> US No. 5940
Devil was one of those movies where I felt it would have been much scarier if there WEREN'T any paranormal elements. There's something a lot more sinister and scary about people just flipping out and killing everyone than "oh it was the Devil the whole time I guess SPOILER ALERT."

Also it was just based on an M. Night story, it was written and directed by other people, which could be why it was just mediocre and not full out terrible. What happened, M. Night? I used to love your stuff.

The most recent movie I saw was Heavy Metal. It was...it was amazing. Honestly the animation was a lot better than the parodies made me believe. Also John Candy was in it
>> US No. 5945
If you want to see a movie that's exactly like that with no paranormal elements, see The Chaos Experiment. It's just people trapped in an abandoned hotel steam room until they all die.
>> US No. 6021
  SO I finally got around to seeing Inception for the first time.
Pretty appealing movie over all.
What did you fags think of it?
>> US No. 6033
File 130034761521.jpg - (102.14KB , 422x700 , tumblr_lfv96w56S01qf9c8do1_500.jpg )
I loved Inception, I just greatly dislike the vast majority of the fandom.
The jokes brought about from it are great though.

I also got around to watching The Butterfly Effect 2.
I don't even know what I was even expecting. I couldn't even finish it. It was just awful.
>> US No. 6047
File 130040967943.jpg - (68.42KB , 500x500 , hop-Poster-crop.jpg )
The trailers for Hop have been playing. One of my professors for a class I'm in right now worked on that movie. I'm going to see the movie to support her, because she's awesome, but I've gotta say, I don't think I'll look at jelly beans the same way ever again after seeing those trailers...eww...just eww!
>> US No. 6050
File 130041215642.jpg - (58.44KB , 337x700 , 128323623030.jpg )
>> US No. 6057
File 130043821287.jpg - (350.31KB , 640x2013 , we need to go wider.jpg )
Oh god, same here. Fucking shipperfags, especially the Arthur/Eamesfags.
>> AU No. 6069
File 130045426821.png - (230.11KB , 483x596 , MansleyandSyndrome.png )
Perry and I both agree: Kent Mansley and Syndrome are closely related somehow. Absolutely. Gotta be.
>> US No. 6078
File 130048073463.jpg - (33.60KB , 455x498 , conan o\'brien x james dean.jpg )
I always saw Mansley as a cartoon Conan O'Brien myself.
>> US No. 6080
File 130049407026.gif - (722.25KB , 400x222 , 259xqua.gif )
The existence of that image makes me angrier than what I can reasonably explain.
>> US No. 6086

I always figured that the reason Brad Bird's movies always seem to have a redheaded doofy villain (or redheaded doof of some kind) was that it's a self-deprecating jab at ol' redheaded Bird himself. Though Mansley does make for a pretty hilarious Evil Animated Conan O'Brien too, I'll admit it.


>> US No. 6122
I thought the same thing.

I only saw it for the first time recently and we were joking the kid was Babby Engie or Babby Solly. And Dean is a walking reaction image.
>> CA No. 6166
I saw Gnomeo and Juliet last week. I was surprised. It was actually REALLY good.

But I pissed my friend right the fuck off. I've studied Shakespeare, and she wanted me to explain the plot of Romeo and Juliet to her, in its entirety, before we saw the movie.
So there were virtually no surprises for her.

But the one thing about the film that bugged me- Whole damn time, I was trying to figure out who Mercutio was supposed to be. Still don't know. Don't even think he's really there.
>> GB No. 6171
File 130067307389.gif - (958.61KB , 400x145 , yes.gif )
So, I watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs yesterday.

>my face during the entire fucking thing
>> US No. 6177
Haha...Yeah, I know. My face was like that, too, especially having had my dad read the book to me when I was little. My favorite part was always the one with the giant jello. I wanted to go inside the book and bounce on it and eat it up!
>> US No. 6190
Oh god, that book and movie.
I also always loved the jello part in the book.
I loved the snow ball fight scene in the movie, made me laugh like crazy.
>> CA No. 6232
File 130083920788.jpg - (65.15KB , 600x338 , VFX_FIRST-TRAIN-ACROSS-THE-NEW-REARDEN-METAL-BRIDG.jpg )
I actually just finished reading Atlas Shrugged about a week after they announced the movie, and son, I am excite.

If you are like many whom I presume to be a little too busy and/or impatient to slog through roughly 1069 pages of text, the movie is going to be in three(?) parts and seems like it's actually going to be an incredibly faithful adaptation of Ayn Rand's masterwork.

That being said, I'm jumping the gun a little here. It'll be out on April 15th and it's going to be limited showing (god damn it Edmonton don't make me miss out on this, like half the other movies I've wanted so badly to see). Sooo, hopefully there's enough demand in this little pocket of culture for the movie. If not, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to swing a road trip, and I'll just have to wait for DVD. Which would be unfortunate and lame.
>> US No. 6234
File 130084573446.gif - (65.16KB , 790x416 , atlass.gif )
ahahaha what.
>> US No. 6235
>incredibly faithful adaptation
except for the bits where
1) the film is now set in the present day, where the loss of railroads would be inconvenient, yes, but not apocalyptic, as it was/would be in the time period of the novel
>> CA No. 6238
The present day bit is going to be challenging. I was taken aback too, at first. I get the feeling they'll be able to work it into their timeline, somehow. If they don't... well, you're entirely right. It wouldn't be nearly so apocalyptic.
And, by incredibly faithful, I'm also drawing comparisons to other "based on book" movies. The majority of them bear a passing semblance, at best, and take enormous liberties to keep the movie paced and/or the audience attracted. Despite having to cram an awful lot into the film, they've tried to stick to the book - word for word, in some cases - as best as they could. I'm mostly worried about Franciso's speech at the party, and Galt's speech at the end... god, that took me about 3 or 4 days to slog through, and I believe the longest monologue on record in cinema (that I am aware of, to my limited specific knowledge) is approximately 6 minutes long. So. I wish them luck with those. But they've been revising the screenplay, re-reading the book, etc etc, constantly, during the process. It's a labour of love. They basically almost lost their license to produce it, they've been taking so long and had so much to struggle through.

And, yes, Fransico doesn't look like how I imagined. Neither does Hank, to be perfectly honest. Looks like they've got a stellar Dagny, though.

That would be more accurate if all the strikers in the book were complaining about doing the menial day-to-day tasks. But they're not. They've got certain technologies to improve their work to free time ratio, and they rather enjoy work in simple, as well as complex tasks.
That being said, I'm being picky, it's just a comic. It certainly applies to the BioShock take of Atlas Shrugged, though.
>> CA No. 6240
Oh, and Ayn Rand's principals are valid theories, regardless of the age they're applied to. I'm fairly confident they'll manage to get the just of it across, regardless of it being set in a modern era. If anything, it'll help validate objectivism and apply it directly to the here and now. That'd be my my first guess for them setting it now, instead of earlier.
>> US No. 6285
File 130102977652.jpg - (321.23KB , 700x493 , armadillo.jpg )
Rand had/has quite a cult of personality, which leaves me inclined to disregard most of what she wrote, and her followers. Lets just leave my opinions at that.

Anyways, Armadillo was fairly interesting as far as embedded war movies go.
>> US No. 6286
Objectivism is fuck-you-got-mine bullshit. The whole idea that "the proper moral purpose of one's life is the pursuit of one's own happiness" embodies a rejection of altruism and charity, ties in very nicely with the "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps"* bullshit you hear all the time from selfish assholes, and is wrong.

* Which is, in itself, fucking ironic as shit because pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps is literally impossible and that was the original meaning of the phrase before it started getting harped on by Fox News types as an actual ideal that people are expected to do irl.

I saw Rango and it was pretty good
>> US No. 6287
File 130103794357.gif - (59.57KB , 500x346 , Junior Libertarians.gif )
Don't forget that poor people are poor because they're lazy.
>> CA No. 6292
And all sick people are just government leeches.
>> GB No. 6294

Wait, what if charity and altruism makes you happy?
>> CA No. 6305
File 130109790863.jpg - (19.45KB , 640x250 , OMGTHEYAREFILMING.jpg )
Insidious, i want to see it. It looks like it might be good for a few scare jerks.

And i am a sucker for ghost movies
>> CA No. 6306
File 130109919559.jpg - (115.10KB , 540x800 , collateral05.jpg )
Seems I have unwittingly unleashed a can of worms. I read the book, it made some interesting points, her theory is a valid - theory - I never meant to indicate it was right or wrong, or that I was throwing all my weight behind it. But, the movie looks good. And hopefully I can see it in theaters.

In other news and several years too late, I watched Collateral with a friend today. Thank you, Tom Cruise, for making me love salt and pepper hair all over again. It was.. somewhat predictable, but suspenseful all the same.
>> US No. 6308
Pre-Scientology Tom Cruise is enjoyable to watch.

Though Interview With A Vampire makes me think that he was slightly crazy even then.
>> US No. 6322
I am surprised that no one else saw how gay that movies was. Not gay in the negative derogatory sense, but gay as in every male character wants to bang the protagonist sense.
>> US No. 6324
Same anon here. I did, but then again, effeminate male vampire book written by woman = I kinda expected homoerotic situations.
>> US No. 6331
True, but they weren't even undertones. They were heavy, gay overtones. Lestat totally wanted to be gaymarried with Louis and pretty much knocked him up when he bit Claudia. Also the guy had a thing for drinking from pretty little boys.
When Louie almost madeout with the Italian guy, I forgot that this movie wasn't actually supposed to be gay.
>> US No. 6351
Saw Sucker Punch and thought it was awesome.

My usual complaints with women in action movies - panty shots and the lingerie/corset stuff - but other than that it was great. A couple of moments definitely reminded me of TF2.
>> US No. 6368
Baby Doll had the wraps around her hands, a pistol, and a headset. I couldn't not think of Femscout.
>> US No. 6369
...And Jon Hamm looked like Medic. There was a shoop floating around of him as Medic somewhere.
>> US No. 6381
Samurai dude with the minigun. Held it just like the Heavy.
>> US No. 6392
File 13014694888.jpg - (29.59KB , 610x307 , black-swan-black-poster.jpg )
So I FINALLY got around to watching Black Swan.

As much as I loved the acting, it was the music and sound design that blew me away. I only wish I had a better sound system in order to do the movie proper justice.
Also, I definitely need to re-watch this because apparently I missed a lot of subtle things.

Fantastic movie overall.
>> US No. 6394
File 130148593834.gif - (936.50KB , 160x240 , serbian acordian.gif )
I am incredibly amused that Rotten Tomatoes rates A Serbian Film higher than Sucker Punch.
>> GB No. 6396

>> CA No. 6426
because Sucker Punch was horrible.
>> AU No. 6576
Rango was so fucking excellent.
>> DE No. 6676
Watched Rio today. It's a decent movie with very pretty bird animations, not overly annoying singing and a surprisingly true portrayal of Rio de Janeiro. The movie is not deep or innovative in the least, though. Entertaining but not surprising at any point.
>> IT No. 7325
File 130512173962.jpg - (400.00KB , 1600x1067 , film-agora-main.jpg )
today I saw the film "Agorà" and my eyes and was about to cry at the end.
good movie, good actors and Excellent recreation of Alexandria.
It's become my favorite movie
>> US No. 7338
I watched The Men Who Stare at Goats recently. Loved it.
>> US No. 7405
Just saw Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale.
I actually liked the dyke-haircut chick's designs better than Barbie's friend's.
>> US No. 7408
File 130541978385.gif - (475.66KB , 350x263 , tumblr_licu95dfb11qdffhg.gif )
Just came home from watching Thor.
What a fucking great movie.
>> US No. 7432
File 130554341287.jpg - (130.38KB , 500x500 , ooh mister britt.jpg )
So, I saw The Green Hornet last night.
I've never seen the original series and didn't know about the plot prior to the movie, so I can't really give the fan side of it.
But yeah, I loved it. Some of the action sequences were a bit ridiculous, but I'm fairly certain it was intentional and all in good fun.
I miss seeing chubby!Seth Rogen, but I can't deny how amazing he looked throughout the whole movie.
My Lord, that man is just amazing.
>> US No. 7685
File 130669900679.jpg - (84.95KB , 535x684 , easy A.jpg )
So, I just finished watching Easy A. I'm really surprised that I enjoyed it so much. The commercials really made it seem like another stupid teen movie where all the girls are bitches, but it was genuinely funny with a genuinely likeable protagonist. It was really good and that confuses me.
>> US No. 7886
Saw Kung-Fu Panda 2, thought it was better than the original (no easy task, loved the original). Great blend of comedy and awesome art.

(I drew fanart, and even though there's no dicks or anthromorphization of human characters or anything, I'm going to ask before I post it here what constitutes "furry" so I don't get banned.)
>> CA No. 7887
I saw Bridesmaids last night. I thought it was gonna be another shitty chick flick, and was pleasantly surprised. It all felt very real, and yet had some moments of surreality that still felt real, and I loved it. I'd actually recomend it. It's surprisinly good. Especially if you like movies that really play up awkward moments.
>> US No. 7928
saw Kung Fu Panda 2, reaction was mixed.
It's an awesome movie with fantastic action scenes, but I don't think they mixed the humor in too well. Dreamworks humor usually makes or breaks their movies for me, the first movie was wonderfully balanced but this one... seems a bit shaky.
Plus I strongly feel that the last fast scene could have gone more epically.
But aside from that, it made me laugh, nearly brought me to tears, and has left fuzzies in my heart, so I think it turned out okay in the end.
>> US No. 7953
Saw Super 8. Much better than expected.

Carey is Pyro's son, I'm convinced. Or he grows up to become Michael Bay.
>> US No. 11055
File 132501438846.jpg - (402.70KB , 1440x900 , The_Adventures_of_Tintin-3D_Movie_Wallpaper_1440x9.jpg )
>>dat adventure
>>dat "kid's movie" that doesn't treat kids like they're stupid and has violence and shit
>>dat bromance
>>dat 1930's-40's aesthetic
>>best dog
>>dem special effects
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