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File 129644816188.jpg - (99.72KB , 410x308 , colleen_wallace_nungari_dreamtime_sisters_image1.jpg )
4581 No. 4581
Alrighty, how do y'all feel about a dreams thread? Personally, I find it difficult to talk to people about my dreams, but I can't stop thinking about them until I've told someone about them in detail, which gets uncomfortable in cases such as the one outlined below.

It involved playing chess with a ghost. Then, after some guessing (the ghost was completely invisible and inaudible and the only reason I knew it was there was the movement of chess pieces) I figured it wanted to play draughts. Okay, ghostie. So I start setting up the checkers on the chessboard.

Meanwhile, an IRL friend is sitting behind me on the couch, his arm around me. This is not super unusual, as we have a history of aggressive lolflirting with a mutual understanding of NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. However, as I move forward to make the first move in the draughts game, he grabs my waist. I'm all yeah stop it I'm trying to play checkers with a ghost and then he's flipped me around to sorta straddle him. I protest. He tries to kiss me. I go aw hell naw. He continues fairly persistently trying to get his mouth on mine. I am starting to get pretty annoyed. Then he begins to undress me. At this point I start to serious freak. We're surrounded in-dream by a number of my other friends, I should point out. So he manages to get all of my clothes off and is actually trying to "stick it in and wiggle it about a bit" (as quoted from one of my favourite sketches) and I am freaking out A LOT and calling UH GUYS HELP? SERIOUSLY. THIS IS NOT A JOKE HELP NOW PLEASE DAMMIT YOU GUYS CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT SOMETHING IS VERY NOT RIGHT HERE.

I manage to pull away from him and start railing at my friends WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. THAT WAS RAPE. DO YOU IGNORE RAPE? WHAT. THE. FUCK. Still naked and crying, I run into the next room and try to call Boyfriend. He doesn't answer. So I make the next obvious step: I call the Doctor. I'm on the phone to a Time Lord (apparently he was in my address book), weeping and telling him I need help. He says he doesn't know who I am but he will be there ASAP to help.

I calm down a little at this, and wander over to the door leading outside to a carpark. The Doctor (turns out he's Tennant - I couldn't tell on the phone) gets out of a car, looks around, can't see me. I run outside (briefly thinking hang on I'm naked. Eh, can't be any worse than what happened just then) and start yelling and waving my arms around, trying to catch the Doctor's attention. I've never had an issue with dream-nudity - it's happened a couple of times and dream-me is always ambivalent; however, I pragmatically think that he'll notice a crying naked woman waving her arms around. He can't see me, though. He looks past and through me, then shrugs and gets back in the car. So I run over and try to get into the car - the side I try first is locked, but he's in the other side so I dash around there and open the door he got in, and as soon as the door's open he can see me. He's rather shocked, doesn't say anything, I collapse onto him in further tears. I run m fingers through his hair. It feels like my boyfriend's. I wake up.

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>> No. 4589
I have some pretty crazy/scary dreams. It's once in a few years that I have a good dream. So don't worry, OP, I'm in the same boat People are creeped out by my dreams, haha.

The one I had last night was crazy. I was with a group of people who I barley knew in RL, and a few besties of mine. The beginning of the dream, we were running at night through this desert kind of place for a short while. We reach this run down house and get inside. We decide to have a house party. Until someone yells "ZOMBIES!"

I immediately run into the conveniently placed shed full of wood and tools that's right outside. I grab a shit ton of wood, a hammer, and a butt load of nails. I run around nailing boards strategically on the doors and windows. I scream to everyone "WE NEED TO GET THESE DOORS CLOSED, STAT!".

A few people jump in and help me. While I'm boarding up one door, I see a zombie in between the cracks come up, and start trying to knock down the door. Somehow I kill it, and we have no more problems with zombies.

We all start partying and drinking. I'm sitting on a couch with my bff (in rl). This cute guy (in my rl Comp II class) starts flirting with me. Then he's like "Want to fuck?". My friend goes "But Anon, hat about your boyfriend?" I smirk to her, and go to have sex with the guy in the dark behind a couch. Two girls run up and go "HEY. YOU CAN'T FUCK. THIS IS SO-AND-SOS DAD'S HOUSE." I'm like, naked besides my red Jimmy Hendrix hoodie I'm wearing, and I shrug and go "OKAY, SORRY LOL."

Then the dream ends. Wtf is wrong with my brain?
>> No. 4591
My last dream was kinda hazy but it involved the Mafia and illegal fruit smuggling O.o

Then a little bit ago I was apparently dreaming about TF2. I thought "someone needs to go pyro and spy check dammit." Then I woke up and thought "that's stupid...I'M the pyro, I should spy check." Then I woke up MORE and thought "....maybe I should just get up."
>> No. 4598
I usually have very stupid, very intense and very incoherent dreams - But some nights ago I had one that was basically one long storyline and it actually had points to it! Impressive, given it's my subconcious we are talking about.

It started out with me waking up in an alley at night with amnesia. I didn't remember anything and just stumbled around the streets, hoping to find help or clues about my identity. I encountered nobody and nothing of help, just some dead purple colored reindeer lying around. Then I tripped, bumped my head and had a blackout.

I woke up in a classic casino and restaurant that would have been the perfect setting for a film noir movie. Even the colors of everything around me were washed out and dull to underline that. A girl around my age told me I would be working as a waitress here from now on. For a while, the dream focused on social relationships and how me and the workmate girl became friends over time. We had a variety of interesting events together and with the guests and our stressing job, there was never a boring minute. We never met our boss but he was apparently very busy with keeping everything running so it was fine by me.

One day, some of our usual guests stopped coming without warning. This was highly unusual and after a couple of days, I started to worry. When I tried to go outside and look if something was wrong, I couldn't. There was a barrier stopping me. When I told my friend about this she was worried too and said she would do some investigating before it would be too late. I didn't understand why it would be too late at some point but I agreed.

As the days went by, we got less and less guests. I also started to have headaches on a frequent basis and things escaped my memory more often than usual. One morning I tried to look outside and saw absolutely nothing. Everything outside was empty and white. I started to feel seriously trapped and my friend had a hard time keeping us both calm.

The next morning, the emptiness was very clearly spreading like some kind of disease. Some parts of the casino were affected now and it spread faster every hour. I also noticed that I started to feel more and more ambivalent about this which was terrifying me to an extent. It was like I couldn't think on my own anymore.
My friend said she found out what's the cause for everything and that I shouldn't waste any more time. She gave me a handful of weapons (a revolver, a knife and a katana) and sent me upstairs to kill the mastermind behind this. Upstairs had always been offlimits and the stairs were locked away with a high security door. Apparently though the door was open today so I went through.

I ended up in a small office bursting with boxes, shelves, books and other things. A pudgy old man with a warm, friendly smile welcomed me. He definitely noticed the weapons I had with me and that I wasn't here to have a lighthearted talk - Yet for some reason it didn't unsettle him in the slightest. I asked if he was the one responsible for all of this and he just nodded and smiled.

Then I noticed he was Santa Claus. Yes, really, everything was there except for the beard. Apparently the reindeer earlier were an omen of sorts.
Santa told me that he was stopping the world from having the ability to freely think. The barriers and the emptiness outside weren't really there, it was just a sign of our minds losing their free will to guide us wherever we want to go. He was being very friendly and supportive while he explained me everything. He said it was for the world's best if nobody could have bad thoughs and intentions anymore.

For a while I completely forgot that I was supposed to kill him and when I remembered I had lost almost all power to even put the thought together. He had me in his hand and knew it. He continued to smile and offerd me tea. When he saw that I couldn't accept the tea because I lost my free will, he smiled even more.
Then I put all of my remaining willpower together and stabbed him with the katana. My thoughts came back and I realized what I had done. The feeling of killing Santa Claus for regaining the free will was bittersweet.

>> No. 4850
Somehow, by a glorious stroke of opportunity and luck, I manage to get in, last minute, to attend The Colbert Report. He was hilarious and witty, as usual, though I can't remember a single topic of discussion. My dream blurred most of that out (and anything that lead up to this next bit).

After the show, he decided to be a gentleman of utmost geniality and walk me to my bus stop outside the studio. I remember, particularly, the wet streets in the dark, freshly rained upon, and his physical disposition. He wore a gorgeous, charcoal wool long-coat - open so you could make out his suit and tie underneath. He was also holding what I assume were really nice gloves.

Anyways, we chatted for a while, had a good time, and I proceeded home. When I arrived and turned on my computer, I had an e-mail waiting for me from Stephen Colbert. I was naturally pleased by this and we passed a series of short e-mails back and forth over about the course of half an hour. His last e-mail was a little longer, and in it asked me to lunch.

I should mention all our e-mails were enhanced by picture backgrounds of various description. When I wrote my reply to this last letter, I wanted it to have a large, empty space at the top - maybe to keep him apprehensive - and a lovely blue bottom around where the text would go, with some obscure pattern of stars.

Feeling particularity giddy about this last correspondence, I caught my brother as he was exiting the bathroom and asked him to guess who I was chatting with over e-mail.

The second I finished explaining the situation to him, he burst into tears and told me to tell Stephen that he was begging for an autograph (my brother isn't prone to emotion, so, odd). I was vaguely amused and told him I would do so.

Now that I was trying to write him a reply, however, the document kept messing up. Spacing, cycling through to random pages, all sorts of crap. It was 2:68 in the morning (I don't know), so I knew he'd be past waiting for my reply and would have gone to sleep anyways. Aaand I woke up for work.

Weirdly enough, I managed this dream in the hour between my alarm going off and my "sleep in" buffer. That REM was faaast.
>> No. 4853
I had a vagely similar dream where in I was trying to do a simple task and just kept screwing up somehow even though it was just crossing off days on a calender. Great No I'm afraid that the days I kept accidently crossing mean something, like periods in mylife or something. If so, then I've just assigned my self to a whole lot of coma with a few short intervals of seeing how great the world is getting on without me.
>> No. 4856
I dreamed that my home was plagued with bizarre ghost disease things what possess people through the eyes, and that I had to call my friend to help me get rid of them. Apparently it involved sexuality in some way, because I was going down the stairs with packets of rubbers in my hand, and my friend and his friend (Slenderman, but with a strangely sexy face and hairstyle) both had their dicks out.
My friend, by the way, vaguely resembled a real life Brief.
I saw Slenderman and thought "Jesus blow me, forget my friend, I wanna jump his bones" but he and my friend managed to somehow repel the evil ghost disease things and then just kind of wandered away. I was disappointed and had to settle for my friend, who was offering me oral sex.
I was all for it, but he told me that he hated the hair, so I said, "fine whatever I'll shave it" and I wandered into the bathroom--pantsless--to find my razor. There was a head in the toilet.
It was another ghost.
I went "fuck fuck fuck no I am not in the MOOD FOR THIS" and it attacked me and rendered me incapable of reading English (the ghost things all had some retarded little shtick). Suddenly there were a bunch of people, including my friend, and they were all treating it like the crisis of the century, and I was standing there going "no no no, it's cool, guys, no really; I can still read German so can I please get my oral sex now"

Another night, I also dreamed that I requested Teratomarty draw an Abe & Kroenen smutfic.

I woke up and realized I spent too much time on the internet. Then I decided that fuck common sense, I'm going back in.
What makes no sense is that I hardly paid any attention to the Slenderman deal, and I have never even finished an episode of Panty & Stocking. It was cultural osmosis, apparently.
>> No. 4948
Shit...When you mentioned something about a ghost disease, I just remembered this fucked up dream I had when I was in my early teens. I had apparently gotten this weird bacteria under my skin that slowly mummifies you alive, and I was frantically trying to push it back down. It was spreading up my legs, and I remember just trying to shove it down, like it was a layer on my skin's surface, which worked to a certain extent, but then it would just keep trying to spread. I think it finally spread to my entire body and I died and woke up.

While I'm at it, I'll tell about some of the other crazy dreams I had that I can remember from when I was little.

There was this one that had this weird giant pink land whale thing in it that was vacuuming everything up and it had an entire apartment style kitchen in its mouth with a TV in it. I remember getting sucked up and watching the TV as it ate me. I remember calling the pink whale thing a Sucker Whale.

There was another one where I was flying with a small party balloon into a hurricane, and the hurricane was really a flying saucer and its walls were lined with books.

In the last one I'm going to talk about in this post, took place in school. I was in elementary school at the time, and I was in art class, and the floor suddenly started to crack. We all evacuated, because there were all these earthquakes, and everything was falling into the earth. It looked like something out of the movie 2012, almost. I remember going home, and seeing my house surrounded by a moat of lava, and the sky was completely red. The last thing I remember before I woke up was saying "We're next."
>> US No. 5035
My dream last night waas in two parts. the first was, I was trapped in my house and there were weeping angels trying to get in /everywhere/. For some reason homestuck characters were there and Karkat died, so I brought him back with a kiss and suddenly he was a half human half troll hybrid.

The second part was my daddy was the Doctor (from Doctor Who) in his tenth incarnation, and he had gone and ran off somewhere with his companions. I had to go track him down, eventually to this house, and it turns out he was with a previous incarnation of himself, talking... I basically tackled present ten, and then slowly walked up to three and hugged him. Afterworlds three and I chased down a rouge alien on his menstrual period on motorcycles, and then he wasn't actually an alien OR on his menstrual period; but an undercover agent.

Holy shit my dreams are awesome.
>> DE No. 5036
There was a dude with ginormous dildo inside his butt all over my tumblr dash last night. It was photoshopped but it still repulsed me.

Now I dreamed that my boyfriend was this guy and that it was not photoshopped. He had become a dildo whore for some reason, getting bigger ones each day, and I later tried to compete with him by buying tons of giant dildoes too. Then I woke up.

>> GB No. 5058
There is this one I've had since I was a child, not exciting or anything but it always leaves me with a weird feeling in my head, like my mind is being stretched.

Basically, I'm sitting in the corner of some bare room, but I'm looking down at myself from a sort of forty five degree angle. My view then starts to pan back, revealing more of the barren walls and floor as I go, but the walls seem to stretch rather then just get larger. I know this because I can feel them stretching, I think I may be the room, but at the same time I am me in the corner, because I feel aware that these walls are me, but also not me.

The stretching speeds up, I'm becoming smaller until I'm rapidly becoming a small dot. After about thirty seconds of this the walls seem to suck me back in, unstretching like an elastic band so that I'm fired back towards myself, going straight into my head and I'm no longer the walls but just me in the corner.

From my new viewpoint I can see two figures to my left and right are two figures. They are hunched over and wriggling their fingers at me like a parent would when they are about to play tickle their child. At first I always felt like they were my mum and dad but I figured out they weren't long ago.

I am not afraid of them, I usually laugh as the creep closer and closer, the vibe is not scary to me at all. When they reach me, everything goes black and I feel like I'm in some sort of vacuum, both of the people are gone as is the room. I've heard people say they feel like they are falling or flying in a dream, but this feels more like I am just suspended in the darkness. Once again, dream me seems to be calm.

A door approaches me, its wooden with a brass door knob. It opens as it gets closer, revealing a similar door. I am going through a constant line of similar doors and its usually at this point that I wake up.

I also have the occasional dream where I am just going about my normal life then, between a day or a month later, the exact same thing will happen. The most accurate I have ever been is being able to predict a car's license plate. I freaked my friends out with that. We were about to cross the road when I recognised the dream. I had focused on the license plate in the dream and I had a clear image in my head of the numbers and letters. I told my friends "Guys, at the next set of traffic lights we come to, the first car to stop will have the registration *number here*" Lo and behold, the car is there, and now half my friends think I am psychic, and I am slightly inclined to believe them.
>> US No. 5060
I keep having this dream where I witness or help with a murder, escape the police, and fall in love with the guy who murdered someone. Thing is, it's always a different victim and a different "gang" and a different lover in every dream, but the basic plot is "I befriend and become a part of a tight-knit group of people, but they end up murdering somebody, and I have to vouch for them because I'm the most innocent, but also I'm in love with the guy who plotted the murder to begin with."

What does that even mean?
>> US No. 5061
Maybe you watch a lot of cop shows or something related? Have you had to cover for someone doing something more minor? Maybe your brain liked the dream and wanted to see it again?

capcha: mechav. "Hello. Me Chav."
>> DE No. 5078
Okay english isn´t my mothertongue, so please bear with my horrible onslaught on the english language (May Shakespear have mercy on my soul).

Okay this dream was like two year ago and i watched this horrormovie Black Christmas before i went to bed.
I dreamed the following:
It was christmas and my whole family, which was in my dream like 30 something people big where together to celebrate it. We decorate the tree, the house(we don´t have a house), which was surrounded by snow (there wasn´tany snow to this time laying around) and everyone wore this really neat handmade christmaspullover (we don´t have such things). It was like a beautifull christmas wonderland movie.
We prepared the turkey(we don´t even eat turkey!) and me and my cousin (i have no one) listened to our grandparents and parents which told the plans for the christmasmeal. And what we would do with our neighboors. How we gonna hunt them, bring them in the basement, and would kill them to eat them. They would be delicious.
At first my cousin and me where all like: Hmmm! Yeah Neighboors! YUMMIE! But than we learned that we can´t do it, because they are humans and all. (I don´t know anymore how, but suddendly i was just repulsed by the thought to eat my neighboors.) So as our family catched up to our sudden change of mind they made the following decision. Today on the Menu: We. Yes, they wanted to ate me and my cousin instead. We tried to alarm the police and to get help, but it was in vein. And to the end they catched us and brought us to the basement. And than i woke up.

I have this so vividly in my memory, because god the house was AMAZING! (And yeah i wanted to eat people and than my mom wanted to eat me and.... i don´t know what my brains want to say to me.)
>> US No. 5496
A couple of nights ago, I had a dream that I lived in some sort of different world where society was constantly watched by giant monitors and scary robot guy things. Everyone seemed really okay with that. I was going down the street to buy a smoothie and a man approached me and handed me a seven dollar bill, and sat down with me when I got my smoothie. He proceeded to ask me if I would be in a porno that he was producing. For some reason, I wasn't creeped out at all; I was actually just really flattered that he thought I had the look/body for a porno (which I don't and nor would I want to so what the hell). I told him I was a lesbian and he gave a big grin and said "I can work with that!" but I politely declined. He was really nice and for some reason I was just not even vaguely bothered by being asked to star in a porno by some random guy off the street that handed me money. Sort of wondering what this says about me to be honest.
>> US No. 5576
I had a dream a couple of nights ago that the world was ending. I was in a house with my parents (the house wasn't the one we live in now, nor one we've ever lived in), and a bunch of my friends came over. I knew I had to go with them; for some reason, my parents were going to be better off if I went with my friends. But they didn't want me to go, so I tried to sneak out with my friends. My mom caught us, but she let me go and was really sad that I was leaving, even if it would be better for her.

So I drove off with my friends, and we went to some weird renaissance faire. I met up with my girlfriend there, but we had a fight and broke up. The next day in the dream, I realized my mistake and tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't take me back. Woke up crying and had to get online and make sure it was actually a dream.
>> AU No. 6686
File 130250198432.jpg - (34.94KB , 290x400 , matt-smith.jpg )
I keep seeing secrets on f!s about the Eleventh Doctor, and it weirds me out, because I get little tummy-tingles every time I see him because of my dream last night:

In which the Doctor (possibly just Matt Smith dressed as the Doctor?) was a vampire, and he took off his clothes so I'd look at him. I was intensely aroused and also fearful because he was a vampire, and I wanted to bang him but didn't want him to eat me.

Eventually we kissed a lot - and there was rather a lot of groping also.I have never had a proper sex dream; stupid subconscious.

Anyways I am now even more in lust with Matt Smith than previously, which is kinda wonderful and awful at the same time.

But also I remember dreaming this last night, and I remember in the middle of the night I woke up incredibly horny and was all "BOYFRIEND. SEX NOW PLEASE". Obliging boy that he is, he shagged me vigorously and then fell straight back asleep. But, you see, I don't recall whether this was before or after the sexy-vampire-Doctor dream. I have no idea whether I was aroused from the dream, or dreamed because I was aroused. I don't know whether to feel guilty or not.

>> US No. 6689
I had a dream a few years ago about a man with scored crisp flesh that was mutilating people with a knife. The only way to stop him was for me to sacrifice myself and become the man's bride.
He did no accept me and when I drew close he repeatably stabbed me with a knife in the side. Despite the stabbing, it did not detour my efforts and I somehow managed to cradle the man in my arms while coughing blood and slowly dying.

The dream after that was mostly me feeling horribly uncomfortable while we exchanged sweet nothings. I woke up when I died.

The reason I remember this dream is because it was one of the rare sensory response dreams I'm prone to having. To this day I can remember the dry, rough, uneven feeling of his skin as I embraced him. Never fails to creep me out a bit.
>> US No. 6692
File 130253181812.jpg - (33.09KB , 500x377 , eleventh_hour4.jpg )
Oh wow, I've been seeing Matt Smith pop up just about everywhere these days. I mean, not that I'm surprised or anything, that man can give anyone the right shivers, but it's still funny to see this post about him.
Nevertheless, aside from the vampire shenanigans, I am insanely jealous of your dream.
>> US No. 6695
Anyone else feel that fevers fuck with your dreams?
A memorable fever dream was set like a cheesy 70's cop show. I had to face down a bear with my pistol in order to escape the wonton shop and get back top work.
What make it weirder is that I had to convince myself it wasn't real when I woke up.
>> US No. 6700
Nice dream! Yeah I know sugar and other things fuck with your dreams, so a fever would too. Fever's cause hallucinations sometimes.
>> CA No. 6713
I can't recall the dream at all, really, except that it was somewhat pleasant until my alarm went off. I'd accidentally left my phone open and sitting face-down on my desk. Alarm = noise + vibration. In dreamstate, it sounded like someone suddenly and awfully yelling NOOOOOOOO. That was unfortunate to wake up to.

Just a tip if you like waking pleasantly and use your cell as an alarm -- LEAVE IT CLOSED FOR GOD SAKES
>> AU No. 6716
I've had numerous strange dreams, and for some odd reason I only seem to remember the really weird ones.
Once when I was very young (like five or six I think), I dreamed that I tripped and cut my knee, but instead of blood, out swarmed a legion of baby spiders. I went over to my mum and she put a band-aid on it. My knee swelled up from the spiders still inside it. Conversely, the same knee IRL has sustained an injury to it that hasn't healed properly since.

Another dream that I had when I was much older; I was in Squidward's attic (yes, Squidward from Spongebob, and I didn't know he had an attic either).
I found a broken object in there, and I decided to fix it by putting the pieces together, and it turned out to be a ballet trophy. Then I heard Squidward coming up the stairs and I'm like 'aah hide it' because I thought he'd probably be mad by me touching is trophy even though I'd just fixed it.
He looked at me sorta grumpily, I thought I'd be nice and offer him a hug, but he said no and walked back down the stairs. I followed him into the garden, which was sort of unkempt with out of control weeds and shit, but you could tell he had been trying to clear it up. Anyhooo, I looked around the garden, found Squidward, and discovered that he had become a zombie and was about to eat my brains. I woke up shaking.

>> CA No. 6718
I keep having sex dreams involving my father.

Not in that way, though. One I had last night- I was for some reason in my grandmother's old house, and I was jerkin' it, and it was feeling GREAT. Only problem was, my dad was apparently outside doing work on his truck, and for some reason left all his tools inside. So he would knock on the door every 2 minutes or so and ask for a wrench, a hammer, a sandwich, etc. Got REALLY annoying.

No idea what it means. Only other one I had involving him was me sitting in my living room chair jerking off, and he was just sitting there with this bizarre grin on his face- not blinking, not breathing, not moving at all. Like a cardboard cutout. Woke up feeling VERY disturbed.
>> GB No. 6723
Right now, I keep having dreams involving spiders. Normally I would blame Dragon Age because it's not an RPG without giant spiders, but these are just regular spiders. I'm still terrified of them, but they're definitely not monsters. In fact, most of the time they're not the point of the dream, they're just there and I think "EWW, spider!" and move on.
My mother reckons they're a metaphor for looming exams. Personally, I think if they were, they'd be much, much bigger.
>> US No. 6724
Last night I had an extremely fucked up dream involving a trip to bizzaro Japan, where I watched the tail end of a kabuki play and then there was a small (5.0 on the Richter scale) earthquake and doubleleaf was somewhere, but I don't remember actually interacting with her. Then I was in this 2-day, cosplay-optional Nerf tournament in bizzaro Georgetown with classmates from my undergrad and grad schools. I got annoyed cause I didn't know cosplay was involved, so I went to get my BLU Sniper costume. There was Pokemon training involved somehow too, but the whole time I was stressing about telling this dude I knew/had a crush on in undergrad (I'm pretty sure he had a crush on me too, but we're socially retarded CS majors) that I liked him. Then afterwards I was walking around in Georgetown in the evening with Buuk, then I sort of freaked out because I wasn't sure if we had checked out of the hotel properly (it was the Gaylord, but I got it confused with the Omni Shoreham, both of which are Katsucon hotels, neither of which are in Georgetown). So I called them and then I was walking around alone at night in a subterranean parking garage, waiting for someone to pick up, then I settled on a metal grate ledge that dropped off into oblivion while I waited to talk to someone about making sure we had checked out properly. I was hanging upside down for a little while very precariously and then they picked up and I talked to them about it, feeling like an idiot, but once it was resolved I started being chased by some horrible monster thing with huge, long teeth (like U3 from RE4) in this bottomless pit place. Then I was Jack from Bioshock and I was being chased, doing huge leaps into what were beautiful old row houses in some non-existent town in Massachusetts (instead of Rapture, for some reason). I/Jack was completely fucked up by this monster, but somehow I was just fine after that. Then I freaked out because I had bees all over me, but then remembered that I had the Insect Swarm plasmid. I had to fight some guy who had Incinerate, but since bug isn't good against fire, it wasn't very effective. After a while, it started working and I beat the guy. Then I became Kalas from Baten Kaitos and these weird eye demons started showing up all over the coast and these kids were getting chased by them in this racing game and I/Jack/Kalas had to stop them with bees and magic. Some other stuff happened that was more Baten Kaitos-like, but then I woke up.
>> AU No. 6849

I was in some kinda airport/school thing, and the main cast of Community was there. The latter is easily explained as I watched Introduction To Wine Tasting last night directly before bed.


I was walking along the school corridor, and saw Abed, Annie and my friend Alyse (apparently my subconscious is alliterative, derp). The former two were carrying sleeping bags and nothing else, because apparently that's what one takes on a plane. So, I walked up to them and was all, "Hi Annie!". Annie gave me a who-are-you look, but I wasn't fazed, because they were TV characters and obviously they wouldn't know me. I said "Hi Abed" also, and he gave me an odd look, along the same lines.

Then I greeted Alyse, and we walked off together chatting, without saying goodbye or anything. I felt like a bit of a dick, but this seemed important.

So eventually we arrive at some kinda dorm room, the secret entrance to which was a public toilet cubicle. We go in, I see another friend of mine, we're all talking, when suddenly some blonde popular stereotype teenage girls start throwing eggs at me. I catch them and throw them back, and realise that this is a game and they're not being nasty.

I grow bored of this game, and leave through the toilet entrance (also an exit), but decide to use the loo on my way out. I lock the doors and do my thing, but some dudes come up and try to use the secret entrance. I try to finish quickly, but realise the door of the cubicle is very small and they can nearly see me (OH NO). I finish and leave.

I remember I have a weekend course to do at my local uni, so head off to that, but realise after five minutes there that I'd much rather spend my weekend chilling with Abed, so I leave and start walking home, passing the sport ground on my way out. There's a running competition or something on, and Abed's mother was there (I knew she was his mother, and she was being all mothery, unlike the estranged mother of the actual show). She knew me and started talking to me about how Abed was in the current race, and he'd love to see me, and how was my course going? I started to feel super guilty about blowing off the course because I thought Abed would be disappointed in me. I danced around the subject with his mother until Abed finished his race, then took him aside to talk to him alone. He was confused to see me 'cos he thought I'd be at the course, and I explained and apologised to him via YouTube video.

Then I woke up briefly, turned over, and dreamed about playing The Wonderful End Of The World, because of the Tetris effect.
>> No. 6890
I have an abnormal amount of nightmares where I have phenomenally bad luck, and it's starting to bug me. One was that I (who am usually a goodie two-shoes who never does anything remotely bad) smoked pot for the first time after it was legalized, and the cops still arrested me. Not the people I was smoking with, just me. The weird thing is, I have no desire to touch pot period.

Another reoccurring one is that I finally started schlicking, and a character/person I like walked in and we started having sex. We get to the dirty parts, and their face suddenly morphs into that of some random person I would never want to have sex with, and they begin raping me. Or my parents walk in. Every. Time.

I get starved/beaten a lot in my dreams, too. Usually by Nazis, who for whatever reason are the only things that terrify me. Or lied to by people I thought I trusted. To be honest, though, I've been going through a rougher than usual spot with my parents, and I'm really not feeling well, so that might be provoking it.
>> US No. 6906
I keep having these dreams where there's been some kind of massive, society-ending disaster and I somehow end up among the survivors and have to help rebuild the world.
Usually it's zombies, but one time it was a corporation that "disappeared" everyone, and last night it was that lava came oozing up through every crack in the earth's surface that it could find.
This one was especially strange because in the rebuilding stage, there were moments where I was doubting the consistency and got sort of dragged out of the context - for example, thinking, "Wait, how are these people able to use electricity - shouldn't there be no power?" or "Wait, why would there be a small zombie outbreak after a massive lava flow?" - and then I would feel my brain trying to make it work and then giving up. It was weird.
>> CA No. 6996
I once had a dream involving being tied up on a bed full of insects and being raped by chris chan. It was horrible.
>> US No. 7009
I had a particularly vivid dream wherein I had to handle fresh, steaming horse poop, which caused me to vomit for five minutes straight.

That's what I get for sleeping all day, I guess.
>> DE No. 7027
I had a crazy/wonderfull dream last night that i meet a guy (His name was David) in the Shoppingcentrum where my moms works and sexytime occures. Like him wanking of in my favourite bookstore and me watching. After he did it. (I was the cause of this, because i teased him and promised to go and get something for him if he does so. It was something like cough syrup. But he wasn´t ill. He just wanted this magentacolored thing with a big green cartoondragon on it.) We went to his apartment, in which he lived with his family, but his parents where gone and just his grumpy grandpa was there and as he saw that his useless grandson brought a female visitor for the night he fast vanished under a string of curses in his room.(It wasn´t a problem for me.) While we were on the way to his apartment we made some groping and kissing, but than the tense sexuall attraction vanished quickly, after i took my cellphone out to write a SMS on my home. (Saying the simple text: I´m by a guy i meet and will probably not be home until breakfast.) This and he started to be... annoying. Like writting me SMS, while i tried to write THIS SHORT one to a finale. It was annoying. Yeah and it quickly cooled down after i asked on the way: Oh.. do you have condoms? (Dreamme thinks: Because i don´t want to go back to buy some.) And he is all: Yes i have some. But don´t you think i deserve something good? To which i reply: Uh. I don´t take the pill. Do you want that i get pregnant? And than he became all flustered and it wouldn´t be a problem for him, blah, blah.(My mom would be so proud of me if i would ever tell her. Even in my dreams i think on things like condoms.)
than was a sudden timejump. And we somehow where in a relationship, but on the verge of breaking up. I was all teary eyes and all. And he tried to only blame me that it all went wrong, but his grandpa showed him some pictures and told hiim it was his fault too. And me. While i felt aroused and sad. I just wanted to make out with my boy and that he doesn´t leave me. Even as i knew deep down he was just a pretty annoying guy, i don´t really love, but felt just sexuell attracted to. Even if he looked stupid with his current hairstyle and all. Than ZOOM!
Again a timejump. Now came something with trains ad that we lived in a house from the 1800. And that we were all clothes as farmers or maids and all. But it was just a freetimething, for the weekend. Anyway i just remembered than that i was outside of our house as i heard this loud noise and his scream. So i runned in, now really with fear for him and all Oh god i love him (what happened in the meantime that i suddendly thought of him like this?) And as i came to our bedroom. There he laid with his back on the bed and... okay it now get´s hilarious and sexy and some should maybe skip the spoiler part. He didn´t "hurt" himself or so. It was just your normal bedroom accident. He tried to use a leek as dildo. But it broke and now there was a piece down there stuck and we fumbled to get it out. It wasn´t big, but he said it stung. I looked if nothing was broken or bleeding and looked at him again. I soothed him and spoke good to him. Because he mostly was scared, because of this freaking sound that thing made and he feared he broke something and all. Seeing his still half erect penis i tried to get first rid of this. So i gripped under the bed and took out the little lubbottle from it, smeared some on my fingers and gave him some satisfaction. I said things like: "Oh Baby, we really need to get you some real guy for it, if you already using some vegetables for it." Because alas he was ashamed he like it so much. And he just innocently asked me if it really feels different. To which i replied: "Oh yes it does."
And than i found his sweet spot in him and everytime he jumped a bit up and moaned i felt myself getting more aroused. And as he came i woke up.

tl;dr: First time i was a real slut in my dream. Even if i never got laid.
>> DE No. 7028
I failed to anonym myself. I push everything on the recaptcha and his evil plot to everytime tell me i tipped in the wrong one, by every post i make here. I could make now a witty comment, that i don´t need to make me so much sorrows, because one day it will be deleted, but by my luck it will not.
>> US No. 7047
I had a weird dream last night. Wheatley wanted to sex Chell/Me up, so the game restarted and Wheatley was following me like in Mass Effect in a robot body. wut.
This is what I get for listening to the end credits for Portal 2 before I go to sleep and Part of the "DJ Harbinger" mix of "poker face"
>> DE No. 7148
I had a dream that i´m again in this weird environment which are parts of my hometown, parts of the town my mother lives in and a HUGE amusementpark which is kinda a bit better than Disney World but older (Hey it´s a dreamamusementpark so it goes. And i was never in Disneyland) Anyway. I met my aunt there with her child and we had a casual conversation. How i am? Good. That i will soon write my test. Yeah. Did i learn for them? Uhm... a bit.
My aunt is something like Jimmy for Pinnochio to me. Because she doesn´t need to frown at me. She just need to ASK me it. I love her. My uncle laughed as i told him about my dream.
>> US No. 7204
I had this dream the other night where Robin Williams was raping people in front of groups of children.

There's these "dream interpreters" at my college who basically just talk about Jesus and stuff. I've been tempted to tell them this dream, but I wouldn't want to scare the poor things.
>> US No. 7208
I had a dream last night that my neighbors started shooting at us and a full-bore firefight began, but when I tried to go outside and help snipe I suddenly realized that I was dead and had died in Iraq. The realization made me go back over there and sit in the desert being a ghost for a while until I forgot I was dead, at which point I went back to the house that the neighbors were holding under siege, and the situation repeated - remembering I was dead sent me to Iraq as a ghost and forgetting I was dead sent me home to try to fight. Seems a bit backwards, which place was fighting and which place wasn't I mean, but welp
>> AU No. 7237
File 130464698129.png - (214.88KB , 726x590 , Spy_OniMask.png )
I dunno how I should feel about this dream.

I was in high school (as a visitor? a student, a teacher? I don't know) and I was being bullied by a huge gang of kids, like they were screaming bloody murder and throwing shit at me.
Suddenly, who else but the Prince of Darkness himself pops up behind the group, waves to me and he's like 'Yo, sup?'
And I says to him 'Hey, you want me to give you my soul to get rid of these kids, right?'
And he says 'Oh.. err yeah sure eheheh.' I think he meant to get my soul another way but okay.
So the kids vanish into thin air and Satan and I hang out for a bit before going home to my place.. which is apparently a huge fucking modern mansion. And I look up at him and he shrugs and says 'yeah hope you don't mind, I did a couple renovations.' so I'm sorta wondering what else I'm gonna get in return for, y'know, my soul.
I also idly wonder if he has the power to read minds, and he says 'Why yes, I can' being all smug and clever-like. And I say 'oh, well, things could get awkward then, in that case.' And he asks 'Why?' and I tell him that he should know if he's so clever!
So he says 'You want to root me don't you.' to which I say 'Naaaaw man we're just friends.' and he's like 'Yyyyyeeeeeaaaaaah.'
And I say 'Okay man you got me there.'
And at that, he lunges at me like some sort of animal, manages to tackle me and told me belly-down over the couch, and proceeds to sinfully awesome things to me. For some reason I can vividly remember myself accidentally getting a mouthful of cushion. The cushion was yellow and had a ribbed pattern on it. WELP.
All in all, Satan gets rid of a large problem, gives me an awesome house and we have the best sex I've had in a while. I'm not missing my soul at all, really.

Oh and then I woke up.

Pic related, if you take away the goofy fangs, make the mask an actual face, and give him a bit of hair, this is pretty much exactly what Satan looked like in my dream. Herp.
>> US No. 7246
File 130470830491.jpg - (23.44KB , 360x267 , 130366401357.jpg )
What the fuck have you been smoking before you sleep, if you don't mind me asking?
>> IT No. 7247
oh my god this is the best epic story i never see in my entire life.
>> CA No. 7269
I was live-streaming for a friend and she REALLY likes Heavy, so I decided I'd spawn a BLU Heavy for her on this new map to see what changes had been made to the game. I was equipped with a strange cross of the medieval and auto-blogging gun, and a potato.

The second I spawn, someone lame starts punching me for crits. I turn around and it's a RED Engie, apparently allowed in our spawn. He's grinning and he's got his trusty metal hand to punch me with. Strange thing, though - he's got some sort of weird grey cat mask on. Anyways, I punch the sucker out and drop down through a hole to continue on my way, only to find a BLU Engineer is chasing me.

Now, this really shouldn't have had to have been a concern. Nevertheless, I'm taking damage. I back-pedal and run to a large trench with a whole bunch of BLU Engies posted on the RED side. They also all have weird cat-faces on. And they're also trying to kill me - get this - with potato grenades. They look real similar to a familiar something in Portal 2, except they explode. And they hurt. So I crouch behind a rock and take out my "sandvich" potato. The Engie chasing me has long since caught up, so I run into the trench with my gun (mostly empty now).

A freaking GOLEM spawns up in the trench, a bunch of angry rocks fashioned to look something like a hulking, meaty skeleton. Luckily, a RED Pyro jumps down and it goes after him instead. There's this weird looking demon-shaped mouth that drops down into a shaft, so, sick of running away from Engies and potato grenades, I jump into it. Looking back, I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the freaking GOLEM in my TF2, but oh well.

It gave me some weird movie clip, the first half of it being incredibly confusing (mixing RED and Transformers and live action and I don't even, I've never even seen Transformers) and then narrating, through comics, about all the team members that were sent away on special missions. I can't remember exactly who, but I think Demo was, as well as Spy. And Medic. (I managed to hold onto that one since I want to bone him so bad like Medic so much.) Medic barely escaped a city he had been investigating. The entire city had been utterly destroyed, and he was escaping on some sort of fancy large boat, maybe military grade.

My brain probably just wants more Meet The 's to come out so it substituted in it's own goofy version.
>> US No. 7278
File 130491664527.jpg - (76.00KB , 433x500 , DarkJak.jpg )
Okay, so some folks dream they're in public naked or that they have a surprise test when they're stressed right?

I dream I'm this guy when I'm stressed out. And it is awesome.

This is guaranteed to happen every single time I fall asleep stressed as hell, and only when I'm stressed. They're never bad dreams though, they're fun, I end up fighting alongside Jak rather than be a part of him, and when I wake up, it always puts me in a better mood.

What my question is: why him?
>> CA No. 7289
The other night, I dreamt that my father had no hands.
And the most pressing concern was how he was going to type on his laptop now. We bought him a pair of fake thumbs. It was very odd.
And the little kid who plays Jeffrey on The Waltons was there. He shot his mom, and was all nonchalant about it. 'Yeah, my mom was a bad woman, so I shot her'.

Anybody interpreting my dreams would think I've got some kind of fucked-up Electra complex going on, but I really don't, I swear. I just have a fucked-up brain sometimes. Especially when I eat cheese before bed.

ALSO. Fucking cure for weird dreams, guys- Vitamin B Complex. Seriously. I had to take this stuff for months for a reason unrelated to dreaming, and had no fucked up dreams when I was on it. Stopped taking it. Not even three days later, Bambi was back to drowning in show and my teacher shot up the class with an inflatable rifle. We all bled grape jelly and thought it was a wonderful time.
>> DE No. 7324
I had today a test and so i learned before i went to bed and had a weird half-awake sleep most of the time. So finally as i started dreaming i dreamed from the best thing. KGBigelow made a new post in Helmetpartystory (The second TF2fictiondream of me the first one was by Marty and Hazard Coldfront). In this piece of fiction, Engie and Soldier where still on the place we left them. But Soldier needed to go outside to the showers. (Which where strangely outside the rooms) Anyway. Engie is sitting on a desk and tinkers on a sentry as suddendly he hears a gunshot and recognize it immediatly as Soldiers gun. So he runs out and is worried that Soldier got shot or Soldier shoot himself. But this wouldn´t be realistic, because we speak about Solly here. It´s more that one o the RED´s got him.(That´s what he thought). Anyway as he comes into the showerrooms, he sees Soldier there holding a strangely grey-green insect on his wings in his two fingers, while the insect struggles with all his six legs. The gun is in his other hand still smoking. And Soldier is all: What? This vermin tried o sneak up on me and tried to kill me! And than Engineer looks around and sees the girl from behind the desk with her hand aboove her head laying in a corner. As he questionably looks at Soldier he just answers. And yeah, she tried to look at me under the shower, so i just shot to scare her off. Engie gives a nonapproving look at Soldier and wants to go to help her up, but she already standed up and just says Fucker to Soldier and goes out.


My brain is weird.
>> US No. 7349
I had another weird Portal dream, after this other weird dream I had. In the first dream, I was a prince, who was confined to his bedchambers, because he was sick. The reason was that his servants who prepared his food for him were feeding him this strange poison that slowly changes his entire skeleton from bone to gold as the days went by. It was slowly killing me, and my mobility became limited as the days went by, and their plan was to strip my skeleton of my skin and sell my skeleton after I died. I guess they thought that turning the prince's skeleton into gold and selling it would rid the kingdom of its next and only heir to the throne, and make them rich...therefore killing two birds with one stone. I caught them, though, and had them arrested. After that dream, I had that second Portal dream I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I dreamed that I was in an old, beaten-down part of a city somewhere with the Portal gun, and I was able to use it on any color surface. I explored this old part of the city, as if I was solving a giant test chamber. There was this point where a tornado came, and I used the Portal gun to redirect it, just like the Excursion Funnels in Portal 2. Instead of sucking me in, I used it to let me fly wherever I wanted to go. It made me fly really fast, though, because it was super powerful, and I had trouble breathing in it, because of that.
>> DE No. 7847
Well i had a interesting dream last night.
I was in the minecraftuniverse. The dream started, that i was on the new server of a friend of mine. So i was rather new there and had therefore not much resources at the beginning. After i finished to build a two etage high house with sandstone and glasfront (which i will build now in real minecraft) i went out to search through the map. So as i went up a hill (looking like a irl hill) i discovered to my delight the new add on of minecraft. NEW DOGS! In better grafic!
So there where a bunch of different dogs from puppycute til ohh this one is nice, sitting before a house. I just thought: Huh? Who started building a house here of us? So i started to went in. Everything in it was, besides being in good grafikquality, dusty, with sipderwebs plastered and had this haunting aura around it. So after i went a bit in i fast turned around and said to my friend (telepathy? ts?) Hey look up the hill! i found something great here! DOGS! And a haunted house!
To which he replied: Dogs? Great!
As i just was outside of the house, to which i later wanted to return for investiagtion, he was already there and "recruited" them. I just talk with him how great this new update is and that i would later look up Wikipedia up for it, and that the old dogs down in the valley just suck from the graphic. Chatting, chatting, chatting. And than i get a bit confused and angry, because the dog i try to get DOES NOT take the damn bones from me. Which i just had four. And than the evidently happened. My friend got all the dogs there. ALL THE DOGS! I was really furious on him for it. So as the night fall i turned around and went into the haunted house. Eager to get some good resources before him and to get revenge for the loose of the dogs. It´s naturally by nightfall to go in a haunted house. I mean what could happen? The best friggining thing ever. It became the gate of Hell (not the Nether). Okay maybe the gate of hell sounds too dramatic. It just became the meeting place of Demons, Witches, some slimeyghosts and pretty much remembered me on the Walpurgisnacht in old germanstories. I would have loved it, if i wasn´t friggened to death. The deeper i went in the house, the more i tried to hide and not to get found by them.
Neverthless they knew i was there somewhere and searched for me. Sometimes i had a accounter with one of them, but thank god i had cooked pork with me. The deeper i went into the house, the fancier it became. (Red walls. Darkred carpet, candleslighters on the walls, gardines.) I knew something big will be there in one room of this hosue. And there it was. A office. And on this office there he sat. He looked like a shakespearish classy businessman. Except with horns and this thing on him which told you. This man doesn´t mean business, he is evil and 100% the boss here. The devil.
So i went further down the corridor. Destroyed one block, got a red flower and just ran out again. All the while calling for help to my friend. After i emerged from the house in the rainy night. I meet with my friend who defended me from the ghost which still followed me and we discuss a bit. Why he should help me and all. Because, i say. It would have been a lot easier if i had a DOG with me, which i couldn´t have because someone just NEEDED to take all. I looked Wikipedia up: It said three divine forced are now integrated inside Minecraft. The first the dark side (showing the high res picture of businessmandevil), than the good side (angelwarrior showing) and than something with earth(bigcreepy tree with yellowglowing eyes). You could choose which one to join, but at first all are on the side of the good/earth side which are allies. Battered up and jumpy i went down in the valley to our houses into mine. I saw a neighboor of me outside of my house and as i went in he started talking to me. Where i went, was i did. Small Talk. Uhu. I noticed to my sorrow my house had some holes. So that it wasn´t save. I was just on the limit of paranoia and was pretty much despaired. They were out there to haunt me, because i had stolen something from them. And i knew who my neighboor was. It wasn´t really my neighboor. So, i said to him. What do you want from me? Your flower back? What are you talking about?, he said. I´m not this stupid, why should my neighbor stand outside of my house in the middle of the night in the rain and talk to me? I know who you are and .. i want to join you. I still don´t know what you mean. I mean that i want to join your side and become part of your army. Because you are the devil and i so don´t have the will anymore to fight against you. So i joined him.
Came out the devil was a nice guy, who was partly a real bastard. And that i belonged to his harem had his advances. In his army me and a other old ugly witch(which was cool), where there as his advisors and to create new warriors for him. So not only i got to make out with a handsome devil, i had power too. Except that i was still to nice for some things and that our latest project to create a warrior ended up with Nothing. Yeah we tried the out NOTHING we got and captchured to craft a walking golem, because it would not give something so fearfully and destroyable. In the end the witch and me had a argument and after she gave up on the project i tried my hands on it. I calmy asked if my king would give his breath to the creation, while i cooked it on firesnakes and saw how the kettel melted away of their heat, i was partly unsure if it would work. I knew the hotter it is the better everything in there would come together. (thinking all the while on God and Adam) He spit into the nothing, which became green and started to blubber. Than i catched all in a mug and said it now need to rest. We made a pause and went to eat. As he suddendly fall down i thought. Oh no, the toxic fumes of it got him! I thought he is immune to it! But he just pulled a prank on me. As i than sat with him on a table and watched him sour how he ate his pasta with (paprika?) powder, the last picture was on the mug and how the green fluid became thicker and more and started to form a arm. Than my dream ended.

To join the darkside, which i usally never do felt never so good.
>> US No. 7924
I had a weird dream last night. Don't remember much. Everyone had super powers. Mine were flight and intangibility, but I could only pass through things while holding my breath. Was flying around going through things. Accidentally passed through someone and stopped holding my breath in surprise. Became solid inside them. Woke up uncontrollably spasming.
>> PL No. 7925
Speaking of similar stuff, I've had this one dream some time ago, where I was a dude who got himself in a fight that took place in a typical Old West saloon, and woke up, like, straight up, when a fist connected with his/my face. Shit felt really weird.
>> US No. 8238
File 130946424950.jpg - (34.23KB , 500x375 , 128730352158716229.jpg )
I've been pretty depressed lately, because I've been having depressing dreams. Yesterday, I had a dream that my teeth were shattering when I did barely anything to them. Last night, I had two bad dreams, one in which my dad had to leave us, cause he was stabbing me for no reason. My dad's probably one of the nicest dads in the world, so it breaks my heart when my mind feels the need to give me dreams in which he does something to hurt me. The other I had to save my parents from a car wreck before it exploded. The car wreck dream was weird, because I could travel back in time to just after the car crashed and before it exploded. The first time the car exploded, my dad died, the second time, my mom died, but the third time, I managed to save them both. After I saved them, I was dragging them to a nearby neighborhood to hopefully find someone who has a phone so I could call an ambulance, but nobody believed we were injured, cause it was Halloween and they all thought we were in costume. I swear, if I have another depressing dream tonight, I'm gonna end up not sleeping for an entire fucking week!!! It doesn't help that it's been raining really hard for days. The rain makes me feel all sluggish and lazy and not want to do anything. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF.
>> PL No. 8243
This one dream was really weird. It starts off with two kids running in a large sewer pipe. Actually, one kid is carrying the other one - they're brother and sister. Brother stops for a breather and shakes his sister who fainted from exhaustion, his pleads fail, since she's apparently long gone. Then some woman, who looks like a teacher from a very strict, traditional school emerges from the darkness, and says something like 'This is what you get for breaking the rules'.
It turns out that they were running from a large mansion that's actually some sort of a camp - apparently I was in there, since some of my irl friends were inside - unfortunately already brainwashed. We were there for reasons unknown, like, we couldn't remember what was that exactly, but they told us that people go here after they've done something terrible. This is their punishment. You're stuck in that house, you can't do anything that you enjoy, and if you're trying to break the rules, you're sent out through one of the doors to the outside world, where you'd face your greatest fear. Hence the dying sister. I remember that there were two cases: with zombies and dinosaurs. And we had to watch what happened. The rest was about smiling, brainwashed friends, and one cute, misguided guy who apparently was forced to keep us under control, and wanted to help us somehow at the same time. I can't remember how it all ended though.
>> US No. 8244
Try not to eat any sugar or pasta or breads before you go to bed. Or other things that might cause restless sleep. I've had the teeth shattering dream before too. I forget what that symbolizes. Sometimes dreams are based on things we've seen on tv, or they symbolize something else. For example, I've had several dreams where I'm really confused and dizzy, and I guess that symbolized confusing and not being sure where your life is headed, which was what I was thinking at the time. Check out an online dream dictionary interpretation thing maybe.
>> US No. 8247
File 130949061319.png - (48.02KB , 480x359 , SAMSY.png )
Alright... I've been having some freaky dreams lately... And they're rather disturbing.

Ok, so in the dream, I'm sitting in my living room, it's about 1 PM in the dream and it's raining cats and dogs outside (not literally, just using the figure of speech there...), and I hear a banging on the front door. I raise the blinds a little bit and I see somebody sitting outside on their knees, wearing soaked white clothes and they usually have long brown/black hair covering their face. Their hands are also at their face and they seem to be sobbing or crying. I stare at them momentarily and then they look up with fast reflexes; their faces are extremely grotesque and disturbing (in which when I wake up I feel very, VERY unsettled.) Anyway, it happens with several different faces, and people. These people I do not recognize or know; and they're always outside my door, crying... At least until I get a good look at them.

One night, however... It was different.

It was the same routine, except when I looked out the door, the person was standing up with their head down so I couldn't see their face... I got the courage to put my hand on the cold, metal knob and turned it. As the door swung open, I stared at the figure (soon recognizing it to be a woman), and waited for something to go wrong. The woman dropped on her knees, and moved craned her neck and arms to where the bones were grinding together. She placed her right hand on the window and looked up, her face was pale white, and her mouth was wide opened. She also seemed to be emitting a kind of 'death-croak' like The Grudge (which ironically I hadn't seen for years; so I still question why it was acting like Kayako.) After I stared at the face with pure terror, I finally saw that it was my niece.

As soon as I recognized her, I woke up to see my niece staring at me from my bedroom door. After I looked at her with fear in my eyes, she walked back down the hall and I heard the door slam to her room.

I am unsure about these dreams, or why my niece was at my bedroom door that morning after I had the one distinct dream about her... That happened two years ago, and I haven't had one dream like that since... Hmm.

(Picture unrelated)
>> US No. 8248
I had a recent dream where Dane Cook forced me to wear a bright blue burqa and then raped me from behind.
>> AU No. 8275
WELP I tried fixing my sleep cycle by sleeping all the way through the night but my brain's like 'LOL NAH' and I had a couple nightmares.

SO first dream: I was playing this new game on my PC, it was supposed to be a creepy puzzle game, sorta like Amnesia I guess, but it wasn't Amnesia there were zombies and werewolves and shit. Well actually the zombies were called 'ghouls' because they still had minds, they were just really aggressive and had rotten flesh.
So anyway I enter this old Victorian house looking for a weapon of some kind because there were two ghouls hunting me, so I grabbed this candle stand, but as soon as I grabbed it the candles on it want out and I was plunged into darkness. So I'm like 'great, I didn't know THAT would happen' and I was starting to think this game was kinda stupid but I kept playing, looking for something to re-light the candles.
I walked further and further into the house and somehow managed to find a werewolf, and I'm like 'SHIT, A WEREWOLF' and I didn't even try fighting him, I just ran into the next room and closed the door. Then I found the two ghouls that were after me and I got this great idea to get the two ghouls and the werewolf into the same room together so that they'd kill one another and at least I'd only have to worry about one or the other.
So I led the ghouls into the room the werewolf was in, and quickly climbed this curtain thing onto the balcony so I'd be out of reach. And the werewolf killed the two ghouls, but it also got bitten by one of the ghouls, so then it turned into a ghoul werewolf. And it was honestly the most terrifying thing, it was hissing and jumping everywhere, onto the balcony, so I had to RUN like SHIT and I sort of stumbled deeper into darkness until I literally couldn't see anything at all, and I'm like 'fuck this shit' and went to press 'Esc' to close the game, but I looked around and there was no keyboard or computer at all, the game was real and I could not escape.

So that's when I finally NOPE'd and woke up.

I fell asleep again, and I was having a driving lesson with my mother, it continued on being not very interesting until we parked next to a tree and had a break, and then my father came out from behind the tree and started telling my mother and I off. So I'm like 'yeah yeah okay I get it' and went to climb into the car with mum again and drove off.
A few metres down the road, and I noticed there actually wasn't anyone in the car with me. And I though 'but I swear to God mum got in before I did' and I decided to pull over to figure out what was happening, but when I hit the brake pedal, the car didn't respond. When I looked down at the pedals I saw the gas pedal was pressing down of its own accord and the car began speeding very, very fast.

And that's when I NOPE'd and woke up.
>> AU No. 8276
File 130962352687.jpg - (156.90KB , 1280x720 , HE CHUCKLES.jpg )
...i've had a couple of adventures with the Doctor in some recent dreams

i have never self inserted via dreams before

>> US No. 8285
Aw man, I love zombie dreams. They're the best. I usually let one of the zombies bite me, so I can be a zombie and have their powers. I usually end up as a hunter type thing that can jump really high. You can give me your zombie dreams if you want. I'd rather have dreams about zombies than the dreams I had earlier this week.

I haven't been able to remember my dreams at all after the nightmares I had earlier this week, so I have nothing to add to this thread. Polite sage :(
>> CA No. 8300
Okay so, so.

It's night time, and me and my brother and my father and some random dude all hop in the car to go to Shoppers Drug Mart. We need to buy some items to repair or maintain or construct something in the house. After we park in the empty lot in the back, and go in through a side door, we very quickly find what we need.

I've got some drill bits and some nail polish. I go up to the counter and talk to a friend who happens to be working there. I ask her about the gaming cafe (she IRL worked at until it closed 3 days ago, extreme-sadface.jpg) and she told me they still hadn't found a new lot. Which sucks.

Suddenly an old lady is ringing me through and mistakes my order for someone else's order. My total comes to $22.46, and instead of charging me she gives me two 5 dollar bills, and she gives the lady behind me three twenty dollar bills.

I exit, but someone is checking receipts at the door. Actually, several someones. Several ladies. They ask for the receipt and start to INTERROGATE anyone who comes out of the store. Somehow, the initials H.R.S. (or H.S.R, I forget) come up on my receipt. This is EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS. I glared and told her I knew all about that because I read Lemony Snicket (V.F.D... not H.R.S., but okay). Also this apparently had something to do with Howard Huges.

There is a lady behind me interrogating a little girl. I start yelling at her, the top of my voice - I've never berated someone so loudly in my life. She has long blonde hair, brown eyes, and looks frightened of me. Suddenly I'm in some sort of suit, and I'm running through a side hall way with several other shoppers - also wearing odd retro-spaceish jumpsuits.

Someone is coming after us. The hallway is carpeted, with dim lighting. Two people are hiding in odd corners, and three are in the elevator. I duck into the elevator, and press myself to the far corner. The doors close. I am immediately regretting my decision. Something awful is about to happen and I want the fuck out of this death-box.

There is a slightly overweight blonde kid in the corner closest to me. He turns around. He turns back. His eyes are now cyborg crazy. One of his fingers is a needle - the index finger of his left hand. The other two people in the elevator are also young, maybe siblings, with straight dark hair - a boy and a girl.

Using my apparently awesome grapple check, I tumble into the boy to prevent him from attacking us. He grins wildly and starts stabbing his own eye with the needle finger. Repeatedly. The others are horrified. He strains to poke me with his needle finger.
The elevator is opening on every floor. The hallways outside are casting very odd and confusing fractal projections. The boy eventually touches me with his needle finger, which is covered in blood. I am very unhappy - he reminds me of the Cloverfield monster and I am afraid I might go crazy like him, or eventually explode. He continues to stab his eye - it becomes incredibly graphic. I'm close to his face and I can see the eye splurching out and slowly escaping it's socket.

I wake up, and somehow I am not really that bothered by this.
>> AU No. 8423
Hydra: i had a dream
very.kinky.killer call me kinky: woah squirels...
Hydra: i had just battled the leader of a band of warrior women
Hydra: and i had defeated her
very.kinky.killer call me kinky: cool
Hydra: imapled her to the wall with my sword
Hydra: she was still talking
Hydra: so i got the sacred ancient battle axe off the alter
Hydra: and cut off her head
THE PRETTIEST CAT IN THE WORLD: that's pretty badass
Hydra: suddenly all the warrior women were in the room
Hydra: kneeling before me
Hydra: as i had taken the head of their leader
Hydra: i was destined to rule them
very.kinky.killer call me kinky wants to download pics from 4chan... thread goes 404.,.. dhfghadsklfhga
Hydra: so i had a tribe of female figters at my disposal, all kneeling before their leader
Hydra: i pick one
Hydra: step foward
very.kinky.killer call me kinky: and? dont leave us hanging mang
Hydra: put my hand under her chin and gently guide her eyes to mine
very.kinky.killer call me kinky: dohoho
Hydra: with my other hand i undo my fly
very.kinky.killer call me kinky: keep goin i like where this is goin
very.kinky.killer call me kinky: SHIT
Hydra: I KNOW
very.kinky.killer call me kinky: im usualy very mad when i have an awsome dream but cant for the fuck of my life remmember what it was about
Hydra: i was mad
Hydra: and harder than dragonforce
>> US No. 8437
Just had a dream in which I was Philip Marlowe solving a crime about some circle of heroin dealers. I'd found a huge-ass paper fan somewhere that I knew was being used as a sign to do with the heroin dealing, and I went to a house where the newspaper said some kind of "Asian fan fanciers' club" was meeting in order to do more investigation.

When I got there it was a little run-down shack like you would expect a meth house to be, and the people inside were all really shady. I pretended to be a cheerfully dim guy who really did happen to just be interested in the fans and I showed them "my" fan, which I claimed was my "birthday fan" because this was apparently a legitimate thing. The fan had two points on it which was the really the sign that it was the special drug-deal fan but they were telling me that it meant it was an extra lucky fan and offering to buy it from me.

They were obviously kind of suspicious even though I hadn't broken character or done anything that would justify them doing anything to me. One of them tried to catch me out as a poser who wasn't really a fan fancier by asking me what my "business fan" looked like, the trick being that any REAL fan fancier would know that there was no such thing! I almost slipped up because I didn't know that, but he looked so pleased at having caught me that I figured out instantly that it had been a trap and covered for myself by making a joke about my "business fan" being made of metal and run on electricity, lol the electric fan in my office lol.

I knew I had to get out quick before they saw through me so I made my excuses to the club and went out to my car. Note that the entire dream was set in the '30s and everyone had '30s clothes but my car was like an early-2000s Chevy Cavalier, 4-door, in white. It was the Plainest Car but it was also a Modern Car and it didn't really fit the dream.

I was about to leave when this garbage truck came down the road and instead of picking up the trash two guys on the back of it threw a trash bag INTO the yard. This bag had the heroin in it! I wasn't going to touch it at all - I was going to leave and then hide somewhere to stake the place out and get proof or something - but then the garbage truck flipped a U through the yard and knocked some fence over, and the fence fell over and popped the rear passenger window out of my car, so I had to go fix that.

When I came back around to get in the driver's side of my car the guy from inside the house was there and he was PISSED. He said I'd stolen their heroin and I was all WHAT? NO because I really hadn't, but he opened the door of my car and there was the trash bag, and I knew I HAD BEEN FRAMED. He dragged me into the house and I thought OH SHIT, THINGS ARE GETTING BAD FOR MARLOWE.

I tried to run away but I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to live through this one, so eventually I just went "fuck it, I'm flying the fuck out of here", ran outside, climbed the fence and jumped up into the sky. It took a couple of false starts before I could really gain some altitude but then I was away and safe.

I went over the woods and found a clearing where there were a bunch of deer in a semicircle all just STARING at two other deer in complete silence, and it creeped me out so bad I woke up.
>> US No. 8456
Last night I dreamt I was with my dad and we were visiting an old teacher of mine (who was actually a stranger to me, but you seem to know everyone in dreams). We walked in her house, which was this dusty attic-like place, and saw blood stains smeared by shoes on the floor. I immediately thought she was dead but my dad told me everything was fine, and we walked towards the staircase. There was a big box on the bottom stair and he started to open it. I was relieved when he only found books and shirts, some of the shirts had things like tf2 characters on them so I was laughing about it until he pulled out this animal encyclopedia. It's a book I actually have that I bought when I was really young, it's pretty beaten up and in the dream it looked almost the same. Except, someone had slashed the cover and taped a picture of a terrified screaming man on it. My dad opened it and I could see the decapitated teacher's head and probably other limbs in it, like someone had gutted the book and replaced the pages with actual guts. I started crying and telling him I knew she was dead and he should have listened, and then pretty much screamed myself awake.

I used to have a lot of gory dreams, like of people eating me or mass murder, but not so much anymore. I don't know where this dream came from all of a sudden.
captcha: acid hervics
That explains everything
>> US No. 8541
All of my dreams, when I can remember them, are stupidly vivid and usually have at least one scene repeat over and over with different paths taken, so to speak.

An example would be the last dream I had: dream memory informs me that my mother was kidnapped and is being held at the top of this tall, tall tower with all the walls made of glass. I enter and begin climbing up some glass stairs... which suspend themselves in the air and are outside of the tower walls. And there's also no railings, so if I fall off...

I get to the first floor and see this old lady, probably in her 70s or 80s (she has a noticeable hunch) but is dressed in an all-black business suit. She hands me a crown with its teeth bent outwards and tells me that I have a long way to go. So I climb the next set of stairs and fight my first "boss": another old lady in the same age range and wearing the same suit, except instead of black it's mahogany. She uses a gun to fight, and I defeat her easily... somehow.

As the next pair of stairs appear (all of the stairs are outside of the building), small circle holes just sort of appear and disappear on the stairs, making those particular spots intangible, so now I had to strategize how, where, and when to step or else I'd fall off and, well, game over for me. I get to the next old lady. She wears a bronze suit and uses a giant waffle iron as her weapon. The stairs going up to the next floor have checkered pattern spots, and so on.

The weapons get stranger and stranger: a whip that can create blades of wind, a taser gun that can reach across the entire floor, and manipulation of water. Now the dream cuts to me having all seven crowns, and I learn that I haven't really been "climbing" the tower: after I reach the fifteenth floor, I just sort of loop back. So now I climb a blank set of stairs for what seems to be a full hour, with music in the background and everything, and I finally reach the top floor, with walls of concrete and two pedestals in the center of the room. The right pedestal has a note, and it says (pretty much) that my mother is already dead but I was brought here for a purpose. The note is signed in kanji, and they seem really familiar, but I'm distracted by the fact that the flesh on my face is melting off and my eyeballs fall out (but I can still see perfectly). The left pedestal has an egg about the length and width of my torso. It hatches, and out pops this adorable baby dragon with seven heads.

Then it hits me: a skull for a face, a red seven-headed dragon, seven crowns... and the dream cuts to the credits, where a new scene plays: I bust into this church, full of people, wearing a hoodie and a mask holding the dragon like it was some kind of plush. I scream "RIIIIICHAAAAAARDS" and the pastor turns around. He has the brightest blue eyes and blond hair, but before I could tackle him and throttle his throat, all of the churchgoers pick me up and throw me out of the church.

Dream memory then informs me that with time passing, I eventually become the Mother Harlot.
>> US No. 8671
My dreams kept getting interrupted by a Tank last night. Musical cue and all.
At one point it was actually relevant, though. I was in this doctor's office where they were apparently turning people into special infected. Like this young chubby teen aged guy, they cut his arms open and were injecting globs of stuff into them, and removed all of his teeth (??).
And I remember looking over to this one tall, skinny guy who was coughing like mad and they'd moved his shoulders up really high. This one really hyper-active kid I never really saw knocked some stuff into a fish tank and caused all of the fish to become infected. It was kind of silly.
But then a Tank came out around the corner and I ran away. He stalked me for the rest of the night, it was stupid.
>> CA No. 8683
Okay, I'm freaked right the fuck out.

So my cousin's husband's father had cancer for years, and was in the hospital for weeks now, and was super sick. Like, dead within days kind of sick. And so we drove up to visit them, and babysit their son, so he could go visit his dad in the hospital more. We were only up there one day, and one night, and I slept pretty well. Had a couple of weirdish dreams that I can't remember, but nothing huge.
Then I had one that someone called on the phone, and told my aunt that the guy with cancer had died.
Woke up in the morning.

I don't know if it's a case of 'my ears heard it upstairs somehow, at 3 in the morning, through 3 closed doors, and turned it into a dream', or if I've got like, psychic powers, or if it's all just a coincidence, but either way, it freaked me out.
>> GB No. 8728
So this is one of the weirdest dreams I've certainly had in a while:

I was at some theatre with my friends, watching a Pantomime of all things, and we all get asked to go back stage. Unfortunately I haven't got my shoes on and while I'm putting them on everyone has already left, then things start to get a bit odd in the theatre so I sneak out via air vent, went I reach the end of the vent I find I'm now somehow with my brother.

At this point I can actually feel something like claws holding on to my back; all the people I come across look at it with worried expressions but no one tells me what it is, naturally my mind assumes it is a huge bloody spider. At this point I somehow see that all my friends are having their youth drained by the actors under the stage and I have to go save them.

I can't quite remember what happened next, although I do remember that the thing clinging to my back was a BABY T-REX, which didn't eat me but rather followed me around and did what I told it to.

The dream ended when I somehow found the rooms of people I used to go to school with under the theatre and was raiding the rooms for school supplies when an alarm clock went off in the room and I was woke up by my phone.
>> GB No. 8729
Why on earth did I say school supplies, I meant just regular supplies.
>> CA No. 8741
Did a guided imagery hypnosis last night. The theme: Finding Your Spirit Pokemon. Guy who made it is a certified hypnotherapist (like that means anything) and is a furry, but that doesn't come up any where past the intro. He's also a massive geek who loves video games.


My results:
Forest made of silver filigree, snails with clockwork shells, rabbits with needle fur and spider eyes, a waterfall of silverware.... BEHOLD WHISCASH.
>> US No. 8745
I had a horrifying dream just now that I accidentally posted a whole bunch of pictures of me with my mask-thing off in the camwhore thread, and it got all over the internets, and there was nothing I could do, and it was awful.

WTF, self. I know I'm a private person, but that's a little out there.
>> US No. 8749
I thought I'd give that thing a try too- my brother interrupted me but I managed to get far enough through it for a forest of white and purple trees, silver fish in clear rivers, crystal waterfall and... WTF HPOKE IS MY POKEMON?!

Not sure how to feel about this.
>> US No. 8753
I had another interesting dream with odd results. There were zombies, the slow classic stupid kind, that weren't much of a threat, but still needed to be killed. So a few friends and I were wandering around killing zombies on the interstate at night. But none of the friends resembled anyone I had ever seen before, except for one girl from some videogame I never had any interest in. So I had a double barreled shotgun and was blasting zombies when two of them wave to us from a bit down the road. They were the mothers of two of the friends who were dressing as zombies so they wouldn't get attacked, like Bill Murray in Zombieland. They go on doing whatever they were doing and eventually we get into this building that looked kind of like a run-down subway station. There are two guys that say they would be willing to give us supplies if we would give them the videogame girl. We tell them no deal and one of them rushes us with a sword. I push the girl back, but she still gets sliced a bit, don't think it was serious, and I shoot him twice, first shot missed, second didn't. He goes down and the other guy knocks me over while I'm trying to reload and he stabs me in both shins with a knife. Then one of the friends shoots him. Then I woke up freezing cold and shivering. I do not understand why that happens everytime I get hurt in a dream, but my shins feel weird and I still feel a bit cold inside.
>> US No. 9096
File 131307306052.jpg - (11.75KB , 157x244 , 1310949636071.jpg )
So I've had a twofer dream as I usually do. One's TF2-related (sort of), the other isn't. Let's get the latter out of the way.

I was in this marketplace, it was definitely one of the dream places I've already visited at least once before. The sky, like in another dream involving a coral pink cigar (this I will explain later), had no stars. Unlike that dream, the sky had no moon either, so it was pitch black. The marketplace was split into two halves: a high ground filled with lights, from lanterns to candles to streetlamps; and the lower half, almost completely dark and equally shady. I'm looking for a weapon from the lower half, but they only accept gold from the upper half. Knowing this thanks to dream memory, I pawn off some stuff I have on hand, take a lantern, and begin the slow climb/walk down to the seedier marketplace. Along the way, I come across a boy playing with some pebbles and a scale. He tells me he's summoning a demon, I look at him like he grew a second head. He explains the simple but complicated process:
-Steal a tiny bronze or copper scales from a Buddhist temple. You cannot get caught stealing it.
-You need water and four small pebbles, the size of your thumb's fingernail; the water source HAS to be from the cleanest river near wherever you live; no cheating by going to a faraway spring or whatever.
-One black ink marker, a vial of ink from a giant squid, a vial of blood from a terrible beast, and a vial of your own blood (all three should fill the vial 3/4 of the way).
With all this, you color all four pebbles black with the coloring agents that you've acquired and place two on each dish. Then, use the water to wash off all four stones at once without using another cup. If done correctly, the boy explains (with a set-up montage and everything) that only one of the stones will remain black and that you have successfully summoned a demon and you are now in a contract with him until the day you die. You only have a limited time to accomplish whatever you desire before dying horribly. Only two people have achieved this, he says: Josef Stalin and the Anti-Christ. I... move away from him very quickly, find the stall where I get my weapon and exchange for the gold, and run like hell from here. Then it transitions rather abruptly to the TF2 dream.

If this doesn't go here by all means tell me and I'll delete the post (or revise it). So I'm in 2fort and I'm a Pyro. To keep this particular story short, when the battles are done I as the Pyro am the resident whore of RED's half of 2fort, Soldier being the common recipient of my services. He's surprisingly gentle, apparently, when not screaming his head off in combat. But maybe that's due to different... circumstances of the moment. (I remember well, though, that the Scout was always the most hesitant of all for these services.) I am always wearing the Pyro mask no matter what scene the dream shows me in, but dream memory does tell me that I do take it off. Just not often. (A thing to note that's interesting for me and maybe probably for others is that this is the only dream so far where my actual body type is shown; in most third person perspective dreams I have my ideal body type; what this means, I have no clue.) The atmosphere was very casual, relaxed, and horrifically out of character (and by that I mean almost everyone was nice).

The aforementioned pink cigar dream was a simple one: I was in Cuba with my mother and we were outside at night. The sky held no stars but the moon was waxing crescent. She takes out this box and my mom, in perfect English, tells me that this was handed down from her mother and her mother's mother and that it's for me to use. I open it and it's a large, thick cigar colored bright coral or bubblegum pink. I take it... and smoke it. My mom, serving as dream memory, informs me that these cigars were banned a looong time ago due to their very high nicotine content. I wake up with a slight burning sensation in my throat and the feeling that Freud is spinning in his grave.

To this day I don't know what it is I'm eating that gives me these trippy dreams, but I hope I never stop having them. (They're great writing material. Except for the tfporn dream; that one, not so much.)
>> US No. 9116
Had two mild nightmares recently, and I'll go in order.

First one: A demonic black dog with glowing red eyes shows up at my home so I do my damnest to lock the door, but that won't help me agains the rest. It's that time of August when all the monsters break out into the human world to slaughter, eat and kill. After fighting and seeing some people die horribly, the government manages to get the worst of them back to their dimension. There were monsters we could reason with, so they were allowed to stay.

Second one is kinda dumb, but still worrying to me. I'm on a bus and going off to school, my vision is very blurry then ask what day it is. I wonder why all the students look so young when it hits me. The building looks wrong because this is my highschool (even though it wasn't) and I've been sleepwalking the whole time. Vision gets sharp. In an effort to get to the proper campus, I get lost at some bastardization of the city streets and buslines, but eventually make it the right way. Cue sudden shift to driving a white sports car, but it's really just me, Haruko and Naota playing with toy cars and racing them on dirt tracks. I've completely missed my classes and probably lost them so someone on a waiting list.
>> US No. 9170
Posting from my phone, typos may follow.
Why do so many of my dreams end with me horribly mutilated? This one started off fun. I was in some kind of Halo-themed live action deathmatch type thing (which is odd as I have not played any Halo games in months), and everyone had Spartan armor and a random vehicle with guns that worked like the first Doom game, just line up horizontally and it does vertical aiming automatically. I had red armor and what looked like a dirt bike crossed with a Mongoose with a pistol on the front. Everyone raced out to shoot these targets to determine what else we got. I managed to get one of those purple alien rifles. Then came the killing. It was fun. There was respawn so there was no real danger. I was riding around shooting people when this guy with purple armor, no helmet, a pimp hat, and a purple sports convertable with two hood mounted machine guns drove up next to me and tried to pull this loop off the side of my bike. I thought it would make it explode so I pulled away. Eventually I started going really slow because I was out of gas, so I decided to ditch the bike and pull out the loop so no one else could use it for anything. The loop turned out to just open the fuel tank and make any remaining gas spill out. I made my way to this building that kind of looked like a giant complex playscape that was in the middle of the field we were in. I see this guy in green armor with a chainsaw. I try to shoot him with the alien rifle, but there is no amunition. There is no room to run, and he swings his chaomsaw at me. I bring up my rifle to block it, but I can't hold on and the chainsaw sends it flying. Then he shoves the chainsaw deep into my chest and starts cutting upwards. The pain is excrutiating and my body vibrates while the blades tear me apart. With my last moments of life I feel myself fall backwards, hit the ground with my arms and legs spread out, and die.
I wonder if there is a reason for my mind to keep killing me in horribly painful ways.
>> US No. 9180
File 131353510435.jpg - (32.86KB , 420x289 , povegliamentalhospital.jpg )
Start of dream- family hanging out at aunts' house watching some show about haunted places. Not strange. Then suddenly we're at the haunted decaying house from the dream-show. Kind of strange.

The place doesn't seem ghostly so much as it seems abandoned in the middle of nowhere and overrun with plants, wild animals, and amateur ghost hunters. It's kind of gross/creepy in the way that abandoned and overrun places get, and one of the amateur ghost people is this crazy lady who's freaking out and swooning all over the place and trying to climb up on the roof, which is totally not safe, but the feral housecats are all actually really nice to me (this does not strike me as strange, at least, because I have a history of getting purrs and kisses from 'mean' cats) and I have been promised donuts if I just go along with this until everyone's ready to go home.

I wake up before I get my donuts, though. Freaking every time...
>> GB No. 9191
So the other night I got to watch Spy and Sniper have sex in my dream. That was seriously all it was, Spy and Sniper fucking on the floorboards.

I don't remember my dreams often, but when I do they're awesome.
>> US No. 9200
Lately I keep having dreams of this friend of mine (handsome guy, I crushed on him a year and a half, but that was a couple years ago) going with me and my convention crew to a local con but staying in a hotel room. The two of us leave the room to have a chat (apparently, Scoutpapa has work or something and wasn't able to go to the con) and I'm upset over him not being able to be there. We end up sitting in his car for privacy while I freak out, and he proposes that he be my boyfriend for the weekend, sex and all. We then proceed to make out in his car (which is awkward, because I'm apparently in some frilly lolita monstrosity and the poofiness is getting in the way). Fast forward, my mind plays this montage of us doing couple-y things at the con - fanservice pictures, walking around and holding hands, etc. No sex happens in the dream, but I feel like it's kinda implied.

What the fuck, dreamworld. I am 100% in love with Scoutpapa, no longer like this friend, and come on, I'm gonna get married within the next couple years. I don't know what my subconscious is trying to do here.
>> US No. 9471
I had that one dream last night, you know, the one where there's a house you're looking at buying and it has a clearly substandard lock, and the house is nice except for that lock, and you're like "Okay we'll take it," and then aside to your significant other you go "We need to replace that lock, like, immediately," and they're like "what are you talking about it's fine," and then you're like "what are YOU talking about, I've seen more complex locks on a preteen's diary, look, I can unlock this by sticking a PENCIL in there" and they're like "whatever man" and then you run off and vomit up roughly a gallon of candle wax for some reason.

Everyone has that one, right?
>> US No. 9482
File 13147519478.png - (130.28KB , 512x512 , Heart.png )
Alright guys, so i had an interesting dream last night and i thought i'd share it with you.
The weird thing is i only remember one thing from it. Pic Related
>> DE No. 9496
I had a dream. It was about me in the living room watching with family old Lassie movies.
Just it weren´t the old Lassie movies, but a entirely new thing involving Lassie and a black farmer with his son. The black farmer had a striking resemblance with demomen and i just thought: God, i need to tell this special person! And than i thought for the rest of the dream on special person and my preparation for visiting him.

I woke up refreshed and feeling like something good will happen today.
>> US No. 9591
Last night I dreamed a video game.
It was on a system that was really similar to the Wii, and it was slightly reminiscent of Chrono Trigger, in that it involved dicking around in time. It was 3D, though, and more FPS-ish.
It was co-op, and there were two potential player characters, one from the past (an older man) and one from the present (a girl in her teens/20s).
It was pretty open-ended in that situations could be solved in various ways depending not only on the character, but also on the actions of the player.
Also, there was a lot of jumping and shooting, and it was either really popular, really rare, or both. fun though
>> US No. 9686
Things that often reappear in my dreams:

- I am never in them, but a dream representation that isn't quite me always is. My dream-self is quite frequently disemboweled or beaten badly as a result of punishment, because apparently experiencing a certain amount of pain redeems one for past transgressions. I never see what they're being punished for, though, and I never actually get a killing blow. The people who kidnapped me always beat me 99% the way to death and then throw me somewhere naked to die, alone.
- Friends never appear in my dreams either, but their OC's or a generic Friend that represents all of them as a single group usually do.
- Family never appear in my dreams unless they're antagonists.
- Sex is always interrupted if it happens at all. It always turns into rape, or I'm torn physically from my partner by a third party, or it's fast-forwarded over. I've never been molested or raped and don't even schlick, so this is weird.
>> US No. 9958
Having nice dreams about people you like is way better than having unpleasant dreams about them.
>> US No. 9961
Had a sex dream about Bill Nye.

I don't even know...

But it was pretty hot.
>> PL No. 9966
Last night I had a repeated dream, like, the same stuff that I dreamed years ago, but knew that it was a dream, even thought at parts I wasn't sure because it was so fucking realistic and was jumping from place to place but actually made sense? And in once scene I was walking (again) up the stairs at the Central Station and in a blizzard I've met with my old highschool friend, who is supposedly at the same school I got to, so I'm asking her about that, and she says something and I (again) can't hear that. Then it's some backyard (again, the exact same one), then some weirdass party in a garage.
I hate it when I have these repeated dreams. What, I'm incapable of coming up with new stuff or what?

captcha: poems orwaste. Don't try being poetically philosophical with me, captcha.
>> AU No. 9973
I wrote this dream down about a month ago. It has some TF2 in it.

I fall asleep in bed with my phone in my hand and I get this: I dream I'm playing Medic in TF2 except I'm actually in the game. I've just healed... Spy, I think?... Spy runs off, I try to find the others, but I get lost. I finally find this huge open road leading away from the complex, covered with a dozen dispensers and sentries in an elaborate defensive setup. No one's around and the place is drowning in a white mist. I'm considering swapping to Engineer to help contribute to the defense; by the size of the sentry nest something big is coming.

But then the fog starts to get thicker and thicker, like I'm changing the fade settings in Minecraft. You can hardly see five metres away. The powerhouse of machinery in front of me isn't a reassuring reminder of my teammates' presence anymore, it's an unsettling graveyard of odd dark shapes looming in the fog. I'm frightened, I want to run; and then the frame shifts back and the scene is no longer all around me but two-dimensional and flat on a computer screen.

I'm slumped groggily on my laptop, face on the keyboard, phone in my hand. Was I just dreaming? I can hardly move at all, like the gravity's been turned up, and I can't feel my fingers. Unable to lift my head off the keyboard, I drag my hand over to press the power key and turn off the source of my consternation. I only get more worried when my laptop displays an unfamiliar line of white, dos-font text on a black background for an instant before switching off, fan running down quietly: ">> supported by johnny co software". Shit, did I install something bad, is it a virus? I'd just done a virus scan that day! No, it's too much right now, I'm passed out on my laptop. I'll figure it out later. But then my phone shows the same message as I switch it off. Oh crap.

That's when I realize that the swivel chair I'm sitting on is rising and falling slowly, shifting me against the keyboard with the rhythm of someone breathing, deep asleep.

Oh god, what's happening?! I put all my strength into pushing my arms against the laptop, trying to get up, but I might be tied down with concrete blocks for all the good it does. My limbs are like jelly, useless against the suffocating darkness.

That was the mistake that freed me. Instinctively I knew that no matter how tired I was, if I ever strained to move as much I was now, I would at least feel the tension in my muscles. Not this... numbness. Fog? Indistinct darkness? Inability to feel touch? Life was sharp and bright and full of sensations, not this anaesthetized nightmare of drugged stillness.

After that I realize what's going on pretty fast: I'm dreaming!

Ha, back in control. Let's see what it takes to break the limits of this constructed world and so wake me up. I try moving again but quickly abandon my efforts; my epiphany hasn't loosened the pressure of the darkness on me. Talking doesn't work either; I'm just too exhausted to make any sound. Damn.

I think for a moment and decide to take a different approach. I let my eyes close. It's so easy; they've been drifting closed on their own. Then I let an image form in my mind. The image that signifies that no matter where you are in the world, the twinkling twilight of the stars painted on their black curtains must always be washed out by the fiery red glow rising in the east, magnitudes brighter. Even at the poles where the fey world of darkness and chaos reigns for six months of every year, it will eventually succumb to the reason and light of day. The night must always die - and with it, all dreams wink out like shadows without a candle to cast them.

I am thinking of a sunrise.

The darkness melts.
I'm free.
>> DE No. 9979
Last night's dream was unsettling and confusing and blarg. To make a long story short, it had me

- Being bullied by my old high school classmates
- Suddenly having Engineer sit next to me in class while we listen to a lecture about how lava can create new landmass
- Proceeding to sexually fantasize about Engineer (he was still sitting next to me, remember)
- Going home and being bullied some more
- Learning that everyone in the whole world suddenly hates Mullian, the village Chi's family originates from (seriously, wtf? I've never even been there, why do I dream about the entire world hating it)
- Watching my favorite voice actor drunkdriving, running into a bush, cursing it out and proceeding to drive home
- Meeting some other old classmates and collaborating on a cooking book with them

I think this dream showcases in what emotional state I am. Fuck, man.
>> CA No. 9983
I had a dream a while ago, and I was eating an orange not long ago, and it made me remember it.

I dreamt I was eating an orange and it kept screaming in pain, and pleading for me to stop. And I just kept eating. No fucks were given.

It was a disturbing dream.
>> DE No. 9987
> Having a dream which is playing in the Dark Carnival Campagne
> Zombies pretty much everywhere
> Made it out there and we are all seemingly safe
> Wow there are normal people again
> On some point the Zombies turned into some out Stephan Kings "The Cell", except they are all happy go lucky and they serve some big beequeen
> Never did read that book
> My family was with me
> to the end i´m the only one left

To say i was more than shaked up afterwards would be underestemant. There is nothing more horrifying than to find myself in a world, where everyone is all Roboterhappy and How is your day? unsetteling smiley face and this all alone. Well in my dream my brother made it, but as i saw him shortly as he flew he ignored me. Well can´t say anything against that logic, if the police is after me to turn me into one from them.
>> CA No. 10003
I had a dream I was dating Chrischan. However, in the dream he was an upright gentleman with a clean house and a goku get em attitude.
>> No. 10081
File 131793024049.png - (7.28KB , 210x230 , 1308605062312.png )
I had a Who-dream a couple nights back

basically, I lived in some weird dystopian totalitarian society, a la 1984, and one night get dragged out of bed by uniformed secret police with black visors. they chucked me into the back of this kind of security-limo thing and there were some other people in there too, and then they pumped this weird hallucinogenic gas into the holding pen in the back of the limo and everything turned into rainbows and horses and clouds and tables and stuff but i remained lucid enough to describe to my fellow prisoners what the fuck i was seeing

and and
then i was taken to this administrative place and told to wait in line, then told that since I had no 'papers' i would be killed, because I didn't technically exist, and I was all 'wait wait wait check for my birth certificate' and then I noticed the Eleventh Doctor was standing in the next line over looking a little confused and for some reason I had half a sonic screwdriver in my pocket

and so i snuck over to the doctor and apparently he had amnesia or something so I told him something like 'you don't recognise me, but we were friends in an alternate universe' or something and then he had the other half of the sonic screwdriver in his trousers so we surreptitiously went off into the loo together to try and fit it together and then he recognised me and remembered he was the Doctor and and and

and we fixed the screwdriver and then i woke up. it was awesome

the end.
>> US No. 10091
Oh man I just had one of the most disturbing dreams. To make it short it involved many violent car accidents, the euthanasia of my dad's friend by car accident (How does that make sense?), and a ghost thing everyone is afraid of that was chasing me that kept saying "You'll be dissapointed by the sun, it has grey eyes". I just remember it all so clearly! I'll never nap again!
>> US No. 10093
This was from a while ago, but I thought it'd be interesting enough to share it.

I had found myself at the outside of a 69-floor tower (what is it it me and towers in my dreams) and according to dream memory I'm a demon exterminator. Naturally, the bright red tower is absolutely filled with demons, much so to the point that the inside of the tower sans the elevator and certain "safe floors" have their dimensions and places in space-time twisted and distorted. I go inside and see a sign. It was supposed to be for the tourists, promoting the place as an attraction-slash-hotel, but obviously it didn't go down well. So I use the elevator to go to various floors.

The ninth floor takes me to a forest; the eleventh to an endless sea (both into and across); the seventeenth takes me to an endless hallway; and the sixty-fifth is one of the few "safe" floors. I saw there waiting for me the apparition of my father and he talked with me. Apparently it had been a while since we've seen each other and I relate to him my escapades fighting paranormal crime. He tells me that if I linger on this floor for too long, I'll become a ghost as well, trapped in the tower for all eternity. The very last floor contains the overlord of all the demons on this tower and slaying him will not be an easy task.

The dream ends with me entering the tower heading to the sixty-ninth floor.
>> US No. 10096
That would make a cool game.
>> US No. 11163
Copypasted from a steam chat.

[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: So
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: I have to tell you about the fucked up dream I had last night.
Izzy: Yeah? :)
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: I was in my back yard, right.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: And Justin Beiber comes up
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: and starts fucking a deer.
Izzy: WHAT
Izzy: Those crazy Canadians.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: And I'm all, "OH SHIT
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: caps fail
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: Yes, I was in my backyard in my car. Don't ask what it was doing there.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: So he finishes up and starts walking over to his hummer or some shit (really funny because his peen was, like, three inches, max)
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: "
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: And he's all, "FUUUUUUU"
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: And a few stragglers of razzi come up and start snapping pictures.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: Kayu, so the rest of my dream goes on - I'm being chased by raiders on roller skates in Walmart
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: I think the world was ending or something idk
Izzy: That's intense.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: And I'm leaving, and I see that, hey, Biebs is back outside!
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: And I'm like, whaaat I was so sure he went to jail forever.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: And he sees me and randomly starts mackin' on me, and is all, "Ey, babe.... Wanna suck the cock of a popstar?"
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: Weird thing is that I ACTUALLY DO IT because... idk, I thought it would be good blackmail, or something...?
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: Did I mention his cock was reeeally small?
Izzy: was it like sucking on one of those little dollar store suckers? I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: anyways. It was about that time I woke up. No wonder I was feeling too troubled to go to work.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: Lemme see if I can get a photo representation.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5X3Ah9OjNsE/Ta5owm0rH6I/AAAAAAAAAAY/SJUxN7a0kCQ/s1600/DSCN1068.JPG
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: Maybe a little thicker.
[VGA Turbo] TwoRefined: And it had a scar on the head, too. And really fucked-up foreskin
Izzy: Why are you DREAMING about it? I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP
>> CA No. 11164
So much rump humping. So much.
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