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File 12966632923.jpg - (75.27KB , 500x375 , HappyRainbow.jpg )
4704 No. 4704
Previous thread was MASSIVE. Time for a new one!

My current feelings: I AM SO SICK OF SNOW. SHOO. GO AWAY. >:C
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>> GB No. 7188
So I just got my final piece of coursework back, and... I failed it. In the one subject I'm doing this year I actually feel confident in. Haha, oh well. Back to trying to cram for the exam.
>> DE No. 7192
File 130444350885.gif - (27.58KB , 328x306 , um.gif )
I dunno, what i could have said at the morning.
I don´t know why you did worried yourself as you found me at the morning naked in my bed and the TV still running. I know you may think me prudish, because i don´t talk with you about sex and that i still didn´t got a boyfriend or even my first kiss (20 coming 21). But in all honest, i couldn´t tell you, that i masturbated, wanted to shower after and may to see some TV later, but was than to tired and just felt asleep after it, couldn´t i? And i don´t like to wear my PJ´s while i do it. I like to sleep in clean PJ´s. So please don´t worry yourself. Heck about what did you worry in the first place?
>> DE No. 7193
Aw, thanks a lot! We have to chitchat more, you hear me? Because you're awesome and stuff.

Dear, there's no shame in posting on the chan about it. If it helps you, why the hell not?
And you know you always got me, too.

What a pity. Oh well, I wish you the best of luck for the exam! You can do it.
>> US No. 7194
Depressed, haven't drawn much. Been obsessed with ponies and the like, it kinda makes me happy. Typical relationshit going on, with me being a paranoid, clingy freak.
>> US No. 7195
i am failing all of my goals for this year so hard.
>> CA No. 7196
I am Canadian, and the results of this year's election pisses me right the fuck off. 40% of the country votes Conservative, and somehow that gets Harper a majority government. WTF Math?
>> CA No. 7198

I know right?

Whole thing is ridiculous.
>> CA No. 7202
Me too, I'm for some reform for Alt Vote to go through, but that's not gonna happen for 4 years.
>> CA No. 7203
I'm so fucking happy: two of the three universtities I applied to back in December have accepted me! The only one who didn't was the one furthest down my priority list!
>> US No. 7207
Hey does anyone have a camera good enough to take close-up pictures of human skin? I really need a picture that shows off the texture and local translucency/subsurface scattering properties of skin, but my camera is a piece of shit and I can't zoom in far enough. I need the picture as soon as humanly possible. If I decide to use it, I will credit you in my Master's thesis!
>> SE No. 7209
I feel like crap.

Thanks to Swedish parliament. As if having a strange sexuality wasn't hard enough before.
>> US No. 7210
The neighbors' little shithead kids were throwing rocks at my windows. I told their mother and she just said "oh." I'm more than half hoping they'll start throwing fucking rocks again because now that I've done my duty to TRY and settle it peacefully, if they do it again I'm gonna call the fucking cops. Why the fuck aren't they in school, anyway? They're school age and it's noon on a fucking school day. Their parents are terrible people and they are raising terrible children and I swear to god it's because they think I'm queer.

the funny thing is that i am queer but in a completely different way than they can tell from next door
>> US No. 7213
Lappy is back! As are its files. Huzzah!

My tripcode has been lost, though. Oh well.
>> US No. 7215
Problem solved, people on tumblarg gave me some great pictures to use.

In other news, this is not the time to be BSoDing, laptop. This is pretty much the worst possible time to do shit like that, I do not have the time to reformat you right now. Also, looks like I'm going to have to push my defense date back even more because I fucking suck.

Woohoo, I hate myself and I want to die~
>> CA No. 7221
Dear American right wing,

Are you people seriously throwing parties over Osama's death? Celebrating death makes you douches, not fucking noble Americans. I fucking love how pro-life you are for foetuses but a real human gets killed, and a monster sure, and that's worth throwing a fucking party. Hypocrites.

This is why most of the rest of the western world is trying to back the fuck away from you.
>> US No. 7222

I always saw astrology as some shady business, but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't use the encouragement.
>> US No. 7223
I'm hoping you are using the ones that take your birth time and location into account. those are the ones that tend to be actually accurate. Natal Charts can be scary close on describing your personality. Plug your shit in here if you know:
>> US No. 7227
No astrology anything tends to be actually accurate.
>> CA No. 7231
I'm feeling confused as all hell because a friend of mine wants to be fuck buddies with me.
He's hot, sure, but in a relationship. I normally don't care either way as I've been in ployamorous relationships before, but his girlfriend is very traditional.

>> No. 7232
I'd ask his girlfriend if she was OK with it. If she isn't then leave it be.
>> US No. 7235
ALL astronomy anythings tend to be incredibly accurate. They're carefully worded to be things that literally anyone can read and will find a way to interpret in a way that applies to them.

French statistician Michel Gauquelin sent the horoscope for one of the worst mass murderers in French history to 150 people and asked how well it fit them. Ninety-four percent of the subjects said they recognized themselves in the description.

Geoffrey Dean, an Australian researcher who has conducted extensive tests of astrology, reversed the astrological readings of 22 subjects, substituting phrases that were the opposite of what the horoscopes actually stated. Yet the subjects in this study said the readings applied to them just as often (95 percent of the time) as people to whom the correct phrases were given.

There's nothing wrong with reading a generic piece of text and deciding that you're going to apply it to your life, if doing so gives you inspiration and makes you feel better. It's just not scientific truth or some kind of universally-meaningful magic, is all.
>> US No. 7240
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm all video gamed out. I've been hanging out in the Mantrain, and then getting almost all the achievements in Portal 2's single player. All I can say is...day well spent. I'm gonna go collapse, now.
>> US No. 7242
File 130467035858.gif - (79.08KB , 200x200 , 130235115072.gif )
Yeah, no, that's cool, guys.
Not like I wanted to play Borderlands, Portal 2, TF2, or anything that isn't League of Legends.

I got a sweet summer class and I got my check in. Today was awesome and if I have to ignore the chat for a while to keep it awesome, so be it.
>> BR No. 7243
why I can't post my scraps on /workshop/?
>> US No. 7251
Got a job!!! So fucking happy. It's a great job, and I'm actually pretty good at it. So. Fuck yeah me. I'm hostessing at a bar/grill and I keep getting cowboy guys winking at me.

Downside- They don't tell me when I'm done with my shift. They just tell me when to show up, and then I spend hours working until somebody comes up to me and says 'Hey you can clock out'.

I'd just like a snippet of stability with my hours, is all. It's really irritating not knowing how long I'm there for.
>> US No. 7252
I think I brought a friend to orgasm just by telling him, through IM, a porny scenario, filled with little details. And it's not a type of kink he's ever been interested in before. So, uh. I don't know if I should feel accomplished or what. Maybe I should be for broadening his horizons? I dunno, maybe I'm just awesome at pornographic description with just enough detail to let his (admittedly vivid) imagination run wild?

I don't know. Anyway, three weeks left in school! Yeah! Though summer is still looking dark on the horizon. Hm.
>> US No. 7256
Schedule for yesterday:
>go to classes, have lulz
>spend time with Scoutpapa
>watch him perform amazingly at a jazz concert, especially because they were doing Coconut Champagne (one of my favorite charts, I'm a huge Maynard fan)
>Hit up Friendly's with him and share a sundae

Schedule for the day:
>clean room so I can set up my dressform again and get cracking on this year's costumes
>bake and decorate cake for mother's day family get together tomorrow
>go out to the opera tonight with Scoutpapa, who is a closet opera nerd, who knew?

Fuck yeah.
>> US No. 7258
my chest binder stretched out and it leaves me with moobs now. QQin' 4eva. Hopefully it'll shape up from a good coldwater soak and airdry!

captcha: quebop. Hot new French-Canadian dance music craze?
>> DE No. 7259
I had a terrible night, next to no sleep at all. Thus, I'm too tired to go to a meeting with friends. Giant bummer. Then my mom acts really weird and pulls her usual "It's nothing" bullshit on me. I KNOW something is up, woman, and you can TALK to me about it. Just because I got aspergers doesn't mean I don't notice your behaviour and mood changing heavily. I'm not DUMB.

Then, all of a sudden, the guys from the meeting call, worried about me. When I tell them I feel kinda sick and got to sleep, they all wish me the best and say that they miss me and hope that I get better quick.

I ... I don't know how to react. I never learned how to take compliments and being proud of myself is something I still gotta continue learning. So people being so sweet, so genuinely nice to me is just ... I have no words.

I shouldn't feel so happy and moved about something like that, but I do it regardless.
>> GB No. 7260
I can't stop saying it.
>> US No. 7263
Is it normal to not be over your ex after more than a year?
>> US No. 7264
So I went to school even though I didn't have class today so I could work on my project without distraction. I'm surprised when I see one of the admissions ladies giving a tour to what looked like a mother and her daughter.
I'm further surprised when I see the daughter is wearing a TF2 t-shirt.
So of course I interrupt the tour and chat her up a little bit, show her what I'm working on and the TF2-related things I have done in the name of schoolwork.
I really hope she's signed up and was just getting to see what the place looked like, even if she would be a night class while I'm a morning class. I need more people to talk video games with, especially another girl!

Also, I have some very small hope she comes to the chan. Any of you ladies take a trip to the DAVE School this Saturday?
>> US No. 7266
Wow, toothpaste is a surprisingly good polishing compound.
>> US No. 7267
What did you think it was doing to your teeth? :V Toothpaste is actually too abrasive to use on a lot of things.
>> AU No. 7268
File 130487440562.jpg - (2.70KB , 127x126 , 1303724739715.jpg )
I just found, on Hipstr, the reason why everyone seems to think Wheatley (and by extension, GlaDOs) have roborgasms when Chell completes puzzles.

I'm torn between laughing my head off, being disturbed, and being somewhat turned on.

>> CA No. 7270
I'd go with all three.

Have you not played the game yet? It was... a fair guess, I'd say, considering everything that was going on. And those noises. Either way, I'm not complaining about any British VA who sounds like he's getting off every time I finish a chamber.
But if there's actual constructed theory, I'd appreciate a link. I'm a bit curious now.
>> US No. 7271
Well yeah, I just tend to expect every new effort I try on something cosplay-related will fail. Today I was pleasantly surprised.
>> AU No. 7273
Not so much a theory as a sound clip of uhh... well, you know.


just replace Hipstr with what needs to be there, of course.
>> US No. 7281
File 130493237011.jpg - (47.00KB , 500x209 , image (8551).jpg )
I have a sinus infection
and as you can tell by the little flag next to my post
I live in the country where nobody gives a shit if you're sick unless you've got money! :D

fml, I hate being sick. I turn into a huge whiny baby and I'm aware of it while feeling too shitty to keep myself from doing it.
>> AU No. 7282

Took me about 18 months to "get clean" from my first relationship. Hang in there buddy.
>> DE No. 7283
*cries* I just had the first test of four. And it was.. horrible.
I didn´t finished with my Cinema4D Projekt and... and... it´s horrible. And i´m SO angry, because after i solved this ONE frigging problem which took most of the time and i got the hang out of it the time was over...
And i pray to god, that i still get a 3 for it.
I´m so scared that i get a 4 or 5 now in this.
I´m just depressed now.
>> US No. 7285



>> AU No. 7292
File 130498547268.png - (120.22KB , 453x301 , sneeze.png )
I finally have another job.

>> DE No. 7306
People being twofaced and manipulative.

>> DE No. 7309
Okay today was this troll there on the server. And me and my wonderfull generous and very fast angry self said, so let it be. Let him talk some shit. Especially THAT I was the one who got ... okay let´s tell the blank truth here, "cybermobbed" by him. Let it be. Even if i have admin rights and i could have banned his little 14 years old self (i believe something like this) from the server. (Yeah i kicked him, but the little bugger rejoind again.) I just couldn´t. I never told the others in my clan about this, but i react very sensible on so called "funny" comments. Maybe i have still issues of my schooltime where i was made fun mostly by random strangers. (Racism, fat jokes, my frigging voice.) Maybe i should finally say: Okay guys i like you, but in irl i just let my friends come through with this which i know for several years, so i know that they don´t mean it serious and like me and all.

Oh and i still kinda hate my voice. Because if i speak in my deep "serious" voice which i do kinda often. I sound like a dude. But i don´t want to use my happy nice female voice. I´m not this happy. (Still someone up for me and dramatic scoutreading?)

Oh and the dude later tried to be my friend. Like HELL i would take this kid in my friendslist.

tl;dr: Proud not to misuse my power as admin to ban someone, who tlaks shit. Depressed, because the tpic about my "man woman" voice came up again. (His words not mine)
>> US No. 7315
I was washing my hands in the men's room when some guy walks in. He takes one look at me and walks out with a confused look on his face. I assume he was checking that he was in the right room, as he came back in about a second later. I always find it hilarious when people think I'm a girl. It has happened quite a few times.
>> CA No. 7319
girlfriend comes over to spend the day, we curl up on the couch and fall asleep within 5 minutes.

Don't think im doin it right
>> US No. 7322
Last recital of the year, cried so hard over the seniors I've gotten so close with. Thank god Scoutpapa was around to hold me and remind me "I've got you" even though I was a blubbering mess, tripping over my uniform once I got my shoes off and mascara pouring down my face.

I'm gonna go sleep a full night of glorious and fluffy dreams.
>> DE No. 7327
File 130513550248.png - (171.12KB , 700x318 , Stare Medic.png )
I FINALLY got all of the TF2 fanart I possess sorted neatly into folders. I feel accomplished.

In other news, my stomach goes all "OH GOD YOU GOT STRESS IN YOUR LIFE OKAY LET ME BE A BITCH AND HURT A GOOD DEAL" on me yet again. It's something all the way back from my dreaded school times and it drives me nuts. I need to find out what I could do about it.
>> CA No. 7328
File 13051447473.gif - (1.87MB , 300x169 , dq4ylk_jpg.gif )
Guess who's going to a party tonight!?!?!


This socializing thing is paying off.
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