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File 12966632923.jpg - (75.27KB , 500x375 , HappyRainbow.jpg )
4704 No. 4704
Previous thread was MASSIVE. Time for a new one!

My current feelings: I AM SO SICK OF SNOW. SHOO. GO AWAY. >:C
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>> No. 4709
we have a frozen pipe! fuck winter!
>> No. 4714

Can I have your snow? Last time we got snow it was four inches, and lasted two days. It's never cold enough for snow here.
>> No. 4715
2 feet of snow! FUCK YES! No school!
>> No. 4718
File 129667063934.png - (361.11KB , 853x480 , Goddamnit face.png )
I've been told there's a slight chance I might not get the appartment after all - There's a second candidate, apparently.

Jesus, this rollercoaster of emotions is getting on my nerves way too much. Onto another night of nailbiting and playing vidya to distract myself!
>> No. 4719
File 129667225810.jpg - (60.14KB , 500x281 , ohh.jpg )
So oh my goodness, my girl and I are back together. God this feels so good, especially since it was kinda like we never broke up in the first place. I guess all we needed was a bit of space before we realized WHY THE FUCK DID WE BREAK UP, WE'RE IDIOTS DERP.
Taking it niiiice and slow though, don't wanna ruin anything before it starts, ya know? I especially don't wanna make her feel uncomfortable in regards to the sexy times. Granted she's the hottest thing on the planet and I'd love to just take her right now unf, but until she feels comfy, I can totally keep myself in check. Just want you to be happy, babe. ~

On a second note, I plan to keep this news to myself. Because seriously, my aunt and uncle can go fuck themselves and I'm tired of playing this game of trying to please them. If she makes me happy, then goddamit, I'm sticking with it whether they like it or not. Because I KNOW they don't like us together. Or uh... I know my uncle doesn't really like it.

God I wanna move out of this house like, right now.

Also, I fucking hate people who ship Layton and Luke. It's digusting and you should feel disgusting.
>> No. 4720
We have, like, 5 feet of snow left over from all the snowstorms.
>> No. 4722
Can I have some too? We hardly got any snow up here in the mountains this year.
>> No. 4723
Bad: I got five wisdom teeth ripped out on Monday. Joy. I can't eat solids and talking hurts. Bleh. Can't sleep for the pain and wake up choking on blood and just eugh.
Good: because I'm at home I'm spending time with my mom and it's really cool. We're watching movies together and it's great. Read the story I'm working on to my wife and she liked it and I wanted to read our book to her but she had to go do laundry. Godamn long-distance relationship. Also there's piles of snow outside and I love snow.
>> No. 4724
Fuck, it so does not feel like a Wednesday.

On the brighter side of things, I think I'll be able to start with the duck tape outfits for Scoutpapa's prom.
>> No. 4729
File 129668341571.jpg - (120.12KB , 640x480 , 2011-01-23 21-21-01_255.jpg )
I've been offered one of the jobs that I went for interviews for yesterday.
AWESOME.jpeg, But still holding out for this one which might potentially be better if I get it.
>> No. 4730
No really, we've had almost an entire week of heatwave. One day was already too much!
>> No. 4731
Here! Take it! All three feet of it!
>> No. 4732
I just found out that both of my Wii remotes won't work because of the winter storm we had in late December as well as one of my nunchucks. My room is under the garage and my dresser got ruined along with a few other objects because of the rain leaking through the ceiling and wall due to the wind that came with it. That's going to set me back at least $60...
>> No. 4734
File 12966874458.jpg - (301.73KB , 800x600 , 124352613188.jpg )

The only solution is to kill the other candidate.

So I emailed my ex again after having a nice little conversation with him but this time I responded to his suggestion that I meet him in Brighton for a "catch up" I told him that I really didn't want to and HERE'S WHY, YOU CONTROLLING, PARANOID HYPOCRITE.

Spent three paragraphs explaining in painful detail what a shit he was to me and why I broke up with him. Last time I did that he flipped out and tried to use the aforementioned cat as a bargaining chip to control me. Considering he's now said he has "no right" to keep the cat (it's dead and in an urn by the way, just to clear up any confusion), I'm genuinely interested in what his response is going to be.

I fully expect him to withold the cat and once again attempt to shift all the blame for his own shortcomings onto me, just like he did last time.
>> No. 4736
File 129669002029.png - (16.89KB , 650x450 , 1296467392223.png )
>> No. 4738
File 129669200549.jpg - (9.41KB , 383x270 , 125407094584.jpg )
So, my sister and I are close. Like, really close. As in, I hang out with her than 90% of my other non-related friends.
All of a sudden, this conversation pops up:
"Ohai so moving to Minnesota."
adkfglypkxcjjt what
Within the next six months, she's probably gonna be out of here. What I SHOULD do is, you know, say something. But I don't want her to have the "making people depressed by moving thing, feelsbadman" thing hanging around.

Fuck what do I do
>> No. 4739

Ex confirmed for same faggotry as ever. Still won't accept he did anything wrong, still trying to shift as much blame as possible onto me.

Now fishing to see if he'll still return my things, and my cat, willingly.
>> No. 4740
File 129669282274.png - (9.67KB , 374x308 , 1296319936595.png )
Please, send some to Cali! I'd not only love to see the sheer chaos that would ensue with only a few inches (let alone over a foot), but it would also be nice to kill this heat we're having over here.

Feelings: <3. Everything in my life is so <3 right now.
>> No. 4741
Show up at his place, kick him in the babymaker, grab your stuff and run.

School is going surprisingly well. Also, hosting a Superbowl party. Need to clean! Will be making Meat Dip (heart attack on a Frito) and something dessert-y. Considering cannoli. They're totally a traditional football food, right?

Also been putting 15 minutes on the rowing machine every morning. Feels good.
>> No. 4742
File 129669965141.jpg - (66.33KB , 149x470 , tumblr_lf4pvcrh4P1qfhkbwo1_400.jpg )
Oh yay! So glad to hear that you two are back together again!

Feelings! I'm freaking out a little!
It just hit me that I have to learn how to function in proper society again. I have to fix my sleeping schedule, my eating habits, my sarcasm, and unlearn being a dick. My social anxieties are driving me up the wall and it's really unnerving. Also, I think I may be developing a small crush on one of the dudes in my Skype group. I am so not ready for any of this.
>> No. 4743
File 129670220315.png - (235.26KB , 400x483 , tumblr_l4j5hqqNO21qb5t2do1_400.png )
I'm so happy right now. I some times think I'm not a good artist, the self deprecation tends to actually serve me in that it makes me improve. But right now, getting $40 in 4 days from 5 different people who were strangers to draw things for them makes me happy. I'm glad others see something of value in what I'm doing. It's pretty fucking fulfilling.
>> No. 4746
File 129670751475.png - (149.14KB , 300x291 , horseshit.png )
Oh, cool my first hat drop after over 1400 hours of gamepla-
>> No. 4747
File 129670871119.jpg - (34.45KB , 455x496 , 1284181771936.jpg )
What's this? You're letting me babysit your sewing machine?
Oh man oh man oh man oh man best month ever.
Also going through emotions as I rush to get a portfolio done, apply to college and find my highschool transcript. FUN.
>> No. 4749
Guess who didn't get the appartment.

Guess whose computer decided to say "Whoops, power supply goes poof, silly me".

... Sometimes life even makes a goddamn optimist like ME depressed. Well fuck the world. I will have to live with my brother some more time, avaible appartments are really rare in the city at the moment ... Looks like I will be sitting here until summer. My job training starts in March. I will have to go by train every day. Trains make me REALLY uncomfortable.

>> No. 4753
File 129674963128.jpg - (21.47KB , 500x281 , YES.jpg )
Tuesdays and Thursday are school days for me. I get up, trudge to campus and hell yes! No history today!
Now all I have to put up with is a health test at 10 and I'm totally done for the day!
But pshh, it's health, a test on nutrition no less. It'll be a no brainer.

>> No. 4755
File 129675011884.jpg - (32.05KB , 419x595 , 1292613372561.jpg )
It's Thursday, which means I only have one class that's just over an hour on a subject I love (ochem), Madoka airs later tonight, and I can laze around in the evening and play games with friends.

So why am I depressed?
>> No. 4757
So I've been sick to the point of fainting during the last three days. Yet I still had to work on some stuff and because of that almost fainting incident on Tuesday I've missed one last exam on Wednesday. Well, actually, I went to uni, I just was so fucking sick and tired that I've missed the exam time by 10 minutes. And the lecturer already left. I just hope that she's going to be there tomorrow so I just can show her everything and get the grade. FML
>> No. 4758
Update on my computer:

Both the mainboard and the power supply seem to be fucked. Computer is at the repairman's now. If you ask me, everything can be broken, I don't give a fuck ... Except for the HDDs. I have a backup but it's incomplete. I can't think about all the data I'd lose without feeling like crying.

Throw the rest in the garbage, but please, give me my precious files! Lets pray together that all those wonderful folders full of stuff aren't lost, chan. Please.
>> No. 4761
File 129675500670.png - (13.06KB , 607x255 , shit.png )
I am so angry this morning. Not only is one cat being a giant shithead, knocking things over and trying to destroy my clothing, he woke me up several times last night. And then I couldn't fall back asleep because this god damn house is plagued with fleas! We move in, house is infested for no fucking reason, get it taken care of. We get kittens, suddenly fleas everywhere! And they come back every fucking month! I am hyper-allergic to the little bastards so LOL SLEEP WHAT'S THAT? The cats are on frontline, we had the Orkin spray every other month but they still come back. We don't even have carpet anymore! Haven't since July! How do I eradicate these little fuckers from my residence, because we've tried fucking everything already!

TL;DR I'm exhausted, I itch, I'm angry and I have a chem lab with dangerous chemicals that requires high amounts of precision today. FUCK.
>> No. 4762
Have you had the house bombed yet? Just spraying might not be enough to get rid of them entirely. We had a flea infestation in my parents' house years ago and we had it bombed while we (and the pets) camped out at my Grandmother's for a few days. Never had a problem after that.
>> No. 4763
Are you me? Seriously, my lappy is fucked and while I mourn it because I'm going back to using a Dell desktop my parents bought in 1996 and that really really sucks, my biggest loss would be all my writing and logged roelplays and photos that are on the laptop's hard drive.
My only other concern is that I can't check my email on this godamn dinosaur and I can't check my work schedule so I might have to quit my job. I was planning on quitting anyways, but I kind of wanted to secure another job first. Bleh.
>> No. 4764
File 129676005937.jpg - (38.54KB , 547x478 , Dscn3155.jpg )
I feel so constructive lately. \o/ I've been drawing a lot more than usual, and I went out yesterday and bought a shitton of fleece and spent the day making Homestuck grub plushies. Granted, my plushie-making skills are for shit - but hey, they're cute, and they're for me, so not a fuck has been given.

Tomorrow is DISNEYLAND FUCK YEAH, ALL MY EXCITE. My pass is getting ready to expire (after I've only been TWICE) so it'll be good to get one last go-round in. I'm really excited to see how Disney's gluten free food thinger works out, too.

Thinking I'm gonna ask that girl on a date either today or Saturday. 9_9 Hogod. She told me the other day that she feels really comfortable around me and that she thinks I'm really sweet and funny. To which I sort of flailed around in my chair and promptly fell out of it. But either way, I think I need someone sternly command me to ask her out, lmao. I always get my best friend to yell at me, 'cause that way if I chicken out, I feel like I disappointed someone. FORCING MYSELF INTO NOT BEING A NERVOUS DICK, WOO. (Whatever man, it works.)

>> No. 4765

unrelated, going to the GP has no fucking affect atm, I need to be referred to someone who can help. Anyone know what these symptoms can mean: sitting down on the computer being a lazy piece of shit means I'm fine as long as I take my paracetamol, when I go outside I feel fine and then feel like I'm going to be sick, I get headaches and dizzy and my blood pressure is fine and I don't have a cold or a flu.

when I feel like that I feel as if "why bother moving let's just fall over in the middle of the street it'll be okay someone'll drag me somewhere safe probably"
>> No. 4767
maya 2010, have I not given you the proper offerings for the last few days?
please stop crashing and making me lose most of the work I just did. you're going to make me cry.
Then you are going to make me mad and i will take that anger out on the innocent school computer.
>> No. 4770
File 129677224668.jpg - (39.20KB , 450x300 , eye of the tiger.jpg )
I finally decided: I'm buying a treadmill. Since I'm going to pay it from the money I've made on commissions, I know that I'm going to use it. I'm already using two other exercise machines in the house, but so far it's been hard for me to lose the annoying little fat from the lower region. So I'm doing it for myself: I want to get healthy before the diploma, I want to look good during Spring and other seasons. I want to feel good about myself, I want to get rid of those 10 kgs that returned this winter. Bring it on, my body is ready!
>> No. 4771
There's a guy that goes to the same college as me, he's kinda really chubby and looks thirty, despite being eighteen and he's always kissing me. He's a nice guy and all but for fuck sake man you have a girlfriend (apparently).

Captcha: Wizadr, inb4 yer a wizard.
>> No. 4773
We may have to, but it's extremely difficult to convince the boyfriend that the fleas are a serious problem because he doesn't react to them at all. Obviously, I just need to scratch so much at night it keeps him awake too. Evil plan: commence.
>> No. 4774
You can usually retrieve the hard drive, unless it's virus-fucked. I mean, if it's a graphics issue, or whatever. For example, my lovely Asus that's lasted me a couple of years of dropping it off those bloody side-desk things that swing up from beside chairs at Uni - anyway, my laptop has some kinda connection issue between the screen and the everything-else. Unless I tilt it at the exact correct angle, it looks like trying to watch a dodgy VHS, with the scrolling picture. Oh, and bright purple vertical lines. Frigging laptop.

Anyway my point is when I finally bite the bullet and get a new computer, I intend to rip the HDD out of my lappy, whack it in a case and use it as an external. Damned if I'm losing my romance with Alistair the Grey Warden of sexiness.

He gave me a rose!
>> No. 4775
It can be saved. My old Aspire got it's motherboard fried and I had the data on the hard drive retried and saved on an external. I also learned never to get an Acer notebook because this is was the third that replaced the first because the camera didn't work in the first one and the USB drives stopped working on the second.
>> No. 4794
File 129680617618.jpg - (35.01KB , 640x480 , 7x26.jpg )
Does anyone else feel like an unworthy, total retard around their academic advisors, despite them being very nice, cool people? I just can't help it around my advisor because he invented it, and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor.
>> No. 4795
File 129683400966.jpg - (116.43KB , 332x318 , 1555651561566.jpg )
The new guy that moved into the apartment under me is the rudest motherfucker I've ever had to deal with and my apartment reeks of weed now. I moved out of my brother's place due to his constant weed smoking, this shit ain't cool.

I don't have a problem with the drug itself, it's just that the smell and smoke from it gives me hay fever. I can't stop sneezing, my eyes won't stop watering and itching, sore throat, bawwww, etc.

I don't want to be an asshole, but if this dude smokes weed all day and night for one more week, I am calling the damn landlord. I don't want to be miserable in my own place.
>> No. 4798
The repairman just called. I will have to replace the motherboard and the power supply, obviously, but all other parts seem to be fine. ESPECIALLY MY HDDS. Thank goodness! Computer well be ready tomorrow, he says.

Sadly this means that I won't be able to make it to my RP group. My mom was already pissed when I stayed up at her PC for so long yesterday. Damnit, I want to RP so bad. Oh well, at least my stuff is okay.
>> No. 4805
Rant ahead.


Sorry about that. Had to get that out.
>> No. 4809
Its someone's birthday today. Happy Birthday, you~
>> No. 4813
I hate my whole family with a passion.
My brother's an abusive dick. My mother still acts/thinks I'm 9 years old. My dad is just like "WHATEVER LOL" and does nothing.
Sometimes, I just want to... murder them or something. At least run away.
And I could totally get away with it (murder AND running away, but I'm not really going to murder them). I'm the only female Cadet, I know how to start a fire and shit and set up a shelter.
Buuuutttt I'm too pussy to actually do anything, and just take it like a bitch.

Welp, I feel better.
>> No. 4822
File 129688508259.jpg - (18.05KB , 294x195 , FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.jpg )
I fail at modeling heads in Maya. I absolutely have to use Maya for a class I'm in, because it's the rules, so I handed the character I was working on to another team member. Other team member is partially done with the head a week later, but his grandpa died, so he's been absent, and so he hands the character's head to another team member. Only problem is the previous person to work on the character was using the plane method where you keep making planes until you eventually form the head, which is a completely stupid way to make heads! You end up with too many polygons and too many vertices, so you can't easily connect it to the body. During the class conference call, the person to get the character next agrees, so I thought he was going to make a fresh head using the cube method, where you just make a cube and add edge loops to it. Later this week, I find out that he went against his agreement and tried to finish off the other guy's head. He added all these unnecessary edge loops to MY body that I made for the character to try to connect it, and it's not even the updated version. Even worse, the faces he added to the second guy's head turn invisible whenever I try moving the head around, even in render. Now, the head has to be completely scrapped, I'm stressing the fuck out because we're going to be severely delayed, and I still fucking suck at modeling heads in Maya, so I can't help. If only I was able to use 3D Max to make the head. I'm so much better at modeling in 3D Max, and I know how to make Max geometry completely compatible with Maya, even when rigging. Why can't I just use Max to make the head, Professor? WHY?!!!

I'll be glad when this is over. It doesn't help that I'm the producer for this week, either.
>> No. 4824
Sup. Does anyone remember me? It's been like 2 years. How's things?
>> No. 4825
Audio Lesley Gore - It's My Party - (218.53KB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , It\'s My Party.mp3 ) Length: 0:14
Woo yay, happy birthday to that lucky person! I hope they are not melting in the heat and not having a failtastic time!
Oh you know. Dicks and all that. Welcome back Author!
>> No. 4826
I still have your "Author trolls /v/ with Heavy/Medic porn" fic saved.
>> No. 4827
It is really fucking cold in this basement. I love the snow, but the whole thing where the cold is waking my insomnia up again after three years ain't so cool.
I'mma build a snow fort tomorrow to remind myself why Michigan winters are awesome.
>> No. 4829
File 129689186265.gif - (14.54KB , 650x450 , 03189.gif )
That's really the only word I can describe with how I'm feeling
Why am I suddenly feeling so upset?
Weight in my chest, please go away you are ruining my mood and making me extremely clingy with my friends.
You are also making me feel like I'm bothering them by being gloomy which in turn makes me want to talk to them even more.
>> No. 4833
File 129689446266.jpg - (70.75KB , 526x390 , fuck-yes.jpg )

Spent the entire day with my bros at Disneyland. Did awesome bro stuff. Killed my feet but it was WORTH IT. The gluten free pizza at Pizza Port is awesome. The rides are awesome. The weather was awesome. It wasn't fucking crowded. Best. Day.

Oh, and you know what else? Know what else?

I did it. I asked her on a date.

She said yes.

>> No. 4834
I have been through three boxes of paracetamol in the last week D:!

>> No. 4837
File 129691795774.jpg - (15.50KB , 381x365 , 123116442235.jpg )
>ex boyfriend still chatting to me via email while I tell him how fantastic everything's been for me since I left him

>"You still haven't told me where you live."

>"I know I haven't told you where I live."
>> No. 4840
Haha, no, it wasn't my birthday. Mine's not til July.
>> No. 4842
Made homemade rolls this afternoon - the first time I've made any bread product from scratch, aside from banana bread - and the results are pretty damn tasty. Feeling ridiculously happy with my cooking abilities right now.
>> No. 4844
It's fascinating how my mother has been extremely sick for the past week, and my sister and I have been running around trying to get everything done for her in the house because she can't get up from the couch and has a major fever. After days she finally decided to get up and take a shower, and the only thing she does is complain about the little things we didn't do/couldn't get done, and how we don't care a shit about her when she's sick. Not even the smallest thank you. And when her boyfriend stops by she clings to him like mad and thanks him when he just makesa simple cup of coffee for her and is so great and amazing.

Outside of that I always get pulled into the fights she has with grandma, and always get blamed for 'how I trick her into something grandma can complain about again'.

my mother is always threatening to kick me out of the house and let me live with dad, who lives like, two streets away. I don't mind this at all and say I want to go live with dad, and then she goes batshit insane at me and how I can't go live with dad because I wouldn't do a thing and fail een more at school and etc.

Excuse me while I sigh and sometimes like school more than anything so I don't have to hear her complaints about fucking everything.
>> No. 4847

Go live with your dad. What's stopping you?

Oh man there is a big fight on UFC tonight. Got that shit set to record. Gonna sit on my ass tomorrow and watch it with a tub of ice cream. Best ever.
>> No. 4848
Are you me?
My mother's like that, too.
>> No. 4852
Man I was totally content and happy and shit and then I see Facebook pics of my ex and his new girlfriend going out on the town and having a good time and shit.

He never took me out on the town and always complained whenever I suggested it because it costs money to go out and he never had money and I should just be content to stay home with him and watch movies.

Now I'm playing the blame game and wondering if I was a terrible girlfriend or maybe I didn't speak up enough and that's why I'm sitting here all lonely in this apartment and lost touch with everyone or if he was just jealous or manipulative or something. It just really sucks how he moved on so fast, and with our friend's sister no less.

Hopefully at least hanging out with Betsy at her Super Bowl party will make me feel a bit better.
>> No. 4854
Hmm...well then happy birthday to whoever it was.
>> No. 4857
There will be cannoli, unspecified grilled meat, and meat dip (which is a meat, velveeta and cream cheese concoction served on fritos). Feeling better is a must. Also you get to meet my kitties! Kitties make everything better.

On that note, I cleaned most of the day. My floor is now a little slick from the stuff I used on it. Whee. Kitchen in the morning and then my house will be Presentable.

Also also, there's this particular person who's been setting off my rage-meter lately, and we had a particularly rage-filled conversation tonight, but it was totally defused by my reg server (serious but lighthearted) joining me in making towers and sniper humping and spy crabbing. I love those guys.
>> No. 4858
Thing is I'd leave my sister behind, and Mom says she'd start a law suit and shit against me if I'd go, while I'm legally allowed to. I don't have money for such things though.
>> No. 4859
Are you me? My mom almost never lets me leave the house unless she's threatening to kick me out. I'm legally allowed to do everything other than drink, and she tells me I shouldn't be talking to strangers online (strangers = anyone she doesn't know, even if I know them irl or we've met/talked irl eventually) or have a Facebook. I don't even know why she's like this. I can't think of any time I've been in a threatening situation or legal trouble.
>> No. 4860
File 129698442924.png - (9.78KB , 344x341 , 129494384062.png )
So I asked the guy I like in my Skype group if he would be my "honorable waifu-san." It's a running joke in my group so I was kinda expecting him to say no or make some witty comment about it. Needless to say I panicked and freaked out a bit when he said yes. Not only that, but he keeps bringing it up. "Of course she prefers me. I'm her waifu-san."
Yeah, I meant it as a joke, but I really do like him and now I'm wondering if he really likes me or something. I want to ask him to be my Valentine or some cheesy shit like that, but I'm worried he might think I'm joking and will jokingly say yes as a joke because we're both jokingly joking. Also, my close friend has a small crush on him as well and I don't want to ruin their chance at him. I'm not sure what to do at this point, I just know this will end badly.
>> No. 4862
uh... hey, boss?

would you mind like, i dont know, answering my calls and messages? because it would be really fucking handy to know if i'm going back to work tommorow or not. preferably not the latter becasue as much fun as not working for a month has been i am really worried about NOT HAVING ANY FUCKING MONEY LEFT if i dont get back to work soon
>> No. 4870
>dad gets tickets for hockey game today
>Scoutpapa wants to spend day together
>"You'd ditch plans we made together for a hockey game?"

First off, you didn't ask me until after my dad did. Second, I might've been able to go if you'd told me you could give me a ride, since I don't have a lisence. Third, I never get to see my dad anymore, between college and his work schedule, so god forbid I spend time with my goddamn father on a day where I didn't have anything planned. Don't think that just because you're my boyfriend you have the perk of seeing me whenever you fucking please. It's immature and unrealistic. And now because of you being a dick about me chillin' with my dad, not only will I miss not hanging out with you, I'll feel doubly guilty about the game because a) you love me, and b) your dad is dead so it's not like you could chill with yours. I already took it out on a highschooler I know on facebook today, don't fucking start with me.

tl;dr boyfriend being immature and guilt-tripping to the point where I'm honestly idgaf today.
>> No. 4878
File 129702617086.jpg - (544.43KB , 715x948 , 128946235794.jpg )
>hi there pa
>awkward talk
>you know that woman you hate but never told me you hate? She's moving in this summer
Allow me to say this moment to say I DONOT WANT THIS DAMN WOMAN AND HER CHILD AROUND. I kind of want her to have never met my Pa.
They're practically sewing themselves together right now as it is, they're not even dating and she's going to be moving in! My Pa's dating record is absolute Shit, this can only end badly. He does all the jokes he does when trying to hook a lady and he ahs that attitude that comes with trying to attract a femle. This just fucking ruined my morning.
>> No. 4879

On what grounds? I can't see any lawsuit she made being successful, pretty sure it'd just fall flat on its face - that's if she didn't get laughed out of court for suggesting it.

Bitch is just trying to scare you. Call her bluff, and make it doubly shitty for her by convincing your sister to come with you. Then we'll see who's boss.
>> No. 4900
So freaking tired, but today was good day. My team won the game, there was much delicious food, Stereo was a superstar at rolling cannoli dough, and my kitchen is clean once again. Also, nick-of-time train-catching oh yes.

I am going to go sleep for ten hours now, I hope/think. Yes.
>> No. 4908
My roommate got period blood all over the floor and didn't wipe it up.

I can't wait until I move out.
>> No. 4914
on the bus back home from Marty's, and hooray a pile of work is waiting for me at school, in front of which the bus happens to drop off. :| At least I had a fun weekend!
>> No. 4917
File 129712190572.jpg - (76.24KB , 720x480 , 1288053995412.jpg )
Don't fucking tell me about how bored you are and beg me to Skype with you. Unlike you, I have a fucking life and a lot of shit to do.

Jesus I can't remember the last time I was bored.
>> No. 4920
File 129714332628.jpg - (45.20KB , 465x398 , 1278070728699.jpg )
>> No. 4921
File 129714939914.gif - (11.81KB , 650x450 , 03353.gif )
>Shoulder's in more pain than ever
>Don't know when college stops accepting applications
>best friend is stuck on the other side of the planet for another month because no flights

I'm going through a huge range of emotions right now. It seems everyone but me is getting offered full time work, I can't keep my shoulder form burning, and no one in this house seems to care that I'm hurt and need assistance to do chores or hold up a pencil.
>> No. 4922
File 129715059644.jpg - (42.04KB , 600x338 , psh.jpg )
You know what? I really fucking dislike you. You're nothing but a pimple on the role play community's ass and I seriously can't fathom why anyone likes you. I don't give a fuck if you're the best fucking photoshopper in the community and make rad graphics, it doesn't entitle you to being a stuck up bitch. You're so fucking arrogant, I mean seriously, get over yourself. The worst part is? You make yourself off to be some kind of fucking Sengoku Basara expert, and yet your characters are as dull as dish water. You can know every detail about these guys but unless you can fucking apply that, you're just as bad as the other crap role players floating around. The same can be said for Hetalia and every other goddamn fandom you inhabit. Jesus Christ. And I know you're judging other people who play these characters behind their back, and it's like, again, seriously, you can't role play them for shit yourself. Did I mention that I hate your fucking inactivity? You make all these plans with my friends and then they complain to me a week later saying you never bothered to follow up with these role play plans. You get people's hopes up, then disappear for a month then come back and don't even apologize. TEE HEE WHOOPS GUESS I GOT BUSY. Go fuck a cactus you ass hole. Oh and don't even get me started on how self-involved you are. Unless we're involved in your little circle of friends, you hardly pay any other role players any mind. Not that we're missing anything, but regardless it's the principle of the matter.

Fuck you. /end rant
>> No. 4923
I hope this apparent Labryinthitus clears up quickly.
>> No. 4929
File 129719809083.jpg - (511.04KB , 640x1080 , 1296413890772.jpg )
>talk about my day
>no one responds (and thus, seemingly don't give a shit)
>talk about their day
>can't stop chatty Cathy
>> No. 4930
File 129719847511.jpg - (89.59KB , 799x627 , 129565581285.jpg )
My parents are screaming at each other like four year olds.

Over a light bulb.
>> No. 4931
My lungs hate me. Feeling is mutual.
>> No. 4933
File 129720847425.jpg - (325.62KB , 894x1112 , 1191535683769.jpg )
Alright, it's time to get motivated.

My pre-planned mission for this weekend is to draw replacements for all the pokes from B&W that I hated (approx 80% of total new pokes). The reason for this is that I haven't properly drawn anything in months, and that needs to stop.

Let's do this.
>> No. 4936
whoops turns out i'm not over my ex and suddenly feelings of worthlessness and overwhelming anxiety overcome me and make me neglect everything again. i've worked hard the last two weeks to be on top of things and be more social and outgoing and see friends and do work but it's just not working. and to top it all off, i think i have a sexual dysfunction that has rendered me afraid of penetration of any type, so it wouldn't matter if i get laid soon because i would get performance anxiety and be too afraid to do anything because according my other ex, i'm afraid of penis.

>> No. 4938
Labyrinth as in David Bowie? Because seriously, it's incurable.

You know what? Any and all trouble with Scoutpapa is cleared, schedule isn't fucking me over, college is awesome right now (whoo, understanding my theory stuff on the first try for once!), and the design I submitted to the director for Into the Woods for my own outfit (for when I'm poor) got approved so I get to sew myself a new renfaire getup.

Dudebro, life is pretty good. Let's keep this up.
>> No. 4939
File 12972163431.jpg - (7.42KB , 480x360 , HOORAY.jpg )
Went to Arcade Infinity today, and holy shit guys, they finally had Pop'n Music 18: Sengoku Retsuden.

Best. Pop'n Music game. EVER.

My only complaint is the majority of my favorite songs were just too easy on normal, and much too hard on hyper. So I sort of had to cope with the level for the sake of playing my favorite tunes. Which in the end was pretty worth the time.

Also Masamune has proved himself to be the best Retsuden character, as I always believed him to be. I shall be returning very soon.
>> No. 4940
Fuck this day, oh my god.

So after listening to my parents scream at each other over a light bulb for THREE AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS, they come out and tell me that they're actually letting me drive my date to the Valentine's formal on Saturday. So I'm like, fuck yes, okay. And then they start flipping their shit over her spending the night. Which, alright, you don't want my date spending the night, fairly reasonable - UNLESS you are the parents who let your 17 year old daughter's girlfriend spend the night on several occasions without supervision a couple years ago. What the fuck, sudden freak out? But alright, my dad is relaxing into the idea (he said she can sleep on the couch), so I'll convince them. Whatever.

So at 4:15, they send me to the grocery store. Fine, whatever. I hate the fucking grocery store because it gives me horrible anxiety, but it's right next door to the thrift store I need to go to, so I'll deal. My mom tells me she needs everything on the list by 5. It's like five things on the list, so no big deal.

So I get to the store, and it's an absolute MADHOUSE. It takes me an hour to get the stuff on the list, so I don't get a chance to go to the thrift store. Augh, okay, whatever. I get home, put everything away, and realize - I forgot the coleslaw.

So my mom has a fit. "That was the most important thing! How could you forget! You had a list!" After I'd already apologized four times. So I fucking go back to the store, use a credit card for an 88 cent bag of coleslaw, and go the fuck home.

So my mom asks me to make the coleslaw. I'm already pissed as fuck so I'm like, alright, cooking calms me down. So I'm holding the bag of coleslaw. She goes into the fridge, presumably for mayonnaise... and comes out HOLDING A BAG OF FUCKING COLESLAW. So I make that bag, assuming she just wanted a double batch - no. She looks at the batch I made with the bag we already had and goes, "Oh man, that's plenty, almost too much!"

So I just. Put the new, unopened bag of coleslaw in the fucking fridge. And went to my room. And chugged a goddamn soda which I promised myself I'd stop drinking.


On the bright side, my ex came out to me as a transguy today. His mom is really really supportive and he's getting to a special clinic ASAP to get hormone treatment and such. I'm irrationally happy for him, 'cause he really deserves to be happy.
>> No. 4942
Good job TAFE! Not only have you fucked up my enrolment but you conveniently left things out of my previous classes that I needed to get my diploma, BAS qualifications AND tax agent qualifications all at once! And I'm not even getting into the massive schedueling and textbook fail that will likely go on for several weeks! Is it too much to ask that the course I signed up for to actually qualify me in the things it was suppossed to? What the hell am I supossed to do with a diploma if I can't even do the fucking BAS?
I still adore the subjects but get your shit together and organise yourselves and stop fucking me around!
>> No. 4953
File 129725977537.gif - (427.49KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lf13x40New1qbt11ao1_500.gif )
So I feel really bad for having a pretty big crush on this guy mostly because my close friend also has a pretty big crush on him. He deserves him more, Lord knows it, and he probably likes him more. I should just back off and let him try for him. Still, part of me really wants to try to get closer to him and form a tighter friendship but I feel as though I'm betraying my close friend by doing this.
Also, this crush is just not good for me because then I turn into a total stalker and creep on him whenever I get the chance. Pic is me whenever he's online.
>> No. 4961
File 129728992148.jpg - (62.18KB , 807x605 , ChewPup.jpg )
Guys, I am having a horrible dilemma. Please advise. D:

So it turns out the copy of Nintendogs I bought from eBay is a fake. The packaging is normal for a US-version DS game, the cart's label has a -USA serial code on it. The game itself, however, is the UK version. Since the game was factory sealed, I doubt that this is a mistake.

So I told eBay about this and now I'm being told I need to return the item for a full refund.

Unfortunately however I have been playing the fucking game and have now become attached to my pretend animals. ._.

What do, TF2chan? ;__;
>> No. 4962
How many hours have you sunk into it at this point? If it's anything like Pokemon, I'd return it if you haven't racked up too many hours.
>> No. 4964
Just got news that my trip to Comicon might still happen. Jay, the comic store owner, has a back up plan that might involve a bus and 11 days of Vagas AND Comicon.

I'm excited.
>> No. 4972
ear inflammation
>> No. 4974
Well that's a million times less awesome. Hope it clears up.
>> No. 4985
So for two years my brother's been extremely depressed. He thinks he's ruined his life because he thinks that his insistence on studying late into the night during his teenage years has kept him from being able to grow as tall as he could have been, even though this is complete bullshit and he's the tallest person in my entire family in generations. He's actively blown off anybody who wants to be friends or girlfriends with him by pretending to be indifferent to them and now it's gotten worse to the point that the last time I've talked to him, he told me about how he spends all day in bed so he can fantasize about dying alone and wishing for someone to kill him before he gets the chance to become an old man. I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do to keep him from killing himself.

Every time I try to talk him out of it he's like "I'm disgusted with myself and it's what I think of myself that matters, not others, so what if they like me?" I don't trust psychiatrists because pretty much all of them are drug-prescribing quacks and the last thing I want is for him to become dependent on meds when the only real way to fix him is to fix his mental issues. And therapists are not going to help because he's already overheard us trying to get outside help so he's said he's not going to go along with anything we try. Besides, from personal experience I've found that therapists are fucking useless and don't work anyway. People have told me to send him to a shrink anyway but what's the point if pills aren't a real solution?
>> AU No. 4993
I'm so glad next week is looking to be better. I doubt my sanity can take much more of this weeks nonsense!
>> DE No. 4996
File 129733041847.jpg - (12.04KB , 300x300 , 126445983420.jpg )

Other than the US flag being especially big for some reason (Solly, stop that!) everything is working fine over here. Hooray!
>> AU No. 5000
I'll probably regret posting this in the morning but whatever.
Watching something I've said get twisted into something else entirely a week after I said it...and then turn into some sort of fucked up meme is getting rather old. Along with being caricatured as some kind of twisted tyrant bent on destroying all that is good and right. And I'm not even getting into how people seem to now think I do nothing because I can't always get on when most people are on nowadays thanks to classes. Normally I can laugh off that kind of thing. I don't normally care much for what others think of me, but combined with my real life stuff it's just wearing me down a bit I suppose.
"Shit admin" that I am, I'm still working on this place. Still checking in everyday, even if most people are sleeping when I do. Making sure things get done, though sometimes things do fall through the cracks. This place is big enough for it. I really do want this place to be as nice, just as much as anyone else here does.
>> GB No. 5008

Re: this, I hate how a bunch of people resorted to in-fighting and getting their personal grudges involved in an effort to get people to STOP bitching. People are mad at other people because they think they implied this and someone else used what they said to say this etc. etc.

Needless to say, this anon isn't gonna leave over this bullshit and really wants this place to be good again.
>> US No. 5009
File 129736556523.jpg - (122.97KB , 580x340 , thefuck.jpg )
So out of nowhere, I've developed some kind of stomach bug.
Vomiting, body aches, dehydration, the works.
This is going to be one hell of a day, I can feel it.

>> US No. 5010
File 129736917922.jpg - (74.55KB , 480x640 , eab52ca3325c7a3b0bd1b5c026b87194-d38t4ya.jpg )
Really happy lately, my god such a sudden injection of good feelings.
It feels kind of like I'm made out of rainbows and unicorns with a dash of sugar and spice
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