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File 12966632923.jpg - (75.27KB , 500x375 , HappyRainbow.jpg )
4704 No. 4704
Previous thread was MASSIVE. Time for a new one!

My current feelings: I AM SO SICK OF SNOW. SHOO. GO AWAY. >:C
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>> No. 4709
we have a frozen pipe! fuck winter!
>> No. 4714

Can I have your snow? Last time we got snow it was four inches, and lasted two days. It's never cold enough for snow here.
>> No. 4715
2 feet of snow! FUCK YES! No school!
>> No. 4718
File 129667063934.png - (361.11KB , 853x480 , Goddamnit face.png )
I've been told there's a slight chance I might not get the appartment after all - There's a second candidate, apparently.

Jesus, this rollercoaster of emotions is getting on my nerves way too much. Onto another night of nailbiting and playing vidya to distract myself!
>> No. 4719
File 129667225810.jpg - (60.14KB , 500x281 , ohh.jpg )
So oh my goodness, my girl and I are back together. God this feels so good, especially since it was kinda like we never broke up in the first place. I guess all we needed was a bit of space before we realized WHY THE FUCK DID WE BREAK UP, WE'RE IDIOTS DERP.
Taking it niiiice and slow though, don't wanna ruin anything before it starts, ya know? I especially don't wanna make her feel uncomfortable in regards to the sexy times. Granted she's the hottest thing on the planet and I'd love to just take her right now unf, but until she feels comfy, I can totally keep myself in check. Just want you to be happy, babe. ~

On a second note, I plan to keep this news to myself. Because seriously, my aunt and uncle can go fuck themselves and I'm tired of playing this game of trying to please them. If she makes me happy, then goddamit, I'm sticking with it whether they like it or not. Because I KNOW they don't like us together. Or uh... I know my uncle doesn't really like it.

God I wanna move out of this house like, right now.

Also, I fucking hate people who ship Layton and Luke. It's digusting and you should feel disgusting.
>> No. 4720
We have, like, 5 feet of snow left over from all the snowstorms.
>> No. 4722
Can I have some too? We hardly got any snow up here in the mountains this year.
>> No. 4723
Bad: I got five wisdom teeth ripped out on Monday. Joy. I can't eat solids and talking hurts. Bleh. Can't sleep for the pain and wake up choking on blood and just eugh.
Good: because I'm at home I'm spending time with my mom and it's really cool. We're watching movies together and it's great. Read the story I'm working on to my wife and she liked it and I wanted to read our book to her but she had to go do laundry. Godamn long-distance relationship. Also there's piles of snow outside and I love snow.
>> No. 4724
Fuck, it so does not feel like a Wednesday.

On the brighter side of things, I think I'll be able to start with the duck tape outfits for Scoutpapa's prom.
>> No. 4729
File 129668341571.jpg - (120.12KB , 640x480 , 2011-01-23 21-21-01_255.jpg )
I've been offered one of the jobs that I went for interviews for yesterday.
AWESOME.jpeg, But still holding out for this one which might potentially be better if I get it.
>> No. 4730
No really, we've had almost an entire week of heatwave. One day was already too much!
>> No. 4731
Here! Take it! All three feet of it!
>> No. 4732
I just found out that both of my Wii remotes won't work because of the winter storm we had in late December as well as one of my nunchucks. My room is under the garage and my dresser got ruined along with a few other objects because of the rain leaking through the ceiling and wall due to the wind that came with it. That's going to set me back at least $60...
>> No. 4734
File 12966874458.jpg - (301.73KB , 800x600 , 124352613188.jpg )

The only solution is to kill the other candidate.

So I emailed my ex again after having a nice little conversation with him but this time I responded to his suggestion that I meet him in Brighton for a "catch up" I told him that I really didn't want to and HERE'S WHY, YOU CONTROLLING, PARANOID HYPOCRITE.

Spent three paragraphs explaining in painful detail what a shit he was to me and why I broke up with him. Last time I did that he flipped out and tried to use the aforementioned cat as a bargaining chip to control me. Considering he's now said he has "no right" to keep the cat (it's dead and in an urn by the way, just to clear up any confusion), I'm genuinely interested in what his response is going to be.

I fully expect him to withold the cat and once again attempt to shift all the blame for his own shortcomings onto me, just like he did last time.
>> No. 4736
File 129669002029.png - (16.89KB , 650x450 , 1296467392223.png )
>> No. 4738
File 129669200549.jpg - (9.41KB , 383x270 , 125407094584.jpg )
So, my sister and I are close. Like, really close. As in, I hang out with her than 90% of my other non-related friends.
All of a sudden, this conversation pops up:
"Ohai so moving to Minnesota."
adkfglypkxcjjt what
Within the next six months, she's probably gonna be out of here. What I SHOULD do is, you know, say something. But I don't want her to have the "making people depressed by moving thing, feelsbadman" thing hanging around.

Fuck what do I do
>> No. 4739

Ex confirmed for same faggotry as ever. Still won't accept he did anything wrong, still trying to shift as much blame as possible onto me.

Now fishing to see if he'll still return my things, and my cat, willingly.
>> No. 4740
File 129669282274.png - (9.67KB , 374x308 , 1296319936595.png )
Please, send some to Cali! I'd not only love to see the sheer chaos that would ensue with only a few inches (let alone over a foot), but it would also be nice to kill this heat we're having over here.

Feelings: <3. Everything in my life is so <3 right now.
>> No. 4741
Show up at his place, kick him in the babymaker, grab your stuff and run.

School is going surprisingly well. Also, hosting a Superbowl party. Need to clean! Will be making Meat Dip (heart attack on a Frito) and something dessert-y. Considering cannoli. They're totally a traditional football food, right?

Also been putting 15 minutes on the rowing machine every morning. Feels good.
>> No. 4742
File 129669965141.jpg - (66.33KB , 149x470 , tumblr_lf4pvcrh4P1qfhkbwo1_400.jpg )
Oh yay! So glad to hear that you two are back together again!

Feelings! I'm freaking out a little!
It just hit me that I have to learn how to function in proper society again. I have to fix my sleeping schedule, my eating habits, my sarcasm, and unlearn being a dick. My social anxieties are driving me up the wall and it's really unnerving. Also, I think I may be developing a small crush on one of the dudes in my Skype group. I am so not ready for any of this.
>> No. 4743
File 129670220315.png - (235.26KB , 400x483 , tumblr_l4j5hqqNO21qb5t2do1_400.png )
I'm so happy right now. I some times think I'm not a good artist, the self deprecation tends to actually serve me in that it makes me improve. But right now, getting $40 in 4 days from 5 different people who were strangers to draw things for them makes me happy. I'm glad others see something of value in what I'm doing. It's pretty fucking fulfilling.
>> No. 4746
File 129670751475.png - (149.14KB , 300x291 , horseshit.png )
Oh, cool my first hat drop after over 1400 hours of gamepla-
>> No. 4747
File 129670871119.jpg - (34.45KB , 455x496 , 1284181771936.jpg )
What's this? You're letting me babysit your sewing machine?
Oh man oh man oh man oh man best month ever.
Also going through emotions as I rush to get a portfolio done, apply to college and find my highschool transcript. FUN.
>> No. 4749
Guess who didn't get the appartment.

Guess whose computer decided to say "Whoops, power supply goes poof, silly me".

... Sometimes life even makes a goddamn optimist like ME depressed. Well fuck the world. I will have to live with my brother some more time, avaible appartments are really rare in the city at the moment ... Looks like I will be sitting here until summer. My job training starts in March. I will have to go by train every day. Trains make me REALLY uncomfortable.

>> No. 4753
File 129674963128.jpg - (21.47KB , 500x281 , YES.jpg )
Tuesdays and Thursday are school days for me. I get up, trudge to campus and hell yes! No history today!
Now all I have to put up with is a health test at 10 and I'm totally done for the day!
But pshh, it's health, a test on nutrition no less. It'll be a no brainer.

>> No. 4755
File 129675011884.jpg - (32.05KB , 419x595 , 1292613372561.jpg )
It's Thursday, which means I only have one class that's just over an hour on a subject I love (ochem), Madoka airs later tonight, and I can laze around in the evening and play games with friends.

So why am I depressed?
>> No. 4757
So I've been sick to the point of fainting during the last three days. Yet I still had to work on some stuff and because of that almost fainting incident on Tuesday I've missed one last exam on Wednesday. Well, actually, I went to uni, I just was so fucking sick and tired that I've missed the exam time by 10 minutes. And the lecturer already left. I just hope that she's going to be there tomorrow so I just can show her everything and get the grade. FML
>> No. 4758
Update on my computer:

Both the mainboard and the power supply seem to be fucked. Computer is at the repairman's now. If you ask me, everything can be broken, I don't give a fuck ... Except for the HDDs. I have a backup but it's incomplete. I can't think about all the data I'd lose without feeling like crying.

Throw the rest in the garbage, but please, give me my precious files! Lets pray together that all those wonderful folders full of stuff aren't lost, chan. Please.
>> No. 4761
File 129675500670.png - (13.06KB , 607x255 , shit.png )
I am so angry this morning. Not only is one cat being a giant shithead, knocking things over and trying to destroy my clothing, he woke me up several times last night. And then I couldn't fall back asleep because this god damn house is plagued with fleas! We move in, house is infested for no fucking reason, get it taken care of. We get kittens, suddenly fleas everywhere! And they come back every fucking month! I am hyper-allergic to the little bastards so LOL SLEEP WHAT'S THAT? The cats are on frontline, we had the Orkin spray every other month but they still come back. We don't even have carpet anymore! Haven't since July! How do I eradicate these little fuckers from my residence, because we've tried fucking everything already!

TL;DR I'm exhausted, I itch, I'm angry and I have a chem lab with dangerous chemicals that requires high amounts of precision today. FUCK.
>> No. 4762
Have you had the house bombed yet? Just spraying might not be enough to get rid of them entirely. We had a flea infestation in my parents' house years ago and we had it bombed while we (and the pets) camped out at my Grandmother's for a few days. Never had a problem after that.
>> No. 4763
Are you me? Seriously, my lappy is fucked and while I mourn it because I'm going back to using a Dell desktop my parents bought in 1996 and that really really sucks, my biggest loss would be all my writing and logged roelplays and photos that are on the laptop's hard drive.
My only other concern is that I can't check my email on this godamn dinosaur and I can't check my work schedule so I might have to quit my job. I was planning on quitting anyways, but I kind of wanted to secure another job first. Bleh.
>> No. 4764
File 129676005937.jpg - (38.54KB , 547x478 , Dscn3155.jpg )
I feel so constructive lately. \o/ I've been drawing a lot more than usual, and I went out yesterday and bought a shitton of fleece and spent the day making Homestuck grub plushies. Granted, my plushie-making skills are for shit - but hey, they're cute, and they're for me, so not a fuck has been given.

Tomorrow is DISNEYLAND FUCK YEAH, ALL MY EXCITE. My pass is getting ready to expire (after I've only been TWICE) so it'll be good to get one last go-round in. I'm really excited to see how Disney's gluten free food thinger works out, too.

Thinking I'm gonna ask that girl on a date either today or Saturday. 9_9 Hogod. She told me the other day that she feels really comfortable around me and that she thinks I'm really sweet and funny. To which I sort of flailed around in my chair and promptly fell out of it. But either way, I think I need someone sternly command me to ask her out, lmao. I always get my best friend to yell at me, 'cause that way if I chicken out, I feel like I disappointed someone. FORCING MYSELF INTO NOT BEING A NERVOUS DICK, WOO. (Whatever man, it works.)

>> No. 4765

unrelated, going to the GP has no fucking affect atm, I need to be referred to someone who can help. Anyone know what these symptoms can mean: sitting down on the computer being a lazy piece of shit means I'm fine as long as I take my paracetamol, when I go outside I feel fine and then feel like I'm going to be sick, I get headaches and dizzy and my blood pressure is fine and I don't have a cold or a flu.

when I feel like that I feel as if "why bother moving let's just fall over in the middle of the street it'll be okay someone'll drag me somewhere safe probably"
>> No. 4767
maya 2010, have I not given you the proper offerings for the last few days?
please stop crashing and making me lose most of the work I just did. you're going to make me cry.
Then you are going to make me mad and i will take that anger out on the innocent school computer.
>> No. 4770
File 129677224668.jpg - (39.20KB , 450x300 , eye of the tiger.jpg )
I finally decided: I'm buying a treadmill. Since I'm going to pay it from the money I've made on commissions, I know that I'm going to use it. I'm already using two other exercise machines in the house, but so far it's been hard for me to lose the annoying little fat from the lower region. So I'm doing it for myself: I want to get healthy before the diploma, I want to look good during Spring and other seasons. I want to feel good about myself, I want to get rid of those 10 kgs that returned this winter. Bring it on, my body is ready!
>> No. 4771
There's a guy that goes to the same college as me, he's kinda really chubby and looks thirty, despite being eighteen and he's always kissing me. He's a nice guy and all but for fuck sake man you have a girlfriend (apparently).

Captcha: Wizadr, inb4 yer a wizard.
>> No. 4773
We may have to, but it's extremely difficult to convince the boyfriend that the fleas are a serious problem because he doesn't react to them at all. Obviously, I just need to scratch so much at night it keeps him awake too. Evil plan: commence.
>> No. 4774
You can usually retrieve the hard drive, unless it's virus-fucked. I mean, if it's a graphics issue, or whatever. For example, my lovely Asus that's lasted me a couple of years of dropping it off those bloody side-desk things that swing up from beside chairs at Uni - anyway, my laptop has some kinda connection issue between the screen and the everything-else. Unless I tilt it at the exact correct angle, it looks like trying to watch a dodgy VHS, with the scrolling picture. Oh, and bright purple vertical lines. Frigging laptop.

Anyway my point is when I finally bite the bullet and get a new computer, I intend to rip the HDD out of my lappy, whack it in a case and use it as an external. Damned if I'm losing my romance with Alistair the Grey Warden of sexiness.

He gave me a rose!
>> No. 4775
It can be saved. My old Aspire got it's motherboard fried and I had the data on the hard drive retried and saved on an external. I also learned never to get an Acer notebook because this is was the third that replaced the first because the camera didn't work in the first one and the USB drives stopped working on the second.
>> No. 4794
File 129680617618.jpg - (35.01KB , 640x480 , 7x26.jpg )
Does anyone else feel like an unworthy, total retard around their academic advisors, despite them being very nice, cool people? I just can't help it around my advisor because he invented it, and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor.
>> No. 4795
File 129683400966.jpg - (116.43KB , 332x318 , 1555651561566.jpg )
The new guy that moved into the apartment under me is the rudest motherfucker I've ever had to deal with and my apartment reeks of weed now. I moved out of my brother's place due to his constant weed smoking, this shit ain't cool.

I don't have a problem with the drug itself, it's just that the smell and smoke from it gives me hay fever. I can't stop sneezing, my eyes won't stop watering and itching, sore throat, bawwww, etc.

I don't want to be an asshole, but if this dude smokes weed all day and night for one more week, I am calling the damn landlord. I don't want to be miserable in my own place.
>> No. 4798
The repairman just called. I will have to replace the motherboard and the power supply, obviously, but all other parts seem to be fine. ESPECIALLY MY HDDS. Thank goodness! Computer well be ready tomorrow, he says.

Sadly this means that I won't be able to make it to my RP group. My mom was already pissed when I stayed up at her PC for so long yesterday. Damnit, I want to RP so bad. Oh well, at least my stuff is okay.
>> No. 4805
Rant ahead.


Sorry about that. Had to get that out.
>> No. 4809
Its someone's birthday today. Happy Birthday, you~
>> No. 4813
I hate my whole family with a passion.
My brother's an abusive dick. My mother still acts/thinks I'm 9 years old. My dad is just like "WHATEVER LOL" and does nothing.
Sometimes, I just want to... murder them or something. At least run away.
And I could totally get away with it (murder AND running away, but I'm not really going to murder them). I'm the only female Cadet, I know how to start a fire and shit and set up a shelter.
Buuuutttt I'm too pussy to actually do anything, and just take it like a bitch.

Welp, I feel better.
>> No. 4822
File 129688508259.jpg - (18.05KB , 294x195 , FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.jpg )
I fail at modeling heads in Maya. I absolutely have to use Maya for a class I'm in, because it's the rules, so I handed the character I was working on to another team member. Other team member is partially done with the head a week later, but his grandpa died, so he's been absent, and so he hands the character's head to another team member. Only problem is the previous person to work on the character was using the plane method where you keep making planes until you eventually form the head, which is a completely stupid way to make heads! You end up with too many polygons and too many vertices, so you can't easily connect it to the body. During the class conference call, the person to get the character next agrees, so I thought he was going to make a fresh head using the cube method, where you just make a cube and add edge loops to it. Later this week, I find out that he went against his agreement and tried to finish off the other guy's head. He added all these unnecessary edge loops to MY body that I made for the character to try to connect it, and it's not even the updated version. Even worse, the faces he added to the second guy's head turn invisible whenever I try moving the head around, even in render. Now, the head has to be completely scrapped, I'm stressing the fuck out because we're going to be severely delayed, and I still fucking suck at modeling heads in Maya, so I can't help. If only I was able to use 3D Max to make the head. I'm so much better at modeling in 3D Max, and I know how to make Max geometry completely compatible with Maya, even when rigging. Why can't I just use Max to make the head, Professor? WHY?!!!

I'll be glad when this is over. It doesn't help that I'm the producer for this week, either.
>> No. 4824
Sup. Does anyone remember me? It's been like 2 years. How's things?
>> No. 4825
Audio Lesley Gore - It's My Party - (218.53KB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , It\'s My Party.mp3 ) Length: 0:14
Woo yay, happy birthday to that lucky person! I hope they are not melting in the heat and not having a failtastic time!
Oh you know. Dicks and all that. Welcome back Author!
>> No. 4826
I still have your "Author trolls /v/ with Heavy/Medic porn" fic saved.
>> No. 4827
It is really fucking cold in this basement. I love the snow, but the whole thing where the cold is waking my insomnia up again after three years ain't so cool.
I'mma build a snow fort tomorrow to remind myself why Michigan winters are awesome.
>> No. 4829
File 129689186265.gif - (14.54KB , 650x450 , 03189.gif )
That's really the only word I can describe with how I'm feeling
Why am I suddenly feeling so upset?
Weight in my chest, please go away you are ruining my mood and making me extremely clingy with my friends.
You are also making me feel like I'm bothering them by being gloomy which in turn makes me want to talk to them even more.
>> No. 4833
File 129689446266.jpg - (70.75KB , 526x390 , fuck-yes.jpg )

Spent the entire day with my bros at Disneyland. Did awesome bro stuff. Killed my feet but it was WORTH IT. The gluten free pizza at Pizza Port is awesome. The rides are awesome. The weather was awesome. It wasn't fucking crowded. Best. Day.

Oh, and you know what else? Know what else?

I did it. I asked her on a date.

She said yes.

>> No. 4834
I have been through three boxes of paracetamol in the last week D:!

>> No. 4837
File 129691795774.jpg - (15.50KB , 381x365 , 123116442235.jpg )
>ex boyfriend still chatting to me via email while I tell him how fantastic everything's been for me since I left him

>"You still haven't told me where you live."

>"I know I haven't told you where I live."
>> No. 4840
Haha, no, it wasn't my birthday. Mine's not til July.
>> No. 4842
Made homemade rolls this afternoon - the first time I've made any bread product from scratch, aside from banana bread - and the results are pretty damn tasty. Feeling ridiculously happy with my cooking abilities right now.
>> No. 4844
It's fascinating how my mother has been extremely sick for the past week, and my sister and I have been running around trying to get everything done for her in the house because she can't get up from the couch and has a major fever. After days she finally decided to get up and take a shower, and the only thing she does is complain about the little things we didn't do/couldn't get done, and how we don't care a shit about her when she's sick. Not even the smallest thank you. And when her boyfriend stops by she clings to him like mad and thanks him when he just makesa simple cup of coffee for her and is so great and amazing.

Outside of that I always get pulled into the fights she has with grandma, and always get blamed for 'how I trick her into something grandma can complain about again'.

my mother is always threatening to kick me out of the house and let me live with dad, who lives like, two streets away. I don't mind this at all and say I want to go live with dad, and then she goes batshit insane at me and how I can't go live with dad because I wouldn't do a thing and fail een more at school and etc.

Excuse me while I sigh and sometimes like school more than anything so I don't have to hear her complaints about fucking everything.
>> No. 4847

Go live with your dad. What's stopping you?

Oh man there is a big fight on UFC tonight. Got that shit set to record. Gonna sit on my ass tomorrow and watch it with a tub of ice cream. Best ever.
>> No. 4848
Are you me?
My mother's like that, too.
>> No. 4852
Man I was totally content and happy and shit and then I see Facebook pics of my ex and his new girlfriend going out on the town and having a good time and shit.

He never took me out on the town and always complained whenever I suggested it because it costs money to go out and he never had money and I should just be content to stay home with him and watch movies.

Now I'm playing the blame game and wondering if I was a terrible girlfriend or maybe I didn't speak up enough and that's why I'm sitting here all lonely in this apartment and lost touch with everyone or if he was just jealous or manipulative or something. It just really sucks how he moved on so fast, and with our friend's sister no less.

Hopefully at least hanging out with Betsy at her Super Bowl party will make me feel a bit better.
>> No. 4854
Hmm...well then happy birthday to whoever it was.
>> No. 4857
There will be cannoli, unspecified grilled meat, and meat dip (which is a meat, velveeta and cream cheese concoction served on fritos). Feeling better is a must. Also you get to meet my kitties! Kitties make everything better.

On that note, I cleaned most of the day. My floor is now a little slick from the stuff I used on it. Whee. Kitchen in the morning and then my house will be Presentable.

Also also, there's this particular person who's been setting off my rage-meter lately, and we had a particularly rage-filled conversation tonight, but it was totally defused by my reg server (serious but lighthearted) joining me in making towers and sniper humping and spy crabbing. I love those guys.
>> No. 4858
Thing is I'd leave my sister behind, and Mom says she'd start a law suit and shit against me if I'd go, while I'm legally allowed to. I don't have money for such things though.
>> No. 4859
Are you me? My mom almost never lets me leave the house unless she's threatening to kick me out. I'm legally allowed to do everything other than drink, and she tells me I shouldn't be talking to strangers online (strangers = anyone she doesn't know, even if I know them irl or we've met/talked irl eventually) or have a Facebook. I don't even know why she's like this. I can't think of any time I've been in a threatening situation or legal trouble.
>> No. 4860
File 129698442924.png - (9.78KB , 344x341 , 129494384062.png )
So I asked the guy I like in my Skype group if he would be my "honorable waifu-san." It's a running joke in my group so I was kinda expecting him to say no or make some witty comment about it. Needless to say I panicked and freaked out a bit when he said yes. Not only that, but he keeps bringing it up. "Of course she prefers me. I'm her waifu-san."
Yeah, I meant it as a joke, but I really do like him and now I'm wondering if he really likes me or something. I want to ask him to be my Valentine or some cheesy shit like that, but I'm worried he might think I'm joking and will jokingly say yes as a joke because we're both jokingly joking. Also, my close friend has a small crush on him as well and I don't want to ruin their chance at him. I'm not sure what to do at this point, I just know this will end badly.
>> No. 4862
uh... hey, boss?

would you mind like, i dont know, answering my calls and messages? because it would be really fucking handy to know if i'm going back to work tommorow or not. preferably not the latter becasue as much fun as not working for a month has been i am really worried about NOT HAVING ANY FUCKING MONEY LEFT if i dont get back to work soon
>> No. 4870
>dad gets tickets for hockey game today
>Scoutpapa wants to spend day together
>"You'd ditch plans we made together for a hockey game?"

First off, you didn't ask me until after my dad did. Second, I might've been able to go if you'd told me you could give me a ride, since I don't have a lisence. Third, I never get to see my dad anymore, between college and his work schedule, so god forbid I spend time with my goddamn father on a day where I didn't have anything planned. Don't think that just because you're my boyfriend you have the perk of seeing me whenever you fucking please. It's immature and unrealistic. And now because of you being a dick about me chillin' with my dad, not only will I miss not hanging out with you, I'll feel doubly guilty about the game because a) you love me, and b) your dad is dead so it's not like you could chill with yours. I already took it out on a highschooler I know on facebook today, don't fucking start with me.

tl;dr boyfriend being immature and guilt-tripping to the point where I'm honestly idgaf today.
>> No. 4878
File 129702617086.jpg - (544.43KB , 715x948 , 128946235794.jpg )
>hi there pa
>awkward talk
>you know that woman you hate but never told me you hate? She's moving in this summer
Allow me to say this moment to say I DONOT WANT THIS DAMN WOMAN AND HER CHILD AROUND. I kind of want her to have never met my Pa.
They're practically sewing themselves together right now as it is, they're not even dating and she's going to be moving in! My Pa's dating record is absolute Shit, this can only end badly. He does all the jokes he does when trying to hook a lady and he ahs that attitude that comes with trying to attract a femle. This just fucking ruined my morning.
>> No. 4879

On what grounds? I can't see any lawsuit she made being successful, pretty sure it'd just fall flat on its face - that's if she didn't get laughed out of court for suggesting it.

Bitch is just trying to scare you. Call her bluff, and make it doubly shitty for her by convincing your sister to come with you. Then we'll see who's boss.
>> No. 4900
So freaking tired, but today was good day. My team won the game, there was much delicious food, Stereo was a superstar at rolling cannoli dough, and my kitchen is clean once again. Also, nick-of-time train-catching oh yes.

I am going to go sleep for ten hours now, I hope/think. Yes.
>> No. 4908
My roommate got period blood all over the floor and didn't wipe it up.

I can't wait until I move out.
>> No. 4914
on the bus back home from Marty's, and hooray a pile of work is waiting for me at school, in front of which the bus happens to drop off. :| At least I had a fun weekend!
>> No. 4917
File 129712190572.jpg - (76.24KB , 720x480 , 1288053995412.jpg )
Don't fucking tell me about how bored you are and beg me to Skype with you. Unlike you, I have a fucking life and a lot of shit to do.

Jesus I can't remember the last time I was bored.
>> No. 4920
File 129714332628.jpg - (45.20KB , 465x398 , 1278070728699.jpg )
>> No. 4921
File 129714939914.gif - (11.81KB , 650x450 , 03353.gif )
>Shoulder's in more pain than ever
>Don't know when college stops accepting applications
>best friend is stuck on the other side of the planet for another month because no flights

I'm going through a huge range of emotions right now. It seems everyone but me is getting offered full time work, I can't keep my shoulder form burning, and no one in this house seems to care that I'm hurt and need assistance to do chores or hold up a pencil.
>> No. 4922
File 129715059644.jpg - (42.04KB , 600x338 , psh.jpg )
You know what? I really fucking dislike you. You're nothing but a pimple on the role play community's ass and I seriously can't fathom why anyone likes you. I don't give a fuck if you're the best fucking photoshopper in the community and make rad graphics, it doesn't entitle you to being a stuck up bitch. You're so fucking arrogant, I mean seriously, get over yourself. The worst part is? You make yourself off to be some kind of fucking Sengoku Basara expert, and yet your characters are as dull as dish water. You can know every detail about these guys but unless you can fucking apply that, you're just as bad as the other crap role players floating around. The same can be said for Hetalia and every other goddamn fandom you inhabit. Jesus Christ. And I know you're judging other people who play these characters behind their back, and it's like, again, seriously, you can't role play them for shit yourself. Did I mention that I hate your fucking inactivity? You make all these plans with my friends and then they complain to me a week later saying you never bothered to follow up with these role play plans. You get people's hopes up, then disappear for a month then come back and don't even apologize. TEE HEE WHOOPS GUESS I GOT BUSY. Go fuck a cactus you ass hole. Oh and don't even get me started on how self-involved you are. Unless we're involved in your little circle of friends, you hardly pay any other role players any mind. Not that we're missing anything, but regardless it's the principle of the matter.

Fuck you. /end rant
>> No. 4923
I hope this apparent Labryinthitus clears up quickly.
>> No. 4929
File 129719809083.jpg - (511.04KB , 640x1080 , 1296413890772.jpg )
>talk about my day
>no one responds (and thus, seemingly don't give a shit)
>talk about their day
>can't stop chatty Cathy
>> No. 4930
File 129719847511.jpg - (89.59KB , 799x627 , 129565581285.jpg )
My parents are screaming at each other like four year olds.

Over a light bulb.
>> No. 4931
My lungs hate me. Feeling is mutual.
>> No. 4933
File 129720847425.jpg - (325.62KB , 894x1112 , 1191535683769.jpg )
Alright, it's time to get motivated.

My pre-planned mission for this weekend is to draw replacements for all the pokes from B&W that I hated (approx 80% of total new pokes). The reason for this is that I haven't properly drawn anything in months, and that needs to stop.

Let's do this.
>> No. 4936
whoops turns out i'm not over my ex and suddenly feelings of worthlessness and overwhelming anxiety overcome me and make me neglect everything again. i've worked hard the last two weeks to be on top of things and be more social and outgoing and see friends and do work but it's just not working. and to top it all off, i think i have a sexual dysfunction that has rendered me afraid of penetration of any type, so it wouldn't matter if i get laid soon because i would get performance anxiety and be too afraid to do anything because according my other ex, i'm afraid of penis.

>> No. 4938
Labyrinth as in David Bowie? Because seriously, it's incurable.

You know what? Any and all trouble with Scoutpapa is cleared, schedule isn't fucking me over, college is awesome right now (whoo, understanding my theory stuff on the first try for once!), and the design I submitted to the director for Into the Woods for my own outfit (for when I'm poor) got approved so I get to sew myself a new renfaire getup.

Dudebro, life is pretty good. Let's keep this up.
>> No. 4939
File 12972163431.jpg - (7.42KB , 480x360 , HOORAY.jpg )
Went to Arcade Infinity today, and holy shit guys, they finally had Pop'n Music 18: Sengoku Retsuden.

Best. Pop'n Music game. EVER.

My only complaint is the majority of my favorite songs were just too easy on normal, and much too hard on hyper. So I sort of had to cope with the level for the sake of playing my favorite tunes. Which in the end was pretty worth the time.

Also Masamune has proved himself to be the best Retsuden character, as I always believed him to be. I shall be returning very soon.
>> No. 4940
Fuck this day, oh my god.

So after listening to my parents scream at each other over a light bulb for THREE AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS, they come out and tell me that they're actually letting me drive my date to the Valentine's formal on Saturday. So I'm like, fuck yes, okay. And then they start flipping their shit over her spending the night. Which, alright, you don't want my date spending the night, fairly reasonable - UNLESS you are the parents who let your 17 year old daughter's girlfriend spend the night on several occasions without supervision a couple years ago. What the fuck, sudden freak out? But alright, my dad is relaxing into the idea (he said she can sleep on the couch), so I'll convince them. Whatever.

So at 4:15, they send me to the grocery store. Fine, whatever. I hate the fucking grocery store because it gives me horrible anxiety, but it's right next door to the thrift store I need to go to, so I'll deal. My mom tells me she needs everything on the list by 5. It's like five things on the list, so no big deal.

So I get to the store, and it's an absolute MADHOUSE. It takes me an hour to get the stuff on the list, so I don't get a chance to go to the thrift store. Augh, okay, whatever. I get home, put everything away, and realize - I forgot the coleslaw.

So my mom has a fit. "That was the most important thing! How could you forget! You had a list!" After I'd already apologized four times. So I fucking go back to the store, use a credit card for an 88 cent bag of coleslaw, and go the fuck home.

So my mom asks me to make the coleslaw. I'm already pissed as fuck so I'm like, alright, cooking calms me down. So I'm holding the bag of coleslaw. She goes into the fridge, presumably for mayonnaise... and comes out HOLDING A BAG OF FUCKING COLESLAW. So I make that bag, assuming she just wanted a double batch - no. She looks at the batch I made with the bag we already had and goes, "Oh man, that's plenty, almost too much!"

So I just. Put the new, unopened bag of coleslaw in the fucking fridge. And went to my room. And chugged a goddamn soda which I promised myself I'd stop drinking.


On the bright side, my ex came out to me as a transguy today. His mom is really really supportive and he's getting to a special clinic ASAP to get hormone treatment and such. I'm irrationally happy for him, 'cause he really deserves to be happy.
>> No. 4942
Good job TAFE! Not only have you fucked up my enrolment but you conveniently left things out of my previous classes that I needed to get my diploma, BAS qualifications AND tax agent qualifications all at once! And I'm not even getting into the massive schedueling and textbook fail that will likely go on for several weeks! Is it too much to ask that the course I signed up for to actually qualify me in the things it was suppossed to? What the hell am I supossed to do with a diploma if I can't even do the fucking BAS?
I still adore the subjects but get your shit together and organise yourselves and stop fucking me around!
>> No. 4953
File 129725977537.gif - (427.49KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lf13x40New1qbt11ao1_500.gif )
So I feel really bad for having a pretty big crush on this guy mostly because my close friend also has a pretty big crush on him. He deserves him more, Lord knows it, and he probably likes him more. I should just back off and let him try for him. Still, part of me really wants to try to get closer to him and form a tighter friendship but I feel as though I'm betraying my close friend by doing this.
Also, this crush is just not good for me because then I turn into a total stalker and creep on him whenever I get the chance. Pic is me whenever he's online.
>> No. 4961
File 129728992148.jpg - (62.18KB , 807x605 , ChewPup.jpg )
Guys, I am having a horrible dilemma. Please advise. D:

So it turns out the copy of Nintendogs I bought from eBay is a fake. The packaging is normal for a US-version DS game, the cart's label has a -USA serial code on it. The game itself, however, is the UK version. Since the game was factory sealed, I doubt that this is a mistake.

So I told eBay about this and now I'm being told I need to return the item for a full refund.

Unfortunately however I have been playing the fucking game and have now become attached to my pretend animals. ._.

What do, TF2chan? ;__;
>> No. 4962
How many hours have you sunk into it at this point? If it's anything like Pokemon, I'd return it if you haven't racked up too many hours.
>> No. 4964
Just got news that my trip to Comicon might still happen. Jay, the comic store owner, has a back up plan that might involve a bus and 11 days of Vagas AND Comicon.

I'm excited.
>> No. 4972
ear inflammation
>> No. 4974
Well that's a million times less awesome. Hope it clears up.
>> No. 4985
So for two years my brother's been extremely depressed. He thinks he's ruined his life because he thinks that his insistence on studying late into the night during his teenage years has kept him from being able to grow as tall as he could have been, even though this is complete bullshit and he's the tallest person in my entire family in generations. He's actively blown off anybody who wants to be friends or girlfriends with him by pretending to be indifferent to them and now it's gotten worse to the point that the last time I've talked to him, he told me about how he spends all day in bed so he can fantasize about dying alone and wishing for someone to kill him before he gets the chance to become an old man. I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do to keep him from killing himself.

Every time I try to talk him out of it he's like "I'm disgusted with myself and it's what I think of myself that matters, not others, so what if they like me?" I don't trust psychiatrists because pretty much all of them are drug-prescribing quacks and the last thing I want is for him to become dependent on meds when the only real way to fix him is to fix his mental issues. And therapists are not going to help because he's already overheard us trying to get outside help so he's said he's not going to go along with anything we try. Besides, from personal experience I've found that therapists are fucking useless and don't work anyway. People have told me to send him to a shrink anyway but what's the point if pills aren't a real solution?
>> AU No. 4993
I'm so glad next week is looking to be better. I doubt my sanity can take much more of this weeks nonsense!
>> DE No. 4996
File 129733041847.jpg - (12.04KB , 300x300 , 126445983420.jpg )

Other than the US flag being especially big for some reason (Solly, stop that!) everything is working fine over here. Hooray!
>> AU No. 5000
I'll probably regret posting this in the morning but whatever.
Watching something I've said get twisted into something else entirely a week after I said it...and then turn into some sort of fucked up meme is getting rather old. Along with being caricatured as some kind of twisted tyrant bent on destroying all that is good and right. And I'm not even getting into how people seem to now think I do nothing because I can't always get on when most people are on nowadays thanks to classes. Normally I can laugh off that kind of thing. I don't normally care much for what others think of me, but combined with my real life stuff it's just wearing me down a bit I suppose.
"Shit admin" that I am, I'm still working on this place. Still checking in everyday, even if most people are sleeping when I do. Making sure things get done, though sometimes things do fall through the cracks. This place is big enough for it. I really do want this place to be as nice, just as much as anyone else here does.
>> GB No. 5008

Re: this, I hate how a bunch of people resorted to in-fighting and getting their personal grudges involved in an effort to get people to STOP bitching. People are mad at other people because they think they implied this and someone else used what they said to say this etc. etc.

Needless to say, this anon isn't gonna leave over this bullshit and really wants this place to be good again.
>> US No. 5009
File 129736556523.jpg - (122.97KB , 580x340 , thefuck.jpg )
So out of nowhere, I've developed some kind of stomach bug.
Vomiting, body aches, dehydration, the works.
This is going to be one hell of a day, I can feel it.

>> US No. 5010
File 129736917922.jpg - (74.55KB , 480x640 , eab52ca3325c7a3b0bd1b5c026b87194-d38t4ya.jpg )
Really happy lately, my god such a sudden injection of good feelings.
It feels kind of like I'm made out of rainbows and unicorns with a dash of sugar and spice
>> US No. 5017
I think you're an alright admin.
>> GB No. 5018
File 129737804076.jpg - (167.52KB , 701x427 , 1168851671299.jpg )
Fucking depression kicking me in the balls at work, I hate this. I know I hate my job but let's be honest - everyone hates their job, and anyone who claims otherwise is either lying to you or lying to themselves.

I don't know how I'm continuing to make target. I begrudge every minute I'm there, it feels like such a waste of time. Eight hours a day - more if you count the time I spend getting there and home again - that I can never, ever get back. I'm throwing my life away, and for what?

Fucks sake, man. I hate being a responsible, tax-paying adult.
>> US No. 5023
I don't care what anyone else says, you're a hardworking admin and you do a fine job.
>> US No. 5027
>have crush on guy
>finally friend him on Facebook
>he accepts
>find out he went to my high school
>oh god he knows I'm uncool

At least I have the Burton Ball tomorrow night. Despite my crushing defeat in finding the right dress (turns out I'm too fat for regular person sized but incredibly too skinny for plus sizes so it's like lol no clothes for Stereo at all), I did find an awesome skirt I forgot I had in my closet and am now going back to the mall to buy a shirt and accessories for it. I may not be as cool-looking as all the Goth kids in their corsets and steampunk wear and boots and fancy clothes, but damn it my skirt is cool and it will look awesome!
>> US No. 5028
File 129738415478.jpg - (60.08KB , 576x439 , eye3.jpg )
'Kay...so this week has sucked, as per usual, BUT! Today, one of my classes managed to actually make my day- even through HISTORY!

So, what happened? In my Honors Anatomy/Physiology class we finally got to dissect after so long- and its a big fucking EYE! Most amazing shit ever was seeing the choroid (picture related). Never thought something so pretty could be in a damn cow's eye.

That class always manages to cheer me up, especially since its just a normal one instead of IB or AP. Plus the people in there are a lot of fun; nobody wore any "protective gear" whatsoever.

>> US No. 5030
File 129739704047.jpg - (119.55KB , 300x300 , Family_Guy_Sexy_Party_Navy_Shirt.jpg )
After 6 months of waiting my fiancee's visa was finally approved.

I haven't felt this good in weeks.
>> US No. 5033
Baby undergrad fake major roommate, I understand if you want silence if you are doing actual work (lol) or need to get up in the morning, but don't tell me to turn down the volume on my cartoons and then have loud sex with your fratfuck boyfriend.
>> US No. 5034
I've never told ya before but you have got to be on the top of my favourite admins list.
also, I never knew the inside of a cow's eye looked like that! It's gorgeous.
>> DE No. 5037
I have to get my shit together for my job training and for the company I'll be having before it. Sigh. I wish I knew why this is so hard for me. I'm not a kindergartner.

In other news, I'm actually getting creative stuff done. Yay! I learn so much, it's great.
>> US No. 5038
File 129743838084.png - (1.28MB , 1245x840 , Hrmph.png )
So, my sister and hey boyfriend occupy the room which has our router in it. It provides internets to the rest of the house, as well as for their 360. So, what does she do three fucking nights in a row?
Same time, 1:20~ AM, she cuts the wireless to the rest of the house, but still keeps her 360 connected so she can play Reach. Seriously? A good portion of my friends live in weird-ass timezones, so past 12 is really the only time I get to talk to them. BUT NOPE, REACH > ME ATTEMPTING TO HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE.
>> GB No. 5039
File 129744320826.jpg - (273.57KB , 1001x427 , DJ47.jpg )
Taking some of the shit I said in >>5018 back now.

>go to work, get given seemingly-attainable go-home target
>be sceptical of this as something always happens to prevent attainment of said seemingly-attainable go-home target
>be completely unsurprised when a systems crash prevents us from taking any calls until it's fixed, expect to scrape target a half-hour before the end of the shift like normal
>shit gets fixed surprisingly quickly

So now I'm sitting here listening to Journey with a massive grin on my face. Fuck yes.
>> US No. 5040
So there's been some bullshit occurring around one person for a couple weeks. A few of us from my reg server had plans to get together for cake and birthday shenanigans in March. Two of us live within 40 minutes of each other, but the other two are a good two hours away by car (and one would be taking a train, so add three extra hours). Pretty serious plans. Well the other one within 40 minutes, with the more central house location, has been a total flake. He found a "new friend" and quite suddenly the internet doesn't matter, and therefore, people from the internet don't matter. So culminating a frustrating week trying to get hold of him to finalize plans (only 4 weeks out, which I feel is even a little short notice) was finding out that he double planned our shenanigans weekend with his "new friend". And now I have written him out of plans altogether, and holy shit do I feel good. I think today will be good day.

Oh, and if he tries to pull some bullshit with me to get back into plans I will tell him in no uncertain terms what I will do to his penis if he fucks with my plans like this again.

TL;DR Betsy takes shit from no one and means it.
>> US No. 5041
File 12974443613.jpg - (113.83KB , 394x500 , 129553348248.jpg )
Dude. Neighbor guy. Neighbor guy.

Your horrible screaming sex woke me up multiple times last night. When you decided to leave the apartment around 2 AM, 4 AM, and again at 5 AM and slammed the door as loud as you could each time, you woke me up and scared the shit out of me. I didn't wake up in time for class because of you.

And yelling at your girlfriend to get up and get the fuck out at 7 am wasn't very classy. She probably didn't get much sleep either.

The landlord invited me to a pizza party and I am so complaining to him about this shit when I get there.
>> NL No. 5043
Problem is that my sistr is from a different dad and my father wouldn't be able to get custody over her like that.
>> GB No. 5044
My GP is a fucking quack.

Went to see her today over the increasing problems I'm having breathing and the constant pain I have in my knee. Refers me to a nurse okay, so she's not qualified to test me for asthma herself that's cool.
Wait, so you have a kit for us to test for it at home? Why can't I do it now?

And then she goes and passes off my knee as something 'young girls and boys sometimes get'.
And then calls me fifteen.
What the fuck bitch, my age is on your fucking records look it up oh my god.
>> GB No. 5052
Why not complain? The NHS has these procedures in, just look them up on the GP service things and then complain to them. It's online and easy to do.
>> US No. 5053
File 129746807283.gif - (492.18KB , 500x211 , tumblr_lf1u396eQX1qcfba3o1_500.gif )
how dare he make friends irl rather than the internet (and omg he srsly thinks people irl are more important than being on the internet????? WHAT A WEIRD JERK)
omg and it was only a full month in advance? what a dick right jeeeeeez

See this guys? This is what we don't do.
>> US No. 5054
Because completely abandoning one group of friends for another single person is perfectly alright.

And really, what does it matter that the friendship started on the internet? They're still friends, or at least were, and completely abandoned them.
>> US No. 5055
Excuse me, but you don't know the whole story leading to this situation. I suggest you shut your mouth before you make an even bigger ass of yourself.
>> US No. 5056

Speaking as the guy who would have to take a train, this whole thing is seven kinds of shitty and I agree with Betsy that it's completely asinine that our mutual friend is choosing to get his dick wet while blowing off any plans he already had with three other people. Especially since those people have been planning and setting this meeting up for weeks.
>> GB No. 5059
File 129748041295.jpg - (19.00KB , 439x361 , fgsfds.jpg )

Don't respond to faggots, guys.
>> US No. 5063
File 129748546983.jpg - (20.83KB , 981x557 , blehmasamune.jpg )
Okay this stomach bug is really starting to piss me off.
I went the whole day feeling fine until BAM out of nowhere, my back started to ache again.
Now I have this feeling like I'm going to throw up, only when I go to throw up, I can't.

I feel like shit and I'm getting awfully pissed off because of it.
>> US No. 5064
Threw up and I don't feel much better.
>> US No. 5066
File 129749712638.gif - (387.67KB , 500x346 , 12974012518.gif )
My date is tomorrow, and I'm really surprisingly not nervous. I don't know, maybe it's because she's singing to/at me on Skype right now and her voice just sort of makes me turn into a puddle of warm fuzzy goo. I'm sort of amused that my ex will be at the dance, but whatever. She keeps her distance.

I got gas in the car, I got tickets to the dance, I got a rad suit with a rad tie, I got an iPod full of music we both like, and I got the best advice from the best friend I could ever ask for. This weekend is going to be fantastic.

My only complaint right now is that I have a headache, but it's kind of my own fault for sitting in the dark with my bright ass laptop and Skyping with earbuds for five hours.
>> GB No. 5067
File 129751999710.png - (18.74KB , 100x100 , 124253019443.png )
So my install of Office is fucked for some reason. Shit's corrupted as hell and Google tells me that the answer is to reinstall it, but I can neither start up the uninstall setup or the reinstall setup programs. It just tells me setup/uninstallation hasn't completed successfully.

I mean, Office still works, I just can't open any Office documents without Office already being open. Double-clicking them does nothing and right-clicking for the "Open" command or trying to open them via Recent Documents just gives me the error "The parameter is incorrect" and then also does nothing.

Why the fuck is this happening just as I'm becoming interested in writing for TF2 again?
>> DE No. 5068
Use Open Office. Works with .doc too, no worries.
>> US No. 5070
File 129753917937.gif - (1.25MB , 312x176 , nph approves.gif )
>> US No. 5071
File 12975491346.jpg - (47.42KB , 800x700 , GUNS.jpg )

>> US No. 5076
File 129755583422.jpg - (52.38KB , 486x648 , suit.jpg )
Got dressed an hour and a half early just so I could feel awesome in this suit for a little longer.

Aww yee, feeling good about my body for once.
>> US No. 5082
File 129756774915.jpg - (68.10KB , 400x400 , 1279839125491.jpg )
Just the usual depressed shit.

Can't draw, failing, etc. At least my prospects for going into the military are good. Sad I can't see my boyfriend for a long while. Need to stop being Jealous as fuck, too.
>> AU No. 5083
File 129757175459.png - (651.10KB , 893x604 , Maggots errwher.png )
I wake up on the morning of my only day off of the week. I zombie-shamble into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. I look down on the floor. What do I find?

(Evidently, a fly had gotten in and laid eggs in the bin.)
>> US No. 5085
File 129758813992.png - (167.31KB , 500x282 , 78ftK2vr1qae4g2o1_500.png )
>Decide to stop having crush on this guy and fully support close friend who also has a crush on the same guy
>Sorta works, but feelings and emotions are still had
>Close friend goes out and tells crush that he likes him
>Crush admits to having an interest in men and that he likes close friend
>"OH MY GOD"s are had.

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic for my friend. Finally! He has a chance to be with a good guy who is not like any of the other jerks he's been interested in. I mean, honestly, I knew I had no chance with this crush and thinking about it was just making things more complicated. Also, I know that my close friend needed this far more than me. He deserves it. I'm happy for him. I'm fine. I can deal. I'll get over it.
But for now I'll just wallow in my "forever aloneness" and feel sorry for myself.
>> US No. 5086
File 129759699696.jpg - (18.09KB , 312x240 , god i would so fund it.jpg )
I've been rewatching Pirates of Dark Water, which I absolutely loved as a kid. I was afraid that it would be extremely cringe-inducing since the last time I watched it I was about 5, but it's actually still really fucking awesome. I was really surprised. The sad thing is that now I want to fan over it, but the fandom is long dead, so I'm kind of on my own. It was also never finished, which is really heartbreaking since it had so much potential.

Aaaaaaahhhh I want to make this into a game so bad. One day when I have money and a studio and magic powers, I'm going to make it happen.
>> US No. 5088
I've been watching a lot of cartoons from when I was a kid too lately. Its amazing how lot of them are still funny and awesome. I should look up Pirates of Dark Water, I remember watching it but I don't remember much else. If you can't make a game out of it yet, you could make mods for current games?
>> GB No. 5089


Man, trust me. I know the feeling of being FANDOM ALONE all too well. ._.
>> US No. 5091
I LOVED that cartoon when I was younger. I always wanted to be a pirate after watching it.
>> US No. 5092
>eat powdered donut
>powder falls all over self
>cannot get powder off, get it all over everything
>everything is ruined forever

my life
>> DE No. 5093
Awww Tanner, you still have me! For some things, at least!

On topic, I feel tired but at least productive enough to draw. I'm getting somewhere with my practice and it feels great.
>> US No. 5094
>cold pizza for breakfast
>fixed two bodices for theatre production so they fit our Cinderella
>got a third of my own costume done
>baked peanut butter cookie cake for Scoutpapa, most of other presenty stuff is done
>music theory homework is going well

Feels good man. Hope the rest of my day won't bring me down.
>> GB No. 5095
File 129762537577.gif - (77.80KB , 800x562 , po_don02.gif )

Totally just skagged some shit I shouldn't have done in an eBay auction. Bought a new copy of Nintendogs, barely outstripped the last bidder's amount with my own bid in the last two seconds of the auction. Then eBay tells me after I've confirmed that bid that I need to make a higher max bid, since the other person's max bid was higher than mine. I decide that this price is more than I am willing to pay and leave it.

Then I get the email from eBay telling me I've won the item. I just paid for it. Someone's gonna be pissed - I can only assume that my bid got processed so close to the end of the auction that the other bidder's automatic max bid didn't get processed in time.

Ha ha, I'm amazing.
>> No. 5099
My writing sucks, and I know my English professor knows it. I really hate my first drafts and drabbles, they lack the detail and length that I want them but I just can't force myself to do it. I'm beginning to think that I just suck at writing. I really wish someone would tell me how to write a narrative that doesn't read like the written equivalent of an abstract painting. D:
>> US No. 5104
What I'd really like is to be involved in a AAA title of it; I think it would make an amazing RPG. One of my dreams is to have my own AAA game studio, so what I probably will end up doing is writing a design doc. I'd want to get the original creator involved so it would be true to his vision. That and I would love to see the actual animated series finished. ONE DAY IT WILL HAPPEN.
>> US No. 5105
You disappeared into thin air 12 years ago. There's still a void in my soul where you should be. I wish you'd at least said goodbye.
>> US No. 5106
I don't think I can even describe how fabulously this weekend has gone. The date went better than I had even hoped. It was this hilariously perfect transition from the beginning of the night ("HAHA WE'RE ON A DATE THIS ISN'T AWKWARD LET'S GET LOST ON THE WAY TO THE DANCE") to the middle (hipster bitching about the bad DJ while holding hands in the corner) to the end of the night (snuggling in bed while listening to/singing pretty music and falling asleep together). My parents caught us sharing the bed the next morning and I got snarked at a little, but it was so worth it. My dad was GIGGLING the entire time (he's ridiculously happy for me, it's adorable) so it wasn't a particularly intense conversation.

Today we watched some animu, went fabric shopping and hit an all-you-can-eat sushi place. That sushi was so fucking good oh my god. Seriously, in its entirety, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend. Gonna draw her a thing and ask her if she wants to make it official tomorrow. c: All of my happy.
>> US No. 5108
i feel inadequate and lonely.
>> US No. 5109

You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Don't ever forget that.
>> US No. 5110
I was IM'd on facebook a little bit ago by my high school friend that I still keep in contact with. She rolled a minivan yesterday attempting to race it on a track and thought she was going to die. So she comes to me telling me a few things:

>I thought I might die, and I thought of you
>lol I felt like I don't give you enough credit for being awesome
>you're like one of those friends that everyone should have

This really made me happy; to know that someone out there thinks highly of me, even just one person, really makes life worth living. Her courage to put it out there and let it be known really made my weekend, and probably the entire week. Kinda makes me wish I was capable of loving women so I could go out with her, because she really is a beautiful woman, personality and looks-wise.
>> AU No. 5112
Best. Valentine's day. EVER.

Boyfriend surprised me at lunchtime with sushi and roses. No-one has ever bought me flowers before in my life! I wanted to dissolve into a gooey mess of love, but couldn't because I was at work. So, we had a picnic, and it was lovely, and I sorta get why people like Valentine's Day now (I've always seen it as commercial, but then, no-one's ever bought me flowers before).

Then, I got home, and found a parcel awaiting me with TeratoMarty's Bespoke Tea Towels within, including a letter from Mann Co. detailing their use - Best. Parcel. Ever. And that's including my many ThinkGeek purchases and my Razer Orcas.

>> HK No. 5113
File 129768466420.jpg - (124.79KB , 455x453 , sadsollyplz.jpg )
brought some socks and farbic for my friend.
a BJD for me,and starve for the next few months.

i'm happy that i don't have to freeze my ass off out there patrolling on next week.

i want to sleep more but apparently my asshole dad thinks it's okay to slave his sick son to do some bloody powerpoint when it's 2am for 3days in row.fml.
>> AU No. 5114
oh god whats going on this time?
>> NL No. 5115
Decided to go live with dad in the end, but can't get myself to tell mom.
>> US No. 5116
File 129769326661.jpg - (77.40KB , 524x296 , HNGH.jpg )
First a stomach bug, then cold symptoms, now a possible ear infection?
What the fuck is going on, body?
Stop it right now or I swear.
>> US No. 5117
File 129769494661.png - (319.56KB , 886x657 , 1296556186545.png )
Damn I'm glad your date went so well!
I'm also glad to hear that your weekend has been going fantastic so far. You definitely deserve it.
>> DE No. 5118
Stomach, you better behave now. I got shit to do and Exi arrives tomorrow.
>> US No. 5119
File 129770493990.jpg - (34.23KB , 280x300 , 1279515214534.jpg )
Seconding this...

I am confus.
>> US No. 5120
It's raining, but my Anti-Valentine cookies have more comments than all the other Valentine posts combined. I think it'll be a good day.
>> US No. 5124
File 129771327614.jpg - (211.78KB , 580x464 , get to ze choppah.jpg )
Is Mog leaving?

Um, unrelated but happy valentine's day or something. I'll just leave this here and do with it as you please.
>> GB No. 5125
All the drama on the facebook roleplay is killing me.
I owe a fic that I don't want to write.
First commission ever and it's supposed to be five pages long. I haven't written anything over two pages in months.
Valentine's day was the same as every other day, just with more gushing couples.
I'm desperately in love with a guy but I don't know what to say.

Well I think it's safe to say I feel the same as half the rest of the planet!
>> US No. 5126
To say I am angry doesn't even begin to cover this. Bitterly disappointed, hurt, offended and even sad. They're in the mix too.
>> US No. 5127
File 129772197180.jpg - (220.17KB , 900x300 , 20090618.jpg )
My current feelings on how people 'round these parts are acting.
>> CA No. 5129
File 129772466071.jpg - (871.50KB , 1400x672 , d517668ba3017a50bd1f5d2429693a02.jpg )
FUCK pre-test nerves! I never had this in highschool.

If I failed my first Chem test, I am going to react really, really poorly. At least initially. I am not used to being uncertain about my mark, and I am definitely not used to failing academically. And I NEED this. I need this for Uni. And it's not like I've been slacking off on homework or in class or studies.

Now onto Math. Fuck.

Oh wow you used the reaction image I was about to. Well then have something completely random. Or porn, in which case I might change it.
>> US No. 5132
Now I have an ear infection. Thanks, body.
Waiting for my aunt to bring home my meds.
>> US No. 5133
Don't feel well, my younger sister is trying to escape our batshit insane grandmother, school is boring as hell, and I couldn't be happier. What the fuck is wrong with me?
>> US No. 5134
Had the most wonderful day with Scoutpapa. A dozen pink roses and a Hello Kitty plush throw. Made him peanut butter cookie cake, a plush heart with our initials embroidered on it and gave him two shirts.

Apparently there's another gift still coming guys. I'm pretty excite.
>> US No. 5137
So sick. Feel aweful. Sore and freezing. Can't form complete sentances.
>> US No. 5138
I'm not sure if you have a PC or not or which operating system you use, but did you try going into the control panel in the start menu, and then going into add/remove programs and removing it that way? That's what I usually have to do if something won't uninstall correctly. After you do this, I usually go into the program files and manually delete everything associated with the program I just deleted, so that when it's reinstalled, it's forced to make new folders. That makes sure that nothing corrupted is left. If your program also makes folders in your documents folder, you might need to delete those, too. I hope this helps.
>> US No. 5140
Good Valentine's day. I got a ton of candy from my mom, some yellow roses from my daddy, and -- oh yeah, a girlfriend. c:

Drew her a derpy little Valentine, mostly for giggles. Asked her if she wanted to make things official. She had the most adorable reaction of spazzing and flailing before finally just realizing what she was doing and going "... yeah. <3" So cute, I can't even.

It's a good day.
>> DE No. 5141
>> US No. 5145
File 129774861937.jpg - (254.05KB , 1200x1600 , computer_engineer_barbie.jpg )
This was a pretty good Valentine's Day. Buuk's parents got us each a Computer Engineer Barbie. I pretty much lost my shit.
>> US No. 5147
File 129777970044.jpg - (35.05KB , 500x375 , 129671430812944.jpg )
I decided to actually try and socialize with the people who are always at the commuter lounge at my university, and I regret it.

All the girls purposely talk like they're six and never fucking stop screaming. Most of the guys seem nice enough but a few obviously want into the girls' pants and it is terribly awkward to watch. A handful of them told really awful racist jokes that I doubt were told ironically or in jest. The n-word was used liberally. One dude gave out Valentine's Day cards to everybody, and a girl who received a card decided to lecture him about homosexuality and how it was a sin and a choice (the dude is gay, apparently). She later got extremely offended when she belched and I said 'God bless you' and she asked me who I was and why I was there and taking up space.

I'm usually a laid back person, but these people were infuriating.
>> No. 5151
Whoo, happy fucking Valentine's Day. Only person I had any desire to spend it with is on the other side of the country and there's not a damn thing I can do about it short of buying a plane ticked which I'm too poor to afford.
Fuck, why can't I be interested in people who aren't like, a thousand miles away?
>> PL No. 5152
File 129778942242.gif - (420.20KB , 225x236 , tumblr_lgbnj85eft1qfejhg.gif )
Why can't I make this one phonecall? I know it's important, then why the hell I keep avoiding it? Didn't have this problem before. :F
>> US No. 5159
Solution: hang out with the gay dude. You and him can be freaks together.
>> US No. 5160
File 129780366427.png - (398.99KB , 1366x768 , classy.png )
lol drama
>> US No. 5161
I'm still not sure why I'm not over my ex. I mean, we were both ready to move on and I was the one who suggested that maybe we break up or take a break and both of us were aware that our relationship had run its course. So why am I so jealous that he's treating his new girlfriend like a fucking princess and always talking about her and how perfect she is and I'm having trouble accepting that I'm single and alone?
>> CA No. 5169
Have a preformance on the 26th in which I play a major role. The whole production is a lip sync contest in which my class is very competetive. For the entire four minute song, I am to be dancing. I sprained my ankle this afternoon practising. Fuck.
I know I'll recover before the end of the week, but fuck if I wasn't scared when I fell.
>> CA No. 5170
File 129782308769.png - (234.92KB , 243x400 , math-hangman.png )
Phew, scraped by with 70%.

Now I can't wait to bomb my math test tomorrow and drop to the secondary (but equally applicable to university) class.
Although I mean, it'd be nice to pass that too. But math and I have never, EVER gotten along.
>> US No. 5172
>be able to get on the internet to dick around for the first time in weeks
>see the new announcements on the front page
Holy hat, what the shit did I miss?

Aside from that, had a pretty fine V-day, up until my friend from back home starts texting me, asking how many cards/flowers/guys interested/chocolates/ect. I've gotten. How many fucking times do I have to tell him zero? Then he went and declared that he would be my Valentine (what happened to asking?), to which I replied, "No, because you're being a dick."
Now he's still upset with me, and I'm left sitting here questioning which of us is the woman.

Also, just saw a spider. Now, normally those guys don't bother me. They eat mosquitoes which makes them a-okay in my book. But he started crawling across the wall towards the window that my bed is sitting under. I tried to shake the curtain to scare him away, and it just scared him into hiding under the blinds. Right before I need to get to bed.
Just, damn you, little guy. Why couldn't you have chosen the other window? Now I need to pull my bed around so I won't be paranoid that you'll crawl on my face while I'm sleeping.
>> US No. 5173
On the bright side, I ended up in a craft store for the first time in forever, and I also learned that craft foam can be constructed in such a way to replicate armor for costumes and stuff. I also bought a small swatch of fabric just to test out my hand-sewing skills as well as some paint and a new paintbrush so I can properly finish my Lady Gaga outfit.

Yay crafting!
>> US No. 5176
File 129784014943.jpg - (48.90KB , 370x370 , 1292561208247.jpg )
why did I agree to do tumblr this is just another time sink in a time period where time sinks are just bad times all around

I'm so bloody tired.
>> US No. 5177
File 12978407804.jpg - (19.96KB , 500x281 , ughstop.jpg )
I am so tired of being sick.
I feel like I can just never fucking win.
First a stomach bug, then a cold, then an ear infection, then a nose bleed, WHAT THE FUCK NEXT.
Seriously, I'm just waiting for the next big thing to ruin my life right now.
>> AU No. 5179
Sorry for the rant guys, I just REALLY need to get this out of my system.

It's been 3 years, still haven't gotten over you. I cut my hair last year, and just recently even bleached and dyed it, much to my parents shock/ school's disapproval. I only get the occasional "why'd you cut your hair!?" "That blue looks awesome!" from other girls.

I want to talk to you, I want to know you. But you live in one life, and I live in another. You're popular with everyone, living in the limelight of the drama and music class, and even in the Student Council. And I'm just a stupid little art student with no motivation and confidence.

Everytime you walk by me I look back at you, and I can sometimes catch you looking at me in class. The eye contact is just awkward, and I break it as soon as possible.
It's just cause I'm loud or weird, isn't it? Or my hair? You have no interest in me, and you'll probably go to Formal with some girl from your side of the school. I probably won't be going.

I was going to send you a rose on valentines day, but I was too embarassed/shy to buy one from the other student councilors. I walk around on the day, and I see hundreds of people with roses, given by friends and potential more-than-friends. It's my last year, and I wonder why I didn't do it...

I was just a lonely little girl with half a heart paperclipped to her uniform.

I hate you, Valentines day, I really do. You make me realise how lonely I am.
>> DE No. 5180
I wish more people would contribute to the reaction image thread in /resources/! Come on guys, I know you all have tons of awesome pictures lying around.
>> DE No. 5182
I wish i could find the reaction image thread in the chan. And i´m frustrated that i seem to be too STUPID, to find it. Yeah and i need to draw some cute chibilike pictures of all TF2 classes.
And i succesfully deleted all memories HOW to draw them in chibi, in advance to learn how to draw them a bit like they are. Thanks to the chan and the wonderfull artists here.
Maybe is should finally make a workshop threat. Maybe.
>> DE No. 5184
Go to the new /resources/ board. It's next to /gay/.
>> US No. 5185
Well look at that. Archives. FINALLY.

Also, the drivers in NH and VT drive me batshit. STOP BEING STUPID.
>> US No. 5189
Damn it, sweet pickles, why do you have to be so tasty!? I'm afraid I might finish up the whole jar in one day!
>> US No. 5191
>> CA No. 5195
What is sleep. Haven't had any since Mid-January.
>> US No. 5196
I took a nap because I was tired and ended up sleeping through a date or whatever I forgot I planned with a guy.

I am terrible at this whole "trying to start a relationship" thing.
>> DE No. 5197
File 129791399084.png - (20.58KB , 179x198 , Disgusted Medic.png )

Picture related, it's from one of the wonderful things I found in the archives. So going to set up Downthemall.
>> CA No. 5198
File 129791585861.jpg - (41.87KB , 604x453 , 1289978685358.jpg )
I just blew 300$ on shoes, dress pants and fancy shirts so I can be a fill in receptionist for one day in the office.
With an hour lunch that isn't paid.
Oh well. Least it's work.
Have a cute pom.
>> US No. 5199
>meet my sister of similar age
>see her drawing animu and offer advice
I am disappoint
>> No. 5200
Guys, is there something happened??
Can I ask why Kumori is asking that on main page??
>> US No. 5201
File 129793388485.jpg - (22.67KB , 363x330 , dean50.jpg )
why is this whole 'i find you scary/intimidating/INTENSE' thing a recurring theme lately

i am just me

socializing is hard i guess
>> No. 5202
Some images in archive
/fanart contents doesn't work.
When I clicked some pictures to see it in full size, always error occured. They just ended up with a red X which all of you probably would know.
And all of thumbnail images all small sized and I can't watch them in enough size to see.
Does anyone who can give me an advice for this??
I would really appreciate if someone does.
>> No. 5205
Thank you for working hard,Kumori!!
I hope things goes well.
>> US No. 5206
File 129794356328.jpg - (11.62KB , 229x220 , tired.jpg )
There just isn't enough coffee in the world... Having a job is good. Having to get up super early for it is not. Bleh, I say.
>> US No. 5209

>Kill identical lookalike
>Sit lookalike at desk with sunglasses over eyes
>Enjoy day
>> US No. 5210
File 12979624757.jpg - (29.23KB , 343x408 , 1296092248476.jpg )
So my STI screening didn't include HIV. Which means I won't be able to get tested for that in time for the due date next Wednesday. So instead of a 2 page summary about how the testing went, I get to write a 6 page report on medical quackery.

In addition to my 10 page physics lab report, chem lab report on distillation techniques, pre-lab for extraction techniques, studying for chem AND physics exams next week, a university required writing exam on Saturday morning, and a mollusk quiz on Monday.

What's a weekend again? The time in between school days where you're just forced to do a ton of homework? Yeah, that must be it.
>> No. 5211
>and a mollusk quiz on Monday
I'm sorry, but I laughed really hard at the thought of a mollusk quiz.
>> AU No. 5216
File 129798155262.jpg - (9.44KB , 480x360 , eldorrage.jpg )
So, as I'm sure you're all aware, The Road To El Dorado is one of the best kids' movies ever made.

You can imagine my rage, then, when I sat down t watch it yesterSparkledog Centraly, only to find that the gorram disc wasn't in the case.


>> US No. 5220
>yesterSparkledog Centraly

Oh wordfilter, you so silly.
>> AU No. 5222
i can understand ecksdee since you would never use it in a word. but wordfiltering a perfectly logical pair of letters?

thats just fucking stupid
>> US No. 5224
File 129801037911.jpg - (122.07KB , 1280x721 , 1294509217525.jpg )
For the record, it wasn't supposed to be like that, and the filter was supposed to recognize the capitalization. It didn't work as planned.

>> US No. 5226
File 129801167578.jpg - (21.89KB , 460x329 , mansly19.jpg )
>Hydra links me to article about Justin Bieber shooting his mouth off in Rolling Stone
>rage all night about/against rape apologist bullshit

I wasn't gonna sleep anyway, I guess.
>> US No. 5227
Suicidal depression is not fun, children.
>> DK No. 5228

>> US No. 5229
File 129805395263.jpg - (168.94KB , 700x525 , haw-par-villa72.jpg )
>missed too many classes already this semester
>feel horrible
>try to get to class anyway
>wait for the bus
>it's 20 minutes late
>realize if the bus ever does show up I'll only be in time for 10 minutes of class
>go home
>vomit everywhere
>call university's health services
>she gives me a very hard time, sets up an appointment for Monday but tells me not to expect the doctor to give me a bogus excuse for missing class

Sometimes I wish I had the superpower to projectile vomit through the phone.

I did let my professor know what's going on, I really hope I haven't fucked myself over with all these absences.
>> GB No. 5230
I'm in one of those weird happy but sad places right now. I'm happy cause I just finished one of the best books I've ever read, (Undisputed by Chris Jericho), but at the same time I've just finished one of the best books ever written (Undisputed by Chris Jericho) and thus, there is no more of his marvellous work to read, boo!
>> No. 5233
File 12980600312.jpg - (38.98KB , 304x312 , Happy.jpg )
>Minding my own business
>Phone rings
>be informed that I have interview Tuesday

I really hope I don't screw this up.
>> US No. 5234
File 129807300550.jpg - (10.68KB , 491x276 , okay2.jpg )
>my face when I heard Arcade Infinity is closing its doors for good next Saturday.
I kinda feel like I'm losing a family member. I've been going to that arcade for a couple years now.

The world of gaming will feel so empty without it... and AX11 will certainly be lacking in its arcade this year because they'd rent out their machines from Infinity. I can feel this.

Here's to giving SoCal the arcade experience of a life time, Infinity. You'll be greatly missed.
>> US No. 5236
File 129807514686.jpg - (30.63KB , 235x262 , 1297437528946.jpg )
Where is this arcade? I wish to experience it before it goes away. After Aladdin's Castle in the Del Amo Mall closed, there was no other arcade ever until the shitty one in the Long Beach Pike opened.
>> US No. 5237
File 129807812835.jpg - (17.91KB , 477x358 , you_idiot.jpg )
>pregnant friend posts about her upcoming kid's name
>suggests "Lyndzi Rae" and "Kennedi Rae"
>point out stupid spellings
>point out kids with weird names get picked on more
>pregnant friend goes apeshit

Have fun counseling your brat when she becomes the school whipping girl, you stupid bitch
>> US No. 5239

Thanks, I'm actually a regular reader of Reddit so I find it funny those were the two links you chose to post. Anyway, I'm on two antidepressants after an attempt last year, and sometimes they wear off at the same time and leave me feeling very down, hence the message last night. I'm alright, thanks for your concern.
>> US No. 5240
File 129809695662.gif - (337.43KB , 500x216 , 2nly70z.gif )
I feel lonelier with my Skype group than I did without them.
Sometimes I wonder why I continue to log on only to sit there like a dumbfuck and never get called and/or invited. I was in a call for five hours with my mic muted and not a single fuck was given. Sure, when someone else logs on it's always like "hey so-and-so get in this call" or "hey so-and-so why aren't you on WoW yet?" But with me, nothing. I know a lot of them don't like me, but I wish they would just go out and tell me instead of having me have hope that there's some actual concern there.
I'd be angry if I wasn't so depressed over this. God damn.
>> US No. 5241
Spent the night getting the jukebox up. Forget to eat dinner. Didn't get to spend much time with Turret. MY CONSCIENCE IS KILLING ME.
>> DE No. 5247
Stop going there then. Seriously. All it seems to do is depressing you, and if you feel neglected, you should go somewhere where you aren't.
We should skype sometime. Name is perrydotto.
>> US No. 5250
File 129813610826.png - (24.93KB , 125x125 , 0KBtE.png )
would anyone be interested in doing a skype group that i might be welcome in, because lately i've been enjoying skype a lot
>> CA No. 5252
File 129814409995.jpg - (86.22KB , 800x370 , larp.jpg )
So I went LARPing yesterday for the first time this year. I’ve been feeling lonely lately and thought that joining a group similar to my likes and interests will make me new, instant friends. How wrong was I. So, I spent most of the day alone among high level, diehard larpers who kicked my ass repeatedly throughout the battle. No one would talk to me, the people I managed to get attention from was like talking to a brick wall. At the end, my ride just went off and left me at the park so I had to spend 20 bucks on a taxi to go home. I feel depressed, even more alone then before and amateurish because I can’t even handle a light boffer weapon.
>> US No. 5253
File 129814529371.gif - (3.51KB , 400x400 , yay-773135_jpg.gif )
I got my first resin model to paint yesterday. Its absolutely gorgeous and I am so friggin excited to start working on it.

>> US No. 5254
Fff. Why am I grumpy over the dumbest fucking things. Seriously I get my panties in a knot over roleplay groups on the internet? What the hell, self?

And then, my girlfriend just... somehow completely gets it. I'm being the dumbest stupid bitch about this and she just completely understands somehow and actually does her best to fix it despite me not even being grumpy for a decent reason. Seriously she is just... no one's ever been this good at cheering me up. I don't even get it.

Makes me laugh when she says she's bad at being a good girlfriend. Fff she is fantastic.
>> US No. 5255
Arcade Infinity
Rowland Heights, CA
1380 Fullerton Rd

It's literally right off the 60.
Pull into the diamond plaza and in the very back on the second floor, there it is.
It's open from 1:30 to 10 or so on weekdays, 1:30 to 1 am on weekends, something like that.

Seriously, visit this glorious place before it goes. It's so spectacular.
>> GB No. 5256
I recently watched a fight break out in the facebook roleplay's chat, after someone butted into a roleplay and ruined it.
The rest of the group save for me, the friend that had been butted in on and a random guy all sided with the person who intruded.

Silly, random rp I can allow them to do that. However this was a serious rp.

Why am I even still on this roleplay, some of these people are utterly horrid roleplayers.

Oh that's right, the guy I love is on there and I can't talk to him anywhere else and it's one of the only places I can get to roleplay because I am horrid at keeping track of forums! Sigh.
>> US No. 5257
File 129816205460.gif - (1.01MB , 320x200 , what the.gif )
So there's this character that I've been role playing with for a little while now. And my friend has really come to like him, so she's all "I wanna try him!". Later, she joins a place with him.

>my face when I see that she plays him better than I do.
Why is this no fucking surprise. Any character of mine she takes, she always plays them better than me and it makes me feel so crappy and lame, man. She always says "oh, mine is based on your's! you're so much better!"

Don't lie man. Don't lie. Just... take my character and leave me alone, man. /sigh
>> US No. 5258
- freshly formatted hd to ensure clean wipe of laptop = feels good man
-friend canceled trip to chinatown = feels horrible man
-spell checking drunk = difficult as fuck
also amaretto is like candy
Shit I need to get off base this weekend
>> US No. 5263
File 129821167178.jpg - (79.35KB , 360x240 , wat.jpg )
It never fucking fails.

Every one of my friends seems content to live in disgusting, filth-ridden hovels. Litter boxes with weeks worth of catshit. Cobwebs everywhere. Kitchens caked in months worth of crumbs and rotted food. Toilets that have never seen a brush. Inches of dust on everything and a lovely, stale musty smell that permeates every room.

I'm not looking for sparkling mansions every time I go to hang with a friend, but seriously. Am I the only person in the 25-30 age bracket that cares about how clean my house is? Like, at all?

And they always bitch about being sick all the time. I FUCKING WONDER WHY.
>> CA No. 5268

i hope you don't let one terrible LARP session ruin your whole experience.
If you live in the toronto area, i suggest checking out http://www.underworldlarp.ca/
a very friendly group of poeple, very open to new players. they even taught me how to use the boffers the one time i went. Though Larping really just wasn't for me.
If not, i hope you find an awsome one
>> US No. 5272
I think being sick all week broke me. I feel so apathetic towards everything.
>> US No. 5273
So I know we've got more than one loli on here. Serious question - I've got nearly four yards of a nice, unassuming plaid left over from a renfaire bodice, which I want to make into a classic lolita jsk with very clean lines... and unassuming enough to be worn without a blouse and petticoat. The fabric screams victorian boarding house to me. I'm no stranger to sewing, I just need an idea for a style.
>> US No. 5274
requesting picture of said plaid with which to judge!
>> US No. 5277
File 129825961780.jpg - (48.31KB , 517x702 , displeasedmedic.jpg )
My mom is insisting that a lesbian chef on TV who refers to herself as Georgie instead of Georgina only does so because she's a lesbian. Instead of, y'know, the possibility that she just hates her name/doesn't think it fits and the two aren't mutually exclusive.
>> US No. 5294
I'm generally on Skype a lot more now so you should add me and I could host a chat or something. Skype name is stereo-or-bust.

In unrelated news: Finally his my ex's girlfriend's feed on Facebook so that should help a bit with me feeling miserable every time she talks about how wonderful he is. Also, I think I have a date on Tuesday. Also one on Wednesday with another guy but I don't know since I'm terrible at this dating thing.
>> US No. 5295
File 129831492012.jpg - (532.51KB , 800x600 , DSCN2907.jpg )
okay guys i need your burning hot consumer honesty !!

the BE A MAN bag!
http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l601/uglykitties/DSCN2904.jpg http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l601/uglykitties/DSCN2906.jpg http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l601/uglykitties/DSCN2907.jpg
the width and height of your average netbook with about a 30" strap, and 4" deep; outer and lining 100% cotton with double interfacing.
with no other context whatsoever, like, no knowledge of the cost of materials or labor time, how much would you expect to pay? how much would you be willing to pay?

this is part of my market research lol
>> US No. 5296
Lately, every once in a while I'll have dreams that involved my betta being maimed or hurt somehow.
Then I wake up the following morning and scramble to my desk to see if he's okay.
And there he is, every morning, swimming at the front of the bowl to say "good morning mom!" and looking just fine.

fffff-- stop scaring me, nightmares. Leave my Kiet alone.

Speaking of Kiet though, I upgraded his bowl; now it's a two gallon. He's so happy with all the extra space, it makes me so pleased.
>> DE No. 5297
Awkward Anon, please write me a message on Skype once you can, I didn't quite catch your Skype name. Pfff Perry, learn to pay attention.

Feelingsrelated, I'm still happy.
>> US No. 5299
File 129832472286.jpg - (111.17KB , 497x495 , 1297900595199.jpg )

>> US No. 5312
>email chem lab instructor on Friday to see if something needs to be in the pre-lap that wasn't in the instructions but was last time
>wait all weekend
>no response
>go into lab without it in my notebook since it wasn't asked for
>lose points because it's missing
>"But it wasn't in the prelab!"
>"I emailed you this morning; you should have put it in."
>check email
>email sent at 7:56 AM
>I left the house for class at 7:30 AM.
Is this how the university system is? They don't respond to anything and then expect you to do what's NOT asked for and then mark you off when you don't live up to unspoken expectations? Or is this bitch just one-in-a-million?
>> GB No. 5317
Seems about normal to me.

Then again after my first year I now know to do more work than the teacher ever says you have to do.
>> US No. 5318
Wow. Just wow. Hey, roleplay group. Would it be too much to ask to stop letting the fucking drunkards play the IC games?

We just had someone come in completely shithammered that wanted to play with us. And of course, they let her. First round, she completely spammed the fuck out of the game, confused the hell out of everyone by claiming things happened that didn't. And of course, I can't say anything for risk of offending anyone - not to mention it was my character that was being accused of being mafia based on things that didn't happen. So if I say "hey, can we stop letting non-sober people play please," they'll just say I'm butthurt because my character didn't win. My character is a prick, of course he's gonna get accused of shit even when he's on the good side - that's not what I'm mad about. I'm mad because your drunk ass is spamming the game, making it lag, and ruining it for everyone else. Either put the bottle down or stay out of other peoples' shit when you're too fucked to type.
>> AU No. 5328
Founder's Day celebration tonight, yay! Free sausages and bottle rockets to celebrate Baden Powell's birthday with the whole District.

>> US No. 5329
File 129833666345.jpg - (8.86KB , 250x250 , sadface.jpg )
I feel like a fucking idiot
>> US No. 5333
I'm feeling pretty annoyed with all these ghetto ass guys always asking me if I have a boyfriend and if I'm looking. If I wasn't doing my job at the time I would tell them "Well I certainly am not looking for you."

Don't get me wrong, if I met a black guy who was into animation, comics, internet, and video games, I probably would date him. But none of these guys have been.

It's just so fucking discouraging that these are the only guys who express any interest in me, and I'm starting to think that the color of my skin is more of a factor than I ever thought it should be.
>> US No. 5336
I have never been this amused at a fight that I can remember. Nothing could have made that fight any better- I mean, contradicting yourself by doing the same thing I was doing for the same reason, all while trying to convince me otherwise. And sister dearest, you called me condescending when you tried to undermine my every effort, then did everything you could to try and irk me just because. It's not working this time. Your efforts are just amusing.
>> US No. 5338
I have nothing against the show. But everyone in my university is losing their shit over it, and I'm getting tired of the fanbratting. They're doing MLP fancomis instead of their research papers. It's just too much and it's leaving a really bad taste in my mouth for it all.
>> US No. 5341
File 12983440691.jpg - (28.08KB , 481x270 , plaid.jpg )
Pardon terrible webcam quality, cannot seem to find my camera. Also too lazy to go downstairs and get the fabric itself, so here's the bodice I used it for.
>> US No. 5342
Oh my god. The dinner I just had was amazing. There's this place near me that is this Caribbean take-out (you can eat there but there's 16 chairs) called Back-A-Yard. (see the amazingly tacky website here http://www.backayard.net/ ) Today's special was catfish and shrimp, jerk style, served with rice 'n' beans, fried plantains and tossed salad. Honestly, I didn't know catfish could be this good. Melted in my mouth like butter. The boyfriend got the chicken and ribs combo, and was jealous of my delicious fish.

I think an excellent end to a pretty awesome long weekend. Relationship is back on track, life is back on track. Feels good to be pretty much over that depression thing. Feels good to have my life back.
>> US No. 5343
File 129834804543.gif - (839.41KB , 180x228 , 2wmi3ae.gif )
Oh gosh, I seem to be forgetting the most important little bits of information these days. Sorry! My Skype name is tuna.and.curry
I'm always up for Skype shenanigans (despite being extremely shy and quiet at first) so anyone can add me if they want to.

Feelings: I'm doing pretty good! Although I'm saddened by the fact that the ONLY bookstore around here for miles is closing down, the sale Borders is having is just awesome. I managed to snag a couple of books I've been wanting for a while now, and all for a cheap price. I mean, I Am America (And You Can Too!) for $3? WICKED.
>> CA No. 5345
Just mailed a letter to Chrischan, it includes my phone number. Now I don't plan on trolling or anything, just think if he had some half descent influences in his life he might have a chance to be a better person. Probably just being naive, if so then mej.
>> AU No. 5348
Aargh yes! Wanna take advantage of that sale. Wanna bend it over and make it my - oh it's only in-store? And we have a bajillion A&Rs and not a single Borders for miles? ffffffff
>> US No. 5349
File 129835226626.png - (231.92KB , 593x592 , 1298350877378.png )
I drive by a Borders that's closing on the way home from school. I'm thinking about taking some tip money and buying one or two things tomorrow on my way home.

Feelings: I'm depressed, have exams out the ass the next two weeks, reports due everywhere, don't have any money to eat out with, and I'm tired and my wrist is hurting like FUCK.

This is going to be some week. The only thing I'm looking forward to is a new episode of Madoka, but that's just the norm.
>> US No. 5350
File 129835389322.jpg - (191.68KB , 900x900 , 1295725803785.jpg )
My two best friends are booze and the internet. None of us complain, start drama, and we always have a great time.
>> US No. 5352
File 129835534857.jpg - (7.99KB , 179x282 , blinx.jpg )
Sister finally managed to get this game out of our Xbox yesterday (we lost the power cord and only now discovered the 360 cord works for it too.) She's been playing it on and off for the past two days, and has gotten farther than she did in the entire time she played it before.

I just wish Blinx wasn't so slow that Chell could beat him in a foot race.
>> PL No. 5354
File 129835845031.gif - (60.13KB , 466x367 , gotta go fast.gif )
sklfjkajfj I have first milestone of diploma today in three hours, and will have to show my works to a bunch of important people. Slept for three hours, which doesn't help. Aaaah I'm so nervous.
>> US No. 5355
One of the only days I feel like modeling something in 3D during my free time, and 3D Max decides it's going to act glitchy on me. It froze when I opened a brand new file and clicked the view cube, and the entire screen turned black after a while. After that, I just said screw it and shut my computer down. I'm going to have to search for some hotfixes and patches for 2011, I guess. That's what I did last time I had this problem, only with 2010. On the bright side, I finally got around to attempting to finish story mode in Little Big Planet 2, and my little brother played as well. He's better at the game than I am, so it was pretty hard to keep up, but we still had fun.
>> PL No. 5360
Whew, I made it. :D I'm kinda proud of myself, since the spoken presentation was completely impromptu and I still managed to sell it to the staff. One girl barely made it, and her works were gorgeous, and she has to start over. :F Oh well, at least for today I can rest and finally play some vidya.

Captcha: jizirl. ohmy.
>> US No. 5374
File 129842294072.jpg - (430.23KB , 928x834 , 1297049302057.jpg )
well I just bought myself a chest binder

I am kind of excited about that so I thought I'd tell the internet
>> AU No. 5378
Only one more day till I finish this mind sucking Cert 2&3 Business and Customer Contact course. ONLY ONE MORE FUCKING DAY.

I will be so glad to be rid of this stupid "YOU CAN'T SIT LIKE THAT BECAUSE YOU'LL BE GOING AGAINST OH&S AND THAT MAKES YOU THE WORST WORKER!" bullshit can the woman next to me who is probabally the most annoying, insensitive bitch I've ever met.

Oh and there is this other guy I want to yell at because he's so goddamn lazy about everything we do, stop snorting and pffting and sighing at the tasks and get shit done. You're 40 and clearly here for a reason. No one is forcing you to sit there and do it. God damn I'm the youngest in the room and you act like a 5 year old not wanting to do work.
So fucking what if we don't finish at 2:30? we're meant to go until 4 and we could easily do 3 Units per day but because of your passive agressive lazy arse, we only do 2 and we drag this godforsaken course out to 5 weeks. I do not want to waste a god damn more minute of my time because you couldn't do a set of questions and you make stupid noises at the Trainer of detest. Grow the fuck up and get back into the real world.

>> US No. 5380
I'm worried about my friendship with someone I met over the summer. Last time I talked to her was in the fall and it was fun, but she hasn't responded to anything since, though she hasn't unfriended me or blocked me from anything either. I'm so confused.
>> US No. 5383
File 129843352377.png - (95.31KB , 472x369 , forever alone face.png )
I just spent the past 7 hours up in my room, reading about star trek and looking at fanart. I officially have no life and i'm probably going to end up dying as a lonely virgin.
>> US No. 5384
File 129843393940.gif - (29.73KB , 125x125 , 00167711_0001.gif )
so talk to her? make the first move I mean, maybe she's sitting there wondering the same thing. "man why hasn't she talked to me are we still friends or not" only way out of that loop is for somebody to talk to somebody
>> AU No. 5386
File 129843751378.jpg - (124.26KB , 646x599 , Howdoishothadoken.jpg )
My feelings are fairly mediocre
Then I put some 60% Lindt chocolate (the kind with the semi-liquid centre) in my mouth
And now everything is wonderful

Also lol how do I tripcode?
>> AU No. 5387
Ha, NOT LIKE THAT apparently.
Screw you, 20 hours of waiting for the thing to generate.
Screw. You.

...need more chocolate.
>> US No. 5390
File 129843940761.jpg - (77.82KB , 250x318 , wheeeee.jpg )
Awwww snap, it feels so good to bring an old role play muse out of retirement.
I missed you Roku, I can't believe I forgot how SPECTACULAR you are.
You're my favorite Pop'n Music character for a reason, you super star.
>> US No. 5392
Guys I think I just had an awesome date tonight that left me with stand-up comedy, becoming too drunk, riding the train drunk so I can get some photos developed, and burgers.

Tonight was best night and tomorrow should be even better!
>> US No. 5393
I have been; I sent her an email a week ago, and I sent her some IMs today. That's why I'm confused, she hasn't responded to any of that.
>> US No. 5395
File 129844851317.png - (17.42KB , 125x125 , F3OT6.png )

then yeah that kinda looks like you got ditched and she just doesn't want to unfriend you because she doesn't hate you or whatever

I mean I'm guilty of doing that same thing
at least as far as never taking people off the friendslist goes

>> US No. 5396
It's weird because she's an irl friend from my internship in California. We actually did some stuff together irl and we kept in touch until some arbitrary point in the fall. She was supposed to come to Nekocon, but she dropped off the face of the Earth without returning any of my texts or voicemails. It was actually kind of shitty of her since I was planning on rooming with her and had to work out hotel shit with other friends last minute. I found out she'd been in a car accident on Facebook and sent her a PM asking what happened and if she was okay, and I never got a response. So that's pretty much what happened. I left her alone for a while and then emailed her again after a long gap. Why she hasn't unfriended me on Facebook or blocked me from any of her IM clients, I don't know; that's why I am so confused.
>> US No. 5399
well, this is me talking about myself to try to give you a perspective on Why People Do This Thing, not saying This Is What Is Up With That Chick You Know 'cause, like, I don't know her and shit:

unfriending somebody or blocking them on IM is really FINAL
it is like walking up to them and saying SO YEAH WE ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS

whereas leaving somebody on your friendslist and just never talking to them is like just never returning somebody's phone call

it's less confrontational and doesn't feel as much like YO, I'M REJECTING YOU NOW
even in situations where straight-up going YO, I'M REJECTING YOU NOW would be preferable because it's at least not passive-aggressive
it's just easier
know what I'm saying?
>> AU No. 5401
Happy. Saw Wicked the musical, in love with it ♥

Bus ride home made it better. Friends message me so as not to alert the subject of our conversation, that he (my crush) has been sneaking glances all day.

holy mother of crud i feel like I could fly.
>> US No. 5403
File 129849392719.png - (140.66KB , 476x234 , 1285470630919.png )
for fuck's sake, it is not socially acceptable for ANYONE to bust out a razor and give their face/arms/hands/neck a quick "touch up shave" IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS. I know you're trying to become a woman and everything, but seriously, you are doing is so wrong I can't even process it. God this shit grosses me out so bad.

I might not be so angry about it if you weren't learning how to be a woman from your shitty shoujo yuri manga. Fucking hell.
>> AU No. 5406
File 129849876529.jpg - (92.50KB , 500x334 , 390803227_b368fb0a30.jpg )
>Get ready for work super early
>Go to bakery on way to work, have ham and cheese croissant
>Still get to work half an hour early
>Tool around in TF2Chan IRC
>Suddenly realise I have internet friends that I speak to more often than IRL friends
>Am okay with this
>> US No. 5408
File 12985022539.jpg - (79.03KB , 399x270 , french-siberian-tigers.jpg )
I finally got back in touch with her. She's apparently just been really busy and socially flaky. She's an unbelievable sweetheart so I think she means that.
>> US No. 5409
Show is going to pull together, I feel it. Even though we don't feel like we're close enough yet. Curtain's in a week, gotta get off book, Mama. Get your ass in gear.

Also, captcha: luvupn. I definitely do have a lot of love up in my life right now and I love it. <3
>> CA No. 5411
File 129850474686.jpg - (54.84KB , 300x400 , Shrek-donkey_l.jpg )
My reaction to reading TF2 fanfic on Fanfiction.net

People actually LIKE this? *face palm*

Also, my back hurts like hell.
>> CA No. 5413
>no sleep for 30+ hours
>Staring at a screen for those 30 some hours to finish a project.
> next class is modeling in 3D max.
> eyes are burning.
> class won't end till 9pm.

lets do this.
>> US No. 5416
File 129850967713.png - (19.50KB , 125x125 , W618n.png )
oh yay :D glad it worked out!

(all my "happy" reaction images look really sarcastic, I'm sorry)
>> AU No. 5420
I am a little bit terrified. I have family in Christchurch. Haven't seen them since I was two, we keep trying to save money to visit them but something happens (the heating system dies, mum's car's totalled, etc. etc.) and I'm worried I'll never see them.
>> US No. 5424
>massive argument with boyfriend spanning from 7pm to 12:15am
>decide that the only thing to do is to make more time for each other
>curtain is in a week
>still have classes

fuuuuuuck. Somebody get me a time turner or something.
>> US No. 5434
File 129855828734.jpg - (40.91KB , 592x393 , puppy_dogs_4.jpg )
I'm looking for advice or support.

Without going into too much detail, my brother and I had a coercive, incestuous relationship since we were children. Now that I'm in therapy and have been making huge steps in recovering from depression and such, I'm struggling to separate from him. So far I've gone three weeks without answering his calls, but he's grown more and more psychotic and desperate as the days have gone by and he is (predictably) calling me WAY MORE now. He's leaving messages of himself just breathing, or talking with different accents and making vague threats. He left one message where he spoke like a gameshow announcer where he basically just reminded me that he knows where I live and that I don't have a car.

He's hitting the liquor extremely hard according to my parents. My father needed a ride to the hospital and my brother took him, drunk, speeding at 90 MPH on back roads while waving around a flask full of gin. I've ridden with him while he was like this a few times before, so I know it's not a lie.

I've had to talk him out of suicide a few times before, and I am willing to bet he's going to start leaving those kinds of messages soon. I absolutely cannot answer his calls or call him back or answer my door for him or it will undo all the work I've done. But it's so damn hard. Even though I know he's a manipulative abusive dickwad, I get guilted into helping him.

My therapist is supporting me but I only see her once a week. I guess I'm just looking for a 'hang in there, kid' and some validation.
>> US No. 5435
*hugs* Wish I could give some advice but this is a bit over my head. Maybe you could have your brother institutionalized? Seems there's enough evidence for it. I hope everything gets better.
>> US No. 5437
Yikes, that's a situation and a half.
It seems as though your brother is taking this separation as hard (or if not harder) than you are, though that is not to say that I'm making light of what you've gone through. By the sound of it, you've made a ton of progress and no way would it be good to lose ANY of that in a vain attempt to help him.

Your brother needs help and, unfortunately, in your state of recovering this would be all too much for you to properly handle. I'm sorry if this sounds condescending, I mean it as sincere as possible, but you still have your own issues to face and tackling too much at a time would just make things worse.

I know it's expensive, but any sort of therapy would be the right start for your brother.
I'm sorry if this was of no help, I just hope the best for yourself and for your family. Just keeping going at it strong, I'm sure you'll get through it.
>> US No. 5439
File 129857683515.png - (108.92KB , 500x233 , happy.png )
I bought another betta today!
His name is Changsai, and he's the prettiest betta I've ever seen in my life.
No jokes, I've never seen a betta this beautiful.
His colors are just striking and his fins are so long and elegant.
He's a black, red and blue delta tail.
I don't impulse buy pets, but oh my god, when I saw him, I had to have him.

I set him up and now he's happy in his new home.
He's really shy, but I think with enough attention, he'll become a social little cutie just like my super star, Kiet.
>> CA No. 5443
another all nighter tonight.

Lets order some pizza and get down to business
>> US No. 5445
File 129860194258.png - (75.20KB , 931x878 , 1298332618388.png )
I love my new medication.

But I wish I had more friends.
I would if they didn't prove themselves to be asses. Or at least people that would use me like a toy and toss me when they were bored.
>> US No. 5452

People can be such bastards, but every now and then you find someone who will be a good friend.
>> DE No. 5453
File 129860372736.png - (100.57KB , 300x300 , Crazy Spy and Medic.png )
Perry has a sad because Exi left after 9 days of awesome visit. I'm now vulnerable to my asshole brother and stress again. My job training starts on the 7th of March and I'm both excited and fucking terrified. Especially of riding the train alone.

Oh man.
>> US No. 5458
File 129861179527.jpg - (49.40KB , 640x480 , yafutoma.jpg )
I have to have results for my research in 2 weeks?

>> CA No. 5459
Best birthday ever.

Got rather drunk, had a fest of ribs and shrimps for diner topped with a it almost felt like porn in my mouth chocolate and caramel cake. Also: hot tub. I got chocolate strawberry black tea as a gift too. Shit I love my dad and his girlfriend for all that.

And I totally got a free piece of cake the night before from the very cute guy who usually serves our table on Wednesday night at the coffee place we go to every week my friends and I. And there was someone I haven't seen in quite a while who was there too.

So damn ridiculously happy. And thank God for spellchecker because damn I'm still rather drunk...
>> US No. 5462
This morning was great.
Dragon Age 2 demo came out, so I loaded it and was prepared to have the pixels stress my graphics card.
Imagine my surprise when the graphics auto adjust to a level where visuals are decent and it runs at a rate that's not bad.
Now to wait for a sale, since I am too cheap to fork out $60 for a game.
>> US No. 5463
I haven't openly said this but fuck I want to move out of my dorm. I've just been stagnating for the past two years just floating around and playing video games. I've gone to college and I've discovered very little about myself. The only problem is I have to start commuting and live back home (Fun fact, still in the closet there)...but the problem is I don't care, I have to deal with everyone's problems and not my own...but dat commute...god damn.
>> AU No. 5465
Having doubts whether the guy that likes me isnt just one of those guys who dates a chick just for physical use.

Then again, I can't say anything cause no-ones ever liked me before (not that I've known of).

Friends are supportive, saying its cute and all. I just kinda feel... helpless? cause I have no guts to y'know, ask him about it...

>> US No. 5467
Oh my god enough with the snow already! Sick of it! Argh.
>> US No. 5468
I dated a guy like that for about a month over the summer. It was also the first guy who ever liked me. I basically just did what I was comfortable with and then when I got bored I ended it. I didn't let it get that far and treated it like a learning experience. If you want to do it at all, I'd say just do what you're comfortable with and as soon as you start to lose interest or not feel comfortable anymore, end it.
>> US No. 5470
It's currently snowing where I grew up (about 100 ft above sea level) and it might snow in San Francisco tonight, but there's an even higher chance of snow where I am, about 40 min south of the city. I am so freaking excited.
>> US No. 5479
File 129867196330.png - (179.95KB , 324x338 , Medic_RAGETIME.png )
Oh my GAWD!

I swear the next time someone asks me if my earbuds are for trade, I'm going to take an Equalizer and shove up their ass and then take a medigun and heal it so they can forever be known for having a stick up their ass.

Over and over I keep telling the same guy on an achievement server I volunteer a lot of my gaming time towards helping other players obtain achievements (though most of the time I see a lot of random RDMing) that my earbuds were a birthday gift from a close friend and they aren't for trade. Yet almost every single time I see this player active and not idling the moment he sees me automatically wants to trade and offers me so many hat choices for my earbuds and every time I say no and close the trade. Now, I think I'm just gonna decline his trade requests each time till maybe he gets the message that maybe my earbuds AREN'T for trade.

On a lighter note, oh Georgia you silly state! It's still February and the temperature reads 63 degrees F and already the trees and plants are budding out and starting to produce flowers. Guess this means I should throw my Sniper costume on soon and go run around in the flowers like some plant-controlling hippie from The Nucleus Incident.
>> US No. 5480
File 129867426688.png - (9.90KB , 226x228 , curse.png )
my chest binder arrived :3

it was really hard to get on (I had to get help) but it's really surprisingly comfortable

which is good because I probably won't be able to take it off alone either
>> US No. 5481
What's it for?
>> US No. 5482
Had rehearsal for almost ten hours today. Entire show is blocked, closer to opening than I'm comfortable with. All the costumes are done.

I've never wanted a show to be done with so badly before in my life.
>> US No. 5483
cross-dressing. I'm like a C/D cup; an Ace bandage doesn't work, so on previous occasions I've had to put on an a-shirt and have somebody wrap my chest in duct tape over the shirt, which was less comfortable and could only be taken off by cutting the shirt off my body. obviously with it being that much of a production I rarely ever bothered doing it, even though I'd really really like to be able to go out in public as a boy more often. so I bought a binder that's shaped like a hip-length a-shirt, which is also good because I'm fat and have big hips - v female shape - and the binder kind of turns me into a tubular chub-sausage, which is less girly-looking (although to be honest just wearing men's jeans does a lot for the shape/impression; they're cut way more differently from girl's jeans than I was aware beforehand)

ftr i got it from here: http://ftm.underworks.com/ paid for it on tuesday and it got here on friday, they had it shipped out the very morning after I bought it, very nice service
>> AU No. 5491
Thanks. I think I'll just go with the flow for now and see where it ends up :)
>> US No. 5492
File 129868735314.png - (434.90KB , 351x467 , Changsai.png )
Here he is in all of his gorgeous glory.
I took this picture before I bought him at the pet store.
Can you believe that he was stacked at the very bottom where no one could see him?
I was lucky to have even spotted him!
I bet if they had him at the top of the rack, he would have been bought in like, ten seconds.

He's so quirky. Unlike Kiet, who comes out to view whenever you approach him, Changsai only likes to frolic when I'm laying on my bed, across and away from him.
And yet when I approached him with a camera, he came out to pose. Psh.
He's a stubborn eater, too. I had to coax him this morning into eating just one pellet. He wouldn't eat anything more.

I have a feeling training him to respond to food cues won't be nearly as quick and easy as it was with Kiet.
Kiet got it down in about a week. Hah.

But yeah... sorry for the rambling, but I just love this little bugger.
He's definitely a great addition to my little family and I don't regret purchasing him.
Totally worth getting scolded from my uncle.
>> US No. 5494
It better snow here I just want to watch everyone lose their shit.

Feelings. Um, I'm not used to this entire notion of someone liking me and taking me nice places. I could get used to this.
>> US No. 5495
File 129869540785.jpg - (8.04KB , 178x200 , cat-mega-happy.jpg )
Just got back from a full day of Knott's with my beautiful girlfriend. It was our first time really hanging out since we made things official (hour drive + no license and full school schedule on her part = not getting to see each other as much as we'd like) but it was really, really fantastic. We are so ridiculously comfortable around each other. And apparently, all she has to do to get me on terrifying roller coasters is make a cute face. (Not that I didn't enjoy them, I'm just a pussy in lines.)

Got home to find a package I've been waiting on, an awesome dinner and some great roleplay responses.
Best. Day.
>> AU No. 5500
Got a lovely little blue betta today :D he's a little lazy, but hes a cutie. He doesn't like it when someone watches him eat, though.
Gives me someone to talk to whilst I'm home alone.
>> US No. 5505
Ten hour rehearsal yesterday. Six hours today. As much as I love musicals, god damn am I ready for this show to be over. At least I'm finally off book.

Spending time with Scoutpapa afterwards today, so that makes everything better <3
>> US No. 5506
File 129874123496.jpg - (32.12KB , 350x312 , happy_and_excited_medium.jpg )
Went through my graduation ceremony yesterday and I couldn't feel any more proud of myself! Right now we have over a foot of snow and it's still snowing. I can't wait to go play in it!
>> US No. 5507
so in a silent bet between my mother and me, i am taking a break from my meds today and tomorrow

she thinks i will 'feel better' and that my taking my meds every day (as prescribed) is 'unhealthy' and i 'need a break'

we will see, mother, we will see
>> US No. 5509
It's a betta-palooza!
I demand pictures of this adorable little bugger.

Also... mood: pretty good!
I had a pretty good role play session last night.
And this morning, Kiet greeted me when I woke up as usual.
I dunno' but that always just puts me in such a good mood.
>> US No. 5513
File 129877521583.jpg - (231.58KB , 945x945 , 1297973356120.jpg )


>> US No. 5514
I think I broke my new computer. It's been great for the past few months, but today when I tried to change my screencap button in Steam to the 'End' button, my sound messed up. Now I can't hear out of my headphones, just the speakers. I've tried everything, but I can't figure out how to fix it. I mess all my computers up apparently.
>> AU No. 5515
File 129877880899.jpg - (1.66MB , 2560x1920 , Photo0364.jpg )

Here he is. Named him Howl. He's getting used to his new bowl atm :D

Mood: not so great. My bro pulled a 'joke' on my parents and now they're fighting amongst themselves! Mum's gotten depressed so we have to stay home and watch her. She's really got to stop acting like this :I
>> US No. 5516
Keep a will of steel, I believe in you. I have no experience with any of that, but hell in a handbasket will trundle off if you stand firm, just stay strong. You've sought help, and even that needs strength to do, just keep your shoulder to the wind.

You will make it through.
>> US No. 5517
File 129878661153.jpg - (29.50KB , 500x299 , carboardlove06.jpg )
Shit man, you guys are making me want a betta! I've been wanting a new smaller pet for a while now, and I'm thinking a cute fishie would be a good starter. It's just difficult with two cats roaming about, especially when my dad puts the little one before his own family on most occasions. (Not really exaggerating there but that's a whole 'nother story.)

Other feelings: I have fantastic friends. I opened up about my dad being drunk to a small group of online buddies, and one of them sent me this. So I'm sending it forward to anyone that needs it - I love everyone on this chan, and any of you going through hard times right now, you will get through it. I believe in you.
>> US No. 5520
I just went to Video Games Live. Buuk and I went dressed as Anju/the chicken lady from Zelda and BLU Sniper, respectively. It was amazing and I will absolutely do it again.
>> CA No. 5522
File 129880506981.jpg - (231.03KB , 695x500 , 1283.jpg )
I'm pretty fucking excited. Things are actually going my way; I got invited to submit to an art book, am going to be in a gallery show and am getting a 3-8 mini story in one of the indie comics in the city.

I've always been my own worst critic art wise and to have people appreciate what I'm doing enough to try and put it any kind of spot light is just really satisfying.
>> AU No. 5523
Dreading tomorrow. It's either:
A) Have to sit through an hour or so of 'CARE' class, which is four people from each grade (8-12) in the one room learning about making friends/procrastination/whatever tripe.
B) Sit through possibly a whole day workshop from "Mighty Minds", a group of brainless fools trying to teach us how to better ourselves just by drilling it over and over into our brains

... B) would be the better option for me right now cause then I'd be able to sit with my friends for the day.

>> AU No. 5524
Damn you, Saikano, I blame you for this.

My fingernails! They're black and silver! And SHINY. This makes three times I've painted them in the last twelve months

Everything smells like chemicals aargh

But my hands are pretty
>> US No. 5526
Yesterday was good. Unnecessary party with family today, not looking forward to actually getting out of my pajamas.

Also, shameless plug, my friend's little sister needs help on deciding to go to her senior prom, so pass this link around until she does. http://www.fblikebook.com/likes/view/6043
>> CA No. 5527
I'm so fucking happy, guys. School is awesome, my friends are awesome, my bithday was yesterday and that was awesome.

I feel like a thousand happy emoticons at once, bro.
>> US No. 5530
i don't like being an officer for my cinema club. i always end up as the unorganized butt monkey and group fuck-up and i don't like being reminded of it.
>> US No. 5540
So my sister has a stepson and stepdaughter and a bunch of teenaged girls she used to/still does/etc foster-mother so I have this list of nieces and nephews in middle and high school who I had to friend on facebook or my sister would frown at me for dissing them. I actually fucking love this because they ignore me and I get this hilarious little window into TEEN DRAMA.

Today one of my nephews posted "Omg people tell straight up...what is this little secret women code with fruit???"

I have no idea what's going on with this but the implied levels of DRAMA and TEENAGERS DOING SHIT THEY THINK IS SO CHOOL are amazing

I am now the Creepy Uncle posting cryptic comments on their facebooks
just going "lol"
>> US No. 5542
I don't know how to say no. I don't know how to avoid unnecessary committments. I don't know how to calm myself down. I don't know to think before I speak or type. Why do I keep fucking up the best thing to ever happen to me?
>> DE No. 5543
File 129886486219.jpg - (23.38KB , 328x246 , Happy Heavy on PC.jpg )
Katya coming back to the chan?
>> CA No. 5553
File 129887486153.jpg - (7.86KB , 349x314 , creepy jafar.jpg )
>apply to college
>get letter from said college stating they got my application
>have been checking site to see if they offered anything yet

>> AU No. 5555
Signed up for 3 different characters for my school's musical. Auditions are end of the week.

Only one of them has to sig a song for the audition. INSTANT REGRET. I don't know what to sing.
Character's a snappy, 'alternative' cynical feminist girl. Any song suggestions, guys?

Mood: So confused. Guys confuse me.
>> GB No. 5558

>> AU No. 5560
File 129893234210.jpg - (12.86KB , 250x329 , Shani Wallis.jpg )
So many fives!

Also, iono, something from Rent? Or by Tim Minchin? I am terrible at picking songs. On Saturday I auditioned for Nancy in Oliver! and I did Part Of Your World. Don't even LIKE the Little Mermaid.


So I am excite and terrify and basically hyped up on anticipation, and will be for like two days now.

Carn Nancy!
>> US No. 5561
>Settle down to work on outline.
>Class in 45 minutes.
>Check syllabus.
>Outline needs all quoted sources, only have one source and haven’t even looked for the others.
>Also mid-term today.
>Haven’t read or been to class in two weeks.
>Sign up for CR/NC option, knowing that I will fail the class but don’t want it reflected in transcript.
>Stay at home and hide for a while.

Welp, so much for doing better this semester.
>> US No. 5563
>Was supposed to start college in March
>Barely got an email stating that I don't qualify for the college and not to bother attending orientation
>Uninsured now since I was supposed to be a full-time student
>Can't see psychiatrist
>Mother blames me for everything
>"Get a job or get out"
>Uncle disappointed in me
>Brother moving out
>Skype group falling apart

Most of things were riding on me attending school this month, but now I fucked it all up. Things were supposed to be different this year dammit. I know that all that's left to do is keep moving forward, but it's just getting harder and harder to do so.
God fucking damn.
>> US No. 5565
How can they just say you don't qualify? Didn't they accept you?
>> US No. 5567
They did, but apparently they decided to give my transcripts a second look only to find "lolurmissingaclass."
It's my fault for not double-checking EVERYTHING. My SAT scores were fine, my GPA is well over 2.5, I paid any and all fees, and I passed all my entrance exams. They said they would give me a refund for orientation, but still. I'm 3 units short, Jesus Christ that's just embarrassing.
>> US No. 5568
You should speak to a counselor and discuss this. If they already accepted you, you should be able to work something out. One class is hardly ever a make-or-break deal. Ask if you can take it concurrently at the local JC or over the summer. Make your Fall enrollment contingent on finishing it, something like that. I am pretty sure you'll be able to work this out.
>> US No. 5573
I only found out about this a couple of days ago, had I known about my missing class right from the get-go I could have taken one at my old college while attending this one.
Unfortunately, now all the classes are too far into the Spring semester to accept any new students.
My mother and I talked with one of the folks in charge of administration but no dice. Still, she said that they will keep hold of my records and add me for the Fall if I take a Summer class, which I will do. Now I just gotta find a job and wait 4 months.

Still, I didn't expect people to respond to my venting so THANK YOU
>> AU No. 5575

I didn't even notice that LOL How could I forget Tim Minchin?! Thanks

What a coincidence, I'm watching Oliver! in my english class and we just got up to Nancy's appearance today.
>> DE No. 5582
I standed up this morning and thought: Well, again some ... not so great day. The schoolday was decent until OFD which is ever great (something like drawing class). Our class had a nice discussion about sex. (Means just some people start to talk about it and suddendly half of the class are joining in.) And than our teacher said: As i was a young man, i was friends with one of these guys i knew back than. And i believe i loved him. I mean not like all these things you do with someone you love like wanting sex and all. I´m not into this stuff, but i thought to the same time he looked handsome. I wasn´t be or gay enough for this. I just enjoyed his company... everyone in the class listened to him with holded breath.
I was amused and horrified to the same time. I just felt wolfie and thought: Things i never wanted to hear from one of my teachers. And than: We call such a thing bromance today.
But this wasn´t the best part of the day.
Because guess what? As i came home from school... I got prints! The prints of KAZ! I love them. All of the 9. I just wanted to spread the word here again. And i wanted to say how sad i am that i ever miss Kaz drawing sessions.
>> US No. 5586
I want to go to Las Vegas again.
>> US No. 5587
las vegas is amazing
it was honestly one of my favourite places I've been
the sleazy underbelly is amazing
there's so much trash to meet and hang out with and have fun with
you can slink along in the gutter and look up at the glitter and lights of the pretending-to-be-respectables and have the time of your life

you can also do this in manhattan but it feels more legit in las vegas
>> US No. 5589
Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent, Little Red Riding Hood's section of the Act 1 Opening of Into the Woods (the part that ends with "Never can tell what lies ahead, for all that I know, she's already dead" somewhere in your sixteen bars), or Woe Is Me (or I Speak Six Languages) from 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

In other musical-related news, tech dress rehearsal tonight. Access performance of the first act tomorrow morning for some local middle schoolers. Opening is Thursday night. I am excite :D
>> US No. 5591
Yesterday, I got the application checklist for the Master's Degree program I want to go into. I hope I do everything correctly and make it in. I'm psyched about learning more about 3D in a setting where people will be right there in person to help me when something difficult pops up, and where I can even invite friends over to do collaborations. I also get my own place. It's up in Georgia, so I'll be far away from my parents, but I'm not worried about that. I'm ready, and I'm excited :3c
>> DE No. 5600
File 129902605481.png - (40.76KB , 160x226 , Deal with it Cupcake.png )
Analyzing yesterday's Highlander I feel more and more responsible for the defeat. I didn't survive long enough to use my buffs and I didn't deal enough damage. With the match being that close it can't be the responsibility of the entire team, so I think it was me who was the weakest link. All around, I feel like a terrible Soldier.

I know I shouldn't care about this as much because christ, it's just a game still, but I feel like I've let down people I like. Fuck, I sound like I'm fishing for compliments.

Picture is what I want to do - Deal with it, practice my skills and move on.
>> AU No. 5604
My old computer has finally been repaired, all of its problems fixed, the dude upgraded my processor, power supply and RAM at no extra cost due to its extended warranty, and best of all now I CAN TORRENT SHIT AND PLAY TF2 AGAIN.
>> US No. 5606
File 129903670284.jpg - (4.43KB , 126x126 , 127836059242.jpg )
Two days before I have to defend my thesis in front of my peers, I got told it's complete shit and I need to rewrite it from scratch. YAY
>> US No. 5609
File 129903832770.jpg - (149.45KB , 945x910 , 1298756895496.jpg )
91.5% on my ochem midterm? That just means I have to study harder, since it brought me down to a 92.8% in the class.
>> US No. 5610
Was it our teacher or what?
captcha: hechec
>> US No. 5614
File 129904599579.jpg - (26.43KB , 600x338 , fuck this shit 2.jpg )
So I'm back to single status.
I'd rather not explain the situation, it's complicated.
tl;dr we're just going to be friends right now, it's not working out.
I'm fine with this, but I'm just disappointed because I was working so hard to rekindle things.

I'm just going to sit relationships out for a bit.
>> US No. 5616
I'm free. I'm finally fucking free, guys.

My boyfriend who's shit and lazy as fuck attitude I've had to put up with for the past five years finally isn't my boyfriend anymore. My parents have housed him, fed him, never charged him rent, gave him a car, bailed him out of jail when he broke into someone's house, got him a really good lawyer, and has stood by him every fucking time he fucked up his probation and etc. Today, I finally got the chance to break up with him because of the straw that broke the camels back he pulled that I found out today.

This lazy fucker, who I have stood by and adored even though he has cheated on me and fucking lied constantly to me for the past five year is finally not someone I have to worry about anymore... He stole $400 dollars from my loving, giving parents who have basically taken care of him for the past five years... He lied and said he only took $100 even though my parents have photo evidence of him doing two transactions resulting in (more evidence, their bank statements...) roughly $400.

He never appreciated me anyway. All he wanted was sex from me all the fucking time and when I didn't give it to him he would just ignore me and get all pissy. He never tried to make me feel special anymore. He never did simple things I asked him to, like clean the fucking toilet or some simple shit like that.

The next serious boyfriend I have will have a job, treat me right, and will love me for more than just a fuck buddy. I want someone who is smarter than me. I'm worth more than what I have been dealt.

I'm sorry for such a long post, and I know in the last thread I went on about this same subject. I just feel this is the only place I can get this out.

Lastly, anyone who is in a serious relationship and is no longer in love with the person they are with, END THE RELATIONSHIP. Don't put yourself through all the bullshit I blindly did.
>> US No. 5617
>have a huge crush on friend
>we have a lot in common
>feel as though they have been flirted with me
>end up discussing love and kinks
>I fit only one thing on their list of kinks
>they imply they don't have feelings for me outside of friendship
>all of my sorrow

Oh well. It probably wouldn't have worked out anyway. Still, I'm a little sad.
>> US No. 5618
File 12990594329.jpg - (47.70KB , 600x338 , 129901301997.jpg )
Wow, you've all been through a lot and, by the sounds of it, have just been dealt the wrong set of cards. Here, this is for you guys.
I wish you all the best of luck in your future romantic endeavors.
>> AU No. 5620
File 129906379120.jpg - (16.89KB , 357x350 , screamkiss.jpg )
So my audition went well, apparently, because I'm the WIDOW CORNEY FUCK YES SHRIEKING EVERYWHERE

Also apparently an onstage kiss! Between OLD PEOPLE.
>> US No. 5621

Don't just assume they want to be friends because you think they implied it. Maybe they're being secretive about how they feel for the same reasons as you. It could work!
>> DE No. 5622
All my respect and support for you. Getting out of such a situation is tough and you did it. Move on and forget that stupid fucker - Focus your energy on leading a good life and maybe finding the right person to spend it with. I wish you the best of luck!
>> US No. 5623
Gonna be hanging out with some peeps this weekend. I have cats, am kind of a catlady. As I type this there's a cat in my lap. The three others, all males, hates cats, is allergic to cats, and is scared of cats, respectively. So much for hanging out at my place. Should still be fun though. There will be cupcakes and, I think, a homemade Giga Pudding, plus other various nerdy shenanigans.
>> US No. 5624
File 129908898685.jpg - (85.65KB , 275x400 , 1298024161657.jpg )
i need to get off of tumblarg oh my god it eats my fucking time up

but i love iiiitttttt and the mixture between political discourse and total fucking nonsense

locke sorta related maybe idk
>> US No. 5628

>> US No. 5629
FFFFF Are you serious, AI Online?! It's day 7, and I need to get my responses to other people's assignments done! Why are you choosing today of all days to malfunction?! There's nothing on the site menu that says you're going to be down! FFFFFFFFFFFFF

So much for getting this shit done before I plan to finish my Master's degree program application work.
>> US No. 5630
File 129910726245.jpg - (22.99KB , 500x363 , 205x12.jpg )
Oh god oh god why did I choose to go to graduate school, I have to start working on a paper for High Performance Graphics pretty much right now and my thesis defense is within sight aaaaaaaaaaa

On the bright side, I get to play with lasers tonight (lol terrible pun). IT'S FOR MY RESEARCH, I SWEAR.
>> US No. 5635
File 129912143125.png - (213.48KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lgss9zQJTw1qgxon7o1_500.png )
Bit of backstory...

My parents got divorced over the previous summer, and while that was rough in and of itself, we've all still been under the same roof and pretty civil with each other.

Today I came home and the For Sale sign was up. Mom has an apartment picked out, I don't know what my dad is doing.

Within the next 4-5 months I will be graduating High School, moving out of my childhood home, throwing away or putting into storage 60% of my stuff, going to college, and being thrust into an adulthood I don't feel prepared for.

I'm scared, hurt, and just... I've never been so terrified of the future in my whole life.

I really just want to fucking sob hysterically, I want to turn into a blubbering, snotty wreck while I beat the shit out of this big awful gooey suck of current events in my life.

... Thats how I feel.
>> US No. 5638
File 129912628477.gif - (1.07MB , 250x187 , OMFG.gif )

We'll survive this shit. God it's going to suck but we'll survive.
>> US No. 5654
File 129917403884.png - (219.07KB , 323x320 , 1299047834136.png )
I woke up this morning having the biggest craving for In'n'Out, but then my school posted the summer schedule. Fuck yeah, they're offering molecular bio, and it's only two hours a day. Fuck no, they're not offering educational psych and the education class I need that's being offered starts at the exact time that molecular bio ends.

But despite that, today feels like it's going to be awesome.
>> US No. 5655
File 129918101489.jpg - (11.02KB , 378x194 , hell yeah.jpg )
Spaghetti and meatballs for lunch, making progress on my comic, passed my health test, shit's looking wicked awesome today.
>> US No. 5656
Tonight is opening night. Bring it on, fuckers!
>> AU No. 5657
Break a leg!
>> US No. 5673
File 129921911433.gif - (1.31MB , 400x360 , 1298861648739.gif )
So, I'm going to start reviving therapy within a couple of weeks, cognitive behavioral therapy to be exact.
Things have got to change and in order for any of this to happen, I've got to change.
I'm still feeling lower than ever (Skype friends don't give a shit, job worries, school, etc.) but I'm also feeling hopeful, so that's good on it's own.

Picture slightly related, this show has been helping me deal and I'm not sure how to feel about this.
>> US No. 5676
I hate this day.

First thing I got when I woke up was a rant from my mother about how we're apparently in $30k+ debt because of me. We moved to Anaheim so I could be closer to school and my friends, but everyone else in my family hates it here and we can't afford it and we can't afford to move back so we're just fucked.

I have a sore throat and feel like shit, so I'm apparently getting my mom's cold. This period is kicking my ass. My knee is worse than ever today. My allergies are going completely berserk from vacuuming today.

Thanks to my own stupidity, I forgot to save a picture I'd been working on all day, and of fucking course, Sai had to spazz out for no reason and close it.

My girlfriend has heard enough of my whining today and went to bed anyway, and anyone else I've tried to vent to briefly has ignored me.

Worst of all is I know I'm whining for stupid, petty, no good reasons and that I'm one of the luckiest people alive for what I have in my life but I just want to fucking cry anyway. I feel like a whiny little bitch.
>> AU No. 5679
File 129923552728.png - (162.47KB , 362x422 , do not want.png )
oh god what happened to all of my money. my bank account hasn't been down to double digits since it was opened back in primary school.
>> DE No. 5680
File 129924509917.jpg - (7.70KB , 256x256 , 126586257682.jpg )
You know you can always talk to me when I'm online, man. If venting helps, vent.

Regarding my feelings: I'm goddamn nervous. Job training starts on Monday and I feel more apathetic than ever. Haven't been in driving school for weeks and I don't think I can take doing both driving lessons and the job stuff. I'll try to make my theoretical test at least but still - I wasted my family's money on a driving license I won't get for a while. I'm such a failure. I want to curl up in my room and be alone.
>> US No. 5686
File 129928255714.jpg - (26.92KB , 550x550 , 1298785223758.jpg )
fuck you depression go away

why do you always come at the worst times
>> US No. 5690
File 129929717666.jpg - (20.14KB , 300x300 , 1283212582102.jpg )
>Spend 30+ hours on polymer clay sculpture
>teacher instructs how to bake
>bake per instructions
>burn sculpture to a crisp

oh god fuck this shit, fuck it so hard, I am done
>> US No. 5691
File 129929748431.gif - (726.04KB , 409x224 , 2m3mlc3.gif )
Thank you, Perry, the feeling is more than mutual. I'm trying not to sound like a blubbering idiot but MAN that means a lot to me. Thank yoooou

Feelings! I'm doing better today.
I went to go check out my new therapist today and she is a lovely lady. She also deals with kids, so I got to goof around with some legos for a bit while telling her some of my serious issues.
It was a "trial" session (I didn't have to pay for it) but for sure I plan on seeing her on a regular basis.
Things are starting to look up for me, this is good.
>> US No. 5692
Got a new computer, transferring songs to iTunes like ya do...

I have discovered album upon album of music that I wasn't even AWARE was on my computer. Hours of songs. Migs of megs of songs. All the fanmixes I forgot I found on LJ.

>> DE No. 5699
Lintu is 18 now. If she desires to do so, she could post on the chan now.

... I must admit that I'm hoping for that. Lintu is such a cool person and a cool artist.
>> AU No. 5710
I'm so anxious right now. Audtition went...well, people said I did well. But I felt like craaaap.

Shortlists are up this week, and at the end are the script/improvisation auditions. I'm completely fine with that.

I need to sleep more..
>> AU No. 5711
Today, for the first time i truly embraced the pit. I am bruised and battered. my everything aches. but i gave as good as i got and i wouldn'nt have had it anyother way
>> DE No. 5712
File 129933789721.jpg - (63.75KB , 545x323 , ANGRY Administrator.jpg )
Can't make it to a friend's birthday party because my blood pressure is again low as fuck. Well, shit. I was looking forward to it.

... Now lets hope I'm up and ready on Monday for JOB TRAINING
Jesus christ. I hate you, blood pressure. Stop ruining my days.
>> DE No. 5720
File 129936166450.jpg - (40.88KB , 500x500 , fastengiw.jpg )
Today i got my helmet and welding googles for my RedEngiecosplay. I waited like 2 months for them (i still need to wait for my kneeprotectors). I´m so happy because i almost got all together for the Leipziger Buchmesse. Even if the helmet and googles don´t look like the one of engie i love them. Especially the googles. But they are red. I ponder to make them black. But i believe they fit better to my cosplay then. Yeah and i fell a bit down, because yesterday out to party and met the generell idiots of "men", who make jokes about me and try to tease their friends with comments like. See that girl? Go to her and ask her out! hahahah. Hell i don´t need a boyfriend, i want a men finaly.
>> DE No. 5721
You better take some photos once you can and post in /cosplay/, okay?
>> US No. 5725
File 129937542595.jpg - (32.96KB , 294x450 , 121174137734OVqu.jpg )
Just when I was about to play some TF2, my Logitech ClearChat Pro USB headset stops working after having it for only about a year! I'm not getting another pair of those!
>> US No. 5738
I've never had a boyfriend and I've never been on dates. Is it weird to go straight to a dude's apartment for a first date? I'm kind of terrified.
>> US No. 5739
dear self: learn to choose your battles on Hipstr

it is so hard though to not want to take people down a notch or ten when they think their -isms are so edgy, or that my willingness to take them down makes me a humorless fat cunt
>> US No. 5740
If you have a webcam and headphones, those will work good as well. heck,if the headphones go out,you can easily replace them for (fairly) cheap, and the microphone since it stays in one place won't short out.That's what I use.
Though the webcam mic is pretty sensitive. It picked up my heating system.
>> No. 5741
Feeling lonely and having no friends to talk to has to be the worst feeling in the world.
>> US No. 5742
Nevermind, he told me I would have to spend the night (I have no car and his apartment is in an unfamiliar area) so I told him to slow down or back off.
>> US No. 5744
Thanks but all of the cheap headsets use the headphone jack and mine is shot while the mic that is built into my laptop/built-in webcam comes in at a poor quality. Also, I needed that headset for voice recordings.
>> US No. 5747
File 129945470032.png - (38.03KB , 945x945 , 1295844653442-(n1297323567162).png )
>Close friend hasn't gone out of their way to even say hello to me for a while
>Finally get a text from them FIRST
>Get super happy, thinking they're concerned about me and/or just want to talk
>"Is it totally cool if I bitch to you, disregarding your feelings or anything dumb like that, and remind you how much fun we're all having without you?"
>"Oh and also, is it okay if I suddenly stop texting you once I no longer have any need for you whatsoever?"

Well then.
I would be mad, and possibly hurt, were it not for the fact that I bought Pokemon White and Arrested Development season 3 today.
Whatever, I'm having a good day and I plan to keep it that way.
>> US No. 5751
Man, I knew this was going to be a weird day when I get a phone call from a previously online-only friend, crying and saying I was the only one he could talk to about the breakup with his girlfriend of 3+ years. I just didn't realize how heavy things would get. All damn day, serious issue after serious issue. I'm spent, man, I wish I had just gone offline and played Shadow of the Colossus all day again.
>> CA No. 5752
File 129946315468.gif - (298.45KB , 160x132 , tumblr_lffud7rd1j1qdnkok.gif )
>find brother's FA account while looking for proof to get him banned from DA again
>see some kind of kink meme journal
>Incest, Rape, Zoophilia, Cub
>he's an overweight backhaired bacne'd manchild
>history of sexual abuse from father in the past

oh boy here we go
>> US No. 5755
File 129946483649.png - (176.58KB , 500x375 , disgustedBart.png )
>> US No. 5756
You will do fine, chin up! If you don't pass the muffins, you'll do fine.

Into the Woods is over and done. I'll miss it, but hey, I needed the downtime. Now I'm just waiting for spring break. On the plus side, had the most fucking awesome weekend ever.
>> US No. 5757
File 129946925645.jpg - (25.40KB , 477x314 , self-esteem-training.jpg )
Brace for impact as Stereo begins yet another tl;dr ~Feelings~ post!

Good news: Dad was able to temporarily fix my computer charger for the time being, so I finally have my computer again to tell you all how extremely happy I am.

The guy I've liked for over a year (my good friend "TallSmith") now admitted that he's liked me for pretty much the same amount of time, and now we're dating, and everyone around us is saying "it's about damn time guys!" I haven't been this happy in so long, and he's pretty much the best boyfriend ever.

But that's not even the good news. My ex decided to start shit about the new relationship. Even though our break-up was mutual, my ex told me that I wasn't allowed to date anyone within our circle of friends (my current boyfriend is a good friend of both of us). I reluctantly agreed to this "deal" since it would mean making things less awkward for everyone. Then about a month later he starts dating our other friend Hop-a-Long's sister, and he never told me until I literally had to straight out ask if he was dating her (and I get the impression that he never told Hop-a-Long until the news went public over Facebook). Suddenly that puts Hop-a-Long in a position of always having to choose between my ex and his sister, and me (who at the time was miserable because I felt hurt and betrayed by my ex), and now suddenly our social becomes a weird, passive-aggressive fight between me (who was clearly miserable over the break-up) and my ex (who kept bragging over how happy he was in this new relationship). Around the same time, TallSmith had just ended a relationship that spoiled over time, and now both of us were single, miserable with our current predicaments, and knew this was our chance at finally being happy with one another.

So this weekend we finally went public with the fact that we're dating (both with an appearance at a house party where all of our friends were and over Facebook). My ex, who was at the party, laughed and smiled and congratulated us and told us how happy he was for us as a couple, and then the next day texted me and asked how could I betray him and that I broke the "rule" he had established when we broke-up. He follows up by posting a bunch of passive-aggressive Facebook statuses and claimed that the yelling off a roof-top at the party was "him yelling out all the remaining feelings of love he had for me." I texted him back saying "You were the one who dated our friend's sister and made it awkward for everyone. The deal is off as far as I'm concerned." to which he replied "I'm sorry I hurt you. I guess this makes us both bad people." He finally messaged me over Facebook apologizing for breaking my heart and realizing that he fucked everything up.

I simply replied saying, "Not going to lie. You did fuck everything up, but at the same time I realize now that our relationship had run its course and I'm happy that we both moved on. [at this point he interjects that he's not happy but that he'll get over it] You did say you were happy with Becky a few weeks ago and when I said I was upset, you told me to deal with it. I'm happy. If you don't want to see me for another year, that's fine by me. That's probably one of the best ideas you've had in a long time."

This is literally the first time in years that I've been able to stand up for myself.

>> AU No. 5759
File 129947320127.jpg - (45.20KB , 450x251 , scott-pilgrim-level-up-sword.jpg )
Holy moley, are you me? And if not, why are you with my boyfriend?

In any case, gratz!
>> CA No. 5762
Excuse me, how about no. You came to me 4 months ago wanting to do a comic, you have no first draft, let alone anything else and you're mad at me for not giving you a character sheet when I have no fucking clue what the character needs to do.

Seriously, fuck you, it's over.
>> AU No. 5764
Pardon me, but I currently want to slice myself from the lower abdomen down.

Hoooly fuck I sat through a 6 hour lecture with two tiny breaks feeling like I was gunna keel over and die. Today is a day I'd rather be a guy.

In other news; ...nope, I got nothin.
>> GB No. 5765
I just heard across the table "I can't say anything because it's between you and the angels." from a friend.
For some reason this makes me very angry.
>> US No. 5766
I'm 23 years old today! I have no idea what to do for my own birthday, although I had a pretty fun birthday weekend (STANDING IN LINE FOR FOUR OR SO HOURS TO GET POKEMON BLACK A DAY BEFORE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY).
>> US No. 5768
File 129952778384.gif - (22.71KB , 100x100 , tumblr_l8gc92I3Hn1qcb7o3.gif )
Happy birthday, man!
>> US No. 5770
So I'm chilling in Pepboys for an hour because they got backed up but I need my oil changed pretty bad. Anyway, the lady before me turned on Maury, and it's "that's not my baby...I didn't get your teen pregnant!" And I can't find the will to change it, even though it's so awful. I feel bad about this.

Also, I made gigapuddi this weekend, homemade recipe. It was fucking delicious, I'm pretty happy about it, even though the rest of the weekend was supposed to be super funtimes and it ended up not really being fun. Awkward, mostly. But oh well, delicious cupcakes and puddi came out of it.
>> DE No. 5771
File 129953434822.jpg - (17.96KB , 500x364 , Sparkleyes Spy.jpg )
I return from my first day in the new school and I can say it was AWESOME.
My head is bursting with new info and right off the bat we were told that we will have to work for our degrees BUT I LOVE THIS SHIT SO THAT'S FINE BY ME

I'm willing to work hard for this. The concept of the school is amazing and they conveyed it well. They give people a lot of free room and possiblities to plan our studies. No forcing into groups, you can learn on your own or with whoever you get along with. As long as you get your shit together and do work you are fine.


So looking forward to my first lesson!
>> CA No. 5773
File 129954388898.jpg - (158.62KB , 405x600 , 1298619571337.jpg )
Since I have a permanent job in the city, mom told me she's gonna help me get my full License so I can drive myself.
Even if I don't get accepted to college, I can at least have a car and a job. Life's...Life's looking okay now.
>> CA No. 5779
Whenever I'm not focused on a task, my brain can be summed up in the song "Dirty Life" by Ima Robot.

Funnily enough, these hormonal surges are only when I'm by myself. At least that makes Sunday night D&D less awkward, especially given my ex and her girlfriend attend.
>> AU No. 5782
Shitty mood is shitty. Feel like crying.

Broke, work is giving me the shits, school's threatening me for payments, I'm anxious all the time, and I am literally THINKING myself sick. I'm not eating as much as I should, and everything that can possibly go wrong IS going wrong.

But most of all, I feel so very, very lonely.

Friends are fine, yeah, but we're not as close as we used to be. And it's hard to make new friends cause I just.. can't trust people. Paranoid, if you will. Anyone I know can tell you that.

I hate myself so much right now.
>> DE No. 5783
You know, I love how the response from 'a close group of friends' to suicidal feelings was "grow a thicker skin/a backbone, pull yourself up and stop being a whiny emo", and yet the response from a group of people from a CHAN was to alert the emergency services and worry and CARE.

Never stop being awesome, TF2chan.
>> US No. 5785
See that's what I love about the internet. There's such a variety of people and they aren't afraid to talk about 'weaknesses' and feelings and such. It's like a giant melting pot of therapy :)
>> AU No. 5788
File 129962103942.gif - (14.02KB , 353x132 , idgaf.gif )
>Have to take brothers to train station for school @ 8am
>work starts at 9
>Use extra 45 minutes before anyone else turns up to check feeds/renew nail polish
>Get no work done, everything smells like chemicals

>> US No. 5789
>Free mardi gras brekfast in French course
>Basically had Thanksgiving dinner for lunch
>Got a solo I wanted so very hardcore for years

Life is good! But oh wait...

>Got yelled at for being moderately cuddly
>Apparently there are rumors flying around concerining myself, Scoutpapa, and having sex in the music building bathrooms
>Said rumors have been gossipped to choir director

Well, at least the director's all "I just wanted to let you guys know that someone was retarded enough to say it to me. I don't care what you do as long as you respect the building."

Person who spread said rumors is definitely one of three people I know. What do?
>> AU No. 5790
Personally, I'd get my passive-aggressive on. In some conversation involving all three, or possibly mulitple conversations, so long as it happens with each of them, exclaim that SOMEONE said that blah blah blah, which is RIDICULOUS, and where would they get that idea? GOSH. Laugh about it, make it clear that you don't mind, and are amused by the absurdity of the idea, make them feel silly for starting it in the first place.

That's how I'd do it, anyhow.
>> US No. 5796
File 129963511965.jpg - (6.53KB , 250x141 , rightokay.jpg )
Aunt and uncle are vack home from vacation.
First thing my uncle does is piss and bitch at everyone.
And now everything's back to normal.
I did not miss this.
>> US No. 5797
I just applied for a job I really quite want. Why do I feel like such rubbish?
>> US No. 5798
sage because I'm so irritated that I can't spell.
>> US No. 5800
Heyooo, story of my life.
>> US No. 5802
I finished all of the tasks on my application checklist. Only thing left is to wait until my transcript and portfolio arrive there. I have no idea when my transcript will arrive, though, and the deadline is the 15th, so I'm a little worried. Besides that, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I feel more sure about my future. Now, I can concentrate all of my energy on graduating from the school I'm currently attending.
>> AU No. 5806
Oh, I see how it is. Ask EVERYONE to audition, but only pick your favourites as the cast, leaving everyone else to be extras/not in it at all. Thanks man.

Y'know, some of us could actually be doing acting OUTSIDE of school, and have even a shred of talent! But no. You pick the ones you've had in your class. Real mature, sir.

Even more cut now I know that one of my good friends is going to have to kiss my crush, as they're both leads.

I guess I'll just.. y'know.. drop any thought of it, and hope no-one brings it up. Faking contentness ftw...
>> US No. 5811
Reminds me of this theater group I was with where, no matter how talented the other people were, the director always chose her own daughter for the lead roles. Fucking annoying. I hate it when directors do shit like that. I empathize with you.
>> AU No. 5812
In love with my best friend, yaaaaay, I am a cliche. This is set to become a life-long pattern.

(anyone else get 'incorrect captcha entered' when it's actually right?)
>> AU No. 5813
In my time at school, hes directed 2 stage musicals and this new movie he's doing, and every time he's picked the one guy for the lead male. He has a 'Favourites List', as we've dubbed it and unfortunately more than half of them are in his classes.

Whats even worse is that one of the cast members is in Switzerland and STILL got the role without even auditioning. How the hell is that going to work!?

Y'know that mood where you just want to say 'Fuck the world'and go hide somewhere? Yeah, I've got it pretty bad right now.
>> US No. 5816
File 129968969548.jpg - (28.29KB , 590x378 , puppy_dogs_32.jpg )
I don't know how I became a retarded bitch so quickly, but, uh.

I lost my virginity to a dude that I don't even like all that much. He was good looking and willing to be patient and teach me, I was horny and wanted to learn. I thought it would just be a one night stand kind of deal since, while we don't dislike each other, we're just not compatible for an actual relationship and I sure as fuck don't want a boyfriend right now. I even told him that. He agreed with me at the time.

But now he's being super clingy, calling me constantly, trying to be romantic ("Please call me back, just hearing your voice makes my day.") It makes me cringe.

What do? I know I need to tell him that I'm not interested in a relationship since I guess he didn't understand me or believe me when I first told him, I just don't know how to go about doing it.

tl;dr - I'm dumb.
>> GB No. 5817
>boyfriend informs me he's having trouble with a friend of his that I am acquainted with, he says he feels bad because he disapproves of stuff she's doing and wants to "protect" her
>get to the point where he pretty much tells me he cares for her as more than a friend
>tell him it's okay, I think she's a pretty awesome person, I don't mind if he dates her too
>he agrees with me and tells her, all is good for a while
>he starts spazzing out about it, I am beginning to seriously doubt he is able to deal with this

motherfuck. It's not even that I suspect that he might leave me for her or anything, but he keeps telling me how worried he is that he's thinking about her too much and that he's shit scared of losing me. I told him in the first place that if he had any doubts about it it was probably a bad idea, but safjkahsfjk, just... augh.
>> AU No. 5823

>> US No. 5824
I'd just let him know as soon as you can. There's not really an easy or best time to do it, so better to get it over with sooner rather than later.
>> US No. 5827
File 129971910531.jpg - (8.08KB , 263x191 , Depression.jpg )
>That uncomfortable feeling when you suspect someone doesn't really like hanging out with/talking to you but they're too nervous to tell you for fear of hurting your feelings
>> US No. 5837
File 129972417845.png - (42.72KB , 129x184 , Screen shot 2010-05-05 at 1_06_51 PM.png )
My ex won't stop with this passive-aggressive bullshit over my new relationship. He's the one who initiated our Breakup, he's the one who moved on first and told me to essentially get over it and be happy for him. He's the one who said "No matter what happens, we'll always remain friends." Now I have a boyfriend and he won't stop with the emo Facebook statuses and using our other friends to communicate with me and is essentially telling me that I'm the terrible person. <---MFW

All I can do is really shrug and say that at least I'm getting the most amazing sex ever with the most amazing guy I've ever known.
>> US No. 5839
File 129972803818.jpg - (39.06KB , 600x338 , are you serious.jpg )
So my friend is out in Conneticut right now, and will return on Monday.
We've maintained contact, chatting on steam, and now all of a sudden, my uncle flips his shit.
"She's on vacation, leave her alone. You could stand to have a life for once. Stop talking to her. Get off the computer."
You've got to be kidding me. I'm forbidden from talking to my friend just because she's out of state?

I'm sick of this juvenile bull shit from him.
He's always giving me grief about the most trivial shit.
I'm an adult, treat me like one.

What I'd give to move out.
>> AU No. 5840
File 129973061475.jpg - (572.42KB , 700x1094 , deadpool-thumbsup.jpg )
Holy fuck I'm excited
I've just spent the whole day in a bouncy bubble of barely-contained joy.

This morning, I check my Google Reader, as I do daily, and oh hey Dr McNinja updated twice since yesterday. I wonder what the news is?

News post:
"I have no idea how to break this news other than, “HOLY HECK YOU GUYS, I’M WRITING DEADPOOL!!!”"

>click link

>> US No. 5841
I had a good cry last night about some stuff that happened a long time ago. In a nutshell, about a year ago, I had two best friends; my ex girlfriend, and one of our guy friends. We were an absolutely unstoppable trio. All of a sudden, my ex gets it in her head that I still had feelings for her (not true). Her solution? Purposely treat me like shit for three weeks to make me stop. I tried to fix things, and I tried to stay friends with her. My guy friend understood my stance on it... until he and my ex started dating. After that, he took her side, and I lost them both.

I don't care anymore about losing my ex as a friend. She showed herself to be a despicable person. But I miss him. I miss him a lot. Despite everything that happened, I know he wasn't a bad person. He just loves her and would do anything to see her happy... not that she returns the favor. I hate it. It's over now but it still hurts.

It's not like I even want him back as a friend after all of that. To be honest, I think what hit me the hardest was that... thinking about that situation made me realize just how close that came to happening again, with my best friend now. For a similar reason, as well as my own stupidity. He gave me a second chance that I didn't deserve and sometimes I don't feel like I show him how much I appreciate that and how much he means to me. He's really the best friend I could ever ask for and I hate thinking about the fact that I've ever taken that for granted.

You know who you are. I love you. <>
>> No. 5846
I feel totally helpless...
What I've thought I was good at proved me I'm utterly suck at it...
>> AU No. 5847
HILARIOUS day today. Shave for Cure was on, and many of my friends and classmates got their heads shaved/waxed their legs. We raised so much money it was insane!

The one of my friends who was waxing his legs, gave me the idea of putting it on his inner thigh. Let's just say he regrets it now!

1000 word English feature article due tomorrow on Oliver Twist. Did a half-assed draft, have no clue what I'm on about or how to start it. Fantastic start to year 12.
>> CA No. 5854
File 129979121259.png - (149.64KB , 294x299 , 129419072236.png )
>open email
>oh look another email from the college...

>> US No. 5855
File 129979362538.jpg - (16.29KB , 480x358 , 1215485330384.jpg )
>read about governor Tom Corbett's proposed budget cuts
>no taxes on natural gas extraction at all
>huge budget cuts from state education
>state colleges will be losing 50% of their funding
>check my college e-mail, I've already gotten a message stating that our tuition is going to be much, much higher when this new budget goes into effect and we should expect to see cuts in student programs and class availability
>“I see it as a win for the working folk,” said Corbett in his statement.

>> No. 5856
Tell your governor what you think. Get fellow students organized and get a petition going. He sounds like an asshole so you might not get anywhere with it, but you should at least try.
>> US No. 5863
I'm trying to work up the courage to write my first ever adult fanfiction, which is also my first fanfiction in eight years. On the one hand, I'm excited that I'm getting back in 'the game', but on the other hand I'm worried I'll mess up drastically. I think I'm going to try and wing it.

captcha: wasitg Hopefully it won't be!
>> AU No. 5866
just got back from mcdonalds for a late night snack (10pmhere), rambling drunks stumble in behind me and start argueing about whether they shave their nutsacks or not.

not something I want to hear when im about to eat.

In other news; Got away with not handing an assignment in, due to having an anxiety/stress attack last night. Fantastic.

ADVICE PLEASE? We have a mouse or two in the house and normal moustraps, baits and whatnot don't seem to work. THEY'RE ONTO US! I'm now open to suggestions on how to rid the house of them before they eat through my mother's wedding dre- ohwait. too late.
>> GB No. 5867
Don't use poison. They'll die in your walls and between floors, and good luck getting them out without demolishing.

Smear peanut butter on the traps so they can't remove it.

Tidy the fuck up and don't leave -any- food lying around in unsealed containers.

Find and block the holes they've made in your walls.

Buy/borrow a cat.
>> GB No. 5869
I accidentally made my boyfriend cry and I feel like right dickhead. ): I keep trying to be extra nice to him now but it just keeps making him worse.

I am a horrible personnnnn
>> GB No. 5873

I have a big problem with mice myself. I use glue traps and just... Finish them off myself.

With a hammer.
>> US No. 5879
Glue traps are effective but cruel. At least you put them out of their misery instead of letting them starve. I had one mouse caught by one foot. So I took it outside, and using veggie oil and a stick (it was trying to bite me naturally) I got him off unharmed. Then one of my cats ran up and grabbed him *sigh* got him away from the cat and released him outside. But anyway, back on topic, you may need to try a few different types of traps, depending on how smart the mice are.

I'm sure if you apologize and give him some space for a bit, he'll come around. Good luck!
>> AU No. 5890
Ohgod we used poison baits last time and it was hell getting them out from where they've died. Stunk like crazy :I

We haven't tried peanut butter yet, thus far we've been using honey/jam/etc. Thanks a bunch!

I have a feeling it's the chicken feed we keep near the backdoor that attracts them. I'll have a talk to my parents about where else we could keep it.

In other news; I went to IKEA today. I saw the cutest little nightlights that were shaped like pandas, but cause I'm saving right now I just had to resist buying them. -sniff- Ended up getting a new closet and a new mattress. Best few nights are ahead of me as soon as the mattress starts to smell normal.
>> PL No. 5894
Does anyone know any good survey site? I've been searching for a while, and most of them had stupid limitations or didn't accept paypal if you wanted to subscribe for a month. I need one with mixed types of questions, allowing more than 10-20 of them, with at least two weeks of hosting time and they should allow around 150 replies. I'm sure that some of you have experience in creating virtual surveys, and it'd help me a lot and I'll be grateful if you could share a good site for that.
>> DE No. 5895
I´m ill. Fuck. One week before the big event of the Leipziger Buchmesse i come down with a flu. My lungs are killing me and last night i had a nice rollercoaster drive between fever and freezing my butt of in the bed. I just want to bathe and not to lay the rest of the day useless in my bed and sleep/vegetate.
>> US No. 5898
File 129994968675.png - (18.58KB , 125x125 , a0bOe.png )
so last night my house almost burned down, that was fun

everybody's fine and the fire got put out before it spread from the garage to the house (although it was touch and go for a while with the roof on fire and a stiff breeze and IT TOOK THE FIRE TRUCKS SO LONG TO FIND US, WE LIVE THREE BLOCKS AWAY ON THE SAME STREET HOW COULD IT TAKE SO LONG)

the fire marshall poked around for like an hour and literally could not figure out what caused it at all

i fear the touch of chaos now
terrible things can happen at any moment
for literally no reason
>> US No. 5899
So apparently I have nothing better to do on a Friday night than watch the Sailor Moon musicals.

On the plus side, time to do a quickie cake for boyfriend's birthday party at a Niftie Fifties tonight.
>> DE No. 5901
File 12999814532.jpg - (14.03KB , 150x155 , Happy Heavy.jpg )

>> US No. 5902
File 129998311318.jpg - (27.55KB , 600x344 , 346740.jpg )
DevArt never ceases to amaze me with its idiocy.
I am fucking sick and tired of those goddamn photos of food with the dumb ass faces drawn on them being popular.
Anyone can do that. Anyone can fucking do that.
Shit, I can walk into my kitchen right now, take a picture of some candy, rape with effects in photoshop/draw some animu faces on it and post that shit on DevArt and it would garner a trillion faves.

DevArt users are fucking idiots. Easily entertained idiots.

Also, this insincere "pray for Japan" crap is starting to bug me too.
It's terrible what happened. It seriously is.
But just the thought that people only care because its Japan, fucking Jesus, really? Really?

Personally? I don't care very much.
I feel bad for them, but otherwise, I don't care.
I'm not pissing my day away, praying for 'em.
I don't know anyone in Japan. I have no ties to Japan.
So then, I don't really care. Plain and simple.

Still, I hope stuff works out, but at the same time, I'm not really letting it bother me.
I'm just going to keep on watching King of the Hill, playing Pokemon, and enjoying my weekend.

capcha: quakan
I read it as "quake". Wut.
>> AU No. 5905
File 129998945389.jpg - (433.67KB , 904x3112 , this is why the fallout is heading straight for th.jpg )
want a counter to "pray for japan"?

here you go
>> CA No. 5906
File 129998959985.jpg - (32.29KB , 443x356 , untitled-1.jpg )
Just wanna say: I love you guys.
>> CA No. 5917
File 129999432619.jpg - (76.50KB , 428x276 , insectosaurus.jpg )
Gahrg! Why does my day suck today?!?! I'm so bloody angry!!

Not all candy and wine in the world can subdue and numb me!!
>> CA No. 5919
: I'm annoyed about the influx of "pray for Japan" art. It's 99% anime and none of the people drawing it gave a shit when Haiti happened, but now that something happened in the land of animus it's suddenly important.

I'm worried about my friend who's over there right now back packing, I'm sad that this shit happens, but seriously, even if they do give a shit, instead of spending an hour drawing a picture telling people to pray, draw a picture asking people to give to redcross and post it around the city. Instead of sitting at your tablet and drawing anime to make yourself feel better.
>> DE No. 5920
America threw two atom bombs on Japan. Any questions?
>> US No. 5922
File 130000715261.jpg - (62.73KB , 864x664 , spider-with-cicada-2-large.jpg )
I don't feel like I belong in my own skin anymore.
While I am not middle aged, I am wondering if this is what midlife crisis feels like...
>> CA No. 5923
how do you know if you're depressed?
>> GB No. 5924
If you feel like shit, like hurting yourself, if you can't sleep or feel like only sleeping, if you feel like no-one gives a shit even if you know some people do, then those can be signs of depression. You get a checklist when you go to the doctor's here and you've been feeling like shit with anxiety or w/e and you mark yourself off on the depression checklist, fun~

We bombed the fuck out of you, and you bombed the fuck out of us. Are we both gonna get some divine retribution? imho for both of us that would be a massive wheat crop fail. NO BREADS AND BEERS!

unrelated to the above two things
NYC was awesome, but I wanna stay with my gf longer :< it will be ages until we can be together again. Also I really shouldn't have had that burger at chillis in the airport. It was the shittest thing ever. I will never again eat an un-recommended burger in the US ever again. I'll just stick with eating fruit, muffins and sushi~

also I have pokemon white now hit me up in chat for frand code
>> US No. 5929
Can I just have a hissy fit like a four year old now please?

I was supposed to go see my girlfriend today, but she texted me 20 minutes before I was walking out the door that her grandma already had plans for them today. She just dropped the ball and forgot to mention that I was coming over til this morning, so she didn't know. It was a mistake and I'm not angry at anyone and she's really sorry. I mostly just feel bad that she's upset with herself over it. She's too sweet for that.

But I'm just sitting here trying not to cry and it's like, why? What the fuck am I so emotional about? I'll see her next weekend. I guess it's just the fact that I was really looking forward to hugging her today and I only ever get to see her on weekends. It's already been two weeks since I've seen her and I didn't really want to make it three. I guess that sounds silly since most couples would probably be fine with that, but I don't know. We're such social creatures that we're used to seeing friends and such way more often.

Then of course, my mom had to come in and voice her opinion that "oh, well maybe she just doesn't want to see you." Thanks mom. She always assumes the worst of every girl I've ever dated, and she always assumed the best of every guy I've been with. I was the bad guy for breaking up with a boy, despite having good reasons, but when a day of plans falls through with a girl, it can't just be a mistake. It has to be that she's some coldhearted bitch that's leading me on. Right.

I really wish my mom would just come out and say that she's a homophobe. This whole waving her rainbow flag around for buttpats and then calling someone a faggot in front of me is getting to be too much.

And now my parents are fighting in the kitchen once again. What a fabulous day.

Bluh. I think maybe I'll work out. On the bright side, I rearranged the furniture in my room last night so I have floor space to dance again.

Sorry for the whiny rant. Just gotta get it out of my system sometimes, you know?
>> US No. 5930
File 13000473549.jpg - (21.09KB , 571x320 , huh.jpg )
I know I don't always get along with my uncle.
He's kinda a butt face and all kinds of intimidating.
But today while we were talking about insurance and important stuff, he said this to me:

"And your mom has really fucked up all her life, so then we've had to take you in ourselves. You know what, we think of you like our daughter. You've been with us forever now, and I wouldnt change that."

Things like that make me remember why he's actually not as big a jerk as I think he is sometimes. I'm touched, totally touched.

>mfw he said that

I guess it always just means more when he says stuff like that because he almost never does.

Anyways, feeling pretty good!
My friend comes home from Conneticut today.
I went out for breakfast this morning, ate really well.
I had bacon, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, grits, I had a bit of everything we ordered. It rocked.
I also got into contact with an old friend! It feels good to reconnect.

My friend and I will be driving up there for the festivities, it's going to be so awesome, I can feel this.
Speaking of conventions and such, funds for my next cosplay are coming along very well.
I'll have it completed as planned by Fanime for certain.

And I passed my history mid-terms!

God, everything is goingso right lately, I love it!
>> US No. 5935
File 130005934767.jpg - (276.26KB , 1000x370 , bits.jpg )
I am proud of these things I made. They are for one of my costumes and are made of urethane resin.
>> US No. 5936
File 130006132840.jpg - (507.49KB , 600x800 , beaman1-front.jpg )
can I just say I am really, really, really but REALLY excited by all the notes on my tumblorb posts for my new shop? Because I am, I'm actually kind of touched. I haven't actually made a regular sale yet, but it's only been a couple days, right?

And no, I never get tired of the BE A MAN print. Ever.
>> DE No. 5939
File 130008349013.jpg - (28.82KB , 273x241 , Angry chicken.jpg )

>> AU No. 5942
So, last night at about 10-11pm, I realised that 'Shit, tomorrow's Monday, and I have an assignment to hand in late tomorrow morning'. Knowing this, I valiantly dashed to the good computer and typed up about 1,079 words of pure bull. This morning I went to the teacher's staffroom, told them to put it on my English teacher's desk, and ran. I'm such a coward. :)

I think my sculpture for art is probably going to die a horrible death. Not only will it be picked on for being ungodly ugly, not even its parent loves it. Sorry, mate.

Block exams next week. I'm scared for two reasons:
1) Chemistry is probably going to kick my ass and if I fail I get kicked out of the class
2)I didn't even know they were on until this afternoon.

Good news: School's proposing a ski trip to New Zealand.
Bad news: The price (we all still have to pay for formal/jerseys/et cetera) and my parents are worried because of that earthquake. I can see their reasoning, but I guess it'll just have to wait a bit.
>> US No. 5946
The town I stayed in when I went to Japan doesn't exist anymore. I can't get in contact with my former host family. It's gone, they're gone, it's all just gone.

There is nothing in the world that can make this better.
>> US No. 5947
I've got a massive craving for pineapple cheesecake. Where the hell did this come from?

Captcha: tequul. No, silly chan, I want cheesecake, not tequila.
>> US No. 5949
File 130014198969.png - (8.17KB , 493x402 , 1299981037120.png )


>> US No. 5952
I'm starting to think I have some sort of social anxiety. Suddenly I have a fuckton of plans, but all I can do is FREAK OUT ABOUT THEM. I have an ice cream party on Saturday, a date with my girl on Sunday (hopefully), and my local best friend wands to go shopping on Friday. I'm really almost hoping my parents say no to one of the things because I think it's too much for me to handle but I can't pick or bail on all of them and aslfduhog I'm freaking out.

It'd be fine if the events were more spaced out, but three days in a row is just... I need my space and I'm kind of hyperventilating just thinking about it.
>> US No. 5954
I'd tell your friend on friday that something came up and you'd have to do it another time. that clears it up a bit.
>> AU No. 5955
File 130015468027.jpg - (63.99KB , 430x430 , il_430xN_31064467.jpg )
There is nothing, I think, quite so good for the soul as a camped-up, over-the-top bitchfight for lulzy purposes, where you can use all your favourite insults with no fear that the other party will take anything seriously.

Thank you, Turret, you dongholster.
>> US No. 5956
How is it that every time I enter a new relationship, I find myself (naturally) becoming Suzy Homemaker, cooking and cleaning and washing dishes while the boyfriend plays video games. I'm not complaining; I just find it weird that it seems to just kind of happen naturally.
>> AU No. 5964
You suck, life.

I finally find a guy who /MIGHT/ be interested in me, who shares interests with me, and is a general awesome person, and I find out that he's dating some chick. Fan-freaking-tastic. At least before I had a SMIDGET of a chance...
>> US No. 5971
File 130017083331.gif - (272.95KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lhpcthtCxK1qfy2kdo1_500.gif )
>Internet goes out in the middle of a TF2 match
>Power goes out
>Get on my phone, tell Skype friends the situation
>Close Skype friend asks me how I am, offers to call me
>Tell him I can't accept calls on Skype since my wi-fi is down
>"No, it's alright. I'll call you on your phone-phone."

So he calls me on his phone and we talk for quite a bit. He starts watching Reservoir Dogs and goes on to tell me what's happening, taking the time to ask me how I am every now and then since I told him I was on the watch for chupacabras.
I'm not used to guys going out of their way for me, let alone be this sweet. I think I may have the start of a tiny crush on him. Oh dear.
>> US No. 5979
File 13002160236.jpg - (31.35KB , 600x338 , 442601.jpg )
Oh okay, so your boyfriend can make opinions, but when I say something that contradicts what he had to say, I'm a bitch and need to shut up.

Yeah, fuck you.
>> US No. 5982
I do the same thing, maybe it's just some normal response? I don't mind it either. I actually enjoy tidying up when he comes over.
>> GB No. 5984
You guys might remember me fawning over a guy on the facebook roleplay before? Still in love with him, yep, got pictures of him today. He's goddamned gorgeous, living embodiment of my type and everything.
And he has a fucking girlfriend.

This always happens.
>> US No. 5987
I wouldn't go so far as to say you have social anxiety, it sounds like you're just overwhelmed.

In other news, I'm bone tired from what little working out I did. Don't get me wrong, I've been working out for a few weeks now but today is just not a good day for my body it seems.
>> US No. 5991
File 130024488766.jpg - (43.53KB , 1024x576 , uh huh.jpg )
So I went to the ER today.
That was splendid.
>> AU No. 5997
Dearest Postal Service, Please hurry up. You suck balls enough, don't make me come down there and kick your ass.

In other news; Took a day off school to relax for once before block exams and incidentally made a chocolate volcano that will probably never come off of the pan. :)
>> AU No. 6002
i'm still waiting on somethng i bought in DECEMBER.

though, its not the postal system's fault. its my lazybutt girlfriend's for holding onto it until a week ago.

pretty fucking psyched since it contains the new centerpiece of my toy collection
>> GB No. 6010
Jeez, Anon. I'm so sorry to hear that :[
there's no chance they could have gotten out?
>> US No. 6013
He sounds really sweet.
No Chupacabras came at you, right?
I kid, but still like I said they sound like a sweetie pie.
>> DE No. 6015
Okay it´s official. I´m not gonna make it to the convention. Or will i? I just feel GOOD now. I mean okay i was out, did sweat a bit by walking, let my hair get cut (everytime happy time). And maybe i´m a bit full of these fancy things they call antibiotics today, but seriously i can totally go as engie to the convention even if i cough my lungs out and have nosebleeding like every 3 hours, can i?
I mean until Saturday i will have used up all my meds, but i´m sure i will not lay AGAIN with 39° something Celsius and the weird delirius thought in my bed than.
Damn it i wanted to go so badly S:
I´m so sad and upset about this, right now and i want to BLAME SOMEONE for this just that i can SCREAM at him and KICK HIM and hurt him SERIOUSLY.
>> CA No. 6019
I'm both excited and terrified. On Friday I spend the day doing comic books as literature presentations for 3 high school LA classes. I'm glad the teachers put a graphic novel in the curriculum, since it helps people learn that the medium isn't just super heroes and manga. I'm scared as fuck too, anxiety and a room full of people, why did I sign up for this?
>> AU No. 6022
File 130032610789.jpg - (55.12KB , 633x503 , Fuck-Yeah.jpg )
>Just had yogurt and coffee for lunch
>"I guess I'd better do the dishes then"
>Discover dad's been piling up the dishes without rinsing them
>Smell is so terrible that I quickly remove the dishes from one of the sinks in order to vomit
>mfw my lunch looks the same coming out as it did going in
>> US No. 6029
It feels like they aren't around, it gets antagonizing to the point of resentment at myself for feeling that way in the first place. But when we do finally get a chance to sit down and talk, I'll smile a mile wide and feel like I'd go through that hell all over again just to have another moment like that.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me. You'd think I would have learned by now that this only ends in heartbreak, even though I understand that they won't feel the same way as I do of them, not now, and not likely ever. Yet I can't help myself from wishing, or hoping that they'll always be there.

Maybe I'll be lucky and these feelings will quickly die and I can sell my heart for ice cream like I did my soul.
>> US No. 6032
File 13003460745.jpg - (31.46KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lhamt3kA951qhy0hno1_500.jpg )
are you me, anon?
let's hug it all out.
>> US No. 6034
File 13003479333.png - (52.18KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lhxt67x4N61qapm4no1_500.png )
He is a total and complete sweetheart, though he doesn't like to show it. But hey! I was safe from the chupacabras.

In other news, my mom wants to sit in with a session between my therapist and I. She claims that the only way she can help "fix me" is if she knows what's causing my anxiety.
How the hell am I supposed to tell her that she's the cause?
>> AU No. 6035
Went to the post office today, found out my package arrived but no-one told me. :/

Made an unauthorized pizza out of a deep-fried tortilla, tons of cheese, bacon and pineapple. Put in an oven for 5 minutes and bam. A food that is so delicious it will KICK YOUR ASS 10 MINS AFTER EATING IT. I feel SOOOO bad right now. Ah well, extra half-hour of pay for me.

Not sure if I still want to like this guy. He doesn't act like he has a girlfriend, but apparently he does, and I don't want to be the girl to ruin that, so I'm just staying away. Far, far away.

Best news ever: Formal dress is being made! 100 bucks for handmade work, it shall be beautiful! And ready in 4 months. Fun. Good thing Formal's not until November.
>> US No. 6036
FUCK YEAH for actually being Irish on St. Patty's Day.

Captcha: piquix. That's the first time I've ever seen a captcha follow the q-u rule. Is it wierd that this amuses me?
>> US No. 6038
I hate mental hospitals. Hate how they look (prison-like), how they smell (piss, thorazine and fear). I'm always afraid that when I go in, someone's gonna say "Hey, what're YOU doing out unsupervised" and lock me up. But I went yesterday, went earlier today, and I'm going back tomorrow. With any luck, my pal will be released then, and that will be the last moment either of us spends in a psych ward for a while.

Yes, this is coming from the same guy who's writing The Kiss. Mental health is a big concern of mine.
>> US No. 6051
I wish next weekend would get here already. At least I would be done with both my papers, finally caught up with work, and I'll be meeting my boyfriend's parents as well as celebrating his birthday. Uuuugh next week get here already!!!
>> US No. 6053
Holy shit! Something I suggested to a (semi) celebrity became a reality! I feel fucking awesome! (By the way it's this shirt http://thinkgeek.com/e798 which I suggested at Wootstock 2.5.1 after the show at the meet and greet bit.) My friend is saying I should at least get a free t-shirt out of it, haha! It's pretty awesome anyway!

This just kind of tops out a week full of ups and downs, but generally pretty good, and tomorrow the bf and I are going to Red Lobster because we have a coupon. Cheddar biscuits!
>> US No. 6054
I made pancakes from scratch following a recipe I found online. I'm gonna eat them tomorrow, but I tasted them, and they turned out great...considering I've only cooked like 2 times prior to this in my life. This is something I did on a whim, and my family isn't even home. I'm really proud of myself right now.
>> US No. 6055
File 130043248039.gif - (5.52KB , 381x178 , 1300250962530.gif )
I fought tooth and nail to get approved to register for the Molecular Bio summer session. I went through the department and the professor to get permission, and both of them approved me with flying colors.

So what happens the moment I go on to actually register for the class? It's full with no option to be waitlisted.

I can't fucking believe this bureaucratic bullshit. It's always the fucking paperwork that holds me back, or glitches in the computer system that have to be fixed by paperwork.

I'm so close just to saying "fuck it" to this school and dropping out. I can't stand this shit anymore. I shoot for the stars, but apparently, I have to sign a million forms to be approved to even start going up. Cannot believe this shit.
>> CA No. 6056
Fuck you disability. I'm going to own you for life and you're gonna like it. I'm gonna embrace what you've made me and never look back. I'm not going to give a shit if anyone thinks I'm the way I am for any other reason because they don't understand what I deal with every day.

Capper pride all the way from now on.
>> US No. 6058
File 130044521997.png - (84.11KB , 640x360 , (n1299749624839).png )
Right from the beginning I've told you that I refuse to candy-coat shit. Granted I'm an optimist and I always give people the benefit of the doubt, but when shit won't work out, it just won't work out and I'll be the first to tell you that. You've also asked me to let you know when something is bothering me so I don't carry any unnecessary drama against you silently.
As of late you've been sort of pushing aside some of us for the other group, but you return whenever you have something to complain about them. This has always been going on for a while now and I have taken it in stride, but do try not to bite off my head when I point it out yeah?
I consider you a close friend and I treat you as such, I just sometimes doubt if the feeling is mutual. When the group was falling apart, I took to picking up the pieces by myself and looked to you for help and support, but instead I just got lip service. I've gone out of my way to make you feel included, but have you ever done the same for me? And when I finally left the group, did you really care that I was no longer a part of it? Or did you just see it as a chance to get closer to him without me butting in with my irrelevant movie talk? I mean, now that you guys were free to dominate the call with LoL and WoW talk, you really had no need for me to be in there anymore did you?
I'll continue to be here to help you out, hell, I'm still there for the group that has deserted me. Just try to remember every now and then who gave a fuck and who did their best to help when no one in the other group would.

But whatever, I'm just venting. I'm gonna shrug all this off and go over to my bestie's house and watch The Room. Today's gonna be awesome.
>> DE No. 6059

I applaud to you, guys! Don't let yourself get dragged down. You can rock it.

Regarding my feelings, my internet is getting on my nerves so much. It's getting uberslow at random and sometimes even dies for quite a while. Another reason why I have to move out as soon as possible.

And Shu Takumi did it again - I still get tearyeyed whenever I think back to Ghost Trick. Sniffle.
There'd better be some fandom for this game or I will slap some shit!
>> AU No. 6074
File 130046228980.png - (63.02KB , 262x266 , WhathavetheRomanseverdoneforus.png )



I can't wait to move out, move far away, change my name and never speak to this asshole again.
>> AU No. 6075
Sorry about all those caps, by the way. I'll just uh... I'll just go.
>> US No. 6077
Break a leg with the job, Sparky! Save yourself some money and move far, far away. Bake a nice big batch of Ex-Lax brownies and leave 'em on the counter before you up sticks.
>> US No. 6082
File 13004948325.gif - (491.70KB , 226x200 , tumblr_lhzf7iKc0I1qam6m7.gif )
So I eventually got the class because the professor is totally awesome.

And then I signed up for my education class that I was bitching about before.

And then one of my straight friends is suddenly bi-curious and wants to experiment.

And then today was a good day Ợ̦̝̬̠͉̝͔͖͕̣̹̖̝̏͒̎́ͦ̕P̶̶̨̛̱̮͚̫̥̗̼̪̗̬̣͗ͣ́̋͐̉̍̚͞ͅE͚͍͚͓̼͐͑̃̉̍̅̏̑ͣͭͣ̀͟͝N̋̑̅ͧͮͬ̃ͩ̌
ͮ̎͊̈́̔̃̉̓ͫ̀͡͡҉͖͇̼̹̼͉̖̦͙̭̣̦̲͖̜̹ ̧̬̪͚̮̲̯͇̪̙͔̮̰͔̜̟̥̟ͭͥ͂͊͋̅̅̀ͬͭ̾̊̌ͨ̏̚͢M̸̾́ͯͪ҉̳̩̳̲̟͔̥̙͖̞̲̖͉̼̦͓̩̟́ͅË͙͙̻̭̩̞̤̩̬͈̱̜Ì
Í‹Ì‚̋ͮ̌̎̎͛̊̋̔̀͡͠ ̸͕̝͇̯͈͙͙͍̩̗ͣͪ̈ͥ̈́̉ͥͪ̚ͅO̵̩͇̥̬̯̯̼̗͉̗͇̯̟̳͌̃̇̆̇̋̃ͦ̀ͩͮ̉͜͝ͅP̸̹͉̭̖͈͕̏͆ͦ̅͌̒͠E̷̤͍̯̘̼̞Í
“̮̮̞̝̎̋̌̓ͯͤ̏̓̔̽̆ͦ͛̾̇̃̍ͭ̚͞Ņ̴̵̫͖̬̟̬͉̰̻̠͇̞͕̄̊͑̐ͨͣ̋ͬ̂͒͢ ̵̵̙̱͇͓̗͙̯͚̩̪̝̲̩͓́͒ͯͥ̎̍̑ͯ̿̿͋̎̏͊ͨͥ̒ͪ͜M̶̵̵̫̩͎̞̙ͨ̐̊͌̓̐͌̆̑͂̍̆͆̈́̊̓͟Ẻ̴͓̙͈̤̠̲̭̿̌ͪͭ
̊̀́̕͜ ͍̙̞̤ͨͥ́ͮͦͨ̒ͮ́ͩ͌̓̈̐̆ͮ̈͢O̡̊ͫ͐̍̋̏ͣ̋̆ͭ̎̿͋̂̈ͮ͏̢̻͕̟͕̫͈̩̟͎̖͔̻̯̕ͅP̡ͣ̍͗͂̏͂̆̔̾̊҉̼̝̟̬̪̳
̙̰̯̺͔͙̱̤͎̫̮͝Ȩ̶̛͙̤̤̼̩̩͚̪̜͉̻ͣ͊ͧ͋̿͌́̓̿͘ͅͅN͓͈͙̙͈̻͓͖̩̯̆̎ͭ͌̐ͥ̇̔͟͢ ̸̴̧͇̤͔͕̟̥̙̙̝̺̞̝̯̟̞̪̼͕̋͌̒͐ͫ̀ͬ̈͠ͅM̵̡͚̻̭͕̪̫͚͉̤͉̹̞̰̤̺̟̪ͦ̽̒ͫ̽̍ͣͯ̒͠͠E͂͆̀͗̽́͜͡͏͕̻̺̘
̤̤̪̯̤̯ ̶̸̡͈̟͈ͧͭ̍ͪ̐ͯ̾ͫ́Ờ̤̺͉̜̯̠͚̰̖͚͔͍̗͈͕͇ͪ̊ͫ͂̀̆ͮ͢͢͢P̔̿̑̈̓̎̏̒͋̃̽ͦ̆̈ͥ̍͛̚͟͏̵̙͔̩̫̟̘̯̳̻̬͈
͎͚E̶̩̱̯̹̩͎͚̳̩͚̲ͦ̔͂̐ͤ̽͂ͮ̓ͥ̆͢͜N͐̈̃̊̓ͨ̓ͧ̾҉̛͇̪̝̫̗͍̞̣͚̯͕̘̼͕̠ͅ ̡͈̪̠̮̓̍ͤͫͩ̑̌ͮ͛̔̌ͫ͛̀͢͜M͚̯̹̗̪̺̯͚͕̘͉͗̎ͤ̒̓̔͘͡E̴͐͆̍̅ͥ̋̀ͣ̇̚҉́͢͏̞̮̼ͅ ̷ͪ̉̆̒̅̒̐͋̇͂̈́͏̡̘͈̠̣̝̣̗͎͖̻̙̖̜͍̠̻̹O̻̬̘̭̪̥̻̪̥̼͎̣͛̽ͤ̈́͂͌ͩ́͘͡ͅP̷͎̩̪̥͓̝͎̮͙̻̗̱͕͖̩̾ͪ
͑ͩ̈́͛ͣ͌͛͊̚É̷̛̗̺̫̦̟̝̖̠̺̫̦̤͓̗̤̇ͤͮ̉̽̀ͫ͘͟͞N̸̛̰̭̪̲̮̱̯̺̪̻̙̠͚̭̝͎̾̉̈́̄͂ͩ̒ͨ̆̿̒͂͗ͮ̀͠ ̢̟̥̞͎̥̹͈̞̘͚̞̠̗̹͈͈̹̮ͦͭ̐ͨͪͦ̊ͥ͌̾ͭ̌̚͜͝ͅM̷̰̭̞͎̺͎̘͓̩̰̮͈̗͓̼̥̉̈́̔ͧ̓͠ͅEͬ͆ͣ̀̽҉̡̺̟̗̱̤̤̯
̟̹ ̴̧͖̞̻̤̣̻̬̝̘͇͖͈͕̮̩̒̌͗̀ͯ̉ͦ̐͗͒͛̉̎ͫͩ͗͞ͅÖ̼͙̹̼̫̹͍̦̺̖̝̟̦͚̀̓̓̂͐͐ͬ̚͢P̷̷̷̢̧͇̳̬̠̫̫͍͋̇ͣÍ
ŠÌ†Ì…͑͗Ȩ̵̷̧̼̗͇̤̞͖͔̰̱̺̰̤͈ͯ͐͗̎͋̈͐̿̂̓ͧ͊͑̓́Ņ̴̭̖͎̮̗͕͔̝͎̝͓̻͚͍͕̦̺̩̏̈̾͊ ̦͎̥͇̠̯̩̟̳̗͎̮͖̩̜̬̘̹́́͋͂̾͗̍ͪͫ̏ͮ͡͝M̛̦͚̻͇̣͈̙̝̣͈͎̤͌ͮ̃ͭ̈́͂̈́ͣ̔ͧ͂̀͛̀̇̊ͫ͘͢ͅE̵̢͙͖̩̜̰͍
̳̰̖̒ͦ͐ͬ͗̓̋̂͋̒̌͋ͫ̀̀̚ ̶̝̫̮̲̙̾ͧ̍̎̄ͮ̌ͤͦ̎͒̄ͤͪ̏̉̍̾̏́́O̧͛ͤͫ̌̀̃͗̓͌͏͏҉̹̹͔̭̩̩̘̭̞̹̪̯̣͖͕ͅP̵̮̮͕͈̤͖͕̺̗͔̲̠̀ͫ̏̐̐
̽ͬ͛̋ͨ̆͑̓ͤͬ̀͡͞E̵̒͒̒͗̂ͫ͐҉͏͜͏̬͙̻̻͎͍̩͎̣̙̦̲͔͖̼͓N̼͉̳̺̰̤̦͋̓̿ͯ̅ͫͭ̒ͨͧͤͫ͆̂̏̔ͪͦ́͘͟͟ ̨͍̠͕͓̝̲̣͖̹ͫͤ͐ͤ̂̏́̄͡M̸̧̹̮͉̗̬͔̞̮̤̳̹̩͙̂̾͋̾͗̓ͤͅÊ̵̖͙̝̣̺̎ͪͭ̊͐̆͂͂͐ͫ̀ͨ̀
>> US No. 6085
File 13004959721.jpg - (92.35KB , 680x567 , paper wasp queen and nest with eggs 1.jpg )
Paper wasps building a nest....in my mailbox.

What the fuck?
>> AU No. 6087
Strange, strange feeling of contentness mixed with mild panic.

I love Saturdays where I can wear my favourite jumper and sit in an insanely warm room even though it's -freeze-your-ass-off-cold outside.

Should probably be sewing a costume. I'll get to it.
>> No. 6097
More rejections concerning appartments. On top of that, I can't look for new ones this week because my mom is busy with my brother's move. Well, awesome.

... At least he will be gone then. FINALLY.
>> DE No. 6098
More rejections concerning appartments. On top of that, I can't look for new ones this week because my mom is busy with my brother's move. Well, awesome.

... At least he will be gone then. FINALLY.
>> GB No. 6120

jesus christ, boyfriend, I'm open about shit and all, but it would really not hurt you to shut the fuck up about the boys you want to bone for once
>> US No. 6125
File 130057993830.png - (96.79KB , 480x640 , Force U MAD.png )
So friend challenges me to a Pokemon battle.
I beat her, she asks for a rematch, I beat her again.

>My party has a crippling weakness to fighting and bug types.
>So then, I rely on speed and unadulterated strength to win my fights.
I even said "why don't you use all six slots?".
"Five is all I need" she replies.

She asks for another rematch, then gets pissed when my Gallade one-hit KO's three of her pokes and rage quits the battle.
So then she went off and started sulking.

I'm like "what's up?" and I'm trying to make her feel better. Or something.
But she was just being difficult so I was like "fine then, whatever".
So here I am, sitting alone in my room.
I don't know, but this entre situation is pretty annoying.
She says she's not a sore loser, but she's just as bad as I am.
>> US No. 6130
Best. Day. Ever.

>cuddles with Scoutpapa
>serious discussion with no breakdowns on either end
>beat Scoutpapa at DBZ Budokai for once
>wrote a black metal song about pudding and mashed potatoes
>epically huge slice of pizza for dinner
>nom'd peach rings as a snack

And tomorrow, I wanna do it all over again.
>> CA No. 6146
File 130061615532.jpg - (15.33KB , 269x300 , Batchin.jpg )
PO'ed!! Addicted to whatever they put in diet pepsi, so always drinking it. Gives me the bloody shakes in the morning, so uber clumsy when just getting up. Spilled full glass on new laptop, almost falling down flight of stairs... Busted forever.
Warrenty on laptop does not cover accidental exposure to liquids, so wallet will suffer critical damage soon from getting a replacement...

Pic related. Batchin makes day bearable.
>> US No. 6148
File 130062188734.gif - (886.46KB , 318x238 , yesyesyes.gif )
>Go to friend's house for a SUPER MILKSHAKE PARTY
>"You have Pokemon White? LET'S TRADE FRIEND CODES"
>Cue three other people pulling out their DS's and exchanging friend codes
>Friends know I've been feeling down, getting hugs every minute or so
>"I have a good idea."
>We all watch The Room again
>General hangage, broage, and good times commence
>Come home, play Pokemon, GET A FUCKING RUFFLET.

Today was AWESOME. Really, it's just what the doctor ordered.
The friend I mentioned a while back is still mad at me and isn't talking to me, but whatever. The shit with the other group has worked oh so well for him, I hope it continues to do so.
For now, I'll end this awesome day with some Anchorman and Minecraft. Righteous.
>> US No. 6149
Best friend just went into labor. Holyfuckholyfuckholyfuck.
>> GB No. 6155
So apparently a stress-induced stomach condition that I've had for YEARS is now suddenly meaningless to my parents and brother. They told me to 'just work through it'.

I was fully prepared to 'just work through it' after two 5 minute breaks - I can't run around carrying heavy pots and delicate glasses if a intestinal spasm might make me drop what I'm holding. But no, apparently that isn't good enough. Apparently if I don't have a full-blown attack that means I have to lay down for an hour afterwards, if I just take TWO FIVE MINUTE BREAKS, I'm a liar and I don't deserve to do what I do.

I need to get out of here.
>> US No. 6159
Unfortunately some people just don't understand what doesn't directly affect them. Ironic that they're giving you stress for a stress-induced condition.
>> US No. 6163
Crap on 'em, Exi, show 'em what-for.

I know bupkis about humans, and less still about pokemons, but among dogs, it is considered polite to throw a match of tag or tug-of-war every once in a while to keep the peace.
>> CA No. 6169
File 130067058979.jpg - (49.16KB , 600x800 , wat.jpg )
The Bf and I hit the toy and collectable show. I came away with 3 rather rare My Little Ponies including an Italian Variant Bubbles. James got his photo taken with LaVar Burton and got a signed head shot. I spent some time hanging out with my Open Door friends at the booth. I'm going to be in the booth at Calgary so I'm spending until then putting together product and registering my studio for tax deductions.

Best part for me was meeting Ron Wagner and having him look at my sketch book. I didn't have any full pages but he said I had a good chance based on my anatomy and design even without seeing my story telling ability. I'm so psyched now. Gonna go draw.
>> US No. 6179
I has a surprisingly amazing weekend. My boyfriend and his housemates (also good friends of mine) took me to Denny's for all-you-can-eat $4 pancakes (which was almost not worth it but any time spent with friends and people I love is automatically worth it). I ended up spending the entire weekend at his place, and on Saturday we ended up watching Taxi Driver in a theater downtown at the last minute. I also had the best orgasm of my entire life this weekend. Now I'm just trying to work through doing work and dealing with school so next weekend can get here. He's taking me to his hometown to meet his parents and his friends and to show me where he grew up. I can't wait!

On a semi-related note, I talked to my mom earlier today and she expressed a brief concern about my boyfriend being 5 years older than me. I told her that I already talked to him about it re: my own concerns about it and he reassured me that we're both in the "We've got several more years of living to do before we even think about settling down and having kids" phase of our lives. She then said, "Good, because you know accidents happen and I want to make sure you two are prepared..."

I...I think my mom figured out I'm not a virgin anymore.
>> DE No. 6194
Guess who pulled the cable of the router yesterday evening because she thought I shouldn't be online when we have stuff to do on Monday? That's right, my mom.
Something just doesn't want me to play tabletoppan, does it. I need to reschedule a new day as soon as possible because JESUS CHRIST I WANT TO PLAY

In other news, today we will start learning about audio stuff in school! So looking forward to it. If it wasn't for the goddamn train rides I would be completely happy. Gotta distract myself from the fact that I've only gotten rejections on apartments so far.

Your parents don't deserve you. Plain and simple.

OH GOD LEVAR BURTON I just nerdgasmed, sorry.
>> US No. 6200
It's supposed to be spring, why is there 8 inches of snow on the ground?!
>> AU No. 6215
Other than being completely over the whole Casey bullying thing that's been running over the news for the past few nights, I feel pretty bad right now.

Found out that I most likely failed my Ancient History exam, not looking good for all my other subjects either.

I just don't care anymore. Not at all. Not for school, work, or even things that used to be fun. And I can't get away from it, either. If I leave it alone to try and relax and clear my head it'll just pile up and swamp me down again.

I just feel like I'm going nowhere in life, and it's probably my fault. I'm probably getting fired in the next few weeks cause of a new store opening down the road that'll take all our customers, and at my age I'm just too old to hire at most stores. Fun.

Summary: I'm apathetic about school (hence the failing) and gunna be fired cause of my age.
What do?
>> US No. 6218
File 130080768831.jpg - (21.33KB , 490x440 , 1276566353903.jpg )

When I tell you to stop touching me, I mean it. It's not some secret backwards code that actually means SHOVE YOUR HAND DEEPER INTO MY PANTS.

When I say I don't want to kiss you, I'm not playing hard to get, I FUCKING MEAN IT. And it certainly doesn't mean that I want you to grab me and refuse to let me go until I comply.

Why are you constantly texting me and calling me? Why do you want to know where I am all the time? Why do you get offended and so fucking ANGRY when I don't respond? Why are you following me around everywhere? WE'RE NOT DATING. WE'RE NOT EVEN FRIENDS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

WHY DO THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE ALWAYS FIND ME. I wish I could just stop being nice to everyone I meet, if I wasn't afraid to be rude and stand up for myself I wouldn't have these problems alkjsdfasdf.
>> PL No. 6219
Ok, so there was this one thing that kept me worried for the past few months, right? Turns out that I should've talked with this prof earlier (they were awesome, kept telling me that there's always a solution, that I shouldn't worry so much and we'll figure something out), and it'd have been better. I won't get an A from this one, but at least I'll make it. Fucking anxiety, how does it work?
>> US No. 6224
My mom generally did the same thing a month ago. It's kinda wierd, but hey, legal adults these days sometimes have sex, so it's not as big an issue as you think... unless she's a bible thumper. Then you might get a little hell for it.
>> US No. 6225
There may finally be an opportunity to get promoted from lowly pet store caretaker to full-time with benefits dog groomer with paid training. The actual job doesn't scare me, it's the presence of a looming cloud of catty drama plus having to work on commission that worries me. But it would still be great to have actual benefits and possible doubling of my salary. I might even be able to do the academy and transfer some place in California.

But first I got to talk to my boss and convince her to help me out here.
>> US No. 6231
I'm watching The Regular Show right now, and Tim Curry played a hot dog in the episode I'm watching. I'm lolling hard right now, because I was just thinking of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which he was called a hot dog in one of the songs. In this episode...he really is a hot dog :p
>> CA No. 6248
That shit moment when you realize you're falling for a friend and in all likelihood they don't like you back. :\

Feels bad, man.
>> BR No. 6251
Since I started to interact with people here and in the CJ, I'm getting happier, everthing in my life seems to get better. I love you guys!
>> DE No. 6266
File 130096945483.png - (2.99KB , 100x100 , missile.png )
Aww, we love you too!
>> US No. 6267
File 130097495896.jpg - (77.61KB , 501x500 , Bcat.jpg )
I just stood up for myself for the first time in my life and I can't stop shaking. I think I'm going to end up crying a lot today.

I told the molester guy from >>6218 in a very blunt way to leave me alone. Now he won't stop calling me.

I grew up in an abusive household where I was taught to 'grin and bear it' or 'turn the other cheek' for every problem I've ever had, so standing up for myself actually feels morally wrong to me.

Baww I think I'll call my therapist today for encouragement.
>> CA No. 6268
There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a good cry. For the record I'm very proud of you and you should be too.
>> CA No. 6270
File 13009785068.gif - (496.76KB , 450x243 , huhwhat.gif )
Trying to learn German. It's awesome. Got diasgnosed with a stomach condition that I need to take medication for. Less awesome.

mfw "weiß" is pornounced "vice". Huh.
>> US No. 6273
This rain. Please go away. There's so much rain that the canal that our drains feed to is backed up, so many of the streets in my neighborhood are blocked by 2 foot deep moats along on the main road. Hell, the main roads around the Stanford Medical center are all at least a foot under. All the onramps lower than the freeway are flooded. Parts of the freeways are flooded. I did not even deal with 92 because I knew it was going to be a giant clusterfuck, I tried to take back roads home but got blocked on one by a streetlight down (not power out, I mean literally across the road), so I ended up getting on 101 at Ralston, and all the way to the left, straddling the yellow line, it was still a foot and a half deep. If it's still flooded tomorrow, there is no way I'm going to class. I'm sure my prof will understand.

When I got home my pants, socks and shoes were soaked, just from walking the 500 yards from the science building to my car. At least my backpack came with a rain cover (because it's a fancy hiking backpack) so my books and stuff are safe.

Go away rain. :C
>> US No. 6279
Fuck you, Mother Nature. Fuck you and your bipolar tendancies. I have to get all dressed up tomorrow night and the cold-as-calls weather is NOT helping.
>> US No. 6288
File 130103968555.jpg - (32.76KB , 604x588 , 1298619376730.jpg )
WOO! Done all my portfolio assignments! Now to just hand them in on College preview day! I'm feeling pretty good.
>> US No. 6291
File 130105332123.gif - (157.80KB , 200x200 , 130065120471.gif )
Not really important, but changing my name back since my friends keep forgetting who I am on here.

My mind is a bit of a fuddled mess at the moment. The manager at FYE said she would call me by Wednesday to let me know whether or not I got the job. I've had my phone by my side all this week, but nothing.
I'm going to go back over there on Monday and ask her for an answer but in the meantime, I'm going to continue worrying about this.
I really need this job dammit.
>> DE No. 6293
Sorry for not being online on Skype the last few days. I wish you the best of luck for that job!
>> CA No. 6299
File 130108040959.jpg - (18.23KB , 407x405 , harper.jpg )
FUCK YES! non-confidence vote passed and Harper is out. No we don't want to got to Libya, no we didn't want to stay longer in Afghanistan, no you can't take tax dollars and buy c-35 fighter jets , corporate tax cuts, and a "tough on crime" agenda that punishes the poor.

Thank you NDP, Libs and Blok for calling Harper's government on this BS and voting him out.

There are times I doubt the system in Canada but this is not one of them. Today I'm a proud Canadian.
>> CA No. 6303
File 130109350279.gif - (599.52KB , 400x300 , clapping.gif )

Well said!!
>> No. 6315
File 130113502367.jpg - (377.94KB , 960x1800 , 1259345301053.jpg )
I have been a little possessive/jelly over my bf lately which is weird because I haven't been for the past 6 months (in a couple days will be 7). Feels pretty bad man especially after we're done seeing each other for the day and I have to think about all the sarcastic and subtle jabs I made at him earlier. I'll figure my shit out and get it together, though, I know I can. Gotta stay positive.
>> AU No. 6316
File 130113929553.jpg - (27.95KB , 300x391 , AwJeezNotThisShitAgain.jpg )
Ok seriously dude, why do I have to answer to you? My job status, who I've been talking to, and my bank balance, among other things, is my business. I don't give a shit that you're my father, you've been terrible at that from the start anyway and I can't wait to be rid of you. If you died tomorrow, the extent of my emotions would be irritation at the fact that I have to go and sell everything.
Really, my main goal is to become as self-sufficient as possible so that I never have to hear from you again.
I'm pretty well convinced that you're actively looking to get pissed off, nowadays. There is no end to how much I've tried to do, only to have you bellow in my ear again and again and again (paradoxically, most often for something like 'laziness'). In the past I could've chalked that up to you just being an angry git with overzealous work ethic. But lately you've deliberately attempted to make up reasons to get angry at me. You've left shit on the bench without cleaning it up and tried to blame it on me. You put a load of washing on and left it, without telling me about it or to hang it out. Do you think I'm a fucking retard? What the fuck do you expect to accomplish for this anyway?
I can't say I hate anything more than you, and I can't honestly say that serving a life sentence in the worst prison in the country would be any less pleasant than being subject to your existence.
>> US No. 6328
File 130119757848.jpg - (2.66KB , 121x184 , Depressed guy alcohol.jpg )
I'm thinking of not taking my depression meds anymore, what do you guys think
>> US No. 6329
Well, why are you quitting? Negative side effects? Expensive? How depressed were you before you started?
>> US No. 6330
Because they don't help and are artificial happiness on the rare chance they do work, I was extremely depressed then and I'm no better now
>> DE No. 6333
Then you're not getting the right meds/amount. Medication against depression is supposed to assist you with feeling better. Talk to your psychiatrist about it, that will clear things up.
>> US No. 6334
File 130120470386.jpg - (43.96KB , 600x338 , 442933.jpg )
Today was a pretty great fucking day, just... fucking YES.
I went to Little Tokyo today with my friend.
We needed to locate six wooden swords for cosplay purposes.
You know... so I can make Masamune's fancy schmancy finned shiethes with them.

We find this store with nothing but animu figurines and what have you.
I didn't bring much money since I didn't plan on finding anything of interest.
And it was one sexy statue, man. Absolutely stunning.
He was well posed too, all ready to beat your ass with his doom spears.

Bought that sucker. Now it's on my shelf next to my Yukimura revoltech figure.
I get giddy looking at my new addition, it's just so gorgeous.

We also scored those six swords. Nice quality for being only six bucks each!

Go back to my place, and we play MvC3.
I love Iron Man. Totes going to make a second team with him in it.

Also, delicious salad for dinner.
This has been the best Saturday ever. Why can't all Saturdays be this cool.
>> US No. 6335
"sheathes", sage because this day was so cool it left me unable to spell.
>> AU No. 6341
Damn you, minecraft. Distract me from what's really important. The con next weekend and my clearly unfinished costume....shit.

I have to actually go to school tomorrow. And pay attention. And not try and bludge my future down the drain.

Went to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane on Friday with the school. They had a whole roomthing dedicated to memes. Teacher was impressed I could name so many and/or what they're from. And the infinity room was the BEST thing ever.

One of the art pieces really got to me though. It had hundreds upon hundreds of colourful ribbons lining the wall, and they had wishes printed on them. We had to find one of our wishes there, tie the matching ribbon to our wrist, and fill in the space with a piece of paper with another wish on it.

A friend found one that said 'I wish I had the courage to tell my parents' in my favourite colour, and they tied it to my wrist. I was like: "What do I have to tell my parents?", So I untied it. Turns out that they had crossed out the parents bit and altered it with a marker so it said 'I wish I had the courage to tell /him/'.

It's really making me think. What if I don't tell how I feel to my crush? If I'm rejected, the good thing is after this year I'll probably never see them again, but that's also a bad thing. If I DON'T tell him, I'll never get the chance to.

I'm so confused.
>> US No. 6347
File 130124402827.jpg - (24.88KB , 640x480 , 12.jpg )
I toured my college, it was almost a 5 mile walk around campus and then back to the car on the very end of the parking lot. But it was funnnn I learned things and 2nd year students get to work in Cubicles!

And then I went home early from work with a fever and slept from 10pm on till 11am.
This is the first time I've been sick all year. gdi.
>> US No. 6348
File 130125307545.gif - (370.60KB , 384x208 , bowieeating.gif )
I hate when people are disgusted by the idea slash exists, but they post boobs on a regular basis. So it's only okay to look at naked women and not men. Okay then.
>> US No. 6350
Ugh, this. I'll also never understand why I get shit for not liking het porn/ships/etc... despite being gay. Heterophobe wat?

I went to Rocky Horror last night. That was... an experience.
I really expected to have a blast, but I was just... hideously uncomfortable the entire time. And honestly, I don't blame the movie or the cast or the way things were done around there, I just blame the attendees. Everyone was screaming for no reason. Some bitch kept blowing smoke in my face. The girl standing next to me in line bragged about how she stole the lipstick she was wearing. The girl on my other side wouldn't keep her fucking hands off of me. I almost punched her. She was using my lipstick to write on me (they do that to the "virgins"), and then put it on her own lips without asking me. Now I'm just staring at it like, I do not want some skank bitch's lips on my lipstick. I liked that lipstick too.

I expected to get hit on, it's fucking Rocky Horror and everyone was in lingerie. Everyone was hitting on everyone. But oh god. That was just. No. I was so uncomfortable and all I did was sit in my seat between the two people I actually knew and desperately texted my girlfriend.

Now I need to go see if I can scrub this red lipstick off of my chest and back. Hey, shoplifter bitch, can you not use your stolen LIP STAIN on my skin please?

I feel bad because - well, A. I feel like kind of a prude - but B. My friend was really excited to take me to this and she wants to take me again. I don't want to disappoint her but that was really not my thing.
>> US No. 6352
The first anniversary of Scoutpapa's dad's death is this friday. It's also the night of a huge jazz show for him that I'm going to be there for. It's also our six month anniversary.

This weekend is going to be interesting.
>> US No. 6353
File 130127886929.jpg - (20.05KB , 281x360 , horse-yuck.jpg )
Due to my strange love for food and strange things coming to a head in a love of strange food, I bought the first bag of Bertie Bott's every flavor beans I could get my hands on today. A jelly bean should never, ever in a fucking million years taste like the worst type of cheese ever.I am an idiot for even thinking that that could ever taste good. At least with the soap ones, it wasn't that bad. Hell, VOMIT wasn't that bad!

Also, Con is on Friday and I'm working at mach speed on this big daddy toy for my little sister outfit. I'm going to be so releived whenI finaly get that missing piece that's hanging over my head like an anvil.
>> US No. 6357
I recently found my ex girlfriend on facebook. We talked a bit, but it seems akward. I feel conflicted.
>> US No. 6360
I am so not ready for spring break to be over. I didn't do shit this week. Just played Okami and sent out some job applications. I'm so tired of everything.
>> US No. 6361
File 130132971844.jpg - (13.67KB , 361x282 , fgty.jpg )
My snow is gone, its a happy day. Sunshine.

Mood: Happy/Mad that Winter is Gone.

Pic slightly related.
>> CA No. 6362
Been up most of the night, working on a project, almost done.

Had a good cry this morning, followed by a laugh fest by watching "who's line is it anyways?" with a friend.

feels great man. feels great
>> US No. 6363
"All these stupid fucking phobias, she's so full of shit. No school, no job, feeling sorry for herself; my daughter is a loser."
Yeah, mom, I can hear you in the next room.

The lady at FYE said she didn't have any hours available, but she said she would call me if they did.
I know she's not gonna call.
Feelings: None. I'm gonna keep looking for a job and I have school this summer, but for now I'm just shit.
>> CA No. 6364
File 13013509833.gif - (1.85MB , 400x226 , ugh.gif )
Oh God, school is really testing my self imposed perfectionism complex. I am officially tired of panic attacks.

Plus I really like a friend of mine and I'm not sure if they like me back so I'm too much of a chickenshit to make a move...

In short, stress is making me it's little bitch. :/
>> US No. 6372
My other grandpa has been in the hospital for two days now since his panic attack and things are starting to get worse with him having to get a bypass in the morning. Now my parents and I have to take care of my bed-ridden grandmother while this is taken care of until my aunt flies in from Utah to help.

It's going to be a long week...
>> CA No. 6379
File 13014260692.gif - (499.97KB , 500x282 , kurtglee.gif )

mfw she likes me back. OMG REALLY???
Thanks to the chan for helping make it happen as well. She saw the post. <3
>> BR No. 6380
File 130142789445.jpg - (64.50KB , 600x430 , feelbad.jpg )
I saw the guy who rejected me today, he run away when saw me.
When I was comming home, a bird droped dead on my front.
>> US No. 6384
Oh friend, why come you not make sense? If you say you are thinking of breaking up with him, why do you say that you won't? How do I question you without coming across as a dick?
>> US No. 6397
File 130151195118.jpg - (9.66KB , 216x216 , 1300038852068.jpg )
Things went better then expected. I left before the real shitstorm occurred, apparently. Feels good.

Doodling a little bit how. Need to get back pu to drawing again, but class has gotten me so busy, among other things.
Oddly enough I've taken up rolepalying in a MLP:FiM board. It's relaxing and I honestly don't feel any shame or embarrassment for it. Just FRIENDSHIP and LOVE

I miss my old lifetimes. My old friends and communities. I'll have to find a new one, then. Or maybe I already have. I'm not sure. Too much nostalgia lately. A yellow bird, an angry gay scout, a backstabbing sniper, and a little tentacrab that could only take so much. Sad times. But I move on, and doodle more, and it gets better. Even if I wish things had been different.

Sorry for rambling. I suppose I wanted this out in the open somewhere rather then on one of my hidden journal-like places.
>> US No. 6399
Sit her down and ask her seriously. Tell her that you're confused and you just want her to enlighten her. It's during those that I've seen plenty of my friends reach their best conclusions, while sorting them out aloud to someone else, using them as a springboard.

>huge fight with Scoutpapa last night, resolved
>good day in classes
>baked cornbread muffins
>stitched a swing jacket out of vintage material given to me by grandmother while cleaning out her house
>anniversary on friday

Life's turning up. I like this plan.
>> US No. 6401
I seem to have been hit by a bout of paranoia over the past month or so. It primarily consists of my being afraid to speak out at the risk of offending anybody, or looking like an idiot, or misinterpreting something someone said. May have to do with some of that happening on this site, but I dunno.

I also feel like kind of a pushover. My brother and sister owe me money, but my sister can't pay me until my brother does; he's owed me $20 for two weeks now despite saying he'd get it back to me the same day, and I wanna yell at him, but when he comes in I go into humble mode and gently request if he's gotten it yet, and he constantly says, "No, the guy who owes me 20 hasn't paid me yet, he has work today, blah blah blah I'll go to his house- oh he wasn't home." How do I effectively chew out someone who gets angry and defensive when people show legitimate anger with him?

Speaking of angry, my dad doesn't seem to lighten up nowadays; I understand he has a stressful job, but now I am sure he's looking for reasons to ground my younger sister; he threw my sister's phone when he took it from her, but that didn't seem to do any damage. He's been grouchy for quite a while, but it seems to be getting a bit worse lately, and it almost feels like the only thing that'll make him feel better is another trip to Alaska.

>> AU No. 6403
2 1/2 day con tomorrow. Stressing out. I dont have pants or gloves to go with my costume, and I'm pretty sure rocking up without pants wouldn't be appreciated.

Con tomorrow > english assignment. That means cramming and email it to the teacher tonight. It's only a draft anyway.

>> US No. 6405
File 130153565991.png - (63.97KB , 244x274 , 1300408539773.png )
>attempt to draw for the first time in weeks(serious drawing)
>fail misterably
>try to get TF2 RP set up
>no one is interested
>sadtimes everywhere

How the fuck do I go from being content and happy with life to just depressed as shit within an hour
christ almighty
>> US No. 6406
File 13015377542.gif - (408.58KB , 190x162 , 130153044827.gif )
>at&t is working on phone stuff so gimpy internet
>checking scoreboard crashes tf2
>steam constantly disconnecting
>pc is done being fixed, yet since dad brought it in he's the only one who can pick it up
>meanwhile dad is who-the-hell-knows-where
>get pc, monitor stops working, have to dig around for new one
Today has just been a really shit day.
>> No. 6412
I found a bird leg in the middle of the street today. I'm keeping it in a bag outside my window over the weekend until the amateur ornithologist teacher comes back to school. At first I was utterly perplexed over it, since it seemed too big to belong to any kind of gull(by far the most common birds here), but now I'm fairly sure it's from a swan. Still keeping it so he can get a look at it. Just hoping no one will spot it until then.
>> US No. 6414
>> US No. 6415
>> CA No. 6417
stop it. Just stop it.

You both have 25+ years on me. Learn to talk to each other. I do not like being used as a go between and hear all the shit you have to say about each other.

I am not going to choose between the two of you. so stop trying to convince me the other is going to steal money for me. I do not care and i will not choose.

Grow up.
>> DE No. 6423
Well awesome, Steam crashed and refuses to start up again. Stop trolling me, Valve, seriously.

Oh well, maybe I'll get some writing done? Would be swell.

AND I STILL DON'T HAVE AN APPARTMENT. What the fuck is this shit?
>> US No. 6424
File 130163959652.gif - (142.14KB , 500x375 , shredderlol.gif )
Oh man, it's that time of year when Adult Swim has its "The Room" marathon for April Fool's.
Totally watching it/recording it so I can watch it on Monday with some friends.

Gosh this movie is classic.
>> US No. 6429
File 130166292425.gif - (261.74KB , 256x144 , 96tg3Rg1qafrh6.gif )
Oh God yes, I love The Room.

Got to watch Tangled and eat a lot of food with some good friends today. This Saturday one of them is hosting a small get together and this Sunday I get to go off to the beach with another awesome group of friends.
Although my job search continues to be a huge disappointment, I'm glad I have bros to get me back on my feet.
This weekend is going to kick ass.
>> No. 6430
File 130166809551.png - (75.20KB , 603x566 , bad.png )
Tried to get some, but my cellphone camera is so bad I might as well have took a photo of a scarf or something and it would have looked the same. Heck, I think this mspaint I slapped together in three minutes would be more informative.
Cue actually rather justified screams of FAAAKE.
>> US No. 6433
File 13016790631.png - (294.55KB , 500x644 , tumblr_l5h0iy8QST1qbditx.png )
I feel great today.
>> US No. 6437
File 130170841093.png - (45.46KB , 945x945 , 130154951291.png )
Okay, this is seriously not cool. TF2 has crashed no less than twenty times today. Literally. There seems to be no obvious cause to these crashes as well, so I don't know how I can stop it.
Also, the game crashes when I try to play as Spy. That's just weird.
>> US No. 6438
Do you have the female spy pack by Chemical Alia? That, among other mods, can cause crashes in certain servers. (worth it though, I love female spy)
>> US No. 6443
Nope, no skins installed as of yet since I did a reinstall recently. Turns out, removing TF2mate cfgs and such fixed it. I installed it properly though, so I'm guessing TF2 just doesn't like it/an update broke it.
>> US No. 6444
File 130172931051.jpg - (172.77KB , 512x512 , SanderFuckin\'Cohen.jpg )
So I've managed to beat Bioshock 1 and 2 this week.
Social life? Pffft, who needs a social life.
>> AU No. 6445
File 130173086637.jpg - (45.09KB , 322x430 , trollan2.jpg )
Learning German, Perry's helping me.
It's... interesting, to say the least.
>> AU No. 6450
It'd be great if I didn't keep forgetting to namefag lately
>> US No. 6453
File 130174431272.gif - (460.10KB , 200x200 , 129982815635.gif )
Half the reason my Skype group fell apart was because they did nothing but play WoW or LoL. Any mention of any other game was met with indifference or just plain ignored.
I understood what was going on and left the group about a month ago, to which hardly any of them cared about and/or asked me what was up.

None of them message me anymore. My close friend only talks to me when everyone in the group has gone to bed. They stopped caring about me and I thought I stopped caring about them.
But as of late they're been playing all sorts of games. Suddenly they're all into Garry's Mod, Counter Strike, etc. I've asked them to play months ago, but they brushed me off and went off to level or something.
But okay, that's fine. I can deal I guess.

But then they played TF2.
This is where I met all of them, guys, this is how we got close.
And I don't even get an invite.

I feel stupid for crying about this, but Goddamn it hurts.
>> IT No. 6454

I know how you feel, it's pretty bad
>> US No. 6455
File 130174880712.jpg - (114.29KB , 343x424 , 1300503239265.jpg )

Also thinking about giving a certain someone a second chance, despite most people telling me I shouldn't. It's sad, too, especially when they talk to me in CJ and I don't respond. It feels like I'm ignoring a kicked puppy. :< But that person, well, I feel like they got bored of me and moved onto another person, and fuck I do not like that, that is a big nono. I guess now they kinda realize what they lost and are trying to get me back, which, well, is kinda working. Posting this here because they never look here, lul

Got severely trolled by an rp group I used to be in, because a mass-email was accidentally sent out and I thought "OH SNAP SOMEONE MISSES ME?!" but then LOL NOPE

Weirdest sex dream last night, too. Had to do with Flandre, a van, Fatal frame, and a swat team.
>> HK No. 6456
File 130175250182.jpg - (367.98KB , 600x450 , 113_3382.jpg )
i got my cast removed and went to the international pillow fight day in Blu soldier costume today.

everyone sees my helmet and went batshit insane and hit me harder then ever.FML.

i got hit by a mob of people with foam pillows at least 5 times,
i hurt my ankle and they think it's a great idea to hit me till i pass out in a crowd.
my friend got it on tape,it's terrible,but i think i should upload it for lols anyway.

you may ask,how hard would that be,
>> No. 6459
Guys I think I can't find any thread for chating about 'tf2 characters.'
Serious thread in Dis seems to be for asking about game playing technics.
Can you tell me address of such thread?? Since I'm not accostumed to here yet, I think I have to ask many times about this site.
>> US No. 6460
File 130176271211.jpg - (14.05KB , 279x300 , mfw.jpg )



>> US No. 6462
So I guess we're not going to Wondercon - which I've been looking forward to for a couple months now - because my boyfriend thought that pre-reg wouldn't be worth it, and the website didn't update to say that Saturday passes had been sold out until this morning.

So after I found that out and was trying really hard not to cry, my uterus proceeds to contract in the most violent and painful cramps I've had since I was I in high school, which have yet to relent and have been going about 30 minutes now.

So this has been a pretty crap start to my spring break. Though last night I got really drunk and played TF2 with my reg server. That was fun. And embarrassing. But fun.
>> US No. 6481
Oh no! I'll miss seeing you tomorrow (assuming Sunday doesn't sell out either...) D:

In other news, I've been on Spring Break, which meant I went to my boyfriend's hometown and spent time with his family and friends. I love his family and his family loves me, and I hit it off well with all of his friends! I'm even half-considering moving there because the town is just kind of amazing and I love it there! And then I spent the last few days on a 3-day student film shoot which ate up all of my energy (although I did end up learning a lot about lighting!).

Basically, I just spent a lot of time with my boyfriend and it was amazing and I haven't been happier. Now I just have piles of schoolwork to catch up on.
>> AU No. 6482
File 130182672797.png - (24.52KB , 127x131 , ohMAN.png )
> Ex is still a bum-chum, and it is good
> "Hey Sparky I'm falling for this chick at work and I'm gonna ask her out"
> "Oh good for you Bum-chum! I wish you all the best! :D"
> Suddenly, I still have feelings for him and I didn't realize this until now

>> US No. 6484
File 130183958971.jpg - (24.99KB , 210x210 , 1168739318613.jpg )
>grow up in an abusive, violent family
>finally move out to own apartment, things are great
>get new neighbors, a young hetero couple
>listen to man scream at woman almost every night
>listen to him beat her

oh hey there, PTSD symptoms that I thought were gone, I should have probably called the cops while that was happening but instead I curled up in the tub and cried and threw up all over myself like a two-year-old
>> No. 6485
Spring is finally arriving here, weather is awesome and I got school tomorrow!

... So why does my body decide to feel like shit NOW? I can't afford being sick! We learn a lot of important stuff in school right now. Body, BEHAVE.
>> DE No. 6488

I would suggest some Apsirin Complex than for you Perry. I know it´s not cheap, but unless you haven´t a outright grown out flu with fever ,than this is your drug. I know people say it´s AWFULL to to take this and than just go on. But damn if this doesn´t help. And even in school you can take some, if you have some little waterbottles at hand.

It´s somehow sad, that i know such things.
>> US No. 6490
maybe you could leave a pamphlet for counseling outside their door? If that doesn't help, call the cops. *hugs* I hope everything gets better.

I was like 43 degrees (F) this morning. Now it's 80. But it's also windy as hell. Yay warmth! Sitting here in my underwear!
>> AU No. 6492
3 DAY CON WAS THE BEST. EVER. Insanely hot and so crowded the outside was almost as crowded as the inside, but still awesome. Didn't get any mentions in the costume comp, but I shall try again in November! And meet Christpher Lloyd! Now I'm broke and tired and dead and sore and everything possible to stop me from completing an english assignment due friday.

Turns out, I have a hereditary shoulder condition. So my shoulder is going to look like it's swollen until I'm much older. It sucks that it's only one, too. Dammit mum, why wasn't I a symmetrical child!?
>> US No. 6497
I'm starting to worry about getting a job in the game industry after I graduate. I would rather not sell my soul to a defense contractor if I can avoid it, but it's starting to look like that's what I'm going to have to do.
>> US No. 6500
File 130192793432.jpg - (79.76KB , 600x471 , 1299964229314.jpg )
>that feeling when you are insignificant and can't do anything about it

also learning how to write fics again, since I haven't written in a fucklong time. But
I need ~INSPIRATION~ so it might be hard to actually get anything done. Same with drawing. It's almost as if I'm in a void. Weird.

and of course
>have dream about fucking myself
>flandre is involved
>there's a sniper van outside
>> GB No. 6504
I already told Nyx about this, but Ima just slap this here so that a few of my friends who do read here know whats goin down.

Right now, life is hard for me. My girlfriend of three years just broke up with me and I am incredibly confused, hurt, sad and angry about the whole thing. Suicide, along with racism, is one of the things I have always hated and I won't sugar coat it, but at some dark spots during the past week, I did think about it. That is why, for next god knows how long, I am gonna be on a break from TF2chan and possibly gaming in general. Just thought I'd should let peeps know. Peace out for now, love ya all.

>> US No. 6505
Good luck Donny. :( <3

The stupid flower place called me at 8am and now I'm awake and can't go back to sleep.

Went to the beach with my bros yesterday, which was freakin' fantastic. One of my friends gave another one of my friends some ponies for no other reason than the fact that she's just been sad lately. This is the same friend that took me in in the dead of night and fed me a gluten free dinner when my parents were screaming at each other. Seriously she is the sweestest, most generous person.

Anyway, we got ice cream (fuck yeah) and acted like preschoolers and did all kinds of ridiculously silly semi-beach-related bullshit. So much fun.

My only complaint was that my girlfriend couldn't go. Poor thing is sick as all hell... she scared the everloving shit out of me by failing to mention that she went to the HOSPITAL. I didn't know until I saw the hospital wristband on webcam. She's alright, but she's on codine and stuff and she's high as a kite. We have also learned that she gets really sad while intoxicated. So I sent her flowers that should be delivered today and hopefully that will cheer her up a bit. ;v;
>> US No. 6507
File 130194621030.jpg - (11.09KB , 259x194 , contentedpanda.jpg )
You know what, mother nature? I know I said that you suck last week, but today is effin' GORGEOUS and you should keep doing this. Mmmkay? Mmkay.

>mfw everything between myself and Scoutpapa gets solved without a hitch
Smooth sailing~
>> US No. 6509
>that awkward moment when you remember you're still in school and unemployed and have responsibilities.

Man, I'm literally only two classes away from graduating and yet I am somehow managing to fuck that up. What the fuck, self ( ._.)
>> US No. 6510
File 130195348849.gif - (207.38KB , 200x200 , 1301607380880.gif )
Hey, California, you know this is SPRING and not SUMMER, right? So why the hell are you giving me 80°F weather?

In other news, my spring break trip to Monterey was amazing. I hope to go back after this semester is over (last week of May); maybe visit more SF peeps this time around?
>> US No. 6512
Fuck your 80 degree weather.

It snowed yesterday.

It snowed.
>> US No. 6516
File 13019609602.jpg - (47.10KB , 430x510 , 129585811964.jpg )
Oh my, I'm so sorry.
You must be clearly feeling awful, and I'm sorry about that too.
Sometimes I wonder how people could just abandon a friend and never even think of how they must be feeling.
I know how it feels and I just wanna say I'm here for you if you need anybody to talk to.
I'm sure you might know who I am on your steam friendlist
>> DE No. 6518
File 130197028582.jpg - (10.92KB , 259x245 , Sad Opi.jpg )
I'm with you in thought, Donny. Take care, man, you hear me?
>> US No. 6519
File 130197380173.png - (52.16KB , 251x251 , 1276478137751.png )
TMI TIME, so due to my horribly delicate skin I am prone to both cystic acne and ingrown hairs, and OH HEY LOOK AT THAT, I now have the most epic cyst/ingrown hair combo in my fucking pubic region and jesus christ almighty it hurts like a bitch. FML.
>> NL No. 6529
It didn't go smooth between me and my best friend as of late, and I can get into that, we don't see eachother as much as we did before, almost not at all, but we talk over MSN and I assumed it was okay.

Suddenly I get the cold shoulder, need to back off, cling too much because I miss her? Yes, I do miss her, but seriously? I don't cling. It makes me feel like she should just tell me that she doesn't like me as much as she does before, instead of blaming it all on me being to inconfident about myself, while so far I've been doing just fine without her and try to ask her advice now and then.

She tells me that she does still want to hang out sometime, and doesn't mind me having around, and then when a whole group of friends is going to meet up in the city, and they're dicussing it in my face, so I ask if I can come with them, and my 'best friend' is like "lolno kthxbai"

So I feel horribly frustrated about what's so wrong about me and if I maybe didn't get her right, of which she blames me a LOT and she just tells me I've became DUMBER, which only makes me doubt myself even MORE. And outside of that she knows I have the horrible fear of people dear to me leaving me, and I try to keep contact with all my friends, and she's just... keeping me from it? Just because she said no I missed out on a day of fun, just because of HER, because everyone looks up at her and she's so awesome and blablabla.

So, getting over this all, I´m like, okay life goes on.

So I´m okay.

I´m happy for her, ofcourse! But suddenly it´s like NOTHING happened between us and everything´s just FIIINE and ALRIIIIGHT.

I don´t get her! I don´t get her at all! And I can only doubt myself about it? Really? I just have the feeling she's blaming all kinds of things on me while she barely even knows me anymore. That's SHE'S wrong for once in a while, because she's always one of the best in twisting someone's words and trapping them in their own mistakes instead of admitting she was wrong too. I only heard her say sorry like 3 times in my life?

I'm sorry if this is a little tl;dr. But I'm sick of this. Literally.
>> CA No. 6531
File 130202311499.jpg - (45.61KB , 485x512 , 1301878844174.jpg )
>was told at orientation that I would get an email a week from then to confirm my college status
>not a single email since
Maybe they're sending it via normal mail. ;-; I hope.

But in other news I am drowning in adorable things.
>> US No. 6537
I decided to try and sell off a bunch of my old fandom stuff from when I was a fledgeling fan. So I'm going to try to sell t-shirts, artbooks, drawing books, and some of my old costumes. I'm gonna put them up to my local anime club (that I don't even go to anymore haha) before I throw them up to anyone else, but if nobody buys, it'll probably be up on coscom for anyone who's interested.
>> US No. 6538
Dare I ask, what kinds of costumes these are?
/total cosplayer
>> US No. 6539
BattleCity!Seto Kaiba (with duel disk), unfortunately the ChuuninExams!Sakura from when I was a narutard ages ago (first cosplay whut), and Netto Hikari from Megaman Battle Network (including the shoes). I've also got an unfinished FFVI Terra dress and Misao from Rurouni Kenshin that I'm working on finishing. Oh, and my BLU Scout Mama because the wig died. And a couple more things, but I'm not looking at my costume tote right this second.

And a few nerdy t-shirts.
>> AU No. 6541
So, buddy. You pick on me for 7 years of my primary school life, give me a break for 4 years, and just when I'm having the WORST day of the week, YOU GO AND DUMP WATER ON MY HEAD IN CLASS, ALL OVER MY ART BOOK.

AND THEN YOU WONDER WHY I GO TO HIT YOU ACROSS THE FACE WITH MY BOOK. YOU FUCKWIT. I used to be a VERY violent child with a short fuse because of YOU. And now after 4-5 years of staying off beating the shit outta anyone who nudges me the wrong way, I feel like returning to that!!!

I swear to god the next person to piss me off is gunna have a ruler through their throat.
>> US No. 6542
Oh nooooooo, if I were still in my Yu-Gi-Oh and Megaman phases I'd jump at those Kaiba and Netto costumes.
Hmmm, maybe I can ask around and see if other cosplay friends would be interested in any of this stuff.
I have a friend that does Kaiba, maybe she'd like that.
>> AU No. 6543
A) I feel your pain, man

B) So you're, uh, in Year 10, 11? You're totally 18, right, unlike the 16/17y.o.s on Year 10/11. Because you have to be 18 to be on the chan. Jes sayin.
>> US No. 6545
File 130208103031.png - (44.52KB , 945x945 , 130207721130.png )
She is the biggest sweetheart ever. I still owe her, and everyone else who has helped, at least 50 hugs.

Feelings: Pretty righteous and hopeful. I asked one of my favorite professors if he has a class this summer and sure enough he does, without a doubt I'll get in. Somewhere along the line I mentioned my job situation and he thinks he may just have a lab assistant position open. Problem is, another student has already expressed an open interest in the job and they got first dibs.
STILL I'm just glad to know that he thinks I'm able enough to help out with another class. Feels good, man.
>> AU No. 6546
File 130209712383.png - (273.57KB , 639x359 , wait.png )
After taking 3 days to download a torrent of the Sims 2 and all its expansion packs, I find that none, read NONE of the said expansion packs actually work.
>> IT No. 6548
why not download The Sims 3 Instead?
>> GB No. 6550
File 130211834884.png - (318.88KB , 1280x720 , 130210915783.png )
Apparently in this roleplay you're not allowed to be original or creative or well, anything. Not if you don't want people jumping your ass about it. Holy fuck.
In related news, we finally counter-trolled the group that's been picking on us all over this roleplay, without a single out of character attack on our parts.
More than I can say for them.
>> US No. 6551
That'd be awesome, thanks!

In also cosplay-related news, making Team Magma Grunt gear for Scoutpapa and I. I am excite.
>> DE No. 6552
Because Sims 3 blows, plain and simple?
At least in my opinion of course. The gameplay changes they made didn't appeal to me at all. And the game is harder to mod for with all the copy protection EA throws in, so it has significantly less fanmade stuff for it.

In other news, I'm starting to feel better, albeit slowly. Yay!
>> US No. 6557
Funny seeing Sims 3 mentioned since my friend just got it for me the other day.
I'm with you on this, Perry, the changes they made and all the useless junk they added in kind of killed the fun. I just want to build my houses and burn them down, dammit.
Glad to hear you're feeling better though!
>> US No. 6558
File 130214701651.jpg - (28.19KB , 640x480 , teamrocketbored.jpg )
I currently really hate my role play community. Seriously.
They're all cliquey, self involved asses and it's getting on my last nerve.

I'm always left just role playing with my friend because whenever I come on, everyone in ooc says:

Fuck you guys too. Seriously.
Sometimes I even wonder why I stick around.
>> US No. 6562
File 130215159159.png - (107.14KB , 190x301 , Picture 7.png )
Aaaah I'm applying to be a show intern for a Travel Channel show that would mean not only being an intern for 3 days but also have some kind of experience and also working close with one of the coolest dudes on television! Aaaah!

Also I totally want to thank Betsy for pointing me in the direction of her friend. Unfortunately I'm not too sure what my schedule will be like for editing stuff (I'm currently editing my semester project and just signed on to assistant edit another student's project so I'll be busy with editing soon). But it's so nice of you to think of me ;-;

Pic only sort of related?
>> US No. 6563
Ooh, that's cool! I hope you make it in. Tell if you do and what show it is, so we can watch it.
>> US No. 6571
File 130215863872.gif - (280.47KB , 500x338 , patrick.gif )
I drew something remotely porny not long ago and it actually came out decently.
I feel so proud of myself.
>> AU No. 6574
nah, grade 12. kept down once, so 18.
>> US No. 6579
File 13021901434.jpg - (237.04KB , 960x720 , vlcsnap-2010-06-04-23h54m57s140.jpg )
Hey, adviser. Shooing me away and telling me that I "know what I'm doing" is not helpful. I have no idea what I'm doing. I missed the deadline for admission to the honors seminar AGAIN because I didn't know who the fuck to ask about it or when to ask or aiosjdfsaf. I've just flat out given up on ever joining it, even though it was a huge goal of mine. Fuck it.

What classes should I be taking? When do I take the GRE? When should I start worrying about picking out graduate schools? Why won't you give me a straight answer about ANYTHING?

why am I even in college
>> US No. 6580
It was for "Bert the Conqueror" but the position was already filled. Oh well.
>> DE No. 6581
I loved you so much in the past. You gave me all these wonderfull things we germans couldn´t have. Like these nifty videos of sketches, musicvideos and cartoons/animes/american shows. Thanks to you i heard from Kyle XY WAY before it was shown on Pro7 (Thanks Pro7 making advertisment for the 100 replay of one of these no class selfproduce movies of yours, but not let one word fall, that you will have this in your programm soon. Man was i lucky to even notice it.) But lately youtube and you know it like i know it, you changed. And not for the better.
No, it´s not your look, because it doesn´t matter to me how you look like. No.
It´s the common fact, that you block EVERY video i find interesting. Found a video of a band which song i like? Fav it? Oh yes i fav it. Coming back later to hear the song again. BLOCKED! Just yesterday. Yes YESTERDAY i started to see Superjail! (Thanks tf2chan for hooking me up to it. If i wouldn´t guiltly enjoy you so much i could almost hate you. Almost.) Today i wanted to go to the channel of the guy who uploaded the episodes. Guess what? It´s blocked. Not available in my country. I dunno what you are playing youtube, but your cruelty to me is not necessary. If myvideo wouldn´t play everytime advertisment if i go there to watch videos, i would leave you. But i can´t leave you. Because you are the only one who still has not entirely give in to play advertisement before every damn video and than to wait to LOAD the video.

I just wanted to let it know you, youtube. Because i realized that our relationship would be pretty much over wouldn´t i still depend on you.
xo K.
>> US No. 6582
File 130219433258.jpg - (19.08KB , 240x231 , yeah.jpg )
Moa, a Japanese artist who's practically my fucking hero (as ya'll may or may not know), has hired me as a translator for one of her art projects.
I feel so awesome right now. I'm grinning like a crazy person over here, I'm so excited!!

I'm going to get paid for it and everything!

>> US No. 6584
it's not really youtube's fault, it's something to do with your living in Germany
no, seriously, I'm not sure why, but all of the videos I have on my account are marked "blocked in Germany" and only in Germany. Either German copyright law works differently, or the German UMG is being far more protest-happy in making Youtube take things down than other countries' equivalents are
>> US No. 6585
File 13022102186.jpg - (32.44KB , 461x523 , 1299980565204.jpg )
That feeling when you're insignificant and worthless no matter what you do.

Shit sucks.
>> DE No. 6586
File 130221055155.jpg - (84.99KB , 600x467 , if only.jpg )

Well if i go to the video it says: Blah blah Cartoon Network Inc. doesn´t allow it. Blah. And yes, we are really happy to take videos down apparently.
I´m just a bit upset, because i wanted to see Season 2 of Superjail! and can´t now do it :/
And even Adult Swim doesn´t help, because it doesn´t want to show it outside of USA or the UK.

Why? Why are all sides who legally host free series and movies not available in my country?
(Did i still came to make one icon? Oh,yes i did. Well warden looks gorgous there.)
>> US No. 6589
I finally got around to finishing up my cloche hat, and it's been submitted. I feel very confident and happy about it, more than I did the previous versions of it. I'm excited.
>> US No. 6591
File 130222631539.jpg - (370.53KB , 1593x1005 , Little Penguin.jpg )

This picture is not the penguin I saw lay an egg. My cameraphone photo is rather rubbish, so have this penguin being all "my preciousss" over its egg.
>> US No. 6631
Just created a facebook group for my Otakon room. Definitely not too early for that.

In other news, making Team Magma Grunt costumes is a million times easier than I thought before... and I thought they'd be really damn easy. And baking brownies. I'm just a regular PTO mom minus the kids right now.

captcha: homebs Yes, I am doing homemaker bullshit right now, how did you know?
>> CA No. 6638
File 130231765124.jpg - (20.56KB , 522x399 , 1266814453530.jpg )
>finally get full acceptance email from college

And then today I was told my aunt is giving me her 'old' microwave.
And cutlery and plates.
I am feeling all sorts of happy.
>> AU No. 6645
File 130235106840.jpg - (77.18KB , 800x533 , PUUURDY.jpg )
My ex is now dating a bloke.

...Why do I have an urge to squeal with glee? No seriously isn't this supposedly a bad thing?

Maybe I've been hanging out on this chan too long.

Pic unrelated. I love chameleons so much.
>> GB No. 6646
I just got told by my boyfriend (woah I suddenly have a boyfriend where did you come from) that someone out of our group of friends is calling me the group bicycle.

I'm too paranoid to approach people for sex, let alone sleep around! And now I have a boyfriend to boot!

I don't know how I feel about this, whether I want to burst into tears or smack someone. I think I want to smack someone, all things considered.
>> No. 6647
I think the number of people in tf2 fandom are getting decreased. Is is because of the crash of tf2 chan in last fall??
>> US No. 6648
File 130235597265.png - (26.22KB , 491x491 , 130223074698.png )
Dang it, life, some going from horrible to wonderful within a week.

>Sample pins for AX came in a few days back and they look AWESOME
>Have a shot at getting a job at Build-a-Bear
>Three dudes from old Skype group suddenly get to talking to me a lot
>They all spill out their feelings and vent about subjects they're far too nervous to discuss with the other dudes
>Find out that the Skype group itself is no longer up, they hardly talk to each other, and now they don't know how to fix it
>They realize that I was the ONLY one making an effort to really fix things
>All three of them apologize for how they treated me in said group

This has made me so God damn ecstatic. Just the fact that they trust me enough to come to me for all of this has made me happy beyond belief. Granted, I'm a bit bummed to hear that the group fell apart but at the same time I'm glad that it did. Taking a break from it did wonders for me and I'm sure it will do the same for the lot of them. Still, this has been an awesome week.
>> US No. 6651
File 13023640819.jpg - (167.65KB , 1029x1013 , willy.jpg )
Somebody kicked our dachshund and hurt his back and we can't afford the surgery for it, so he has to be put down. He's spent the last few days just screaming and howling and laying in awkward positions, so it's probably the most humane thing to do, but it's just so damn depressing.

Pic related. He was great at making faces, he was one of the most expressive dogs we've had.
>> US No. 6654
Aww poor baby! What happened to the bastard who did it? Back problems are hard to fix anyway, so yeah putting him down is probably for the best :( *hugs*
>> CA No. 6660
Watched Road to El Dorado today and bawled my eyes out. Makes me think the rad bromance my best friend and I have might someday break down the same way Tulio and Miguel's did.
I know it ended well in their case, but I've got this nagging feeling that ours won't.
>> AU No. 6663