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File 129703991231.jpg - (466.92KB , 1024x622 , Hustle.jpg )
4888 No. 4888
So, what do you guys watch on TV? Got a favourite show or genre? We already know a lot of us enjoy anime, but what else does the chan watch on a regular basis?

Pic very, very related. I fucking love Hustle. Most streams of it don't work outside the UK, but Perry kindly found this one, that I hope works in the US as well as Europe:


tl;dr Hustle follows the exploits of a group of grifters who only target unscrupulous or dishonest people with their cons. It's a really clever show - half the fun of it for me is trying to figure out what the plan really is and how it's going to pan out.

I haven't been right about a single episode yet. Shit takes me by surprise every goddamn time.
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>> No. 4889
I don't think I have to tell people I'm a Star Trek nut, do I.
Besides that, my regular shows are How I met your Mother and IT Crowd. I'm picky about TV shows but I'm always open for suggestions! I will check out Hustle.
>> No. 4890
mostly top gear, QI, being human. RuPaul's drag race as well.
>> No. 4891
Sounds like Leverage.

Personally, The only stuff I watch regularly is NCIS reruns and Adventure Time. I'm not really a TV person.
>> No. 4902
I watch some shows on Cartoon Network, like Adventure Time, Chowder, Flapjack, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and almost everything on Adult Swim. I also like to watch medical shows, like Dr. G: Medical Examiner and Mystery Diagnosis and Monsters Inside Me. I also like to watch House, Scrubs, Monk, and South Park. I've also gotten into Being Human.
>> No. 4903
Depends on what's on and if I have my tv hooked up or not (dad and I share a dish receiver that we trade back and forth cause we keep forgetting to get another lol). I like Castle, House, NCIS, Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, Animal Cops (even if it makes me sad/angry sometimes), various other Animal Planet shows, L&O SVU, Compedy Central Presents. Some others.
>> No. 4905
Oh man, how could I forget to mention South Park and Big Bang Theory? I love them.
>> No. 4907
File 129710411018.jpg - (72.04KB , 300x375 , Skins.jpg )
Skins (The Brit one, which I should have grown out of by now.), Big Bang Theory, Glee (It's my guilty pleasure), Futurama (Much better than The Simpsons, in my opinion), Haven, Doctor Who and South Park. Been meaning to borrow a friend's collection of House DVDs for a while now...

Pic is our Skins' First Generation, which the US has just copied for their first series. I seriously cannot recommend the first gen enough. Personal highlights are "Cassie" and "Sid" (Both Series 1 and 2) "Jal" (Series 2), "Michelle" (Series 1), "Chris" (Series 1) and "Everyone" (Series 2). At first glance it can seem about teenagers just having sex and taking drugs all day, but it's so much more. It deals with depression, disability, sexuality, parental death/abandonment, relationships and a lot of other stuff. I just find it really engaging.

TL;DR - Ranting about why I think Skins is awesome and you should watch it and be awesome too.
>> No. 4910
File 129710727371.gif - (477.41KB , 269x141 , Hasanyoneinthisfamilyeverseenachicken?.gif )
Arrested Development forever.
>> No. 4911
File 129710944811.jpg - (115.21KB , 400x320 , sexymotherfuckers.jpg )
Current obsession is Supernatural. J&J are fucking sexy and Misha is amazing.

Other than that I watch Fringe, Castle, The Office, Lie to Me, and Doctor Who.

I watched Psych, Monk, and Sherlock (BBC).
>> No. 4912
File 129711038012.jpg - (30.98KB , 640x213 , ncis_cast_new.jpg )
The only thing I ever watch is NCIS, Ghost Adventures (and other shows on the Travel Channel), Cartoon Network/Adult Swim (which is on constantly in my apartment), HGTV, and Food Network.

For some reason when I'm in San Francisco, I literally only watch Ghost Adventures and Cartoon Network (with a bit of NCIS sprinkled in to break up the routine). When I'm at my parents' house, I tend to watch more network TV, like Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii 5-0, Modern Family, Lie to Me, and the occasional reality TV show (Biggest Loser). I also really like The Closer and pretty much anything USA has put out recently (Royal Pains, White Collar, Burn Notice).

Basically I'm a huge TV watcher because I developed a thing where the TV sort of acts as background noise when I'm not watching, so it always stays on.

I'm also currently catching up with True Blood and Arrested Development.

pic related because it actually includes Jimmy Palmer as part of the crew. He is basically my headcanon for how Young Medic used to act.
>> No. 4916
Oh man, this looks really really interesting.

I rarely watch actual TV, but I download shows quite often. CSI (the original), The Closer, Supernatural, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Eight out of Ten Cats, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Real Time with Bill Maher, Sons of Anarchy, Terriers and The Walking Dead are just a few of the current ones.

I was an avid fan of the Stargate shows, Battlestar Galactica, Deadwood, The Sopranos, Gavin and Stacey, Scrubs, Jericho and many others when they were on.
>> No. 4919
File 129713852345.jpg - (20.72KB , 342x321 , DLM_Cast.jpg )
I don't watch much TV (and I'm not keeping up with that many animes, surprisingly), but this is probably one of my favorite series of all time.
>> No. 4924
Even the thankfully cancelled SGU?
>> No. 4926
Yep. In fact, I rather liked that show and was very disappointed when I heard it was canceled.
>> No. 4928
imho it would have been okay under a different title, but not under the stargate title. Maybe under the wormhole extreme title. Wormhole Extreme: Drama Edition.

'Cause goddamn the only funny guy being there was implausible. They didn't even get "off world" for a few episodes. And this wasn't in the way of Atlantis. I fucking loved Atlantis... until Sunday. bawwwwwwww stupid exploding tumours.
>> US No. 5011
Only shows I currently watch that are on TV are Community and Mad Men (the latter of which is on hiatus).

Other favorite shows: Lost, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Avatar.

Also, I once wrote a TV pilot called Wormhole...it was vaguely similar to Stargate but I knew nothing about that show when I wrote it.
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