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File 129842226758.jpg - (40.07KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lgs5b2t8Wn1qdkv8qo1_500.jpg )
5372 US No. 5372
As we all know, the suppressed people of the Middle East and Africa are rising up against their dictators to gain their freedom. As a small person, with no power to do nothing but spread the word and footage from our brethren on the other side of the globe (or nearby, depending on where you live). I humbly ask to help spread the word around the blog sphere so the world will know that their voices do not fall on deaf ears. That we will not let their blood be shed while they express themselves peacefully against their dictators who hold the gun against their head.

some updates:

Libya's government is starting to defect from their dictator little by little. Key people from the army are leaving and joining the youth movement to bring down their tyrant.

Youtube footage (obviously contains violence as these are raw footage from the forefront of the movement):


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9p6GQ7S51A (Full footage of protesters being shot by the army on the 17th)

Fight on for your freedom, Protesters!
>> US No. 5376
More power to you Libya!
>> AU No. 5394
its odd, here's a country that actualy WANTS to be liberated and no one is lifting a finger
>> US No. 5419
I support Libya, and any other country that fights for their rights to freedom.
>> US No. 5709
  From what I've been seeing, The rebels are highly motivated but in drastic need of some advisors.
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