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File 12995470828.jpg - (9.98KB , 200x236 , 334.jpg )
5775 CA No. 5775
Thread discussing about cross-dressing and trans.
Mostly for questions, hopefully for answers as well.

I'll start it off,

I've been planning on going out in drag, I've been trying to decide on the best type of wraps to use for my chest. any suggestions?
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>> US No. 5777
The thing that works best for me is an ace bandage wrap, the kind you'd get for a sprained wrist.
>> US No. 5780
It depends on your bust size. I'm a B cup and I can get away with just using a compression sports bra that's a size too small
>> US No. 5787
My personal recommendation: http://ftm.underworks.com/ I have one of the second ones down on the page. They're cheaper than a lot of places that sell bodyshaping things, and they're really fast to ship.
>> CA No. 5814
  A relevant documentary with some cool-ass kids. Though the announcer's messed up pronoun use makes me rage a little.
>> CA No. 5853
Thanks, though i can probably get away with just the wraps. I'm only a A cup
>> US No. 5887
I really particularly enjoy the documentary 'Middlesexes' It talks about the spectrum of sexuality and the thousands of possibilities that lie along said spectrum
>> CA No. 5938
  Another cool documentary.
>> US No. 5941
I feel that Raci's paranoia and insecurity might be fueled to the extreme by her inability to hear well...it might just be coincidence but it's like looking at a transgendered clone of my near deaf cousin. Uncanny and curious.
>> CA No. 5961

Raci is so so so pretty. And TJ sounds like an awesome guy, I'd love to be friends. It's like we have the same stance on a lot of major issues.
>> US No. 5962
File 130016488333.jpg - (6.69KB , 285x201 , 1299384383592.jpg )
Oh my god. I want to be friends so much with Gabbie and/or Raci; they're both so adorable and they seem like they would be loyal friends, too!
>> CA No. 8175
Oh gosh please don't ever use ace bandage, even for short term. There are lots of ways to bind a small chest, including layering tight sports bras and lower back braces. Bandages like these are designed to constrict over time and they can cause SERIOUS damage to your tissues and organs.
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