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File 129962420855.jpg - (40.83KB , 516x440 , failneck.jpg )
5791 US No. 5791
Resurrecting the thread because of this image.
Expand all images
>> US No. 5793
Why does so much bad art have really long necks? You'd think that would be something easily noticed and fixed.
>> US No. 5795
File 129963425516.jpg - (56.78KB , 468x702 , 23252__468x_anime-manga-drawing-fail-14.jpg )
Not too certain why, it could be because most of the sub-par artists know primarily how to draw the head and the face well enough, which is pretty much the only thing that matters in landing a job. However, once they have to attach that face to a body, many of those artists now found themselves staring at the paper and asking "The fuck does this work?". Maybe distancing the body from the head gives them a lot of 'leeway' to work with? :V

I would never go to this doctor. His knowledge of anatomy is probably inhuman and would kill me.
>> US No. 5799
File 129963546059.jpg - (41.19KB , 468x402 , 23253__468x_anime-manga-drawing-fail-15.jpg )
>> US No. 5828
File 129972038970.jpg - (26.53KB , 468x351 , 23262__468x_anime-manga-drawing-fail-3.jpg )
Photodumping with Pedo Kenshiro.
>> US No. 5829
File 129972042851.jpg - (24.31KB , 468x351 , 23263__468x_anime-manga-drawing-fail-4.jpg )
>> US No. 5830
File 12997204883.jpg - (41.96KB , 468x380 , 23265__468x_anime-manga-drawing-fail-6.jpg )
>> US No. 5831
File 129972052555.jpg - (68.06KB , 468x593 , 23267__468x_anime-manga-drawing-fail-8.jpg )
>> US No. 5832
File 129972056656.jpg - (39.73KB , 468x429 , 23268__468x_anime-manga-drawing-fail-9.jpg )
>> US No. 5833
In retrospect, I think this was posted a long time ago.
>> US No. 5834
File 129972077533.jpg - (48.54KB , 468x585 , 26712__468x_anime-manga-epic-drawing-fail-03.jpg )
>> US No. 5835
File 129972092237.jpg - (56.74KB , 468x838 , 26717__468x_anime-manga-epic-drawing-fail-08.jpg )
Captcha: foquet. "Fuck it".

No captcha, we can't fuck up the anatomy anymore than it has been already.
>> CA No. 5842
File 129974385242.jpg - (265.25KB , 700x1024 , 1299740936980.jpg )
that lower left corner
>> AU No. 5843
File 129974676054.jpg - (285.23KB , 866x1202 , manga-schedule.jpg )
when you see how hard some of these guys work, you can kind of understand

but then again, some of this is unforgiveable
>> CA No. 5845
I'm pretty sure most of these examples aren't from people who work weekly, but are from those who work monthly. In comparison a monthly manga artist has it easy verses a western comic artist, they work on much smaller paper and have assistants, where western ones get an inker maybe and have 10x15 paper instead of 8x10.

But then again that could almost argue that Liefeld's is ok since he wrote and drew and we all know that's total bs.
>> US No. 5857
File 129979820711.jpg - (27.20KB , 455x348 , 128367583871.jpg )
Is it things like this that are making the Japanese so stressed out about work? :(
>> US No. 6024
File 130032863482.jpg - (32.53KB , 468x655 , 26723__468x_anime-manga-epic-drawing-fail-14.jpg )
Is this one of those Age Progressionist fantasies, where instead of the child rapidly maturing in an instant, the body is awkwardly and unevenly developing at different places?
>> US No. 6025
File 130032875490.jpg - (38.67KB , 468x351 , 26725__468x_anime-manga-epic-drawing-fail-16.jpg )
>> US No. 6026
File 130032881263.jpg - (130.71KB , 468x1414 , 26728__468x_anime-manga-epic-drawing-fail-19.jpg )
>> US No. 6027
File 130032891392.jpg - (30.87KB , 468x351 , 26732__468x_anime-manga-epic-drawing-fail-23.jpg )
>> US No. 6049
File 130041052468.jpg - (72.32KB , 400x299 , quality-gundam1.jpg )
I thought that's how xxxHolic normally looks?

>> US No. 6089
>I thought that's how xxxHolic normally looks?

Like noodle limbed freaks of nature? Hell yeah.
I've always disliked the Holic look.

Or rather, just the extremely lanky thing in general.
Holic, Tsubasa, Geass, it's all icky.
>> US No. 6091
File 13005072727.jpg - (385.23KB , 890x629 , nobilis3.jpg )
Don't buy the third edition of Nobilis, It has poorly traced Touhou art in it.
>> US No. 6092
File 130050775120.jpg - (537.55KB , 1036x780 , nobilis4.jpg )
This is basically the entirety of the art in the book.
>> CA No. 6094
I did a double take on the black guy....
just wow.
>> No. 6096
If you can get past the odd look of it, XXXHolic is actually very good.
>> CA No. 6112
Odd and bad are different things. Giger's art is odd, this is just bad.
>> US No. 6129
File 130058993232.jpg - (144.04KB , 800x1231 , ____is_there_life_on_mars__by_shatzy_shell-d32uu1w.jpg )
That black is the only normal guy there. He's just reacting as well as anybody would when the annual con attracts as many weeaboos, pasty-ghost-like basement dwellers, and whatever-subculture-it-is-that-causes-extremely-nerdy-people-to-think-that-a-fedora-hat-makes-you-'sophisticated' (Hipster?) like an event horizon. Just what the fuck is going on there anyway? Besides human beings with gigantic eyes that didn't evolve that way naturally, there's probably White Wolf-esque subculture of magic users and and arcane forces instrumenting the underpinnings of the universe, and goddammit, he just went out for a cup of coffee, he doesn't have time for that shit.

Now this is a strange puzzle. I'm just wondering whether it's possible to photoshop the hell of out of actual scenes from Life on Mars to the point where they look drawn, or instead this artist is phenomenal with the upper half of the body but crap with the pants portion. I guess it's possible for people to be talented in some areas but bad at others? idk

Small aside story: a person whom I'm no longer friends with used to always draw anime characters the same way since middle school and show off to her friends on facebook. It's probably wrong of me to find amusement in the fact whoever drew the anime waiter draws exactly as her.
>> US No. 6131
File 130059061633.jpg - (44.74KB , 400x574 , ff9-freya2.jpg )
two parter on "people who may be talented but..."

Most of us are familiar with Yoshitaka Amano's art if not his name. He's the person who used to draw many of the character art for the Final Fantasy games, FFIX included. Many of the defining characteristics are complexity and beautiful, flowing depictions of future characters. However even Yoshitaka Amano goofs perspective sometimes.

What happened, brah? I know you can't erase with watercolors but still. :( And that spear she's holding looks like a cocktail toothpick.
>> US No. 6133
File 130059262774.jpg - (550.44KB , 989x706 , nobilis5.jpg )
Fans of Mad Men most likely.

Anyways, Nobilis is worse than most of the White Wolf stuff IMO, It's basically freeform internet roleplaying but in a book.
>> US No. 6152
Eh, I'll give them poiints for the clothes design, and I find the story to be somewhat interesting, but sometimes the art seems really off.
I don't hate it, but it's kinda unnerving.
>> No. 6180
Perhaps, but I don't watch anything unless the story is good. Everything else comes second. Hell, if I were to make a list of what I'm looking for in anime, the quality of art would be dead last.
XXXHolic is a perfect example of this. Looks unique (like shit many times), but the story is extremely interesting.
>> US No. 6233
File 130084530536.jpg - (128.71KB , 700x908 , Amane__s_Butt.jpg )
>See this
Oh god what
>See that it's for sale
>> AU No. 6245
Before I actually checked around on her gallery I thought it was a simple anatomy mistake that was caused by her drawing just the jacket and then attaching on the legs on after. Most artists because they're looking at it for so long don't pick it up, nothing new there.

Then I looked at her gallery, none of their recent art actually looks like that. Apart from some obviously traced Legolas and Aragorn slash, which I have seen the original picture around on /y/ somewhere.

My bet it was printed out and lightboxed from screens and then altered not to look blatantly traced. She's only screwing herself over in the end for "DA popularity" but it's nothing new or interesting on the net.

sage for no content
>> US No. 6313
File 130111897065.jpg - (113.26KB , 424x471 , 1cc681cbf6e696b8e5d14f4e2ab3c025.jpg )
The tear tattoo means he killed a catgirl on the inside.
>> No. 6319

>> US No. 6373
File 130137591644.jpg - (9.86KB , 212x237 , images.jpg )
Isn't it that guy on Escaflowne? That's just how he looks. And the show has catgirls in it already.
>> GB No. 6378
File 130141840719.png - (628.73KB , 445x2400 , tf2___mistake_pg1_by_whispatchet.png )
This is supposedly a TF2 fan comic. You can already tell it's going to be "very dark and edgy."
>> US No. 6382
Are they inside a colon?
>> US No. 6385
File 130144841583.jpg - (133.95KB , 900x1350 , titthighs.jpg )
>> No. 6388
File 130146349581.jpg - (75.92KB , 536x679 , AFLAC.jpg )
Dem thighs.
>> US No. 6395
File 130148893943.jpg - (123.82KB , 728x1096 , panty_by_mistystuffer-d32e6s6_png.jpg )
>> US No. 6428
File 130165893341.jpg - (218.99KB , 1024x643 , Meet_the_team_by_Mr6.jpg )
oh god and this isn't even the worst the whole gallery looks like this WHAT AM I LOOKING AT
>> US No. 6432
Because if it's a female, her boobs MUST be bigger than her head! It's law ya know.
>> US No. 6436
File 130170467234.jpg - (243.21KB , 1041x1600 , page6.jpg )
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a graduate student at SCAD. The faculty have begun apologizing profusely for letting her in.
>> US No. 6463
The fuck?
I don't know whether to think that's hilarious or infuriating.
>> US No. 6465

Last I've heard, you don't even need to submit a portfolio to get into SCAD...
>> US No. 6468
File 13017818644.jpg - (236.74KB , 700x915 , LOLWUT.jpg )
So "Edgy...
>> US No. 6470
File 13017828934.jpg - (530.07KB , 992x1216 , vincehighwind - Rainbow.jpg )

Here is the sooper speshul discription from the artist comments. I've underlined the worst parts.

Name: Rainbow

Eye Color: Multiple Colors

Age: 16

Hair Color: Honey

Personality: Meek, innocent despite the situation he's been put in, sensitive

>> US No. 6471
File 130178799391.jpg - (27.73KB , 640x480 , 1191634032224.jpg )
>> US No. 6478
Who the fuck names their kid Rainbow and expects to be taken seriously?

captcha: hiquur "Hi Queer"
>> US No. 6479
>> FR No. 6480
File 13018223101.gif - (1.56MB , 300x300 , 1298770091374.gif )
>> US No. 6487
File 13018558076.jpg - (101.55KB , 810x987 , Linus_by_gugi40.jpg )
See this, this is supposed to be Linus from Peanuts .
>> US No. 6489
Not for undergrad. What's infuriating is she's a grad student, so someone saw her art and still thought she could hack it. She's the embarassment of the department.
>> US No. 6493
Looks to me like quirky in-between frames to smoothen the animation.
>> US No. 6496
Has the department for real said anything about this student? I'm just curious.
>> AU No. 6498
File 130192269966.gif - (866.59KB , 294x300 , boing_boing___animated_by_zenuzenu-d3d6zqm.gif )
Found on Sparkledog Central.
Artists comments:
"As you can probably tell theirs other things going on in this but eh can't show those parts on devart, sorry!

Speaking of which, I don't have anywhere to post my uh... 'complete' work so if anyone has suggestions please lemme know."

Dem whacky-ass proportions.
>> IT No. 6506
her tits are really exaggerate and the animations are really bad. God save the Illusion Sotfware and KISS.

well, can have the site. the first site brings me to a wikifurry (oh my god)and everything Dog-Related
>> FI No. 6513
The deviant site?
>> US No. 6520
Yes. They let her pass her halfway point review because they "felt sorry for her," Yet every time they have to grade her shit they end up bashing their heads against walls. It's so pathetic.

(there's a sage button? When did that happen?)
>> IT No. 6526

Yes. (I write very quickly so I do a lot of errors)
>> US No. 6565
File 130215311029.jpg - (109.71KB , 757x1013 , BAM.jpg )
what i don't even...
that head.
>> US No. 6592
File 13022277273.jpg - (26.61KB , 550x371 , 1282050328901.jpg )
This has to be a joke because goddamn if I'm not laughing so hard I'm in pain.
>> US No. 6593
File 130222967891.jpg - (79.37KB , 638x627 , The_Nigel_Embrace_by_coledabean.jpg )
>> US No. 6594
File 130222977461.png - (215.96KB , 356x544 , nigel_thornberry_by_thegreedgirl-d34xv2f.png )
>> US No. 6595
>> US No. 6596
File 130222992961.png - (298.94KB , 900x430 , Octopoppet_by_alienfingers.png )
>> US No. 6597
File 130223001762.jpg - (181.98KB , 711x1124 , Nigel_Thornberry_by_MasterJetz.jpg )
>> US No. 6598
File 130223005822.png - (333.45KB , 900x643 , Nigel_Thornberry_by_WrathOfCanis.png )
>> US No. 6599
File 130223020340.png - (65.47KB , 736x1022 , fetish_week_1__unbirthing_by_nigelthornberry69-d39.png )
>> US No. 6600
Whoopse, forgot lonk: http://nigelthornberry69.Sparkledog Central.com/
>> US No. 6601
File 130223037212.png - (514.04KB , 636x900 , BBA_Cover_by_TheLaaarch.png )
and now for a story
>> US No. 6602
File 130223047748.jpg - (122.57KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg1_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 1/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6603
File 130223051134.jpg - (178.02KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_2_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 2/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6604
File 130223055118.jpg - (175.68KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_3_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 3/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6605
File 130223058316.jpg - (168.00KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_4_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 4/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6606
File 130223064463.jpg - (161.09KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_5_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 5/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6607
File 130223067887.jpg - (284.16KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg6_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 6/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6608
File 130223075212.jpg - (694.08KB , 636x1042 , BBA_Ep1__Pg7_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 7/12 of a nigel story
>> US No. 6609
File 130223079097.jpg - (332.17KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_8_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 8/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6610
File 130223082580.jpg - (401.57KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_9_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 912/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6611
File 130223101338.jpg - (413.38KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_10_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
Part 10/12 of an epic story
>> US No. 6612
File 13022310641.jpg - (70.92KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_11___special_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
>by jordan by superbest friend

>we here at bba learned a lots of things from such a great artist like garient tool's how horns are never rasor sharp an will have a natural curv in them thanks jordaN!

>ps nigel is blue now ecause only his doplegnger version dark side was red but i dont know i liked red aso i might change it gaen

>I probably won't be able to follow up the skill shown in this page.

Such humility ;_;
>> US No. 6613
File 130223116485.jpg - (380.38KB , 636x900 , BBA_Ep1__Pg_12_by_BlackBerryAlliance.jpg )
12/12 and such concludes the tale of Nigel Ryuuji "Wild Thornberries" Thornberry.
>> US No. 6614
File 130223360373.jpg - (507.22KB , 1024x700 , 1302050730979.jpg )
>> US No. 6618
File 130224211486.jpg - (116.83KB , 800x500 , I\'M DYING.jpg )
You need to watch this right now.

>> US No. 6626
File 130225399382.jpg - (22.53KB , 306x227 , 127438089724.jpg )
>> US No. 6630
It took her five years to animate that, and during that time she could've just written a fanfic and gotten it over with. :(
>> AU No. 6662

I'm not sure but I think that giant guy needs more crap on his costume.
>> US No. 6664
File 130241032996.png - (52.50KB , 192x192 , HeresyStamp.png )
>> US No. 6665
I just wasted like, 6 minutes of my life.
She wasted 5 years, you say? GOOD. FUCKING GOOD. In that case, she can make another 400 of these and never, ever post them.
ergh. all of the positive comments on this...rageee
>> No. 6693
File 130253450620.jpg - (1.54MB , 2204x2151 , 1302531475494.jpg )
all my hate
>> US No. 6703
File 13025863095.jpg - (16.98KB , 300x400 , kasuki_captor__ms_paint_oc_by_arceus_sama-d3dik8m.jpg )
You know how on DA you can have a picture at the top of your "literature"? This was the pic for the following:

Actual deviation

Kasuki Captor- Ms Paint OC
by ~Arceus-sama

Kasuki Captor

Lady of Know

6 Alternian solar sweeps (13 earth years)

Screen Name

Typing Style
2ame as 2ollux, b-but wiith an occa2iional 2tutter

Zodiac Sign

Strife Specibi
Knife Type

Sollux Captor- Twin

Land of Brains and Fire

Personality and basic info:
She can be seen as sweet, but sometimes she is mysteriously a little more rambuctious- she especially seems to enjoy Harassing Karkat, and sometimes makes fun of him by using a Terezi-style attack of
"Your anger ii2 of the deliiciiou2 variety"
she also enjoys calling him "Karkiity" and con2tantly hara22e2 him with a John-Egbert-inspired "Vroom Vroom Meow"
She doesn't seem to be affected by mind honey, possibly due to the fact she has no special powers, the only thing she can do is wield a deadly knife the size of her arm

Artist comments

I used the official thing when you google them and go on the Ms paint wikipedia site...
theres a vampire knight wiki too...

anyways, enjoy my oc
More info, for those who are going to accuse me of making a female sollux genderbend

1. It's not a canon character, it is completely fan made, I was inspired when i realized Gemini is literally "the twins"
and I realized there was only one- the whole "he has one red eye and on blue means he is his own twin" doesn't work- that's just a troll with one red eye and one blue, and multi personality disorder.

2. note that she does not look exactly like sollux because:
~ her eyes are yellow, not one red and one blue.
~her glasses are reversed, because she is the opposite of Sollux
~ her horns are MUCH LARGER than Sollux's
~ Her manner of speech may be similar, but she has a slight stutter

3. she has a weapon, where sollux uses his own power, 2 completely different things.

So pls don't tell me I'm copying a character, because there are enough OBVIOUS differences to say otherwise.

All together on three, 1...2...3...MARY SUE!
>> CA No. 6704
Never understood this fandom to begin with, and I think I understand it even less.
>> AU No. 6714
Differences so obvious that they needed to be pointed out.
>> US No. 6717
...Can you post the literature too?
>> No. 6720
File 130267547050.jpg - (263.14KB , 1024x792 , 1302668807706.jpg )
>This is why gays can't have nice things
>> CA No. 6727
Jesus fuck, this is rage inducing to begin with but then to compare not being able to marry to apartheid (btw, it's only that if it's one race versus another).

This IS why we can't have nice things.
>> US No. 6788
File 130296124033.jpg - (102.07KB , 728x1060 , COVER_v02c01_pg000.jpg )
What the fuck is wrong with your face, Faye?
>> US No. 6790
I'm not seeing anything special other then her hair in her face.
>> US No. 6796

The top of her head and her chin are at odds with each other. It's like someone lopped off her head just under the eyes and then spliced it back on with a completely different perspective.

She also has no forehead, and I think that one eye is trying to make a run for it.
>> No. 6797
File 130300407122.jpg - (311.76KB , 1024x1358 , 1303003963010.jpg )
U rage you lose
>> US No. 6804
File 130301089332.jpg - (29.36KB , 640x480 , ba19fe7d.jpg )
Welp, I lost.
I don't care is Sandy is a genius, it still wouldn't work.
>> US No. 6805
>[quote]if sandy[/quote]
my bad.
>> US No. 6807
  This pisses me right the fuck off, and I don't even like country!

The original:
>> No. 6825
File 130309562167.jpg - (5.10KB , 154x120 , 130289720101.jpg )
>> US No. 6829
File 130313171968.jpg - (259.71KB , 900x669 , a_night_with_ran___sketch_by_spaghettiarm_deidara-.jpg )
I don't know which is worse. The drawing itself, or the fact that it's Detective Conan bondage fanart, or the idea that it's bondage and abuse titled "A Night With Ran," meaning they've taken one of the most innocent and lovey-dovey relationships in fictional history and turned into... well, THIS.
>> US No. 6838
File 130318118659.png - (1.30MB , 1450x1902 , 6ef675b104d232c54db148be019fbb5f.png )
So this got uploaded to Danbooru. The artist's response to somebody saying it looked like shit:
>you mess with the wrong guy,you are just ants in my way
>> US No. 6868
File 130333447611.png - (232.29KB , 764x1046 , Wheatley doesn\'t want to be there.png )
Her legs are maybe three times the length of her body, what. Also as far as I know Wheatley is... Well, maybe he's a bit larger than that, I'm not sure.
>> US No. 6874
I-I don't have a proper reaction image.

>> No. 6878
File 130334802349.png - (1.77MB , 1000x1415 , 1303322123087.png )
There are so many things wrong with this picture

I guess we could start with the tree...
>> US No. 6900
Another thing.

It's a fucking Hybrid.

Shitty hipsters ruin everything.
>> BR No. 6907
Tailmon have no facial expressions, creepy. How can a furry being fell tickles.
>> CL No. 6914
File 130342545012.png - (346.23KB , 800x444 , mario_and_the_easter_rabbid_by_moviemowdown-d3efmd.png )
>The Artist has requested Critique on this Artwork
>> US No. 6917

I don't think I could critique this.

It's... beautiful.
>> CA No. 6937
May wanna watch how much of any of that you post. Since it involves children, even though drawn, the comic is considered child porn in the US, Canada, the UK and others.
>> CA No. 6946
>implying implying
>> US No. 6957
Cartoonish depictions of CP is still considered CP under US, Canada and UK law. So don't post any illegal material.

If you post any material that has anything to do with the aforementioned, your post will be deleted and you will be banned. And depending on the severity of the offense, we may contact your local authorities.

We have zero tolerance concerning CP whether it is fictional or not, as stated in our rules.

If this continues to become a problem after this post the thread will be locked.
>> DE No. 6970
File 130359686518.png - (883.68KB , 1000x750 , gabriel___three_years_by_atemswildrose-d3emuw9.png )
Okay, I wasn't aware. Apologies, I didn't want to step into illegal territories.

Have this as an apology.
Just answer this question for me: How is this Team Fortress 2 fanart? HOW?
>> DE No. 6971
File 130359690799.jpg - (76.65KB , 1024x768 , team_fortress_goes_gaga_2_by_little_miss_stealth-d.jpg )
Also, all of my hate.

All of it.
>> US No. 6972
File 13035973013.png - (173.91KB , 800x600 , f082af855e814febaf3beadcf41178f3-d3ep22f.png )
Omg solly is so super sugoi kawaii ecks dee. |:^I

< So uh... this is supposed to be Medic and Sniper... but OCs or something...
>> US No. 6974
Whove: the most hurtful insult of them all.
>> US No. 6983
File 130366241829.png - (69.14KB , 448x588 , 1millionhours.png )
so deep and emotional
>> AU No. 6994

I think the graffiti-tool wings really make the picture, you know?
>> AU No. 6997
File 130370718946.png - (15.33KB , 242x360 , Ko_chan_Base_by_leviathen.png )
I'd like to point out that they're not actually supposed to look like they have severe rickets.
>> US No. 6999
File 130372644642.jpg - (95.27KB , 720x581 , tumblr_ljcz64jl6K1qcikfpo1_1280.jpg )
Speaking of horrible OC art.

>> US No. 7001
Guys, I'd really prefer it if we could stay away from the TF2 OCs in this thread. Please. As truly awful as they are. Thanks.
>> US No. 7004
File 130377582478.jpg - (146.53KB , 1087x1280 , 130300417782.jpg )
I dun get it.

Also, attached image is just
>> US No. 7005
I don't remember their reason, but I'd be nervous posting them because the artist might visit the site, see their art in the Bad Art thread, and throw a bitchfit.
>> CA No. 7006
File 130378039534.jpg - (52.35KB , 900x491 , i_don__t_care_who_i_hurt____by_sonicrulz10-d3ew8do.jpg )
It stops drama before it can start.

Also this.
Artists note:I am sort of re-creating a series of pics by a fellow deviant whose screenname is Studdface. She is a very talented photographer.
Category: Abuse
Characters: Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog
Quote: I don't care who I hurt, I just hurt them.

http://studdface.Sparkledog Central.com/
>> US No. 7007
File 130378137341.png - (245.69KB , 900x863 , brudda____by_nicktoonacle-d3evk8g.png )
MLP:FiM's fandom has seriously gone too far, I mean sure it was funny when grown men were saying "i luv twlight sprkle!" but now..
>> US No. 7008
File 13037814978.jpg - (176.38KB , 400x750 , DP_FOP__Brothers_by_Zilleniose.jpg )
Good lord, it gets worse, these people think that Danny from DP and Timmy from FoP are "brothers".
>> US No. 7011
File 130379419015.jpg - (139.28KB , 1032x774 , 130181409895.jpg )
The thing is, the artist of any of these pieces could come here and get peeved and start shit. I get the fact that TF2 artists are more likely to come here, but still. Someone on the chan could contact any of the artists here and be all "bitches be talkin' shit, yo"
On this, I just wanna point out that the SFW fanart does outnumber the NSFW stuff. And most of that (keyword, most) is pretty decent. But I do agree there's some weird shit in the NSFW department.
>> US No. 7017
File 130382194875.jpg - (58.33KB , 640x480 , crain5.jpg )
>Bored and slightly drunk
>Decide to look for a dating sim just for kicks
>Find http://blgames.ukepile.com/database/crain/crain.php
>oh god wat
>> IT No. 7019
File 13038379399.jpg - (45.48KB , 640x352 , 176.jpg )
>Contain necrophilia, RAPE MEN BY MENS
I was ok with this if the pictures are good but...OH GOD
>> US No. 7049
File 130393909237.jpg - (162.48KB , 659x873 , e66f890a11524efe43f6abe2e5b4e5a75ca824be.jpg )
Just curious, what's the protocol for artists who dislike having their OCs posted? Many of them are quite 'strange' to say the least, and might just be trying to clamp their ears over their heads, saying "Lalalalalalalalamyartisawesomeshutuplalalalala" and it might help them to see a different view than their own. In a hypothetical scenario, let's say if (Please don't kill me for this) Chris-chan saw some of his art here and complained about it, would you guys feel obliged to remove it immediately?

While Captain Picard knows the proper procedure for almost any situation, especially involving teh anime (procedure: transform into a battleship), I'm not Captain Picard and I don't know :(.
>> US No. 7050
File 130393978764.jpg - (109.88KB , 433x665 , Mutokin.jpg )
>be a fighter ace in the Imperial Japanese Navy
>people only remember you because you get turned into a little girl by a anime
>> US No. 7051
File 130394633310.jpg - (59.54KB , 481x361 , 8d9c0454c7f12f18e76550fbf62b3c705adc3635.jpg )
Are you serious? Is that what's going on in the creation of that image? I have no idea, I just figured it was another Japanese thing to make other Japanese people go "wtf".

Along the same lines of what you though...
>> US No. 7053
File 130394726881.jpg - (202.63KB , 582x837 , 10ec4dfc40bfec4ce2ad8e1efeef323f.jpg )
>> US No. 7082
Look up "A message to the Brony community"


Ugh, MLP should've stayed a /co/ only fandom. I still, to this day, want to strangle the motherfucker who posted ponies on /b/.
>> US No. 7083
I would post some of the horrible things I've seen, but I don't want to make you all suffer as much as me.

That, and I'm not sure if it's underage if it's ponies, because I don't know how old they are. <_>
>> US No. 7099
File 130404498649.jpg - (338.00KB , 1400x1050 , WEIRD SHIT HUEHUEHUE.jpg )
Word of God states they're physically young adults but mentally like 14-15. I think.
Also more disturbing art.
>> US No. 7101
File 130404618597.png - (63.94KB , 662x770 , darkerpasts pg1 by Crossroads-ofdestiny.png )
These are not dogs. They are not otters.

These are cats.
>> US No. 7102
I don't know which is funnier, the "art" or the filename. Either way I'm having a good time with this one.
>> US No. 7114
Trust me, there isn't anything that I haven't seen from that fandom.
>> GB No. 7115
File 130409906994.jpg - (35.77KB , 246x382 , 1303623701034.jpg )
>> No. 7122

I just...wow.


Aw, shucks.

Stupid risky question, but might I innocently ask why you guys are wary of posting ridiculously awful OCs in case the original artist catches them and gets bent out of shape over it? I mean, didn't flawed things used to be bluntly poked at here a long time ago? Without concern for the original artist potentially getting upset over it? Is it because the work isn't really posted with permission that's the taboo subject matter or something I missed due to not lurking regularly?

if so, why not just have a "Your image desperately needs critique but you obviously don't want it but we'll give it anyway in case you change your mind one day" type thread, where people can express what's wrong with the imagery without resorting to openly bashing it?

Or maybe just a thread with Tips and How Tos when designing related OCs?

And sorry for pissing anyone off with my stupid questions in advance since I still don't get to check here very regularly.
>> US No. 7123
File 130414042059.jpg - (68.86KB , 750x600 , Chris_Chan_Motivator_by_YTPArtist.jpg )
I didn't notice until the above anon referenced the image again, but goddamn that is a fucking zombie in the corner. Look at those teeth and gumline. I didn't even notice that it there the first 2 times I saw the image. Just another layer of how-could-anyone-think-this-was-an-appealing-scene?

Hey Nyx, could you still answer me about what the protocol would be if Chris-chan saw some of his art posted here and demanded them immediately removed? Sometimes it's not good to defend people who can't take a bit of criticism; you could wind up fostering the worst characteristics that are to be found in artists (and people too). Two of those things are an inability to see things wrong with themselves and a lack of desire to improve themselves.

In return, I'll post this:
http://fc02.Sparkledog Central.net/fs70/f/2010/240/b/5/there_are_no_words_by_justcamefortheart-d2xil9q.png

Done for a request on a kink meme far, far away.

Yes, anybody can critique this, I'm cool with it
>> US No. 7137
I'm pretty sure I explained this earlier as to why we would prefer not to have OC's in this thread. This is a "bad art" thread where you post shit that people tear apart, laugh at and ridicule in general. This is not a critique thread by any means and while we encourage critique on the art that is posted on the art boards, its going beyond the line to forcefully put someone's art on here and bash the hell out of it. And by someone I mean individuals who are a part of this community, such as many of the people who partake in the /rpg/ board, or those who are just not artistically inclined enough to post their art here. Sorry, but that's going too far. If you guys want to do that somewhere else, that's your prerogative, but as far as the Chan goes we are not comfortable with it. While we've said before that we aren't here to hold peoples' hands, we're also not here to be complete douchebags.

As far as removing art is concerned, we have been approached in the past by people who were upset with their art being posted without permission and have in turn removed said art. Its a rare occurrence, but it does happen. So yes, if someone were to run off and tattle to a friend that their "bad art" was posted here and that person came to us asking for it to be removed, we would remove it without making a fuss. I hardly feel that politely requesting something not be posted in this thread is going to harbor the type of characteristics you're referring to.
>> DE No. 7138
File 130418586489.png - (0.99MB , 900x900 , toshiro___want_to_join_me_by_ptitvio-d3f90od.png )
Obvious traces, yay!
>> AU No. 7141
I also like the way he apparently has ashes rubbed all over him.

Hey, it's understandable someone might have trouble drawing cats - it's not like there are any reference pictures on the internet or anything...
>> US No. 7163
That sounds about right really.
>> US No. 7191
File 130444262428.png - (435.76KB , 733x633 , quality-baccano.png )
>> US No. 7206
Oh my god. It's Bobby Hill!
>> US No. 7216
File 130455973487.png - (77.44KB , 902x503 , dexter and doakes.png )
In the meanwhile, Chris-chan has yet to throw a shitstorm asking for us to take down his art, so it should be safe to post it freely until then.

Regarding the sandwich image, feel free to question what a strange person I wasrip it to shreds.
>> US No. 7217
File 130455986871.jpg - (208.27KB , 550x500 , mario4.jpg )
Also, here's the Japanese ad for the air force.
>> US No. 7245
It's pretty on model and I laughed.

Why is this in here.
>> US No. 7249
File 130472628360.png - (644.85KB , 640x833 , 244796 - Dragon_ball_Z Robert_Paulson Rule_63 Vege.png )
What picture are you talking about? The one I drew or the awesome Dexter one? I figured that in technical terms, both bad stuff and hilarious stuff could be posted here. It takes certain type of caliber of art to be posted here, one that encompasses both 'wtf', 'lol', and everything in between. I do try and provide you guys with something that I hope you'll enjoy and get a hoot from.

Also, no wonder why this guy is so defensive about his crappy drawing; he's a PLAGIARIST :O
>> GB No. 7262
Do bad fanfics go here?


Someone please help this misguided soul.
>> US No. 7276
I guess I misread your post and thought you were saying that you drew the Dexter picture. Anyway I liked it.
>> US No. 7295
File 130499219660.png - (1.21MB , 776x1030 , EWW.png )
Oh, come on. I think that that's kinda cute.
>> US No. 7298
File 130501572749.jpg - (202.87KB , 530x500 , pokemon_land_by_dourdan-d3fz8ev.jpg )
What the fuck am I looking at?
>> US No. 7304
(I...I kinda like this, and I don't know why. I have no idea what it is.)
>> DE No. 7307

I believe it´s the fact that this must be draw with Paint or a other programm which uses Pixel like this. I mean seriously such a picture with paint? Some skills are behind this.
>> No. 7308
File 130505653375.jpg - (823.96KB , 2100x1200 , 1303050168700.jpg )
Godammit I can't even find words for this. Why can't I stumble upon some terrible fanart for another fandom?
>> DE No. 7310
What the heck is up with Pinkie Pie's hips?
>> AU No. 7314
File 130506942074.png - (428.08KB , 900x1440 , shota_wheatley_by_mrafx-d3fx9u7.png )
Excuse me while I quietly sob in the corner over here
>> US No. 7316
Sheesh. We all know ponies have genitals. We don't need to see them. Would have been funnier if the breasts were more like where a horse's would be. I suspect this was made for shock value.
>> CA No. 7317
If you think this was for shock value then you've never met furries.
>> US No. 7318
maaaybe the artist never met furries? Ok so I forgot about them. I make it a point to.
>> DE No. 7323
File 130508605662.png - (140.64KB , 381x286 , angrygolduckdf0.png )
>> DE No. 7341
File 130516476652.jpg - (507.78KB , 633x800 , aperture_on_line_1_by_razzek.jpg )

>> US No. 7347
For some reason, when I looked at the thumbnail, I thought Wheatley was a Bidoof.
>> FR No. 7355
File 130520208955.jpg - (116.36KB , 800x478 , 2011-05-07-tf2comic140.jpg )
Dat chin

(pay attention)
>> US No. 7358
Woah buddy, I know that comic is one of the worst things in the entire fandom, but we're still not supposed to post TF2 related stuff in this thread.
>> US No. 7360
File 13052126252.jpg - (55.30KB , 403x481 , 1305059123163.jpg )
"Oh God, this is creepy, what is thi..."
>See big bulge
>> US No. 7361
I like it. I don't care about the romance but the plot is interesting. And it's sometimes funny. Different opinion I guess. I mean, look how many people actually liked Princess of the Fortress. I tried to read it out of sheer stubbornness but I finally gave up half way through. Just...really didn't like it.

(That is one hell of a Jay Leno chin though!)
>> US No. 7365

This. Knock it off.
>> No. 7368
File 130522601032.jpg - (138.13KB , 515x747 , 4e81e18dd8b979c3b53371dfa604d91d.jpg )
Is the sniper covered in shit?
Looks like it.
>> DE No. 7369
File 130522743428.jpg - (190.34KB , 800x512 , 233b1318eedb3d59bc6eb58772dadebf.jpg )
Two male characters from Osu Tatake Ouendan get turned into cats and have kids together.

>> No. 7372
I think that's the Spy. And I think that's dried blood. But I could be wrong. And if I am, squick. But I doubt it.

And, er, I don't mean to offend anyone here if they happen to..somehow...enjoy PotF, but I've noticed the majority of folks who like that particular fanfic are very youthful, very stereotypical, very obviously weeaboo type fangirls. So..yeah. I suppose I could also say that about CV, though. But I don't regard CV with anywhere as much animosity and disgust.

Again, not wanting to offend. Serious. I know not ALL the fans are like that and can be mature and reasonable. And when it comes down to it, CV is not that bad.

I too attempted to read both years ago and could not get very far into either of them at all. CV being the exception. I didn't want to physically punch myself in the face from reading through what I read of it. It just didn't sit very well with me, and not just because of all the related shipping drama that spawned around it. Art either. It didn't win me over, but it wasn't painfully hilarious or anything. Not like the majority of stuff I've seen floating around Sparkledogweaaboo-buy-this-traced-anime-screen-capture-print Central or whatever you wanna call it.

PotF...not so much. Five chapters in, I wanted to gouge my own eyes out. I am not kidding. I had honest to God eye pains. And I've never heard anything other than a 2009 forum post about good and bad fanfictions take any shots at that one. Ever. CV apparently gets picked on a lot. Maybe because everybody knows FF.net is a terrible place already and just text is a lot easier to ignore than text and imagery. I don't know.

And now I also have to ask another risky question: but didn't the chan used to post and tear apart fanart of TF2, which were not even OC related in any way? I'm pretty sure I've heard a lot of wacky and confusing drama related stories revolving around people who used to frequent the place but had fallings out or something, and found their art being mocked and went on a ranting spree about this place being so awful and mean. I always figured that's how the chan got somewhat saddled with a reputation of being "douchebags" in the first place. Actually...that's how I stumbled upon here years ago. Trying to see what all the ruckus was about. And then not actually finding any problems other than obvious troll bannings, and being really confused as to why people were complaining about it so much.

Dunno if I should sage this or not, but I am since I'm not really contributing to anything but bitching about that damn fanfic and questioning policies here. Sorry. I'm really just curious.
>> US No. 7373
I'm sorry, but this really isn't up for discussion here. What the Chan used to do and what it does now are no longer one and the same. There's already been a few posts stating the reasons for this decree and it would be greatly appreciated if this subject would just get dropped.

So once again. Please, no TF2 OCs or art in this thread (this includes discussion of CV and other TF2 related fan comics). Thank you.
>> US No. 7378
File 130524340760.png - (604.91KB , 656x634 , 1246158803621.png )
>> US No. 7379
Wow I really do not want to know this person.
>> US No. 7380
So many whats, too little time.
>> US No. 7381
File 13052519744.jpg - (70.71KB , 270x438 , yee.jpg )
Ah, an oldie but a goodie.
>> US No. 7382
File 130525264490.png - (115.02KB , 267x700 , dat hand.png )
>> GB No. 7391
File 130530655688.jpg - (88.10KB , 900x1445 , human_wheatley_by_randomman12-d3ejknd.jpg )
Hey guys look what I found
>> US No. 7393
I remember seeing that as my sister went though group applications (she runs a portal group) and we both laughed because of the mustache. The spheres have the same mustache.
>> US No. 7397

I dont know why but I find that rather amazing.

Then again I've had to stare at all those prettyboy Wheatlys for awhile...
>> US No. 7415
  This is probably better off in here than the humor thread.

>The five races: White, Black, Asian, Wheelchair, and Fat.
>> US No. 7417
File 130550132367.jpg - (223.91KB , 506x719 , Ricky_Gervais_Show_by_TheSteelCat.jpg )
I just...
>> GB No. 7418
File 130550820719.jpg - (19.78KB , 300x399 , 1300986701552.jpg )
To be fair they got the shape of Karl's head right...
>> GB No. 7433
File 130555446534.jpg - (77.97KB , 890x897 , f28a4e94c701d706440d4ff510162c7d-d3g768e.jpg )
What in the ever loving fuck is this.
>> AU No. 7483
  So much awesome nostalgia, but oh GOD the animation...
>> GB No. 7493
File 130581510777.jpg - (90.96KB , 600x806 , Give_Kenny_Love_by_Hiten_No_Rurouni.jpg )
I know this person.
Everything they draw is like this.
>> US No. 7495
They made an assassin look like a Furby.
>> CA No. 7522
File 13059428317.png - (22.94KB , 534x577 , pointy bits.png )
They take commissions!
>> US No. 7537
This is why I never draw. Everything I draw ends up like this.

Who the hell did that? I want to go laugh at them.
>> US No. 7593
File 130632054589.png - (767.89KB , 800x650 , 1306297911158.png )
What is this I don't even.
>> GB No. 7595
a classic
>> DE No. 7598

Sriously i had the urge to cry a bit. My heart bleeds. I dunno why. (Maybe because of my uncle for which the Simpsons are something akin to a religion.)
>> US No. 7647
pure beauty that's what
>> CA No. 7807
File 130751450991.jpg - (48.19KB , 765x567 , nope.jpg )
Had to share this gem with you all, as a token of my love.
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