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File 13007726625.jpg - (0.96MB , 811x1000 , 1298097651379.jpg )
6208 US No. 6208
Am...am I the only here that watches Tokusatsu?...In case anybody doesn't know, Tokusatsu is essentially Japanese power rangers, the big hitters are the Super Sentai series, Ultraman and Kamen Rider. So...Toku general?
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>> US No. 6220
File 130081879476.jpg - (98.25KB , 500x500 , samurai sentai.jpg )
Because of the intensely awesome theme song alone, I really want to watch Samurai Sentai.
Seriously, Power Rangers Samurai pales in comparison to what little of the original Samurai Sentai that I've seen.

Also green ranger from Samurai Sentai is monster adorable.
>> US No. 6244

Yeah, Shinkenger is one of the better ones and is universally liked (literally, no one hates it) I guess what they tried to do with PRS is try to do a word by word translation but it still feels...eh. Right now im watching Gokaiger and trying to start Dekaranger.
>> US No. 6413
Say, where do you watch your stuff?
I'm trying to locate episodes of Samurai Sentai and I've come up empty handed.
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