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File 13014642567.jpg - (32.97KB , 500x500 , We-Vibe.jpg )
6390 CA No. 6390
Last thread has already autosaged, so I figure I'll start a fresh thread. A couple of questions for you good lot:

Has anyone used this / heard of it used?

I know it's designed for couples, but would be using it without a partner be worth the price (approximately $80) or effort of obtaining it? I'm mostly taking into consideration the external stimulation coupled with small to moderate sized insertion. I'm not exactly up on the sex toys scene, but it caught my eye, and the idea is appealing.

I'm also wondering if many sex toy sites offer an anonymous sort of delivery. I'm worried about the quality and selection available in stores, but I also don't fancy my brother or parents to know the exact size and lustrous colour of any potential sextoys.
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>> US No. 6398
I've heard lots of good reviews about it, my sister has one. Although she once commented that all of her toys have terrible battery life, so I don't know if that's exempt or not. If it's just both sensations you're wanting, maybe you could go with a smaller rabbit vibe?
>> CA No. 6400
I want one of those, just because of the different settings. I heard you can buy them at London Drugs for 67 dollars. Even cheaper online if you know where to look.

And about buying online is that they don't paint 'DILDO' in giant rainbow colours on the box when they send it to you. So don't feel shy if you order.
>> US No. 6402
I only started schlicking recently, and I've never used a vibrator/had anything but a finger "up there" (which didn't do much, maybe I'm doing it wrong). I'm not sure what kind to get if I did, just that a) I'm afraid to break my hymen, and b) I'd need to buy in-person, because my parents snoop quite a bit.
>> US No. 6404
File 130153425474.jpg - (18.41KB , 360x217 , discreet.jpg )
"Relax lady, it's in a plain brown box...."
>> US No. 6407
File 130154062292.jpg - (50.92KB , 892x646 , cordlessbullet.jpg )
I suggest vibrating bullets and eggs the like. They are easy to conceal and aren't used for penetrating. I do not like the cordless because they take expensive tiny batteries that you never have on hand when you need them.But then, I personally won't buy a toy that doesn't recharge, or uses something smaller than triple A's...

If you are tinfoil hat worried about snooping parents getting into your mail then try out privately owned shipping centers that offer private P.O. Boxes. Alot of places (especially if it's a mom and pop owned franchise) will accept one time deliveries for a small fee if you ask ahead of time for the service.
>> US No. 6408
Man, that just looks like it'd chafe. Never tried it myself, though.

Some people like penetration, others don't. While you're sorting out what you like, maybe you could try vibration and penetration as separate phenomena- not everyone likes penetration. A standard-issue Pocket Rocket vibrator can give you both- try it externally and internally, vibrating and not. Spencer's Gifts down at the goddamn mall carries 'em for $10. They're not super, but they're a start. (Penetration only can be achieved with the plunder of the produce section and an ample supply of condoms, but it sounds like you're not digging on penetration so hard. Also, while shopping at Spencer's, avoid the Basix line of dildos. Those things stink like a chemical spill, and never stop).

As for breaking your hymen... granted, I'm no expert on virginity, but of all the ladies I've talked to, few of them have mentioned having their hymen break in the painful, theatrical way depicted by, say, bad hentai. Apparently hymens generally have a natural opening, which can be stretched in the usual course of sex- by which I mean a fuckton of fingering, over the course of weeks or months, before you just go jamming things in there. The painful-first-time stories I've heard have all come from overexcited, inexperienced partners just kind of throwing themselves at each other any old how. So, whether you're using your fingers or a toy, take it easy on yourself, go slow, and have a good time. It's only sex, after all.

Out of curiosity, did anyone here have a painful hymen-time? I don't want to be dismissive of your experience, and if I'm getting stuff wrong vis-a-vis female anatomy, do let me know. Frankly, I see a lot more naked dudes.
>> US No. 6409
I can't order anything online, my parents pay my credit card and snoop my mail. I've never done anything illegal, I don't see why they feel they have to.

I was always under the impression it should be broken by the partner themselves. But perhaps it'd be easier that way. I haven't gotten past kissing and cuddling with the boyfriend, but he seems like he wouldn't care if it was.
>> CA No. 6410
My Hymen has this odd history of growing back, but my family has a history of odd mutations. I've had the thing busted 3 times and it's not that bad.

I've had a lot of things hurt way more. At worst it's like pulling a bandaid that's got a scab fused to it. Not great, but the sting ends in a couple seconds.
>> US No. 6416

Either I was simply born without a hymen or I've accidentally broken it when I was younger (baseball, soccer, and competitive swimming might have to do with it...?). But I've never had a remarkably painful experience down there, but then again I've never shoved anything in there larger than a tampon, really.

I must say that I'm grateful for that stroke of luck though.
>> US No. 6419
Same here, except a vibrator and a menstrual cup (which are better than tampons or pads, just FYI). Some people are actually born without them. Some people have to have surgery cause it covers the entire opening O.o
>> US No. 6420
Luckily, my first time didn't hurt at all. My best friend's hurt her because she doesn't shlick so she didn't have any stretching to begin with.
>> US No. 6421
Okay, congratulations, you have the most useless X-men power I've ever heard of. My own mutation, curly hair unlike anyone for generations back in my family, was the previous winner.
>> DE No. 6422
For me, it didn't hurt or bleed at all - It was just kinda "Oh, can't you go in? Push a tad harder - Oh okay, it works now"
Some sort of barrier, you know? Nothing I noticed in particular, just something we had to get past.
>> CA No. 6439
That's something at least. Although, if I'm shipping something across the boarder, don't they have to declare somewhere, in plain writing, what exactly the item is? My last shipment from the US was a box of dice, and I can't remember whether they had any obvious declarations on it.
But, as previously stated, a P.O. box /is/ an option, should it come to that. Just, inconvenient.

Mine was. Okay not just somewhat painful. REALLY painful. I'm not sure if that was mostly the hymen, or intercourse in general. I do recall blood, though I wasn't gushing it or anything. And, lucky me, every time after that it hurt, too - from moderate to extreme pain. I don't plan on repeating those experiences, though, and when I do it myself - PROPERLY - it doesn't hurt. It just causes discomfort. I really don't like it and I really hope that changes, because I certainly love it in theory.
That being said, I have the awesome trade-off of an extremely sensitive clitoris. Hence my sex-toy specifications.
>> US No. 6440
I lost mine the least sexy way possible: due to insanely unpredictable periods when I was young (wouldn't have it for like five months, then have it for three weeks straight, etc) my doctor decided to put me on the pill to regulate me. But to get a prescription I had to have a pap test so I got to have my hymen broken by lovely cold sharp medical instruments.

Not as sexy as it sounds. Pretty painful. But I also think the pain came from me being 14, terrified, and the "dick" being a speculum.

>> US No. 6441
I've received plenty of packages from across the border and the customs paperwork just has to be in it, not written on the outside - when I worked at a pack'n'ship we'd have the customs paperwork folded up and put in an envelope on the outside of the box, because having what's inside a package written clearly on the outside of the package is a really bad and stupid idea for reasons that don't even have to do with "someone might get embarrassed" - like "someone might read the contents and decide they want them." I don't think it'd be an issue.
>> CA No. 6442
As the girl with amazing regrowing hymens I know that one. It was probably the worst. My doctor actually said sorry after.
>> US No. 6461
>Medic and you fic
>> CA No. 6502
>have a dream involving spiders, zombies and raw meat.
>wake up wet as all hell.
>dammit brain what about gore, bugs and rot do you find so sexy.
>> US No. 6511
So it's true. Lube really does open up a very wide range of masturbatory options, especially for a circumcised man such as myself. 20+ minute sessions are amazing.
>> US No. 6514
Sure it wasn't just sweat? When I dream and wake up sweating, it's always around my underwear and under my knees for some reason. Also, I've noticed that I randomly get wet when something scares/disturbs me. I figure it's like when people cry cause they have suddenly a lot of emotions and don't know how to react.
>> US No. 6524
I've been contemplating playing a little dress up next time I'm able to some "me time" to get creative and since I have the hardest time imagining scenarios. I try, but I get caught up in trying to find what feels good that it's really no use to try to fantasize. I'll have to report my findings.
>> US No. 6525
Okay uhh

would someone do me the honor of explaining the difference between circumcised and not-circumsised penises? I understand the foreskin part but what effects either have on the individual, etc? Also, what's more common and will it affect possible future sex?
>> US No. 6528
File 130200842768.jpg - (32.73KB , 480x360 , shit storm.jpg )
this is a huge can of worms you do not even know
there is no hard and fast and definite research on it in any way
it's hard to find unbiased reports of the research
it's basically not an answerable question unless you already know whether you believe the anti-circumcision people or the non-anti-circumcision people
i have seen unending arguments about this every single time it's ever come up (admittedly the previous times i've seen it come up have been on the straight dope message board, something awful forums, and metafilter, rather than a chan, so the culture's different and such an argument is more likely to happen there)

but yyyyyyyyeah no

one reason this is an unpossible-to-answer-without-bias question: very few people have been both circumcised and uncircumcised at the same time :V
schrodinger's foreskin, if you will
>> AU No. 6534
File 130202698916.jpg - (65.79KB , 359x284 , 1301910398885.jpg )
>schrodinger's foreskin
>> SE No. 6536
Whether un-cut is more common that cut depens. Globally, intact is much more common. But in the US, it's a bit more common to have a cut penis. Other people that do circumcise their baby boys are muslims and jews, for religious reasons.

But yeah... the foreskin is sensitive piece of skin covering the flaccid penis, protecting it. When the penis gets hard, the foreskin usually rolls back a bit. I could get you plenty of sites with information, but they would all be very anti-circumcision. So, yeah. Not going there. But perhaps you would read up on both sides? Google "botched circumcisions" or "negative side effects of circumcisions" to get one side, and google stuff like "circumcision health benefits" to get the other.

Oh, and about hymens. Hymens don't need to break during sex. They can be quite flexible, and even after they've "broke" there's still some of it left. Not even doctors can be sure if a woman is a virgin or not.
>> US No. 6544
There's also a lot of "girls think uncircumcised dicks are icky!" cliches out there. The first time I ever saw a penis I couldn't even tell if it was circumcised or not. Turns out it wasn't, and he just had a naturally shorter foreskin that retracted back completely from the head when it was erect and my virgin eyes didn't even know.

Every dick is different. No two dicks are the same.
>> US No. 6549
Problem is with the supposed health benefits of circumcision (less chance of getting HIV and other STIs) is that they can be as:

1) Circumcised men tend to come from more religious families which do teach the whole "waiting until marriage" thing, which, lo and behold, significantly decreases your chance of catching something (monogamy tends to do that)

2) Yes, there are uncut men that don't wash underneath the foreskin enough, and yes, that does increase the chance of any infection, let alone an STI. I've seen this argument so many times, but it's NOT THAT DIFFICULT TO WASH UNDERNEATH THE FORESKIN unless you have serious phimosis; in that case, circumcision would be beneficial, but it's rare enough of a case that it shouldn't be forced onto babies who can't decide for themselves.

In my experience, anyone who argues FOR circumcising is either trying to justify their own lack of foreskin, is uncomfortable with how another man's penis looks, or is just going off of religious beliefs.

>> CA No. 6554
A lot of the studies saying there are health benifits are funded by clearly religious groups. I have my doubts about the validity of them.

I don't care either way about circumcision sexually, but I do kind of feel bad for guys who end up angry that their parents decided to change their bodies at a point when they had no say.

If I ever could have a son (I can't but if I could) I'd probably not get him done.
>> US No. 6556
I'd only get my son circumsized because my parents would force me to raise him religious, and as cynical as I am about religion, I can't live with the idea of her never talking to me again. Aesthetically, I don't care, but all I have to go on is porn right now.
>> US No. 6559
All this dick talk is making me wonder on the conditions of the dicks of several of my favorite game/mango/animu guys.
Lots of uncut dicks abound, looking at demographics and numbers. Heh.
I feel like the biggest nerd.

My view on cicumcision... egh, as an American, a cut dick just looks so normal to me.
Uncut dicks kinda throw me off but I guess they're not too bad.
They're not gross by any means, it's just... all that foreskin.
I'm just like "huh, okay".

If I had a kid... yikes, dunno' if I'd get him cut or not.
Lots of factors to consider. I don't want to chop him up just because I think they "look better".
That doesn't sit well with me.
>> US No. 6561
My utterly unsolicited 2 cents: cosmetic surgeries on babies is icky. Way icky. When you're grown up, you have dominion over your own body, get whatever mods you want. Pierce your junk so many times that it's like you're pissing through a colander. But I'm against clitoridectomy, I'm against intersex genital mutilation, and I'm gonna have to come down against circumcision, as well.
>> US No. 6566
Correct me if i'm wrong, but I asked my mom about circumcision a few years back and she told me a non religious reason some males get circumcised is because it can be a health issue to keep the foreskin because it's easier for men to get infections that way.
>> US No. 6567
File 130215627366.jpg - (217.95KB , 800x800 , what-what-what-are-you-doing.jpg )
>foreskin debate

>> CA No. 6570
I fail to see the debate part.
>> DE No. 6573
Or some people simply got phymosis and HAVE to get cut.
>> US No. 6643
Just wanted to say that I bought my first egg vibe the other day and it arrived in the mail! It is amazing~
>> DE No. 6744
I return from my gynecologist! Apparently everything is okay down there in the Perry's lady parts. Yay.

That being said, I simply don't get how people can have this as a fetish. It's fine if you do, I'm okay with whatever as long as you don't shove it into my face, but it feels extremely awful and I'm relieved once it's over.

... Also now that I'm not sick anymore I should try my newly acquired sex toys ... First I ever owned. It's gonna be interesting.
>> DE No. 6766
I wish I could give you more advice - I'm an asperger autist myself and I totally get your problem. I just can't offer you more advice than "Be patient, find someone you click with" ... Because that's what I did. I was lucky that my boyfriend has aspgergers as well and understands wanting to move slow and stuff. We were best friends for years before we dared moving onto the relationship level. The question of sex also only came up after all the new emotional experiences were sorted out. That's what we did and we now enjoy a healthy amount of sexual activity.

It's perfectly possible for you to find a good boyfriend and get some great sex. Make friends, look for people you click with and see who responds well.
Also, regarding the fear of being torn open - Playing with yourself helps. If you can't do it with your fingers, get some small sex toys. Be gentle and explore what feels good.

I AM sexually active and I'm still really sensitive when I get examined. The fact that I'm of skinny build doesn't really help either. I swear, everytime I'm there the doc asks me again if I had sex already. It's weird.
>> No. 6799
I have a similar problem, but as far as I know, I don't have autism. It's just really, really hard for me to trust people. My parents have never been there for me, and people used to be really friendly and nice to me at school, I'd believe them, and then they'd start laughing and ask if I was really that naive. It's just really foreign to think that anyone'd be attracted to me physically or emotionally. I've been hit, too, so even when someone goes to put their arm around me in a comforting way, my brain interprets it as them going to slap me.

I've never been to a gynecologist because my mom firmly believes if nothing's ever been down there, nothing's capable of being wrong, and I'm built like you, so I'm a little spooked now.
>> US No. 6816
Surely I'm not the only one here who enjoys touching people more than being touched by people, right?
>> US No. 6821
2 hours. Took me TWO HOURS to get off, even with a vibrator. Damn meds killed my sex drive. Do they make female viagra yet?
>> US No. 6823
>Have a friend over for a couple of days
>Friend leaves
>> DE No. 6824
Don't be spooked. If you go to a good doc he will try his best to make it acceptable for you. It also helps that my doc starts some casual conversation to ease my mind. And it only takes about a minute or two in total, maybe less? It's no big thing, thankfully.

Also I hope you can find someone to trust. It's okay if you take your time, there are more people like you who do that. Wishing you the best of luck!

In other news, I got such purple flaps it's not even funny anymore. And I DO have some toys now so why don't I try them? I'm embarrassed for some reason. What the hell, self?
>> NL No. 6836

Oh man I know that feel.

I don't understand how people can stand sharing rooms with family/friends,
>> DE No. 6847

We ... urm... okay sorry i´m very shy about this subject and that i post now here of all threads...
I run ever in the bathroom, if i visit my family. Wait until midnight, close the door and do it while lying on the floor. Towells are than good to lay on, because of the cold tiles.

The BIGGEST problem by it is, if you have a cat in the apartment. Because almost every door is open for the cute bugger. And when you are going to the bathroom, he FOLLOWS you in there.
Or if he scratches on the door making a ruckus, while you try to have some alone time.
It just get business than and has nothing much to do with fun anymore.

And i can´t do it before the eyes of the cat. I can´t. So i don´t understand people who can perform while their pet looks at them.
>> DE No. 6851
File 130326027350.gif - (158.92KB , 160x119 , I CAME forest.gif )
So yeaaaah ... Perry just had her first experience with a sextoy.

Result: Sexy RP + vibrator = HECK YEAH

Chi, you are the best. Thanks for this amazing RP and thanks for helping me to get over my fear.
We conclude - This has to happen again.
>> US No. 6852
Gratz! *highfive*

Oh God, I have three cats. I know exactly how you feel. And when my parents aren't home I'm babysitting the little dog so that's even worse. I can handle the cata staring at me, I just put something in the way or ignore them. I mean, they lick themselves in front of me, what do I have to be ashamed about? I'm under the covers. But God forbid the male cat's hungry. Or bored. Then he's climbing on my head, trying to get under the covers, or decides to play "get the moving thing under the blanket." Then he gets mad when I push him off the bed. Like it's MY fault. On the plus side, he's afraid of the vibrator so I leave it running near me when I wanna eat a snack in my bedroom (where they stay).
Try giving the cat some kind of treat in another part of the house, then maybe he won't follow you?
>> US No. 6853
You're not. I prefer to do things to my girlfriend and get off on my own/with a toy (while with her, that is) than have her do anything to me, but alas! I don't think she's too accepting of it.

I think it's a dominance thing for me. I prefer having the control, being the "giver", etc.
>> US No. 6854
Nope, you're not alone at all.
It was like that with me and my former girlfriend.
She used to get upset that I always didn't need her to return the favor.
Sometimes just knowing I satisfied her was enough, ya know?

So don't sweat it.
>> CA No. 6856
Well that explains why my sex drive is horrid lately. Masturbation is not even in the equation when you've got a 2 inch cyst on your overy, if you know about it or not.
>> US No. 6858
Wow. When are gonna get that taken care of? Are they dangerous?
>> CA No. 6860
>>6858 They certainly can be. All comes down to whether it's benign or malignant, to determine whether or not it's potentially dangerous. Either way, it's uncomfortable, and often very painful.
Lots of women get ovarian cysts, though. Like, a ridiculous amount of women. My doctor told me it's even more common than a sprained ankle.
Sometimes they have to operate to get them out. Other times, they'll just sort of dissolve on their own. And some times you just have to learn to live with them. Sucks, but that's how it is with cysts.
My friend's got one right now. Much smaller than 2 inches, and even she is constantly complaining about the pain. I can only imagine how much it must be hurting Combat Baby.
>> CA No. 6861
Luckily it hasn't ruptured. I'm on strict orders to rush back to emergency if it does. The doctor said it's a simple cyst. So it wormed when the egg was supposed to be released last month. Should be cleared up in a month or 2.

Worst part was they had to give me an ultrasound through my vag to get a good image of the fucker since it's pushed the overy down a bit and is sitting right where it should be.
>> US No. 6881
Oh wow...If you don't mind me asking, what was that like?
>> CA No. 6893

They did a regular one first with gel so I couldn't eat or drink for 6 hours and needed a full bladder. Full bladder is really hard when you have something pressing on it. The couldn't tell if the lump was the overy so they had to have me empty my bladder. It was painful as all fuck since the muscles are right there on the fucker.

I got to lie down in a dark room and the ultrasound tech passed me this medical dildo/ultrasound wand with a condom thing and lube on it and told me to put it in then lie back. Then she grabbed the handle under the blanket and essentially started swirling it the fuck around like I was a bloody cup of tea.

Also there was a student there, and apparently they thought it would be less awkward talking about the benefits of a re-usable cup over tampons as tampon stings can get caught in insertable birth controls like I have.

Then I got to wait in the ER waiting room for 4 hours for results. I wasn't allowed to leave so kind of lived out of the healthy food only vending machines since I hadn't eaten for 10 hours.

Then I got to see a doctor for 10 minutes, got told to get anti inflammatory and go home. My whole trip took 2 days since the ultrasound was closed the night before when I was in for observation to make sure it wasn't my appendix.

So yeah, adventures in awkwardness.
>> US No. 6899
aww that sucks :(

"medical dildo" great description. Also yeah, I started using a reusable cup and I freaking love it. I can't even tell it's there like I do with tampons. Took me a few cycles to get used to inserting and removing it though. http://ladycup.com/
>> CA No. 6901
I'm probably going to get one in a month or two, the alternatives are to expensive and wasteful.
>> US No. 6928
Today was a momentous occasion for me.


never forget
>> US No. 6929
File 130345623798.jpg - (21.12KB , 259x259 , CryingEagle.jpg )
>> US No. 7058
Surely there is a guide somewhere on how to suck dick.

>> US No. 7060
eagle have no dicks. They only have butt sex.
>> US No. 7063
File 130396638251.jpg - (55.36KB , 800x600 , 633723815752856860-blowjob.jpg )

or-> http://www.literotica.com/s/blowjobs-for-dummies
>> AU No. 7186
i think i just had an orgasm without ejaculating.

i stopped as soon as it started cause i wanted to keep fapping. it felt like it was too late but then nothing happened.

shit's getting tantric
>> CA No. 7272
I have a question regarding G-spots. I'm a girl, first off, and a virgin. I can only fit one finger inside so far, but I can get it in almost up to the very last knuckle (like, as far as a finger can go).
Now, I've been searching for my G-spot, following every guide I've found online, but so far, nothing. I think. I feel something there, but...

Well, you know in smutfics and such, the character's G-spot will be touched and it's like 'OMGFIREWORKSINMYVAGINA' kind of a feeling? How accurate is this? Is it possible that I have been hitting my G-spot and am just overestimating how good it's supposed to feel?
>> US No. 7275
File 130490426359.jpg - (21.28KB , 500x357 , walkingFingers.jpg )
For most ladies, the g-spot is a spongy bumpy feeling bit of tissue...it is called the Skene's gland and the easiest way to describe on finding is to curve your fingers and pretend you are trying to feel your navel from behind. Sounds stupid but it's how I found it.

Once you locate it, folks have told me to get the most out of it you should use 2 fingers and "wiggle them in a quick massaging finger walking motion". I know quite a few lesbians that swear up and down on this method.

Honestly though, solo finger play makes me feel like a tool so I use equipment instead. For g-spot stimulation I suggest something that is shaped like this http://www.amazon.com/Doc-Johnson-Multi-Speed-Waterproof-Twist-bottom/dp/B000FERL1M/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1304902622&sr=1-1 the bent head rubs right on the gland when you insert it correctly (hooked end pointed to the navel) and yields very satisfactory results. There are also beginner ones you can get if you are unaccustomed to something full sized.
Also note that you have to massage and repeatably stimulate it...just poking at it once or twice thinking that it's some magic wonder button is misguided and will leave you with great disappointment. Also, it might take a few tries before you really get anywhere. Don't be discouraged if nothing happens the first time...being uncomfortable or awkward with what you are doing tends dampen the mood, so don't rush it and don't worry.

But with that being said, it's also different strokes for different folks. Some chicks I talk to honestly don't really like vaginal orgasms while others say it's like MUSIC FROM HEAVEN. Personally, I like clitoral stuff and more exotic forms of stimulation (but I definitely don't turn my nose up at it).
Every woman is different though so it just takes time and experimentation to figure out what suites you best.
>> US No. 7284
so i take medicine for an anxiety disorder. It kills my sex drive which wasn't real strong to begin with. Is there anything other than drugs i can do to improve my 'private time' without risking giving myself anxiety?
>> US No. 7286
I'm turned on pretty easily by just talking with my partner, and masturbate/fantasize fine. However...
I'm really, really turned on when my bladder's full. Like, porn doesn't turn me on at all unless I have to pee. I haven't yet managed to reach the same high with anything else than I have when I need to urinate. It's not the thought of urine, mind you, but the feeling of a full bladder that turns me on.

The problem with this is that I don't find urine PLAY arousing. People wetting themselves, golden showers, pee in general in the bedroom = eeeeh.

Is there a name for a bladder fetish that doesn't involve the urine itself? And, ah...does anyone else feel like this?

(Accidentally posted this on an old Sex Talk thread instead of the newer one. My bad!)
>> CA No. 7287
Maybe it's just a case of your full bladder pressing down on somewhere that feels really nice?
>> US No. 7288
Maybe it's the pressure of the bladder pressing against the vagina/inner clit or something? I mean they're right next to each other, it's a possibility. I find a vague similarity to that, but rather than only being turned on when I need to, it makes it easier.
>> US No. 7291
I have a question about female ejaculation. Is it, like, unattractive? Because it feels really really gross. Is there medication you can take or something you can do to make it... less? Because I seriously feel like I'm pissing myself and that's nasty.
>> US No. 7293
I kinda have that problem a bit too. I'm more aroused when I have to pee. But sometimes I think I mistake one feeling for the other.
>> US No. 7296
I feel you, bro.
>> CA No. 7303
I do the same damn thing. "Oh god, I'm so horny. No wait. Just have to pee. Never mind."
>> US No. 7305
Looking at the comments above me, I am relieved to know that I wasn't the only one who would get those two sensations confused.
>> US No. 7330
I find it really hard to get aroused, but during the first couple of days of my period, my clit gets aroused and throbs a lot out of nowhere, to the point where it actually hurts.

Is this normal? It's never happened in years past, but I swear my period acts different every year.
>> US No. 7354
I still have this problem. When I first got my egg vibe, I squirted a lot and I knew exactly what it felt like, but the last three times I used it, I ended up not squirting and I peed a little bit. Thing is, the build-up sensation is exactly the same until it actually happens. Uuuugh.

Meanwhile, I have so many mosquito bites. This is the last time I attempt to have sex outside for a while.
>> AU No. 7357

Just dropping in to say I'm glad I'm not the only one with a seemingly tiny vagina.
>> US No. 7362
I'm mostly the same except it's not quite that extreme. I think it's normal to get more aroused when you're near the beginning of your period. I think you're more likely to get pregnant then so it's a nature thing.
>> US No. 7377
Aside from using them too long, is there any danger from sticking ice cubes in myself?
>> US No. 7386
Generally you just don't want excessive amounts of water in your nethers- it screws with the ecosystem down there, so to speak. Like dumping fresh water into a saltwater tank. But that's only in extreme cases; one or two ice cubes shouldn't hurt. You might notice a bit more discharge than usual the next day, but that's a good sign, generally.
Personally I'm not into the whole ice cube thing, because once they get in there they just... melt. Seconding the suggestion about sticking a dildo in the fridge (glass or ceramic if you're hardcore set on doing it).

Also, this >>7383 is ridiculous. Hilarious, buuuut there's no way that'll happen.
>> US No. 7389
File 130527034677.jpg - (101.41KB , 453x345 , 00000000.jpg )
Anon from >>7386 here. The same weird little 'sticky' effect happens when I handle ice, as well. The thing is, though-
1: Your fingers have a much lower surface temperature than the inside of your body. When you shove an ice cube up your cooter, as I mentioned before, it reacts to the higher temperature by melting. Water tends not to stick to things. The ice cube won't stick to vaginal tissue because it's got a buffer of water around it.

Which leads me to 2: Fingers aren't naturally self-lubricating. Vaginas are! Which just adds another layer of buffer to the already slippery ice cube. Things that are slick usually don't stick.

Also- to keep with the ice-cubes-sticking-to fingers theme- ice cubes stick to your fingers, yes, but I've yet to have one rip any skin off upon removal, from my fingers or elsewhere.

...Also-also, the reason your tongue sticks to metal in cold weather is because your saliva, which has a high water content, freezes when it comes into contact with sufficiently cold metal (which helps the freezing process by sucking all the heat out of your flesh faster than your blood can replenish it). Ice cubes don't absorb heat quite as effectively as metal would, though; they just melt. And vaginal fluid has a somewhat lower water content than saliva, in addition to several other quality ingredients that hinder freezing.

tl;dr: Ice will not tear up your ladyparts. No need to fret. But, of course, if you don't feel comfortable with something, you don't have to try it!
>> US No. 7390

Aww, where'd they go? :C
>> US No. 7394
I don't think female ejaculation is gross. When I manage to make a lady do it, I'm all WOOO GO ME! But then, I'm a big fan of male ejaculate, too. I just like me some sex juices, I dunno. I think it'd be a bit extreme to take a medication to reduce it, but a diuretic might help. I know that some ladies who usually squirt don't do so when they're dehydrated, but having sex while dried out doesn't sound like any fun. You might also try a change of position- you might only squirt when you're hit just-so. I want everyone to enjoy their sex life, though, so my advice would be to throw down some towels or puppy pads and just... go with the flow, right?
>> US No. 7399
  This useful video talks about female ejaculation and also might explain why when you have to pee you think you're aroused. I learned something!
>> US No. 7420
Im a wee bit curious about fetishes myself. I done some naughty things in bed, yes, but in recent years Ive found out Ive got sort of a thing for goggles/masks that hide key parts of the face (Ive only had TF2 for the past few months, I had this attraction before that, though that gas-mask and those goggles are a huge perk). Is there a name for this? Im not into bondage at all, just... I dunno, the eyes and lack of face. Its hard to explain, man.
>> DE No. 7507
Okay. I followed a advice of here and tried to use some vegetables as toyreplacement.
My report on this. (Some may find this usefull)
For this i first used a banana with peel. I knew it was WAY to big but still i experimented with it. Because i didn´t buy condoms (Everyone knows everyone. If i buy some i´m BUSTED.) I used foil as condom replacement. What can i say? First of all. If you do this... try condems first and don´t go McGyver on sextoys like me. Second of all. Carrots are the best off all. Different sizes for beginners, if you have not the BIG MUTANTGEN ONES. Some are so big like your fingers, others a bit more. And nobody suspects it, if you don´t live alone. (What i´m doing in the middle of the night with a carrot in the hand? It´s a midnight snack. A heatlhy midnightsnack. I´m on diet.) Third (if you use foil). Be generous on your foil. Don´t just use a tiny bit what you fold around. Use a large amount, so that no plasticedges arise. They are irritating on your skin down there and don´t help. Still have some foil on the end so you can use it like a tampon. It can really help in the fun. Fourth. Take the time and use your craftship to carve the vegetable somehow phaluslike. It doesn´t need to be a Michelangelo like penis. It´s already good if it´s round on top.
And at least. Take your time. Try to be relaxed. Don´t force anything. And don´t be ashamed.
>> CA No. 7511
I thought you meant tinfoil for a minute.

>> US No. 7513
That's what I thought, what is it then?
>> US No. 7514
also: for education, but mostly for lol's

>> DE No. 7515

Nope i meant plastic wrap or the so called foil for it. >>7513 And i know this report about banana. This is the reason why i said take a GENEROUSLY amount of it for wrapping around. Or else it get´s loose. Like take 2 squares of plastic wrap who are over each other . Now put the fruit/vegetable in the middle of them and take all four corners and in your hand and drill them together. Now you should have your safety line for it. But i said already don´t go McGuyver like me and use condems if you can for it. (I´m forced by this because i haven´t the time to drive to a place where nobody knows me to buy condems. This place is just to small and if i buy some everyone will think: Hurm, who is the happy one? Welp it´s a carott, who never thought to get to such a thought.)
>> US No. 7551
Anon, no-one should be without rubbers. Shame is not a good enough reason to get an STD, or whatever you could contract from a carrot. I'm sure that you can order them online. However, if you're too shy, or don't have a credit card, I will cheerfully send you a big handful. E-mail me in private at the above address.
>> DE No. 7552
Marty, you are such a ginormous sweetheart. Come to Steam more often!

On topic, I'm sure my move will make my experiments with toys more common. So far I only used my vibrator once or twice, simply because I felt kinda meh about the prospect of doing it late at night afraid my mom could hear me. Whee, moving!
>> AU No. 7562
i learned the shampoo one hte hard way while on the road for work
>> US No. 7574
While we're on the topic of condoms, I am deathly afraid of getting preggo yet, not until me and Scoutpapa thoroughly establish our jobs, anyway. What's the most durable brand/variety of condom?

And also on birth control, how much does an IUD cost, if anyone knows?
>> AU No. 7578
Sometimes I think I'm sexually impaired. I can't come without a vibrator. I've never been able to with just my fingers. When I let guys touch me, it never even comes close to getting me off. Then I want to punch them in the face and roll over.

But the thing is, I love to read and write about sex, but when it comes to doing the nasty, it never actually feels good. I just think the guy on top of me is a slobbering beast who doesn't understand how my body works. And penetration is this uncomfortable intrusion which I am relieved when it's over.

I usually end it a week later or don't call him again because I'm afraid to sex with him again. I've left this trail of broken hearted men behind me and I don't know if it's physiological or psychological.

I keep trying though. Gard dang it!

When I talk to other girls they can't understand my feelings about this. It's a little distressing.
>> US No. 7581
Maybe you should talk to a therapist, they're great. Maybe you're asexual? There's different forms of it. Some like relationships but not sex, some are the other way around, some are only turned on by fetishes. I'm not real sexual myself, I'm 27 and still a virgin and totally fine with that. Course I take meds with a side affect that kills my libido, but I was like that before. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just the way you are :)
>> US No. 7676
Welcome to "What the fuck is going on down there?" I'm your host, Ida Rather-not-mention-my-name, with another disgusting story about my junk.

So, I was just fapping pretty hardcore. I was kind of taking advice from >>7399 and really going at it. Normally I just diddle around and try to avoid making a mess, but I decided, screw it, I'll just cum everywhere. Well, I went to wash my hands and the texture was... gross. There were clumps of what were like snot, even a bit yellow in places, and in general was just a lot... stickier. I have never experianced this before and I'm a little frightened. And disgusted.

I'm not sure if this is cum and the liquids I've been dealing with before weren't, or if something has gone awry in my vagina.
>> CA No. 7677
That could be a few things.

1. Some vaginal fluid is just thicker and squirting could have turned it a bit yellow depending. Not all of what comes out of those lower holes is purely fluid since things lubricate better if it can stick to the thing it's meant to lubricate.

2. It might be something medical, if there's any itching, random blood or odd change in skin color/texture then maybe see a doctor.

3. If it's about 7-5 days from your period then it's the mucus membrane that generally blocks the cervix. Once a month that plug of mucus comes out to prep for menstruation. Yes it sounds gross but it's a very common reason to have thicker fluid.

It very well could be that you just aren't used to feeling how viscus your own fluids are since you've said you try not to make a mess. Any way, I hope this helped a bit.
>> US No. 7682
>> US No. 7684
It helps a lot. It's so relieving to know that there are explanations that aren't "That's weird and disgusting go see a doctor." Thanks a ton.
>> US No. 7689
>>attempt to schlick because actually aroused
>>touching self actually makes me dry
>>painfully so
>>unsuccessful for millionth time
>>inside of clitoris is in pain
>> US No. 7695
You need some kind of lotion or lube or something maybe.
>> US No. 7696
So, my boyfriend and I have had sex basically since we started dating over 4 years ago. Sex got boring for me within the first couple months and I never cared. Frankly, I still don't, but it bothers my boyfriend that I don't orgasm unless I masturbate and I stopped masturbating a little over a month ago.

I guess my problem is I don't see what the problem is with not being interested in sex. We only do doggy style and my boyfriend gets off and that's perfectly fine to me. I'm aroused by things, so I don't think I'm nonsexual. Though I've been getting nauseous for about a month whenever I see/hear/think anything sexual (hence why I stopped masturbating). Also, my boyfriend's aunt tried to tell me that my birth control pills were likely causing my disinterest and that I should get off them.

So, anyone out there, is there something seriously wrong with me or is it okay to just not be interested in sex?
>> No. 7699

Maybe asexual? Not really something that's come up in discussion as of yet, as far as I can tell at a quick glance, and maybe some other posts are related.

You don't have to be 100% no-sex-not-ever-super-gross-no-masturbating kind of asexual, at least I'm not and I find myself more comfortable describing my feelings towards sex as "asexual". That being said I've had exceptions mostly due to curiosity and will power, but yeah. Consider going to AVEN, the asexual awareness website, and take a look around.
>> US No. 7700
I would have to somehow obtain money and sneak it into the house. I've old enough to get a job for awhile, but my parents keep overruling my intention to get one.

There's also this inability to know what I'm doing and how to fantasize. I admittedly have never watched porn or gotten past kissing anyone.
>> GB No. 7706
If it's started since you went onto BC, then it -could- be the pills. If that is the case, have a chat to your doctor and perhaps see about trying a different kind? Different pills will affect everyone differently, it can take a while to find one that works for you.

But if you're just not interested on a general level - then yeah, that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with you.
>> US No. 7708
>>7699 I don't think I'm nonsexual, I just don't care for intercourse/porn/masturbating.

>>7696 I've tried several and they've all resulted in the same way, so the BC has become sort of pointless to argue about. Also, thanks for the reassurance.
>> US No. 7727
So, I have discovered and accepted that I like anal. But, it seems like whenever I do it -particularly when it's REALLY GOOD- I end up crapping myself, which is, of course, downright disgusting. I am also forever alone, to I have to do this stuff myself and manuevering down there is pretty tough. That all being said, anyone have, like, tips or something?
>> US No. 7728
Are you cleaning out your colon with an enema beforehand? That might help.
>> AU No. 7729

I have to be really focused on a fantasy to get off on it, though that's probably caused by too much porn rather than too little, lol.

My first orgasm was with a vibrator - only then did I figure out what I liked and that I'd been doing it wrong before (too much pressure or what have you). If you have a vibrating phone or an electric toothbrush, it could be of use?
>> CA No. 7733
I use a neck massager I bought at Marden's for 3 bucks. Works just fine for me.
You don't need a vibrator to have a vibrator. A friend of mine still does the washing machine trick.
>> US No. 7734
Or, you can do what I do and use your shower head, provided it's one of the moveable ones. Water jets are my best friend.
>> DK No. 7735
My first time hurt a bit, my hymen broke when he started fingering me for real. It (the pain) was sort of unbearable at first, but i just tuned it out and focused on the nice things instead. There was a bit of blood mixed with my pee next day and it hurt to piss, but nothing horrible.
>> AU No. 7749
I've been with my boyfriend for about a year now and I'm wondering when is the right time to have sex. I haven't had a sexual partner before so this is all new to me
>> US No. 7769
I hate to sound cliche or anything but there is no 'right' time except for when you and your boyfriend feel it's right. For example, my boyfriend and I started within a month of when we started dating and it's worked out for four years now. I have friends who have been dating for two or more years and have never had sex. So, it's really all about your/your boyfriends thoughts on the matter.
>> SE No. 7771
Been pondering the last couple of weeks on wheter or not to ask about this odd experience of mine, but I decided to.
First of a little info: I'm a female, 19 years old and virgin.
I have been touching myself on some occasions when I get that feeling and when things gets futher I've use pens as my "toys", they don't work anymore except when exposed to water which only happened once, but it was not like I had the part that you draw with inside my lady parts. I can't say I've succeeded, because I'm really uncertain what it's supposed to feel like to reach a climax. I don't expect it to be like in the hentai, because then I wouldn't be touching myself if I was to breath as heavy like some locomotive, hahaha! So um... How does it feel like reaching climax? I've discovered that some of the times, a white, sticky thing appears on my fingers and on the pens when they have been used. Does that mean I've reached something? Or could it be something mentioned in >>7677? I'm confused.

Also, another thing. There was this one time, I was going to bed and a sudden sensation struck me. I didn't know why, but I just flipped over and started humping the bed and after a while the feeling stopped. Is this odd, with me being a girl and all?
>> US No. 7776
[quote]Is this odd, with me being a girl and all?[/quote]

No, I knew someone who walked in on sister doing the same thing. I haven't but I've done plenty of other things.

The whitish stuff, was it sticky sticky or kinda slippery? Women kinda 'self lube' when they're aroused. I'm not good at explaining things. Which is why I'm not gonna try to explain a climax. Except it's awesome.
>> US No. 7777
My situation is very similar. For a while I thought I had been reaching climaxes, but then I tried something new that blew everything else out of the water, so now I'm confused again. What I have so far is I tense up and shake, but I don't feel any sense of "release." I feel like there's still more work to be done, you know? It's also a matter of I can have this "climax" and then continue right on fapping and have another very soon after, but I've heard that it's common for women to have multiple orgasms so that hasn't confused me much.

Nonetheless... I wish there was a way to know you've hit orgasm.
>> US No. 7783
You could try sticking a finger in your vagina when you think you're having an orgasm and see if your walls are contracting rapidly. Your clit pulses a lot, too. Those are some of things I've notice while having an orgasm. Mine have been pretty weak lately, too, even though I've been masturbating much less because of how busy I've been.

I miss my bullet. It died on me about a week after I had gotten it. The wires separated on the inside, cause I was too rough with it. It was the only thing besides my first time that actually made me moan. Why did it have to break on me? :(
>> US No. 7786
The past couple of nights, I've had trouble getting off. Usually, I cum within an hour of starting, but last night it took about three and tonight I didn't at all. I just quit when I hit the three hour mark.
I have no problem getting turned on. Honestly, I think I get turned on too easily.
I'm pretty sure it might be lack of sleep, because yesterday, I stayed up for a full 24 hours to try to fix my sleeping clock so I'd sleep at night and be awake during the day. I did sleep last night for about 10 hours, but I still felt kinda tired.
I usually masturbate every night and use a dildo in my pussy and stimulate my clit with an electric toothbrush, and it's worked fine for the past 5 or so years. Have I just been doing it too often?
Like I said, it may have been I was too tired, and I may just need some time off, but I wanted to get some advice first. Help please?
>> AU No. 7788

Agreed, that sort of throbbing feeling (and suddenly becoming oversensitive on your clit) is a fair indication you've had an orgasm.
>> US No. 7791
I do. I'm too shy to look at/watch porn, and I find it hard to focus on fantasies because I'm awkward about it, though. I've only gotten past kissing someone.
>> CA No. 7798
>>7797 If it's not, then we're both freaks, I guess.
>> CA No. 7801
It's very normal to have one minora larger than the other. There's only a problem with it, if it's effecting your self worth in any way.
>> US No. 7851
Is there a wiki that explains fetishes and positions and stuff? It might be interesting to read up on for ideas.
>> SE No. 7874
Ah, I remember this from when I was younger.

Well, orgasms can be different from person to person. But a sort of throbbing, pulsating feeling in you vagina, plus a feeling of relaxation afterwards is a good way of spotting an orgasm. You can usually tell when you actually get one. Personally, I get spasms which last between a second or two, up to a minute. When I was younger, those spasms started just before I actually had an orgasm, so it was hard for me to finish off.

Also, the goo is probably just vaginal juices. They can look a bit different depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. Sometimes they are completely clear, almost waterlike, sometimes they are thicker. The taste differs as well.

For me, getting a boyfriend helped (maybe because my fantasies became more realistic?). Also, masturbation became even easier when I got me some toys and started with porn.
>> US No. 7898
Well I feel really awkward posting on here, but I figured since everybody is rather nice and helpful I'll not care about that.

So my boyfriend is absolutely amazing, until he tries fingering me. I usually let him go for a while but the entire time I'm thinking, "Please stop, you're doing it wrong".

So I guess my question is how do I tell him /nicely/ that he's not so awesome? Also, what can I tell him so that he can improve? Because he really does want to get better, but I can tell he has no idea how to do so. Figured you guys would know best about this.
>> CA No. 7903
My friend suggests that you give him a handjob or something and do it awful, and ask if you're doing it right. He'd be prompted to instruct you, and then that opens the door for the 'oh, btw lemme show you how to finger me' conversation, which my friend claims his girlfriend did, and it really turned him on.
I dunno. One avenue you could pursue. There are likely others.
>> US No. 7913

Well that would work if he didn't already think I was amazing at them, haha. But I'll have to try out the demonstration tactic.
>> SE No. 7919
What about letting him watch when you masturbate? I don't know if you're bf is into watching, but some are.

Personally, I'm bad at shutting about sex. I constantly go like: "Oh, I would love it if you did it a bit faster" or "Oh, not so hard on the clitoris right now". I guess I'm used to it? I'm afraid that my boyfriend will start to think that sex is just about technique, so I make sure about telling him how much I love him and the atmosphere we build up during sex.

Don't say it like "You're doing it wrong, noob", but just "I think I would like it better if you tried to..." Perhaps after sex, when you are both relaxed.
>> US No. 7956
oh man, oh man, I'm going to actually get laid. Not for another month and a half or so, but still. I was convinced I'd be a permavirgin.
>> US No. 7962
Not exactly sex but sort of related to it, so I hope that's okay.

My question: Is there any kind of 'default' or 'general' way that girls trim/shave/wax their pubes? I know that there are often preferences involved (both with your partner and your own), but my limited sexual history has made me nervous of how I'm maintaining the appearance of my vag. I'm also afraid of the inevitable results if I try to search this, or else I would have tried already.

Input on this would be very much appreciated.

Captcha: him rideret
>> NL No. 7963
File 130850959947.jpg - (20.26KB , 538x433 , Brazilian-Wax-Style-538x433.jpg )
I can't really speak for everyone in this case because just as you've said: everyone has their preferences. But this is what I've learned from experience and discussion:

If you or your partner are squicked by shaving it bald (not to mention the extra time and effort that demands), the most common alternative is the 'landing strip'.

In any case, I found a picture of a small collection of the more popular styles, so you won't have to awkwardly google it or anything. It's all up to you, good luck!!
>> US No. 7966
Personally I just trim it with scissors when it gets out of control. I don't shave it at all. Never had a dude give me shit for it either, even during oral.

I've tried shaving it bald before and it was just really damn uncomfortable and made me overly sensitive down there somehow. The stubble came back very quickly and was very itchy for me as well.

Everybody's different, though! I could just be lazy and have super sensitive skin.
>> US No. 7969
Do whatever you feel comfortable with. If a potential sex partner gives you any criticism about how you upkeep your crotch, then they probably don't deserve to be your partner.

That said, I personally am in the same camp as >>7966. It's easy, keeps things from getting too crazy, and there's no itchy stubble. Song related. If I'm going to be in just underwear in a public setting (bikini season is upon us), I might do a closer trim up of the edges to keep everything tidy, but that's as fancy as I get.
>> US No. 7970
Fuck yeah, the heart is where it's at. Appealing, adorable and easy to keep up because you can get away with only shaving a little at a time.
>> DE No. 7972

Same here! Feels nice and le boyfriend is fine with it, so why not?
>> SE No. 7976
and I think what's most common varies also with age and personality. Do what feels best for you, and stop worrying.

Personally, I usually just let it grow. Lately, I've started to shave the bikini line, because I have a new swimsuit. My last bikini had boxer-like pants, which I like because I didn't have to worry about showing hair.

My first boyfriend suggested that I would shave, and I said no. Simple as that. He didn't nag about. Guys who don't give oral to girls with pubes are ridiculous, even though I've only heard about them from the 'net and never met anyone in person. I've gone down on a just as hairy girl, and didn't get any pubes in my mouth.
>> US No. 8042
So I've been having this weird problem lately. I have been using an empty bubblebath bottle that isn't very big for a while now. I am not sure what happened or what went wrong but now every time i fap, even using my hands, eventually it hurts a little and maybe a drop or two of blood comes out. Did I hurt myself? I have avoided masturbation for the past week or so just to see if maybe it was a wound that needed healing but I don't know when or if i can start back up again. What's wrong with me?
>> CA No. 8043
I'm curious, do any of you know if being mute by necessity (living with your parents) is going to rub off when you delve back into a more adventurous and partnered sexual life? I used to at least scream into a pillow, but I find I'm not needing to do that anymore, even with the most toe and spine curling orgasms. This is something I can un-train myself to do, right?

Captcha: stactal health. Well if you insist.
>> CA No. 8044
Okay, first off- are you male or female?

Second, is there blood in your urine? Because that could mean any number of problems unrelated to any sort of masturbation-related injury, and I'd insist on you seeing a doctor ASAP. It might be nothing, but it might be serious. Better safe than sorry.
>> US No. 8045
I've always been very quiet when I masturbate. I don't make noise at all. The most I ever really do is breathe heavier, but that's about it...but during my first time having sex, I was making so much noise, I thought the neighbors might've heard me. I had no reason to be quiet, though, because my family was away on a trip to the beach. I guess it depends on whether there's a necessity to be quiet or not. I normally have to be quiet, because I live with my parents and two much younger siblings, and I don't want them to know what I'm doing. If you're not in a similar situation, you might find yourself making more noise, though.
>> US No. 8051
I never made a peep, but when I started getting into the whole happy-naked-funtime-with-a-partner thing my guy actually had to work a little to get me to make noise. Now it comes naturally, but it took a little doin'.
>> US No. 8053
My first sexual partner had to tell me to make some noise when we first started out because the most I would do is some heavy breathing. To answer your question, it's definitely possible and you may not even need to worry about it.
>> US No. 8054
I am female and no there is no blood in my urine. Usually i will fap and later when i use the bathroom or one i stand up after fapping there will be a single drop of blood.
>> US No. 8058
I'm completely silent because I find moaning and screaming to be a huge, embarrassing turn off. I've never had good sex, though, so maybe that will change.
>> CA No. 8091
Thanks for the answers, guys. It'll probably be a tough habit to break fully, but when I find a good sexual partner I'm sure it'll be worth breaking. I'm very audiophilic, and the idea of a silent partner is kind of scary. So if I have to put a little practice into unmuting myself, that's totally cool by me.
>> CA No. 8152

I used to be crazy mute because of living with parents, but since moving out on my own I've been able to "untrain" myself as it were. Turns out I'm pretty loud without even trying.
>> US No. 8154
Yep. I'm a guy and I've been finding myself making more noise while fapping lately. I still live with my parents, but my room is on the other side of the house from theirs now(as opposed to right next to it as before), and I'm home alone much more frequently.

Nothing over the top though, just "hoo..." "uuugnh" or just very heavy breathing. Usually depends on level of excitement or how long it's been since the last time I did it.
It really does enhance it for me. I need to cut down on it so it's that much more satisfying.
As for girls making noise, yeah I'm definitely not the type who expects over the top porn wails(that usually sound so fake listening to them is painful), but total silence would be... unsettling. But yeah, no need to be loud if it doesn't come natural. ;D Just heavy breathing with maybe an encouraging, soft moan or two is enough for me.
... so ladies(or gentlemen, for that matter), very curious, how noisy would you prefer a guy to be?
>> US No. 8157
It would depend on what noise you're making. Pleased moans are awesome, but nothing super loud because, as you said, porn wails are almost painful to hear.

Me, I'm a faggot for dialogue. If you can word something just right, I'll melt. Little things, like "Come on now," "Atta girl," and such, muttered in between labored breaths.
>> CA No. 8158
Same. I like somewhere between animalistic grunts, and charming romantic rogue, when it comes to the sounds.

And some dirty talk, for me, is a real turn off. Don't like being called a dirty little slut or anything like that. Some girls like it, though.
>> US No. 8161
I agree with what's been said, like grunts and moans, nothing too loud or obnoxious (unless that's her cup of tea). Those are pretty safe to settle on if you aren't sure. With anything else you should probably check or ask what they like.
>> US No. 8163
>"Atta girl"

I don't know why, but that particular phrase would make me want to claw my partner's eyes out.

Soft moans and heavy breathing is fine but not really a turn on for me. Dirty talk, unless it is hilarious and stupid, always kills my mood and makes me want to jump out a window.

The wet sounds of skin slapping against skin, however...that's quite nice.
>> US No. 8165
... oh god I read "atta girl" in the engineer's voice.

Yeah I wouldn't be too fond of calling her things like that either. Lighter teasing and other such dialog mentioned before is definitely up my alley but nothing really mean, even if I obviously don't mean it. Unless it's like a roleplay or something where I'm playing somebody who would say something like that... in which case I'd be so tempted to ham it up and completely ruin it.

... I'm guessing "good girl" would be even worse then? :3
>> DE No. 8166
Agreed! Though I like my sex loud, but of course not porntastic. As an audiophiliac I'm open to some dirty talk said in just the right tone, moans of pleasure, screams for more, all that good stuff. Sex needs to have sound for me or I'm just really turned off.
>> US No. 8167
Maybe it's because I'm weird and love being a guy's pet.

I wrote it with Sniper's voice in mind. Because I'm a normal, well adjusted human being. Obviously.
>> US No. 8168
Say 'good girl' and I'll jump off that dick so fast I'll look like a balloon deflating and flying across the room.
>> US No. 8170
Please tell me a dick is more comfortable than a speculum. I need to hear this.
>> US No. 8172
Uh... well I'm a dude but yeah, a dick is definitely going to feel much better than that. A penis doesn't resemble a torture device, isn't made of cold metal, and is actually meant to go in there. The penis you put in there may vary depending on your size and his size, but yeah. It'll definitely be better than that. Gyuuh. I don't even have a vagina and I cringe when I look at those things.
>> US No. 8173
... well technically speculums are meant to go int here too but... balghgslekht you know what I mean.
>> US No. 8197
it helps a lot that y'know
usually when you're going to be putting a dick in there
you are in a relaxed good mood where you want to put something in there

it is entirely different when you are nervous in a doctor's office and it is not sexy times

also when you are aroused your vagina dilates and shit so it is nothing at all like stuffing a piece of metal in there with only the help of some vaseline

>> US No. 8209

Thank you. Thank you so much. I'd just taken my first trip to see a gynecologist. I was thinking it couldn't possibly be as bad as I'd heard - that'll show me, I guess.
>> AU No. 8218
and to top it off (AFIK, god i hope not) the doctor isn't trying to get you off. if theres a penis in there its trying its hardest to give you pleasure (if your guy is worth his salt)
>> DE No. 8223
No worries. Speculums are made by the devil and dicks are awesome.
>> DE No. 8385
So.. uhm. sexchats... your opinion?
>> AU No. 8387
File 131011178917.jpg - (14.07KB , 283x424 , 302.jpg )
>> US No. 8403

Call a spade a spade. You're not roleplaying, you're cybering.
>> US No. 8405
I hate being short. I'm usually kind of indifferent about my shortness, but it's affecting my sex life. I have this shallow vagina that's really easy to slip out of accidentally, and every thrust a man makes inside of me seems to hit my cervix without fail. I've also got these short, stubby legs that force me to have to put my legs up over the man's shoulders just to give him access during the missionary position, and any other position is impossible. I'm either gonna have to find a man close to my height, which might not be easy to come by, or find one who doesn't mind not being able to experiment with positions.

Also my friend I lost my virginity to doesn't wanna have sex with me anymore, because we were friends for a long time before this, and he thinks it's too awkward. I agreed, because I was having trouble looking past that a little, too, but it hurts a little. I don't know why it does, because we're on mutual ground with the decision, but he was the only one who came up and offered to do it with me. If I don't magically find another body to inhabit some way, I don't know if I'll ever find anyone else.
>> US No. 8406

So wait, are you saying you've only had sex with this one guy? So your bodies aren't a perfect fit; it happens, and it's fine, I swear. There are a fair number of guys out there with small dicks, and you are going to make one (or more) of them very, very happy.

Even if you fall in love with someone who isn't a perfect fit, you can find ways to work with it. Try missionary without your knees on the guy's shoulder, or do it spoon-style. Those positions don't get too deep, and should be more comfortable for you. For goodness' sake, don't write off sex, or your body, just because your first partner isn't perfect for you.
>> US No. 8407
Oh don't worry about not finding someone. Everyone has something that someone will like. Some people like short girls.
>> SE No. 8420
Wait, how short are you? I'm 151 cm (4,9 feet?), and I've found ways to get around it. My first boyfriend was around 190 cm (6,2 feet).

But I don't have a shallow vagina. I'm starting to think I have a deep one, since I very rarely get that OUCH CERVIX people are talking about.

Just ... try different things. Don't loose hope.
>> US No. 8424
Hello, friend with a shallow vagina, welcome to the club. Marty's right, you'll find a perfect fit, trust me. And when you do, it's an amazing feeling.
>> CA No. 8425
Does anyone know what the average vagina depth is, anyway? I'm curious. They say that average cock size is like, 5 inches or somewhere around there (I think it was 4 point something, but I always just round up), but I'm wondering if there's an average size for us girls.
>> No. 8426
I have a dilemma. I can't orgasm.
I've tried every technique everyone has ever said. Clitoral stimulation (ew doctor terms) makes my legs kinda tingle but nothing too extrodinary and penetrating with anything more than one finger is extremely painful. Even if I try repeatedly to stretch out, the most I'll ever get is the pain to subside a bit. Still no pleasure.

It's not like I don't feel horny or anything. If I read a really good comic or story (videos don't do much for me, oddly enough), I'll get that hnnngh feeling in my tummy and I'll start subconsciously rocking and everything. Even if I try masturbating while feeling this way, I don't get a full on orgasm or anything.
Or maybe I am and it's not too impressive? I never get that feeling that there's something that still needs to be done, like mentioned in other posts.

Either way, this has been bothering me lately. Any advice gaiz?
>> US No. 8427
The average depth is approximately 5 inches as well. The important thing is the first 2 inches though as feeling beyond that is pretty limited.
>> CA No. 8428
It is possible that you're simply one of those women that can't orgasm. It's a small number, but they do exist. I hope that's not the case, but it is a possibility.
>> US No. 8429
One of my college roommates swore that her teacher or someone said that only 10% of women ever orgasm. I didn't believe her.
>> US No. 8430
Weird suggestion: have you tried anal? I know I never actually had an orgasm until I did.
>> CA No. 8432
Considering that my Human Sexuality prof said that 85% of all college-aged women masturbate, I think 10% is a little off.

It'd mean that 75% are just doing it for something to do, then, wouldn't it.
>> DE No. 8434
Well, not QUITE - I masturbate sometimes and I don't even achieve orgasm while doing so. It's still fun, so why the hell not?
>> CA No. 8439
I suppose. I can't imagine doing it without reaching orgasm, though. Maybe it's just because I'm a paranoid person, so when I heard about the equivalent of blue balls for females (for the life of me, cannot remember the name, but hookers get it a lot), that comes from prolongued sexual arousal without release, and how it can cause problems, it just made me freak.

It's like toxic shock syndrome. I heard about it once, and overreacted, so now I'm forever paranoid, and won't wear tampons at all (which works out, because it hurts to anyway, I tried), because, even though I know it takes hours for that to occur, it still freaked me out.

I'm weird.
>> US No. 8440
It's majorly embarrassing for me to be posting here at all, but I figured 'why the hell not?' after my boyfriend and I had yet ANOTHER chat about our cruddy sex life. We're each other's 'firsts' and we've been dating 4.5 years. Within the first two months, our sex life turned into focusing on him climaxing through intercourse and nothing else. I'm not into oral sex or masturbation (giving or receiving) and anal is uncomfortable even if we spend an hour or more prepping. So, for the past 3 years at least, it's been doggy style with him climaxing two or three times after ramming my cervix and then rolling over to sleep. All of this happens within ten or fifteen minutes. The problem is I don't like hand-holding or kissing and don't really like being touched in general. I'm also on the pill and had someone tell me that I should get off it because sex was oh so important and it might be damaging my drive. Is there anything we can do to fix it or should I give up? Googling about getting back a libido always results in articles focusing on older women in their 40s with physical complications, not someone barely in their 20s who's just shit at sex. I'm starting to think I've lost my libido permanently and it doesn't really upset me. Sex has proven to be exceptionally boring.
>> No. 8443
I hope not. I feel a little something no matter what I do, just not enough to get me to climax. I'll have hope!

One of my friends told me that too. I haven't tried earlier just because my stomach is derpy with IBS and it's been pretty icky lately.
Hmm. Butts.
>> CA No. 8446
It's proven to be exceptionally boring because it seems as though you and your boyfriend have fallen into a repetitive cycle - with him primarily on the receiving end. What do you like? Before you were with him, was there anything that aroused you - something you did, something you read about, anything you saw or imagined? How long as your libido felt dampened?
I was with someone for 2.5 years, and our sex life was horrible - there were many reasons, but one of them was that we didn't.. experiment, and I never insisted on doing anything that I liked. I got tired of pleasing him only, and feeling left out - if you continue doing the same - going through the motions for him - not only are you missing out on one of life's funner and messier pleasures, but you may be denying each other the emotional satisfaction that can come after a good romp. Not trying to be a big black cloud of course.
I was on the pill for a while, and it did kind of mess up my drive. For some women, I know it can throw them very off track. On the other hand, of course, some women are barely affected.
What I would suggest, at this point, is to do some exploring of your own and figure out what pleases you. Have you had orgasms before, what stimulated those? Nothing is hopeless, but you've got to start somewhere.
>> US No. 8448
Realized I've never been able to schlick because I feel like if I'm perpetually never asked out, it's selfish to fantasize about sex if I'm never going to get any. And I can't look at myself and not cringe a bit/not get any reaction when I try touching myself, because I've been insulted so much about my body. I'm not terribly fat or skinny, I'm just not notable in any way.

Is it weird that I actually desire a guy on the smaller side? I'm like the other short female commenter, I imagine it'd hurt if he was large. But then again, I've never had anything near or inside my vagina, so I imagine anything in there to be incredibly painful.
>> US No. 8449
Before I was with him I did masturbate to orgasm regularly, but not to anything in particular and nothing really aroused me. My libido's been dampened since about three months into when we started dating. I really don't like talking about sex period and reading about it makes me nauseous within a couple minutes. That's only started within the past six months or so and I have no idea what triggered it. I've orgasmed plenty on my own, only a couple times from my boyfriend. I realize this isn't a hopeless situation, it's just not something I feel is affecting my life significantly. However, since it seems to be so important to him, I feel like I need to ask.
>> US No. 8450
This is Anon 8427 again: First off, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with fantasizing. Secondly, I see nothing wrong with wanting a guy on the smaller side. My boyfriend is 'below average' and it's still painful if he's not careful with his angle. I've never had any other size, but I also imagine bigger would hurt if the guy wasn't careful. It all depends on your vagina and there's nothing wrong with that.
>> SE No. 8451
Bleh, don't loose hope. You're going to have sex, you just have cheer up a little. Seriously, when I read about virgins complaining about their lack of sex life, I just want to rape them to make them shut up. >:(

... but then I remember I was the same long ago.

Anyway, keep on fantasizing. And it's nothing wrong with preferring guys on the smaller side. Small guys need lovin' too. But sometimes, one's fear of pain is worse than what sex actuallt feels like. I didn't feel any pain the first I had an intercourse, and the dick was average in size. So do not fear cocks. Cocks are wonderful.
>> US No. 8466
Uh. This kind of relates to the question I have.
So the other night, I was at a hotel and "role-playing" with a friend of mine. Our sex scenes or whatever are always needlessly detailed, and I found myself horribly turned on by the one we were doing that night. It was the first time I've ever really been that aroused. These are my questions, oh wise ones:
1. I'm terribly ashamed of, I'll admit it, sexting with a friggin' fifteen-year-old, and even more so for the rise it gets out of me. Should I stop this before it gets out of hand, or keep going and keep it to myself?
2. Unfortunately, I totally had whatever this female version of blue balls is. First I noticed I was wet as hell, and later I started convulsing like a mental patient, and then I had the really strong urge to either piss or vomit. This happens whenever I get intimate with anyone, too. Not only that, but I can't masturbate. I've tried, but I chicken out every time. So are these feeling natural? Does anyone else feel that awful when they're turned on?
>> US No. 8467
1. I'd say you should stop it because you're sexting a 15 year old.
>> US No. 8471
...well, yeah, that's bad. I have no excuse for that, besides the fact that she's the one who constantly starts it up, even after I specified that's not what I wanted the the damn thing to be about. she claims it's necessary. which, I know, doesn't make it right.
>> US No. 8472
So, back in October, my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, and ever since then, I've been having irregular period cycles (I would miss my period for two months, then have a normal period, and then end up missing it again). However, ever since I started dating my current boyfriend in March, I've been back to having my regular like-clockwork periods.

Anyone else ever experience this? I know the theory that living in a shared space with several females will affect your menstrual cycle (mine never did when I lived in a house with 5 other women...), but does testosterone also affect your cycle? I just find it odd.

I guess that wasn't much of a sex-related thing, so I'll ask: best public spaces to have sex that aren't canyons with rattlesnakes or cars in highly-populated suburban spaces? My boyfriend wants to come visit me at my parents' house, but that means no sex in the house (my mom is always home and I'm not sure if she knows I'm sexually active or not). Any advice would be appreciated.
>> US No. 8473
last i checked, hotels and motels still existed
>> US No. 8475
Unfortunately, hotels and motels are not an option, since my boyfriend is currently still trying to find a stable job and I'm trying to save money to move back into the city in the next month or so. My parents agreed to let him stay in the guest bedroom in my house.
>> AU No. 8478
File 131038584911.jpg - (47.33KB , 345x311 , 326.jpg )
So what do you do when suddenly you're, like
really really horny for no reason
Like I'm talking 'going outside with the urge to hump a lamppost' type horny
>> AU No. 8479

I swear I only get horny at the least appropriate times. Like on the train, or at my desk in a crowded office. Soon as I get home, with the time and privacy to do something about it...nope, no sexy fantasies drifting through my head.
>> CA No. 8482
Actually, yes, kinda, but the opposite. Before I lived in residence (and I had no contact with anyone in the res building, so the chances of it being just sync-up is unlikely), my periods were regular, but very far apart (about 40 days or more), and only lasted 2-3 days.
They still only last that long, but ever since I started masturbating regularly, they've gone down to 29,30 days apart. Never been that close to the average in my entire life.
I don't know. Maybe it's something to do with the chemicals released when I masturbate. Maybe they make my cycle different.
>> NL No. 8486

On the topic of masturbation affecting menstrual cycles, I also had a similar question.
I only recently started masturbating, and since then my cycle (which used to be every 28 days ON THE DAY, like clockwork) has been really weird and otherwise unreliable.

And it's not as if I've been involved in any other kind of sexual activity in the meantime, only on my own.

I miss knowing exactly when my uterus would begin tearing itself apart.
>> CA No. 8493
So I started rping with someone recently and I thought it was just two people who like rping sexy things. But then I found out that the girl I rp with masturbates the our rps. We got to a certain point and she asked if we had to keep going, because she'd cum twice already and wanted to get cleaned up and go to bed.
I feel like I should be creeped out by this, but instead I am finding myself horribly aroused by the idea of it. I feel like I made her cum, indirectly. And I like that feeling, so very much.
Is this weird/have you ever experienced something similar to this before, tf2chan?
>> CA No. 8498
Depending on how I feel already, and how hot the RP goes, once or twice I've fapped to the current RP. I never let on, though.

I go back and re-read almost all of them and then fap, though. Just not often at the same time as we're RPing. Because I can't think and masturbate at the same time.
One of my RP buds said I gave her a girl boner from one RP we did. I wasn't offended, or creeped out or anything. It was merely a testament to my writing prowess.
>> CA No. 8507
I... I'd like an answer to that too. I've had teenage boy syndrome for about 4 months now, and I will suddenly, inappropriately, be horny. And it just. It just doesn't go away (until I actually want to do something about it, of course). Personally... take care of it, if possible? Keep yourself busy and occupied? I can hardly blame hormones for flaring up if I'm not doing anything remotely active.

A friend and I do sexytiemz RP sometimes. I never get off during - I'm way too intent on the RP - but damn if it doesn't make me want to writhe around in my seat. I'll generally save it and get off to it, well, later. Ours can be insanely detailed, though - there's this one that has been going on far too long and we both have to be in the mood for it and ahhh. Blueballs galore, it's maddening.
>> GB No. 8508
I know my best friend gets off on the stuff we rp together and once or twice I have to something my girlfriend and I have rped, I don't think it's exactly unusual.
>> NL No. 8509
File 131047812357.jpg - (72.16KB , 590x590 , durex-vibrator-play-pure-852285_1024x768.jpg )
Just bought my first vibe, feeling a strange mixture of 'fuckin' finally', 'oh my god what have I done', and quiet shame.

It was probably a better idea to ask before getting it, but from a few reviews that the Durex Pure Fantasy (pic) was a sure thing, does anyone have any advice or experiences with this particular one (or vibes in general)?
>> US No. 8513
Kind of a weirdish question and not quite sexytiems talk, but:

I recently got measured for a new bra because my cups runneth over, and the lady at the shop said I should be a 38 D. Now, at the time I was wearing a 36 DD so it kinda made sense, sister sizes and all. So I try on a couple different styles in the two sizes--no go, boobs spilling out everywhere. Finally I go fuck it and try a 38 DDD, and that (finally) is the only thing that fits.

Then I get home and measure myself later, same deal: the cup-size calculator I found says I should be a 38 D.

So needless to say I am confuse. Are my tits just weird, or is it possible to get that bad a measurement in an ill-fitting bra?
>> CA No. 8514
With how generally iffy bras can be, I am not surprised. Different brands, different styles. Lots of things can contribute to wildly varying bra sizes. I know I wear anything between a 40 DD and a 38 E but have E's that my tits spill out of and DD's that have a little extra room in them.
Tits be wack, yo.
>> US No. 8543
So I lost my virginity today and it was awesome. Everyone always said that the first time is awkward and unpleasant. They were wrooong.
Lesbian sex probably had something to do with it though.

And yet I have already found the one downfall.
Now it feels like I can never masturbate again.
>> US No. 8557
So many females commenting here... so much for 4chan's notions about "no girls on the internets".

Anyway, lacking a vag like what is apparently 75-90% of TF2Chan's userbase judging from this thread, I unfortunately don't get to enjoy all the many wonderful and creative ways of self-stimulation you girls have... dammit.
All I've got is a fist and a dick.

And, frankly, I'm actually getting bored with masturbating. I've only had sex once (at 13, with a 17-year-old babysitter who was a bit slutty and admitted she did it out of pity "because you deserve at least one lay in life" - yeah, thanks for the ego-booster, bitchwaffle), and, due to certain medical conditions (among them social anxiety, social phobia, and partial blindness) I'm unable to drive, unemployed, and still live at home with my parents at 29. Not exactly conductive to a healthy sexlife.

What worries me is that, if by some gods-damned miracle I actually somehow manage to find a female with standards low enough to consider bedding me... that all my time spent "flying solo" will seriously fuck up my attempts at servicing someone else - after all, movies and text can only teach so much before personal experience is needed...
>> US No. 8583
That thing with the babysitter is messed up - she should be in jail. Also she just sounds like a general cunt.

I wouldn't worry about flying solo impairing your ability to please a woman, though. While I'll come clean right off the bat and say I'm still a virgin, I still tend to think that any guy who'd care enough just take the time to eat me out pleasure me with his mouth and fingers is already way ahead of other guys on the list. Even guys with more stamina or bigger dicks.

The problem I feel a lot of guys have is selfishness and impatience. They want to rush into things and just figure, "Welp, dick goes in," and that's all there is to it when it comes to sex. Some just go right ahead and think that all girls act like porn stars and basically just exist to get them off. Like I said, I'm just going on by my own thoughts and experiences from my friends, so it's not like I can speak for everybody, but eh.

I think that, as long as you spend enough time on foreplay, you'll be fine. Of course, every woman is different yadda yadda yadda.

Also, I know you're a straight man, but you should really look into getting an anal toy for yourself, if you're bored of the usual jacking off stuff. In particular, I'd put my stock into these guys: http://www.aneros.com/

They're actual scientists that have studied and done ACTUAL medical research on what gets guys off, and these are products based on their findings. Feedback for these babies have been OVERWHELMINGLY positive, and some guys say that sometimes it helped with prostrate-related illnesses. You don't have to - I know it's awkward for straight guys to try doing something that's thought of as being so emasculating, but if you're feeling adventurous and want to treat yourself, give it a try.

Good luck, man.
>> AU No. 8598
On the subject of those anal toys, I highly recommend those, based on my eyewitness account of what they've done to my ex boyfriend. Apparently it's quite a 'boost', if that makes sense.
>> CA No. 9172
I was in the bedroom reading and I hear my bf in the other room listening to porn. Now being the scheming thing I am I wait for the porn to end, crank up the vibe and go to town some what loudly. BF comes in, falling for my bait. Lights on sex, I'm a happy camper.
>> US No. 11826
File 133412674760.jpg - (105.68KB , 690x827 , 331803%20-%20Ace_Attorney%20Dahlia_Hawthorne%20Pho.jpg )
I identify as pansexual. It's the most accurate label that suits me. I also happen to have a functioning vulva.
I fap to a lot of stuff. Mostly BDSM. Lately my kinks are becoming fetishistic.
I CANNOT fap to femsub/maledom. I need femdom/malesub. Gay BDSM can still do it for me but not lesbians.
Anybody know any good sites?
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