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File 130172312035.jpg - (55.85KB , 330x237 , Spy logo.jpg )
6446 No. 6446
Hey guys!
I need a small favor.
I’m writing a B.A. work titled ‘Computer games as a form of escapism’, and I need circa 250 answers for a survey that’s going to be a huge part of it. I’ve already submitted it to the Valve group on dA (since dust-bite is a bro and agreed to post it there), but it’d be awesome if you guys could answer it as well. Of course it’s anonymous.
Oh, and the ‘Zapisz’ button stands for ‘Save’.
Here’s the link:
Thanks! :)

Also this site is a bit of a butt, since you can't edit your questions, but I've managed to post 3 full questions that were cut short earlier in the description.
>> No. 6447
Filled it out, love OP's pic.
>> No. 6448
filled it out too. Only that one question asked if gaming has effected my personal life? I had to pick some answer, so I put sleep more. I do sleep a lot in general. But really I don't think gaming has affected me. More like I game because of life style, not the other way around. Good survey, love to read the paper when you're done
>> GB No. 6457
I can submit it to tf2sexymans if you want, you should put it on Hipstr too.
>> US No. 6501
Filled it out, realized how little it applied to me since my laptop has become too sluggish for either Steam or my TS2 game (I refuse to play vanilla, ever). :C Tried to apply the questions as much as I could to my history of playing TS2 and TF2, and then to RP group :C (and then to pokemon and console gaming, hurr)
>> PL No. 6532
Thanks for filling this survey, I know that it's not perfect, if you have any crit for it I'd love to hear it. :) (since some people said that it's poorly worded or 'broken', but I've explained why it's like that, but I'd still love to hear more opinions on it, since it's my first survey ever)

That'd be great, thanks for your help! And I've already posted it on tumblbl.

Since I'm on a trip and won't be able to answer more questions for the next 7 days, please post anything regarding this survey an;d I'll try to answer it as soon as I get back. :)
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