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File 130257075478.jpg - (28.36KB , 600x300 , 1299980836234.jpg )
6697 US No. 6697
I was thinking that since we have a feelings thread, that we should also have an advice thread. Post your troubles, your situations, your needs, and people will respond and give you tips on what to do. Or you can just post random tips and general advice. Whichever works.

And as for my tip-adding raisins to taco meat makes it a lot sweeter and less spicy.
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>> AU No. 6698
File 130257093985.jpg - (47.44KB , 301x301 , First Aid - Eucalyptus oil.jpg )
Raisins to taco meat?
I'll... have to try that.

I have a tip! Put eucalyptus oil in with your fabric softener in the wash, it will greatly reduce the rate at which one's clothes go mouldy.
It also makes great disinfectant. And it smells wonderful disregard this, I am Australian
>> US No. 6710
Anyone know how to video capture from a PS2?
>> US No. 6711
Get a video capture card.
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