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File 130285572473.jpg - (15.14KB , 304x200 , to war!.jpg )
6760 US No. 6760
Blargh, Ive had to uninstall TF2 from my computer, because it has the hard drive space of a diseased rodent in a shoebox. I've never posted on here but I figure if theres anywhere to come whine about my problems its here.

so yeah, I got like, 1 month of play time, then the latest update made my hard drive go all "Durrr"

(also im not sure if this is in the right spot but whatever)

picture unrelated. although it does show the amount of pissed off i am at the moment.
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>> DE No. 6761
You should post that in the feelings thread, bro.

Also, that blows. Thankfully HDDs are cheap nowadays so I hope you can get more space for your PC.
>> US No. 6771
Your hard drive? Are you playing tf2 on an ipad or something? Even older computer have more than enough space for it, TF2, as of now, takes up about 8 gigs of space.

Even my laptop (which I've had for nearly a year, and downloaded 30+ games on) has more than 300 gigs of space left over (from 450, and at least 50 of those were core software programs). I have an external harddrive that's another 150 gigs that I like to back stuff up on. Unless you are absolutely horrible at managing disk space and never clean your computer, tf2 should not be an issue on anything but the oldest of computers (I'm talking 10+ years old), and even then, it's the RAM that's the limit, not the harddrive. Let me know what kind of specs you have and I'll see if I can help you out.

If anything, at least you could give me all your hats before you uninstall.
>> US No. 6774
File 130291468269.jpg - (220.96KB , 533x711 , 854bb98a6b6a69875b5e378490190cc0.jpg )
If you be having storage problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a terrabyte ain't one.

Seriously, Go to Newegg, Less than $100 will get you between 500gb and 2tb.
>> US No. 6775

I was playing on a laptop sent to me from my school, it ain't very fancy.

I kept getting this alert that I had less than 200 MB left, usually compressing old files and such would help, but not this time.

Theres alot of programs from the school on here I can't get remove, but it doesn't matter, I think I may have found a cheap 4 gb hard drive that should give me enough space.
>> US No. 6776

*I can't remove

not I can't get remove lol, my bad.
>> US No. 6777
I have plenty of hard drive space but not enough RAM and I can't upgrade my computer anymore without replacing the motherboard. I haven't been able to run TF2 in a stable way, even by closing every single program and all nonessential-to-Windows processes running on my computer, since some time last year. So yeah, I feel for you.
>> US No. 6786
You may need to clear your recycle bin and temp folders. Usually those work wonders for me. I would do more than compressing, just scrub through all of your program files, and delete everything you don't need. I highly doubt programs are taking up the majority of your hard drive space. You are probably not very good at managing your space and checking what's being downloaded, just through regular use all kinds of shit gets DLed. 200 mb is absolutely silly, if you're running into that upper limit you should clear your program files and definitely your temporary folders. It is highly unlikely that as much "school stuff" as you have, it's not going to take up the entirety of your hard drive, no matter how "not fancy" your computer is. Filling up any modern computer takes at least a good chunk of the world's HDD/Blu-ray porn. Even if you're not super keen on running tf2, you should do regular maintenance on your hard drive anyway to keep everything running smoothly.

Also, 4 gigs is a USB, not a harddrive. A harddrive is 50+ gigs.

RAM is a more difficult issue, but they did a lot of optimizations in the last update. RAM sticks are hard to replace, so if you're running into ram issues on an old, simple game like tf2 then your computer: it bad.
>> US No. 6789
>an old, simple game like tf2
like I said dude, it worked just fine before they started bloating the program with all the updates. It was when they started doing hats that I started noticing significant lag and the lag has gotten worse and worse every time they updated. The game was simple when it was old, it is not simple now. Admittedly I have not tried to play it in the past few days, since they said they've made it less resource-intensive and that may or may not be significant enough to be noticeable on my machine.

And it's not that RAM sticks are hard to replace, it's that my motherboard is old, only has two slots, and both of those slots already hold RAM sticks that are the maximum size that my old motherboard can deal with.

My computer, it bad, I know, this knowledge does not help me play TF2. (I can still play L4D, L4D2, all the other games I have on Steam, just not TF2 since the updates bloated it.)
>> US No. 6791
Yeah, valve has acknowledged this issue. The problem is actually: hats and weapons. It's actually the community weapons that are the main problem. The original weapons were optimized for rendering distance, the new weapons are not - so the original rocket launcher would be say, only 100 polygons at 100 feet, then 150 at 70 feet, 250 at 30 feet, and finally fully rendered at 10 feet, and so on. Unfortunetly, new weapons are not optimized for this, as valve never instructed people to send in hundreds of versions of their weapons (there's also in between blending, so it doesn't obviously jump resolution between distances). The black box, for example, is being fully rendered no matter now far away it is - all 800 polygons or so, which is more than 5 soldiers at 100 feet or the entire central hub of nucleus. Valve has acknowledged this problem and apparently has fixed a lot of these on this update, so you may notice it running a little smoother - if the game doesn't stop fucking crashing first.
>> US No. 6798
Try CCleaner. It's a little program that can clean all the crap out of you computer that you might not think to clean out yourself (like prefetch files, non-internet related caches, etc.). I did it the other day and freed up like 3 gigabytes.
>> US No. 6827

1. You may need to clear your recycle bin and temp folders.

-These two are clear all the time.

2. 200 mb is absolutely silly ... it's not going to take up the entirety of your hard drive.

-it has.

3. Filling up any modern computer takes at least a good chunk of the world's HDD/Blu-ray porn.

-the key word here is "modern".

4. Also, 4 gigs is a USB, not a harddrive. A harddrive is 50+ gigs.

-Well you get what i mean, "more space".
>> US No. 6831
I'm running off a 120GB HDD that I've had since 2003 so I understand how you're feeling, but I can offer some advice.

1. Go to My Computer, right-click on your HDDs and click Properties. Be sure that 'Compress drive to save disk space' is ticked.

2. Go to My Computer, right-click on your HDDs and click Properties. Click on the Disk Cleanup button and make sure that Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Temporary files and WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files are ticked under the Disk Cleanup tab. Then click on the More Options tab and click on the "Clean up.." button under System Restore. Then click on Okay and let it do its job. Doing this will free up a lot of space.

3. As mentioned above, download and install CCleaner, and run the app under both the Windows and Application tab to further clean up your system and free space.

4. Cleaning up your system like this will also leave A LOT of garbage in your system's registry. I recommend using CCleaner's built-in registry cleaner to do the job, then after that I highly recommend using Eusing's Free Registry Cleaner to pick up the bits CCleaner left off. (It's more thorough than CCleaner.)

5. After you've done all the above, I recommend defragmenting your harddrives, then your HDDs and system ought to be very healthy.
>> US No. 6832
Download and install Windirstat,as well. Windirstat shows you what exactly is taking up all your HD space. Camtasia when I tried it goofed and gave me a video file that was quite a few gigabytes.
>> US No. 6835
welp, looks like i've saved money.

thanks for the help folks, i'll reinstall the greatest game in the known universe sometime later today.
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