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File 13039623135.jpg - (17.02KB , 450x323 , Companion_Cube-20071016-095205.jpg )
7061 No. 7061
I met my wonderful amazing brilliant fantastic girlfriend via. the chan and we were just wondering how many other people have gotten together through either the chan, or just general TF2 or valve related ways?
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>> US No. 7064
File 130396743519.jpg - (17.22KB , 420x250 , Dance---wide-420x0.jpg )
I am marrying a British man I met on TF2 in a few short months.

His visa was approved today coincidentally.
The man who interviewed him at the London-American embassy told him he was the third person that had met his bride on a video game today, but I still feel like a big old nerd.
>> US No. 7065
File 130397238486.jpg - (69.79KB , 640x480 , Photo 367.jpg )
Because I got banned from CJ chat, more or less! I love this man more than cake, dresses, and life itself.
>> US No. 7069
File 130399390326.jpg - (97.03KB , 720x540 , 179387_1701904979727_1001013525_31857906_3175936_n.jpg )
Haha it's kind of funny seeing this thread pop up right before my BBQ this Saturday with the 10+ people I've met thanks to Valve.

If it weren't for Valve I wouldn't have met my Skype group. Granted things were complicated at first (group of boys, always someone ignored, let's hide our feelings, etc.) but we took care of that shit. Everyone finally owned up to the fact that we do care about each other and we'll be there for each other the best we can. Now we plan to meet each other this Saturday. We still need one of our bros to fly in from PA, but two of them are up to taking that 3+ hour trip to visit.

Also, if it weren't for Valve I wouldn't have met some of the sweetest people I know, the group that I hung out with at ALA and plan to hang out with at AX. They are always so much fun to hang out with and are always so genuine in what they do. Hell, man, I love the lot of them.

>Pic very much related. I got to attend my friend's awesome 18th and now I get to hang with some of these fine folks this Saturday.
>> US No. 7073
We're not exactly "together" yet, but I've been all giggly and girly and hopeful about a guy recently and all we do is play TF2 together. I met him through another friend who was all "You guys both like TF2, you should exchange steam profiles"


I feel like such a spazz because I'm all giggly when he's my Medic or something. But knowing that I'm not the only person to do so is reassuring.
>> US No. 7077
I've been with my boyfriend for 8 months. We met in a confogl L4D2 tournament, REALLY hit it off within a few weeks of meeting each other online, and then REALLY /REALLY/ hit it off when I flew to see him a few months later.

This summer we are attending a LOAD of conventions and working on our TF2 costumes next month. We're both still stunned how fantastic this has turned out to be.
>> CA No. 7080
Met the lovely Jeffian in real life, but TF2 was the first thing we bonded on, and we got together because I put a cryptic note on the Chan's feelings thread which she correctly interpreted as being about her.
>> DE No. 7089
File 130403372891.jpg - (90.13KB , 550x400 , MovedTeam.jpg )
Didn't find romantic love through TF2, but lots and lots of bro love! Many people in the CJ are people I call friends, I've even met one of them in person so far with hopefully more following. TF2 gave me lots of amazing moments with all of these people and I'm eternally grateful for it.

You guys know who you are. Stay awesome.
>> US No. 7092
I was so happy to chill with you and Relia at Inochi. Who else could get away with taking over the railway museum for a photoshoot?

And for anyone who's going to Otakon this year, you'll probably catch me in either Integra from Hellsing or Lady Une from Gundam Wing, and I'll definitely try to make it to the shoot to take pictures.
>> DE No. 7100
I should have said three people. Totally derped and forgot that you and Relia are chan people too. Sowwy.
I'd totally go to a con with you guys again!

I still need to meet more channers/circlejerkers though. So many awesome people, so little time.
>> US No. 7104
I've met a ton of amazing, wonderful people I will never get to meet offline because my parents are overprotective and mistrusting and will never treat me as if I'm older than 13.

And honestly I don't know why anyone would want to meet me.
>> US No. 7105
You never know till you ask.
...that goes both for parental blessings and meeting up with people.

Even at worst case scenario you haven't really lost anything in asking.
>> AU No. 7107
i'll hopefully be at Otakon and SDCC this year.

and possibly a field trip tyo Valve HQ too
>> US No. 7110
I didn't meet my boyfriend through the site, but I'm 99% sure the first time we met three years ago was because of a bonfire where I said "Hey, I like Half-Life 2."

But, I did meet some of the best bros of my life here! Even if I don't keep in touch with everyone, it's still pretty awesome knowing a lot of you and feeling like I have an entire network of people who I can turn to when real life sucks!
>> US No. 7132
I really want to, but they act like I need to be constantly monitored even though I never do anything except sit at the computer.

If I ask more, though, maybe they'll change their mind. Thank you.
>> No. 7201
Good luck dude!
>> US No. 7205
I've met quite a few nifty folks here that I wouldn't trade for ze world. I hope they stick around for a long, long time.
>> AU No. 7248
File 130472518124.jpg - (6.27KB , 168x168 , 8468431-vector-heart-with-germany-flag-texture.jpg )
I made a bunch of great friends through TF2chan and CJ, all of whom I want to fly over and visit for a holiday someday. Soon, I hope! I'm even learning another language to help me with the process. G'Tag aus Australien!
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