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File 130399650586.jpg - (161.91KB , 600x740 , 129127055644.jpg )
7072 No. 7072
At this point, I need help - I haven't had a full night's sleep yet this week. For the love of god, give me your best cures for insomnia.

FYI I am not going to try hard drugs (too expensive) but ANYTHING ELSE will be seriously considered. Picture somewhat related in that this is what I look like when I've actually had some proper shut eye - drawn by Drex if anyone's wondering. No sleep = Ze Doktor finds it hard to write coherently, walk and talk at the same time, tie shoelaces...
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>> No. 7074
Anti-histamines? There's this one anxiety pill I have which completely knocks me out. hydroxyzine if you can get hold of any.
>> US No. 7075
File 130400052698.jpg - (33.32KB , 284x490 , drank.jpg )
I got some at 711, makes me drowsy as shit. Won't knock you out cold but if you're wired, it'll SLOW YOUR ROLL
>> US No. 7076
Exercise to wear you out maybe? Play relaxing instruments? stare at a hypnotizing picture til it makes you sleepy (it's worked a bit for me)
>> US No. 7078
Bouillon soup has worked well for me in the past. ie, something warm.
Also,while not good for you,a big meal always makes me sleepy.
Taking a warm shower also helps,because it lowers your body temperature. a cold one will make your body want to generate /more/ heat.it also relaxes you.
I usually go the shower route. something about being nice and clean helps me sleep,too.
>> US No. 7079
You could go the chemically induced sleep route, any otc sleep aid/benadryl (they have the same active ingredient), but that's not actually restful for some.

I suggest melatonin if you can find it in amounts of less than 3mg/tablet (1mg/tablet or less is ideal), but it doesn't work for everyone and the tablets have vitamin B6 in them so your dreams may be extremely vivid and totally insane. Since melatonin is what your brain produces when it needs sleep anyway, it acts by just kick-starting your melatonin production, which should help you fall asleep. (Brain sees melatonin, says "Hey, I should make some of that!", you get sleepy.) I have some around at all times, due to my messed up sleep cycle. I wouldn't use it for more than about 4 days in a row, though. Your brain may get used to it just showing up and not produce its own, aggravating any sleeping issues. Here, have a wiki page on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melatonin#Circadian_rhythm_disorders
>> US No. 7087
I always found that turning to the most utterly boring tv channel sometimes helps me sleep.
>> No. 7116
Tried the shower thing because it was easiest. Instead of not sleeping, I got sleep for 3-4 hours, wake up, spend half hour cursing my life, go back to sleep for 3-4 hours, repeat...

It's progress at least. Thanks guys.
>> US No. 7118
TV doesn't help, the light and colors stimulate your brain.

Personally when I can't sleep I just read a book for a hour or two, maybe have a glass of milk with ice and a PB&J sandwich. Stressing out over not being able to sleep just makes it worse.
>> US No. 7143
>glass of milk with ice

Is that an actual thing?
>> US No. 7146
Chiming in to say this shit does actually work. ONLY DRINK ONE CAN/BOTTLE OF IT, though. The reason it works is, take a look at the active ingredients: (I'm taking this off a bottle of "Sum Syzzrup," which is a different brand of the same thing)

- chamomile extract
- lavender extract
- hops extract
- kava kava extract
- L-theanine
- melatonin
- rose hips extract
- skullcap extract
- St. John's wort extract
- valerian root extract

Every single one of those things is accepted as a natural/herbal/etc remedy for making you sleepy (and they're often recommended as mood stabilizers/anti-depressants/anxiety things, too), and taking all of them at once is like a CHILLAX BOMB. Of course taking all of them at once is also why you shouldn't have more than one can of it at a time, if you start downing this shit like it's water you could give yourself liver problems.

For a simpler option you might also try just warming some milk up and stirring brown sugar or honey into it. Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid which triggers your brain to increase production of serotonin and melatonin, both of which relax you and make you sleepier (tryptophan is also found in turkey and is why people get drowsy and want to take naps after Thanksgiving dinner). Drinking it warm is important because this can raise your body temperature slightly, which triggers a slowdown in metabolic processes.
>> AU No. 7151
File 130426672173.jpg - (67.96KB , 460x300 , MY BRAIN IS FULL OF FUCK.jpg )
...they make ANTI-energy drinks now?

also that list makes it sound like it tastes like Mother
>> US No. 7154
Nah, comes in grape or green apple flavours and both flavours are sort of gentle and utterly inoffensive; tastes like watery Koolaid, honestly.

Is it really surprising that anti-energy drinks are a thing now? We're living in a kind of stressful time, plus for the most part these are being marketed with a sort of wink wink nudge nudge thing comparing them to weed. (There's an edible thing with the same active ingredients called Lazy Cakes that's marketed to make you think they're pot brownies.) It's not entirely off the wall - they do kind of reproduce the relaxing, calming effect of an indica, though without the psychoactive "high" of sativa strains.
>> US No. 7170
I wanted to mention lazy cakes, but I forgot what they were called.

They're seriously good. Just like regular brownies, but you get crazy tired after finishing one.
>> SE No. 7171
Hydroxyzine/Atarax has been working really well for me, a lot better than valerian or St. John's worth, although you probably need a prescription. They're not the heavy psychoactive artillery though, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get one. (The way it was explained to me is they're non-addictive and have no nasty side effects, so it's the first thing they'll try against stuff like anxiety and insomnia. Of course, I'm not a doctor and Y country's MMV on this anyway.)
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