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No. 7214
  Here is my feeble attempt to advertise + share the first episode in a video series I'm making.
If you like it, give me suggestions and make requests for future episodes.
If you don't like it, give me reasons and flame away.

Keep in mind that I purposefully didn't spend much time on this. Don't want to take a week making something that most people might not find enjoyable, afterall.
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>> US No. 7220
File 130456140060.jpg - (53.45KB , 500x483 , ninja.jpg )
I can't be the only one who enjoys the sound of your voice. '__'

Regarding the video, gameplay of Magicka is not particularly interesting to watch (footage that's nothing but shooting tends to be like that, which is why I can hardly stand watching Touhou Lets Plays), but your orc commentary does add something to it. Something you may want to fix with your commentary is to try and 'fill in the voids' here and there. You can do that by describing your tactics, enemy types, and other game elements, more snarky commentary, etc., to be a bit more engaging to whoever has never played the game before and to those who've played the game before.

Positive thing is that 5 min was a pretty good length for the video. You managed to avoid one of the big flaws in video creation in that the video doesn't really drag on and on (something I've been plagued with for a while).

I'm not too certain what type of commentary you're looking for (or even what type of video you're aiming for), but hopefully my two bits might help you. Nice orc voice! :D
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