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File 130801813169.jpg - (43.37KB , 440x386 , 1279550373_3ikea2toxfyuflh.jpg )
7889 DE No. 7889
I didn't find this to be really fitting in either the sex talk thread or the music thread, so here we go.

Just what the titles says - Post music that fits the criteria of being sexy, fitting to sexy stuff, the works. What are your pieces that get you pumped for writing/doing all kinds of hot stuff?

Picture is a really shitty Photoshop I found after five seconds of googling. Lets hope the music posted here is of better quality ...
>> US No. 7890
A lot of songs by Queens of the Stone Age are really good to fapping to. Uh... to me, anyways. I think it's because the rhythm of their tunes kind of matches the motion of self-pleasure. I'm not sure that makes any sense?
>> CA No. 7892
I won't lie. I've jerked off to 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen. It will always be one of my favourites.
>> US No. 7895
  I've never masturbated to music before, but certain songs can basically give me a strange mini orgasm. It was a bit awkward when I was in an orchestra and would have to perform such songs. But, goddamn, when there's a ton of tension in a piece and everything finally swells and the damn bass and timpani drums start rumbling, hnnng. Some people get chills and goosebumps from certain songs, and I get those as well, but some songs require a change of underwear.

This song in particular is one of my favorites.

I've had someone play R&B music in an attempt to get in my pants, but the songs actually pissed me off and completely killed the mood. I haven't really found anything other than classical/orchestra music that really revs my engine.
>> US No. 7896

Speaking of sex and music...
>> US No. 7900
  David Bowie and Billy Idol often do it for me.
I can never explain it, but both of their voices just ooze sex appeal to me.
>> GB No. 7906
  It would depend entirely on the person, the sex, the mood and another load of things of coarse...

Having said that, if there's a third party involved, perhaps this would be best?
>> CA No. 7907
  In my opinion this is one of the sexiest songs ever.
>> DE No. 7908
  Well, if this IS`NT my threat here. Music and Sex. Two thing i link together like coffee and milk. Strawberry and Chocolate. Medic and Heavy.
Well, i could now post here a dozen of songs of my fovourite band, but i decided to post the ULTIMATE sexsong for me (since years). It may be "mainstream", but dang it if i don´t want to have sex to this song.
Enjoys Muse - Hysteria
>> DE No. 7910
  This song is pure sex.
>> CA No. 7964
Anon, you are incredibly classy.

I've actually compiled a small list "sexy songs", though mine are usually darker, often with an electronic edge.

Though, I can't say I've ever been able to write with music on. My brain just won't stop focusing on it. Can't say I've tried sexing to music, but it does sound potentially delicious.
>> CA No. 7965
  Have another. I find the sense of urgency in this one is especially compelling.
>> CA No. 7967
  Annd I'll end with something so blatant that it's amusing.
>> US No. 7968
  I've written porn to this song.
>> DE No. 7982
  And it was me who posted Muse - Hysteria. Anyway. The first time i heard the following song i thought: Whoa. Just whoa. This is a good example, that even the german language can be erotic. It should give more of this songs.
>> CA No. 8001
  The video's pretty silly, but the song is UNF.
>> US No. 8027
  I hope to one day lose my virginity to this song.
>> AU No. 8034
  lost my virginity to this album. and again. and again...
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