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AU No. 8342
  So I was reading this Cracked article 7 Pieces of Good News Nobody is Reporting (here: http://www.cracked.com/article_19317_7-pieces-good-news-nobody-reporting.html ) and I thought, well, we could sure use a place to find all the good news that we're missing.

The video embedded is from the article; Han Rosling shows us how different the world is today than it was 200 years ago, and how much has changed for the better.
Everyone in the world is better off than they were, even the very poorest and sickly countries.
Post your good news, and let's rejoice together.
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>> US No. 8348
File 130991216676.gif - (257.67KB , 170x350 , tumblr_lnlm0d38Wc1qealkbo1_250.gif )
Good news: This GIF exists.

More good news? House is getting a Season 8.
>> US No. 8352
And apparently the "Huddy" thing I hated is getting retracted. Yay!

I have a feeling he'll never get with Wilson, though. Networks like heavily hinting at gay but never making it canon because "ew nobody wants to see that".
>> CA No. 8354
Excellent. Although I have missed out on 95% of season 7.. I watched the first 3 episodes and never found the fourth online, somehow - I've been a fan for years, but I am getting lazy.

I'll just have to catch up when season 7 is out on DVD. And then perhaps resume watching on a weekly schedule.

Sage because I can't think of any particular good news for you lot today (besides LGBT rights, which I think you're all up on anyways).
>> DE No. 8421
The ongoing project of drawing medic per day was featured on the TF2 side now

If you see through it you may recognize several pictures which were already featured in the chan.

Including Medic in drag.

I believe the world becomes a better place.

PS: Congratulation to all artist which got their picture in there. I´m so jelly on you.
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