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File 131039127515.jpg - (40.33KB , 374x288 , Unit_731_-_Complex_.jpg )
8480 CA No. 8480
Unit 731

Human experimentation including vivisection, burning alive, extreme frost bite, explosive decompression, plague, STD infection, air injection into veins, horse urine injected into kidneys, the list goes on and all of these were done without anesthetic.


The commander of the unit was never charged with war crimes because he traded the research for no punishment then went on to work for the US.
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>> CA No. 8485
File 131040397280.jpg - (84.88KB , 579x661 , 347.jpg )
Looking for nightmare fuel hmm?? I'll be right back.
>> US No. 8499
You should read The Sea and Poison
>> CA No. 8500
File 13104401116.jpg - (59.69KB , 450x575 , 110-450x575.jpg )
Not as frightening as real life medics testing on innocents, but still enough to give you something to image hiding in the shadows at night

>> US No. 8512
>> AU No. 9499
File 131480015384.jpg - (80.11KB , 634x979 , ill be there for you.jpg )
>> US No. 9526
File 131489562379.jpg - (45.49KB , 640x480 , 0006h4h4.jpg )

>For decades, this rope had taken climbers within a few feet of what became known as Green Boots cave. A small limestone overhang located at 8500 m, it was already infamous among climbers for the same reason it earned its nickname. For the past ten years, the body of a climber who died in 1996 has been a grim landmark for every climber of the Northeast route, lying curled up in the fetal position, wearing fluorescent green mountaineering boots.

>This morning, however, Green Boots had company. Sitting no more than two feet to the left of the corpse was a man who at first glance appeared to be dead. His gloved hands were on his knees, his hood and hat cast his face in shadow. The only feature visible was the man's severely frostbitten nose, already a greenish black hue. On closer inspection, the vapor from the man's breath could be seen rising.

>What happened next entered the folklore of the highest mountain on earth. Every man interviewed gives a different story. What is certain is that every single one of the 40-odd climbers attempting the summit that day left the man in the cave, whose name was David Sharp, to freeze, either by choice, by ignorance, or by misjudging him as a corpse they already expected to see in that infamous cave.

>Above a certain altitude, no human can ever acclimatize. Known as the Death Zone, only on 14 mountains worldwide can one step beyond the 8000 meter mark and know that no amount of training or conditioning will ever allow you to spend more than 48 hours there. The oxygen level in the Death Zone is only one third of the sea level value, which in simple terms means the body will use up its store of oxygen faster than breathing can replenish it.

>The case of Hannelore Schmatz is an infamous one. On October 2, 1979, after a successful summit, and for reasons unclear, she died of exhaustion 100 meters short of reaching Camp IV. For years, any climber attempting the southern route could see her body, sitting, leaning against her backpack with her eyes open and brown hair blowing in the wind. Despite being so exposed and so visible along the well-trodden climbing route, rescue operations are virtually suicidal in the Death Zone. A Nepalese police inspector and a Sherpa who tried to recover Hannelore's body in 1984 both fell to their deaths. It was finally high winds that blew her remains over the edge and down the Kangshung face.

>An area along the northeast route to the summit has earned the unassuming nickname of "Rainbow Valley", simply because of the multicolored down jackets of the numerous corpses littering the hillside. Even in the harsh conditions of lethal altitudes, corpses can remain for decades, some appearing frozen in time with climbing gear intact.
>> FI No. 9595
Cast of the Friends and Iggy Pop ...wait, what?
>> US No. 10267
  David Shaw was a Australian technical diver who died in 2005 attempting to recover the body of Deon Dreyer, a South African diver who went missing in Boesmansgat in 1994 and was found in 2004, 890 feet down. Don Shirley, Shaw's diving buddy who was located higher up in a support position barely survived the same dive and suffered permanent brain damage as a result.

IIRC there have only been 8 people who've gone deeper than 800 feet. Half of them are dead.
>> CA No. 10298
  wasn't sure if i should have put this here, or in terrible movies. but this is just squicky, so it goes here.
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