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File 131081628094.jpg - (49.65KB , 500x350 , ARCHIMEDES 2.jpg )
8584 US No. 8584
It's autosaged again. New thread, go.

To start it off, here's something strange I noticed about myself. I'm a girl and I haven't had sex before. I consider myself to be not all that sex-crazed for a hot-blooded young'un, and I don't even really masturbate since I was raised in a very religious household and all.

But it seems like I get RIDICULOUSLY horny sometimes for no reason. I might squeeze my thighs together or cross my legs in the middle of class, and suddenly, I'm just like... auuugh I want to get off right now! (I don't, thankfully.)

Also, when I do have time to myself, I've noticed that I can actually bring myself to the brink of an orgasm without even touching myself - just by watching smut or fantasizing. Is this normal? What causes it? Is it something my body developed to help deal with the fact that it's not getting any action, or just a product of a very vivid imagination? If I ever got a boyfriend, should this be something I try to hide from him? WHAT DO.
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>> GB No. 8585
From the sounds of it, it may just be a cause of being pent up and rather sensitive. It isn't anything to worry about and you don't need to share it with any potential boyfriend, though I would suggest trying a little self play just to ease the tension. Nothing wild of course just a little something to blow of some steam. If ye don't mind me askin, how old are ya?
>> US No. 8587
18 and a few months. I haven't really had a boyfriend before because... eugh I was molested repeatedly at a young age by my older cousin and that totally just fucked up everything. I struggled for years with having to deal with feelings of repulsion when thinking about sex, yet being inexplicably drawn to it. I've actually been watching porn (on and off - I got caught twice, and gave it up on my own for a few years) since I was, like, 11. I've just started coming to terms with my own feelings and sexuality when it comes to sex, but I still can't help feeling like... Iunno. Uncomfortable by the thought of it sometimes.

And that's not even considering the way it fucked up my perspective of men. Some days I'd just sit there wishing I could be a lesbian just so that I wouldn't have to be SO DAMN ATTRACTED TO THEM but not. So that's probably the reason I've never had a boyfriend. Well, that and daddy issues, but eh, this ain't the thread for that.
>> US No. 8591
I get the same way, minus the porn and molestation. I'm 20, and my parents raised me that you're not supposed to think of sex, ever, so I don't masturbate and I've never gotten into much of a relationship with anyone out of shyness, but sometimes I'll see a picture or get a thought or RP a bit and I'll get wet.

I worry that I should touch myself, though, mostly because I'm a very nervous, tense person, and I have no idea how to deal with stress.

I will say, though, that not all men are your cousin or your father. Try not to worry.
>> GB No. 8593
Well its just gonna be a time think, we are born the way we are and that's that. I have trouble trusting women at the moment, different reasons though. There's no rush either, so take yer time and let these feelings develop as they would.

Here, my skype is donstheman, Im goin through rough times myself but I always like to help people by talking or just bein there to listen. Its up to you if ya want to add me, but anyone else can if they want to talk or ask about anything, and it will be 100% anonymous, I won't share these things with anyone else.
>> US No. 8595
I believe that's what they call "thinking off", which only a small percentage of the population can do. It was highly sought after for a study on orgasms, though, because someone wanted to see what peoples' brains looked like when they hit the big moment.
>> US No. 8634
Don't worry - I know that all men aren't bad, and I even have quite a few close guy friends. It's just I'm always paranoid that guys might be using me if I'm not careful, which I know isn't true or fair, but I'll slowly but surely get over it, I think.

Thank you, Donny - that's a really sweet thing of you to do. I'm a little nervous about adding you just because I'm a shy person and I don't even really use Skype often, but I'd like a chance to talk to you off the chan.

Oh, okay. Well, as long as nothing is wrong... I guess I should consider myself pretty lucky, actually.

I actually have really powerful orgasms - basically to the point where I don't allow myself to get that far because it's likely I'll ruin my sheets if I do. So I'm always kind of flirting with it. I have no doubt in my mind that I could actually bring myself to an orgasm if I stopped holding back, but at this point, it just sounds like a terrible idea. It's hard, though, because I think I get the female equivalent of blue balls. I start feeling a little uncomfortable below the belt, and a lot of the time, I even get headaches or start grinding my teeth. I think I'm, like, a ticking time-bomb of sexual frustration, and... Iunno. I don't think that's very good.
>> US No. 8635
Laying down towels is always a good idea, especially if you think you're gonna squirt. It saves you the trouble of having to wash the sheets, because all you have to do is wash the towels. Towels are much easier to wash than sheets. It also helps protect surfaces other than sheets that you don't want to get messy. If you don't want to have to wash towels afterward, laying down any kind of disposable plastic like plastic wrap or trash bags might be a good alternative. All you would have to do is wrap them up carefully to contain the mess and throw them away. You could also masturbate in the shower, bath or on the toilet, that way the mess stays in a contained area and just wash or flush it away.
>> SE No. 8641
Does anyone else have trouble shutting up about private stuff?

I mean, I started debating with a fellow student about prostitution, you know, politics. But since she was all like "I don't think any of them actually do it because they want to, all prostitutes have probably been through childhood abuse" etc, I just HAD to say that I've been thinking about selling sex before, although it's not really in my current plans.

And a friend of mine had gotten a free magazine, that seemed to be a bit like SA, but in paper format. In the magazine was an article about Bad Dragon, you know, a website that sells dildos apparently based on dragon cocks or something. She was all like "THIS IS SO STRANGE. HOW CAN PEOPLE WANT THIS?". I said that I've known about the site, but I had a hard time not telling her "But yeah, my toy is from Zeta creations, I prefer realistic designs". Thankfully, I held my mouth shut. But I was really tempted to out myself as someone who uses a dog dildo, just to see her face.

I'm pretty open about ... a lot, and live in a kind of liberal enviroment. So this whole deal of me not being able to shut up, has made not really understand LGBTQ-people who still haven't come out. I came out as bisexual when I was 15, I have bigger problems than that. I might come off as a bit of a insensitive jerk when young gay people are all like "how should I tell me parents" and I go like "just tell them, faggot"?

tl;dr: I think I'm not careful enough when talking about sensitive issues, like sex.
>> US No. 8642
Yeah, I hate to say it, but you do kind of seem like an insensitive jerk. I understand you living in an pretty liberal environment, but not everyone has that luxury. Don't you think those few people that hid their sexuality from their parents had a reason to? If you come from a religious household like I have, telling your parents that you're gay is only SLIGHTLY better than telling them you murdered a hooker. It's not at all uncommon for some kids to get DISOWNED by their parents because they came out as being gay.

I doubt this is only limited to talking about sexual stuff, to be honest. By the sounds of it, you're just a downright crass person in general. I'm all for straight talk and speaking truthfully, but you seem to take it to another whole level; there's a difference between being frank and being just rude.

If I were you, I'd take special care to think before I say anything AT ALL, because I can guarantee you that if I came to you with a problem as serious as, "How do I tell my parents I'm gay?" and you said, "Just tell them faggot", I'd make sure not to come to you for any kind of advice ever again. That's a one-way trip to having no friends right there.

tl;dr: Think before you speak.
>> US No. 8644
I have a tendency to speak before i think or I'll say something at an inappropriate time. Apparently people don't like hearing about weird surgeries I saw online during dinner. Sometimes it's hard to understand that all people are different and how each individual functions.
>> GB No. 8645
If ye prefer, Ill be on steam as well, once again, just add donstheman. Take yer time, Ill be here when ya need me.
>> SE No. 8662
You know, I've gotten better at understanding other people's problems. You know, having a friend with anxiety problems has kind of forced me to try to understand that. But when it comes to sexuality, I just can't understand prude and conservative people at all. I admit that.

Before I came out to my mum, I was painting up all these dramatic mental images, of how I would be treated differently etc... then I noticed that wasn't a big deal. It wasn't a deal at all. Most people didn't care, and apparently not all who seem straight are. So I generally think people worry too much. Unless you've got some serious clues that your family are fundamentalist nut-jobs, it's better to assume they are not.

Yes, I value honesty highly.

But when you are a zoophile (albeit non-practicing), the problems that exist in the LGBTQ community seem just ... petty. I can understand it being different in other places, but where I live, there is gay marriage, anti-hate crime laws, the media is on our side and homophobes are rare.

Yeah, I do that too.
>> US No. 8667
Well, maybe part of the problem is that you just come from a different country. It might be hard understand why one person would rather not tell their parents about being gay because you don't know how bad things can be for "out" gays in America - especially the American south. I hate to sound stereotypical, but I LIVE here, and I can tell you that every single one of your friends that is afraid to tell their parents about their preference definitely has a reason to. It is most definitely is NOT a very "open" atmosphere to explore yourself - for some families, they literally WOULD rather you be dead than you be gay. I guess you just can't understand unless you live here. Sorry for getting all up in your grill like that.

So, yeah. It's not your friends being prudes or that they're over-dramatic. They probably do have reasons to hide what they are, and it would be great of you to try to understand why or where they're coming from before you say something like that.

I just realized that I'm assuming these friends of yours are online American friends. Are they? Because yeah, that could change things a lot.
>> SE No. 8669
No, I'm talking about Swedish (from Stockholm, even) teenagers IRL mostly. Sometimes swedish adult women online.

Online, I tend to say that the best way to handle things (sexual or not) are related to where you live, and what kind of culture exists there. You never know where people live, some might be from Saudi Arabia or something. And then you'd have a problem.

Yeah, but the thing I really wanted to discuss was how I'm kind of open with stuff generally. I talked to my colleague (who isn't Swedish) about the (gay) Pride festival, which is free this year, and that I hope to have free time so that I can go visit it. And she asked me: "But, why would you want to go to a gay pride festival?" with this confused look on her face.

Maybe it's a cultural thing, I wouldn't even ask that question. I would assume that they either were LGBTQ, or had friends who where and just leave it at that.
>> US No. 8678
OP here. Just wanted to say, this conversation kind of reminds me of something I read recently: http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-reasons-we-need-classes-how-to-talk-to-people/

... This isn't just about faking social skills and manipulating people with some stupid "social engineering" tricks. Learning things like empathy and listening puts you in a place where you understand other people a little better, and saves you from living in a paranoid world where you imagine everyone's thinking bad things about you, or everyone you don't get along with is an oversimplified villain or shallow stereotype.

And if you like to be honest and blunt, that's one thing, but it's another thing when half the people you're talking to think you're insulting them just because you don't know what phrases come across as condescending. You'll alienate both the people you meant to rip on, and the people you didn't. Maybe you want to come across as that sarcastic, insulting guy -- but not on accident, right?

I know a lot of us don't have the energy to socialize with more than a certain number of people every day, and that's no problem. I'm just saying that I see a lot of Internet people express the view that 90 percent of people out there are boring or vapid and they don't need to learn to deal with them. They'll just hang out with the few people that respond positively whenever they blurt out whatever is in their head at the moment, and trying to adapt their manner to get along with anybody else is "being fake" and "not being themselves."

You miss out on a lot of life that way. And if that's fine with you, keep in mind it's that kind of attitude that's going to lead to some company spending millions on developing sentient kangaroos when one employee has an AIDS cure gathering dust or something. You could have stopped that. Just saying.

I never really thought my ineptitude to talk to people was that much of a problem before, but now I'm starting to see it as a problem. Maybe this is something we all should work on.

Thanks - as soon as I get up the courage, I'll give it a try. It's kind of weird to think about masturbating at all, but it's better than being as sex-starved as I am. I might look into trying to discretely get one of those tiny little vibrators at the store, too. If only I knew where to look...
>> CA No. 8682
Did you ever consider that maybe people just aren't as forward as you are and prefer to keep their personal affairs to themselves?
It's not like all straight people go DUR HUR HUR LOOK AT ME I'M STRAIGHT LET ME TALK ABOUT SEX NEAR YOU. Mind you, some of them do, but that has less to do with their sexuality and more to with the type of people they are.
So yeah. This isn't about sexuality or discussing sexuality, it's about peoples' comfort levels. There's just some things you don't need to talk about. I'm not anti-gay or anti-pride or anything (as a matter of fact, I'm bi myself), I'm just saying. Your sexuality can be an important part of you, but don't let it be your defining feature.
teal deer: talking about certain things can make any person uncomfortable, so just don't be a prick.
>> SE No. 8688
I think one should be talk openly about most things. Death, politics, religion, sex ... well, you can't give all the details when it comes to sex and death I guess. But you know, generally. I think the world would be a better place then.
>> US No. 8689
It would be nice, but it's not the way things are. Even if you believe your way's better than everyone else's, it doesn't give you free reign to disrespect the ways they operate.

(This isn't directed solely at you, by the way- in case it comes off that way.)
>> US No. 8705
Has anyone ever got this weird shiver up their spine when they pee? And not even from holding it in forever, but just a normal trip to the bathroom.
It almost feels like a half-orgasm and I'm definitely no pee fetishist, so what in the hell is going on?
>> US No. 8707
Is it every time you pee, or just on occasion? Because if it's just on occasion then it is probably caused by a UTI.
>> US No. 8708

Every time, or damn near every time. And I've had a UTI before about a year ago, and it doesn't feel anything like that.
>> US No. 8709
lots of people get the piss shivers
>> US No. 8710

Ah good, so women can get it too? That's a load of relief, danke anon.
>> US No. 8714
No but I do get that when I prod around my bellybutton enough for some reason.
>> US No. 8716
File 131131120626.jpg - (3.34KB , 144x110 , sadhank.jpg )
My mistake then. I get mild UTIs a little more than the average person and get the "piss shivers".

It's because of my narrow urethra.
>> US No. 8731
guys sometimes i have to change my underwear like four times a day 'cause sometimes my vaginal fluids drip out and make my undies all wet and smelly.

does this happen to any of you i mean what's goin aawwwn
>> AU No. 8733
If the discharge is discoloured or smells really bad, you should see a doctor. If it's just fluid with the regular body odour, wear a daily panty liner. Some people just tend to produce more lubricant than others, it's not usually a health problem.
>> US No. 8736

Holy shit, having to change your panties four times a day is NOT normal.
Are you sure it's vaginal fluids? I mean, I hate to put it this way but maybe you've been pissing yourself. The muscles down there and/or your bladder could be weak.
That's insane though, I'm sorry.
>> CA No. 8738
No worries anon, I'm the same way. It's just natural lubrication; you just produce more of it than most people. Just follow the advice on
and wear daily liners. With me it seems like a lot when I'm wearing underwear because it rubs against you and gets everywhere, but it's normally a smaller amount than it seems. I suggest the 'barely there' liners from Kotex U- cause it’s like they aren’t even there.
>> US No. 8756
Repost from the last one.


"So many females commenting here... so much for 4chan's notions about "no girls on the internets".

Anyway, lacking a vag like what is apparently 75-90% of TF2Chan's userbase judging from this thread, I unfortunately don't get to enjoy all the many wonderful and creative ways of self-stimulation you girls have... dammit.
All I've got is a fist and a dick.

And, frankly, I'm actually getting bored with masturbating. I've only had sex once (at 13, with a 17-year-old babysitter who was a bit slutty and admitted she did it out of pity "because you deserve at least one lay in life" - yeah, thanks for the ego-booster, bitchwaffle), and, due to certain medical conditions (among them social anxiety, social phobia, and partial blindness) I'm unable to drive, unemployed, and still live at home with my parents at 29. Not exactly conductive to a healthy sexlife.

What worries me is that, if by some gods-damned miracle I actually somehow manage to find a female with standards low enough to consider bedding me... that all my time spent "flying solo" will seriously fuck up my attempts at servicing someone else - after all, movies and text can only teach so much before personal experience is needed..."

>> US No. 8757
That thing with the babysitter is messed up - she should be in jail. Also she just sounds like a general cunt.

I wouldn't worry about flying solo impairing your ability to please a woman, though. While I'll come clean right off the bat and say I'm still a virgin, I still tend to think that any guy who'd care enough just take the time to eat me out pleasure me with his mouth and fingers is already way ahead of other guys on the list. Even guys with more stamina or bigger dicks.

The problem I feel a lot of guys have is selfishness and impatience. They want to rush into things and just figure, "Welp, dick goes in," and that's all there is to it when it comes to sex. Some just go right ahead and think that all girls act like porn stars and basically just exist to get them off. Like I said, I'm just going on by my own thoughts and experiences from my friends, so it's not like I can speak for everybody, but eh.

I think that, as long as you spend enough time on foreplay, you'll be fine. Of course, every woman is different yadda yadda yadda.

Also, I know you're a straight man, but you should really look into getting an anal toy for yourself, if you're bored of the usual jacking off stuff. In particular, I'd put my stock into these guys: http://www.aneros.com/

They're actual scientists that have studied and done ACTUAL medical research on what gets guys off, and these are products based on their findings. Feedback for these babies have been OVERWHELMINGLY positive, and some guys say that sometimes it helped with prostrate-related illnesses. You don't have to - I know it's awkward for straight guys to try doing something that's thought of as being so emasculating, but if you're feeling adventurous and want to treat yourself, give it a try.

Good luck, man.

>> US No. 8758
On the subject of those anal toys, I highly recommend those, based on my eyewitness account of what they've done to my ex boyfriend. Apparently it's quite a 'boost', if that makes sense.
>> US No. 8765

I'm the guy who wrote that item you reposted.

BTW, me fucking the sitter was my idea, she was just bored enough to go along with it... and got only 90 seconds of penetration with it. woohoo. We were too scared of parents returning home early to try anything else aside from some brief boob-fondling, and I had no clue what a blowjob was at the time, though she talked me into going down on her before putting my puny pubescent pecker in.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be trying anal anytime soon, toys or otherwise - I tend to injure easily back there, if the occasional red spots on the toilet-paper are a clue, so I'd rather keep that exit-only.

As for the foreplay and such... yeah, I'm smart enough to realize porno girls' orgasms are about as real as their tits, so I know lots of foreplay and oral and such is a must. Hell, I daresay I find the idea of giving a woman head sexier than getting head from her - probably because blowjob videos inevitably invite unflattering comparisons. Not that I'm small, mind you; I'm "proudly" average, albeit bent a bit funny, but any guy would envy those man-horses.

And I'm not 100% straight - I like dicks, just not most men who are attached to them. Shemales/Futanari, "traps", and most anime bishounen trip my wire almost as easily as the ladies do.
>> US No. 8786
I can't be the only person who finds showering intensely sexual, right?
>> US No. 8789
hot water, soap-slick skin... very nice.
>> US No. 8790
>I like dicks, just not most men who are attached to them.

I like this.
>> CA No. 8791
Am I the only one who absolutely hates twink porn? I mean, maybe it's because I'm an actress, so I know that acting isn't really that hard, and doesn't take much effort to be decent at it, but it always seems to be the twinks that are OH SO BAD at acting.
I mean, some of them are cute enough. Personally, I prefer my men to look like men, and not emaciated little boys, but everyone has their preference.

But dear god, twink boys. Just fuck and don't talk. Your voices annoy me so damn much, and I don't for one second believe that you want to 'suck his big cock'. If THAT is big, then man, my teeny vagina has it made in the shade.

I know it's porn, and that I shouldn't get annoyed by something as simple as stilted dialogue, and monotone recitation of a shitty script, 'cause 'hey! look! Penises!' but still. Drives me nuts.
>> US No. 8793
Thus why I said shemales/futa, bishounen, and so-on are turnons, not muscleguys or "bears" r whatever. Watching cocks harden and spurt is just yum. I can do without the grunting hairy-assed men often attached to the yum. Most men in porn don't arouse me, they make me jealous they can look better than I probably ever will when naked. The fact they're often rather amply endowed only furthers my jealousy.

It's porno, honey, not Shakespeare. You'll never really get believable dialogue from fuck-for-paycheck actors. S'why I prefer amateur work - the reactions are authentic. Gay or straight, any dialogue or interactions in most porn are just secondary to the humpity. Or at least, that's how it is these days. God, I miss the stuff from the 70's and 80's, where even if they were cheesy, there was still attempts at writing and plot, not just "two people are in a room, now they fuck for no reason" that modern stuff is.
>> CA No. 8794
I don't expect Shakespeare. But people who don't sound like illiterate morons who are reading the script off the wall are NOT hard to find. Love of god. I mean, just go on redtube, and watch the twink videos. I don't even watch them for the porn anymore. I just laugh at them. THAT is how bad they are. There's one I particularly love, of a student seducing the 'counselor' who looks about 3 days older than him. Worst dirty talk ever, too.
>> US No. 8797
Gotta say that I side-eye anybody who is way into "tranny porn" or "shemales" because it makes me feel bad for transsexual women. Of course all women get objectified for the purposes of straight dude porn so it's really just "congrats you get to be oppressed just like them, you're not so different after all"

I should've put my post about how bad I want to fuck Gerard Way in this thread instead
>> US No. 8799
ok wait I need to clarify.
I think it is fine for you to be attracted to whatever you want! There's no shame in being attracted to dicks but not to the men attached to them! YOUR KINK IS FINE I just side-eye those words.
>> US No. 8800
A few times in college, one of the girls in my dorm would rent a movie with a really cheesy 'plot' and a bunch of us on that floor would gather in her room to watch it and laugh. Then we'd fast forward through the actual sex and laugh more
>> US No. 8811
I'm interested in learning how to stimulate the prostate. Does anyone have a link to a good guide or can offer some advice? I'd probably just be using my fingers if that helps any.
>> US No. 8812

>> DE No. 8840
You might simply be some variety of asexual. It's not common, but not abnormal either. There are more people out there who find sex boring than you'd maybe think. Don't feel bad about it - It simply means sex isn't your thing. If you can, try to connect to other asexual people, maybe even find a partner among them. And if you just share thoughts and experiences, that's also fine. Just don't feel like you need fixing. As long as you don't suffer under your condition (as in, you are okay with not having sex) you are 100% fine.
>> US No. 8845
Don't they make a female Viagra?
>> US No. 8847
I don't understand why I'm so hesitant about sexual stuff.

I have no experience with being assaulted sexually, I'm not worried about going to hell over it, and while I don't think I'm super attractive, I'm alright with the way I look and being naked.

It might have to do with trust issues. I have been grabbed and hit by people, and while I can make friends semi-easily, I've never had a relationship that went anywhere, or faith that I can. I know it's not a sexual issue, per se, but it's something I need to know how to sort out.
>> US No. 8848
Maybe you're like me. I have no interest in sex until I find someone I find really attractive in terms of looks and personality.
>> DE No. 8852
Well then, to be honest, you will have to talk to your fiancee about it. Because seriously, it becomes a big deal once interests clash. Are you faking interest in sex to make him happy or something similiar? He's going to find out sooner or later, whether by himself or by you admitting your dislike of sex because you don't want to beat around the bush anymore. I'd definitely and strongly suggest an open talk. He's your fiancee, so I assume you love and trust each other a lot. If there's someone who should know about your personal issues, it's him. You can discuss your feelings and possible future steps. If you don't think you are asexual but have issues and personal base for this dislike of sex, seeing a professional psychotherapist might be a good idea. And if it's just for hearing a second opinion - You don't have to agree to future steps right away if that would scare you.

Be honest about your issues before everything becomes a mess. It will be worth it!
>> US No. 8858
your options are basically:
1. attempt to make yourself be more interested in sex. this might mean looking into that female viagra or whatever or maybe it's hormone levels and you should talk to a doctor or something, idk
2. reevaluate your relationship

because what i'm seeing with your posts in this thread is you going back and forth between "I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SEX AND I AM FINE WITH NOT HAVING SEX" and "I WANT TO HAVE SEX TO SAVE MY RELATIONSHIP THEREFORE I AM NOT FINE WITH NOT HAVING SEX". you have to figure out which of those is more true for you, and then you have to have a serious in-depth discussion with your partner about the conclusion you've reached, and if after a serious in-depth discussion about how you feel with your partner, he's still not respecting your feelings and decisions, then he's not a very good partner.
>> US No. 8863
so basically he doesn't respect your feelings about an important part of your relationship, and the sex isn't even that great to make up for it

>> CA No. 8900
Does anyone have any reliable, detailed guides for safety during breathplay? When my best friend and I visit each other physically, we end up doing all sorts of crazy wrestling (you could call it) and she enjoys being choked. I'm perfectly fine smothering her, but when I press my hand to her throat I'm really afraid the trachea will end up buckling under some sort of awful pressure - not that I press hard, I just don't want to be in a situation where I end up injuring her.
>> GB No. 8903
In truth, there is no real honest to god "safe" way to do this, its mostly about constraint and control. Having said that, the safest point to put choking pressure is probably the glands, which is right about under the jaw in the neck on both sides of the neck. Another safe way is the sleeper position and lightly flexing your muscle so that its merely putting pressure on their neck which would cause a dizzy sensation as well as giving them a rather "rosy" complexion. DO NOT push their head forward whilst choking them in this position, as it is the form of choke hold used to restrain in the army.
>> US No. 8985
I don't know if this is too off topic, but I'm an extremely masochistic woman. I can only get off to noncon, and romance, kissing and planned sex kind of turn me off. A dinner date sounds worse to me than being taken by force. I've been like this since before I knew anything about sex, I wanted to do things like lock myself in dog kennels or draw tv cartoons in bondage. So... how am I going to have a healthy sexual relationship like this?
>> GB No. 8987
By only having that part of yer live involved in sex. There are many men who enjoy that sort of sex play, and there are many cases where a healthy relationship has been born from it. Of coarse, finding someone who also has the same dreams can be awkward. I don't normally do this, but maybe finding one of those highly sexual dating websites could work, with sections for specific fetishes as well.

Normal dates which you so hate can also be made into part of your fantasy with hidden sex toys and dirty talk at the restaurant... I just wouldn't recommend it for double dates.
>> US No. 8991
Any way to stop myself from being horny all the goddamn time?

Fucking hormones, man. This shit ain't fun. And I'm afraid of scaring my boyfriend off by being too demanding ;;
>> CA No. 8997
Okay, female, and absolutely love male-male porn. To the point that once or twice I have fantasized about having a dick. I'm perfectly content with my current plumbing (well, except for once a month. Urgh.), and I'm fine with my gender role. I've never imagined being a guy. Just...having a penis.

Anyone else? I can't be alone in this fantasy...I hope.
>> US No. 8998
I'm not so comfortable being female, but I have definitely fantasized about having a penis and it's really the only thing that gets me horny. So, no, you aren't alone!
>> US No. 8999
pretty sure this is normal for chicks to think of once in a while
most dudes have once or twice thought about what it would be like to have tits and a vag (generally the conclusion reached is "give me a mirror and three days to myself")
>> AU No. 9000

I'd say it's natural to be curious about something you don't have. As you say, you're happy with the body you have and the curiosity isn't causing you any distress, so don't worry!

Besides, you can always try a strap-on sometime.
>> US No. 9002

My friends and I have long ago found that if you ask any girl what she'd do if they woke up with a penis one day, most of their first answers were to masturbate to see how it felt.

You're definitely not the only one, it's natural curiosity.
>> CA No. 9004
/raises hand
Seriously though, if I had a dick I'd fuck EVERYTHING. I think about it often. Like all the posters above me had stated, you're not alone.
>> US No. 9005
Maybe invest in a strap-on? Not the same I know but still.
>> CA No. 9006
Considering I've no one to use it on, and that the closet thing I have to a sextoy is my 3 dollar neck massager from Marden's, I think I'll pass for now, but thanks.
Thanks to everyone, really. I'm glad I'm not alone in this.
But yeah, if I had a dick, I'm pretty sure I'd try to masturbate constantly, taking breaks to go write my name in the snow with my pee. It's probably for the best I haven't got one, then. haha.
>> US No. 9015
I think it would be healthy if everyone could switch genders for a few days. Then you'd learn how the other side works. And sex would better because you could (hopefully) remember what turned you on during those few days.
>> CA No. 9017

Hey, question for the guys out there (or the girls with male partners who aren't afraid to talk about feelings and sex).
Handjobs. I have a friend of mine that was talking about them, and called them basically pointless. 'Why have someone else do it when I can do it myself, better?' And I've read guys on the internet saying the same thing.
Now, is it true? Because I have a fascination with the male genitalia, but my gag reflex is like, ridiculously sensitive. Seriously. If you even push down on my tongue, like half an inch in my mouth, I choke. So when I get a boyfriend and like him enough to enter into a sexual relationship, blowjobs will not be happening immediately. Plus, I'm still working to get past the 'Ew, but you pee out there' mindset. So jerking him off will all I'll really be able to do at first. And I'd do it eagerly, and would love to learn how to make him feel good that way, but...

So yay-nay for handjobs. Would I basically be wasting my time?
>> GB No. 9018
Id say yay. Hard to explain why if I can do it myself, its just that a person's own, unique touch can be very sensual. I love watching them look up at me with a coy smile, or lean in close, tease me, god Im gettin shivers just thinking about it.

When I do it to myself, its relief, when someone else does it, it sexy and sensual.
>> US No. 9022
How do, I, uhm.

Tips for riding a guy?

I want to be able to move my hips just right~
>> CA No. 9024
As far as boyfriendbot2000 has expressed, and judging by his enthusiastic reactions it is not pointless for all guys. Perhaps the friend you mentioned just isn't into handjobs.
And blowjobs aren't nearly as intimidating as you think'll be. I was freaking out when I have my first one (it was in a public place, no less) but as long as your guy's polite and understanding and allows you to take your time, it should go well.
>> GB No. 9027
Seein as I'm a guy myself, this one is gonna be a lil difficult to explain. First thing is first though, don't try to complicate it by doing too much at once.

You can grind, this is when he is all the way inside you and you move in a circular motion. If you are sitting straight up it is best to get a good rhythm of going up and down going, but this can be painful on your legs after a while.
You may what to lean forward then onto your guy. Don't try to be face to face or anything like that, just keep your crotch in line with his for the most comfort and ease. When you are down like this, its best to use a thrusting motion, flicking your hips back and forth.

Of coarse, he will be moving as well, and if he is, it may be easier at first to hold yourself in a position to let him do the work, which is fine, but don't just let him do everything for the entire time, you ever had someone just lay there like a dead fish after whispering about all the things shes gonna do the entire night? Not fun.
>> CA No. 9090
Uh, was wondering if someone could help me out...

Truth be told I've never had sex or even masturbated once in my life (no tampons, nothing) and even though I watch porn the thought of me doing it terrifies me to no end...I'm so wrapped up in the thought that its going to hurt. I want to be in a relationship but I'm just so afraid of actually having sex, does that make me asexual...? I dont have a reason to be afraid of sex I was never molested or anything of the sort
>> CA No. 9091
No, asexual means basically that you have no desire for sex, not that you're afraid of it. My friend is asexual, and with her it's just sort of 'Sex. Eh.'
I won't lie, I'm scared for it myself (and I've never gone the tampon route either, so you're not alone there).
For the record though, masturbation doesn't have to be penetrative, unless that's what you like. Hell, 85% of women who masturbate doing it primarily focusing on their clitoris. Myself included. No penetration involved.
>> CA No. 9092
>>9091 Pfft well its good to know I'm not alone then...I'm just tired of being teased when people find out I've never had sex, you know? I suppose I will ONE DAY but for now fear has a good grip on me lol And I didn't know it counted as masturbation if you didn't penetrate. Learn new things every day I guess.
>> US No. 9093

As far as tampons go, they take some getting used to. I used to be a pads only girl, too, until I switched from cardboard tube applicators to those round-tipped ones and I haven't looked back since.

If you're having trouble getting them in (and you will until you've had more practice), help yourself along by adding lubricant. Me, I like loading up the Chan or Ygal and reading some good porn.
>> US No. 9103
>If you're having trouble getting them in (and you will until you've had more practice)
>(and you will until you've had more practice)
>adding lube

No, none of that is necessary.
Directions for tampons come with the box. I've been using them successfully since middle school. You won't need lube, and it doesn't hurt unless you jam it in haphazardly like an asshole.
I mean, if you're REALLY scared use the smaller tampons, but they need more frequent changing. And either way, it's not painful. The largest tampon is way smaller than a penis. But there's nothing to be afraid of.

Sex probably will hurt. But for some women, it doesn't. It depends. When the time for that comes, talk about it with your guy and look into ways that you can both be happy together (lube is a good idea here).
Protip: For female masturbation, stimulate your clit. That's where the arousal is. You don't even need to touch your vagina for fun times.
>> US No. 9108
Different strokes for different folks. Maybe your hymen was open wider than her's.

When I first got my period, my mom tried to force me to use tampons. I couldn't do it. Couldn't even ease them in carefully. I still can't. My hymen is pretty tough and resilient, and the opening is no bigger than my pinky finger is around. So don't be so quick to dismiss the advice.

I'm not on my period right now, but when I start it again, I'm going to use >>9093 's advice. Probably in combination with yours.
>> US No. 9109
Before I got my cup, I loved those Tampax Pearl ones. Smooth applicator!
>> US No. 9110

Speaking of cups, where can one buy one of those? Or are they only available online?
>> US No. 9111
A hymen with such a tiny opening that you literally cannot use tampons is really, really rare. Like, literally 2% of all women. FYI. If you don't WANT to use tampons that's absolutely your right, but if you DO want to and you "can't" there is a 98% chance that you're literally just doing it wrong.
>> US No. 9113

I don't understand why it's an unacceptable reason just because it's a rare symptom??

She may very well be one of those 2% of women, and even if she isn't it's not as if using lubricant to help ease the insertion of tampons isn't hurting anybody.

I don't want to offend of anything, I just found the wording of that to be a tad negative.
>> US No. 9114
If she's doing it wrong, lubing up won't help her actually learn to do it right. I don't know what the alternatives are since you can't exactly attend TAMPON LESSONS though.
>> CA No. 9117
Well, that's why we have this thread, isn't it? To discuss various problems or questions we have regarding our own plumbing or others is one of the main things I see posted on here.
>> No. 9131

I was just sharing my own experience with tampons, and in my experience, they go in a lot easier when I'm wet after reading good porn.
>> No. 9143
I bought mine from local pharmacy years ago, but there's lots of places to get those online (amazon, online pharmacies etc). There's list of manufacturers in wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cup#Brands and comparing different cups is good idea.

I don't know has the Diva cup (http://www.divacup.com/) changed over the years, but mine is 6 years old now and still in good condition :)

I never got comfortable with tampons and I wouldn't change back to pads now. I've never had terrible pains or cramps, but with cup I barely notice periods now. On heaviest flow day I have to empty the cup every 3-4 hours, but otherwise I have no problems.
>> No. 9144
I bought mine from local pharmacy years ago, but there's lots of places to get those online (amazon, online pharmacies etc). There's list of manufacturers in wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cup#Brands and comparing different cups is good idea.

I don't know has the Diva cup (http://www.divacup.com/) changed over the years, but mine is 6 years old now and still in good condition :)

I never got comfortable with tampons and I wouldn't change back to pads now. I've never had terrible pains or cramps, but with cup I barelly notice periods now. On heaviest flow day I have to empty the cup every 3-4 hours, but otherwise I have no problems.
>> US No. 9162
Finally had sex for the first time last week. It was pretty okay, but he couldn't get it up completely and went flaccid after a little bit.

I'm going to be nice to myself and assume that it was because we were both nervous and I was too tight, rather than because I'm ugly and a terrible fuck. Is it fair to do that?
>> CA No. 9163
Absolutely fair. Nerves are a big contributing factor to arousal. The more blood pumping to your heart and your brain in panic- the less there is to pump to your genitals.
>> US No. 9165
I've come to wonder: how often do you all masturbate?

I do something everyday, but I only really hunker down and see it through every week or so.
>> CA No. 9166
Twice a day on average. Sometimes only once a day, sometimes not at all, sometimes seven times in one day. It varies.
>> CA No. 9168
Once every couple of days. Really depends on how sexually active I am/how engrossed I get in pornographic fanart/videos/fanfiction/roleplays.
Lately, my sex drive's been dampered because I've been working nine hours a day, every day, and I just fall into my bed most nights. Still, once every couple of days.
>> AU No. 9171
once a day usually. more if i've got nothing better to do
>> US No. 9179
Depends. Sometimes I don't need to for ages, sometimes I desperately excuse myself 'to go to the ladies'' during dinner because can. not. wait.

Of course, if the cat's in the room, I can't do it at all. Is that weird?
>> US No. 9183
I haven't in three months. Before that, it was once a month at most.
>> CA No. 9185
Due partially to my hormone tumor this can very greatly. If my hormones are low then maybe once in 2-3 months, if they are average, one or twice a week and if they are high I've hit 14 times full though in one sitting.
>> CA No. 9186
I don't think it's weird if you can't do it with the cat in the room. My cat seems to think it's a show or something even when it's me and my bf together. Cat just sits there watching and purring like a creep.
>> CA No. 9202
I think it'd be weirder if you were all 'Hey, kitty voyeur, watch me pound THIS pussy!'

I can't do it with the cat in the room, either. But I feel bad if I just throw her out. I always wait for her to leave on her own.
>> SE No. 9204
Well, other animals don't think sex is embarrassing. And since the cat probably likes you, and probably understands that you like having sex, I guess he just purrs out of sympathy or something. Family member is happy= I am happy, don't mind me.

Of course, I am no expert on cats. But I've heard on dogs wanting to "get in on the action", trying to lick their owner's genitals etc.

I kind of wish sometimes that humans didn't have that sense of embarrassment when it came to sex, that we could handle it as most animals do.

When I was single, I used to masturbate about 2-3 times a week. Now I do it less often.
>> US No. 9246
This isn't really anything sexual, or really anything to do with my lady bits between my legs.

I've never gotten blackheads before, but the other day, I found and got rid of what I assume was a blackhead near my right breast. Is there any reason why I'd get one there of all places?
>> No. 9248
Sometimes get boob acne-- less now than when I was still a teenager. So I guess it doesn't seem weird to me (though I never get blackheads, I almost always get those awful big red painful ones, and then it's like "Really, boobs?")

But, blackheads... kind of the product of dirt and sweat in the pores, yeah? And summer tends to mean more sweat at least, if not more dirt. My skin always likes to freak out in various ways in the summer.

Anyway, if you already got rid of it fairly easy, I wouldn't even worry. I mean, if you keep getting them, like, really persistently even though you never used to, you could ask a dermatologist about it, but if it's a one-off thing, probably no big deal, just an awkward placement.
>> No. 9249
Been there, done that. All you need to do is to put one of those blackhead-on-your-nose patches over it for the amount of time that the box says to, and it should be gone.
>> US No. 9253
Welcome to the land of boob acne. You're a woman now.
>> US No. 9255
Speaking of boob acne, boob hairs are annoying too. Every once and awhile, long ass crazy ones pop up out of nowhere and I'm like "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU COMING FROM?!"
>> US No. 9256
This. Especially when they're darker than all the rest of the soft, light body hair. Boob hair, say hello to my little friend, Tweezers.
>> US No. 9257
Do you know why you have the fetishes you do? Or do you know why certain things turn you off? I have this sort of...psychological interest in it.

I know I'm disinterested in incest because even if I wasn't blood-related to my family, I don't get along with my immediate family at all, and I know some people with really really shitty parents and siblings, worse than mine, and we can barely stand being around them at all. I'm alright with dating a chubby guy, though, because a lot of the guys in my family are big, and even if I have a problem with said family member, it's never because of their weight. On the other hand, I have a massive size kink because I'm teeny and I love the idea of being protected. Any guy/girl I date will almost inevitably be taller than me anyways.

(Although I find it damn near impossible to find size kink pics.)
>> US No. 9259
I couldn't tell you why I love rapey dominance and pet stuff, but I can tell you that the evidence has been there since I was little. Like, I look back at the characters I had crushes on as a kid and go "Gee. This explains a lot, actually." I always liked pretending I was getting kidnapped and such. I guess I just found the lack of control exciting.
>> US No. 9262
Funny enough, I didn't have a size kink until a couple fandoms where the 'ship came first for character/emotional reasons and then I was all 'gah, and size difference! This pleases me visually now!'

I think my interest in light bondage comes at least in part from the fact that I sometimes require proprioceptive feedback, and getting tied up tight or wearing a corset would give me that. The prope thing isn't sexual, but it's probably related. It's probably also part of why as a kid I wanted to train to become an escape artist. So I could have a straightjacket to push against.

Being in theatre has given me a thing for guys in makeup. I mean, I also love crossdressing, but my thing for guys in makeup does not require crossdressing or feminization, it's a separate thing. I always feel awkward when I'm helping a guy do his makeup and I start getting turned on by the process...

Every so often I get this theoretical kink thing, where I think something should line right up with my interests, but then when I look at it, it winds up really turning me off... Or things that really do it for me in written erotica but turn me off in visual media.

And I don't know why I get off on h/c and survival stuff, I just know that before I even knew that A) sex was a thing and B) fanfiction was a thing, I used to make up stories for myself about the characters from whatever cartoons I was watching getting horribly injured/nursing each other back to help. Or getting caught in an avalanche, followed by emergency rescue, cuddling, and hot cocoa.

... I was a messed up kid.
>> US No. 9267
I don't think the last paragraph is that unusual. You're just writing your own little story. Something sad happens, then happy ending! I did the same thing.

I read an article somewhere that explained why some people have rape fantasies. I forget what it said though. Kinda made sense I think.
>> US No. 9288
I have a fetish for being taken advantage of by non-human species, that probably stemmed from being poorly treated by people I was interested in (I was never abused though). I don't know why I still have this fetish or why it's escalated to where I can only get off thinking about monster-rape. I'm ashamed because I think people consider it very taboo, but it's hard to change this stuff.
>> US No. 9294

Best I can come up with is that my pet fetish comes from a desire to have undying and unquestioned loyalty of a man that stems roughly from the male figures in my life being unfaithful. Like, I want someone who is like a dog, but not an actual dog because I ain't into bestiality. That's the best I got.
>> No. 9298
I am a guy and I think your pet fetish is really cool.
>> DE No. 9308

I have a Cowboy fetish. If i look back at my childhood and my admiration for Lucky Luke, Woody of Toy Story and Terence Hill in the Western Movies (these blue eyes hng) it somehow makes sense. That i love Engineer as Cowboy just opened my eyes about this.

What i can say is i like somehow a bit more rough stuff. It´s just something appeling to me, to lose controll if you life a rather tame and normal life, where you try to rational things ever. If you go from the psychological thing.
>> CA No. 9311
File 131420535397.gif - (35.39KB , 468x535 , 51834b1c_fb7d_745d.gif )
I've got a fetish for costumes and monsters. Growing up I'd always wake up at 5:30am to watch shit like the Adam West Batman and Lost in Space and when I got a bit older I got into comics hard, as to be expected.

But this old thing about costumes has stuck. Maybe it's because Batman was so much more of a role model to me than my own dad ever was. Or because I was so socially awkward at a point that the characters in those comic books were some of the closest things I had to friends.

The monster thing springs from similar roots, old, cheezy sci-fi and eventually animango to an extent.

But it's kind of made me love life something. I seem to be far more attracted to men and women who love comics. I hang out at the comic store a lot and I can list off the top of my head like 9 people I'd love to fuck. Including this one man child who plays magic and codes shit from his mom's basement. Danno man.

So yeah, I masturbate to the idea of getting raped by a giant spider or men in tights and am at times attracted to massive man-childs. And yes I realize how fucking dumb that is.
>> US No. 9316
Ditto on the costume fetish, although take yours and combine it with a love of cosplay and you've got my fantasies. Then again, I've always loved costumes and roleplay of all types (explains the paochial school uniform I kept all these years).

Although, Scoutpapa just told me that when he sees me in lolita, it turns him on. I don't know if it's the cute factor or the modesty factor. I know he's not into lolicon, but he loves cute things. Is this just a sequal manifestation of things he finds to be adorable?
>> US No. 9321
I have a bit of a pregnancy fetish because I have been around pregnant aunts and cousins while growing up and yes, I am a girl. I guess it's the fact that there is a living thing inside of a woman, growing and moving. However, I dislike Mpreg.
>> AU No. 9325
File 131424792429.jpg - (2.43KB , 123x126 , 1300292565445s.jpg )
>> US No. 9327
A little too much information?
>> GB No. 9332
Not sure if new...
>> SE No. 9333
Uhm... I'm "into" bestiality. (zoophile) But before you stop and puke, I have to say I've never done it in real life. And I know that I don't find it appealing because of the "taboo" or whatever. I actually wish sometimes it could be accepted.

I don't find all animals attractive. Just good lookin' male wolves and dogs. Perhaps foxes too, if they weren't so tiny. I'm guessing this is because I identify as a wolf on the inside. With strange instincts, phantom limbs, all that. So it would only make sense for me to be attracted to both of "my" species: canine and human. I like pet play from this same perspective. Since I like the idea of interspecies relationships, and identify as an animal, I get very relaxed when someone can treat me as animal, but without de-sexualising me.

I like bondage and a bit lighter S&M, but the only reason I can come up with that is genetics. I know my mother attends to fetish parties and is submissive. (TMI anyone?)

Although I don't find leather, in itself, sexy, I think I've developed a leather glove kink. I mean, I've always thought that long, tight gloves look nice, from a fashion sense of view. But I blame the sexualisation of them on different fandoms and pop culture. Not just TF2. But yeah, I partly blame Spy for this. Although it might have started with the bad guys from Sailor Moon (Jedite mostly) and Team Rocket from Pokémon, reading some /afanfic/ about Spy's gloves here really made me remember it all again.

>> US No. 9335
File 131430587380.gif - (760.16KB , 259x214 , YCdx5.gif )

I...don't think we want to be opening this can of worms here.
>> SE No. 9336
Someone asked. I answered. Problem?
>> US No. 9337
I just don't want this thread devolving into a shitfest which with something as controversial as that it can easily do considering this crowd is not always the most mature or sensible.

Also, it's easy to classify this as furry, and that's bannable around here.
>> US No. 9338

Nobody wants to hear about you wanting to fuck animals. Same goes for anybody who wants to fuck children.

You say that shit, you're out. You're not welcome here. We do not need that in this community.
>> US No. 9339
File 131431397240.jpg - (33.98KB , 500x389 , 124936618712.jpg )
Moving on - I am coming to terms with being fairly predatory when it comes to my sexual thoughts. I feel this way towards both men and women. I want to dominate and draw blood. My guess is that my PTSD has a lot to do with it.
Anyone else have this issue?
>> US No. 9340
I have the other end of the spectrum. I think I'm used to being unwanted (or being under the impression I am), so the idea of someone being predatory and seeking me out and being rough with me makes me excited.
>> US No. 9342
File 131431872013.png - (24.94KB , 120x120 , Fancy Shark.png )
To Swedish people everywhere: I'm sorry. My opinion of you as a people has not changed in the least.

I don't really care about the pregnancy fetish too much, although I'm not one for it. I know a lot of men like pregnant women because their breasts get bigger, and apparently they're more sensitive "down there".

Is it possible to be both sadistic and masochistic? I find that usually my fantasies tend to blend them together, with me being in control one moment, and submissive the next. Both totally get me off.
>> US No. 9343
This. I had a long-term relationship for half of high school that I prefer to talk about, and this has been sparked from it. Scoutpapa's afraid to do much towards it, though, because once he came close to choking me and I had a three hour breakdown.
>> GB No. 9345
One of Marty's fics actually reminded me of one of my own kinks, needleplay and bloodplay. I've always been extremely sadistic (I was the child that pulled the wings off of ants and fed them to the chickens), this is sort of stemming from that. However, IRL I cannot stand needles or the idea of being cut. I have panic attacks at the nurses at the thought of having something injected in me (and yet I sew, it's still a sharp pointy object but I'm fine with those needles. Weird?).
>> CA No. 9349
Sadomasochism is what it's called, and it's not that uncommon, really. A lot of people can easily switch from one to the other and enjoy both, myself included. I've cut myself before, to feel the pain, and enjoyed doing it, too. I don't do it often or anything, and I don't create like gaping wounds, but yeah. Sadomasochism: it's what up.
>> US No. 9350
Hey, thanks for that, tough guy!

Also - something I forgot to add. Public stuff. Not anything extreme like... fucking out in the open in time's Square. More like me and my boyfriend going to a sleepy, dark restaurant... Maybe I'd be in a skirt or something, and he'd brush it aside and finger me while no one's watching... Stuff like that is really exciting (to think about - I've just watched porn of it - never done, uguuuu).
>> DE No. 9364
I think I dig all kinds of stereotypically male things because I'm a sucker for powerplay and dominance, and I strongly associate raw male power with dominance. Every day, I face lots of stuff to take care of, lots of stress and also responsibility. To balance it out, I love me some strength to take care of me in bed. I can give up the responsibility and just let things happen.

I could give a general list of my kinks but I suck at that kinda thing because I always forget stuff. My number one kink is sounds, voices and music, though - Because I'm a real audiophiliac. I can't help it, my body and my brain just strongly react to certain sounds.
>> US No. 9371
Ever since my boyfriend and I actually had sex, I have trouble flirting with or hitting on him or otherwise saying even remotely sexy things to him. It probably doesn't help that he's in a different state right now. I'm terrified that if I try, he'll be like "NOPE"
>> CA No. 9386
Public stuff is good times. The first time I ever gave a blowjob it was in a baseball diamond in the dugout, completely exposed to anyone who might happen by. It was insane.
>> US No. 9392
On the subject of sadomasochism - it's nice to hear that I'm not a total sicko and that there are some people out there that wouldn't call the cops if I got 'frisky' with them.
Lucky for a lot of the women I check out, I'm not really into non-consensual rape scenarios. I just like the idea of being in control and 'showing someone a good time'. Also because of KGBoyfriend, I find myself having fun inflicting pain - and checking out girls together. Yeah, we're both pigs and we deserve each other, I know.
I guess it's not so much about the pain itself - but the sensation of anything physically intense. For us, feeling numb is just as bad as feeling dispair, so physical pain or orgasm is the most immediate solution.
I hope that articulating this can help anyone, even though I'm not sure how.
>> DE No. 9475
Hi, i just have a question on all the channers.

How much hair is okay on a girl?
>> US No. 9476

>> DE No. 9478
I wanted to know with this post, how much bodyhair and pubichair on a girl is okay.
>> GB No. 9479
Whilst there is nothing "wrong" with body hair, certain guys and gals will prefer there be none or that it is at least kept in check and tidy. Personally, I prefer little body and pubic hair, whilst bein completely shaven seems a bit weird to me.
>> US No. 9480
File 131474558357.jpg - (1.59KB , 74x74 , shoulderlengthorlonger.jpg )
All... all I can think about is an old interview in (I think) Bust magazine, where Amy Poehler describes seventies porn as 'the bush was wide and high. Wide and high', I guess vs. the more modern completely shaved porn ladies.

I gotta say, the idea of completely shaved skeeves me out, just because hairlessness brings to mind pre-pubescence.

I can see policing the borders, so to speak, as being a reasonable thing to do, if you personally feel untidy without, or if you're taking into consideration the preferences/feelings of others. I don't know that I'm the best benchmark for 'proper' body hair treatment, though, since A) I'm not sexually active at the mo, so I'm not taking into consideration anyone else's preferences/feelings, and I'm kind of lazy. During the winter, I don't shave or trim anything.

honestly, sometimes not in the summer, either. If I'm not swimming, ain't nobody seeing me without my arms and legs covered anyway.
>> US No. 9486
Whatever you're comfortable with. If you've got a significant other, ask them if they'd want you to try a new carpet style, and go for it. If you shave it all the way off, and don't like it, it'll grow back (pretty damn quick, too). If you like to trim the bikini line or go with a landing strip, then just remember it takes some upkeep.
>> US No. 9531
I'm wrapped up in a moral quandry of sorts, and you folks seem like you have a lot of wonderful opinions.

I haven't been able to have sex comfortably in forever. I was sexually abused as a child, so just feeling the warmth of another person up against me was enough to ruin the entire mood.

Recently though, I found if I pretend to be someone else before and during, its almost fun, and I don't feel a wad of bile heading up my throat. I can't tell you how wonderful it was the time I pretended I was Spy. Even if there wasn't explicit role playing, I was somebody else in my own head.

But this seems horribly deceptive to the person I'm involved with. I feel guilty about it, like I'm lying to them, in a sense. Should I?
>> US No. 9533
I don't think so. I mean a lot of people keep things interesting by imagining their partner as someone else. You can imagine yourself as whoever you like! I think it can really help build confidence.
>> US No. 9536
It doesn't make you a bad person, and is certainly understandable from what happened to you, but it seems you still have a lot of underlying issues you need to deal with.

I don't know the whole situation, obviously, but you need to talk to someone (preferably a psychologist or therapist) so that you don't NEED to pretend to be someone else. There are a lot of professionals who deal with people in your situation and should be able to help you. You shouldn't have to live the way you do.
>> CA No. 9539
Okay, so roleplaying last night, and my character was asked to describe the texture of the vagina he had been fingering earlier.

At a loss. Mom's in the room, so I sneak off to the bathroom, stick my fingers in for a few seconds, wipe my hand off and come back.

"You ever rub the outside of an orange?"

...I don't even know. Girls, and men with girls, how would YOU describe the inside of a vagina?
And if anyone says 'It's like heaven', I swear to god...
>> CA No. 9546
I don't know, I always thought of it more as a rippled, densely fleshy texture.
>> DE No. 9556

Uhm... maybe, it´s just because it´s me and i didn´t you know before.

It depends really on the mood. If i am as example not in the mood. Down there it´s all... okay not orange like, but it does feel kinda like a bit rippled flesh (and burns a bit than, not fun). But if i´m in the mood, everything down there feels smooth and a bit slick. Like a fleshy warm wet tunnel... the outside i would describe as warm and .... really DEPENDS if the other character just got slicked with the juice all over and the mood and everything else.


Don´t judge me chan.
>> CL No. 9558
For me it feels like touching the inside of your mouth and the deeper you go, the texture feels more like a tongue. But since my vag is the only vag I have ever fingered, I have no idea if that's the normal texture.
>> US No. 9559
like the inside of someone's mouth and throat but with fewer teeth (hopefully)

a child's tube sock that someone poured paste into and then let sit out on the sidewalk on a hot summer day

wet deli turkey slices that have been microwaved a lil bit
you know not enough to dry that shit out just enough to warm em up
roll them slices into a tube shape and pour some heated mayo or tartar sauce in there and you got yourself a vagina

actually a philly cheese steak with a really greasy bun and more cheese than meat would be a better analogy

or maybe a banana peel that has been heated up

I am hungry

warm, slick, smooth, pliable, and fleshy are the only ways I can really describe it
>> DE No. 9560

Okay if i can takedescriptions of food too than i just say: Warm Apple Pie.
Not if it´s just backed and so boiling hot. No just if it cooled down a bit and than with big apple pieces in it, which are soft and are easy to part. Warm Apple Pie.
>> US No. 9561
If I asked you what jumping off a cliff felt like...
>> US No. 9562
There was a story about a kid who tried that fresh out of the oven. Third degree burns on his dick. Poor dumb bastard.
>> GB No. 9563
Each one is different from what I can tell. There have been ones like wet water balloons, soft linen, smooth sponge. Wet, dry, slick, soft, warm and on one occasion, so cold that I had to pause whilst I considered if my fingers would be better of checking for a pulse before continuing.

So in all honesty, you could say anything and some where out there its probably true for someone.
>> US No. 9574
In my experience, they're pretty much all the same, basically quite similar to sticking your finger in your mouth except the tongue goes all the way around. Never cold or dry, that's just ... I'm not even going to go there. If it's only a little wet, you're doing it wrong. If it's not wet at all, you should seek psychiatric help.
>> US No. 9575
yeah i mean the vagina is a self-lubricating mucus membrane - even if the girl's not "wet" the inside of a vagina should never be able to be described as dry while the woman is still alive and her body is functioning
>> GB No. 9577
Well maybe you need to get out more? :P
>> US No. 9582
Some women are wetter or drier than others, guys. No two bodies are alike. There are a number of factors that add in - genetics, sexual drive, hormones, what time of the month it is, and sometimes dehydration can make a girl dry out faster than others. It doesn't mean they're not aroused and it certainly doesn't mean they're going to die (or are dead already, lol).

>If it's only a little wet, you're doing it wrong. If it's not wet at all, you should seek psychiatric help.
>the inside of a vagina should never be able to be described as dry while the woman is still alive and her body is functioning.

Can't tell if trolling, or virgins...
>> DE No. 9583
Just you know: Yes, vags can be dry. No, womans are not ever down there a dripping waterfall.

Even if you are right that the "vagina is a self-lubricating mucus membrane", it doesn´t mean that just you got a girl in the mood she is ready for you.

It depends on the factors: Cyclus (Ewww, yes the cyclus.) as example a few days before some women get their menstruation, they can´t get lubed right down there, even if they want to have sex. Mood: Sometimes it needs more than some whispered words in the ear and some fumbling to get a woman really in the mood. If she has currently stress or is under much pressure she will also not get this fast wet as you think she might become.
Hydration: If she didn´t drink enough water, she can´t produce much lubrication.
Age: Yes, sometimes it hits home earlier than you would think.
Health: The vagina is a fine System. Ever unbalance in the body can be sometimes fast seen down there. Be it wrong nutrition, less sleep or a cold. And it gives nothing more horrible, than to have fibre enduced lust and beeing all dry.

Just a last note: I think it´s higly offensive to say: If it's not wet at all, you should seek psychiatric help. This should just be considered if it gives reasons like past sexual harrasments or traumas.
>> CA No. 9584
Is any one else very picky when it comes to their kinks, or are they generally somewhat all-encompassing?

For instance, I've got a bit of an authority kink. On occasion I enjoy being given simple commands, as mild as "calm down" or as direct as being told exactly where to put my hands / what to do with other appendages (you get the idea). But, and I find these are commonly associated with authority - I don't like or don't care about name-calling, crops/cuffs/collars, boot-licking/super uniform-fetish, etc. I'm not sure whether these are actually less connected than I thought, or whether I'm particular when it comes to what I like. Thoughts?
>> US No. 9585
Thank you. That IS totally offensive, you guys. I hope you never feel a vag - wet or dry - ever again (assuming you ever HAVE) in your fucking lives. Fuck you - women don't exist only for your pleasure. Saying that they or their partner should get help just because they're not what YOU expect to find in the bedroom - it's guys like you that make so many young women feel abnormal and uncomfortable with their own bodies.
>> DE No. 9586
I wouldn´t say it´s picky, just because you like *insert kink here* that you also need to like *insert kink here*. It´s like saying: So you like Sushi? Than you also like ALL kinds of sushi.
Maybe some kinks are connected somehow, but they aren´t THIS much connected, that just because you like this one you need to like the otehr one. For every pot their lid. If it helps: I myself consider myself highly attracted to voices, but i don´t get this much attracted to all kinds of voices.
>> GB No. 9587
Welcome to the chan, don't talk about stuff ye have no idea about, we will pile into a train and run yer arse over.
>> CA No. 9589
It's so true, too. Past few days I've been ovulating, I think, because I have been fucking DRIPPING. This morning went at it, I had to actually suck on my fingers to get any lube at all. And I have NEVER had to do that before. Was a good ten minutes of stimulation before I started making any fluid of my own.

While there are certain psychological and physiological conditions that can prevent a woman from becoming aroused, and while seeking therapy may help with some, it doesn't mean that every girl with a dry vag is a molested nutcase, or whatever they're assuming.

It's kinda funny how we went from 'A vagina is like a hot apple pie' to 'Here are all the reasons for a change in lubrication in the vagina and surrounding area'.
I love this thread. I really do.
>> US No. 9593
I'm a little confused (I know it's sad, I don't know the proper names of my own body parts). Are we talking about inside or the opening part?
>> US No. 9594
FYI: Dry has a literal dictionary meaning, and it is not "anything other than DRIPPING LIKE A WATERFALL." I did not mean "dry" as in "lacking sexual lubricant," I meant DRY as in DRY, THE WORD THAT MEANS DRY, WITHOUT ANY KIND OF MOISTURE OR DAMPNESS AT ALL. No matter how "dry" you are in the sexual/production-of-sex-lube-etc sense, the vaginal membrane should not ever be LITERALLY, ACTUALLY DRY WITHOUT ANY MOISTURE AT ALL, LIKE A SHEET OF PAPER IS DRY, and if it is actually that dried out then the girl should probably see her physician because that's honestly not normal. There's a natural flora of friendly microorganisms livin' in there keeping things clean and healthy and if it's literally, not metaphorically dry, then what happened to your little critters? :C

And wait wait wait where the ever-loving fuck are you and the anon at >>9585 getting the idea that what I said meant "all women's vaginas should be wet at all times so that I can fuck them"? That's not even close to being what I said even if you're misinterpreting my use of the word "dry"! Good lord, lol


>Just a last note: I think it´s higly offensive to say: If it's not wet at all, you should seek psychiatric help. This should just be considered if it gives reasons like past sexual harrasments or traumas.

He meant it as a joke "because it probably means you are having sex with a dead body," not "because it means that the girl has something psychologically wrong with her if she can't get herself sexually aroused"
>> CA No. 9596
Words are funny, aren't they? In certain contexts, they can mean entirely different things.
Like a penis. If a guy is 'hard', that just means that he is aroused and erect. Not that he is hard like a literal rock. I cannot rub two of his penises together to make a fire. I cannot hammer nails with his penis.
But when I say the word 'hard' in association with the penis, it is generally understood what is meant.
When the word 'wet' is said in association with a vagina, one does not typically assume that the opposite of the word- 'dry'- means the kind of dry as in tumbleweeds, gila monsters, and sandstorms.

Because that would just be ridiculous.
>> US No. 9600
(I thought they meant dry dry too. I just never heard that expression before lol. I'm pretty unexperienced in sexual stuff, not my fault!)
>> GB No. 9601
File 131510441238.jpg - (28.54KB , 349x642 , jr47qt.jpg )
Wasn't sure if I should have gone with this or a "Y U Mad?" reaction, this one seemed more appropriate though.
>> US No. 9602
File 131510529433.gif - (126.54KB , 149x149 , Obama clapping.gif )
Couldn't have said it better myself.

>He meant it as a joke...
Is it too much to ask that we not joke here? I mean, I don't mean it in that it should be a no-fun-zone or anything like that. Playful banter should be allowed, but this is the sort of place where people ask the questions that nobody wants to answer and hope for honest responses.

That is not the right place to kid around since there are some many people conflicted and needing of real answers. Like, if someone asked here, "Hey - I don't know if my breasts look normal... How do I tell?" and you responded with a snarky, "lol, if you have to ask, it's probably not. You should probably go see a doctor about your mutant boobs."

Not the time or the place. Take it somewhere else.

Chess: http://www.scarleteen.com/article/body/anatomy_pink_parts_female_sexual_anatomy
I hope this helps - this website is refreshingly frank and honest. Good luck.
>> DE No. 9604
Whoppsie DO! I´m so sorry, that i just said politly my opinion, that i found this statement of you offensive. It can´t be in anyway, that this "joke" is somehow in itself offensive. I mean jokes are supposed to be taken humouros and with open arms and if i look back at your entry i can´t in anyway find out, why i thought this joke of you was meant seriously. Just alone the tone and writng style not to forget how you highlighted it, just needed to conclude that this is a joke. Silly me.

And i don´t know why i thought we speak about sexual lubrication. It´s not like we came through a request of telling how the inside of a vagina feels, if she is sexual stimulated on this topic. Not at all.

And ANON, i´m truly deeply sorry, that i attacked your good image of ANON on the chan. We all love you still ANON and i hope you will forgive me one day, that i Karnickel (female, german, heck you even have a photo of me chan, some chaners even know me personaly) just made a attack on your entry. I hope one day i may forgive myself.
>> No. 9614
Why so much fighting?

Anyways, other people's fetishes are really terrible, aren't they? Like if someone's interested in something unfamiliar to you, sexually, it can be kind of intimidating. I can be insecure and I always worry that I won't be able to live up to expectations.

I guess that's sort of problematic about lots of internet fetish subcultures... The communication is such that everyone sounds like these fascist fetish Nazis.

Anyways this website is my fetish, I really like everyone here and I like the art and the talk. <3 thanks everyone.
>> US No. 9619
Okay guys, give me some first time advice.

>Deathly afraid of vaginal penetration
>Horribly insecure about my body image and lack of bust

>> US No. 9620
If you have boobs, no matter how small, he'll love them. No, seriously. The only ones who care about boob size 90% of the time if women, not men. Most guys don't expect you to have porn-star boobs, and if he does, he's probably not the type you'd want to be with, anyway.

As for the actual sex, your body knows what to do for the most part. If the guy is understanding and kind (which he fucking should be), then you have nothing to worry about.
>> No. 9621

aw bb, don't be scared! what helped for me was to buy a smallish dildo and some lube and practice on my own before even trying anything penetrative with my boyfriend. start with your fingers and work your way up. also, learn from my mistakes and don't be worried about using lube - i get super wet just fine on my own, but lube still really helps, especially at first. also, i'm assuming you already have someone? you can always ask them to do not-penetrative things for a while, until you're comfortable with each other's bodies, which hopefully will help you not stress out.

as for body image, lol sorry i can't really help you there ._.
>> US No. 9622

I can. http://www.007b.com/breast_gallery.php

Great site.
>> CA No. 9625
Thank you for that site. I am genuinely glad to know that I am not the only woman out there with visually-evident nipples.
>> US No. 9628
Thanks guys
This really helps, especially that site. When all you see in media are this giant, perfectly shaped funbags, you start to kind of feel like you're some kind of b-cup freak.
>> CA No. 9630

Fantastic website... I went through some body issues myself, just I always wanted smaller breasts. But I love them all the same.
>> US No. 9631
Okay, as a gay, here's something I've observed.

No woman has any reason to be ashamed of her breasts. The guys don't care.

The tiniest breasts. Giant, fake breasts. Lopsided breasts. One-missing-breast-and-the-other-one-has-a-freaky-nipple breasts. It's all good. If you have tits, they will come. And I will hate you for it.
>> US No. 9632
oops, forgot to namefag
>> CA No. 9634
I said with, and I meant to say 'without'. WTF brain.

Good to know. Thank you.
>> US No. 9635
To be more specific: If you have tits, they will come on your tits.
>> US No. 9636
wow really makes me appreciate my breasts. Only think I'd change about mine is I have horrible acne scaring. I tend to pick at things, especially if it itches. And some of the scars look like cigarette burns. Same with my back, a kid in class asked me why I had cigarette burns on my back. I stopped wearing that tank top after that. But no one sees my breasts but me anyway so I'm not real worried.
>> US No. 9655
Acne scarring?

Look at a dick sometime.

Just do it.

Suddenly, your breasts are examples of the most amazing skin in the world. Relative to the average dick.
>> US No. 9664
dicks still look better than vaginas. I'm not just saying this cause I'm straight or lacking in sex drive, but really. They're gross. Mine is ok cause it's mine, but yeah. But anyway I'm pretty sure dicks are supposed to look like that at least. I'm not too worried though, like I said, no one sees them :D
>> US No. 9667
Get out. I'm disowning you.

No, but seriously. Just because the female are more complex (no offense to anyone - they just kind of are), it doesn't mean they're "ugly". And they certainly aren't to anyone attracted to them.

The exception to the rule, of course, would have to be the dreaded blue waffle (google image if you dare), but that's a horrendous medical disease, and I don't think it has any bearing on how you should feel about normal, healthy vulvas.

Also, "Vulva" is the term you use for the female anatomy as a whole. The vagina is just isolated to that hole... thingy. Just an FYI fer ya brainz.

C'mon - don't be a dick, bro. lol u so jelly of teh femalez.
>> US No. 9669
Vulva gotcha. It just...it looks like a badly healed wound that's infected or something (yes I know those fluids are useful). I'm just weird like that. I also find mouths to be disguisting places and I don't like french kissing.

Course then I think of Kryton from Red Dwarf, a mechanoid who in one episode temporarily becomes a human and is confused about his new body. Especially his penis's appearance.
>> CA No. 9671
If it helps, I still think my own vulva looks pretty gross. I always thought it was deformed because the inner lips are all purpley-gray, and like, twisted together when they're closed (kinda like when you do a pinky-swear with yourself), but apparently I just have a freaky vulva. It's normal, and there's nothing wrong with it. It's just not a porno vulva.
(And you guys might laugh at this, but for the longest time, I thought I had herpes or something - though I've never had sex of any kind, except with my own hand- because I could see all the little hair follicles or pores or whatever down there.)
And any time I see a naked girl in porn or whatever, I'm just 'eh'. I don't know if it's because I'm straight and just don't find the genitalia of other women attractive, but there it is.

But penises can be pretty freaky, too. Hell, so can ears. If you stare at any bodily object long enough, it'll start to look weird after a while. Like when you write the same word over and over again on a piece of paper.
>> No. 9678
File 13153455696.jpg - (11.72KB , 476x353 , 1245800782223.jpg )
Wow.. I have the exact same problem. My breasts are pretty big and nicely rounded and I'm rather happy with their size and form, but they're covered in small cigarette-burn like scars due to my obsessive skin picking. Whenever I'm bored i pick my skin on my arms, boobs and back. The scars/craters look horrible and I'm so goddamn embarrassed about it. I always tell my sexual partners i enjoy partially clothered sex(kinda true) so i won't have to show them my scarred boobs.

Have you ever tried to stop the skin picking? Sometimes i try to quit, but i always end up doing it without noticing. It calms me down.. I think I'm addicted to skin picking/trying to find pimples that aren't there.
>> US No. 9681
I have to have something for my hands to do. That's half the reason I'm on the computer; I just need something to do while watching TV or something.
>> No. 9689
Well fuck me. I didn't know it was an actual disease. It sort of helps knowing there's other people dealing with the same problem at least. Now that i know there's an actual name for what i do and possibly treatment I'm considering telling someone about it and getting help.
I've been doing it for over 4 years and i guess i always fooled myself to believe it wasn't something to get worked up about. You know.. the good old "I can stop whenever i want, it's not a problem bohooo." Thinking about it makes me realize.. it really is kind of a big problem. I can't stop doing it man..
>> US No. 9693
Lately whenever I hit certain areas, my legs start twitching violently. Like, kicking.
I hope this is normal?
>> US No. 9694
sometimes my leg twitches. I don't kick out, it's more like my upper leg. Might be a reaction like when they hit your knee with a hammer, or when you scratch a dog's tummy.
>> CA No. 9697
File 131545172475.jpg - (100.41KB , 1280x960 , Photo0499.jpg )
Like this? There's a bunch you can't see because my lamp kind of bleached everything out.
If so, then I do it too. You're not alone in the world, bro.
If not then I'm a whole different kind of boob-scarred freak.
>> US No. 9701
I meant lower leg. My bad.

That's pretty much what my acne scars look like. I just know they're flat, pale (usually), and have like one dark spot where the hair follicle is/was. Yay we aren't alone!
>> GB No. 9705
-Dr. Donny mode initiated-
To those of you with the acne problems, might I ask a few questions?
What soap do you use?
Do you work out much?
How much natural sun does the effected area get?
How heavy/transparent are the clothes you wear?
How often do you bathe?

Also, have you tried any creams or gels on your effected areas? I would suggest getting a fragrance free soap, or one that is free of additives. Dove soap tends to have a very good chance of cleaning out pores. Perhaps a slightly rough sponge or loofah as well, nothing too hard though.

Sun light does wonders to clear skin as well, or even just having it endure different things like warmth, cold, mud, exercise and the likes. There are also creams that are left on over night, but I wouldn't suggest those. Instead, look for one that are left on for a short amount of time and then have to be washed off.
>> No. 9714
Yes exactly like that, just.. more of it. All over my breasts. Tried not to pick today and resorted to slapping myself hard in the face whenever i thought about doing it. Almost worked, but only for a few hours. I go into this.. trance-like state where i can't control myself, i just pick and squeeze and scratch till there's nothing but blood and craters left. It's so fucked up.

All my acne is selfinflicted, like.. I pick at shit that isn't there, it irritates the skin and small bumbs start to show up, which i then pick to oblivion.

I've heard that E-vitamin cream should be really good for scarred and damaged skin. Thinking of buying some and try it out. Someone also mentioned in a skin-picker forum that Coco butter should help.

Link to site-->http://www.skinpick.com/
It made me feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one who does this shit.
>> CA No. 9721

It's hard getting out if that trance sometimes, especialy when thinking hard about soemthign. I know i go into the exact same thing when i'm deep in thought, got no scaring of my chest, but my legs are a different matter. There is still a spot on my theigh where an in-grown hair is being stubborn.
>> US No. 9733
Are you guys sure that you're suffering from body acne and not keratosis pilaris? Because that's what I've got, and the descriptions here sound similar.
>> US No. 9735
I dunno about the others, but mine is acne. I don't have it as bad as I used to at least. I'm 27 ffs, I had hoped it would be gone by now. But whatever
>> US No. 9748
E oil is actually an irritant if you put it directly on the skin; at best, it'll make you greasy and at worse it will actually make acne worse. A little bit of aloe gel (not aloe cream or god help us, godforsaken raw aloe) goes a long way.

I've started using the proactive!solution, and while trying not to sound like a fucking infomercial, I'll just say that it does really help. The trouble is it does nothing for your marks and scars, its only really helpful for preventing acne. I've found cream made from rosehips is really good for scars and red marks, and in general the stuff is supposed to be a magic skin bullet.

Don't eat the shit though, it'll ruin your kidneys.

In sexual news, aloe gel is wonderful for chaffed genitals and dried out membranes, and is passable lube in a desperate situation.
>> US No. 9755

Yeah, I've mostly got keloid scars myself, all across my shoulders, bit on my boobs. It's hard to tell what may or may not be purely acne scarring, but I know the big, non-acne-shaped ones aren't at least.


Re: aloe-- it is totally possible to be allergic to aloe (even though it's the last thing on earth that ought to make your skin irritated, I know), so if you don't already use aloe (you probably do, it's in everything), do a test patch.

Really, do a test patch before you rub anything on your man/lady bits. I don't care what you plan on applying to your genitals, rub some on your arm first.

(But probably, nobody here is allergic to aloe and unaware, since you'd be breaking out after using almost every hand soap if you were. Still, the test patch is never a bad idea)
>> No. 9767
Awesome! I already have some aloe oil laying about!
>> No. 9773
I've been dating someone for quite a while now. The situation saddens me mainly because it is very long distance. (He lives in Russia. We plan on seeing eah other soon, or atleast when we have enough income to find a nice place.) But we have been together for about a year now without any sense that the relationship is dying. We have never had camera or microphone sex, and I don't nesisarily have a problem with that. I basicaly left him in charge of when we "get down to bidness" because I don't want him feeling uncomfortable. I've sent him several pornographic drawings of us together and he tells me he adores them.
Needless to say in these past few weeks I have been getting a bit restless. I feel helplessly horney when I talk to him. (And it could be just something simple like todays differing economys, or an episode of spongebob. We both like it, don't judge.) But yeah, I'm getting tired of waiting. But I'm always telling myself, "just one more month, next month is your birthday, ask then, birthday passes, his birthday is in a few more months." And it goes in a round like that, next thing I know i could be waiting on valentines day next year. I know I shouldn't act so childish and just say what I want. But I get worried that it might make him uncomfortable. (Mostly because he's somehow been able to retain his virginity all this time.) I don't know what to do, or how exactly I should ask.
>> DE No. 9786

Okay first of all. I may be the wrong person for this. Second of all. I can relate to you somehow, whcih is the reason why i´m answering now.

It´s good to have a plan and that you both want to see each other and i know patience is a virtue and it can be hard. But still keep up. You gonna do it.

About the virgin part. You really should try to talk with him about it, i mean try to find out, what he thinks what it will be like. By this i mean, if he thinks you have some high expectations about it. If he should think such a thing, say, that you just want to be with him and that this is all what is enough for you.
Tell him you will enjoy it. (Don´t say anything about orgasm. It´s a bonus, but not the main goal.) If you know how he feels about himself, you can better judge how far you can go and/or take a maybe fear from him.

If you want to have a bit more intimidating relationship. Tell him, you think about him in the last time in this kind of way. (Hey you made porn with the two of you.) And ask him what he would think about trying it out. Maybe he will like it? Or try to playfull bring it in the conversation and than just ask tenderly what he would think about doing this.
Than you know for sure. If he wants it too, it would be a bit better if he wouldn´t be the one in charge, but rather that you are the one who starts the talk and describes everything. But make sure he wants you to do it.
>> US No. 9799

Its very LOOOOONG but I thought you guys might enjoy this discussion.
>> No. 9842
File 13163766334.jpg - (4.18KB , 125x125 , 130959475541s.jpg )
Hey thanks! I geuss ask and you shall receive.
Now I just have to find away to work up enoughe courage to somehow incoorperate this into a conversation with him.
>> No. 9894
This is going to sound extremely weird but does anyone else get an extremely tingly feeling in their nether regions while poking their bellybutton? I've never really masturbated (never really had a sex drive to begin with) and even trying doesn't do much for me, so it's kind of a strange sensation.
>> US No. 9918
Honestly as long as I got some warning beforehand I really wouldn't be grossed out by this at all.
>> US No. 9924
This is a bit awkward, but I've never masturbated or anything in my life. I've thought about it sure, and I've definitely had urges to be "playful" with certain guys, but nothing has ever happened and I'm still a virgin at 18.

Maybe it's because I was brought up in a conservative house where sex was very rarely mentioned, but I'm just impartial to it all together. Sometimes I wonder if I even have a sex drive. Hell, I didn't start looking at porn until I started coming around here about a year ago.

I tried maybe once with a finger going around up there, but it was really just an "eh" sort of thing, and I found myself stopping to go do something else not long after. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

It's really not too big of a deal for me whether I masturbate or not, but just the fact that I'm 18 and don't do it makes me self conscious.
>> GB No. 9944

I'm 21 and I don't do it, man. Don't let anyone think that because you don't have a sex drive means you're somhow abnormal or anything. It makes life a helluva lot easier, to be honest.
>> DE No. 9950

And now a person with a rather... uhm "normal" seI AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMPrive.

Life would be a bit easier, if i wouldn´t have sometimes these rather strong attacks of need.
So i give Novi hundred percent right behind it.
It´s okay and it´s natural. Which doesn´t means now that a rather strong seI AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMPrive is bad, just that it´s different to handle (No pun intended) than to have non at all.

And it´s okay to be a virgin at age 18 or 21 or 27 or 45...

Virginy isn´t a treasure you need to protect on all cost, but rather something you should loose with someone where you find yourself comfortable with. And it´s nothing so worthless that you should just trow yourself on the next best guy/gal just to say: Now i´m a woman/men.
>> US No. 9953
Sticking a single finger up your vagina won't get you off, I guarantee it. Try stimulating your clitoris next time instead. That's where the arousal is in women, as well as a huge bundle of nerves. When I was really young I didn't like masturbation because I tried doing it much the same way.

However, if you find yourself unable to get aroused, you just may be one of the few people who doesn't have a sex drive. Or you may just not like masturbation. It's completely fine, and there's nothing wrong with you if you don't.
>> US No. 9977
Aww, beat me to it. I was just about to link that video.

It's pretty damn interesting, though, all the stuff it covers. Really opens your eyes about sexuality and sexual preferences.

Guess all those internet trolls claiming liking shemales is gay need to apologize - straight men like them way more than gays do.
>> US No. 10011
YES I DO. I don't think it's anything sexual, I think it's just one of those weird connected nerve things? It's definitely not a sexual-tingly, it's just... a tingly. But I definitely notice it.
>> No. 10073
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