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File 131152129815.jpg - (457.90KB , 2700x1519 , korra.jpg )
8773 CA No. 8773
Who's excited for the new series?

I sure as hell am
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>> US No. 8824
File 131183709835.jpg - (100.06KB , 590x383 , thundercats09a.jpg )
I'm excited for more avatars. I'm also hopeful this won't suck tomorrow.
>> US No. 8825
File 131183864038.jpg - (1.28KB , 70x70 , GleeKitten.jpg )
Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats!

I am excited for both of these things. I don't know if Thundercats will fill the void that GI Joe Renegades is leaving in my life, but it does also have Kevin Michael Richardson, so I suppose I could take that as a good sign...

And Avatar... aw yeah, am I ready for some of that goodness. We already sit around quoting Last Airbender all the time.
>> US No. 8832
File 131186925788.png - (365.25KB , 842x468 , 130820336023.png )
Me too. I never got to see the original series, but the VA list is really awesome, and I love Studio 4C (By the way, is Thundercats and their stuff from The Animatrix/Batman: Gotham Knight anime or a Western cartoon? It's dubbed in America, animated in Japan). I like Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis/Ron Stoppable/Blue Beetle, and of course, Mumm-Ra is Medic.

I never got to see much Avatar: TLA, but I'm hoping to catch up before next year. Tenzin is Cave Johnson, fuck yeah.
>> US No. 8833

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Jesus, the art direction and animation look great.
>> US No. 8835
Original Thundercats is really only good for nostalgia. Me and my dad were marathoning a few episodes the other day and laughing at how bad it was. It's not horrible for the time, but there's just so much wrong with it in retrospect, and way too many questions if you over think it like I do.

I'm hoping that Lion-O being younger will help with some of the issues I had from the previous series (He 'ages' while asleep in a spaceship, and there's just this contradicting mess of the other characters treating him like a kid and treating him like an adult, and him expecting to be an adult when he didn't get the mental age-up) /rant
>> US No. 8839
New Avatar looks fuck awesome, first one was great but I'm not a big fan of kid heroes and their dramu so the fact that the main trio here is mostly adults/older teens means the characters themselves are more mature as well.

Also really loving the Shanghai and Triads aesthetic. Korra looks pretty badass and I like her mount more than Appa.
>> DE No. 8842
Yeah, I'm looking forward to it as well. I like me some awesome adult hero adventures.

Oh, and before I go to sleep now: The new episodes of Futurama are hilarious. Just watch the one where Fry becomes a cop. SERIOUSLY. DO IT.
>> US No. 8869
Thundercats was glorious. Dark as hell for a kids' cartoon, and Robin Atkin Downes' voice gave me chills.

...Though that might just be the Medic connection getting to me.
>> US No. 8872
I loved Thundercats. Loved it so hard. My only critique was my weeping 'more Panthro!' (and having both Clancy Brown and Kevin Michael Richardson did soothe the savage Renegades fangirl still ranting about 'hiatus' in my breast).

Though seriously, Robin Atkin Downes, you need to stop being so good, because I cannot become sexually attracted to Mumm-Ra. That cannot happen. I refuse to have lady-boners for an evil, cat-hating mummy.
>> US No. 8874
I loved it, too, but I was confused about the plot quite a bit. For instance, what was Mumm-Ra doing on Thundara? Why did the Thundercats know who he was at the start of the series? If I remember correctly, Mumm-Ra only ever lived on 3rd Earth and was there even during when no other Earths existed. The Thundercats never knew about him at the start of the series, but in this new series, they know him and have even encountered him before. Mumm-Ra also apparently doesn't need to transform in order to leave his pyramid, like he always did in the 80's series. The whole thing about the Thundercats having encountered Mumm-Ra before made me think almost the entire time that this was a sequel to the 80's series until I heard the king's name and noticed they were on Thundara. Other than that, I loved it and I want more.
>> US No. 8879
Anyone else pissed off that Snarf doesn't talk? I mean, I know he's annoying as shit, but it just doesn't feel right.

Other than that, I loved the first episode.
>> US No. 8882
File 131203215723.jpg - (21.29KB , 433x427 , 329137-robingi8.jpg )
>>shhh, just come
>> US No. 8886
File 131207012349.jpg - (91.29KB , 788x751 , ICame.jpg )
Damn you, I came.

I'm going to wind up saying 'Stupid sexy Mumm-Ra' a lot...
>> US No. 8887
Mumm-ra always just confused the shit out of me in the originals. He knows the what the eye of thundara is right from the get go in the originals. According to wikipedia he was imprisoned by a pharaoh on 3rd Earth or something a long time ago. He's never left the planet, how the hell does he know what it is? I could understand him knowing it was powerful and stuff... eh, anyway.

I unfortunately missed the first half of the episode and am currently downloading it. I like the new take so far. Snarf is adorable, and I actually think I can live with lack of voice as long as he can pantomime and isn't just some pet. I like the fact that Lion-o is smart and not like super human strong. I kinda miss the other bad guys though (The Jackal people and Ape people). It makes more sense to just be one race versus the other... but I liked the Jackal guys.

Stupid Sexy Mumm-ra indeed.
>> PL No. 8897
I'm kind of glad that he doesn't speak. He's a cat-like creature, not exactly a cat (even for the standards of this series, as to what a cat is). The creators probably figured that he'd become something like Jar-Jar if they'd keep the original idea behind his character. He's doing a lot anyway, so I'm okay with that.
Also the animation is gorgeous, finally something worth watching in the era of awful 3D cartoons and Flash animations (the only good Flash animation is MLP).
I've had a minor issue with it though. There are better words to use instead of 'awesome'. It's a kids show, but it has its darker tones so why not keep the good writing all the time?

Also fuck yeah, Korra! I don't really like the fact that they have cars, but it's something that we'll get used to after a while, I hope.
And there better be the Cabbage Merchant in this!
>> US No. 8902

Rumor has it that there will be some sort of Merchant meme going on. Obviously the Cabbage merchant himself is long dead. I'm wary of too many children of the original characters though. You know how much that sometimes ruins a series.
>> US No. 8909
Metalocalypse is the only other cartoon I know offhand done in Flash, and Season 3 and beyond look really good. But that's just IMO.
>> PL No. 8910
It's done in Flash? I thought it was hand drawn. but since I couldn't get into it, well... you get the idea. /opinion
Anyone knows if there are any news on Superjail season 3? If I'm not mistaken the second season was done in a traditional way and it was glorious.
>> DE No. 8918
Kappa Mikey is done in Flash, too.
It's fine that you didn't know that, Kappa Mikey was way under the radar.
>> US No. 8922
Pretty sure. It's okay, it's not an easy show to get into. You have to like both the comedy AND the music.

Ah, yeah, I forgot about that show! I actually liked that.
>> US No. 8941
I think Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was also done in Flash.
>> PL No. 8944
I know that, and I love Foster's, but I was talking more about current cartoons. Like the ones that are on CN now are painful to watch - I sometimes check what's new and it's completely cringeworthy after a second of viewing it. Not that older, traditionally drawn cartoons don't have their issues, but at least they were watchable.
Now everything is so bright and computer generated and ugh. /goddamn kids get outta my lawn
There's no better animation than traditional one, and while there are some gems in the Flash based industry, they're too few and far between.
>> US No. 8949
I really like Mystery Inc. and Batman: The Brave and The Bold.
>> No. 8960
File 13124466212.jpg - (4.95KB , 275x183 , MyCabbages.jpg )
Today, talked to total stranger about MY CABBAGES! that rumour. Pretty psyched.

Also, wow, I talked to a total stranger about cartoons... And yet it ended well instead of with said stranger backing slowly away.
>> US No. 9034
New episode of Thundercats was a little meh but not bad overall, good to see the Wiley siblings turn out to not actually be annoying after all. Also lol, Medic fish captain with a Scottish accent.
>> US No. 9227
Panthro is badass and Robin Atkin Downes' voice continues to do stupid sexy things to me when it really shouldn't.

I find it amusing that Thundera's power source is PINK AND GLITTERY.
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