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File 131258249424.jpg - (13.48KB , 204x320 , tea.jpg )
8975 No. 8975
Dear Sir,
I'm most sorry to burst your bubble, but
are not the same poster. I will humor you, though, by providing my reasons.
1. The mods will reply to any criticism of anything they happen to like (in this case, TF2, but more often the art of someone they're friends with) with a swing of the old, tired banhammer or with the equally overused :V emoticon.
2. The posters on the Chan are of equal quality to those of /b/, and will flip into a PMS-esque fury at the drop of a hat, regardless of the circumstances or how ungrievously their delicate feelings were hurt.
Of course, I will be responded to with either 1, wherein the thread will be locked, deleted, or I'll be banned, or two, wherein "umad?" will be uttered at least once.
Anon of >>8126.

P.S.: Sage-kun was right to step down.
P.P.S.: Upon replying, I found that the thread was indeed locked, exactly as I had predicted. To recompense for this mistake, I made a new thread. You're welcome, TF2chan staff. I've already bent over for my ban.
>> No. 8976
3. I'll step in and tell you to kindly quit attempting to start shit and lock your thread to prevent others from taking the bait. Either quit it or I'll just flat out ban you permanently for being nothing but a troublemaker. I'm not going to ban you for your opinions in your postscript, but I don't speak for the other mods. Quit believing everything you hear on Hipstr when all you hear is one side of the chan: the people who left over ridiculous things that even I fail to understand where the issue came from, such as omgrun's ban when there was CLEAR EVIDENCE they only came back to be a dick, or the "crocopocalypse" which was (apparently; I wasn't actually around for this) a huge deal over one mod banning a single artist because they didn't like what they posted.
>> US No. 8980
You are more than welcomed to state what sort of problems you have with the site and behavior of the mods in a polite manner and in the appropriate board/thread. You can also contact us with our emails or via another method as listed on the Info page. There's plenty of ways to contact the mods and I. If you have an issue with mod behavior and don't want to bring it up, you may contact me.

When having a problem, please be specific as well. Crying, "THERE'S A PROBLEM, IT'S THE WHOLE CHAN." does nothing to help, but will instead make you appear like someone trying to cause trouble, and that will simply not fly here.

I will now address the two problems/accusations you have brought up.
1. I don't understand why you are bringing up behavior from two years ago, because this sort of behavior doesn't fly today. Especially with our limited number of staff. I hope you ain't confusing the red text in >>8108 as real bans. They were joke bans.

2. The same can be said about any other online community. However, lumping everybody together in one pile and then blowing it up with a stick of dynamite won't work. Every online community has its share of bad apples and these things happen. However, it only makes up a small minority, as with any other internet community. If you're going to judge the Chan by that vocal minority and not see the whole picture, then you probably shouldn't be here.

Sage-kun was right to step down after encouraging and fueling a poorly aimed flamewar in an artist's thread, and also for removing an administrative ban placed upon the malicious troll that has started it without prior discussion, allowing the community to suffer as whole. He was abusing his power and got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

All-in-all, you appear like somebody trying to cause trouble, basing upon your post scripts and previous post >>8126 . You are welcomed to your opinions, but you are not welcomed to be a jackass along with them.

I'm leaving this thread locked, so any further discussion may be moved to the appropriate board and thread.
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