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No. 9023
  So I made this, having enjoyed making the one prior to it.
I'd like some input on it, so I can get a feel for what I should improve / change, etc.

Future videos probably wont be from this first-person perspective, as I want to attempt to get into Gmod frame animation, but I'll see when I get there.
>> No. 9025
  I made this as a simple animation test.
It's my first shot at frame by frame animation in gmod. :c
>> CA No. 9026
I liked the first one, the first person was done pretty well. The stop animation is a tricky thing to do, and i apologies, but i don't have much advice to help with that, besides saying that it is not very smooth in places, like with the gun. The animation of him firing then dropping was done way to quickly. Maybe more frames?

this also is tf2 related, not offtopic. there is a thread in discussion called 'tf2 video fun'. This should really go there
>> US No. 9030
Stop animation is something that you just get the hang of after practicing for awhile. Just remember, use as many fucking frames as possible if you want fluid animation. It's tedious as fuck but you get results.
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