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File 131414323736.jpg - (14.58KB , 241x194 , medisignred.jpg )
9291 US No. 9291
Usually when I play TF2 I'm completely fine: no headache, no sickness, nothing. However, very recently (about a week or so ago) I began becoming madly nauseous within the first twenty minutes of gameplay. The feeling gets worse as I keep playing and goes away when I stop. I've had TF2 for about a month now and have never experienced this with any other video game.
I am healthy other than these symptoms. Should I seek medical advice?
>> CA No. 9293
My mom gets like this with a lot of media.

To start I'd make sure you are hydrated, some times if your brain isn't moist enough it can make you dizzy.

If that doesn't work then get your eyes checked. Eye strain could also cause this shit and can be aggravated from staring at the screen to long. So maybe try playing only when you boot up and not more than an hour or so after and see if it helps at all.

Ginger is great for general nausea so if all else fails get some capsules of the stuff.
>> US No. 9329
Here's a couple general things that are perhaps worth checking out:

- monitor refresh rate; lower hertz causes a subtle flickering akin to bad florescent light bulbs, which may lead to headaches and nausea

- overhead lighting that's contantly in your eyes and/or is too bright

- try to have the monitor at your natural eye level

- stop and take note of how your entire body positions itself when you're deep into video gaming; is it possible that your posture could cause you pain over time?

Basic stuff, I know, but I've had to recently deal with my own gaming discomforts, and I've found dealing with these things helps.

Hope you feel better!
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