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US No. 9354
  Ever feel like punching a monkey because nothing is going right? Ever feel sad and depressed because the world is getting you down?

Here's a thread that specializes in cheering you up with pure, unadulterated joy free of the usual cynical attitude the internet tends to thrust onto everything.

For the opening act, have a guy singing with his adorable little daughter.
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>> US No. 9355
File 131436458891.jpg - (187.98KB , 750x504 , tumblr_ln1v9weJGE1qe2i87o1_1280.jpg )
>> CA No. 9357
  Classic cute.
>> US No. 9366
  Has some moar, chan!
>> CA No. 9367
  I'm sure a couple of you have seen this already, but spiders are where it's at.
>> GB No. 9370
  The video is advertised as "World's Cutest Kitten".
It does not fail to deliver.
>> US No. 9377
I absolutely HATE spiders, but this is adorable in the creepiest way possible.
>> US No. 9383
  It's a baby penguin.
>> CA No. 9389
>Bumble foot

>> DE No. 9397
  A true showcase example of friendship.
>> DE No. 9413
  It´s so cute. Especially how she censores it. Gimme me hugs!
>> US No. 9454
File 131468619472.jpg - (39.96KB , 415x500 , e3b2ecd2-0438-4b01-8fb0-6cdba6fc8ea2.jpg )
I dare you not to d'aww at this!
>> US No. 9455
d'awww! Dare cannot be completed... That is some adorable kitten tongue.


For more kitteny goodness, go ^ here ^ for a kitten named Sasha. (I am unreasonably obsessed with some stranger's kitten, you guys.)

>> DE No. 9464
File 131471791266.gif - (478.80KB , 210x158 , tumblr_lnobo4jTCI1qbtacbo1_250.gif )
This gif makes me squee every single time.
>> US No. 9470
File 13147359492.jpg - (34.48KB , 250x300 , MiniatureJockeys.jpg )
I know I'm weird for saying this, but I think the little creatures from Don't Be Afraid of the Dark are cute. I just couldn't get over how tiny they are, and how much they look like miniature L4D2 jockeys. All throughout the entire movie, I just wanted to squeeze them...which they'd probably kill me for.


D'awwwww, kitties :3
>> US No. 9473
File 131473658975.jpg - (158.49KB , 1000x563 , snarf_sit_up_surprised.jpg )
Also...here. Have a Snarf.
>> US No. 9490
File 131477575737.png - (354.42KB , 600x600 , trust.png )
These two. They make me so happy. On a bad day they make everything all better and give me the warm fuzzies. I just love them and all their little gestures and all their little noises. Orange, especially. She's too damn cute.

(am I the only one starting to think that captcha's are getting too hard to read? I failed it 4 times.)
>> US No. 9493
>> US No. 9506
Nope. You're not the only one. I've had to cycle through several times to find a captcha I could actually read where the stupid squiggly line wasn't distorting the letters so bad that it was illegible. It's really annoying.
>> No. 9510
File 131482733032.jpg - (80.38KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lp3xkg4e8i1qa2iiio1_500.jpg )
Here, have an fat bird. Is cute, no?

Oh my god.
When it covers itself in sand - I will never fail to "d'aaawwwwwww" out loud at that.
I can't even understand sometimes why people think spiders are scary, THIS is the cutest thing I've EVER seen.
>> GB No. 9511
File 131483283070.png - (325.85KB , 608x477 , birds.png )
One of my cats is called Sasha. My mother describes him as an old queen. It is very fitting.

Pic related: Aristotle and Hypatia, a pair of pigeons that have taken up residence in our garden. They have a pair of extremely fluffy and adorable chicks who have recently left the nest, and they do cute things like this.
>> US No. 9519

Another kitten! Her name is Scout, and I just want to grab her toes... and her face... and her belly...
>> US No. 9726
  Oh, Japan.
>> CA No. 9736
Is it awful that my first thought was 'someone, somewhere, is going to fuck that shit'?
>> DE No. 9738
File 131554249041.jpg - (255.59KB , 1372x1090 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Cat has provided.
>> CA No. 9739
Did...did that exist before? Or was it because of what I said?

If the former, then goddamn. Rule 34 rules all.
>> No. 9743
Yeah that's been around forever.
>> No. 9744
Forgot to elaborate; that was probably because Moot made show up at the top of every single fucking page on 4Chan for a while.
>> US No. 9751
  i found this today
>> DE No. 9758
  Goes without saying.
>> US No. 9809
  I was stuck between putting this in the humor thread or this one. Ah well.
>> US No. 9813
File 131616016228.gif - (469.85KB , 200x200 , 130862704070.gif )
>> US No. 9945
>> NL No. 10313
File 131888549299.gif - (492.88KB , 500x223 , e61c561f-22ca-42b3-b8ab-d8f22a0c71c1.gif )
Cats always qualify.
>> US No. 10315
  ( ・ω・)
>> US No. 10949
File 132367360915.jpg - (29.69KB , 531x549 , super-fluffy.jpg )
Reviving a dead thread with this, hope you don't mind. Also seems some of us could use a pick-me-up.
>> US No. 10952
File 132370427622.gif - (498.42KB , 350x263 , 1323486674310.gif )
>> US No. 10969
  I want one!
>> DE No. 10970
File 13238679777.jpg - (51.71KB , 400x266 , tumblr_lvnepgngGR1qeyznuo2_400.jpg )
Newborn kitties.
>> US No. 11059
>> No. 11123
  Protip: Don't read the comments if you want your good mood to last.
>> No. 11126

The smile on that baby's face when he hears his mommy for the first time is just absolutely precious. I almost cried.
>> No. 11127
It doesn't get more genuinely happy than that.
>> US No. 11226
I thought this little sculpture of an octopus was cute. Shows him making it.
>> CA No. 11715
  I'll post this here. If it ever gets gmodded, we put it in tf2 video extravaganza.
>> US No. 11807
>> AU No. 12071
The local cat shelter put a webcam in their kitten room, and it's flat-out adorable.
It's on 8am-5pm daily (Time zone is GMT+8, no daylight saving).
So for those of you Northern Hemisphere folks who had a bad day, tune in and squee.
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