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File 131646765490.jpg - (37.25KB , 650x366 , 019521-gordon-ramsay-percy.jpg )
9850 US No. 9850
The Shire has really gone to shit since meth took hold.

>Gordon Ramsay's dwarf porn double Percy Foster found dead in a badger den in Wales.

>DWARF porn star Percy Foster who was also Gordon Ramsay 's double has been found dead in the most bizarre of circumstances, according to UK tabloids The Sunday Sport & RadarOnline.com

>Percy Foster's 107 centimetre (3'6") body was discovered partially eaten in a badger's den in Wales.

>The report says the 35-year-old was found, "deep in an underground chamber by Ministry of Agriculture experts ahead of a planned badger-gassing program."

>Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of suicide, according to the report.

>Adult film producer Dexter Yamunkeh said "Percy was a little guy with big problems... He was doing well but was under pressure like everyone else in this god damn industry."

>In a recent interview Foster, star of X-rated movie Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It's Up Your A**e We Go, spoke of his excitement about his growing career as Ramsay's double.

>"Porn lookalikes get more money than normal actors. Dwarf lookalikes are as rare as hen's teeth and so can command top dollar.

>"I've already ordered a new BMW and a diamond-encrusted Soda Stream," he said.
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>> US No. 9871
This might be the lack of sleep, but what in the world I'm I reading.
>> AU No. 9872
File 131658639431.jpg - (5.24KB , 235x214 , thefuck.jpg )
What the fuck am I reading?
>> US No. 9876
Poor bastard...
>> No. 9879
File 13166316353.png - (235.24KB , 690x575 , 130154916689.png )
Ramsay had a dwarf porn double, who got eaten by badgers? What the actual flying fuck?
>> No. 9893
File 131667386449.png - (46.78KB , 180x240 , 2mhgems.png )
>Gordon Ramsay's dwarf porn double
You lost me.
>> US No. 9902
When my friend told me about this, he called the dead guy "Gordon Ramsay's sex dwarf", and I thought that meant mr. Kitchen Nightmares had like a dwarf fetish or something. The actual story makes just as much sense as what I thought it was about.
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