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File 131733580553.jpg - (664.56KB , 1978x876 , commission copy.jpg )
9993 PL No. 9993
Got permission from Kumori to post this here.

I'm starting my masters course in a few days, and since it's private and costs 10k per year for two years, and additional game design course costs 800PLN, I'd like to help my folks a bit with it.

Here's the deal:

Super deformed character, stylized portrait - 5Euro

simplified character design - 10Euro

semi-realistic CG - 15Euro

full hi-res painting - 25Euro (extra character +5Euro, +5Euro for complicated BG)

Here's my paypal account: silverene@op.pl .

I accept money transfers done via paypal or Polish/European mBank.

Things I won't draw: anything that I find offensive: homophobia, racism etc.

I'll send you a sketch, then start working when I'll get half of the required price, and continue working on the commission.
If I know that I won't be able to finish commissioned drawing at that moment, I'll refund it or discuss another way of dealing with this situation (continue it after a while for example).

Please send reference pictures, or write a description of that character, including mood of the picture (if necessary) etc.

I paint using Adobe Photoshop CE and Open Canvas 5.05.

I'm open all the time, but since I'll be really busy in the next few months I can't guarantee that your work is going to be done super fast. Usually it takes a few days to finish it, I'll update you through e-mail or some other way.
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>> US No. 9994
Could you perhaps show examples of exactly what you mean by each description & price point? Your sample artwork in the OP is nice but I'm not sure what exactly you mean by the differences between a simplified character design for 10 euro or a full painting for 25 euro etc etc and I wouldn't want to place an order without being quite clear on what I was going to get for it.
>> PL No. 9995
File 131734332233.jpg - (375.07KB , 620x1002 , commission2.jpg )
I'm glad that you asked this, since I've been meaning to prepare and post a compilation in my next message.
If it isn't visible enough, prices here are shown in the same order as in the first post.
>> DE No. 9998
I'd love to support you with a commission, but you haven't posted an email where to contact you. I might still have yours around in my saved mails, but others could use it.

Captcha: engineering dgear
>> PL No. 9999
My e-mail is there, it's the same as my paypal account: silverene@op.pl. Gonna put it in the sage field for your convenience. And thanks! :)
>> US No. 10048
I'll be keeping an eye on this.
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