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File 134974919352.png - (641.87KB , 738x832 , steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_100733204_prev.png )
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File 134706849650.jpg - (661.56KB , 1680x1050 , red-tf2.jpg )
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Hey guys... I need some male singing talent for my Saxxy entry but I'm having a hard time finding it, especially for Spy! I hope to reward talent with gifts through steam to make it worth your while!

What I need: Two actors who can sing in tune while imitating Spy and/or Engineer, as well as a set up that can record your voice clearly.

Please reply here or send the following to my email address: lilianaclaire[at]gmail.com

1.) Your name/handle and/or steam name/handle

2.) A sung audition featuring your best imitation of Spy and/or Engineer singing. I’m looking for people who can make a song theirs while still maintaining a reasonable imitation of Spy/Engie.

Choose a song that best suits you; the song you will end up singing is a broadway/showtune style thing so keep that in mind.

If you are successful I will be in contact with the song I need recorded and we'll go from there.

Thankyou very much for your time, I appreciate it!
>> No. 1099
Unfortunately, I can sing, but I have two too many ovaries. If you ever need a female singer, though, let me know.

File 134552363958.png - (17.09KB , 150x150 , noir.png )
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So they release a cigar item into the game without self illumination nor a smoke particle effect.
I am all kinds of disappoint.

File 134529323548.jpg - (3.49KB , 318x159 , motion.jpg )
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Hi everyone... what with the second Saxxy awards happening, I was wondering if anyone had experience in motion capture vs hand animation in complex physical movement like dance. Is it worth investigating DIY motion capture, or are the bugs and resulting quality just not worth it?
>> No. 1094
Well, I don't really have any experience with SFM, but I've worked with motion capture before. Yes, there's still plenty of things you'll have to edit, correct, and add in, but it does take a large heft of the workload. You don't have to worry much about making sure everything is moving, and only a little on making sure things move correctly. It also helps if your mocap actor is roughly the same build as the character you're mapping the data to.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, go ahead give it a shot. If I remember correctly, the more complex motion is what mocap was original designed for. Yeah, it can come with its own frustrations, but it can make the bulk of the work less time consuming.
>> No. 1095
Thanks for your feedback! I may be able to get access to a blue screen studio which would be amazing, and partly why I was wondering what the learning curve'd be like; failing that I was going to tinker with kinect, especially seeing as people have used it with TF2 in the past.

File 131898226877.jpg - (16.41KB , 625x523 , tf2modding105_jpg.jpg )
946 No. 946 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Please rate up, it used to be on the first page and I really want something accepted :(
>> No. 1089
Question when you modeled it did he use the original spy pistol as a reference by importing into whatever 3d program he used? Can you tell me exactly which model it was? was it the one with the arms already in it?

File 134156618895.png - (129.05KB , 292x537 , aba2.png )
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Hey guys. I posted this character, A.B.A., probably over a year ago here and got some good feedback, so I'm coming back with a bit of a request.

I've decided to continue and finish my crossover project and use the resulting models to make some Source Film Maker movies. A few issues arise:
1: I'm not a very good texture artist so my stuff frequently comes out looking really poor quality, even if the model itself has good topology and form.
2:I can do all the steps, but compiling almost always fails for me.
3:I have a distinct lack of time to work on this project.

So with that, I was wondering if anyone around here might be interested in helping me complete some of these projects. Anything would be helpful, even if you could just help with .qc files and compiling, or texturing, or whatever. Even some good critique would go a long way for me.

Feel free to respond here or email me at the provided email if you're interested in helping out. You would of course get full credit for any and all work.
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>> No. 1081
No you don't understand. She's well done. She just looks ... odd. And not team-fortress-ish.
>> No. 1082
I guess you're not familiar with the character then? Any tips on making her fit inside the world a bit better, or should I try to just adapt it for the source engine in general and make my own maps and stuff?
>> No. 1084
I don't think there's anyway in turning her tf2-ish. I mean the model looks like something out of an alice in wonderland horror game. If you want to do a model for tf2 you should read the comics and pay attention to all different models and characters, to get used to the sort of art and style the tf2 staff uses.
This is just my opinion, anyway.

File 130946148240.jpg - (217.15KB , 1028x1028 , medicwip.jpg )
775 No. 775 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm redoing this. Improving the model, new textures, new skinning and faceposing (ugh), and redoing all the hats to fit including the new ones since I first released this.

The main issues I'm addressing is the face/hair details and shape, proportions and silhouette visual interest, balancing the huge hands/arms with a more filled out body shape.

I want to finish this shortly so I can start another model after I get this cast off my arm.
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>> No. 863
The femme medic's voice is kinda quiet but I really love the gigantically oversized Berliner's Bucket Helm. God that cracks me up.

The new face looks pretty good though. What happened to the touch of grey in her hair though?
>> No. 1073
I still mourn the loss of this medic. I liked it better.
>> No. 1074
>gigantically oversized Berliner's Bucket Helm

You wouldn't happen to have a picture of that would you?

File 132790625273.jpg - (173.87KB , 618x1075 , cp_glacier_rc0000.jpg )
1022 No. 1022 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys! Got a favour to ask.

I'm looking to get into contact with server admins who are using skins and models I've made, like the nude models, scout's mom and announcer, as server skins.

I'm hoping those who server hop and/or are active in clans or communities might have spotted them in use, and can point me in the direction to contact those in charge to see what's going on and how the skins are being treated.

If you know of any, and can link to them in this thread, or message me on my tumblr (http://rebbacus.tumblr.com/ask), it'd be very appreciated. :D
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>> No. 1032
Dat Ol' Nick.

It's a damn shame how some peeps abuse your models 'Bacus.
>> No. 1062
I saw a korean guy made an artistic G mod work with your director model. The model was even holding the camera as he was in the comic. But unfortunnately, he deleted all of his work few months ago. Well, it really is shame as Jasonfex said that some bad nuts abuse your models, but your models have been very useful to some G'mod artists. Ofcourse they have to be grateful to you.

P.S:Can I suggest you making fem sniper model? she will be the austrailian Aphrodite in G'mod world.
>> No. 1071
I think Australian Artemis is more like it, but I, too, would love to have a FemSnipes model. If you'd be looking for anyone to do a voicepack for her, too, I'd be available. Got a pretty good Ocker accent, I've been told.

File 133714700927.png - (943.15KB , 1331x1326 , hellhound.png )
1063 No. 1063 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
My boyfriend and I started working on this a few days ago and have it mostly complete, we're both happy with the overall design but he wanted to see if anyone could find something wrong with it before he starts to UV map it.

I had the intention that it would shoot out napalm instead of an air blast.

I came up with the initial concepts of it and he modeled it.
>> No. 1064
File 133714705526.png - (246.46KB , 1680x1050 , Hellhoundhorns.png )
He also modeled this today while I was at work.
>> No. 1065
All in all, I think you guys did a good job on its design. Everything seems to be in place and workable (from what I can see/little I know of flamethrower operation. One thing, though: I'm not much of a Pyro player (I generally prefer playing Heavy or Demoman), nor do I really have any qualms against the class, but I don't really see much incentive for "napalm" over compression blast. Explosions, possibly jump with or increased damage? I'd like it if you could elaborate on that intended mechanic, but the design itself looks good.
>> No. 1066
We were thinking that it would do more damage but consume more ammo, something along the lines of 50, as opposed to the air-blast 20, and to use the napalm it would be the same Mouse 2.

The smaller, narrower tank would be where the napalm would be stored, and it would still have the regular propane flamethrower with the larger tank. I don't know much about flamethrowers either, I think he does though, so he could probably elaborate a little more than I can. I'll have to ask him when he gets home.

File 131557662144.jpg - (53.78KB , 1243x614 , POCKET SOLLY.jpg )
898 No. 898 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Learning/trying/let's see what happens
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>> No. 979
File 132101679145.png - (696.67KB , 1502x833 , engiebee modelling final.png )
finished modeling
>> No. 980
Looks a teeny bit too buff to me, but otherwise, SO CUTE!
>> No. 1057
File 133460595098.jpg - (43.75KB , 995x753 , titanic.jpg )
yeah, they suposed to be buffed heh


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