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File 133294530934.png - (162.42KB , 1026x777 , CTF_JAIL PLANS 3intelends.png )
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This board seems to be dead all the time but this is worth a shot if anyone can throw in advice.

I'm making a map. It's for my college FMP. Probably a bigger load than I should be trying to handle by myself in a ten week span but as long as I have something that will impress some old dude who doesn't know shit about video-games by then, I'm cool.

Game type is CTF, the image to your left is one side of a symmetrical map. Obviously I didn't measure and draw it very precisely. Certain bits I need to fix in the final plan. (Example, making the top landing of the staircase come under the actual door.)

I have two more diagrams to post after but, basically, I want to know if you see any flaws or if it seems to complicated or too easy or if a certain class would struggle with it... fooooor example, I made the upper spawn's exits go down so Engies can't turtle near the Intel. (I plan to make sure the hole is low enough to avoid fall damage, and make it a one-way exit so jumping classes can't return up there.) I think Engies have it too easy on CTF maps, particularly 2fort and Turbine.

If you're curious, the visual theme I'm going for is an abandoned prison. One of the other two images is of a tunnel dug out under it from past attempting escapees. The other has some random squares where I plan to put aesthetic locked cells. The plans I have are more for the technical side, I'm working on concept art this week.
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>> No. 1050
There's a 'vent' running from the center upper room to the intel room. Unfortunately there is only one way out atm, I think adding a second way in/out would be a good idea... I'll have to think about it but maybe to a midway landing of the staircase or the largest area, along the catwalk maybe. I could also add boxes or another semi-climbable feature to the vent to make it a sort of if-you-have-the-time-to-climb-into-it escape... Hm.

I plan to run bots on it during my exhibit and run it on my own server later for people I know to test-drive her when it's ready to see action. I don't want to throw it out into the public until I'm confident it'll work decently. I also want to see it in the Workshop-- if that's even allowed, I've only seen one map in there, the Skyrim one that will never get anywhere-- so I don't really want to let everyone and their mother download it, if that makes sense. I know map stamps are basically donation-based anyway, but. (Lookit me, aiming for the fucking sky.)

You've been a real help mulling this over, thank you. I'll have to redraw accurate plans with these suggestions asap.
>> No. 1054

No problem

You could try a map community, they might be able to give you super critique.

I think you can post maps to workshop but I think it's less popular, like placing taunts into workshop, just because it's so much more work for something that may not be implemented at all into game.

After all, there are dedicated servers for testing new maps out thre.
>> No. 1055

Oh, perhaps a little obvious but still important, add directional arrows. That can be so useful for direction especially on a new map.

File 133384829458.png - (308.97KB , 444x621 , cc0b6d757ce00ed88843c4e1f433b84a14b9a4a4.png )
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Alright; I'll be honest. I have no clue if I'm even asking the right board for this. I'm rather new (<2 months, to be exact) to TF2, and I have noticed some awesome mods, such as Saxton Hale, Vagineer and Christian Brutal Sniper. I'm wondering if, in celebration of the Pyro finally getting a 'meet the team' video, someone won't make a VS mod of something like "Hellfire Pyro" or something. You know, standard Pyro, covered in fire effect, instantly burns anything near him/leaves a trail of fire. Sound cool? No?
>> No. 1052
I think a vs mode with Frank the pyro from that one fanfic that I don't remember what it was might be cool, but that's just me.
>> No. 1053

There's a version with Frank the pyro...?

WHERE CAN I FIND THIS! Ohmygawd that sounds amazing!
>> No. 1058
I suggest you read the thread again.

File 133287579040.png - (198.97KB , 680x400 , promo_01.png )
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File 130956127125.png - (332.72KB , 621x646 , fem scoot.png )
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Holy crap who let Loopy have a mic? Well yea, Loopy can do a variety of accents. One of my easiest is a Scout. While i may not be born in Boston, I was born in New york so my accent dose come out every now and then. I do this for fun, because TF2 is fun and everyone likes fun right? Currently working on a Sniper and would like crits about Fem Scoot or tips about Sniper.
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>> No. 786
You sound kinda like a guy, but not in a bad way. You do great with emotion! Most of the femscout voicepacks I've heard sound kinda forced, but not yours! (or Dusty Old Roses, but that's a given)
>> No. 787
Thanks! It made me feel quite giddy inside to be put on the same level as Roses. ( Even though she is WAAAY better than me)Yes, I naturally have a lower voice. You should hear my Demo lol.
>> No. 1034
is there a repost available?

File 132847751314.jpg - (28.19KB , 343x323 , wanka.jpg )
1023 No. 1023 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
sorry for not being around, but a group of friends and I are creating a fan series for Team Fortress 2.

The working title is Team Fortress: Wisconsin and takes place in the southeastern part of the state. The plot is RED and BLU mercenaries are battling for control of the dairy production for the companies. But unbeknownst to them, they are actually covering for secret experiments involving australium laced milk that turns subjects into mutant super-soldiers.

When the mercenaries find out about this, they attempt to destroy the forts and escape, but only to be hunted down by the Administrator's subordinates so secrets won't be told.

It's still in the development stages and the plan now is once we have everything together, we might put up teasers on youtube, and maybe sell DVDs.

TL;DR- Anyone interested in watching/be involved in a Fan Film Project?
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>> No. 1026

W're going to act it out, although we would like to do it on Gmod. Right now, I'm just going around the fandom to see who would be interested in watching it, start a fanbase, collect some feedback on whether or not we should go ahead or not.
>> No. 1027
Well, the plot sounds a bit odd, but doable. I've been doing some animated work in gmod, but if you're looking to do custom skins and stuff I wouldn't be able to help you with that.
>> No. 1028

yeah, the milk mutants was my co-writer's idea...seeing we live in the state and have access to two farms that happen to be red and blue colored.

But thank you for your input, i'd like to see more though from some prominent members in the community. It would also help if you spread the word around a bit.

File 132299902391.jpg - (30.07KB , 283x283 , 1301188613983.jpg )
996 No. 996 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I wasn't entirely sure where else to post this, since Im having a hard time finding anything myself and what I am finding is all very confusing to someone whose never looked at this stuff before, so here goes.

How do I go about making weapons and hats for TF2?

Like, which programs should I get, where can I get them, are there free alternatives, how do I test the items once they're done, etc, etc?
>> No. 1019
oooooooo id like to know this too.
going to try to improve upon the hidden pyro skin.
i realise its not the best skin because of its herp derp animu face but hey.it just needs a lil loving to turn into something closeenough
>> No. 1021
The official page for it is pretty helpful, I think, at least to start with.


File 131236929163.png - (329.71KB , 1259x900 , kritz_final.png )
843 No. 843 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well seeing as it's always good to get more opinions, I'm going to try and remember to put everything here that I do which is of some sort of decency.
So to start off here is mine & NeoDement's Kritzkrieg V2.

Right then, details:
Texture is 1024x1024 for maximum coolness,
The yellow kritzkrieg glow has selfillum applied for some nice lighting effect.
Fan is fully animated & the power cord on the side is jiggleboned.
We haven't submitted it yet, but I have talked to the long haired Brandon Reinhart and he said they're willing to put one ingame.
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>> No. 1002
File 132328450076.png - (196.25KB , 797x464 , its_easy_to_get_them_mixed_up.png )
Expanding anuses was not what we had in mind.

Also have a free image and a workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=5171
>> No. 1003
You bet I voted that thing up. Sweet work!
>> No. 1018
File 132561448066.jpg - (70.72KB , 512x512 , BrassBeast windup.jpg )
I trust you all had a decent Xmas & Festive New Years.

I've been working on a little side project that does not involve texturing at all, but sounds.
I'm working on giving all guns that do not have their own sounds... their own sounds.

but first, a fix for the brass beast:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONsetsMyn4c&
vote up! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=6044

File 132325266485.jpg - (45.50KB , 265x276 , 129791107114.jpg )
998 No. 998 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Just some brazilian guys thinking about a Visual Novel/Galge project, ok?
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1001
File 132325550685.jpg - (35.02KB , 136x160 , 129046506895.jpg )
RenPy, you are think about other engines?
Also, e-mail.
>> No. 1014
Wasn't there a TF2 VN project waaaay back?
>> No. 1016
I suggest player class.

More focus on the interactions between the player and the class.

File 132262644082.jpg - (137.61KB , 800x800 , 100_radigan.jpg )
991 No. 991 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
lets see your best entries

like http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=4835
or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=4841

File 132184986054.png - (254.04KB , 424x573 , 3dderp2.png )
982 No. 982 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Attempting some modelling of my very own. Basic stuff to start off with, just to see if I can do it.

Feeling incredibly frustrated because skinning/bone attaching isn't working right! Doin' a grenade replacement, skinned the objects to the grenade bones on Demo's chestpiece. It all compiles error-free, but when I go to look at it in Itemtest, it's stiffly hovering way high over his head!

And to confuse me even further, allowing SDK to auto-skin the object to bip_head puts it in the correct place, though of course it moves all weird and follows Demo's head movements rather than chest movements.

What have I done wrong/missed? (Also I guess this'll be my WIP thread for general 3D stuff if I manage to progress.)
>> No. 983
Mister, while I don't know too much about modelling, I have seen errors much like this be resolved by just one answer in TF2 Emporiums...
The Demo, when you skinned to those bones... did you decompile the Demoman's model straight from the GCF, or did you use SDK's defaults? Because the ones SDK provides are extremely outdated and useless.
I like your skin there~
>> No. 984
File 132201624384.png - (60.94KB , 600x464 , 3dderp.png )

That's actually a messed-up test-texture that I have since corrected. But thanks, heh!

The Demo model I used was the one from the /tf/ section of Steam, since the character models & rigs were somewhat-recently made available to folks to access and which are supposedly good for using when modelling. I made the objects using that base file, skinned them to the grenade bones and deleted everything else, then compiled using SDK's itemtest and checked it out via the itemtest map in-game.

I've been told elsewhere that using itemtest for anything outside of standard hats is useless, which kinda sucks! I'm a complete newby moron with 90% of everything when it comes to 3D work, so any advice on compiling and whatnot would be incredibly appreciated.
>> No. 985
File 132240065876.png - (95.95KB , 256x256 , TheOTannenbombs_previewsmaller.png )

Well, I've fucked around with things as best as I can. Give it a vote if you're feeling kindly!

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