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File 132050340788.jpg - (204.13KB , 809x988 , Touhou_Fortress.jpg )
962 No. 962 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
fellow Touhou fag here !

tbh, i came to Team Fortress by doing an detour - Touhou (it was the TF2-version of ナイト・オブ ). And so more Remixes followed until i realized that TF2 coould be a pretty fun game to play.

So as you may know, there are few Touhou skins for Team Fortress 2 out there, replacing each class with a Touhou character.

Scout → Aya
Pyro → Mokou
Medic → Eirin

Now my question is :
Which character would be the best replacement for the particular class ?
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>> No. 977
On this subject: ZUN is a Japanese "artist" of the anime style (though the quality of his official art for the games is a bit sub-par to put it bluntly). I'm not saying it's right and fine-and-dandy that there's no dark-skinned characters in Touhou, but, with the fact that the series so clearly is lending itself towards an anime-esque style of art, it shouldn't be that surprising that there's few-to-no dark-skinned characters. That, and the games litterally take place in an extended alter-world of Japan where (mostly) Japanese creatures of folklore and some rather unfortunate humans live; it should be more surprising that everyone, japanese myth-beast, resident, alien or what-have you looks like caucasian little girls.

That having been said, and going along with one of the points I made earlier: why is it that a demoman has to be drunk or has to be black? (Before anyone starts losing their shit over these comments, I'd like to note that literally no one gives two shits about the ethnicity about any other class, just the nationality). I just don't see suika being the best choice for a Touhou-based demoman just because she drinks a lot. Lots of people drink a lot.

I'll stop ranting on this now...
>> No. 981
Just my two cents and a polite sage, but...

Yeah, that's true that the characters are sort of thrown in... unless you look at the additional material that can be found for each character.

For example:
>Suika as demoman? She's a drunkard too!
She's also extremely powerful, especially in the fighting games as both a PC (she's generally considered a VERY good fighter) and a NPC. And like the Demoman, while outside of canon they're often seen as silly due to lol drinking, in-game they're both extremely seriously and will call people out on their BS. Of anything to do with explosives, Suika is the second-most correlated to it (Utsuho being first, but from the old skins she's a Solly alt).

>Yuyuko as heavy? Boy, she talks about eating a lot!
Yeah that is out of nowhere, too, but there's no closest character to being a Heavy (non-canon Letty notwithstanding). That, and she's one of the few characters pretty much considered by EVERYONE to be taller and stockier than the others (same with Eirin).

>Patchuli as sniper... Yeah I've got nothing
Both prefer to be alone, do not work well with other people, and are very technical. They're also quieter than the rest of their friends. Honestly, though, Reisen would make a much better Sniper.

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>> No. 1015
Responding to an old post, but from personal experience I've found that Touhou fans are a lot more mild-mannered and less aggressive than Bronies.

File 132022428231.png - (294.28KB , 1500x651 , \'stache.png )
951 No. 951 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I had always thought the Whiskered Gentleman should have been an all-class misc. item that had a separate model for each class.
Facial hair that was indicative of their personalities and origin.

I drew this shitty picture after a glass of single malt scotch. I don't know anything about modeling and this makes me sad :C
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>> No. 956

Did someone nick your idea?
>> No. 957
Nah, looks like an instance of hivemind, though I have posted something less detailed like this before.

I'm not concerned about credit, more concerned about if it's being done, I'd like it done well (My way).
>> No. 959
it actually looks like they submitted a screenshot for a player reskin, not a game model...

File 13128788464.jpg - (103.64KB , 1440x900 , 2011-08-09_00001.jpg )
856 No. 856 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
That damn headphone!

I've been having this problem since forever. And (maybe) to your surprise, I didn't even know this place existed. Now I do.

I saw some vids of people using Ayes' skin and they didn't have this problem, which upsets me a little.

The headphone disappears in the default scout model if you use a hat like the Baker Boy, or the Whoopie Cap or whatever, but I can't get it to disappear while using Ayes' FemScout. I also tested how it would look with every other hat in the store and the headphone is always there, when it shouldn't.

Is there any fix for this? Or maybe I should download something else that I didn't... All I know is that the files are all placed correctly.
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>> No. 924
File 131784422087.jpg - (111.79KB , 379x474 , DO WANT Spy.jpg )
>I'm busy trying to get Stylish Spy as an official misc
>> No. 925
File 13179712192.png - (251.77KB , 488x949 , hl2 2011-07-05 14-11-25-96.png )

Please god yes.
>> No. 958
>fem scout version 2

all my money, take it.

File 128935035372.jpg - (398.25KB , 2048x1596 , 73918a.jpg )
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>> No. 724
File 130498473372.jpg - (143.55KB , 1371x1028 , 7.jpg )
Updated again.
>> No. 756
File 130896436181.jpg - (136.60KB , 1371x1028 , morenewstuff2.jpg )
and again.
>> No. 952
Updated with the Manniversary and Scream Fortress items. http://www.gamebanana.com/skins/108402

File 131855589239.jpg - (64.92KB , 782x710 , stylishspyisup.jpg )
928 No. 928 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well, I figured I may as well make a thread for stuff I've been working on.

The Stylish Spy v2, for those who haven't seen it!
It's on the workshop now too.
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>> No. 931
File 131856921359.jpg - (66.11KB , 256x256 , Jizz Soldier.jpg )
You are a still a wonderful modeller, keep it up! I want all of these in the game immediately, they are amazing.
>> No. 944
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2034 The hell?

(also captcha: derp returned)
>> No. 948

Yeah, I can't believe some people would even try.

File 131864544992.jpg - (37.28KB , 256x256 , Medic_Hannibal_Mask_Preview.jpg )
934 No. 934 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey everyone,
Made a hannibal mask for medic and threw it up on the workshop. Crits and comments welcome.

I'll probably doing some more 'battle medic' based weaponry later too.
>> No. 935
Forgot the link:
>> No. 936
Needs moar scalpel.
>> No. 938
I have been hoping someone would make one of these ever since I found out hats could be made. I love you.

File 131336287581.jpg - (124.45KB , 1024x768 , 2011-08-14_00001.jpg )
862 No. 862 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
K so I downloaded a pack that makes the teams purple and green instead of red and blue. And I decided I had enough free time (and no life) so I would try to make everything purple and green to match. So I open some of the vtf's I extracted and changed the color in Jasc Paintshop Pro and pasted them back in vtfedit. I always had this problem with transparency, it looks black. How do i fix this?

Also, whenever I install a flamethrower particle mod I get this message:
Particles: Missing 'particles/custom_particles500.pcf'
what's that mean?
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>> No. 918
models - props_gameplay is where signs are located.
>> No. 919
Forgot to say, a while back I made an edit for myself making everything purple and blue. Signs showed up. The healing beam and things like particle effects can't be changed via image editing.
>> No. 921
Thanks guys!

File 131666983964.png - (13.39KB , 640x480 , sheetwip.png )
913 No. 913 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi guys, I was really bored today and decided to fantasize quite a bit of things that would never happen, and as luck may have it, I off my lazy ass and decided to work on something I call SUPER STEAM BROS: BATTLEMAGEDDON. It's an ungodly shitty name, bear with me. What if. Now stay with me here. What if. Valve decided to rally up support to make a mascot fighting game based on their steam platform? It's crazy I know.

Well, I used it as an excuse to get back into spriting after not doing it for years. I'm not interested in turning this into a full fledged fan game, per se, but just making a fun little project that has everything that could help make one.

- I wanted to choose characters that not only represent the many popular games of STEAM but would also play unique roles in a mascot fighting game like this, with different movesets and attributes that make each and every one individual. I wanted there to be a limited amount of characters chosen to be playable to keep more focus on the core of the project. Around 8 or 10.
- For other characters we would have them as Assist characters (strikers/trophies/etc) And these would be numerous.
- I wanted some boss and miniboss characters to fully showcase some of the biggest bads of the variety of games on STEAM.
- As stages, I wanted there to more than there were characters, displaying unique worlds that the characters could fight on.

I got off to a simple start, and I wanted to know if I could get as many suggestions and possibly help making this all. Most of the sprites are placeholders because I know I can do a lot better once I shake off my rust. The characters shown are not all that are planned.

I have a list of how I'm organizing things

Character - Type - Status - Stage - Theme

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 914
Oh wow this is a really neat idea. It would be a bear to get the consent of all the copyright-holders and keep them all happy with the final product, but it could be something really special if it were realized. I don't really have any suggestions outside of "this looks rad" but I just wanted to say that this has the potential for being super rad.

File 131637827630.png - (110.11KB , 500x458 , tumblr_lqd0gxovLu1qdrfdro1_500.png )
907 No. 907 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, does anybody here know the original modder for this?
>> No. 908
File 131637835053.gif - (122.65KB , 320x240 , slice_a.gif )
Has there been any progress since this, or is it already available for download?
>> No. 910
Max made something like this, 'cept it was more of a Freddie Kruger type of thing.

EDIT: First post on TF2Chan in over a month. What.
>> No. 911
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXYxChaj6UM Go search for CloverNoodle & Sputnik at Facepunch forums? If I understood right, Max just animated it?

File 13106033669.jpg - (38.21KB , 854x586 , tf2modding96.jpg )
814 No. 814 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
apparently shoes are hats so i made a new hat for the spy
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>> No. 887
File 131472382149.jpg - (173.30KB , 1280x720 , tf2modding99.jpg )
I shall try; and also- Flintlock for Spy. I plan on making a real intricate texture but for now I've just been messing with the shaders n' such.
>> No. 888
Instead of doing a Flintlock pistol, you could maybe try a Wheel lock pistol? It could help because where the bullets go into ( the chamber) looks kinda awkward. Just a suggestion.
http://www.thepirateking.com/historical/wheel_lock.htm (info on the Wheel lock)
>> No. 909
File 131657474397.jpg - (20.13KB , 616x426 , 3dsmax_24.jpg )

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