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File 130041333791.jpg - (141.20KB , 343x408 , 1300264629421.jpg )
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Alright so I figured I would try to make a TF2 map, does anyone have any experience in this field that they are willing to share? Links and whatnot would be appreciated. Once I get some parts of it done I'll post it here.
>> No. 648

File 130031042818.png - (12.12KB , 128x128 , Marked_for_death_Icon.png )
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This hud element does not match the game well enough...
>> No. 645
File 130031047851.png - (7.21KB , 128x128 , Marked_for_death_Skull_Hover.png )
you think it could be swapped out for this?

File 129695384154.png - (524.70KB , 920x1024 , ABApresent.png )
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So I've been working on this for some time. I have A.B.A.'s model done and I'm working on textures, but I have an issue when I get her in game:

1: She's REALLY shiny. I'm now sure how to fix it. The lighting doesn't seem to resolve properly on her.

2: It only shows up with her red texture, regardless of team or uber'd (not that I have the uber textures finished yet).

The textures are still WIP but I'd like to get it set up before I finish them so that testing them is as simple as replacing the vtfs. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?
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>> No. 566
if you cut out some of the tris on the cords or whatever it is that's holding her clothes(?) on, you could but them in other places that you need them a lot more, like on her arms, legs, and neck.
>> No. 586
That's true, but I wasn't too concerned with keeping it at the same polycount as the pyro. She still runs pretty well inside the game. There's not too many polys there, but I guess I could remove some if I need to.

I'm more concerned about fixing the texture and shininess issues. I still don't know how to export with team colors set up properly, and I haven't gotten a chance to try out a flat normal map to see if that'll fix the shading...
>> No. 625
1. i'm guessing it's a lack of a normalmap in the vmt

it also looks like you need to fix your smoothing, too many sharp corners
i'm not a modeler myself but i strongly recommending you to ask for tutorials and tips over at the emporium, there's a lot of great helpful modelers there and we could use some new blood if so to speak

here's a link to the current thread

File 129578453525.png - (411.16KB , 640x480 , 47699-20TYAQH.png )
530 No. 530 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

I used to love this mod, but now Valve made it outdated and the guy won't update it...

File 129458914469.jpg - (234.28KB , 1400x1050 , rp_central17_v40017.jpg )
482 No. 482 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

how does one go about model switching like this?

specificly, i want to chuck a zombie heavy ragdoll onto a tank frame

pic related because A: it contains the tanke wireframe and 2: d.o.g is loev

File 129407845976.jpg - (160.75KB , 1440x900 , fortress000000.jpg )
462 No. 462 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Any wanna try to re-create the original TF intro in TF2?
>> No. 463
We already have Saxton hale
>> No. 464
Um, what?

Also, how does one aquire source film maker?
>> No. 465
I had this idea AGES AGO
never made it

File 129025155977.jpg - (141.45KB , 1984x768 , 67459a.jpg )
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This is something I would absolutley love, but unsure about how to do so.


Up until I saw this skinpack, which modifies ONLY the blue team with entirely new models and textures, the red team being completley default, got me wondering. Would this be possible with other models such as the female Pyro?


The above is a great pyro replacement, but if this means we could possibly still have the default male pyro on say, the red team. Well that was just cherry my cupcake.

I'm very nub when it comes to modelling, so i'm moreso asking if this is possible rather then a request, but if someone could, I would love you to no end. I tried email the zombie pack maker himself but had no luck.
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>> No. 322
File 129201669923.jpg - (75.77KB , 345x259 , 107930750_d55b208eac.jpg )

The biggest reason I DON'T use that one is because of that damn creepy head. Plus, non-working eyes are non-working.
>> No. 346
My god, that skin is just BLAAARRL in a hazmat suit with tits.
>> No. 347
I prefer the first version of that skin, with the MGS3-esqe space mask.

File 129185421255.jpg - (51.13KB , 1065x595 , saxton1.jpg )
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Post cool servers with good mods which i can play, i want some new shit.
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>> No. 311
>> No. 312
Someone is on a sugar high. Have you tryed prop hunt, hunted, or randomized modes?

Prop hunt is a game where one team are all scouts who get turned into props, the enemy team are pyros, they pyros hunt said scouts, but each time they fire they lose health.

Hunted (not sure if this is the right name) Is like the saxton hale mod. One class gets god like powers and the enemy team hunts the person down.

Randomized is when your class will be randomized, but with different weapons. Like a heavy with a sniper rifle, or a scout with a minigun.
>> No. 314
File 129188383886.gif - (81.37KB , 100x100 , cosgrove.gif )

The chan does not move that quickly, there's no need for you to bump like this.

File 129186245468.png - (2.07KB , 482x496 , cube-only.png )
313 No. 313 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, now that we are modding things, should we have a thread with links to useful tutorials?

So i made a simple model, and now i need to test it in-game. So how do i import the model to the game so i can see how it looks/works in-game?

File 129184757850.jpg - (93.89KB , 425x240 , 6a00d8341c51c053ef0133ec79870b970b-450wi.jpg )
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Someone do this now.

And make his grenade launcher fire Old Spice bottles.

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