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File 128985168718.jpg - (111.83KB , 640x1249 , Tentaspy.jpg )
102 No. 102
It was a month or so ago and it was just a rumor but I thought I might ask. Anyone planning on making one?
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>> No. 106
Ooh, me, me! I'll make one. It might take a while, though.
>> No. 108
Oh god.
>> No. 111
I can only imagine this as being one extremely laborious project. Just the physics for it alone are going to be mind-boggling. I doubt it could ever be used in-game, but it would make a mighty fun ragdoll for gmod.
>> No. 119
If by "mighty fun", you mean "easy to combine with Rebb's nude models for SEXYTIMES", you are correct.
>> No. 120
Yeah...I was just thinking about that. I'm not good with rigging. All I know how to rig is the biped in 3D Max, and I've never really handled custom skeletons before. I also know nothing about 3D physics. I gave it a lot of thought and, though it would have been awesome to take on this project, I might have to decline and let someone more experienced than me handle Tentaspy.
>> No. 121
A full-piece tentaspy would be impossible at this time. The physics bone limit in GMod is 32, not enough to give articulation to the upper body and tentacles (assuming we're wishing for 8 tentacles here).

At best, if someone wanted to make a tentaspy, the tentacles would have to be their own ragdolls, and a sort of skirt would be attached to a spy's upper body so the tentacles would have something to blend into.
>> No. 123
How many tentacles could we get with that limit? It would not have to be 8...
>> No. 142
We could just give him six tentacles. I think that's how many Ursula from the Little Mermaid has. The arms of the humanoid half add onto the limb count, so he'd still have eight limbs.
>> No. 147
Well now that's a good number. We just have to find someone with enough skill to pull it off. I would say Reb, but she seems to have her plate full without me bothering her for a half nude tentaspy and a clothed tentaspy.
>> No. 151
We need this. :|
>> No. 152
File 129009191290.png - (276.23KB , 480x360 , THEPANTSWEREDEAD.png )
If it's only for Gmod, would it be easier just to make a tentacle prop? kinda like the leg parts of sawed off headcrab zombies. That way you can deflate the legs of any model you like and stick on top.
>> No. 155
I have never been able to hack things together very well in gmod. But it might work...
>> No. 254
File 129116888224.jpg - (26.86KB , 650x581 , Tentacle2.jpg )

It was me who was talking of doing it, cause we NEED it so bad. I have a nice tentacle modeled (pictured, texture is placeholder flats) and I have Spy in Maya to size it to, and I was planning to make a skirt you could attach to the Spy in game if around 6 tentacles (to cover the sides/front of the visible face of your posed Spy model).

Rebb gave me the advice about the pose boxes (so I know my limits on that, hence no full tentaspy model)...I myself have very little luck with programming, though I can rigg, paint weight, texture, and model just fine in Maya.

If I can get enough time to get that tentacle rigged "skirt" out there would anyone be willing to help me get it in Gmod?
>> No. 258
Wow that looks amazing. I wish I knew how to put stuff into gmod, but im hopeless.
>> No. 308
What do you need help for? Compiling it?
>> No. 349

Yea, that would be amazinggg. Also how to get my rig's controllers to be considered pose boxes? I've never put anything into Gmod before. If we can at least get a tentacle in there then I can work on making a 'skirt' for front pieces (I'll feel more confident then haha), and there can be better articulated extra tentacles people can stick in.
>> No. 504
Spawn a strider, deflate its body and/or mess with the legs, quick and easy tentacles success!
>> No. 706
>> No. 1151
woah hey i've been looking for hours for a model of a tentaspy for gmod, did anything ever happen??
>> No. 1152

I haven't seen any actual tentaspy models (there was one in a poster but I believe it was a bit shopped) But I did come across this tentacle model: sfm-daesdemona. t u m b l r.com/post/77794701517/hey-im-in-desperate-need-for-some-help-over that's SFM compatable. I don't know the process behind getting SFM models to work for Gmod though.
>> No. 1349
File 146319411876.jpg - (126.26KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I like this
>> No. 1356
http://linkshrink.net/7B0Nq8 http://linkshrink.net/72MMgT
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