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File 133747804880.png - (82.32KB , 330x439 , pants.png )
1067 No. 1067
First off, don't get me wrong. I love the current FemScout model. It's wonderfully done and all. Great model and textures, DustyOldRoses' voice pack goes great with it, too.

But that skirt. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that running around in a practically knee-length skirt is just silly and impractical. Not to mention the way the skirt just kind of...sticks to Femscout's knees, it looks really weird.

Is there anyone willing to, at the very least, graft regular Scout's pants on to the current Femscout model? Considering we've got the 'Entire Team is Impractical' thread going, I'm kind of surprised nobody's considered this.
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>> No. 1070

I fully support this.
>> No. 1086
File 134278411670.jpg - (302.43KB , 712x607 , 130888217389.jpg )
Please tell me this is still a thing!
>> No. 1101
The problem is mostly in the animation of the skirt. It really should reference ladies tennis outfits in terms of motion.

Or just stick some bicycle shorts under there.
>> No. 1109
I vote for the Bike shorts. Download that in a heartbeat!
>> No. 1119
What he said.
>> No. 1146
Didn't max release the files for femscout with pants?
>> No. 1153

Yes he did, you change between the skirt and the pants in the Body Groups. She spawns in with a skirt, but you can change it from there.

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