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File 135675560226.jpg - (368.31KB , 1980x1340 , the bawarian burlesque.jpg )
1111 No. 1111
Sup guys! Long time no see. The thing is, I finally managed to get someone to work on this idea I had some time ago, and so far it looks good... imho. I've got ideas for other items in this set for the Medic, just need to know if this will flow. Crits obviously welcome!
Here's the sketch for the Bavarian Burlesue hat - traditional Bavarian hat, based around the Oktoberfest festival. Though it's originated in the farmland, with the other items in this set it'll make more sense. Also hence the name.
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>> No. 1112
File 135675579493.jpg - (198.55KB , 1280x800 , Bok.jpg )
Here's the side view of the model, where we maxed out the 1k poly restriction. In the final version (so far) we lowered it over Medic's head, and it looks better.
>> No. 1113
File 13567558532.jpg - (197.98KB , 1280x800 , Góra.jpg )
Here's the top of the model.
>> No. 1114
File 135675594379.jpg - (197.14KB , 1280x800 , Test.jpg )
And here's the first ingame test. He's going to make it look like the Medic's coat in terms of color and similarity of the texture.
I won't show the base coloring in Maya since it looks horrid, but not so bad in game.

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